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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  May 18, 2012 11:30pm-12:30am PDT

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. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is the 10:00 news an ktvu channel 2. >> going public is an important milestone in our history. >> he is now one of the richest men in the world but he said it's not about the money. >> here is the thing. our mission isn't to be a public company it's to make the world more open and connected. >> the stocks fell flat but mark still became a billionaire today and hundreds of facebook workers now instant millionaires, the ipo price was $38 for a share of stock and it
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closed the first day just 23- cents higher, no big pop like a lot expected. we spoke to facebook workers at etched of the marathon day. >> reporter: those employees looked very tired but very happy. imagine a thousand people buying lottery tickets and all of them hitting the jackpot, it's all in a day's work at facebook. employees left work in the rearview mirror and looked ahead to a bright future. >> first time i have been with an ipo company and the crowd was great. >> reporter: how rich are you? >> i'm not going going to comment. >> reporter: let's say a new car was on his wish list. real estate agent carey mitchell gave out flyers hoping employees would like new homes too. >> i get how exciting it is. i have been in the spot the before. i'm jazzed. i'm jazzed for them. >> reporter: while face boom
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employees became instantly wealthy the average investor didn't. >> it's surprising in the grand scheme because normally technology companies you see about a 30% pop. >> reporter: the hype was still in the air. a family came to take a photograph but do they like facebook enough to invest in? >> i think in the future i probably will by some shares. we didn't today. i guess i'm to nervous to jump in on the first day. >> reporter: a 23-cent cut on the dollar wasn't what facebook wanted. the ipo was the talk of the barbershop in downtown palo alto. barbara ray had advice for employees who cleaned up today. >> i just hope they have more common sense than the last time stuff like this happened. >> reporter: what's in your future? >> going to disneyland. >> reporter: there wasn't a lot of reason for the average partner to get their investment a thumbs up. some say it was priced to high
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which cut out the average person. others say that it started ended at the same price means the banks got it just right. reporting live. ktvu channel 2news. >> facebook co founder addressed the company's workers today and said going public is the start of something even bigger. >> in the past eight years all of you out there have built the largest community in theist history of the world. you have done amazing things and i can't wait to see what you do going forward. >> reporter: he rang the open bell for the nasdaq this morning from in front of the headquarters, when trading ended he was worth $19 billion. that's billion with a b. in addition to the founders the ipo made billion areas of some of the earliest investors, the pay pal co founder one of
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the first outside investors. his shares were worth $2.7 billion. youtube's front man's investment company bought a 2% stake for $90 million. it's worth one and a half billion now. >> the ipo failed to boost the broader market which had their worst week of the year. the dow fell 73 points. economic trouble in greece, spain and italy continues to cast a pal over investors, social media stocks also suffered, san francisco gained, zynga had trading halted twice and closed down 13%. sales for linked in fell 6% and yelp hit a all time low falling 13%. >> the average facebook user is largely not affected by the ipo they will soon start to see changes. rita williams explains what facebook will need to do to
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keep share holders and users happy. >> these are just some of facebook's nine hundred million users. if facebook were a country it would be the third largest behind china and india. >> though today's ipo may make some of its 2,000 works rich many users say. >> i'm not interested. means nothing to me. >> no, i don't care. >> reporter: but facebook's new status could affect you. >> i think it's going to have a profound effect but as a public company, facebook is going to be under investigation and pressure about next quart's profits. >> reporter: facebook has a gold mine in data. people's likes, dislikes and buying habits, i boone to ticessers and invasion of
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privacy. >> the conflict between privacy and user friendliness could get worse. >> reporter: 80% of their income comes advertising but not yet on mobile devices, analysts say it might. >> i use a lot of apps with ada. >> reporter: they are testing a feature that charging you a fee to promote a post. and the changes have started. in the middle of going public today facebook announced it's just bought karma a mobile commerce start up. in berkeley. rita williams. >> the website has a section on facebook's debut. you will find video and more on the tab. >> new numbers from state officials shaw the unemployment rate dipped slightly last month. the state jobless rate fell to 10.9% in april. that's down from 11% in march. according to new data the state added about 20,000 jobs last
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month. california is well above the national rate of 8.1% and california has the nation's third highest unemploy helicopter rate trailing only nevada and rhode island. the jobless rate here varies from county to county. marin the lowest at 6.4% and all bay area counties lower than the state average. solano the only county in double digits at 10.2%. the budget deficit may be larger than the government estimated. the state's legislative analyst, mack taylor said it could be as high as $17 billion. you will recall the governor had put that number at 16 billion. if there is any encouraging news it's that brown and the legislative analysts expect the state's economy to improve by the end of the year and the facebook ipo will help. especially if the stock price goes up. and coming up in nine minutes a produce recall. the problem found in some
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lettuce. >> and now to sonoma where a woman and two dogs died after her car went off the road. the car was found along the lakeville highway shortly before 4:00 p.m. it had been under water for hours. a 60-year-old woman was pronounced dead. at this point the highway patrol hasn't identified her or figured out how the accident happened. the napa coroner has identified the 56-year-old who was struck while riding his bike last night. alfredo hernandez was riding a car drifted on to the shoulder and hit him. the driver, a 20-year-old told officers she may have fallen asleep at the wheel. >> now to the east bay where police in dublin arrested an attorney today for that hit and run crash that killed a bicyclist on tuesday night. the attorney is identified as a 32-year-old spencer freeman smith. they found parts that fell off
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a car at the crash site and linked them to smith's car. police say they found the damaged car in smith's garage and took it. neighbors say they were stunned. >> i don't believe that man ran over somebody and kept going. that person is dead. >> accidents happen. you know bicyclists can sometimes be at fault. you never know. >> smith is a father of two and has been released on bail. he was booked on hit and run and manslaughter. the victim was a 57-year-old, a visitor from china. >> new at ten the giants and a's facing each other for the first time this season. a stalemate over territorial rights has some wonder figure a move to the south bay is no longer in the cards. eric is live at the park with the latest twist in the plot. >> reporter: you know this week the commissioner said there is
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no timetable for a decision about whether the a's should be allowed to move to san jose. some think that this opens the door for the city to try to convince them they can still get a ballpark like this one on the other side of the bay. among the a's fans who came into san francisco for the night's game we found joe alexander who supports the team's desire to move to san jose. >> you want to see them go to san jose? >> they have a better chance financially to be competitive. can't do in oakland. >> reporter: when the admissioner reported no progress in settling a three year dispute over the territorial rights to san jose some think itself puts oakland back in the game. >> seemed it's still no decision is a good for oakland. >> reporter: the ceo of oakland based cholox has been supportive of building a new
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stadium in oakland. >> i see it as some of my business colleges in oakland and -- as pretty positive sign that the commissioner and the otherrishes have an open mind. i guess we will see if they still have an open mind. >> reporter: the a's ownership says it's still focused on moving to san jose. >> you try not to worry. people talk about the organization, you play for you listen but, it's something that is ongoing and you can't control it so you just go out and play. >> reporter: in a statement, the oakland mayor said the east bay loves the a's and we hope the ownership will join us to discuss all of the options. she is counting on a new project to keep the -- not only the a's but the raiders and warriors at their current sites. we are live. ktvu channel 2news. >> hundreds of coffins found at a construction site.
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tonight new information about what is going to happen to those remains. >> and the weekend is here. back continue. i have the forecast. which day will be the warmest. >> i want to
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you're going down! it's all over! no! it's not over yet! sofas that can take anything life throws at them. . >> people rallied to fight for
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a pop free zone. a watch dog join aid youth group in a march to a 7-11. demonstrator its want all marin county stores to stop selling the sweetened alcohol drink, they say they target children and encourage underaged drinking. getting in to college isn't easy and for many who grew up in adverse ty it's harder. new, amber lee is in redwood to introduce us to a group who dede identified who beat the odds. >> reporter: 125 graduating graduating seniors part of this program. this is college track class of 2012 graduation, it's in major cities like oakland, and san francisco. college track works to keep
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students on track in the face of problems. this it 18-year-old got emotional when talking about her parent's struggles. she is headed for harvard. >> that's -- the dream. that the like you know my parents came here to offer me the opportunity. >> reporter: 90% of students accepted into college or university. . >> i have to it watch my back as i leave my front door, walking to school. >> reporter: the student credits his mom for helping keep him safe. >> that's my story. >> reporter: sacramento mayor a former nba star was the speaker. he said he beat the odds. >> i'm you. you can be anything you want. work. >> reporter: they say they are reaching high. >> i want to be a medical
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researcher. yeah. one day i will find the cure to cancer. >> reporter: as one student said tonight, i don't know the words cannot do. reporting live in redwood, amber lee. ktvu channel 2news. >> crime stoppers of oakland offering a 5,000 dollar reward for information on a sexual assault the 35-year-old victim was at holly street and 90th avenue when a man forced her to the ground and assaulted her. they say it happened on may first. officers say the man ran away after the victim struck him with her keys. he is a black man in his 30s about 5'9'', weighing 160- pounds with a mustache. police in richmond stepping up patrols after a rash of shootings. we rode along with two officers, they say there is a fight between two gangs, . today they stopped several
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young men and told them to leave. >> i don't want gang member coming down here, driving by and shooting them and shooting back and cause chaos for everybody all the other people not involved. >> richmond police say they are using a new program to target gang members and directs them to jobs and social programs. they say that overall violence has been down over the past two years. >> a lettuce grower has recalled certain bagged salada after routine testing found listeria . the bag was sold in california and colorado. the packages are sold under different names including farm stand and market side. the it had been pulled from shelves and no illnesses have been reported. quarantines have been lifted at two dairies linked to a case of mad cow disease. this after it was found the
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illness didn't come from cattle feed. the who said the cow had a form of the illness caused by a gene that hasn't caused illness in humans. the dairies had been shut down since april 24th. >> a judge made a key ruling today involving those remains buried in a long lost cemetery found in san jose. tonight mike also says what he learned about one of the people who was buried there. >> reporter: tonight a story of a map tied to a construction site that leads us to anna. >> hard working, discipline re. >> reporter: her grandmother died at age 43 in child birth and was buried in a cemetery outside a hospital in san jose nearly 100 years ago. >> when they covered it over the first time i guess they took all the crosses and so forth out and just leveled the ground. >> reporter: the cemetery disappeared off the map in the 50s but reappeared when construction workers at valley
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medical found part of a cemetery estimated to have 1400 coffins. in the state of california it's illegal to remove human remains a cemetery without a court order so today lawyers for the county did just that. they went to court and got this order signed by a judge. >> the first thing we have to do is identity an appropriate profession ail to oversee the process. it's important to us that it be done in a respectful manner. >> reporter: the court order said they can remove as many remains necessary to complete the construction. county said they could hire someone to lead it, a timeline hasn't been set. >> she had to pull up roots several times to get here. >> reporter: strong woman. >> strong. very, very strong. >> reporter: gloria now a great grandmother said she hopes closure will come soon for her
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and her family. ktvu channel 2news. >> welcome to the weekend. we have winds out there right now. out toward concord, pittsburgh, they are gusting to 20. that's less than the wind last night. little less wind tomorrow means a warmer day. these are the highs, the weather service recorded highs and not bad. highs tomorrow, you can have about five or six degrees. we will see plenty of mid80a. the march from the bay area, golden gate park, about 60 degrees. maybe 70. oakland about 75 and over the hills, over into livermore, morgan, you will get in to the low 80's. further east some upper 80's. temperatures warming up. saturday looks good. sunday warmer. i see you back at 10:30 and where you can see the ec lipse. >> these baby swans are now at
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the lagoon outside the palace. the chicks were hatched yesterday. now a warning for visitors, officials say the parents are protective. back in 2010 vandals killed a swan at the lagoon. >> the promise in a crowded senate race. and it's one of those only in san francisco events. what is different for this ♪
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[ kari ] i used to serve my country in the u.s. army. ♪ then, i was hit by a drunk driver and lost my legs. but that didn't change a thing. because i still serve my country, i just wear a different uniform. [ male announcer ] citi is joining kari miller to give back to the paralympic military & veterans program. join the movement at and help citi help u.s. athletes make a difference. together, every step of the way. . >> the president hosting the leaders of the eight leading economies this weekend. these pictures came in with in the hour. they show the president welcoming the so-called g8 leader this is evening. earlier today the president met
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with newly elected french president at the white house where they discussed the european economic crisis. >> this is an issue of -- extraordinary importance to the people of europe and to the world economy. >> the leaders have a lot on their augend a. in addition to financial matters there is the situation in syria and of course the continuing war in afghanistan. the french president said he would withdraw french troops by the end of the year. romney campaigned in new hampshire today. he used a 19th century stone bridge as a backdrop. he said it is an example of the president's failed stimulus program. the town got $150,000 to repair it but the bridge stopped short of actually spanning the river. >> it appears the president has the edge in fundraising but romney is gaining.
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the president ended the no with $110 million, romney had 61 million. republican candidate is also getting packed with super pacs. diane feinstein's challenger social security going to great heights, he is 83, a republican. he said he plans to climb california's highest peak, mount whitney is also the highest peak in the lower 48 states. he said he will carry a banner with his westbound address. a member of feinstein's office called it a clever stunt. >> tens of thousands are expected to take part in the beta breakers this sunday. the san francisco event of course is known for its costumes, atmosphere and also seen problems associated drunkenness. how folks live agriculture long the route plan to crack down on bad behavior.
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>> reporter: from the starting line to the finish line the tents are up, the medals laid out, the preparation underway. >> nothing like it. >> you -- the people run naked or have no costumes,. >> reporter: the san francisco tradition almost went away two years ago. >> people took it to far until it -- instead of being silly it was like ugly from frat party. >> reporter: neighbors complained about giant floats, people went to the hospital with alcohol poisoning. >> all the associations along the route all got together and said we can't have this anymore. >> reporter: it led to changes and improvements. >> it wasn't as loud and a lot more considerate. >> no open containers, no alcohol on the course. you must be registered. >> reporter: those rules remain in effect this year.
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40,000 people are registered to run. 80 to 100,000 expected to watch. 50 volunteers will be on the race route. >> directing people who need help, to the rest rooms, my personal favorite. or you know calling the police if we needt. its like being proactive and visible and saying you are here in our neighborhood, act in a good way. >> reporter: organizers have hired security for the event and san francisco police will have a strong presence as well with 360 officers lined up along the race route. in san francisco, ktvu channel 2news. >> and the website has more details about sunday morning's beta breakers. >> don't send that part ofy that is terrible. >> inspirational word from a famous father. how bill cosby came to speak today. >> you have heard
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. >> new, mobsters out in the north bay. they are consumers not criminals. deborah live to explain cash mobs. >> reporter: it's a play on flash mobs, spring up, strangers singing dancing, all organized online. only with a cash mob, they target local business. the thai restaurant opened one year has new customers tonight. lured in not by the crab roles but a message on the web. >> bring cash to help them, they don't have to deal with credit card fees. >> reporter: selected by the
12:01 am
cash mob tonight. they may not be like a flash mob but they plot their outings the same way. they have some 500 members and when word comes to mob a merchant outcome the wallets, a gift store was one of the first. more recently this wireless store against big box chains. >> steady flow of people that really helped. >> reporter: the owner got new customers who never knew he was here and a financial bump that day and beyond. >> i see some results after the fact, some people that came and i heard about the cash mob and came later. days later. it was nice. >> reporter: this piano man often plays outside and sees the concept spreading. >> go to the places, just like a flash mob, spend $20, you know, so they can have a good
12:02 am
day. that's all. >> reporter: at the restaurant tonight no line out the door but the weekend is just beginning. >> have you been mobbed? >> not yet. >> reporter: did you bring some? >> you wouldn't mind. >> no. we would love it. i'm all for it. it's a great idea. >> reporter: the first cash mob we found was in buffalo new york last summer and since then they have sprouted all over the country and here in the bay area. the idea we each do a little we all do a lot. . >> this sunday a rare solar eclipse in northern california. the moon blocks out the sun except for a ring of fire if you will around the moon's edge. this is video two years ago. the space and science center said the best viewing will be around eureka. >> you will still get a show
12:03 am
around the bay area. the crescent will appear to rotate. >> you can see it by putting your hadn'ts together so that the sun appears in a circle in the shadow. there are also devices to watch it but never, ever look at the sun directly because that will hurt your eyes. >> bill martin is here with what he can expect. >> yeah. a good weekend for viewing. let's look at some of the specifics on what's going on. basically this thing gets going in the early evening hours, it start around 5:16. the best is a round 6:32 and that's what you see there in the image. the moon moves in front of the sun and then as we move through about 7:40 of course it moves off the sun. the best area to see it, we will have good views here but just a little north and east that's where you will see a total, 100% coverage. one thing if you don't pinch it through the fingers because you can't look directly is look at the shadows in the trees and on
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the ground. it creates a reflection. that's kind of neat. it's a good day for viewing on sunday. >> the jury in the trial of john edwards has gone home for the weekend without reaching a verdict. the court and the jury are set to reconvene on monday. he is charges with taking illegal contributions and conspiracy. if he is convicted on all of the charges he faces up to 30 years in jail and a big fine. the city of berkeley is shelling out you this to look in to the media policies of police department after a sergeant was sent to a reporter's home at one in the morning. the chief wanted changes made to a online story that reporter had filed. now berkeley will reportedly pay a communications company more than $20,000 to review police media procedures and offer training. >> university of san francisco's class of 2012
12:05 am
listened to parting advice from bill cosby. david stevenson says which words of wisdom touched students the most. >> reporter: the last time he came to the university of san francisco, was during a break- in a 1987 film shoot. cheers greeted him as he arrived to give a speech and receive an honorary degree. >> you have this education. you have these expectations. there are parents waiting for you to move out. >> reporter: it came after he surprised school officials last year with a phone call praising tributes to alumni and sports legends. >> the call said this is bill cosby please don't hang up on me. >> you can be a little nervous but not where you throw out who
12:06 am
you are. >> reporter: he offered grads serious and not so serious advice about bering the working world. >> don't send that it part ofyou that is terrible. >> just have that someone who is successful and don't be nervous it is -- i feel it touched me, a lot of people. >> inspirational. humor, it was just very relatable to our group and he is great. >> reporter: he closed advice from a another. >> the words of joan rivers, oh grow up. >> reporter: he was taken way after his speech for a private reception with officials. in san francisco, david stevenson. ktvu channel 2news. >> in nine minutes books written for teens and filled with swear words. >> a man from livermore who weighs more than 700 pounds is getting help from dr. phil.
12:07 am
robert gibbs was a guest on the show today. a scale brought on the show especially for him showed that he weighed 756 pounds, the dr. phil put him in a weight loss boarding school in fresno where he has been put on a plan that could help him loose four to six pounds a week. >> high tech tools in some bars, what they are doing in your favorite watering hole. >> and back here in just ten we will to the weekend in the five-day forecast. which day will be the warmest and what the temperatures will be like. >> first
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. >> i young woman in the car was killed and the man driving and a little boy were hurt. police say the driver hit the curb of a round about at california street and austin way, went through the air and hit a tree. the round about was put into improve traffic safety but some say that it can also create confusion and hurt visibility. >> cars, especially if they aren't -- local to the neighborhood they get confused and people rush through. >> the name of the woman who was killed is not released but neighbors say she just graduated from uc berkeley last saturday. >> a battle is brewing over a road wide widening project. they want facebook to pay part of the cost of widening marsh road. they say it's needed to
12:11 am
increase traffic after facebook moved in. gm said it cost to much to toys during the super bowl. the company decided it won't run ads next february. companies spend about 3.5 million dollars for the 30 second commercial. earlier this week they decided to pull ten million dollars in ads from facebook saying they aren't effective. >> in news of the world tonight in canada students took to the streets of montreal and clashed police. this after the government pass a law to restrict protests. the new law requires organizers to tell police eight hours before protests, it bans them from wearing masks and lets fines of up to $3,000. students calling an act of war. in vienna the head of the nuclear watch dog agency said he has reachedn 't agreement
12:12 am
with iran to renew inspections. sanctions have been imposed. they have said their ambitions peaceful. in the philippines young christians chanted stop the lady gaga concerts saying it's insulting to their religion. religious protests like today's have followed her throughout her asian tour. >> starting tonight bar hoppers in san francisco can use a new app to help them decide where to go. it's installed sensors that determine the age and gender of people going in and out of participating bars. user dear sir check them to see how crowded the bar is and check the male to female ratio. in say they don't want to be tracked and about ten bars have dropped out of the program. >> a major casino in reno
12:13 am
files for bankruptcy. >> and starting curses in books for kids and why some of the best have bad language. what parents should now. . ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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[ transforming sounds ] [ male announcer ] transformers. the ride. ride it at universal studios hollywood.
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. eye surprising new study about the amount of cursing in books targeted to young adults. john fowler explains how exposure to swearing could affect children's behavior and relationships. >> reporter: teens say they accept cursing in their books, that its reality. list tone a teacher. >> they want these words because it makes them cool. it's english. >> reporter: researchers reported cursing in 88% of best selling books. >> especially those that are
12:16 am
aimed at the older teens may have a lot of cursing. that's their world. >> reporter: they counted the f word 139 times. > it was wring from a teen's perspective. >> reporter: books carry no content warning i study linked aggressiveness with exposure to cursing. >> they are seeing a lot more cursing, on tv, their peers, among parents. >> reporter: laura davie section said it often putting down women, relationships and races. >> language overtime shapes how you see things and how you approach the world. >> they are always exposed to it. getting it through books is probably not a good idea. >> everything is safe with in the pages of a book. better they hand it there than on the street. >> reporter: sellers say it argues for buying a book at a store with you can get face to face face to face advice.
12:17 am
>> pg&e crews working to restore power to hundreds of people tonight. a thousand people lost power just before eight in san francisco's upper castro neighborhood. we just learned it was restored about an hour ago. in nevado the lights are still out. the website said up to 499 homes are still without power after high winds brought down a power pole. 8700 were initially affected. >> one of the largest casinos in reno has filed for chapter 11. the owner said it won't affect operations. when the silver legacy opened it was the tallest building in nevada and brought the promise of new life for the area. now it's seeking reorganization of its 143 million-dollar debt. >> this was graduation day.
12:18 am
♪ [ music ] the class of 2012 had their graduation ceremony at their school this morning and michael thomas the music director for the sympathy delivered today's speech. >> happy to be here on the day of the graduation mostly to share the moment in the lives of the young museum aikens who are graduates and the one who are demonstrating the commitment they have to music. >> he given a honorary degree. >> and your weekend is here. let's check out the storm tracker. still warmth in the central valley, check out sacramento, 67 degrees in sacramento right now. you can see all this cooling around the bay. that's testimonies in the 50s. most of us in the 50s right now. that's because that cool breeze blowing all night. the winds will back down as we go into tonight and tomorrow and temperatures warm up.
12:19 am
been talking about it all day. these are the highs, not bad, warmed up from yesterday, highs tomorrow, coming up another five or six degrees and highs on sunday, warmer still, a great looking weekend, warmest day looks to be sunday. today's temperatures at five, that's tomorrow. lots of 80's tomorrow, midand upper 70's. tonight look for a little patchy fog with the coastal fog has been patchy. that's how it goes all weekend. not a big bank but patch that will linger both saturday morning and sunday morning and sunday night. temperatures tomorrow, they will be 70s, low 80s. then the extended forecast which is down the road because it's monday and we aren't thinking about that but it'll coolu. that's next week. overnight lows lots of 40s, upper 40e and low 50s. in the park that's it the system i'm tracking, that will drop down. when it does it'll bring cooler air. not before the weekend. the weekend looks great. high pressure, temperatures up into the upper 80s into sunday. this system comes in on monday.
12:20 am
not a big deal but enough to cool it off. that means more fog pushing in to the neighborhood like what we had earlier then a stronger on shore push. that's next week. this weekend highs like this. saturday 86 in clear lake, 64 stinson beach and 81 kent field. 67 richmond. good air quality mid80's in the it tri valley area. good air quality and -- less pollen than we have been seeing because the wins are dying down. we had a lot of tree pollens, the winds will settle down. 67 san francisco downtown. beta breakers, weather should be good. patchy fog at the coast and then a five-day forecast looking good. the bay area weekend will be the warmest we have seen this week. next week it cools off. nothing major, just not as warm as saturday and sunday. >> i will me in union city, 8:30 sharp for i had daughter's game. >> real nice.
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take a sweatshirt in the morning. >> thank you.
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. >> the flame now in england. that's david beckham. he had the honor of lying the torch. he then lit a large called ron. the torch will be carried around the aisles before the flame is lit on july 27 president. showing the beginning of the games. >> mark is here with a
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