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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  May 22, 2012 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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this is bay area news at 7:00. we have a flurry of new developments to tell you about tonight concerning a morgan hill man now under arrest charged with murder and kidnapping in the disappearance of sirra. it confirmed our own ktvu report that dna found in clothing linked 21-year-old garcia torez to the case. volunteers found that bag a few days after he vanished. deputies had been watching him since march 28 when dna collected from her clothes matched dna from a prior
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assault investigation. there's no indication sierra knew her attacker. >> it's my belief this was purely random. it was an absolute stranger abduction. there's no information that we have of any type that the two know each other. >> garcia torez is being held at the santa clara county jail. he's scheduled to be arraigned on thursday. a high school in morgan hill where sirra lamar to help friend and classmates cope with news that's now being treated as stranger abduction. parents express relief that a suspect is now in custody. sierra and her mother had moved in fremont before moving to morgan hill. friends of teenager's old school are coping even adds they hold out hope sirra will be found alive. her father was asking for volunteers to continue their search. >> i'm kind of in a serial shock state.
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>> reporter: support from friends has been overwhelming. ha yesterday was the first time investigators told him they believe his daughter is no longer alive. >> it's tough to hear. we're still hoping, you know, somehow they're wrong. >> it has been more than 9 weeks since sierra lamar went missing. >> missing her like crazy. hoping, you know, i'm still hoping she's there and we're going to bring her back alive. >> at washington high in fremont where sirra went to school last year, friends too are clinging to a sliver of hope. >> i believe she's alive and told her there's -- until the body is found i think she's out this and nothing nobody can tell me otherwise. >> sierra's best friend told us a matching bracelet the two got at disny land just a year ago. >> her says her name and i got
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chipo. someone grabbed my arm and took a part of it and they're refusing to let go of it. >> the family is asking volunteers to continue to search until the missing teen is found. meanwhile friends are planning another vigil for sierra here at washington high school this friday june 1 in fremont ktvu channel 2 news. the suspect's mother is also peeking -- speaking out tonight. she says she was well aware her son was being watched by investigators. >> did you ask him if he was involved? >> yes. >> what did he say? >> he said that he never see the lady, he don't have any contact with her. >> torez said they found gps tracking devices on her son's car and knew that sheriff's deputies were watching him. they spent 2 months monitoring the mobile home he shared with his mother.
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volunteers trying to continue scheduled search. the class kids foundation which have been organizing the efforts the coordinated searcher wills continue until the 15-year-old is found. they've called off searches to volunteers can rest and spend time with their families. lamar vanished about 10 weeks ago on march 16. she was apparently on her way to school and left home to walk to the bus stop. the next day a few blocks from her bus stop her cell phone was found. on march 18 volunteer found her -- on april 7th april 7th investigators seized a volkswagen deputy. deputies arrested him on murder charges. go to for more coverage including a link to exclusive video an gene looked for the tab there at the top of our home page. couple facing eviction along with 40 miniature horses went to court today to see if they could find a way out of their
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predictment. live in pen grove tells us what the judge decided. >> 3 months, that's what the judge today gave the owners as these small horses to come up with a very big sum of money. >> it's a small two and a half acre for horses. >> was born from their love. >> this is karma lee da. this is diva. and she's quite the diva. >> they started by greeting and showing horses 30 years ago and now they hold tourism and educational programs for children and seniors. in 2008 their mortgage payments increased from $1,700 to $4,800 a month. they sold the horse farm but kept it going by leasing from a new owner who decided in december to evict them. >> they are -- they owe considerable amount of money to
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the landlord. and the landlord has been extremely patient, but there is a limit to patience. >> today at the sonoma county hall of justice the judge extended the eviction deadline giving them 90 days to by pack the property for half million dollars or leave. >> we would be sitting on a couch in the middle of street with 40 horses around us and i hope it never comes to hawaii but it's very scary. >> cory say they are hoping to find an angel invest r to help keep horse farm going. they have until august 22nd. reporting life in pen grove ktvu channel 2 news. >> an alert tonight from public health officials in sacramento counties were as many as 35 babies may have been exposed to tuberculosis. possible exposures happened at the neonatal intensive intensive care unit from april
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11th to april 19th possible exposure happened at the knew owe natal unit during the 2nd half of march. the risk of the contracting tv is low but still children are being identified so preventative treatment can be started as precaution. a san francisco jury convicted a richmond in connection with the shooting outside official nightclub. jurors found 22-year-old keandra guilty of killing 19- year-old hall outside club suede on bay street back in 2010. davis and another man cornered hall as he was leaving the club and shot him more than a dozen times. he faces 50 years to life in prison. a sentencing date has not yet been set. lawyer accused in fatal hit-and- run was in court this morning. police say smith owned a mercedes benz linked to crash
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that killed bow hue may 15. he's free on $60,000 bail. the two men accused of attacking san francisco giants fan face federal weapons charges. earlier today prosecutors filed additional felony charges against luis sanchez in connection with several weapons found against him home. a central valley man who helped save 26 children from a school bus hijacking was laid to rest today. those children now gathered in the town to remember bus driver ed ray. in 1976 three gunmen hijacked the school bus near fresno and forced him and the children into two vans. kidnapsers drove 11 hours and burried their victims inside a moving have beenen. when the kidnappers fell asleep ray and two boys dug their way
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out as he led the children to safety. >> very calm followed instructions not to put us in danger. >> even the old school bus came to the funeral. he died last week at the age of 91. tonight the city of oakland is considering a measure to crack down on the use of shields and other tools by protesters. oakland police say they've seen an increase number of protesters bringing demonstration along with clubs, hammers, renton and other increments. occupy protesters are giving to protect against police use of nonlethal projectiles. protesters used them to aggressively push back. proposed band would carry fine of $1,000 and up to 6 months in jail. here is a facebook --
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closing at $31 a share. it's well below the ipo price which was set at $38. on the bottle market stocks traded higher for much of the day as l fizzled late and start dow up one point. federal regulators shed some light on their investigation of jp morgan chase and multi billion hedge fund loss. officials told the senate banking committee they're looking into what j.p. morgan told investors about the risks caused prior to the trade cost $3 billion possibly as much as 6 billion. blamed the lost on quote sloppiness and bad judgment. in just a few hours from now cal tran will shutdown eastbound lanes for busy highway as part of an on going widening process. the closure will run from love bridge road in pittsburgh to the summerville exit. tonight through thursday night from 11:00 p.m. until 6:00 a.m.
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traffic in that area will be old century boulevard bridge. the widening project is set to be complete by the summer of 2015. the warriors in san francisco cement plans to. action before. >> farmer's market today, no parking tomorrow because the president is coming to tonight, how city is reacting. >> coming up we'll take a look at what you can expect for your wednesday and into the weekend. >> very public disagreement. >> you can know blow up my head with your mind.
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firefighters say despite strong winds. before it caused damage to
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home. at one point flames got within 100 feet of fences. it was first reported around 125 this afternoon at an area behind cambridge drive. firefighters say they don't know how the fire started but it appears to have started in a grove of yike lip sises trees. the city is welcoming the warriors back across the bay. there's no design yet but san francisco was already picturing its future with nba team. >> on the edge at the city's waterfront south of bay bridge san francisco today officially welcomed the warriors back. it's been 41 years since the waters play here in san francisco and in my humble opinion it's time to welcome them home. >> the teen at top city leaders announce they'll work together to build an arena and entertainment complex on top of crumbly peers in time of 2017nba season. >> we intend to build the most spectacular arena in the country. >> exchange for long term lease
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possible rent credits. the warriors say they'll raise hundreds of million of dollars needed for construction. >> we felt the right thing to do in fact was if we could get the right deal on parcel of land, great piece we could come in here and we'll build this aretha. >> the city expects to reap millions of dollars in taxes and new jobs. there's no design yet simply sketches of pancake structure on the waterfront. >> i want something that is designed to compliment our iconic views here. >> it may be similar to the la complex surrounding the staples center. >> we're going to have the best facilities to teams in the nba. >> waterfront businesses are also welcome into warriors. >> warriors came out of nowhere and we're very excited about it. >> calling the proposed arena its legacy. the team will still be known as golden state warriors when they move here five years from now. daniel stevenson ktvu channel 2 news. the warriors to san
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francisco, reaction in oakland ranged from disbelief to denial. >> that's messed up. that's messed up. >> as you can see there's nothing built over there on the waterfront, so, you know, 5 years, not going to happen in 5 years. >> the questions whether the warriors can suffer live the regulatory process to build an airy n. oakland city officials say they're moving ahead with coliseum city project to build three new sports menu. the project is larger than "one sports team." bay area pilots took to the virtual skies today. >> you're up. you're up. >> unvailed its new state of the art simulator. airline says the funnel aircraft will help bring all of its pilot training in the bay area. is simulator is $11 million investment in green training. >> and launch of the space exfalcon rocket as nasa turns
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to the front. >> took place marking a transition to privately fund mission. the space rocket is expect today arrive at the international space station on friday. the unmanned spacecraft is delivering nor than a thousand pounds of supplies to help maintain space station since retiring the space shuttle program. the ceo of space xs heads up fremont motors. we now know the identity of the man killed this morning. 40-year-old albert are moss of daily city was driving eastbound in his suv around 12:30:00 a.m. when he hit the center divider. he slammed into a structure containing high voltage power equipment knocking out power between the accident sight and toll plaza. the cause of the crash is under investigation. the chp says it does not appear control was a factor. san francisco had some of the worst traffic congestion in
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the country. san francisco ranked third after los angeles and honolulu. the company found as peak traffic congestion happened between 5:45 and 6:00 p.m. on thursday. san francisco commuter spent on average 48 hours sitting in traffic last year according to the report. new at 7:00. a city of buzz over a presidential visit. president obama will be in redwood city tomorrow and it's the first presidential visit in about 8 decades there. a judge reports tonight there is a lot ofanticipation. downtown redwood city was busting with the activity of farmer's market today. >> the plaza that we have. >> but tomorrow it will be busting with an entirely different kind of activity. >> it's not every day the president comes to town, so, yeah, it's really exciting. >> president obama is scheduled to appear at the fox theater tomorrow night for major fund- raiser. >> for us it means regular city is part of the bigger picture. it's op the map.
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if obama has chosen the city to come in and be part of the campaign. >> the president comes the same day that make to be set to announce 30 -- 30,000 job cuts. >> it's not coincidence. recently reports came out and we have 6.8 employment rate which is the lowest in the country. >> the old spaghetti factory was frustrated business until managers learn they would not have to shutdown for security reasons. >> obama could come in here and have dinner too. you know, we'll see, we could have a mixture of protesters. >> daily motion is a french internet company located on the same block as the fox and has to close up shop at 3:00 p.m. >> these are great stories or back to the colleague in europe because you can imagine president obama highly regarded across the world. >> this is the first presidential visit to redwood city in about 80 years. the last president to come
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here, her bert hoover. in redwood city, ktvu channel 2 news. 13-year-old boy is among ten students from across the nation competing in the bee finals. he's 7th grader. now the finals are thursday in washington, d.c. and they'll be hosted by alex try beck. the winner of geology gayny bee gets $25,000 scholarship. he became interested at the age of 3 when his mom gave him the grove. new visitor today popular tourist destination, coming up the delima when a mountain lion was found inside an office complex. the whiz starting to pick up in some parts of the bay area. meteorologist tells us about the cooler conditions. if you're on the go or just away from your tv you can still watch ktvu newscast live on your computer, smartphone or tablet.
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no southern california authorities are trying to determine how a young mountain lion ended up in a office building. it was discovered by a jet early this morning. they had to euthanize the big cat following several
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unsuccessful tints. national parks service is monitoring 20,000 lions. meteorologist rosemary joins us now we started off the week on a cooler note but i think that's going to change. >> we're going to come and go it's going to be nice in time for the weekend, we're going to watch those changes as we continue into tomorrow. we've got the winds really picking up and blowing and it is cooling down. it is a brisk one in san francisco, 28 miles per hour reported at the airport. we've got 21 in fair field. 17 miles -- 17 miles per hour in san jose. these are sustained wind, the gusts are close tore 20, 25 in some chases, at the airport 45 miles per hour where some of us have slipped back into the upper 40s and 60s. if you have the breeze outside your door it will send a chill down your spine. 67 in liver moore. upper 60s san jose napa checking in right a about 66. so the number is not too bad.
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fairly mild in some cases. tomorrow a near repeat but we do have those changes in store. first we're going to turn unseasonably school. in time for your weekend we're in good shape. the cloud you can see a little bit of rick here over pacific it's to the north of us. we have systems passing through and the one to impact us is going to come thursday night into friday. i'm going to fast forward you into friday morning. take a look here we've got moisture and rain popping up here on the feature -- future cast radar that slips across california. looks like the sierra may pick up a little bit of rain. if you're traveling to the sierra for week end get away. morning clouds tomorrow morning, mostly sunny by the afternoon, similar attempts. the winds will be just as breezy in many cases. your afternoon high expected for tomorrow at 77%. upper 60s right along the east bay. 76 in danville. down into the south bay 73 san
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jose. these numbers a lot like what we felt today. 67 -- low 60s in the city and a cool day by the coast with mostly clear skies. there is your extended forecast, temperatures will continue to fall, friday looks to be the coolest day well below what we typically get this time of year. 68 will be for some of the warmer spots then we do warm back up in time for the weekend. >> that thank you rosemary. 25 high school seniors in oakland receive special recognition today for over coming some tough obstacles. this was a declaration ceremony at lighthouse community charter school. graduating senior each announce the college they'll attend in the fall. the school focuses on teaching students from low income families. since lighthouse opened 10 years ago 95% of its students have been accepted to 4 years 4 years colleges. we'll see you the next time news breaks. our coverage continues with the
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10:00 news and tonight we'll have team coverage for morgan hill as we dig for more on the sierra lamar case and learn what's next on the investigation and search. we're always here for you at tmz is up next here on tv36.
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