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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  May 24, 2012 11:30pm-12:30am PDT

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a soccer game right in front of city hall as a controversial plan to renovate some fields prompts a public debate that started this afternoon and is still going on now. good evening everyone i'm frank somerville. >> i'm gasia mikaelian. it's a turf battle that has nothing to do with gangs. the issue tonight in san francisco is natural grass or astroturf. amber lee live in the city with what's been fueling hours of debate. >> reporter: we're in frontover city hall inside city officials
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have spent the past 6-1/2 hours listening to public comment. just 20 minutes ago they started deliberations. they're expected to vote tonight on a plan to renovate soccer field beach chale. >> reporter: passion for soccer on the playing field. >> i like it because you just have fun. >> reporter: translated to passion inside city hall as young soccer players pleaded their case. >> i think that turf fields would be really great because they would be able to stay open a lot longer. >> reporter: supporters of the renovation plan say playing time on natural grass is limited but that artificial turf can be used more often. opposers say artificial grass does not belong. >> they will catch insects right above the grass and feed
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the chick. if artificial turf is put in, they won't have that. >> our kids don't have enough playing fields. >> reporter: some raised the concern about chemicals in artificial turf. >> it isn't safe and we not need kid ourselves about this. >> reporter: the overflow crowd was taken to another room to view the proceedings, besides that losers tonight is expected to appeal. if a vote takes place during our newscast we will of course bring you the results. reporting live, amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. in southern california firefighters say they are making good progress at this hour against a wildfire. it's burning in eastern san diego county in the town of julian. people who were evacuated from about 100 homes were allowed to return a short time ago. the fire started a short time ago and before two hours had grown to 2,000 acres and so far
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containment is at 5%. the fire started about 1:00 p.m. off monterey road. crews from calfire and santa clara county responded and neighbors brought out their hoses to keep the fire from spreading. the red flag warning is set to expire at about 11:00. our chief meteorologist bill martin says conditions there are about to change. he's here now tracking a pretty dramatic change in the sierra. >> there's going to be snow up there, we even have a chance for showers around here. check it out as we go into tomorrow, an unusually cool weather system drops our way. about 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning a winter weather advisory goes into effect. about 5-inches of snow. it'll have a big impact on the holiday weekend plans
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especially if they're outdoors in the mountains. a sprinkle, maybe a thundershower, i'll have all those details coming up here. >> you can get the full forecast by going to just look for the weather menu there on our home page. we're learning more about human remain discovered. the remains were discovered inside a garbage can two miles from the stone ridge mall. the new details from john sasaki who has been working this story all evening, john -- >> reporter: police are trying to solve this city's third homicide in the past 10 years, and we learned tonight that victim is a female. investigators confirmed that it contained the body of a female older than a child. >> the officers that responded found inside the trash can what looked like a body.
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so they immediately froze the scene, our investigators responded out along with the alameda county coroner's office. >> reporter: the news of a homicide surprised residents. >> heard that there was a garbage can across the street with the remains, kind of gave me the creeps. >> reporter: a police source confirmed to me tonight the female was clearly a victim of homicide. >> it made me concerned about hearing about this case in the morgan hill area. i am just hoping that it isn't her. >> reporter: that's the concerned reaction a lot of people have had that the body could be that of still missing 15-year-old sierra lamar. but my source says it's very unlikely that it's the morgan hill teenager. >> we don't know the age but we're hoping to learn that very soon. >> reporter: an autopsy is set for tomorrow and i understand that investigators already found a good fingerprint so they should be able to determine who she was. >> we're hoping that we can get i.d. very quickly after we autopsy tomorrow. >> reporter: the other two homicides here happened just a
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few weeks ago in which a mother and daughter were killed in an apparent murder suicide. live in pleasanton, i'm john sasaki. the pentagon today announced that a soldier from san jose was killed in afghanistan. lieutenant travis morgado was only 25 years old. he was killed by an ied yesterday in kandahar. the suspect in sierra lamar's disappearance made his first court appearance today. lloyd lacuesta is live, with how the arrest may be fueling the search for sierra. >> reporter: suspect garcia torrez remains in jail on no bail tonight. a sheriff department tells us since his arrest the number of calls to its tip line have increased an average of 30 a day. outside the san jose hall of justice today a small crowd
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gathered for the arraignment of garcia torrez. some had posters of sierra lamar. the wife, family and friends of the suspect also showed up. >> his public defender doesn't want us to talk. >> reporter: inside the courtroom, garcia torrez didn't speak either. his appearance lasted 51 seconds. his plea to charges for the kidnapping and murder of sierra were read. >> we will aggressively seek justice here as in all our cases in the way that is fair and treats everyone with respect. >> reporter: the prosecution is possibly going to trial without a murder weapon, murder scene or a body. >> so the key for the prosecution is not just to show that sierra lamar is dead but that this defendant killed her. >> reporter: emotions are so strong in this case, that the defense could seek a change of venue. >> if he did the crime, then
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he's got to do the time. life for a life that's how i see it. >> reporter: a sheriff department tells us that another water search of yuba's reservoir today failed to find anything. divers will move on to a reservoir next week. the reservoirs have under ground outflow pipes large enough for a body to flow through. both sheriff and volunteer searches are taking the holiday weekend off. live in san jose, lloyd lacuesta, ktvu channel 2 news. stay with ktvu for continuing coverage. garcia torrez is due back in court may 31st and will be there for the latest development. a freak accident killed a man after a car pushed him through a fence. the crash happened just before 3:00 this afternoon on arnold drive on grove street. that's just outside the city of sonoma. the highway patrol says a toyota prius veered off the red. the victim's name has not yet
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been released the driver is identified as 74-year-old thornton bunch of napa. an 85-year-old man from southern california was hit and killed today while riding his bike along highway 1 near bodega bay. the driver told the chp that the driver veered across the road and right in front of his car: the driver told investigators he hit his breaks. as we first reported yesterday, bay area sailboat racers can now head back offshore. the coast guard has lifted a ban on offshore races it imposed after the death of crew members. the coast guard said it put the ban in place to allow times for a review of safety recommendations. including enhanced training of sailors and seamen ship in piloting, safety training seminars and inspections to
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ensure that races are in compliance with equipment compliance. a full report is expected next month. major progress in the bay bridge project. the work just completed today and what lies ahead. >> where oakland's plans stand tonight. >>
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poison control officials are putting out a warning tonight about the new detergent pods. children are confusing them with candy and already hundreds of children around the country have eaten them and have gotten sick. >> reporter: all the makers have these single use pods that you throw into the washer. but tide is getting a lot of attention because these are especially bright and bite size. >> they have drool it'll just startsolving in their hand. >> this mom had a scare when she brought laundry pods home and 1-year-old kennedy got into them. >> she opened them up and took one out. she thought, they squeeze really easy, she got them in her mouth. it turned her skin rashy. >> frantically she got the jell out of her child's mouth before
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she swallowed any. the california poison control is tkpwáeting dozens of calls. strangely-- is getting dozens of calls. strangely much sicker than if they would swallow detergent. >> maybe because they're concentrated. >> reporter: detergent does not begin to rival what preschoolers get into more, ibuprofen and rash creme. >> kids are just going to be attracted to color, and things that look bright. you know things that look similar to candy. and will put it in their mouth. >> i think they're pretty dangerous. >> reporter: after her close call, this mom won't buy the detergent pods again. like parents around the country, she's weary. so far no child has died but
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some have ended up in intensive care and on oxygen. >> not worth it. not worth the risk. >> reporter: these products have labels on them showing them stored up high and a written warning says keep out of the reach of children. that's manufacturers are looking at doing more, tide for example may make its container more child proof and make it look a little less like a candy jar. debra villalon, ktvu news. new video tonight about a single vehicle crash in concord that injured three people. the crash happened just before 4:40 this afternoon. the chp says a green ford suv spun out and then overturned. two people were taken to the hospital. a third person suffered only minor injuries. it's completed another phase of the construction of the new eastern span of the bay bridge, the last of the cable
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bands were placed around the cable that was recently completed. caltrans says it expects to open the new span, labor day weekend of next year. this memorial day weekend traffic could be difficult in different parts of the bay area. the dumbarton bridge could be closed. then first street in san francisco will be closed between mission and howard street. also in the city muni's n-yudah and j.-church will be closed. in just 16 minutes final preparations for that big anniversary. the event planned for sunday and the closures that will be in place. at we posted more details about all of this weekend's closures and how you can get around them. hewlett packered stock went up today after the giant said
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it was going to lay off 20,000 employees. hp stock rose more than 7% as the markets opened. it then fell some what before bouncing back and ended being the dow's best performing stock today. in the end here's a specific look at the numbers. hp closed today at $21.77. that's an increase of 69-cents or 3.1%. president obama is back in washington, d.c. tonight after a whirlwind campaign visit to the bay area and another stop in iowa. as ktvu's rita williams report, the estimated $4 million raised fills a gap left by big banks. >> the president had a lot to smile about as he left the bay area this morning. his campaign chest a lot fuller. the california cash machine will help fill the hole left as the nation's largest bank, j.p. morgan chase has shifted most of its giving from barack obama. >> i don't want to be cynical,
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but wall street is unbelievably powerful. >> reporter: robert rice should know, he served in three administrations republican and democratic. last the secretary of labor for president bill clinton. >> these big banks cannot be regulated. we have to break them up. >> reporter: rice is not the only one frustrated by j.p. morgan chase $3 billion loss in risky trades. similar to those that triggered economic chaos in 2008. >> these big banks are giant casinos. >> reporter: and the nation's top regulators admit they didn't know about the loss. >> it's not right. it's not right it's messed up. >> it is disconcerting when you learn that we're not learning from our mistakes. >> definitely not enough regulation right now on these big banks and how they operate. >> reporter: political economist robert rice says it's time to return to the past and once again separate commercial
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banks from investment banks. rita williams, ktvu channel 2 news. the presumptive representative nominee spoke at an inner city school in philadelphia. >> the gap in the educational opportunity and achievement of people of color in this society, i believe is the civil rightsish rights -- rights issue of our time. >> romney says he does not believe class size matters and having two parents at home is the key to students success. a teacher disagreed with romney's idea about class size. the chancellor of csu said today he is stepping down. charles reed says he is retiring but that he will remain at his post until a replacement can be found. he plans to move to florida where he once worked to spend more time with his family. one of san francisco's
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oldest landmarks coit tower is about to receive a make over. renovations are planned for the roof and bathrooms as well as some cosmetic repairs. and some really strong wind today. as we've had the last four day, winds gusts to 7 miles per hour in some places around the coast. point rays 60-mile an hour gusts today. hayward 40 miles per hour. things are changing around. check out the computer model tomorrow friday at 7:00 a.m. some low clouds around the coast. look for some green, here we go right there. check it out about 2:00 tomorrow, chance for showers, that might even get you a little thundershower. there's some in instability in the area. there's this chance as we get into 2:00 on friday.
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we'll go down a little further on the road, 5:00 on friday. more scattered sprinkles. i have showers tomorrow and cooler. i have the holiday weekend all dialed in. we'll talk about a warm up headed your way. part of the great highway in san francisco is still closed tonight because of drifting sand. howling winds pushed the sands over the road and it's been hard to clear because the winds still haven't died down. we talked to someone with the department of public works and she said that the great highway will deaf -- definitely be closed tomorrow morning. southbound lanes are closed from slope boulevard to skyline boulevard. an arrest in one of the country's most notorious kidnapping cases. the phone call that led to the break in the 43-year-old case. residents are nervous in a normally quiet santa rosa neighborhood. why police say
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new york city police today announced a break in a case. this is the new jersey home of pedro hernandez. the suspect was charged for the second degree killing of 6-year- old athon. >> hernandez had told family members and others that he had quote done a bad thing and killed a child in new york. >> police say hernandez who worked at a convenience store
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near athon's home confessed to choking the boy. patz became the first child to be featured on a milk carton. a series of home burglaries two of which have resulted in arson. the crimes have been taking place in the coffee park neighborhood in the northwest part of the city. as ktvu's ken pritchett reports the break-ins and arsons are raising fears in an other wise quiet neighborhood. >> the front yard garden is neatly rowed, the house freshly painted, the couple days away from getting married was about to move into this remodeled home. you have to look close to see signs of the fire. saturday night one person or more burglarized this house and then committed arson. >> i think that's upsetting most of the neighborhood right now. >> reporter: harold walker is the only neighbor we approached who would talk to us on camera. people here are living in fear. >> a person that wouldn't be
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concerned i think, there would be something wrong. >> reporter: that's because five near by homes have been burglarized since april. >> in those five burglary, two of the homes have been set on fire by the suspects. >> reporter: police say this home on hopper avenue was broken into and set on fire in the middle of day. a burglary turned arson is unusual and concerning to police. >> very much so from a safety standpoint. for anybody who would happen to be home during these crimes or neighbors who's homes could also be involved. >> reporter: so far no one has been hurt, but the hard work renovating this home has been ruined. no suspect descriptions have been released and a $2,500 reward is being offered for information leading to an arrest. ken pritchett, ktvu news. prosecutors are calling it
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an aged old scam with a new twist. daniel morales has been charged with switching labels in this case we're talking about bar codes. they say he put fake bar codes on high priced legos. coincidentally another man was charged with a similar scheme just two days ago. the coroner's office today released the name of a man in a wheelchair who died this week after falling off a pier. 61-year-old william ferris died shortly after 6:00 p.m. on tuesday. a woman jumped in the water to try to save him but could not reach hill. firefighters were finally able to get ferris out of the water but at that point it was too late and he died at the hospital. it's one of the most recognizable structures in the world. how san francisco will
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celebrate the golden gate ♪
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it may seem like a day late and a dollar short, but mayor quan says with or without the warriors she still wants to build a coliseum city. why the mayor says it's a better opportunity for the warriors than what san francisco is offering. >> reporter: oakland major quan says that the city is not giving up for warriors basketball. the team is being courted by
12:00 am
san francisco with proposals for a bay arena. but oakland is going ahead with a project. it's a multi million dollars development that would turn the aging oakland coliseum and oracle arena into a new arena and space around into hotel space. the project could be paid with with public and private funding and be completed in two to three years. >> we own our land, it's already permitted for sports facilities. it already has major transportation infrastructure. our officer is ahead as long as i'm concerned. >> reporter: but if they build it will the team stay? the oakland a's are in talks to move. >> they need to fight to keep them. >> i think it's good, they should fight to keep them here. we should keep all our teams together. >> reporter: some people though are worried about such a big
12:01 am
invest -pl. >> if the teams are talking about leaving and teams are not talking about coming in, a coliseum is not where i want to see my dollars go. >> reporter: there are no meetings scheduled with the warriors or a's but the city is meeting with the raiders next week. jana katsuyama ktvu news. major quan also proposed a -- mayor quan also proposed a new oakland budget saying that oakland is finally in the black. the plan calls for a new police academy, extra crews to fix potholes and senior centers. >> when we stand together that's when we're strong. they gathered frank ogawa
12:02 am
plaza to remember judy gary. she and a man was injured when a bomb went off in their car. barry died of cancer in 1997, five years later a jury found the fbi and oakland police violated their civil rights during the investigation. we now know the name of one of the new b.a.r.t. stations being built on the extension. it'll be -- what is probably the most famous hotel in the east bay is up for sale. the owners of berkeley's claremont hotel have decided to sell the property. bloomburg news reports paulson is selling the claremon along
12:03 am
with another hotel in phoenix. the asking price is reportedly $80 million. the u.s.s. iowa is now set to leave for its new home this saturday. it's departure from richmond was delayed last weekend because of bad weather. the battleship has been undergoing restoration. the bay area is getting ready to celebrate the golden gate bridge's 75th anniversary the this weekend. david stevenson shows us what's planned and how lessons learned from the last big bash led to changes this time around. >> reporter: tonight preparations are as visible as the span itself on a sunny day. >> we've been waiting for this for 75 years. >> reporter: crews today set up a sky box exhibit aimed at giving visitors the experience of painting the bridge from up high. >> here's the graphic above the sky boxes that look like you're looking up at the bridge as if you're in a sky box and there's a graphic on the floor that
12:04 am
looks like you're looking down at the sky box. >> reporter: at the bridge, modern works including film, photos and even crepe dresses to the bridge. >> this is the most exciting site that i've done an art showing. >> reporter: the anniversary itself is also a challenge to bridge officials. they are avoiding a repeat of the 50th year celebration in which massive crowds prompted it to drop 7 feet. instead planners are promising a spectacular fireworks show that will force the bridge's closure from 9:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. >> it's a public safety aspect to facility the fireworks. the fireworks start at 9:30, they'll be coming off the bridge. they'll be on a moving barge and we have to ensure public safety. >> reporter: bridge officials are pushing people to take public transit. the party starts tomorrow when
12:05 am
governor jerry brown speaks at the bridge's 75th anniversary dedication ceremony. in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu news. has more details on this weekend's celebration. just look for the golden gate tab at 75 right there on our home page. >> facebook unveiled a new camera app for the iphone. the app can be downloaded from apple's i tunes store. users can use fillers, crop or tilt pictures and share them on facebook. the app is similar to instagram. facebook stock closed up for a second day in a row. almost a week after the company had the biggest tech ipo in history, facebook stock was up 3.2%. a seventh grader from hayward has beaten some of the smartest kids to make it to the
12:06 am
top three of the national geography bee. >> i'm going to say this is one of the most exciting moments in my life. >> he attends christian school in fremont. the competition started with 4 million students taking part in local competition across the country. they came to sacramento from the bay area with a question from their congressman. what's he doing here. >> back here in 10 minutes we have the holiday weekend forecast to talk about. some wind, sprinkles, some snow in the mountains i'll have all the specifics. two unusual emergency calls in washington
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police near tacoma washington got an inusual 911 call this afternoon. two homeowners reported seeing a tiger in their backyard. animal control officers were called to the scene to look for the wild animal. from witness accounts the animal appears to be a bengal tiger. it's not clear where the animal could have come from. san francisco court workers have authorized a strike. the union representing the workers say 95% of its members voted in favor of a strike. some of the key contract issues include permanent pay cuts, lay offs and furloughs. no strike date has been set. the union says it's hopeful me -- negotiations can resume. it's proposing cutting jobs.
12:10 am
several dozens protesters were at the club claiming to be from lundgren sacramento area district. after a long walk through the club they gathered on a porch. >> the group said lundgren should make himself available to his own residents and not be traveling for fundraisers. et era y tedeske was under fire for leaking documents. he said he would not comment because anything he said would be quote ugly. in israel hundreds of people protested in tel aviv overnight. some in the crowd attacked
12:11 am
foreign workers and vandalized a shop. they called for africans to be deported. the prime minister denounced the protest and violence. some of the worse flooding in the country has hit. some are trying to stay above the water using planks. people are being warned not to even touch it. a new study by the washington based national coalition for safety roads found that red light running across the country is actually 27% higher on memorial day weekend compared to nonholiday weekend. people we spoke to this afternoon say every day to them is risky in a crosswalk. >> people are crossing and they're trying to cut right in front of you or they're going in front of you.
12:12 am
>> this memorial day i will think four times instead of thinking twice. >> researchers also found that more red lite violations occurred on fridays between the hours of 1:00 and 5:00 in the afternoon. police in nevado plan to set up a checkpoint for intoxicated drivers last night just like they did last year. it'll be in honor of melanie oshra. you may remember, the 9-year- old was killed by a dui driver. that man was killed in prison apparently in retaliation for the little girl's death. we're getting late word on a decision in that controversial renovation plan at golden gate park. what we've learned right after this break. it's a story you will see only on 2. a revolutionary study right here in the bay area that may diagnose a disease that affects one in eight older americans. >> and our chief meteorologist bill martin is monitoring
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new information from san francisco about the controversial plan to renovate the soccer field. we just got off the phone with ktvu's amber lee and she's telling us the rec and parks department just decided a few minutes ago to proceed with that renovation project. now that means replacing the current grass field with artificial turf. something that environmentalists have fought against. they are expected to appeal. some are calling it the holy grail of alzheimer's research. a test being led here in the bay area that can diagnose alzheimer's before the symptoms set in. our health and science editor john fowler tells us how the
12:16 am
test scans the brain searching for plaque. >> reporter: an experimental test may finally give certain diagnosis. >> the person like me wouldn't stop worrying when they can't remember something. i give myself no slack. >> this is a revolutionary study. >> reporter: the bright colors a special new bio marker binding to plaque. >> temporal areas, the porital area and frontal areas it provides earlier and much more certain diagnosis. >> reporter: even before symptoms arise. >> there's certainly treatments out there we could go to right away. >> reporter: ruling out alzheimer's in people with ordinary forgotfulness. >> i could not quite remember meeting someone at some place. >> reporter: a firm diagnosis
12:17 am
could only be done after a patient dies up to this point. >> i don't need tissue, i don't need a postmortum. we can make the diagnosis while they're alive. >> reporter: a commercial test could be available as early as this summer costing several thousand dollars it is not yet covered by insurance. john fowler, ktvu news. >> at we posted more information on how you can enroll in this paid study. just look for the web link section of the web links. a study released by state water manager shows levels of mercury in fish along much of the northern california coast. the research was found in 2007 and 2010. it found several fish had high
12:18 am
levels of methylmercury. fish caught in san francisco bay were likely to have high levels of the cancers causing chemical. bay area beaches scored well. the nonprofit group heal the bay said beaches on the open ocean were the cleanest scoring a grades. that's based on weekly tests of bacteria levels from april to october of last year. no bay area beaches were on the beach bummer list. the closest one on that list was cowel beach down in santa monica county. welcome back, it has been a windy four days hasn't it. the winds continue, winds gusting to 38 miles per hour out of the west. that's a big wind up by fairfield. a little less wind, sustained winds at 21. it's been breezy and you noticed it. if you suffer with all
12:19 am
allergies the last couple of days have been a pain. last night kind of cool, the winds will die down a bit. when you get going friday morning, school, work, whatever it's going to be a little chilly. this sends it a little chillier. this high pressure center is going to make it a little chillier. as it drops close to us it's going to give us a weather adds -- advisory and a chance of a thundershower. mid-60s and some upper 60s. this low pressure center sort of easy to watch. you can see it about noontime or so about 2:00, look at this. that's significant stuff right there. up by concord, up by pittsburg and martinez. a chance for showers. see how widely scattered it is. most of us are not going to see showers most of us are going to notice cooler daytime highs. up in the mountains there's a winder weather advisory, snow
12:20 am
about three to 6-inches at the highest elevations. as you go through sunday and monday it's going to get a little nicer. saturday still a little sketchy in the mountains. monday looks pretty nice as well. if you had mountain plans, you might be chaining up in the pass. 68 in san helena, 68 in fairfield. your friday is here and your weather it's not a bad day. not that cold but a departure to where we've been. a little cooler and there's a chance for showers as we go into tomorrow afternoon. of course we'll be here, steve will be here early in the morning. they get in at 4:30 tomorrow morning. and i'll be here. rosemary is here at noon, and we'll be checking the latest computer models. the bay bridge forecast looks like a good one for the celebration on sunday. patchy coastal fog on sunday evening but it looks like a good night, a good weekend for the celebration. there's your five day forecast.
12:21 am
>> looks great, thank you bill. a high altitude traffic jam is expected tomorrow on mount everest. hundreds of climbers are trying to reach the summit of the highest mountain in the world. last weekend you may recall four climbers died, experts said they weren't carrying enough oxygen for the extra time it took to reach the summit and then
12:22 am
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that bay area rowing team we told you about earlier in the month has earned the right to go for the gold. the eight men's crew team won their round on tuesday in switzerland. in addition to the men's eight, two other teams qualified the men's lightweight four and the women's double. >> two team usa. from rowing to baseball and what an unusual day for the giants. >> 14 runs, when was the last time we've had that. they had weeks that they didn't score as many as they did in
12:25 am
this one game. going double digits. this is about as easy as it gets for them in beautiful miami. it was just 1-1 in the sixth. pegan had himself a night. four rbi on the night. and a four run inning for the giants. and it gets better for them. 8-3 in the eighth. crawford, this is what has to happen. for a 2-run double and the run is on. cabrera hitting .362 tonight. three more hits tonight, four rbis, his second line double as they shoot it down the line. making it easier for vogelsan. the beneficiary of an out put. the first time the giants have ever beaten pegan. now this was the vision miami heat fans had when they
12:26 am
first heard lebron was bringing his immense talents to south beach. dwayne wade and lebron running off with the league. new millennium basketball their style. wade to lebron, 28 points. that is worth a revisit, behind the back lebron doing it up high. waiting for the winner of the boston philly eastern final. the raiders certainly trying a new approach to mostly everything. new offensive coordinator craig nap in his second stint with oakland will not be one of those up in the booth coaches.
12:27 am
he's going to guide the raiders offense from down on the field and here's why. >> for me i like to give little reminders or even a positive comment, hey great throw there. let's do a conversion on third down. little comments like that, i think can help the game for the quarterback. >> you know nothing lasts forever, certainly in the corporate name for naming rights. raceway out sonoma will no longer go by the name infinion but they are open for new offers of any new companies if you have any ideas. >> how about sears point. >> it'll always be sears point to me. >> thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> and the morning news will be here from 4:30 in the 9:00. >> we are always here for you at and mobile ktvu. ñ#
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