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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  May 25, 2012 11:30pm-12:30am PDT

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happening now the final cars crossing the dumbarton bridge as caltrans begin as major construction project that will keep the road closed all weekend. good evening i'm gasia mikaelian in for julie haener. >> and i'm frank sommerville. a key street in downtown san francisco is also shut down this summer. the 75th anniversary of the golden gate bridge this weekend
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is going to prompt closures as well. happening now our coverage begins with jana katsuyama who's live at the dumbarton bridge with the big charge construction crews have ahead of them. >> reporter: it certainly is a big job. we're seeing a decrease in the number of cars comes eastbound. we're expecting to see any money the caltrans lights to shut down this area. flashing lights and traffic signed warn driving. the seismic retrofit is expected to last eight days to make way for seismic joint. >> today they will open another
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18-inch gap so that they can get ready for the joint. 100 people welcoming 24/seven to get the job done. traffic detours could cause congestion elsewhere this holiday weekend. >> it's going to be tough. we're going around the bay. >> are you still planning to drive. >> i'm planning to drive and very likely going to have to go to the pe anyplace la. >> - - peninsula. >> reporter: caltrans is also trying to notify travelers arriving from outside the region. >> we've been talking to concert venues, fares, airports, hospitals, tourism boards. >> reporter: the bridge is expected to reopen tuesday by the morning commute. back out here live.
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you can see there's still only considers that are coming along the eastbound lanes i just spoke a to a spokesperson, they said they're going to make a final tweak with the chp to let people know these construction crews are ready to go out there and ready for the work. as we just reported the closure is happening as we speak. the bridge is supposed to open next tuesday at five p.m. for more information you can go to our website. stay with ktvu for continuing coverage. we will return for an update of
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the work due. first street is now closed. it requires major excavation over three blocks. the njuta busiest line is shut down and will stay that way for the next nine days. coming up at 9:30, the work being done and alternatives being done. and up in the sierra, it snowed today even though the memorial day weekend is the
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unofficial start of summer. some folks decided to go with the snow. >> unusual but not unheard of for memorial day week edge. let's go to bill martin to see what's next. >> we do see snow and rain this time of year. we saw some last year. nonetheless it was a bit of a shocker when rain came down. really most of the activities out of area, the real action is right around the lake tahoe area where a wait a minuter weather advise -- where a winter weather advice reu should have been dropped. as you go through the bay area weekend not the bay area week end but lake tahoe, sunday and monday look like nice days. i'm going to show you what you should expect. i'll see you back here in a few minutes. >> you can check any
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time for the latest on the weather this weekend. despite the showers we got today, caltrans says they really won't dampen the mood this weekend. >> reporter: frank we're in boss state park where every camp site is booked tonight. the fire pits are flowing and does feel good on this night. but after such a dry winter, no the fire danger has not faded. >> are we ready for it? >> reporter: these firefighters are getting ready, so when they have to run hose uphill among smoke and hit and adrenaline. >> 50 feet, 40 feet. >> reporter: it'll be second nature. >> we practice like we play. you know we practice, we get it down. >> reporter: this blaze on the
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california/nevada border has burned 7 acres sparked by a bomb fire that got out of hand. in february this fire threatened several homes. >> we can see where the resources are located. >> reporter: the unofficial start of fire season is still under way. statewide, fires are -- rain drops brought out tarps and blankets at camp sites tonight. but calfire warns about getting complacent. as soon as the weather sizzling again, the fuels will be drier than before and ready to burn. >> yeah i don't want to be responsible for that.
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we come out here all the time, so i would have to hate it hurt it in the any way. >> reporter: make sure you have a clearance around it, have someone watching it all the time and make sure it's out before you go to bed. the fire started yesterday in the south eastern part of the county near the town of julian. it's now growned to 3,100 acres. some people at an rv park were evacuated. the fire is now # 1% con taubed. so far no structures have burned. new at 10:00, emotions were running high all evening at a fundraiser in an effort to bring sierra lamar home.
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amber lee has the latest. >> reporter: we're at the volunteer search center, a sign behind me says bring sierra home. live music and dancing at jason steven's winery provided relief for what has been sierra lamar's family and supporters. this mother and daughter from san jose don't know the lamar family but say their pain is possible for all parents. those attending tonight's fund raising were asked to give $2 for the search. >> that was the toughest part for us. we don't want to hear that.
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and we're pretty much not going to accept it. >> reporter: mark class who's own daughter was kidnapped and murdered said a female daughter discovered in pleasanton yesterday also took a toll on everyone involved in the search. even though investigators say it's unlikely the body is sierra. >> this is such a sad horrible situation on every level. danielle lamar became emotional when we asked her of her fondest memory of sierra. >> i don't know, there's so many. the next volunteer search is scheduled for wednesday at 8:00 a.m. reporting live here in morgan hill, amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. more details now, the santa clara sheriff search team wrapped up a search. the week long search failed to
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yield anything in connection to the case. the sheriff's department says it will resume of the area waterways next tuesday. the suspect is due back in court next year. the 22-year-old made his appearance yesterday. he was charged with kidnapping and murder which makes him eligible. in the meantime garcia torrez remains in custody without bail. you just don't see that kind of community spirit too much anymore. so it's nice to see it in san mateo. >> an emotional homecoming today in the bay area. the history behind this local traditional honoring those who serve their country. and new information in the case of a body found in a trash can. the clues that police hope will lead them to identify a murder victim. >> and protesters are back on the street in oakland, the two
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recent events that have reignited anger, and
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new information now about a body found at a trash can in pleasanton yesterday. late this afternoon police revealed the remains are that of a female. but say the autopsy didn't provide a positive
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identification. the coroner's office says the body is of an adult woman. she was found wearing pajama bottoms. >> the corner were on scene, they believe base on characterrest that this is not sierra lamar -- characteristics. right now nearly 100 people are still rallying in oakland angry over the arrest of an oakland protesters who got in the face of police earlier this week, eric rasmussen has been following the case. he's with us to tell us where the protesters are right now. >> reporter: earlier it looked that police were making an arrest. just 30 minutes before that
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happened they had a brief run in with police. one very vocal member of occupy oakland is expected to be released today. >> our streets are under attack, what do we do? >> stand up and fight. >> reporter: it's a new rallying cry for protest oakland. demanding justice for one of their own. seen earlier, police arrested bowman outside an oakland church. that's where chief howard jordan held a meeting to talk about the killing of bluford. police say bluford pointed a gun. >> he wasn't answering the questions of the people.
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>> reporter: while protesters say moorland was arrested. >> you think chris crossed the line? >> i don't think chris crossed the line at all. >> reporter: and today the chief made this statement. i understand the desire to have questions answered. and i understand the community's concern. i have shared, both with the blueford family and the community. now he is again expected to be released sometime tonight. eric rasmussen, ktvu channel 2 news. the lawyer for a man accused of killing patz saying his client is mentally i'll. he was arraigned today on second degree murder charges. today is the 33rd anniversary
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of the boy's disappearance. hernandez has a history of hallucinations. the killing of a 14-year- old girl 18 years ago is still a mystery. this evening the family of jenny lynn led a march to support their foundation for childhood safety and to keep the killing of jenny in the spotlight so that maybe someone will come forward with the information to find the person or persons responsible. it was a year ago today that the musician was found dead inside her home. all these years later, jenny lin has not been forgotten. >> we're just so grateful that we have so many people come forward establish this effort through all these years. >> reporter: there's still a $100,000 reward for information
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that leads to an arrest. mike mibach tell us it's an association started years ago thanks to a soldier named joe. >> i have people come up and thank me quite often. that means a lot to me. i know people back home care about what we're doing. >> reporter: soldiers are arriving on a number of different flights. they're here not because they're home. but because they adopted the company. linda patterson now, lip tka patterson decades ago. she grew up in san mateo so did too did her brother joe. a soldier with the 101st it was vietnam when he asked for his sister's help just weeks before he was killed. >> joe wrote and said, that the
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men were down. >> reporter: so patterson acted convincing san mateo to adopt her brother's unit. it did and in 1972 it honored the soldiers with a welcome home parade. >> and they marched down the streets of san m ateo to cheers and tears. >> it's great what the people do here for the soldiers. we appreciate everything they've done for us. >> you don't see that kind of community spirit too much anymore. so it's nice to see it in san mateo. >> reporter: for linda patterson looking on these photos. >> the pictures make me think of each and every one like my brother. >> reporter: and it was her brother who said he needed help, that the soldiers are getting the help her brother asked for so long ago. pg & e could face very large fines in connection with its natural gas pipelines. all of this stems from the
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investigation of the deadly san bruno pipeline investigation. a staff report says pg & e put californians at risk for 30 years by running some of its pipelines at high pressure like the one in san bruno. federal law requires stringent restrictions. hurricane bud has weakened and is now a tropical storm. bud is taking aim for the port. people there are getting ready, boarding up and stowing supply. it still packs a mighty punch with 70-mile an hour winds and the possibility of 10-inches of rain. and it was that kind of day today. we had plenty of sunshine this morning and this is how it looked. the clouds thickened up. the rain came down. within moments of that sun came back up. it's been one of those days
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throughout the area. temperatures were impacted by the clouds and wind. 63 in vallejo. these temperatures are down from the numbers we saw yesterday. we're back into the upper 50s and low 70s. slow warming as we head into the bay area week -- weekend. a little bit of cloud coverage. clearing from the north. as you get into the afternoon lets of sunshine. tomorrow is a transition day into the nicer warmer weather by the end of the weekend. when i come back at 10:45, the 10 day forecast and we'll look at the temperatures to a city where you live. tide is making a change in the pods. the company now plans to do a
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double latch lid on the tubs. living proof of a successful surgery. >> i feel great. over all feels like i got a whole new second chance. >> the rare triple transplant operation look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy
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california prison officials are defying the federal governor's orderers to return supplies of a foreign made drug used in lethal injection executions. the drug is sodium piopentol it's used by california and
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most other states during lethal injections. doctors in california completed a rare triple transplant. giving three new patients, three new hearts in just one day. >> reporter: these are the three before their life saving surgery just three weeks ago and now. >> i feel good. i'm blessed. >> very happy. very thankful. i certainly would not be here without it. >> reporter: what they wouldn't be here without are donor hearts now beating new life inside their chests. and in a rare medical feat, surgeons here at children's hospital transplanted one heart a day for three days three weeks ago. >> it's the luck of having three organ donors that are available in such a short period of time. >> reporter: secreast was first, and was in her dorm at
11:56 pm
saint mary's college sleeping when she got the news. >> it was really shocking, you can see i was in a dream. >> i was jolt, completely utterly. >> reporter: the next day another heart. the next one for -- who loves everything giants. >> they lost someone important in their life and gave me a second chance. >> reporter: with the five year survival rate, 93% here this story should have three happy beginnings. in palo alto, rita williams. yahoo is abandoning it's tablet magazine called
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newsstand. yahoo is trying to turn its fortunes around and life stand wasn't as popular as flip board another tablet magazine. the company was going to dump a number of services but the new ceo hasn't said yet whether that's the plan. on wall street stocks ended the week with more losses. the dow dropped 74 points. the nasdaq fell one. the latest news from europe involved a spanish bank and says it needs a $20 million bail out. a geologist is looking for help finding meteor rocks. by studying the scientists can learn more about how the solar system was formed. some collectors are paying thousands for even small meteorites. it is an incredible sight, look closely. it's an 80-year-old sky diver starting to slip out of her harness.
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the video is from right here in northern california and it has gone viral. and this is ñ# [ male announcer ] u.s. olympian gwen jorgensen
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happening now, we want to update you on the closures that are affecting the dumbarton bridge and lasted through the holiday weekend. live now at the foot of the bridge with the progress made here in just the last 30 minutes. >> that's right gasia and we are been seeing stragglers comes along. the west side they pretty much have the cars shut off about 15 minutes ago since the last time that we talked with you. we are waiting for the chp to
12:01 am
come along with that final sweep on the westbound side. construction crews are preparing to move into place and begin work. now the final cars are expected to go by here and we're looking at the chp there's the chp car that's going by right now. the seismic retrofit is expected to take three days. tonight, crews will blast a section of the bring to make way for a seismic joint. the bridge carries about 61,000 vehicles a day if you can imagine it's a very much a major artery connecting the east bay with the peninsula. the traffic will end up being rerouted to the san mateo bridge and surrounding highways. if we take a live look back out here you can see this is empty. a very unusual sight here for the dumbarto bridge. they are planning to have about 100 people working on this bridge 24/7. the construction crews are ready to go and they should be going on to the bridge any minute now to begin their work.
12:02 am
this again will be lasting through the weekend and they hope to have it finished by tuesday morning at 5:00 a.m. if they get done ahead of schedule then caltrans officials tell me they will reopen the bridge early and we'll be keeping an eye on this early. jana katsuyama, ktvu channel 2 news. stay with ktvu channel 2 all weekend. mornings on 2 will be monitoring the closure and construction work. our coverage begins at 7:00 a.m. as we mentioned earlier, the dumbarton bridge certainly is not the only closure that's going to affect you. muni started to shut down the rail line. >> i'm not sure how it works. >> reporter: we took the anguna
12:03 am
during rush hour and met some of the commuters that take it to and from work during the weekend. >> i'm kinds of surprised but i guess i'm getting used to the idea. i guess they have to do things like this in order to maintain the system. >> reporter: the run lines from ocean beach to the caltrain station near at that time park. it's shutting down because of major construction that's happening at church and dubose. >> we're going to be making improvements, we're going to make it a safer and better ride. >> if they have to do it to make it safe, then do it. we'll find alternate routs. >> reporter: the j line will stop at the station where passengers will have to transfer. >> we're making sure that we have buses coming more consistently throughout the day. rather than seeing five to 10 minute intervals, you will probably see three minute intervals with these buses. >> reporter: the work is scheduled for complete on time
12:04 am
for the morning commute on monday june 1st. john sasaki. and the celebration is already on the way for one of the world'smost recognized icons. what was unveiled today ahead of the 75th anniversary of the golden gate bridge. one man is responsible for over 100,000 stolen bikes. they found eight stolen bikes in sanchez home. an investigation then led officers to two storage lockers in oakland where they say they discovered another 106 stolen bikes. sanchez now faces felony counts of receiving stolen property. if you think one of those bicycles could be yours, go to we have a link to see all those recovered bicycles on web links. one of those men charged
12:05 am
with dui sting charges pled not guilty today. this is in addition to four other charges filed last december in the dui sting. dunavi worked for both the danville police department and contra costa sheriff's department. a jury found a self- proclaimed vietnamese freedom fire guilty on this bizarre attack of a singer. this is video of the incident in santa clara last july. lee tong was convicted yesterday of felony use of tear gas along with misdemeanor assaults and other charges. kahn is an activist who dressed up like a woman to attack that vietnamese singer. he's now facing 30 years in jail after sentencing next month. 52-year-old raymond zack waited into the water fully
12:06 am
clothed. police and firefighters waited at the shore. his family accuse the county of alameda of negligence. 32-year-old pedro valez fernandez was killed while walking along arnold drive just south of grove street. the chp says 74-year-old thornton bunch junior of napa was driving when he hit velez hernandez. velez hernandez was pushed right through a fence and that he died at the scene. the sonoma county officers identified the man killed. visiri was near bay hill road when he veered right in front of a car driven by 64-year-old david trion of berkeley. the chp says trion swerved by
12:07 am
struck the bicyclists. a truly spectacular show down under. and no the sitny opera house is not really collapsing. back here in just 10 minutes, i have the holiday weekends forecast. i'll show you which day will be the warmest back here. a frightening sky diving incident for an 80-year-old woman and now federal
12:08 am
12:09 am
catching a dragon in space and making history in the process. dragon is the capsule built by space x. tonight the international space station captured the capsule which is needing special supplies.
12:10 am
it's the first time a commercial flight has delivered a capsule to the international space station. we have some incredible video to show you now. federal investigators are looking into a sky diving accident involving an 80-year- old woman who nearly slipped out of her harness and it was all caught on tape. the video was up loaded to you tube. it shows the elderly woman she is barely hanging on to her sky diving partner after somehow slipping out of her safety harness. the incident reportedly happened at the parachute center in lodite a year ago. the video ends with the woman and her partner landing safely. one lawmakers is pushing to limit the out of state students. they're looking to bring the number down to 10%. right now there's a 10% cap
12:11 am
wide. a proposed indian casino in north richmond has gotten a thumbs down from u.s. regulators. the band of pomo indians has been fighting for years to try to build a 2,000 slot casino on land near the richmond. last year the federal government rejected another casino project in richmond, this one backed by a different tribe. a 300 unit apartment project is set to take over the former long's drug headquarters. the headquarters is located at civic drive near ignacio valley roads. the paragon apartments were approved last night. the former long headquarters will be demolished. in news of the world tonight at the vatican police reportedly arrested the pope's
12:12 am
butler. he's accused of leaking documents. pope benedict xvi was said to be shocked and saddened by the findings. and the french president made a surprise visit today. nato was sate to pull its forests out in 2018. the sitny opera house is transformed in a spectacular light show. it projects remarkable images on the sails of oprah house. this is part of the vivid festival of lights. it's considered a real must see event. we're following some developing news right now. when we come back new video just back from the scene of a
12:13 am
hit-and-run investigation that is under way as we speak. the golden gate bridge turning 75,
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12:15 am
we have a developing story out of oakland, police say a man was very badly injured. happened at 10:20 this evening. at this point they have no information on the vehicle that struck that man. celebrations have already begun for the golden bridge
12:16 am
75th anniversary. the bridge was built during the depression. >> reporter: today the golden gate bridge celebrated its 75th birthday as a global bridge connecting the pay area to the rest of the world. >> it is a national treasure and it's recognized throughout the world as such. >> reporter: nancy pelosi and governor jerry brown joined san francisco major ed lee to mark the anniversary and unveil a new visitor's pavilion. guests of honors included relatives of men who helped make the bridge a reality during the height of the depression. chris kohn thinks of the bridge as a family member. her grandmother was the designer of the bridge. strauss grew up hearing stories about her uncle. >> i feel a strong connection to san francisco even though
12:17 am
it's been distant all these years. >> it connects all of us and wherever we are around the world, people say, you know how about the golden gate bridge. >> reporter: the party continues this weekend with a festival along christie field and fireworks lighting up the bridge and the san francisco sky on sunday night. in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. has a slide show of historic photos, click on the golden gate for complete anniversary coverage. the state senate approved a bill that would ban employers from asking for social networking passage. the bill by leland yee now go to the assembly. it would make it illegal for reporters to request pass words to social media accounts. california may honor former governor and former president ronald reagan with his own
12:18 am
statute. the state assembly has passed a bill authorizing a statute in the state capital. the bill now moves over to the state senate. since reagan was the only california governor to become president, the bill's author say he should have his own statute. public donations would pay for it. in san francisco, an airman killed during a mission 16 years ago was laid to rest today at the presidio. he received full military honors, he died when his plane crashed during a test mission. he took years for remains found off british columbia to be identified as pollard. his daughter watched over his final burial. >> to be able to have my father honored in this way was a tremendous gift. >> reporter: pollard also served during world war ii and
12:19 am
was a prisoner of war. it's going to turn off pretty nice, started off a little sketchy with a few light showers. a little activity left in the radar but that is not hitting the ground and if it is it's only light drizzle. the showers are ending, there's a chance for more showers as we head into tomorrow but they'll be east of the area. temperatures on the increase as we head into your saturday. warmer still for sunday and monday. monday will be the warmest day on the holiday weekend and we're dry. overnight we'll see a little patchy fog reform. this weather system an interesting one. see it spinning right off the coast. tomorrow, some of this wrap around moisture comes off the sierra and back around. some of that is going to trim or clip the backside of the bay area. so out by vacaville, vallejo, fairfield out toward antioch. check that point, mark tamayo will be here tomorrow and they'll be tracking that as well. i suspect most of us won't see anything in the way of showers. these are cool, 44 in napa, tomorrow morning when you wake up you're going to see frost
12:20 am
but it's going to be really cool in the inland north bay and east bay valleys. a little pressure. it's going to be cold and cloudy. clearing and partly sunny as we head into your saturday and the warming begins. starts saturday but really kicks in sunday and monday. a little bit of patchy coastal fog shows up tomorrow morning and it is just patchy. it's not really going to be a debt. 72 in sonoma, these temperatures will be warmer than they were today. not as warm as they were this week. we had 80s earlier this week. temperatures on the increase. these forecast highs in milpitas, santa clara and fremont. 73 in gilroy. nice day in the coast in san francisco. look for 63 for a high and patchy coastal fog. the golden gate bridge celebrations going on this weekend. at 10:00 a.m. about 57 degrees. fireworks in the evening it's going to be cooler but in the afternoon mostly sunny. the winds will kick up in the
12:21 am
afternoon. late afternoon the sun sets the fireworks get going and there'll be a little bit of patchy fog. should not ruin or be a deal breaker on the ceremony. should work out well. your bay area holiday weekend in view. just in time. tomorrow just kind of that transition day so it's not going to be real warm but you will notice a lot better than today. sunday and monday [ teen ] times are good, aren't they, kids?
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it's nice having u-verse, isn't it? see back in my day, we didn't have these newfangled wireless receivers. fangled? we had to watch basketball in the living room... that's where the tv outlet was. what is he talking about? and if mom was hosting her book club that day, guess missed it! we couldn't just move the tv all willy-nilly all over the house. ohh! ohh! kids today have it so good. ok. [ male announcer ] the wireless receiver only from at&t. get u-verse tv for $25 a month with free hd for six months. at&t. our sports director mark ibanez has the night out. but the fred inglis is here after the game. >> reporter: some came to see
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the game, others came to see the fireworks, but if you came here to watch the a's win you are expecting too much. because it seems yankees never they scored three times in the third inning off of ross. new york pitcher ivan nova is undefeated in his last 12 starts on the road. josh redick not impressed. that's redick game leading homer. yankees have been terrible hitters. but there's nick swisher going to left field for another 2-run shot. they are 22- 9 at the coliseum. it's no longer just a bad streak it's now a full fledged
12:26 am
tendency. lincecum ends up throwing a bad inning every game and it ends up hurting the team. it's the first a ball hits that sculpture. san francisco's cabrera answers when he lines this pitch. watch this thing go right into the seats, do not collect 200. cabrera homered and tripled in his game. 0-6 against the giants. 3-1 now but the bottom of the six, marlin scores five times off lincecum. chris codlin batting a meager 104 with a three run homer. tim now 3-5 with a 6.5 era. cabrera reliever steve gets them looking. the l.a. kings can identify their
12:27 am
opponent in the upcoming stanley cut. the new jersey devils hosted yankees tonight. we go to overtime where the devils came out on fire. what do you expect they are devils? rangers and company keep denying the devils. amanrickh scores 53 seconds in ot. they take the series four will have two. devils versus kings starting wednesday. that's sports as we see it. a's and giants both lose. >> lincecum, it's time to get a little worried. >> he says he's not concentrating, like one inning he loses his concentration but that's enough. >> thanks, fred. >> thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> the ktvu news will ha
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