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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  May 28, 2012 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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vigil right now in lafayette. and the worse possible news for one systemmier's family members on this memorial day. -- for someone's family members on this memorial day. it's monday may 28th. this is bay area news at 7:00. it is the day of remembrance around the bay area for fallen military members happening now a memorial day ceremony. one of the recognizable monuments. live at the lafayette crosses where a vigil has just begun. >> reporter: when you take a look behind me, you can see there are several dozen people who have come for this vigil. it's one of the many memorials today to remember those killed while serving this country. for 6 years the number of white
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markers on this hill has steadily grown p, the jewish star of david, buddhist wheels each representing a man or woman in uniform to sacra face their lives. >> you can't help but catch a glimpse and i think it does tear people to pause. >> pause and this family stopped and mourn. >> he was in there in afghanistan for his third tour. >> today they claimed one of the crosses for his their nephew who was killed in afghanistan last year. >> they posted this photo and left no men toes on that red sox team. >> this was our first memorial day. >> and danville other families spent memorial day remembering loved ones lost. >> richard james sr. united states army. >> it was the remembrance of relatives, friends, and comrades that we shared with
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and they're not here to enjoy. >> they remembered their son 19- year-old joshua corral who was killed last november. >> and our lives, each one of us were doing things to try to remember and honor him. >> reporter: many people said that they're not only honoring the dead today but also thinking of those still serving on this memorial day. live in lafay yes -- lafayette ktvu channel 2 news. >> people also came together for a memorial day tradition, the annual parade took over the downtown area this morning. handful of veterans walked along the roof and people shed their support with cheers that american flag. organizers say money raised will go to the new valley volunteer firefighters association. >> with liberty and justice for all. >> at the san francisco national cemetery, estimated 2500 people attended the
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largest memorial day evened. vietnam veteran suzanne was there along with his four children and five grandchildren. >> so i can teach them how horrible and how much better it was it would be to live. it makes my day and also to honor all the fallen brothers and sisters that die for our country. >> one of the reefs presented today was dedicated to the -- dedicate today men and women who died in the invasion of iraq. in mountain view cemetery hosted its 91st annual memorial day. the american legion gave a salute to fallen service members and the oakland youth chorus sank the national anthem. from travis air force base said memorial day is time to stop and remember those who have given their lives for our freedom. after this ceremony led a tour
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for cemetery's refurbished civil war plot. this memorial day central coast family is mourning the lost of their son killed in afghanistan. 21-year-old specialist due mar died saturday in the province. the pentagon says any forces attacked his unit improvised bomb. his bahallian was based in washington state. friends and family filled facebook page with condolences. when the work week resumes tomorrow morning it should be all systems go for commute tore to use the bridge. right now crews are hustling to finish the project they began when the bridge shutdown on friday. live tonight at the bridge was continuing coverage here, what's the latest update you got from cal tran. >> well, the first you're seeing something doesn't happen too often. i'm standing which has no civilian cars whizzing by. this construction equipment as you see up there, the whole left has been closed since friday night as cal tran worked
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to get a new joint expansion of the 1.6-mile long bridge. we're told a major work has been done and right now cal tran's crews are putting in the finishing touches so hopefully the bridge can be re-opened by 5:00 tomorrow morning in time for the commute. the work this weekend is intended to allow the bridge to as much as 37 inches to relief stress in the event of the earthquake. >> we needed to close the bridge this weekend because we cut across all six lanes and -- to replace the existing joint with a larger one. >> reporter: cal tran says, motorist will not experience any change when they drive over it. we'll have an exclusive video on the 10:00 with chief designer of it and stay tuned to mornings on 2 for complete coverage of tomorrow's commute over the dunn -- martin bridge. live in newark, ktvu channel 2 news. >> in san francisco meanwhile construction is still scheduled to wrap along first street
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before tomorrow morning's commute. temporary bridge is seeing part of construction work on the new terminal. it's scheduled to open at 5:00 a.m. >> police are investigating a deadly officer involved shooting that happened in the -- it was just after midnight. police say officers chased this white lexus after they spotted it speeding without its lights on. the car's driver 41-year-old anton senior and two passengers then got out of the car that's when officers say barrett pulled an object out of the project and one officer started firing. >> he deserved to be shot at all, whatever chase he took him on, whatever he didn't deserve to be shot. >> barrett died at the hospital. turns out that object he was holding was a wallet. one of the passengers, barrett 18-year-old son was bitten by police k9 and arrested. police are looking for the second passenger. this is the second fatal officers offshooting in the past 4 days.
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two police officers in oakland are recovering tonight after alleged drunk driver slammed into their patrol car. it happened after the suspect ran around 1:00 this morning and fifth street. suspect tried to drive away after the crash but was arrested about a block away. the officers and the suspect suffered minor injuries. the ethics commission to hold another hearing into the actions of -- we caught up with the sheriff today and memorial day event. he said he has responsibility for the new year's day incident that landed in hot water. >> well, i mean, the initial charges and official misconduct based on what. i mean, i've always been very out spoken about responsibility i've taken and the other charge being dissituation is complete bunk and we'll do mollish that. >> set to decide further argument or testimony is needed or if they're ready to make a recommendation. speaking of fish from japan
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carrying radioactive contamination has made its way to the california coast. they do ticketed radioactive caught in the waters near san diego. they say that radiation came directly from japan's crippled nuclear power plant. research shows the amount of radiation found in the fish is 10 times higher than normal but still below the safety limits set by u.s. officials. major clean up got underway after last night's golden gate bridge anniversary celebration. stage -- tens of thousands of people gathered yesterday for the festivities and they left a lot of trash behind. >> it's like a mountain of trash when i got there this morning. >> recyclable. >> oh, it's pretty much nonstop. >> now, officials haven't said yet exactly how many people came to see the celebration, but by all accounts the evening was a huge success. the golden gate bridge 75th 75th anniversary fireworks
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plowed spectators to watch display from the water. we took this video aboard the red and white fleet cruise boat. one of the spots for that spectacular fireworks show. go to to view unedited video of lath night's epic celebration under the golden gate at 75 tab right there on our home page. facebook is hitting redial on its plan for smartphone it may be before christmas of next year. the new york times is reporting the now cash flush social networking company had a group of engineers to design and build a new cell phone device. rumors about facebook date back to at least 2010 this latest report anonymous engineer who has been hired for the project. he says the company wants to roll it out next year. entrepreneur caught living at the palo alto offices now has a place of his own. eric simon was trying to get a start up off the ground last fall. he was given $20,000 as part of
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a tech program at aol. when the program ended and he ran out of money, he decided to stay. the manager finally caught on and simon was kicked out but now venture capitalist has given simon $50,000 in new funding so he's now renting a house also in palo alto. >> bay area remembers fallen service members startling new information on why so many new debts are disabled. and hardy souls their annoys scape from ago quatres. coming up what you can expect for the work week ahead. gap
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firefighters recovering tonight after helping put out this fire in fremont. the flames were put out in less than an hour. fell threw hurting his hand. ten people and two dogs have been displaced. no word yet on what started the fire. president obama paid tribute to the men and women who gave their life in service. >> this morning president honored the nation's fallen service member by laying a reef to the unknown who recognized them for making the ultimate sacrifice. >> while their stories may be separated by hundreds of years and thousands of miles. they rest here together side by
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side row by row. because each of them love this country. >> president obama along with vice president joe biden and first lady also attended a ceremony at the vietnam memorial in washington. this year marks the 50th 50th anniversary of the start of the vietnam war. >> also on this memorial day there's new information about dramatic surge and number of disabled service members. john fallon are some of the startling cost of surviving combat. >> aboard the uss horn net, memorial day ceremonies for american combat casualties just in september 11, 6,400 dead. >> but just as staggering the wounded and disabled more than 720,000 new veterans, 45% of those serving in afghanistan and iraq have filed for disabilitiful that's double the
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rate of any previous conflict. >> we've had so many critical injuries that it's thousands and thousands of people coming back amputees, rain damaged events. >> medical care saved 95% of those injured, many now need long term. >> reporter: for taxpayers the cost is just beginning. and they top $900 billion. >> they probably need more mental health, facilities and treatment and i think we need to support them. >> they deserve whatever they can get. thank goodness we've got the technology to keep them alive. >> wounded warriors deserve our thoughts today just as those who made the ultimate
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sacrifice. senator ktvu channel 2 news. >> international efforts to commit to cease fire today following this weekend's massacre of more than 100 people in the town of -- u.s. specials are in da pass cast in an effort to salvage his peace plan. he's horrified by the killings that listless 108 people dead the serian government is responsible. even though russia stopped short of things. sirian government denies responsibility for the attack. they say they fear for their family's safety. >> i can't believe in this 2012 where we see this happening and, you know, in front of our -- and we -- and we're acting as they should and can do more. >> there's plenty the u.s. government could do to include
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pressure without direct military convention because the international community has a moral responsibility of being terrorized and killed. plenty are looking into what caused a midair scare in southern california. it happened early this afternoon. airline officials say the flight from burbank to las vegas had just taken off when a loud pop was heard from one of the engines. the plane landed back. 41 passengers on the flight were put on another plane. the national park is facing a pollution problem. showed has the worst air quality of any national park in our country. our sight say the pollution is comparable to urban settings and come by -- they say they're looking into what that could mean for the giant red woods the biggest and oldest living trees in the world. under the swimmers break chilly bay waters today, it's called the al quatres challenge, some of the participants opted out
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of using extra installation. >> escaping from the island this morning, close to 350 very strong swimmers made the mile and a half track from near al coo trees where crowds gather today cheer them on at the finish line. >> finished in just over half hour and he didn't need any extra instar -- insulation either. he finished the race without a wet suit. the water temperature this morning hovering in the low 50s. >> after a while, when you're running back on the beach. it's kind of funny. you know i'm working and still moving. and i just -- it's just -- >> the al quatres swing challenge is put on by try california events to get a close up look at this infamous
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bay area landmark. it's wade waiting for swimmers to prove they have the wheel power to make it to sure. luckily there wasn't a strong current in the base today and most swimmers were able to finish the race in under an hour. some told me the water was actually warmer today than it's been in year's past, still probably a wise decision to opt for the western today. in san francisco k, tvu channel 2 news. >> age and giants played out the new baseball this memorial day but the results were mixed. giants got an early jump when stole home in the first hundreding. by the end of the first, giants were leading 3-0. came up with a nice catch to end the game as the giants won it 4-2. meanwhile had their chances in minnesota. they were ahead in the 8th 8th when jus citizen tied the game between that and another run. then the as left the bases loaded in the 9th when he struck out to end it.
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the as lose 5-4. well you might call it the first real cast in a life long commitment. we'll tell you how one couple tied the knot in the face of a major on coming storm. and we'll memorial day temperatures give way to warm this week. meteorologist rose marry is here with your forecast if you're on the guy and away from your tv you can still watch ktvu newscast live on your commuter -- computer smartphone and tablet.
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it's the firefighters say they're ready. dozens of firefighters today moved in to 12 stations throughout the south and east bay for the summer. officials say they expect it to be a normal fire season with potential for big fires across our state. 25 more firefighters see more engines will be brought into the bay area by tend of this month. meteorologist rosemary talk to us about the unusually cold temperatures we're seeing. >> it was an unseasonably cool weekend. tomorrow slightly warmer and then a bigger warm up expected by wednesday and thursday. outside our door at this hour we have about an hour until the sun set, a little cool and
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breezy. the westerly breeze about 18 miles an hour. it's about 20 recorded near san jose. 17 in coke land and the gusts are anywhere from 25 to 30 at times, so it's definitely a little brisk. you may notice the true swing outside the door. 63 in con concord. temperatures rolling back san francisco oakland and widespread 60s around the north bay. 69 santa rosa. for temperatures continuing to fall. the satellite radar shows you what a going on out there that on shore breeze kill kicking up this afternoon. those winds will begin to die down. the culprit the system to the north of us is not really bringing up anything more than that on shore breeze and we're all continuing to keep our temperatures a little bit below average. you'll be out of here by tomorrow. finally ridge of high pressure will begin to build in. we'll start out with the morning fog. we'll be slightly warmer in the afternoon by wednesday into thursday huge spike in our temperatures especially for the inland areas where some of our
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warmer spots could actually hit 90 degrees looks like thursday it's going to be the warmest day. tomorrow morning we wake up with mostly cloudy skies. our numbers a lot like what we felt this morning. it's going to be a cool start, 46 -- 51 in oakland. watch for upper 40s, low 50s for areas new passive coo. our afternoon high, again, few degrees warmer what we're seeing kind of the trend we have actually encountered all weekend long. 77 from santa rosa expected for tomorrow. upper 60s, mid-60s along the east bay. 65 in oakland. down into the south bay, low to mid-70s. 76 expected morgan hill and for the peninsula tomorrow partly cloudy skies, mostly sunny, redwood city, cool by the coast, low 60s, passive coo happening, city partly skies expected for you in the afternoon and there's your extended forecast that notable warm up comes wednesday
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thursday but it doesn't last too long. temperatures begin to fall back as early as friday. we're feeling pretty good which is not as hot. upper 70s in the forecast by sunday. >> thank you rosemary. mother nature helped one florida couple a very memorable wedding. ryan and amanda quarter raced against time. get to their vows of tropical storm beryl came into florida, the timing was perfect and the couple said, i do. and gave that quick kiss to support the -- just before the storm made land fall. it's been downgrading. no later damage has been reported. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. our coverage continues with the 10:00 news. we'll be monitoring the final work on dunbar bridge as crews try to meet that 5-day deadline. we're always here for you at
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