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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  June 4, 2012 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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long it's expected to last. a major chain makes its biggest acquisition yet right here in the bay area. good evening monday june 49. i'm gasia mikaelian. we begin with breaking news in san francisco. firefighters are battling a fire in the tenderloin. it started just within the past half hour in a six story building at 6:01 ferrell street in leven worth. we have a crew on the scene and we expect to have a live picture for you from our news chopper 2 any money now. we can tell you firefighters appear to be getting the upper hand. we'll have live video for you in just minutes. we have a developing situation still? san francisco -- still in san
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francisco to tell you about. it happened at about 4:00 this afternoon and we brought you developments during our ktvu newscast. a witness tells us he helped pull out one of the victims. >> i just heard, pow, pow. the victim was staying underneath the line. he was just laying there. we dragged him to the side. >> reporter: we learned the victim was a german tourist. their injuries are not considered life threatening. our jana katsuyama live outside hilton's double tree hoe tell -- hotel near the picket line. >> reporter: the union leaders say this is, it's been decades
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really since their last strike back in 1976. the strike took the managemented without surprise. it came without warning. >> reporter: about 250 cooks, servers, bartenders, clerks and other workers walked off their job at the double tree by hilton hotel. the union's contract expired. the union wants to have workers pay $250 a month for health care benefits which are currently provided without cost for employees. >> they freezed for four years so we're not going to have nothing. >> reporter: yolanda gammot says she only makes about $25,000 a year as a housekeeper. >> for me to live here in san jose it's very expensive. and then to have to pay insurance and pay doctor bills and pay medication and all that, there's no way, i won't be able to make it. >> reporter: elizabeth mellow
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says she's barely scraping by working as a bartender. >> i have customers that spend $250 a night. and our prices at the bar are like $9 to $12 a drink when you know the company is making a lot of money. >> the same hotel is owned by a company that made $1 billion of profits in the last six months. >> reporter: inside the lobby was quiet, some managers had to fill in for the striking workers. but the company says the hotel is striking smoothly and is adequately staffed. management issued a statement. a strike is not the right direction. the union leaders said that they do plan to be out here picketing until friday. reporting live in san jose, jana katsuyama, ktvu channel 2 news. the calendar says june but we had rain here in the bay area today and snow up in the sierra. and while rain may seem unusual it's really not unheard of. in fact, this is the second year in a row that rain fell on
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june 4th. it happen umbrellas up from the peninsula to the east bay and while it was good business for those at pete's coffee bringing people indoors its was not so good for one electrical bike sale store. >> totally hard core, bike rider, nobody wants to go out and get wet on two wheels. >> reporter: the rainstorms such as it was was brief lasting only a few hours bringing mostly light showers. the rain and low clouds did bring out traffic control. delays ran for hours. oakland and san jose did not report any significant delays. the rain here in the bay area turned to snow when it are reached the sierra. it started coming down hard, snow at higher elevation is not that unusual in june. last year it saw 4-inches.
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we'll check with our meteorologist rosemary orozco on what we can see next. a woman says sandoval sexually assaulted her. we have video to show you here of sandoval playing a minor league game in stockton saturday where he's rehabilitating from a broken bone in his hand. the bar manager told the san jose mercury news that he thinks sandoval left with two men and not with any women. the woman says sandoval assaulted her at a resort. sandoval's attorney says it was consensual. no charges have been filed. santa cruz county sheriff's department is investigating. the solano county coroner has identified a man. two of those wounded were hospitalized. the teen is in critical condition. a 35-year-old man was also treated for a bullet wound in
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his arm. police have not made any arrests. emotions ran high today inside a san francisco courtroom where a woman who's husband and sons were killed confronted a man convicted of their murders. daniel bolognia was in tears as she spoke about her losses. her husband anthony and two sons michael and matthew. the sentencing for ramos was delayed. >> now to the south bay where santa clara county dive team re again. they showed us new sonar images. the divers were back at the water today. but even with that new equipment, divers have to see it in person. >> until we touch it we don't really know. sometimes it can take -- looks almost like it can be a weapon or it could be something that
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might be associated with the case. yuba's reservoir is the closest body of water to sierra lamar's home. our coverage in the sierra lamar case continues. look for the sierra lamar case right there on our home page. starbucks announced it's buying labulange for $100 million. labulange cafe and bakery has 19 shops here in the area. starbucks says it plans to open the labulange in separate locations. according to starbucks, rego skills as a baker will be tapped to bring more pastry items to starbucks. voter turn out for this election may set a record for the lowest ever. exclusive new ktvu field poll estimates no fewer than 1 million people will cast a vote. the turn out would be a steep
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drop from 2008 when the turn out was 58%. but the california primary was held on super tuesday back in february. the previous low in a presidential year is 41.9% set back in 1996. the bay area seems to reflect that apathy from the voters. robert handa reports from the south bay where voter numbers historically run much higher but not this time. >> reporter: the machine workers from the registrar voters were busy sorting -- the 546,000 vote by mail ballots sent out and along with the field poll's prediction of 35% turn out statewide as one voter joked, apathy is running rampant. >> i want my voice to be heard and i do feel kind of bad that if the people don't come and vote because if they want to complain later they have no one to blame but themselves. >> it makes me believe that people have kind of given up.
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>> reporter: the registrar of voters says it will take some -- >> if we are going to hit that 41 to 50% we have to do that by 8:00 p.m. tomorrow. >> reporter: the policy of research institute says the lack of a competitive presidential race and no compelling statewide issue is the reason for the apathy. the race will be decided by older and more conservative voters the registrar of voters is trying to make it as convenient at possible with extra drop off stations and people can also bring ballots into any clerk's office. robert handa, ktvu news. back down to that breaking news we told you about at the beginning of this newscast. our news chopper 2 is now above the tenderloin in san francisco where firefighters seem to have
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knocked down a fire in an apartment building on oak ferrell street at levingsworth. this fire has only reached one alarm. there's no word yet on any injuries that may have been suffered. crews are at work, we're not able to see any flames or smoke coming from the building but still a very active scene there. again this is at 601 ferrell street at levensworth. more information on this story coming up in this newscast. a new ferry service started today between the east bay and south san francisco. ferry left alameda this morning for the first time with a stop at oakland's jack london square and off to the peninsula. trip takes about 40 minutes and it costs $7 each way. commuters say sure beats driving. >> the drive is frustrating. the fast track isn't fast track anymore. people are cutting into the fast track lane. it is just stressful. and with gas and you know the
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actual maintaining of a car this is frustrating. >> reporter: the first week the ride is free in an effort to get people to try out this new ferry service. east bay students say they are sorry after a senior prank could cost them their diplomas, now the dispute may be headed to court. >> facebook accounts for young teens and preteens? i'm consumer editor tom vacar, what young parents have to say about that. still ahead. >> as the rain pulls out, the cool windy weather pulling in. we'll take a look at what you can expect for your tuesday. look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy
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suspended in brentwood. >> we're sorry. >> reporter: parents and students call it a senior prank. they feel the decision to suspend seniors during final's week possibly keeping some of them from graduating is too severe. >> people are going to college, and need this grade. this is going to affect them for a lifetime. >> these are good kid. >> reporter: an attorney for eight of these students have filed court papers saying they were denied proper suspension procedures. universities have a new message for incoming freshman, graduate in four years. part of a push to get students to graduate on time. the university of virginia has been the most successful of getting students out in four years. the university of alaska is at the bottom of the list with
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about 25% the rate of four year graduates. today a elementary school teacher was in court facing sexual abuse charges. >> reporter: 35-year-old craig chandler was arraigned today on lewd acts of kids under the age of 15 during school hours. >> all i can say is he's pled not guilty. >> reporter: testimony after chandler's preliminary hearing reveals a child came over in october and made a claim to a school worker but police were not notified until january. this lack of response from schools, sports leagues and other organizations has fueled san jose attorney robert adler to push for legislation. >> it's not hush, hush brush under the table but rather it's
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brought out into the open so that parents like me for example can find out who's coaching my children. >> reporter: hallard is currently representing the family of a 17-year-old student in san mateo. police arrested joshua tageo. they say he was a water polo coach and started an inappropriate relationship with a girl. she says her coach molested her at the age of 13. >> who knows what else he did prior and people are just too afraid to come out and say anything or they think they are too old. >> reporter: craig chandler's trial has been scheduled to start here at the santa clara county hall of justice on august 6th. in san jose, matt keller, ktvu channel 2 news. trading was choppy on wall street today and the stocks
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finished low following a week's report. s & p500 was virtually unchanged. facebook stock closed up two crepts today. at least 13 ipos have been withdrawn or postponed since then because of facebook's poor showing since its debut. the world's most popular networking site could soon be open to a much younger crowd. our consumer editor tom vacar talks to parents about what age is appropriate for facebook. >> reporter: dozens of moms and dads brought their kids to the play cafe in the oakland hills today to escape the rainy weather. we asked the parents, themselves children of the internet age what the appropriate age is for a facebook account. >> i would say teens, i mean maybe in high school. >> i think 14, 14 would be a good age. >> probably 13, probably right
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before teenage years. >> reporter: so what about facebook offering accounts to the very young? >> i think pedophiles and inappropriate photos are the concern. not being monitored. >> i want to know what the kids are doing on there so they aren't using it to give out too much information or getting into danger. >> it worries me that there's a lot of bullying on facebook. it worries me how they're using social media to hurt others. >> the content is not 7-year- old appropriate. >> reporter: coby sentil is with common sense media. >> the question is why, why is it necessary and why do kids that age, seven, eight, nine need to be on a social networking site. >> reporter: since so many of these young parents grew up with the internet themselves you can understand how well placed their concerns are. tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news.
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a report out today says twitter expects to posta billion dollars -- bloomburg quotes some techanalysts at $1 billion estimate. breaking news we've been staying on out of san francisco, our news chopper two still on the scene in san francisco but giving us a much better look here at that apartment building on oferrel street. we've been watching firefighters there on the roof venting some black smoke. this fire broke out at about 6:13, our crew on the scene says it may have been sparked by plumbing work being done. the building is at the corner of oferrel and levenworth. at this point we have no word on any injuries or evacuations our crews are staying on the scene. news chopper 2 are staying high above to bring you these pictures. we'll have more information coming up on the 10:00 news on
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ktvu. it's a celebration fit for a queen. when we come back let's go to london where tens of thousands are taking part in queen elizabeth's diamond jubilee. rain today but how long is that going to last? rosemary orozco is coming up with the bay area forecast. and if you're going to be away, you can still watch ktvu newscast live on your computer or cell phone. get the app or go to great. so, you're all set up. what's going on? installing cable. you know this is an ikea, right?
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the weather cooperated for those who made their way into the space and science center up in the oakland hills this morning to catch a glimpse of the lunar eclipse. more happenings coming on tuesday where the transit of venus. that's when venus moves between the earth and the sun and we'll be able to see the see the silhouettes of the planet. >> we're watching a few scattered showers. it's going to tape you have off but behind it the winds really picking up. 22miles per hour reported in
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areas right around san francisco, 25 fairfield. in fact, we have a wind advisory through around 9:00 this evening for areas right around clear lake down into the cardena straight and the delta. very gusty at times. and you can see just a little bit of rain here falling on the east side of livermore. west southwesterly breeze at about 16 miles per hour. our temperatures cooling off. we were a lot cooler than what we had yesterday. any where from 20 to 25 degrees of cooling in the last 24 hours. so i'm sure you felt it out there. you may see a few scattered showers. some of us dealing with mostly clear skies. parts of the north bay, the peninsula and off to the east bay where again this system out of here and we're dealing with the cool conditions, the breezy conditions and the storm continues to push off to the south and east. where they're still dealing with everyone some snow over lake tahoe with the winter weather advisory lasting through tomorrow morning. if you do drive this way for either your early morning drive or maybe for work late tonight.
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this could be aware of because it is snowing in the mountains. here are some of the totals in the last 24 hours or this morning i should say. any where from .1 to .2 falling in the area. for tomorrow, partly cloudy as we start the day. patchy fog. it's going to be a chilly start. a lot cooler than what we felt this morning and a cool afternoon in store with that northwesterly breeze expected to pick up once again for the afternoon. here's a look at the overnight lows until tomorrow morning because our coolest numbers typically come around sunrise. 30 to low 50s as we start the day. afternoon highs for tomorrow. well belove average. some of our warmest spots only warming into the low 70s. 67 san jose, and a cool day at the coast. upper 60s low 60s in the forecast. there's your extended so we will get a bit of warming tomorrow, the biggest warm up will come wednesday. and the thursday into the
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weekend notice only subtle changes. widespread upper 70s and low 80s for the area. gasia. >> thank you. queen elizabeth is celebrating her diamond jubilee with a concert. >> thousands of people cheered on musical stars who performed outside london's buckingham palace. the line up included stevie wonder. the diamond jubilee honors the queen's 60 year reign. thank you for trusting ktvu channel two news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. i'm gasia mikaelian and our coverage continues with our 10:00 news and we'll continue to follow this fire in an apartment building in san francisco. we have a crew finding out what happened here and they'll let us know if anyone got hurt. keep in mind we're always here
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for you on tmz is coming up next for you here on ktvu channel 2 news.
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