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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  June 5, 2012 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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>> election officials are preparing to count ballots. when the polls close in an hour, we'll take you behind the scenes and look at voter turnout. >> and today's decision has left both sides of california's same-sex marriage debate satisfied. >> complete bay area news coverage starts now. >> good evening, it's tuesday, june 5, i'm gasia mikaelian. this is bay area news at 7:00. a homicide suspect is behind bars tonight after being shot by alomeda county sheriff's deputies following a chase. it's a story we first brought to you at 5:00 and it's our top story at 7:00. john sosaki responded to the scene and is live to tell us what he learned about the suspect. >> reporter: this is where it all started, and we've learned that the suspect who's now in custody is 39 years old and has been known to the sheriff's office for quite some time. sheriff's deputies came to the house on the corner of queen and
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grove because they had heard that the man was there and they went to arrest him, and investigators say that's when they tried to hit him with his vehicle. he opened fire once and raced off to an apartment complex on the other side of 580 from here. using a police dog, deputies arrested him there. he was wanted for attempted murder for allegedly shooting a woman through a door at an apartment complex near here about a month ago. and for leading deputies on a high speed chase two weeks ago near the oakland airport the wrong way on a one way street. this is somebody you've wanted in custody for quite awhile. >> oh, absolutely we wanted him in custody. this guy has no regard for the public safety or anybody's safety so it's definitely somebody we want behind bars. >> reporter: you can see back here live on queen street, right at grove way, that the scene is still very active, mobile command unit there. evidence markers in the street. this man has been taken to eaton medical center where he's had a gun shot wound and a few dog
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bites. crime scene investigators continue to comb the scene looking for clues. tonight, we know the identity of an armed suspect accused of briefly taking hostages and holding oakland police at bay for about seven hours. the 41-year-old finally surrendered to police at about 3:00 a.m. officers say earlier in the night, the ex-felon stole a car and shot at a sheriff's deputy. police chased him to a street on 880 where the standoff took place. thankfully, no one was injured. a wanted parolee is behind bars after police spotted him in west oakland this afternoon. eddy bo rodriguez was spotted driving in a car. when they attempted a traffic stop, he took off running. police found him behind an auto repair shop. he was wanted for violating his parole. california voters have less than an hour in today's 2012
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presidential primary. barring a last minute rush, the turnout is shaping up to be a record low. jana katsuyama is live tonight where they're preparing to receive the ballots. >> reporter: that's right, and the county registrar seat told me that the turnout is, quote, anemic. very low voter turnout. right now, we're in the warehouse where they will be processing the ballots once the polls close, and even though it might be a low turnout, this will be very busy in just a few hours. today when we were out at the polling sites, it was very quiet. election officials say more and more people are choosing the vote by mail ballots. >> it's almost 50% in contra costa and about 40% state wide that get that ballot and, of course, it's much easier for them to return it. so we're hoping that the remainder of the voters will go to the polls but we're kind of wondering. >> reporter: weir says turnout has been the lowest he's seen in three decades for a presidential election year.
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one site only had 12% turnout as of 5:00 p.m. those who came out though did say it's very important to vote in every election. >> it's my civic duty to vote. i haven't missed an election yet. >> this is the first time i get to vote because i'm a new citizen so i'm really excited. mom and dad are here to cheer me on. >> it's been kind of steady but slow. we've been having people drop in one and two at a time for, you know, over the last hours. >> election officials say today they did consolidate many precincts into single polling sites at venues that can handle large crowds in preparation for the big presidential election in november. more people might be coming out to the polls in the last hour as they leave work, but here election officials say they'll be surprised if turnout tops 40%. again, the polls close at 8:00. reporting live in martinez, jana katsuyama, ktvu, channel 2 news. >> in the south bay, the majority of voters decided to
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vote by mail. 72% of eligible voters asked for mail-in ballots for today's election. that's one of the highest percentages in the state. some south bay voters we talked with received their ballots by mail and visited a polling place today to drop it off. >> i can take my time, i don't feel pressured, and if i make a mistake, i have a chance to fix it. >> they expect voter turnout to be about 40%. one of the most talked about measures on the state wide ballot is prop 29. it would increase the tax on cigarette bias $1 per pack. if 29 passes, it would be the first cigarette tax imposed in california in more than a decade. the tobacco industry spent more than $50 million fighting the measure, upspending the yes on 29 campaign by 4-1. voters are deciding whether to change term limits for state lawmakers. right now a lawmaker can serve up to six years in the state assembly and eight years in the senate for a combined total of 14 years. proposition 28 would reduce the
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total number of years to 12 but would enable the lawmakers to serve all 12 of those years in one house of the legislature. many eyes are on wisconsin tonight where the polls closed just about an hour ago, and early returns indicate voters are not inclined to recall republican governor scott walker. walker and democrat tom beret, the mayor of milwaukee, cast their votes this morning. the recall effort started last year when the first-term governor stripped unions of most of their collective bargaining rights. some results are now coming in with 24% of precincts reporting. walker has 61% of the vote, while barrett had 38%. moments ago, cnn just called the race for walker. now, political analysts say if walker does beat the recall, it could give republicans a boost heading into november, and put wisconsin in play in the presidential primary. go to to stay updated throughout the evening on today's primaries, click the election day top at the top of our home page. president obama is scheduled
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to return to the bay area tomorrow for a pair of fundraising events. tomorrow's quick stop comes over two weeks after the president visited the peninsula and the south bay to raise money for his campaign. the president needs to do leaf lifting in an election cycle to raise money, and that translates into lots of trips to the golden state. >> there won't be campaign rallies or big events. the assumption is that the democrats will carry california in november but will be out to raise money and have big private fundraisers and go spend it in iowa and ohio and pennsylvania. >> the president is scheduled to land at sfo around 11:40 tomorrow morning. he's then slated to go downtown to speak at the julia morgan ball room in the merchants exchange building. following that event, he'll attend a small round table at the land mark at one market plaza. neither appearance is expected to be long as air force 1 is slated to leave for los angeles around 3:15 tomorrow afternoon.
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a major decision in california's battle over same-sex marriage. the case is headed to the supreme court. the federal court of appeals in san francisco decided an 11-judge panel would not review the case joat the ninth circuit court of appeals the judges decided not to decide. they voted against reconsidering a previous ruling by a three-judge panel that found proposition 8 discriminatory and unconstitutional. >> it means that a majority of the active judges on the circuit didn't think it was worth revisiting the questions. >> reporter: the supporters of prop 8, which defines marriage is between a man and woman only says they plan to take the case to the supreme court. >> that's where these cases will ultimately be decided, no matter how the lower courts decided one party or the other would appeal it. >> reporter: supporters of the same-sex marriage ban issued this statement. we are pleased to petition the court to hear this case. the lower court opinions were little more than an attack on
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the character and judgment of millions of californians. proponents of prop 8 say the issue now gets to the supreme court more quickly. >> we certainly don't know whether the us supreme court will decide to take the case but it certainly means that an answer about that question, about what the supreme court will decide to do in this case will come sooner than later. >> reporter: we asked people in the predominantly guy district to weigh in. >> marriage is seen as a fundamental right. it would be difficult for the supreme court to say it's a fundamental right to everyone except for guys and lesbians. >> reporter: the supreme court decided has yet to decide if it will hear the case, and that decision will come in the fall. the final decision could be heard in a year from now. >> to the south bay where gay marriage supporters spoke out against mayor chuck reed at a city hall ceremony in the last two hours, the raising of the rainbow flag marks the beginning of guy pride month but this year
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many gay marriage supporters are angry that the mayor has refused to endorse the resolution supporting gay marriage. the mayor told us his personal opinion on the issue is not important because he says it's an issue that will be decided by the court. the walt disney company has decided to stop airing commercials that feature junk food in its programming, including a ban on candies, sugary foods, sodas, and other foods high in sugar. disney in the first major media company to institute such a ban. the changes are expected to take effect in 2015. on wall street, stocks stabilized today after the recent slump. the dow industrials gained 26 points, nasdaq rose 18. domestic news prevailed over concerns in europe. today's spark was improvement in the us services sector. facebook stock continued its downward trajectory falling a third straight day. it fell $1.03, to close at
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25.87. that's a staggering 32% below the ipo price of $38. still ahead, reports that a school administrator in the south bay may have been slow to report allegations of abuse. >> and san francisco city leaders are applauded for taking a stand to help low-wage workers, their new get-tough plan. >> today's highs were up over yesterday's, and the climb will continue for your wednesday. we'll take a look coming up.
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and help citi help our u.s. athletes give back you're going down! it's all over! no! it's not over yet! sofas that can take anything life throws at them. queen elizabeth the 2nd celebrated 60 years on the throne today marking her diamond jubilee in london. she was joined by her son and heir to the throne, prince charles and his wife, camilla. the queen's husband of 64 years,
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prince philip, was not able to attend. the 90-year-old prince is in the hospital with a bladder infection. volunteers are determined to bring missing south bay teen sierra lamar home. organized searches are planned tomorrow and friday and saturday. volunteers are asked to wear long pants and sturdy shoes and bring water and snacks. she disappeared in mid-march. 21-year-old torres has been arrested for her murder and her body has not been found. a teacher at a san jose elementary school accused of molesting five students faces trial in august. matt kellar found out new details. >> reporter: craig chandler is charged with sexually abusing five students. one of the parents of the alleged victims came forward and he was arrested. today i found out new exclusive details from the district attorney's office. prosecutors say a student made a
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claim about chandler to a school administrator in october, but that administrator never reported it to police. >> if they have a reasonable suspigs suspicion that child abuse is occurred, they are under obligation to report it to law enforcement. >> reporter: he's also accused of sexually abusing another child just weeks after the initial report was made to the school administrator. >> there is one count that alleges a crime was committed between december 21, 2011 and january 9, 2012. >> reporter: state law requires any employees to report any suspected child abuse claims to police. fail tower do so can lead to a misdemeanor charge, and a fine with time in jail. >> any parent wouldn't want to feel their child is in an environment where laws are not being followed. >> i would be really upset and be & will be going straight to the police until then, until the school district or somebody do
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something about it. >> reporter: the district attorney's office would not identify the school administrator or say if charges would be filed. the school district did issue a statement saying it is committed to providing a safe school environment for its students. reporting in san jose, matt keller, ktvu, channel 2 news. about 30 high school students took part in a number of senior pranks last weekend. just within the last hour, a judge refused the to lift the suspensions of those 30 seniors at heritage high. the judge said their transcripts would be placed on hold, ordering them to return for another hearing next week. the student's parents sued in an attempt to reverse the school's disciplinary action after the students painted the school with their feet, removed banners and left graffiti with obscene language on campus. >> so what is it to teach us that all the people that are hiding and didn't come forward and is lying about it, they get to walk, but the people that were honest and truthful to the whole situation don't get to
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walk? that's teaching us not a life lesson. that's teaching us to be dishonest. >> the suspended students have not yet taken their finals and some may miss graduation. the judge said their transcripts will be placed on hold until the students can take those final exams. nine of the 16 jurors and alternates were chosen today to serve on the jury of former penn state university assistant football coach jerry sandusky. sandusky is charged with 52 counts over the years, where he's accused of molesting the boys at a charity that he met through at risk youths. an assistant coach said he saw sandusky in the shower with a naked 10-year-old boy. lawrence bishgly laboratory has launched a new project to help scientists create the battery of the future. each start up company focuses on different aspects of battery development. they're testing batteries to
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improve everything from smart phones to electric cars. the goal is to extend the length of each charge, extend the life of the battery, charge more quickly and lower the cost. the wage theft prevention ordinance is meant to help workers recoup from employers from the minimum wage of $10.20. it helps workers who file claims be protected from retaliation and helps the claims be resolved in one year. >> today's vote is so important. it was fought for not skruvt by advocates or elected officials. it was really through the experiences and stories and struggles of workers. >> since 2004, the city's labor standards and enforcement agency has recouped more than $4 million in the minimum wage violations. this afternoon, san francisco transportation leaders approved several controversial new taxicab policies.
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[horn honking] >> taxi drivers staged a noisy protest outside city hall today. they claim some of today's changes benefit only a few select cab companies. the new policies will make operating a cab cheaper and safer. they include lower credit card rates that cabbies must pay, new electronic weigh bills, a document where cabs are deployed, and mandatory surveillance cameras inside taxis. san francisco supervisors voted unanimously today to approve a deal enabling the 49ers to escape their lease at candlestick park. under the deal the team will pay the city of san francisco $5.3 million to get out of its lease in 2014. that's when the niners are expected to begin playing in santa clar a also under the deal, stadium employees get a first shot at many jobs in the new stadium. the deal also clears a way to make a bid for the super bowl in 2016. [cheering and applause]
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san francisco general hospital celebrated a major mile stone itself in its seismic rebuilding project. the final steel beam was hoisted into place this morning bearing the signatures of hundreds of employees. they will offer state of the art operating and emergency rooms. the hospital should be ready to move in by the end of 2015. a very special 17-year-old got his diploma at packard's children hospital in pallo alto today. administrators held a graduation ceremony for 17-year-old william wylie modro who's recovering from a heart transplant. modro plans to study aerospace engineering at uc san diego. his classmates graduate tomorrow. if all goes well, modro will be able to leave the hospital in about a week. it's being called a once in a life time event and had many of us looking to the heavens today. how some people turned one simple trip across the sun into a great reason to hold a party. cool and breezy tonight, but meteorologist rosemary orozco
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the transit of venus, a rare astro logical treat is just about over. star glazers flocked to nasa research center today to watch venus pass between the earth and the sun.
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amateur and astronomers viewed it through a special telescope and a pin hole device. one man even traveled here from spain for the event. the next transit of venus won't happen for another 105 years. yesterday, rosemary orozco told us things would be warming up just a little and i'm glad they did. >> yes, a little pleasant out there today, at least warmer than yesterday, and for tomorrow, we'll take another climb. anywhere from 5 to 7 degrees warmer for inland areas. but the breeze blowing once again. 35 miles per hour reported at sfo, 20 in san jose, off to the east bay, looking at 20 miles per hour. north bay, the winds are blowing as well. we have a mix of sunshine and clouds at this hour. sun will set close to 8:30 this evening, but again, the temperatures are a lot better than yesterday and even at this hour we're holding on to some of the 60s out there.
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looking at temperatures slipping into the overnight hours. it is going to be cool once again as we start tomorrow morning. right now, 65 degrees in concord, 62 in san ra fell, low 60s mountain view, san jose, mid-60s in nappa, upper 60s for santa rosa. last bit of moisture attempting to pull out, although we saw a pretty nice day. a ridge of high pressure is in place. it's a flat one though. we're going to continue with a zonal flow for the next couple of days that's going to allow our temperatures to climb. we'll be near normal but a little cool for this time of year. the afternoon highs expected for tomorrow, 72 for nevada, areas around kentfield, upper 60s. off to the east bay, 68 expected in oakland, mid-70s in danville. san jose 77, low 70s in sunnyvale, 67 san mateo, low 60s in the city once again, and there is your extended forecast,
7:26 pm
getting out the door tomorrow morning, expect another chilly day, upper 40s to low 50s, and then for the afternoon, 80 for some of the warmer spots, thursday near replica, friday we take a slight dip, and as we get into the weekend we'll see a bigger warm-up, low to mid-80s by sunday, 60s for the coast. >> thank you, rosemary. some south bay school children enjoyed a city hall honor today. mayor chuck reed and the city council awarded proclamations to the students who won the contest. three students from the elementary and the entire third grade class helped pick the names for the four chicks, and they are horatio, holt, cobalt and thunder, and now they can be seen flying around downtown san jose. >> thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. i'm gasia mikaelian. we'll have the latest reaction
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