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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  June 6, 2012 11:30pm-12:30am PDT

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we have yet another officer involved shooting to tell you about tonight. this time, one person was wounded. why neighborhood residents are upset. good evening, i'm julie haener. >> i'm frank somerville. it seems to be happening with startling regularity. once again, a bay area officer opened fire. we're told this time the officer is a woman. we got this from amber lee, live in east oakland to tell us what she's been able to tell us about this shooting incident. >> reporter: frank, we're at the intersection of 105th avenue and royal.
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i want to show you what's going on behind me. this officer involved shooting took place just down the street in front of a market on the left hand side. you can't see if from here, but there is still a very active scene here with investigators on scene. we're told this started around 7:39 tonight. neighbors say there was some sort of altercation in front of mews market. no one out here was able to tell us what started the fight. they say the officer opened fire, and an ambulance transported the man to the hospital. >> i heard about four or five gunshots. that's it. i just heard just the gunshots. i didn't hear nobody firing back. >> the suspect is listed in stable condition. he is a male in his 20's. our investigators just arrived on scene a short time ago, and they're putting some of the investigative details together. so we're not able to provide you with a lot of information
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right now. >> reporter: police say they detained the second man. they say the man who was shot is not suffering from life- threatening injuries and that the officer was not hurt. neighbors told us, they're very upset, saying there's just too many police officer involved shootings. amber lee, ktvu, channel 2 news. friends came together in south san francisco tonight to remember a 15-year-old boy who was shot and killed by police after officers say he pulled a gun. mourners gathered at the gas station on westboro boulevard, where derrick gains was fatally shot around 9:00 last night. police say gains was with another teen when an officer tried to talk to the boys. police say the other teens stopped, but gains took off running, and pulled a gun from his waist band. that's when an officer opened fire. tonight, gains mother spoke out about the shooting. >> i think it was the fact that derrick was black in south san francisco. to be real honest.
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he was a minority in south city. >> police say it's not racism, they say the officer feared for his safety. police say they recovered the gun gains was carrying. the search for morgan hill teenager, sierra lamar headed in a new direction today. volunteers spread out near lake cunningham. that's an area that has never been searched before. this area was chosen, because the suspect in sierra lamar's disappearance is known to have gone fishing there. the sheriff's department declined comment. volunteers plan to go out again on saturday. in ten minutes, new clues in another mystery. who was the woman who was killed, and then stuffed in a garbage can in pleasanton? the sketch and distinctive earrings, police are showing us tonight. new at 10:00, a strange, and disturbing site along san francisco's ocean beach. in recent days, a number of
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tombstones have surfaced, dating back to the 1800s. >> reporter: julie, there are many things you might expect to find here at the bench. a century old tomb stope, not one of them. but right where i'm standing is a grave marker from 1890. teresa sees a lot of interesting things on her daily walks along ocean beach. but this pale gray piece of granite caught her eye. >> another person out exercising, and i had an interesting conversation about it. >> reporter: it is the grave marker, belonging to miss delia presley, who died in 1890 at the age of 26. >> it's right there out in the open. it's kind of poignant, but also kind of what san francisco is about. we're a small town, we reuse everything. >> reporter: she is actually right. in the early 1900s, several cemeteries were closed in san francisco. the remains were relocated.
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but not all of the tombstones. >> golden gate is a cemetery where people weren't exactly wealthy. their descents were less likely to have the means to move the graves. they decided to use them for practical purposes. >> reporter: including a makeshift sea wall. a common practice in those days. >> i can't find a date on it though. >> reporter: paul brought his 14-year-old son at the beach today, to take a look at history on the sandy shores. these headstones appear, and disappear with the weather, and are surfacing now with the recent conditions. there are no plans to remove those headstones though, watch your step. reporting live tonight, here at san francisco's ocean beach, heather holmes, ktvu, channel 2 news. >> and at ktvu.comk we have
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posted more video of the various tombstones found along ocean beach. you will find it under bay area living. turning now to the race for the white house. president obama is in los angeles tonight after making a brief stop in san francisco. the president spoke tonight at a gala for lesbian and gay supporters. it was just a month ago that the president revealed he supported same-sex marriage rights. tickets at this event started at $1,200. from there, the president went on to another fundraiser. earlier, the president made some fast money here in the bay area, during a 3 hour and 40 minute stop gofer. as eric rasmussen reports, even some obama supporters are irked that the bay area seems to be an atm for the presidential campaign. >> reporter: on a visit where time truly is money, president obama broke into a jog to greet a small crowd at sfo before
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believing for two high dollar fundraisers. brenda tucker johnson was among a few campaign volunteers along with san francisco mayor ed lee, and lieutenant governor, gavin newsom who met the president as he stepped off air force one at noon. minutes later, they had to pay nearly $36,000 a piece. sixths to a second sold out event started at $5,000. >> when he comes into town, he sprints in 50,000 plate dinners. it takes the humanness away from the issue. >> reporter: afternoon supervisor, christine laga says she supports the president but doesn't like that the bay area is about money, not issues. in this election cycle alone,
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the president has raised $9 million in the bay area. 5million in san francisco, 2 million in oakland, and almost another $2 million in san jose. the president was expected to take in another $2 million in donations. while he has not been fundraising as long, republican candidate, mitt romney has raised about $2.8 million here in the bay area so far. at sfo, eric rasmussen, ktvu, channel 2 news. protesters running the political gamut demonstrated outside the merchants exchange today hoping the president would hear their message. environmentalists and a person there as a polar bear, they're concerned go drilling in the arctic. others concerned about the crackdown on medical marijuana
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dispensaries. mitt romney said wisconsin governor scott walker's victory last night bodes well for gop candidates this fall. he praised wisconsin voters for saying no to what he called the tired liberal ideas of yesterday. walker was facing a recall after he stripped public unions of their collective bargaining rights. wisconsin has voted democratic in every presidential election since 1988. in 15 minutes, more fallout from wisconsin. why unions are having a tough time flexing their muscles. tonight it appears that proposed new cigarette tax in california is going down to defeat. prop 49 is losing 49.2% to 50.8%. just over 63,000 votes separate yes and no. it could be weeks before the final tally is out. that's because state officials say there are still hundreds of
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thousands of ballots left to count. many are from people who mailed their ballots close to the deadline. santa clara county alone reports as many as 96,000 ballots that still need to be counted. coming up at 10:45, ken pritchett tells us whether the apparent defeat of prop 49 may be a sign of things to come this fall. members of linked in may have had their confidential information compromised. a hacker managed to steal more than 6 million user passwords and post them to the web. people who pay to use the site are at risk for having credit card information stolen. even nonpaying users could be at risk, because many people use the same password across multiple sites. a similar hacker is targeting eharmony. the hacker posted two lists on the internet, containing a total of 8 million passwords from the two companies. the advice for anyone using
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linked in, or eharmony, you should change your password. us stock markets soared higher today. the dow jones industrial average was up 286 points. that is its largest gain so far this year. the nasdaq was up 66 points. the markets had been clobbered in recent weeks. right now, the dow is close to where it was at the start of the year. traders were encouraged that the fed today reported economic growth so far this spring in 10 of 12 regions. the fed found companies are hiring despite the disappointing jobs report. that report detailed improvements in manufacturing and home sales. also, the policy suggested they would back more stimulus if the economy falters. the owners of nasdaq
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announced plan to compensate stockbrokers for the facebook stock. brokers say they lost as much as $100 million. nasdaq wants to provide some cash and make up the rest in trading discounts. federal regulators say they're looking into the matter. a friend takes the stand in a case of injured giants fan, bryan stow. what his testimony reveals about the attack, and his 911 call to police. it warmed up a bit today, but back here in ten minutes, i'm going to tell but a pretty cool morning for thursday. how cool it will be when you wake up tomorrow. >> her body was must be nice, cheering on team usa from the shallow end.
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new developments tonight in the mysterious case of an unidentified woman who's body was found stuffed into a trash can two weeks ago. a police sketch and distinctive earrings. >> reporter: here is the sketch that police released this afternoon. the unidentified woman is believed to be from her mid-20s to 40 years old. police are hoping someone will recognize this. it was a shocking discovery last month. the body of a woman wearing an old navy shirt and pajama bottoms found stuffed in a
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plastic garbage can on dublin road. police say her body was partially decomposed, and a forensic anthropologist was brought in to examine the body. >> this is not exactly how she looked when we found her. it is rather, the sketch artist's rendition of what she should look like. >> reporter: investigators say she had brown hair and could be white, latino, asian, even native american. they are treating the case as a homicide for now. >> there's nothing real obvious or significant for the coroner to make that determination. we're still waiting on toxicologist reports. >> does she look familiar at all? >> no, i have no idea who she is. >> reporter: this woman didn't want to give her name. she lived on the same stretch of dublin canyon road where the body was found. >> i'm not really that upset over it. i'd like to find out who did
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it, because they shouldn't be on the street. >> reporter: police are hoping someone might identify these distinctive earrings. >> this is probably from a street artist, i'm guessing. >> reporter: police also say the woman had no tatoos. they've been checking missing persons reports and fieldk calls from across the country, from families searching for their loved ones, so far, there has not been a match. police in emeryville have issued a murder warrant for an 18-year-old man now wanted for killing his girlfriend. police have identified him as deangelo eagleton. investigators say he shot and killed 18-year-old taranda jones inside her family's home in emeryville on monday. >> mr. eagleton is known to law enforcement. he has a criminal record.
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a lot of it is for violent crime. >> the two had been dating and he was mean to her. plus say eagleton is a transient living in emeryville and oakland. they think he's still in the area. we have word tonight that a teenager from mountain view was visiting his grandmother in oregon, when a relative shot and killed both of them. nick juarez was 16 years old. he and his grandmother were downed down in her driveway. his uncle confessed to killing them. for the first time, we're hearing the 911 call made after bryan stow was attacked at dodger stadium. in a los angeles courtroom today, he heard the tape and testimony about comments stow made about dodger fans on the
11:48 pm
night of the beating. >> the defendants atented court today, wearing white shirts and listening as bryan stow's friend and closest eyewitness. >> he threw a long sweeping haymaker punch to the left side of brian' head. >> reporter: prosecutors highlighted his experience as a paramedic, and a 911 phone call made immediately after the attack. >> i'm an off duty paramedic. my partner here who is also a paramedic was punched from the side. he's got bleeding out of his left ear. no response to painful stimuli. we need anambulance right now. >> reporter: he may have also shed light on how a comment by stow may have set off his attacker. he says as the two were walking through the parking lot, stow said he hoped the people
11:49 pm
harassing them would code. >> he pushed brian and said what the [ bleep ] did you say, home? >> reporter: this afternoon, prosecutors called two women to the stand who witnessed the attack. prosecutors reported calling doreen and marvin norwood's girlfriend to the stand. the hearing could stretch all the way into friday. in los angeles, ktvu, channel 2 news. the contract for union workers at rayleen's supermarket is set to expire. an overwhelming number have voted in favor of a strike. however talks are continuing and both sides are set to meet friday. the affected stores go from napa all the way down to manet
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ray. google says its digital maps are getting an upgrade. amid plans that apple plans to drop google maps as a built in, or featured app on the ipad. relations between the two companies have been strained ever since google released its android mobile operating system to compete with apple. it's almost certainly the largest piece of debris to wash asore the shites mainland. it's a dock nearly 70 feet long, and some of the marine life clinging to it is native from japan. it was found in oregon. tests did not reveal any radiation. for now, it's a tourist attraction, but officials say it will either be cut up, or towed from the beach for disposal. welcome back. we still have some winds out there. going towards the concord area
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by antioch, winds gusting to 18 miles per hour. the winds are coming like this, breezy out of the delta. highs tomorrow, warmer than these by a good 5 degrees. instead of 75, in santa rosa tomorrow, let's look for maybe 78, or 79 degrees. some low 80s will show up in the inland bay valleys as well. a cooler overnight though. it is going to be chilly. 47 in santa rosa. 46 in napa. these are temperatures you expect to see maybe in march and april, not in june. tomorrow morning, as you head out the door, grab a jacket. in the afternoon, it warms up. when i come back, i'll have the complete forecast and we'll show you how warm it's going to get for your thursday in your neighborhood. there is already a legal challenge to a bay area ballot measure that was approved just hours ago. also, a big celebration in a former parking lot. we're going to take you to san francisco's first park for food
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a controversial ballot measure approved by voters with overwhelming support could be stalled in the courts for months, or possibly years to come. measure b received nearly 70% of the vote yesterday. this morning, public employee unions filed a pair of lawsuits against it. even so, the city says it expects to win. >> the constitution gives the city of san jose, a charter city, complete authority over employee compensation. we have the right to dial back retirement benefits. >> because employees with the city attorney office are among those who would be affected by the pension measure, the city has hired outside attorneys to represent it. the san jose vote coupled with a similar outcome in san diego and the wisconsin recall
11:55 pm
is seen by many as a tine of the times. mike mibach asked a variety people today if union muscle is in decline. >> reporter: republican scott walker, the only governor to survive a recall vote and the man who stripped collective bargaining rights from wisconsin. with that vote, a debate has been sparked. the implications it will have on unions across the country, including right here in the bay area. >> people are still really pissed off. >> reporter: san francisco labor council says state budgets should not be balanced on union backs. the wisconsin vote is reenergizing labor. >> i would say, we're more powerful because of the massive turnover we have on the street. >> i would say yesterday is as bad of a day labor has had in a generation or two in the united states. people don't have the money to
11:56 pm
bail out government anymore. it's either going to be a shared sacrifice, or imposed. >> reporter: harley shaken who specializes in labors says while unions remain strong in california, the weak economy is pushing voters to question public employee pensions and healthcare. >> many voters in previous years would have said, well, public workers have pensions, good for them. maybe i'll improve. now they say, if i don't have it, why should they? >> yeah, i would say, yes. everybody should contribute. >> reporter: out on the streets, opinions are mixed. >> we've all got to work towards balancing the budget. but i don't think that the answer is to stop collective bargaining. >> reporter: a governor from the badger staid, winning one round against labor in a heavyweight political fight being fought around the country. mike mibach, ktvu, channel 2 news. after a lot of anticipation, san francisco's first permanent food truck park is open for business. today was the brand opening for
11:57 pm
the street food park on 11th street south of market. the idea is to create a place where food trucks can park and one location, and offer a choice of cuisine at affordable prices. >> today we were here at lunch at the grand opening. it was really crazy. we sold out completely. and people really loved the idea. >> trucks with all kinds of different offers will rotate in and out of the trucks. there are also picnic tables where people can week. it will be open seven days a week, serving lunch and dinner. week, serving lunch and dinner. d[ male announcer ] it would be easy for u.s. olympian meb keflezighi to deposit checks at the nearest citibank branch.
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a number of close encounters with coyotes has prompted officials to close several hiking trials to dogs. live in the palo alto foothills, where he heard some firsthand accounts, lloyd. >> reporter: this is one of four trials in palo alto's preserve where humans can walk, dogs cannot. the closures are because in recent weeks, there have been four incidents of dogs encountering coyotes. >> focusing completely on my dog, nothing to do with me. >> reporter: lucy was a target on a trail two weeks ago. >> my first thought was that it was a den nearby and that it was just natural behavior of the coyote, scaring away dogs. >> reporter: two mountain bikers riding through, scared off the coyote, but not before the animal snapped at the
12:01 am
ankles of one. park rangers say it appears there are two coyotes with their pups in the park. instead of removing them, the nearby trails were declared off limits to dogs. >> the head pops out of the grass. with it, were two little heads, recognizing it as a coyote, it was pretty interesting to see babies out there. >> reporter: most people we talked to today understood while the trials need to be closed. and why the coyotes react the way they do. we saw one man trial running with four dogs on leashes. he said four years ago, he and his dog cooper encountered a coyote. >> we had to turn and run, actually. because he was wanting to protect his pups. you know, it's just what you do. >> reporter: so far no one has
12:02 am
been bitten or hurt. the trails will probably be closed to dogs through december. more details now, a san francisco blog posted this picture just last week of coyotes pups seen in golden gate park. officials closed off a public restroom, because the coyote den is nearby. there's words tonight that the boy scouts of america is set to review a resolution that could allow gays to serve as leaders. the resolution, if approved would allow individual units to accept gays as adult leaders. last week, scout leaders received a petition with more than a quarter of a million names on it, protesting the removal of a lesbian den mother. attorneys settled on seven men and five women. most of whom have close ties to penn state. including a cart employee, a
12:03 am
graduate, and a long time season ticket holder. sandusky is a former assistant football coach at penn state, and has pleaded not guilty to 52 charges of child molestation. a charter school was telling parents it follows the rules when it comes to reporting alleged abuse. santa clara county prosecutors told ktvu, a school administrator at og whaley elementary school allegedly received a claim of abuse about teacher chandler earlier than thought. authorities said the administrator did not report it promptly to police as required by law. a letter said all teachers are mandated to make a report by phone and in writing within 36 hours. a police review board for uc berkely issued a report today critical of officers use of force during a heated protest last fall. the report is recommending
12:04 am
better planning, communication, and oversite. as ktvu's jana katiama tells us. >> reporter: members much occupy cal erected tents near sprowl hall. campus police tried to remove the tents that night. in the video, you see some officers pushing their batons into the crowd. >> i was struck here in my ribs. i had bruising and pain for a couple of weeks after that. >> reporter: students say they feel the university violated their right to free speech on the very campus where freedom of speech was born. some police actions that night did not comply with campus norms. that campus leadership failed to have a response plan, and adequately communicate with protesters. the board underscored the need
12:05 am
to have an administrator present. >> no use is to take place under these principles without authorization by a designated member of the protest response team. >> reporter: the police review board recommendations are not legally binding. >> we're not pleased with what happened in november. we're fully committed to avoiding a repeat. >> reporter: uc berkely spokesman saying the university is already implementing most of the recommendations regarding the use of force for the uc system. ktvu, channel 2 news. you can review the full report for yourself at we have posted it in the hot topic section of our website. police in san francisco's bay view district are calling it the lucky 13. officers say they confiscated 13 guns in the last 30 days. the captain of the station says getting guns off the streets is their highest priority.
12:06 am
on sunday, officers confiscated an assault rifle and a semi automatic handgun, after a wild shootout. no one was hurt, but five people were arrested. renowned science fiction author, ray bradbury has died. he took risks and encouraged others to do the same. >> jump off a cliff, and build your wings on the way down. >> bradbury wrote everything from science fiction to humor to scripts for the twilight zone tv series. he wrote fahrenheit 451 in just nine days. bradbury lived in los angeles. his daughter said he died last night, but offered no other details. ray bradbury was 91 years old.
12:07 am
mother nature unleashed. the devastation from fierce flooding in australia and its impact. >> back near in just ten minutes, i'm going to show you how warm it's going to get for your thursday.
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a couple from kansas who created a 150-foot long replica of the golden gate bridge on their farm in the midwest say they are living a dream as they visit the real thing. >> this is art. >> that's larry and barbara richardson, they're getting their first chance to walk across the bridge. they did so today.
12:10 am
it was back in 1968, larry got his first glimpse was bridge as he was shipped overseas to vietnam. larry, his father, and brother created their own golden gate bridge. >> there was a few people kind of wondering if you were a little different. no. just something everybody ought to do is build something. >> richard had long promised to bring his wife to see the bridge. after their story went public some folks here in the bay area donated the money and made it happen. flood waters broke through a levee, and poured down to a coal mine. the plant is operating at reduced capacity. it accounts for a quarter of the electricity in the state of victoria. officials say it could take months to make repairs. in eastern afghanistan, nato is investigating reports
12:11 am
that civilians were killed in a predawn air strike. also today, a nato helicopter was shot down and its too pilots were killed. so far, they have not been identified. in syria, opposition activists are reporting an escalation in government attacks and a new massacre. they said at least 23 people, and possibly as many as 90 were killed. women and children hacked to death by a militia man. researchers said they discovered a new type of stem cell located in the walls of blood vessels. it was previously thought other cells were what caused arteries to harden. hardening of the arteries
12:12 am
causes heart attacks and strokes. american airlines announced it's reducing its flight schedule by 1% next month, in part because so many colleagues are calling in sick. a union spokesman says the pilots might be taking care of elective procedures before premiums and copayments go up. a ruling is expected later this month. today marked the last voyage of the space shuttle enterprise. it floated up the hudson river in new york on a barge. a plane lifted it on the deck of the uss intrepid. the enterprise never actually flew in space, nasa used it as a prototype for the orbiters.
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you know it gets dark when they shut off the lights. okay. i can stay. you know, you can just buy the sofas and take them home, today. for a limited time, get up to 15% back on select seating. ikea, the life improvement store. a proposed dollar a pack tax on cigarettes is on the edge of defeat in california. what it could mean for tax measures on the november ballot. >> reporter: the shelfs of golden bear market were once lined with cigarettes. but the owner says at $7 a pack, it's just not worth stockpiling cigarettes anymore. that's what backers of prop 29 want today see. higher prices. but the tobacco industry outspent them by a mile. >> $50 million repeating a lie over and over, and over, and
12:16 am
over, and over again confuses people. >> reporter: most show voters prefer taxing smokers. some say it could spell trouble for governor brown's tax initiative. >> really focusing on where the money goes, rather than where the tax is raised. >> reporter: questions raised about how the tobacco tax would be spent could actually play into the governor's favor. his tax hike is more specific. it spares education from deeper cuts. >> how do you phrase this in a way, where voters say we like to tax ourselves and where the money is going. >> reporter: it will be difficult to translate it to a very different november election, with many more propositions on the ballot, and greater voter turnout. ktvu channel 2 news. >> find out what happened to
12:17 am
the measures you voted on, you will find the links on our home page. nancy pelosi hit an important milestone today. 25 years in congress. during at an event at the women's museum in washington, the first female speaker in the house reflected on some of her accomplishments. >> thomas saliburton. a woman member of congress who decided that i should be a member of congress. now this has happened with men in the history of our country. but when sali did it, someone said who said should should anoint somebody. where you work with apparently affect your waist line. a career builder survey found travel agents, social workers
12:18 am
and administrative assistants say they gained weight on the job. when asked why they thought they gained the wait. 54% said it was because they sit all day. 37% say they eat because of stress. 18% blamed workplace celebrations. there is a shortage of the over-the-counter weight loss drug ali. the drug should be back in stores within a month. it is the only over-the-counter weight loss drug approved by the fda. we've got some wind out there again tonight. for the third night in a row, windy conditions along the coast. here's the bay area, along the coast, we've got no fog. it's clear. one of the reasons it's clear is because of these strong winds up north. gusting to 36 miles an hour just north of stenson beach. that's a big wind. a consistent wind of 30 miles per hour. it's windy out there and makes
12:19 am
it tough for the fog to form. without fog tomorrow, it's going to be a windy day. as we go into tomorrow, temperatures increase. as we go into friday, temperatures decrease. as we go to the weekend, temperatures increase again. sunday, we could see temperatures in the low 90s. that low pressure moves off. high pressure sets up. winds turn around a little more northerly. north-northwest. temperatures came up yesterday. they came up today, and they're coming up further tomorrow. if i d start to drop off a few degrees on friday with that slight cooling. the winds have been going off, offshore. it just mixes up the lower layer. the winds mix it up so much, the fog has a tough time staying in tact. there is a forecast for patchy coastal fog. but it won't be much. it won't be a big player in the forecast. here's the model right now. tomorrow morning, 8:00 a.m. a little fog trying to form offshore. the winds are chewing it up.
12:20 am
making it tough for the fog to show up again. as we get into the afternoon, a little bit of fog, trying to show up along the coast. that's a possibility. you get some recool ocean surface temperatures. the cooler the ocean, the easier fog forms. that's where we are now. once the wind dies down, especially on friday, boom, the fog is back. so as we go into thursday, a few high clouds, that's tomorrow. the conditions, the winds die down a bit. as we go into friday, here comes that cooling. the system drops a little bit. temperatures come out of the 80s, back into the 60s, and 70s. forecast highs tomorrow. 44 for where you live, or near where you live. 82 in fairfield. 83 in brentwood. these temperatures certainly warmer than they were today. much warmer than yesterday. tomorrow will be the warmest day of the week so far. and then on friday, the temperatures will take a little dip. then julie, just in time for
12:21 am
the weekend, look what happens. back up. i think we'll see low 90s on sunday. the weather looks great. fog should return in ernest on friday. >> we'll take it. california's pacific waters from mexico all the way up to the oregon border are now under state protection tonight for the first time. california's fish and game commission unanimously approved a new marine protection zone along the north coast. it extends from point marina up to oregon. it completes an existing protection zone along the south and central coast. the commission says fishing and other restrictions will help restore marine life. a tough loss tonight in
12:22 am
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12:24 am
12:25 am
all right onto sports and a double dose of good news for baseball fans here. >> yep, the a's and the giants both win. the toast of san diego, after his walk off homer beat the giants, less than 24 hours later, he is the goat. the giants looked like they might actually have an easy game as they put up three against the padres. melky cabrera right in the middle of it. a ground rule double to fetch one. they add two more. then in the 5th, blanco, first home run for any giant in nine games. this one barely did get over the wall. now 4-3 in the 6th. to second, right through that man. big error. two runs score. as it turns out, it made the
12:26 am
difference. madison bumgarner gets the win. the giants eek it out. 6-5 in san diego. the experts ripping them soundly for signing the portly, and well traveled bartolo colon. tonight, he shuts out the rangers who hadn't been shut out prior to this one. josh hamilton, rips it to left down the line. a beautiful catch. watch the replay. he actually catches it on his knee and hangs onto the baseball. 3 for 3 at the plate. here with a roller to left. going to fetch a run in the 4th inning. 2-0 the final. colon the winner. you know people are going to say it was the young legs of oklahoma city's thunder that gets them over on the spurs. how about their heart? they flat out wanted it more than san antonio.
12:27 am
they won 20 straight, did the spurs. but finish dropping 4 straight to ok city. tony parker and the spurs, leading them to an 18 point lead at one point. but in the 3rd, they couldn't hit anything. the spurs just struggle offensively. james harden comes through late with the long three. and this time, he will assist russell westbrook to help nail it down on a beautiful play and pass. work it, ok city now awaits a winner between boston and miami. not so fast, put that stanley cup back in the crate say the new jersey devils. clarkson to adam with 4:31 left. that made it a 2-1 lead. 3-1 the final. they're going back to jersey. that's the sporting life for tonight. >> all right.
12:28 am
mark, thank
12:29 am
great. so, you're all set up. what's going on? installing cable. you know this is an ikea, right? yes, but look at this sofa! it's so comfortable. we don't want to leave. have you been living here? can i have dinner at michael's house? they're having meatballs. don't be back too late. you know it gets dark when they shut off the lights. okay. i can stay.


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