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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  June 12, 2012 11:30pm-12:30am PDT

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a four alarm fire in san francisco fed by natural gas. and again tonight there's questions about pg & e's response. good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm ken wayne. a fire worker was injured when the fire sparked. debra villalon is live on the
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scene and tells us why it took pg & e so long to shut off the gas. >> that's the question tonight, ken. as these stretchers are being boarded up. we can tell you the worker was in this brown building under renovation, he was injured when the fire ruptured, he was burned. and the dental office and condos were heavily damaged. smoke billowed as firefighters tried to douse flames in this building. while at street level they scrambled to keep this one inch gas line saturated for safety. natural gas flowed uncontrolled for almost two hours, too long the fire chief says. >> did you see a challenge for trying to determine the shut off for the valve. >> it took a little longer than i would have liked, yes. >> reporter: pg & e says it got
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here in 20 minutes but couldn't pinch off the actual leak because of the flames. so crews dug to shut off the valve. that office was full, two dozen dentists, staff and patients who saw fire torching out of the ground and were terrified. >> oh they were squared. they were truly scared. they ran out and they ran as far as half a block away. >> reporter: the dentist who owns the building believes pg & e should have moved faster to minimize damage and danger. >> i think they need to do an examination why it took so long. please. >> so we should expect it to take two hours, that's normal. >> it took us two hours to make sure that we were following protocall and to make sure we were coordinating with the
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first responders. >> reporter: three of those first responders were injured. two firefighters suffering smoke inhalation, two suffered cuts in their hands. we're live in san francisco, debra villalon, ktvu news. more problems tonight for pg & e. east bound lanes of highway 4 are closed at this hour as they have been since 2:30 this afternoon. a car knocked down a utility pole near franklin canyon road. the pole landed across the highway. it held electrical lines as well as cable and phone lines. it'll take until midnight to complete repairs. for now eastbound traffic is being rerouted to the coming sky way. happening now, controversy in berkeley where the city council is meeting at this hour to consider a proposed ordnance that would ban sitting on the sidewalk. ktvu's amber lee is live in berkeley and tells us this new ordnance would expand in a new
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ordnance that would already keep people from lying on the sidewalk. >> reporter: council members are expected to take up the matter tonight but right now they're still discuss another matter. behind me people on the steps are waiting to speak about the mayor's proposal. on the steps of city hall, protesters sang their oppositions to the mayor civil sidewalk ordnance. they urged people to stand up for the right to sit down. >> we the people of berkeley stand up and say, no. that's not what berkeley is about. >> reporter: the measure would ban sitting on sidewalks in commercial areas from 7:00 in the morning until 10:00 at night. violators could be fined $50. >> homeless people don't have any money to pay fines and we don't show up to do community service because we don't have an alarm clock to get us up. >> i have no mobile home, nothing, no stretcher. all i have is a sleeping bag. >> reporter: it is a full bag inside city council chambers tonight as people wait to speak
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about the proposed ban. some merchants along telegraph avenue tell us they support the proposal but question if it will work. >> once it's there, two, three, four, five next thing you know you have a group there. >> does it drive shoppers away? >> it does. >> reporter: the mayor calls this compassionate care. to help the homeless. >> we would like to bring those people sitting on the street and get them beyond homelessness. >> reporter: if council members have the council draft the ordnance it will go to voters in november. if it passes, opponents say they will file a lawsuit. amber lee, ktvu news. new developments tonight in the ross mirkarimi case. the wife of mirkarimi is trying
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to postpone her return. she is due back this saturday but now her representatives say she will ask to extend her stay in venezuela perhaps for two more months. mirkarimi is awaiting the council's decision. the governor is pushing an overhaul of welfare to work. he says it'll save $880 million in the first year. democrats have rejected that proposal. california has a deficit estimated to be around $15.7 billion. negotiations are scheduled to continue tomorrow. and ahead in 10 minutes a rally today against budget cuts that could affect adult students. the classes that are at risk and why students told us they are so important. their contract expired last
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summer and once again nurses are said to strike at 11 sutter hospitals in the bay area. it's a one day strike but it's expected to last five days. as ktvu's jana katsuyama reports, it's the fourth time the nurses have put up a picket line. >> reporter: it's a sticky situation, as members of the california nurses association today prepared signs for the picket line. >> there's been some cuts to the community that sutter has done and we're out tomorrow protesting those cuts. >> reporter: 4,400 nurses are expected to protest tomorrow. they held similar protests in december and may. nurses are upset because the company wants to take away portions of their contract. >> it would be virtually cutting every provision of that contract. >> reporter: the union says sutter health proposed cuts include eliminating paid sick leave, higher health care
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coverage costs, mandatory overtime and no coverage for retirees. nurses on average make $136,000 a year. >> the union is asking for new costly benefits like double digit wage increases and free health care for life that would increase the cost of health care for patients by millions of the dollars. >> their numbers are wrong. i'm not walking because i want a raise. we've asked to maintain the contract that we have. >> reporter: in the midst of the battle our family and patients wondering tonight what care they'll receive tomorrow. >> he just got through finishing major surgery. >> reporter: are you worried? >> yes. >> reporter: hospitals such as alta base summit says they will be fully staffed tomorrow with replacement nurses who require a five day contract until june 18th. jana katsuyama, ktvu news. more details now this map shows the sutter hospitals where nurses are walking out.
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there are three alta bate locations. also eden medical center in castro valley, san leandro, sutter delta, sutter solano in vallejo and nevado community hospital. nurses are also striking at petaluma hospital which is not owned by sutter. there is word tonight, blood supplies in the bay area have dropped to critically low levels. blood banks are in need of o+, o negative, b negative and a negative blood types. donations are known to drop during summer months but this year officials say the supply is critically low. the red cross was called to help this evening after a hayward home caught fire forcing five people to flee. the fire on balmburg avenue at balmburg court was first reported at 4:20 this afternoon. all the people in the home were
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able to get out safely. a toy poodle died of smoke inhalation. an overloaded electrical power strip may have started that fire. it was also 420 420 this afternoon when a shed burned to the ground. firefighters kept the fire from spreading any further and had the fire out in less than a half hour. no one was injured and as this point investigators have not determined the cause of the fire. the body of a teenage boy was found in the 900 block of asley avenue shortly after 6:00 tonight. police say he had at least one gunshot wound. no arrests have been made. california workplace safety regulators issued fines totaling $168,000 after a trench collapse killing a worker in milpitas.
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cal osha issued 19 citations in the death of raul zapata. he was working as a carpenter when a dirt wall game way burying him alive. a criminal investigation is also under way. a ton of marijuana seized off the california shore. plus uncertain students in bay area classrooms, and schools that may be forced to close. it's cooling off rapidly out there. a lot of fog at the coast. wait till you see how much that fog is going to go inland and look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy
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a stubborn hour fire kept firefighters busy in martinez late last night. terry stewart says there have been complains about squatters in the home which is now in foreclosure. he said there was a broken window in the back of the house. homeowners in antioch made some disturbing discoveries after police forced out squatters who had been staying there for months. only on 2, eric rasmussen first report on this case last week and he is back live now at this house tonight. eric-- >> reporter: julie just take a look. homeowners says that everything the squatters had inside their home and in that pile of stuff they say they found drug
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paraphernalia, a weapon, and we got to see some of it for ourselves today. >> reporter: see. this is what we're finding everywhere in this place. >> reporter: eric cutler says this purse full of needles was one of the things squatters left behind when antioch police responded to a 911 call when police responded. >> someone told them to put their pit bull on a leash and he told them to mind their own f-ing business. >> they didn't think anybody was going to make them leave. >> reporter: now cutler is forced to clean up the house and protecting the house that he's been trying to give back to the bank. >> i have to have one of these on me to protect my stuff and
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myself. >> reporter: cutler showed us racial slurs written in his daughter's old bedroom and that's not all. the cutler's photographed more bags with needles, what appears to be a crack pipe and a knife all inside their home. antioch's police chief says his department needs neighbors help to combat the problem. >> even if there isn't a record, we still want people calling the police when they see criminal activity because that's another way for us to get people that are squatting in homes out. >> reporter: back out here live, the cutlers say they've given the squatters a chance to pick all this stuff up before they haul it away. eric rasmussen. a new program to help police solve crimes in antioch. the high tech solution and how it promises that tips will be anonymous. the coast guard announced today it seized a 27-foot power boat off of ventura county boat
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that was loaded with almost a ton of marijuana. the coast guard said the drugs were discovered yesterday morning when they went to aid a disabled boat about 3 miles off the coast. the coast guard said the boat wreaked of marijuana and packages were in plain sight. two men were arrested. jury deliberations began today on the trial of former pitcher roger clemens. during the trial, the judge dismissed two jurors for falling asleep. federal prosecutors say clemens lied when he told a congressional committee he never used steroid. his long time strength coach testified that he injected clemens with steroids. and one man breaks down on the stand while he testified in the jerry sandusky trial. what he said happened during
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sleep overs at the former coach's home. ktvu's patti lee tells us why adult schools may be forced to close. >> reporter: rodriguez is taking esl classes so he can create a better life for himself and his family. >> now i am bust boy but i would like to be a waiter, i don't know work for a company. >> reporter: right now english as a second language, high school diploma and ged classes like the one here at san mateo adult school are at risk. that's because lawmakers are looking at how schools are being funded. they would instead receive money through school districts. districts that are already struggling to found k through 12 education. >> the district has told us that if the governor's bill went through as written, there
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would be no more funding for school. >> it would be pretty tragic. >> reporter: for many students, the situation is desperate. >> if i don't get my ged, i'm going to be nobody. >> reporter: in san mateo, patti lee. san francisco city council held a new degrees bait over a warriors stadium. they worry about traffic and pollution so close to at&t park. >> can we handle a major arena in in addition to a major stadium and go from 70 events
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per year to over 200? and we're very concerned about that. the warriors say they will be going out into the neighborhoods to talk with people and at this point the team still has not come up with a final design. it hopes to open the arena in 2017. this was one of the best days this year for the stock markets. the dow gained 162 points, the nasdaq rose 33. markets rallied after an official with the federal reserved signaled steps to strengthen the economy. jamie diamond will apologize tomorrow for his company's 2 billion loss. dimon will say that jp morgan is taking steps to make sure it doesn't happen again. temperatures trending down a bit today. about five to 8 degrees depending on where you were. but it was still very warm in
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santa rosa. hayward was down about 8 degrees. fremont down to 81 degrees. temperatures tomorrow a little bit cooler still because i mentioned it. the fog has come back with that fog we're looking for temperatures to begin to cool off especially inland bay valleys. this is the isotherm valley. your forecast highs tomorrow are going to be cooler along the coast, and mild in the inland bay valley. we're going to go right to the five day forecast with your weekend in view, we'll tell you how hot it's going to get for the weekend. siskiyou county officials have filed a claim and plan to be reimbursed for some nuggets that were taken last year. the collection of nuggets was one of the last remnants of the northern california little known gold rush days. he's been a fixture of ktvu news for 35 years. the special honor today for our
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own lloyd lacuesta as he
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plans to develop the former oakland army base have been inching forward but now a critical deadline is nearing. if it's missed tens of millions of the dollars in funding would be lost. and as ktvu's rita williams says, residents want ensurances. >> reporter: they were praying to ensure that oakland benefits. from the day it opened on the day after the bombing of pearl harbor until it closed in 1989
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the base was a major departure point. today 15 years later, a deal to develop the base into a warehousing and logistical hubby the company prologis came together for a crucial vote. oaklanders want more assurances that they will get the jobs promised them. >> look at all these people here today that want to see oakland get an opportunity. >> reporter: they spoke against calling anyone who lives in the city at least seven days a resident and they don't want employers asking applicants about criminal history. the committee approved the plan but told negotiators to keep tweaking it. if the full city council doesn't approve the project here a week from today the city could lose $250 million in state money. and that could kill the deal
11:55 pm
all together. in oakland, rita williams, ktvu channel 2 news. crews in san francisco today started prepping an area near fourth and harrison street for a critical phase of the central project. first a huge hole will be escavated. another machine will be used to dig in the other direction. the tunnels is expected to take two years. the finish line is set to open in 2019. a plan to replace grass with synthetic turf at the beach shalay soccer fields is facing a new challenge. opponents filed an opposition. work to convert the field is said to begin in january of next year. our ktvu colleague lloyd lacuesta received a special honor today in san jose as he
11:56 pm
gets ready to retire. san jose major chuck reed called lloyd lacuesta where he was given a commendation for his service to the city of san jose. lloyd said he was honored and humbled and said he and the city council have a special link. >> we are both doing the public's business, they set policy and legislate, i serve as the watchdog to inform the public what they are doing. >> and he's been doing a great job at it. lloyd said he was thankful of having the opportunity to serve the city of san jose. his last day is this friday. as for his future plans, lloyd and his wife are looking forward to watching their four grandchildren grow up and they plan to do some traveling. >> congratulations to lloyd. well deserved today. >> absolutely. and coming up next, lloyd will bring us the story of the south bay landmark. tonight's decision on whether
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to turn a former military facility into a public park. and graphic testimony in the jerry sandusky trial ♪
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get it as a combo with fries and a drink. did you say you want drinks? i said a drink comes with the combo! you know how to mambo?! of course i can do the robot. firefighters in colorado are recording progress. fire crews have containment lines around 5% of the fire. it has burned more than 43,000 acres since a lightning strike started it saturday. a 62-year-old woman died and more than 100 structures have burned. in the south bay the debate over what to do with the land mark thousands of people see every day, new at 10:00, ktvu's lloyd lacuesta is live now in s era toga where a vote just came
12:00 am
down within the last hour. >> reporter: at this community center in saratoga, a vote to tear down a military building to build a new park. the council heard comments today. what is left of the air base station atop 30,000-foot mount ominom is a radar tower that can be seen from the valley floor below. >> it's actually been part of the landscape for a long time. >> reporter: from 1950 to 1980 it was a working military base with 120 military personnel and their families living atop the mountain searching for soviet planes. satellites made the base obsolete and it was sold to the open base district in the mid- 80s with plans to make it to a park. >> i think it would be cool if
12:01 am
they made it open to the public so people can see how it works. >> i think they should leave it up. i like seeing it up there myself. >> reporter: here's a picture of the base welcome sign from 1973. some of the veterans were at tonight's meeting. >> i am fine with it becoming a park. i think that's nice and i think the shower should stay though. i think we have to have some remembrance of the cold war. >> reporter: the three options under consideration, keep the tower at the cost of $1 million. tear it down at the cost of $600,000. and for $800,000 lower it to one story and make it into a museum. >> we're going to be able to preserve a big piece of history. >> reporter: there will be public hearings on the radar tower next month with the hopes of public access to the mountain top would begin sometime next year. live in saratoga, lloyd lacuesta, ktvu channel 2 news. the burning manifest value received approval today to bring more people than ever to the black rock desert northeast
12:02 am
of reno. the bureau of land management granted a permit that allows 60,000 people to attend burning man. attendance has been limited to 60,000. the event sold out last year. and a controversial lottery for tickets was implemented this year. annadel state park in east santa rosa is on the hit list of parks to be closed. the plan is for donations to cover most of the $278,000 it takes to operate the park. san rafael's based autodesk is moving. the additional space will be adjacent to its original tower. looks like east oakland's foothill square will get a
12:03 am
renovation. the center will soon get a large food's co grocery store, ross dress for less, anna's lynn thens thens -- linens and a child care. construction will begin immediately with the hope for completion next year. we have a developing story out of antioch tonight. a drive by shooting sent two people to the hospital. we're told that shortly after 8:00 p.m. two people were sitting in a car on wilbur avenue. someone drove by and fired at least five shots. at this hour there is no word on the victim's conditions and police have not identified any suspects. police in antioch hope a new high tech tool will convince more people to make anonymous tips about crime. the program called tip soft allows anyone to text or e-mail tips which are routed through a server in canada before going to antioch police without the
12:04 am
tipsters personal information. it provides an extra layer of anonimity for those who normally would not come forward. >> there's that fear that they don't want to get labeled as quote a snitch or they don't want to be involved in the criminal process. this allows the police department to gather the information they're providing, follow up on it and the officers can be the witnesses in court. >> reporter: the chief presented the plan to the city council tonight. the department is using money seized from criminals to pay for the three year, $19,000 program. jurors in the jerry sandusky trial in pennsylvania heard more graphic and disturbing testimony today. the former assistant coach of the penn state football team is on trial for child sex abuse. anita vogel reports the man who triggered the investigation took the witness stand. >> reporter: a key witness in jerry sandusky's trial taking a stand. former penn state assistant testified he heard a quote skin
12:05 am
on skin smacking sound. mccreary said he saw sandusky standing closely to a boy that appeared to be 10 to 12 years old. mccreary said he slammed his locker shroudly in an attempt to say someone is here. the teen identified as victim number one by a grand jury also taking the witness stand. now 18 he told the court sandusky sexually abused him during numerous sleep overs in the basement of the former coach's home. while his wife was upstairs. sandusky's defense lawyer asking the teen whether he had financial motives for bringing the accusations. the alleged victim answering no. >> he's telling his story as a duty. he has a duty to law enforcement and to serve the
12:06 am
ends of justice to tell his story about hatous crimes. >> reporter: the 68-year-old denies those allegations. anita vogel, ktvu channel 2 news. a popular car under recall tonight. >> plus some incredible pictures. mother nature's the hello?
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santa clara county judge heard from lawyers representing both the wife and girlfriend of the late artist thomas kinkade today. the two are locked in a dispute over his multi million dollars estate. kinkade was legally separated
12:09 am
from his wife of 30 years. he lived with his girl friend at the time of his death in april of this year. the wife argued that because the girlfriend signed a confidentiality contract -- shellie zimmerman was charged with perjury for lying to the judge about how much money they had for bail. zimmerman returned earlier this month after a judge revoked his bail. he is charged with the murder of unarmed black teenager trayvon martin back in february. in news of the world, in syria the top keeping official says the company is in full scale civil war. u.n. observers were attacked when they tried to enter one town under siege. secretary of state hillary clinton accused russia of
12:10 am
escalating the situation by sending attack planes to the area. and in venice, a funnel cloud was seen. in japan it costs a lot of money to live in tokyo. city in world. rent on a luxury two bedroom unfurnished apartment is about $4,700 a month. getting a cup of gourmet coffee runs about $8 and change. honda motor says it's recalling 6,002, 60,000 2012 sedans for problems. honda reports no crashes or injuries from the problem and says it will notify owners when
12:11 am
they can start having their cars inspected. senator boxer says that only one car rental company has honored her appeal. senator boxer says hertz is the only rental agency that agreed to the request. a california spokeswoman said that pledge could have saved the life of her two daughters. they died after a recall enterprise rental they were driving caught fire and crashed. >> i do believe my daughters would still be here. but they aren't and i don't want any more rachel and jackies to lose their lives. senator boxer says she plans to reintroduce her rental bill in the next few weeks. big crowds for this week's u.s. open. we'll show you today's action at the historic
12:12 am
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together, every step of the way. crowds are converging on san francisco's olympic club for the u.s. open. the tournament is held this father's day weekend. as castaneda found, he found fathers and sons watching practice today. >> reporter: more than 250,000 people are expected this week at san francisco's olympic club for the u.s. open. practice rounds today and tomorrow and the real competition begins on thursday. many are here from far away places, like ken burgess from toronto who says no one is too old to collect photographs. >> because i will take this home and i'll have it framed and my dad will say, dad could i have it. i will say, some day you can have it, sure. just like the 1937 yankee baseball i got from my father. >> reporter: remember today is only a practice round.
12:15 am
look for it to be a lot more crowded this weekend. this grand stand at the 18th green was already in tournament form. ian tongel says he brought his dad to his very first tournament. >> it was really important especially with father's day coming up this sunday, it's the first time he's been to an event. i got to spend some quality time with him and watch some golf. >> reporter: then there are those who aspire to be a pro, like daniel miller who is watching the pros very closely. >> reporter: how is your short game? >> not good. >> so you get some time in the green and as the putting green? >> reporter: yes, sir. >> reporter: be prepared for a full day. golfers tee off early in the morning and hit the driving range and stay there well into the afternoon. in san francisco, sal castaneda, ktvu channel 2 news. has a special u.s. open tab where you can find more video and a slide show from today's practice.
12:16 am
those heading to a long established nude beach on the american river may be a little surprised with what they find this summer. people rafting by. for years a small beach have been a place for those who enjoy nature in the buff. >> what year? because i'm by myself. >> reporter: but last month for the first timings -- first time, this part of the river became open to boats. now commercial boats are allowed on this area of the river. now rafting boats say they blow their whistle and beachgoers can cover up. from the cost of using a phone or mobile computer. starting june 28, current subscribers can have the option to pay for a pool of wireless data each month data that can
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be used by multiple devices. data rates start at 1gigabyte for $50. the costs are $40 for a smart phone, $20 for a laptop and $10 for a tablet. a genuine piece of american history is set to go on the auction block at christie's auction house. george washington's copy of the u.s. constitution and bill of rights is for sale to the highest bidder. the 223-year-old documents are bound in a book containing washington's handwritten notes. christie's is said to auction off the historic documents on june 22nd. bidding is expected to hit two or $3 million. and we've got wind out there. we have fog as well and
12:18 am
temperatures are coming down. temperatures cooler, humidity higher. that's good news for firefighters. let's go outside, lets go right to the golden gate bridge. gusts at 17 miles per hour southwest. what that's doing, see these temperatures how cool they are. oakland 61 degrees, when you get inland down by concord the cooling hasn't hit, it's up to 70 degrees. santa rosa 70 degrees as well. but the cooling is on and that of course means, cooler day tomorrow. temperatures are going to be about 5 degrees cooler than they were today. the fog and low cloud will be a little more pronounced, again on thursday morning. for the most part a cooling trend. as we head toward the bay area weekend, temperatures start to increase again. that's kind of where we are. the forecast lows are going to be on the mild side. that's usually how it goes. you have mostly mid-50s and low 50s. as you head into your tomorrow, this high pressure center the main mechanism for the cooling. around the bay it's going to be mild. it's going to be downright cool at the coast. you expect that, the fog is there, temperatures in the mid-
12:19 am
and upper 50s. inland still remains sunny and warm. the microclimates give you that numerical sense. mid-50s as you get to san francisco. mid-70s as you head toward albany. and diablo and clayton you're going to be the mid-80s, upper 80s and you keep going that way you find a couple of low 90s. but it's going to be cooler tomorrow like it was cool today. the fog is going to be right along the coast. that fog is going to continue to move inland. temperatures cooler on wednesday, cooler on thursday and this line reverses itself, high pressure sets up here. it's going to start to go this way. it's going to be the inverse, we're going to see temperatures increasing. the next 48 hours, slightly cooler. look inland, still warm. clear lake is 85 degrees, 850 in fairfield. 83 in pittsburg, good air quality. a real nice day for your
12:20 am
wednesday. thursday is very similar. and then friday and saturday, as you will see here in the five day forecast temperatures start to work their way back up and i think we are going to be talking about a little fire danger on saturday into sunday with northeast winds. we're back into the hate -- into the heat in the bay area weekend but kind of a cooling trend for the next couple of weeks. imagine buying the same outfit as your favorite tv star or learning more about them with a click of a button. you will soon be able to do that with your new tv. san francisco's x2tv puts an icon right on the screen. you point to it and you are connected. >> it takes you to the web or it actually will do an overlay of text on the video. so you never have to leave the video. >> redwood city's yume offers optional on screen ads and san jose's connects you to the
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[ kari ] i used to serve my country in the u.s. army. ♪ then, i was hit by a drunk driver
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and lost my legs. but that didn't change a thing. because i still serve my country, i just wear a different uniform. [ male announcer ] citi is joining kari miller to give back to the paralympic military & veterans program. join the movement at and help citi help u.s. athletes make a difference. together, every step of the way. mark ibanez is here with highlights of the first nba game of the championships. >> not that it could not turn out to be one of the most sensational nba finals. game one brings plenty of reasons for miami to worry. lebron james has never scored enough points in a final and it wasn't good enough. not by a long shot. in the first, lebron takes care of the steal and on the other
12:25 am
end. 30 points nine rebounds for him as you watch him go do his work nicely. but the thunder, young, but they stay cool. very strong. russell westbrook slicing in. the thunder up one. kevin durant spectacular. watch him just glide. 17 of his 36 in the final ten. watch him again. through the lane, durant and westbrook outscored the entire miami team in the second half. and the thunder go up in the series 1-0. and twice as surprising tonight because neither guy that did it had hit one prior to this evening. and the great roy mcilroy number one in the world out there. in town for that little golf thing they've got going on.
12:26 am
giants down 1-0 to houston. baumgartner, 12 strike outs and his first big league homer, his eighth win. and look at him in the dug out. they give him the cold shoulder. pretend they didn't see him then they break down and congratulate him. and stinging it up the middle. 2-run hit and it's 3-1. brandon belt hasn't hit a home run all season long in more than 120 at- bats, there it is. ticket to ride, 2-run shot. six-three giants over the astros. perfect cure for all hitting problems like the a's have had. get up there in that thin air of denver colorado. they were up 10-1 after one. seth smith hammers this one with a couple of men on. that will fetch them both and finally the a's within two. continuing on, check this shot out by brandon moss. just up from the minors it lands in the third deck.
12:27 am
he hits two tonight. colon settles in, wins his sixth. 8-5a's take care of their business. that is the sporting life for a tuesday night. and like i said it could still be a great series,miami and oklahoma city. a lot of youth. a lot of strong legs, i think it's going to go six to seven. >> and there's a good golf tournament in town. >> thursday, i can't wait for the real stuff. >> should be good weather too. >> it's going to be great. >> mark, thank you. both thank you. and thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news we will see you the next time news breaks. >> the ktvu morning team will be following tomorrow's nurses strike at 11 different bay area hospitals and we're always here for you on and mobile ktvu. good night.
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