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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  June 18, 2012 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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tragic turn. vindication for star pitcher roger clemens, what he said about his lengthy legal battle after the verdict. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is bay area news at 7:00. >> good evening, it's monday, june 18. i'm gasia mikaelian. this is bay area news at 7:00. it's the kickoff to pride weekend in san francisco. mayor ed lee unfurled the rainbow flag marking the start of festivities leading up to the big parade on sunday. live at city hall, where the man who created the first rainbow flag is being honored. >> that's right, gasia, and the reception wrapped up a second ago at city hall. it's part of this week's launch of pride celebration. >> reporter: at 5:00, a rainbow appeared above the steps of city
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hall. the colors of guy pride flying out in the open. inside, about 100 people gathered for a ceremony and reception. >> this year's theme, global equality. >> reporter: mayor ed lee presented this year's lifetime achievement award to former mayor willy brown, and presented gift certificates to community leaders, including gilbert baker, the creator of the flag. >> it was a moment to have the flag. we are a global tribe. we are a global power, so a flag is a way of proclaiming power and visibility. >> reporter: now those rainbow colors are gaining new visibility, along with red, white and blue. this week for the first time in history, the us military will celebrate pride month in the halls of the pentagon, after ending the don't ask don't tell ban on guys openly serving. one member says it's a miracle. >> when i was in the military, we had to hide out. we didn't have any freedom, and
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people would treat us like criminals. >> reporter: this year as san francisco prepares for the celebration that ends with sunday's big parade through doubt, many say they're also hopeful that the battle over gay marriage will finally be decided in the supreme court. >> i can't see how they would dismiss this as probably the most important civil rights issue of our just kind of modern era. >> reporter: this sunday at city hall, cirque de soleil will perform. live in san francisco, jana katsuyama, ktvu channel 2 news. more details on this year's big sf pride event. friday, starting at delorres park. it's the largest transgender pride event in the world, organizers say. the pink ceremony happens, to remind people of the obstacles they have had to over come.
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the dyke march starts saturday evening also at delorres park. to find updates, go to our website. later this week, we'll be posting more updates on the weekend section at the top of our home page. a tragic accident this afternoon left a woman with serious injuries. it happened about 3:00 this afternoon with the the alameda county land fill. officials tell us the woman was working at the dump and traffic control when she was run over by a large bull dozer, causing severe injuries to her legs. cal-osha is on the scene. waste management says she is in stable condition. police say it was a stolen iphone that led them to know oakland home where they found stolen electronics, drugs, a high-powered weapon. among the items, two hand guns with illegal high capacity
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magazines, a knock-off oozy, and a civilian version of the m-16 complete with a 100-round drum. police say their investigation started when an armed robber stole an iphone on thursday. leads in that case led them to a west oakland home last friday. police say they also found a large marijuana growing operation at that house and arrested one man who's described as having a lengthy criminal history. residents in oakland's montclair neighborhood caught this video of a burglar breaking into his home. the video shows a man and a woman knocking on the door, then smashing a window to get in. the homeowner says the pair ran sacked the house, stealing computers, kitchen appliances, even food. neighbors say this is the latest in a rash of burglaries in montclair. oakland police say they are investigating. travellers hoping to catch a cab from oakland international airport ran into some trouble today.
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[shouting] taxi drivers are out of their cars taking part in a two-day strike outside the airport. they say the airport management treats them unfairly, giving preference to shuttles, making it difficult for taxi drivers to make a living. roger clemens' trial came to a dramatic end today as the jury found him not guilty on all charges. he thanked his supporters after the verdict was read. >> a jury finds roger clemens not guilty on all counts. >> i put a lot of hard work into that career. and -- so again, i appreciate my teammates that came in and all the e-mails and phone calls, from my teammates, so thank y'all very much. >> clemens was accused of lying to congress in 2008 when he denied using steroids or human growth hormones during his 24-year career. the baseball star was charged with six counts, one count of
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obstruction of congress, two counts of perjury, and three counts of making a false statement. >> it's a day of celebration for us. let me tell you something, justice won out, and all those things we say about what this is supposed to be about came true. i've said from the beginning, we loved this jury. >> reporter: the decision comes after the jurors heard from more than 40 witnesses in the two-month long trial. among the witnesses, clemens' wife and strength coach, brian mcnamee. he did not take the stand in his own defense. >> i sat next to roger day in and day out. in baseball, there's a saying, some guys are just a class act, and the way he conducted himself in the darkest hour with all of these accusations being made against him that were false showed what a class act he is. >> reporter: this was clemens' second trial on federal charges of lying to a congressional committee. the first case ended in a mistrial last year. in washington, steve santoni,
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fox news. two long time friends who drowned while fishing this weekend leave behind grieving families, including 17 children. they drowned saturday in the sacramento delta. today, we spoke with their families, and all agree the two were family men first. >> he was mr. mom. he was at an at-home dad who did everything for his kids. he was just strong in everything he did, so when he got his daughters in his life oh, he was a marsh mellow. >> friends say he was the back bone of that family. the two men were in a 12-foot aluminum boat when it apparently capsized. rita williams will have more tonight at the 10:00 news.
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at china camp state park this afternoon, a woman was biking with her husband when she crashed and fell about 100 feet. it took about a half hour for rescue crews to reach the woman. fire officials say the woman suffered minor to moderate injuries. there's rumor tonight facebook is acquiring another tech company. they announced the deal on its blog. the company uses facial recognition technology to track photos on the internet. no word on the facebook plans for the company or the terms of the deal. they're also buying instagram for nearly $1 billion. oracle earned $3.45 billion or 69 cents a share in the quarter that ended in may. oracle was scheduled to report earnings on thursday and did not explain the change of plans. the company stock rose 78 cents a share in after-hours trading today. efforts to do a coalition in
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greece, and keep the euro as their currency. greek voters in the favor of the conservative party yesterday. the party did not get enough votes to form a government on its own. the party leader is working in hopes to have a coalition in place by tomorrow. >> i think the election in greece yesterday indicates a positive prospect for not only them forming a government, but also them working constructively with their international partners. >> yesterday's vote allowed greece to remain with the european union, leaving world leaders at the g 20 summit relieved, including president obama. the president says the election leads the greek people in the right path to succeed and prosper. the dow dropped 25 points. a boost from bay area tech giants apple and ebay helped nasdaq to a 22 point gain. it's been three days since
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they set up their tents, and tonight, frustrated parents are still kachld out in front of an oakland elementary school protesting its closure. lakeview elementary had a rally calling on the oakland school district to keep it open despite budget cuts. police passed out flyers this morning asking protesters to leave or face possible arrests. officials say they're running out of patience, especially after some protesters somehow got into the locked building this morning. >> we can do better for kids if we have fewer schools but do better with the schools that we have. >> the district plans to use lakeview for school administration offices. more than 1 million automobiles possible susceptible to fire, the window device tied to the probe, and a simple tool that can improve your safety. >> a big change coming to san francisco's famed cliff house as this owner prepares to alter the view outdoors. >> a rebound into warmer weather
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firefighters in eastern san diego county say they're making headway in putting out a wind driven wild fire that's burned 900 acres and destroyed one home. the fire which broke out yesterday afternoon forced the evacuation of 150 homes in a rural area near the golden acorn casino. the fire is still threatening 200 homes, and the fire is about 30% contained. south bay firefighters are going into intense training this season. helicopters practiced water drops in the mountains, while some firefighters got real life practice at a two alarm fire at an outdoor morgan hill recycling facility. fire officials say the training will continue for another two days. the federal government is
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investigating whether or not to order the recall of 1.4 million vehicles. ktvu consumer editor tom vacar tells us there is a fire concern involving toyota's window switches. >> reporter: toyota power window switches to fires happened only a few times but the national highway safety administration didn't like what it saw. >> they will send an information request and we give them all the information that they've asked for. >> reporter: according to the ralph nader is there for affiliated auto safety, the consequences could be severe. >> the worst case scenario is it shorts, starts an interior vehicle fire and the door itself, because of the electronics, will lock up. >> they have 32 complaints and one report of an injury and at this point that injury would be unconfirmed. >> reporter: the 1.4 million cars under investigation include 800,0002008 and 2009 toyota
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camries, the' 07 rav 4, and the '08 hislander hybrid. >> none of these are a safety recall. they are investigations. >> reporter: but they're investigations called engineering analyses. >> that's the last stage of investigation, which means they're very near to ordering a recall so i'd suggest the toyota owners put a hammer in their car in case the window seizes and they can't get out of the car. >> reporter: but the experts say a real recall could come early as next month. microsoft unveiled its new tablet computer designed to compete with the ipad, called surface. it has a 10.6 inch display, its own stand and a us b port. it has a multitouch keyboard and track pad and only half inch thick. has either 64 or 128 gigabits of storage. microsoft did not say how about
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it would cost. look at the most powerful super computer on earth. today, health and science editor john fowler got an exclusive look inside. it's the size of a basketball court, can perform a 16 quadrillion math operation a second. the computer will be used to model everything from aging nuclear weapons to beating human hearts. a bay area group is raising questions about a new immigration policy announced by president obama last week. >> we'll be in the process of deportation, once our information is in the database. >> a san francisco immigrant legal immigration network policy which allowed undocumented immigrants under 30 years old who were brought to the us by their parents to obtain a two-year work permit. they're waiting for the formal application to be issued before their clients can take advantage of the change. it won't be released for at
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least another 60 dace. sheriff ross carimi could travel to venezuela now that his wife can stay longer. he'll not be allowed to have contact with his wife, aleiana lopez. she can remain in her native country until august 19. she was set to return to san francisco this saturday. back in march, lopez left the city with her and the mayor's 3-year-old son to care for her sick father. mayor carimi's ethics commission is set for tomorrow. he has allegations of domestic violence. he was suspended after he pleaded guilty to false imprisonment. at the hearing, the ethics commission will present a recommendation to the board of supervisors which will decide whether the mayor will lose his job. historic san francisco restaurant is about to get a state of the art addition. this summer, a large windature
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bine will be atop the house. the benefits of having it were too much for the restaurant's owner to ignore. >> reporter: san francisco's christy field has them. so does the city's new public utility building. and now wind power is on the menu at the historic cliff house with a three year pilot program that will place a 30-foot high windature bine on the observation deck. >> if these work, we'll put some on the south end of the building which will take care of the whole building. >> reporter: it will cust cl $1,000 from the power bill. >> not going to take any of the view away. we made it small enough. it's enclosed, bird friendly, all encaged. >> reporter: public utility officials sayature bins are suited for a few specific sights. >> you want them out toward the beach area where you don't have large obstructions. >> reporter: the cliff house
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plan brought scrutiny from neighborhood groups. >> at first, what kind of turbin is it. is it the ones like they have out there skwloo so far, the design is winning approval from cliff house visitors. >> doesn't look that bad. >> good idea. wish more people in san francisco would add them on their house. >> reporter: with this area getting wind almost every day of the year, the owner of the cliff house hopes to put up more tur bins if it's a success. the efforts to stop a mural from being painted on a library has stopped it for now. the law states that the artist or next of kin of the original mural must be given 90 days notice before it's destroyed. artist arch william died in 1996. his sister has now been notified and is asserting her rights to that 90-day notice while she and her supporters try to stop the project. talk about spaces faces only
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a threatened species of shore bird is getting more protection. the us wild life service has expanded the areas designated as critical to the survival of the western snowy clover. it includes thousands of acres of beaches in california, oregon and washington. the birds nest in the sand and are susceptible to dogs, vehicles and human disturbance. the expansion restores areas cut by the bush administration. the obama administration agreed to the new protections after it was sued by the center for biological diversity. our meteorologist rosemary orozco joins us here, and after a really hot saturday and cool sunday, where are we headed? >> we're going to warm up for tomorrow. how long will it last? not too long but again, you'll feel the difference by tomorrow afternoon. 10 degrees warmer than what we felt around the bay area today.
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we had the on shore breeze in a strong way, blowing pretty good through fairfield. reached 35 miles per hour at times earlier today, and when it comes that strong through that area, you know you'll feel the cool down, anywhere from 10 to 20 degrees cooler today in many areas, as southerly breeze in nappa. the fog has finally cleared off the coast line. now we have a northerly gradient set up pushed off shore. 63 in san francisco, upper 60s san jose, with more than an hour before the sun will set, so it's a nice evening in many cases. 63 degrees in nappa. but again, a major cool-down in and around the bay area today. felt it yesterday, more so today, in many cases, a look at the satellite radar is due to this system that's pushing off to the east. but again, it brought back our on shore breeze. we woke up with a low cloud deck and it took awhile to really clear the coast. behind it, we'll have a ridge of high pressure built in at least
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for a couple of days. for tomorrow, can expect mostly sunny skies, morning clouds and fog around the bay area, and a warmer afternoon in the forecast, and the winds will pick up once again anywhere from 5 to 15 miles per hour. take a look at the afternoon highs, bouncing back into the 80s, perhaps a few low 90s out there. 90 degrees expected for clear lake, 84 for nevada, mid-80s near nappa, in and around the bay area, 70s expected for oakland, 75 san leandro, in the 60s today. 89 danville, 89 for pittsburgh, low 90s. off to the south bay, a warm day in san jose, 84 degrees, several degrees above today. 83 degrees santa clarra, sunnyvale. mid-70s for san mateo. 66 in the mid-cities tomorrow. similar to what we felt today. there's your extended forecast. summer arrives 4:09 on wednesday. wednesday looks to be the warmest day.
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take what happens as we get closer to the weekend. numbers slide back into the 70s. mid-to upper 70s for friday, saturday, and sunday looks to be a tad warmer, but these numbers below average for this time of the year and the first weekend of summer, gasia. the fair is four days away, and it means fun for the whole family, including very special dogs. the 24th annual world's ugliest dog contest is set for friday at the fair grounds. we're giving you a sneak peek at two of the not so cute contestants from the san francisco spca. the top ugly dogs will get some treats for sure and the owner will get $1,000, and both will get vip treatment and, of course, a trophy. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time the news break. i'm gasia mikaelian. coverage continues with the 10:00 news and tonight, the arrest of a bay area man on charges he was molesting children he was supposed to help. the issue that left the children
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