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tv   Right This Minute  KICU  June 22, 2012 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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troutman. welcome to "right this minute" where we're all about videos first. the cop chases the suspect and then answers his cry for help. >> i'm really hurt, i'm really hurt. >> you've got to help me, sir. >> the lawman fights fire to get his man out. don't have the right change for bus fare? you could always do this. >> he turns around, grabs the mirror from the bus and starts smashing it too. >> beating up the bus. nothing crazy about that, right? >> and we've got what's being called the longest film kiss. >> kissing is a really weird thing. like it's just weird. >> kissing video, weird or -- what do you think? see it and let us know. and have you seen the little game between the golf pro and the really fast car? watch how it es g on, world re "right this minute." >> unbelievable. >> no way!
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time to get our show started, and steven has our first video. >> a daring rescue caught on tape has an officer in texas up for an award. let's go to nacogdoches, texas. we're seeing the dash cam of officer john allen. he's pursuing a shoplifting suspect that took off from the scene of a grocery store. as he pulls up and stops, you immediately see this red chevrolet hhr. you see smoke coming from the engine. the person you see standing looking into the driver's side window, that's a volunteer firefighter already at the scene, adrien nichols. >> the fire department responded pretty quick. i believe this vehicle is on fire. >> officer john allen begins assisting and trying to remove the driver who has been identified as michael arnold from his car. but michael arnold is not in good shape. >> you could see him try to open that driver's side door and it's not budging. >> you start hearing officer john allen giving orders to the man inside. >> no, this way, back towards
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me. >> the driver is responding, listen, i'm really hurt, i'm really hurt. >> oh, i'm hurt. i'm hurt. >> you've got to help us out. the vehicle is on fire. >> he's really hurt. >> right there you see officer john allen pull the driver, michael arnold, from the vehicle. daring rescue, but it's most important that he did it quickly because even though they hit this car with the fire extinguisher, it starts getting worse and worse very quickly. >> oh, my, that smoke is increasing. >> as officer allen is attending to this guy, before you know it, this car is engulfed in flames. >> oh, wow. did this thing cause a fire considering all the brush around it? >> no. fortunately firefighters did eventually show up to the scene and put the fire out. this all happened back on may 31st. this week officer john allen has been nominated for the texas commission on law enforcement
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officer standards and education life-saving award. the winners will be announced sometime next year. >> you know what's awesome about this, is this guy was a suspect and he didn't even break his stride. he's like i've got to get you out of there, he just switched modes. so this man in the red shirt is trying to get a ride on a london bus, but the driver asks him for exact change, for the correct fare. the guy becomes completely enraged at this request and look at what he does. >> what? >> he starts beating against this protective screen. he obviously can't get through because these are protective screens for a reason. the driver opens the doors. the guy walks out and just when you think he's going to walk away, he turns around, grabs the mirror from the bus and starts smashing it too. >> this guy is an idiot.
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first of all, dude, in a lot of cities you need the exact change or exact fare. bus drivers don't have change to just dole out to you as you get on the bus. what's punching the plexiglass going to do other than break your hand. >> police are looking for him, that's why they released this video that happened in march. >> it's alarming to me how many people get enraged over something as simple as bus change. >> and it's also his responsibility to have money to get on the bus to get him where he's trying to get. >> and you know what sucks the most. he rimmed the mirror off the bus when probably means they had to shut the bus down and have another bus come in which probably made all the passengers late to where they're going. james prater said the big man upstairs was really looking out for him because he was in his car when it started looking like this. do you think what caused this? >> it looked like a frisbee coming directly at me. >> he was on a roadway in
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pittsburgh and he talked to wpxi and said he can't believe what happened. >> it landed on his car and his car caught fire. he was in it and he got out and walked away. >> the bags had deployed, the smoke was in the car. i didn't know it was on fire. >> this manhole cover is a couple of hundred pounds. >> yeah. >> it's crazy, it peeled the hood of his car back and dented in the top. >> the manhole cover was airborne? >> they think it might possibly have been a methane buildup that met a spark and the spark just sent that manhole cover flying. >> we've heard about this kind of thing before. you can't bolt them down because you need to remove them sometimes, but maybe some temporary thing to keep them down? >> like a latch. >> maybe they can be screwed on from now on so you can unscrew it if you need to get in and out without needing additional
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equipment. >> but since it's a couple of hundred pounds you'd need a mechanism to screw it rich. >> let's put our heads together and invent that, be rich. all about the money. all day, every day. ♪ >> i want to tell you about a miracle performed by some florida surgeons. this is 20-month-old lana gonzalez. >> look at her pretty hair. >> as you can see, she's full of life, full of joy, but when she was in her mother's womb, doctors didn't know if she was going to survive. take a look at this ultrasound that was taken midway through tammy gonzalez' pregnancy. >> that looks like a bubble coming out of her mouth. >> that was in fact a tumor that was growing from this little girl's lip inside of her mother's womb. with the tumor growth it takes blood flow away from the baby and they thought that the baby would die inside the mother's
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uterus. >> did they perform the surgery in utero? >> yes, they did. >> that is really brave. i can't imagine what it would be like to go through that as a mother. >> it's the most horrible feeling you can ever imagine. physically, emotionally. >> tammy had two fetal surgeons in florida perform this incredibly dangerous surgery. tammy, the mother, was sedated but she was still watching the surgery on a monitor. you can see the ultrasound pictures and then pictures from the camera inside of mom's tummy. >> just months later a healthy baby girl was born. here are pictures just after lana's birth. >> her mom must be calling those doctors her heroes. she has to be. >>ow lana is a happy, 20-month-old girl and you see no signs of the tumor. >> she's beautiful. you'd never know looking at her that she dealt with this while she was in her mother's womb. this brave girl is taking on
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a big bk challenge. >> burger king came out with that new bacon thing. >> and she's been challenged by her boss to eat five of them. >> what's the point of eating five of them? >> i couldn't do this. >> see if she's got the appetite to pull it off. and we're bringing bow ties back. >> now we have to learn how to tie a bow tie. ♪ take both sides and make
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yesterday i told you guys about the massive flooding in duluth, minnesota, the worst flooding they have seen there in some 40 years. i've got more videos trickling in from youtube today. this one shows a giant sinkhole in duluth, minnesota. as the camera pans around, you can sort of see what's inside this sinkhole. it's so big that an entire car is down there. while some people's cars have been swallowed up, other people
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are having a little bit of fun with these flooding. these guys are having some fun in a parking lot. this is the miller hill mall area that's completely under water. you see some minnesotans out with a truck and a raft pulling people around having some fun. this is one way to get out there and have a good time. other people were jet skiing through the floodwaters. at first glance it looks like a lake but then you notice there's a billboard there so it's definitely not a lake. and then the camera goes forward and they're passing up a car that's almost completely under water. there's a bank right there. it's a rough time in minnesota. yesterday we talked about how many animals at the zoo lost their lives because of the floods but at least some people are saying, look, we've got all this water, let's go out and make the best of it. >> it's so surreal to see this. you know there's a road there and yet some guy is on a jet ski. >> that's really going to be sad when these floodwaters recede and people will see all of the damage. katie nolan works for guyism
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as a producer and editor, but her boss gave her a chal sglele. >> burger king came out with that bacon burger and i work with all dudes, which is usually cool, but the downside of that is my boss did put me on an assignment. >> this cute little petite brunette has been challenged by her boss to eat five burger king bacon sundaes. i thought she'd have a problem and it starts trying to order them. >> do you guys have the bacon sundae here? >> if you want to, i make a special one for you. >> okay. can i actually get five of them? >> i'll make it special for you? it sounds a little creepy. it sounds like he's going to do something weird to it. so there's real strips of bacon in this one? >> here's the thing. at first she sits in the car to eat them. >> not only is it ice cream with
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bacon in it, but it's ice cream with really, really bad bacon in it. >> what's the point of eating five of them? i don't get it. >> i couldn't do it. >> i couldn't do it. i couldn't even get through half of one. >> she eventually goes into the restaurant because she has an explanation for food that is bad. >> when something sucks, there's a sure fire way to make it not suck. that's three. >> then somebody comes along and says maybe i'll try some of that. >> she finish it? >> no. >> three and a half. >> once you get that far, you've got to go all the way. >> i don't blame her. i don't think she's a chicken, i don't think she's a quitter because i couldn't do this and i love bacon. >> i feel like my brain is moving slower than it ever
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moved. two guys felt it would be cool to melt some tools. it's all about the magic of melting, next, "right this minute." pucker up, because we're showing you the longest film kiss. yep, it's sweet and it turns out it's got other uses. >> preteens and teenagers could use this as a user's guide. sixth grade, steven fabian could have used this video. and a lesson in -- >> multi tasking. >> while towing. >> yep, like this. >> not only is the car towing the car. t the carar is
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♪ [ ukulele strumming ] ♪ [ folksy whistling ] [ man ] quitting is a fight you can't let yourself lose. it can take many tries.
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but keep trying, you will beat smoking. honey, you okay? yeah, i'm fine. ♪ [ ukulele ]
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we're all about videos first here at "right this minute" and this is a little segment we call "best of rtm" where we show you videos that won't fit in our show but they are on our website. >> up first, our favorite part nerd, part dance machine. keith is back and he's featured in flo rida's latest video with crazy dance moves. >> this guy is becoming a huge superstar. i have a video about banjo, an awesome little dog whose owner has cancer and now banjo is trying to help his owner raise some money for the american cancer society. and we have an exclusive
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interview with banjo's dad on our website. just head to our website and click on the best of rtm tab. man's best friend. >> yeah. bow ties are back in the fashion world, not just for, you know, nerdy college professors and poindexters. they're for cool people now too, but now we have to learn how to tie a bow tie. >> if you want to tie a bow tie. down with the right side, up with the left. >> i would like to point out, steven, that poindexters and nerdy college professors are cool. >> left goes over the top like this, take both sides and make them kiss. pull them out and put the bottom part in the holes then you even out the sides and you're ready to pull. >> if you've ever tried to tie a bow tie, it's hard. >> believe it or not i have been shopping for a bow tie. >> is it going to be a big one? >> me and my bow tie, answer and command some respect.
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i'm half man, half bow, half tie. i'm going to wear it around the neck until the day that i die. >> one of our camera guys, johnny ortiz, found this video and learned it how to tie a bow tie. so it actually worked? >> i just played the song over and over again. i got a lot of compliments on the bow tie. >> from your mom? >> from your mom. >> well played, johnny. ♪ got my bow tie on, ♪ got my bow tie on and i look good ♪ >> it's not as easy as it looks, tying a bow tie. maybe that's why professors wear them because they're the only ones smart enough to figure out how to get those things on. if you want to see the entire bow tie video, take your bow ties over to people have goals. >> yes. >> the goal of this particular film crew was to create the longest film kiss.
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>> like longest time someone can kiss? >> that's what i thought but that's not what this film is. it is 200 seconds of a bunch of different people kissing that seems like it's more like the longest film dedication to kissing. >> although if it is the longest kiss, i really want to see one loving couple kiss for a really long time, although there's nothing wrong with seeing a bunch. >> the film critic wants to say why do i care about these people kissing. >> i realize while watching these 200 seconds of kissing, i realize i don't like to watch people kiss. it made me feel sweaty and uncomfortable. >> kissing is a really weird thing. it's just weird. >> i like the concept a lot, but the execution not so much. >> those are two chicks. >> i like that one. >> why are we not surprised? >> two women? >> no, the background. preteens could use this as a learn's guide. because you're really bad at
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making out when you're in seventh grade. >> you know who could have used this video? remember that guy that got married and he never kissed a girl and he gave her that kiss and it was all mouth? >> i don't know, sixth grade steven fabian could have used that video. but my eighth grade, master. >> is that so? >> so see this entire kissing video by going to our website and tell us what your favorite kiss is at this golfer and this dri aep stunt. the mission, hitting a golf ball into a mer acedesmercedes. >> watch how it goes. >> unbelievable!
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here's some sweet summertime action. the folks at go pro put this wakeboarding video today at the houston wake nation ski park. this whole video put together by wakeboard magazine. this is the cable pulleyed system where they don't use a boat, they just use those high-speed cables. >> so the pulley system is on land. >> it's like a ski lift for wakeboarders but it goes much faster and pulls these guys all over the park. >> and good for the environment because you don't have to gas
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your boat. >> who knew they could make a park for wakeboarders. >> i've never seen one of these things in person. it looks like a blast. they tow them all around this lake. see all the different surfaces they can wakeboard on. it just looks cool. these are some of the best wakeboarders in the business. andrew adams and his brother. >> cool. >> oh, a little advanced move at the end. i like that. >> that's pretty smooth. it's time for life lessons with beth and steven. >> today's lesson, multi tasking while towing. >> that's a car on top of a car. >> are those bungee cords holding this thing together? >> bungee cords, rubber bands, could be torn burlap sacks for all we know. >> i think it's a burlap sack. >> not only is the car towing the car, but the car towing the car is about to be towed. it's a car with a car on it on a tow truck and the tow truck will drive them both away.
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>> why did they need the tow truck if this car was driving with this car on it. >> the guy wanted to take a nap. >> multi tasking while towing a truck, all you need is a burlap sack. >> the life lesson is if you have a tow truck and you need to tow not one, but two cars. take the smaller of the two cars, put that on top of the other car. >> with the burlap sack. >> and then drive the larger of the two cars on top of the flatbed, drive away, boom. ladies and gentleman, the video you are about to watch is absolutely real. pro golfer jake shepherd is going to hit a golf ball and formula one racer david is going to catch it with a mercedes benz amg. >> they're going to give the car a bit of a head start, right? >> 3, 2, 1.
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>> whoa! >> unbelievable. >> no way! >> this was a guinness world record, so guinness verified that this did happen. now, i watched the prevideo to see how they made it. they did a couple of practice runs. they did smash one windshield in the making of this video, but in the end they were able to do it. >> it doesn't surprise me that the car could catch up to where the ball was but it surprises me that the driver was able to maneuver it right to where the ball is falling. >> it can't be easy to see this ball and then get it to fall in your car. >> i was looking at the ball, look at the road and look back and you can't find the ball. you have to keep your eye on it all the time. >> you have to give credit to the golfer too. he's estimating where the car is going to end up. >> i had to get it as straight and consistent. >> he just had to hit it fast and he hit it 170 plus miles per
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hour. >> it's not often you combine the gentlemanly game of golf -- >> with the wrecking age of motor sports. >> that's it for our show, everybody. we'll leave you with more of the longest kiss video. remember, head to our facebook page and tell us which kiss is your favorite. we'll see you next time.
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