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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  June 27, 2012 11:30pm-12:30am PDT

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oakland's mayor calls a news conference to make an admission, her numbers on violent crime don't add up. good evening, everyone, i'm frank somerville. >> oakland jean quan called it the 100 blocks plan. she defended that name until today. eric rasmussen has been questioning the program for months. tonight, he finally has some answers. >> reporter: it was in march that a person suggested to me, there are not 100 blocks responsible. we visited one of the hot spots
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here in east oakland here this afternoon. she says she doesn't need stats to know this neighborhood near 96th and bancroft is one of oakland's most violent. >> 90% of all of the violent crime in this city has happened in 100 blocks. >> reporter: based on bad data. >> i think that was just political bs. >> reporter: councilmember larry reed walked out of the mayor's news conference. releasing its own report, showing the so-called 100 blocks in oakland account for less than 20% of the city's violent crime. >> the plan, to me, it's about giving people in the city a
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false sense of hope. >> are there in fact 100 blocks. >> i have seen the 100 blocks. i've seen the map. >> reporter: we asked that question in march. >> i just appreciate that jean quan acknowledged her mistake and that we're going to now move on, and focus on actually combating crime, as opposed to arguing about maps and slogans. >> reporter: she and others say no strategy will work without enough officers on the street. she hopes they will find a way to fund two more police academies when they talk about the budget tomorrow. happening now. california has a budget. just about a half hour ago came word that governor brown signed 21 bills to put the budget plan in effect. he warned more tough measures still will be taken. >> do pension reform that's
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real and lasting, and do it without too much delay. >> here are some of the specific budget items. the deal erases most of the $15.7 billion budget deficit. people on the welfare to work program will have to find jobs within two years. it also allows governor brown to furlough workers without an agreement from their unions. but the budget also depends on voters passing a temporary tax hike in november. if not, $6 billion in cuts take effect on january 1. uc administrators said they will not take a budget cut. the regents were expected to raise tuition 6%. however, administrators say if the tax hikes don't pass in november, it is very likely that student tuition will go
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up. only on 2 tonight, exclusive video in the search for the shooter who opened fire on a teenager today in the east bay community of ashland. news chopper 2 was over the scene as police surrounded an apartment building looking fire their suspect. heather holmes is live now in alameda county with the surveillance video deputies are using to search for the man. >> reporter: right now, officials are inside. they are reviewing the images captured by surveillance cameras and they not only show the suspected shooter, they also show a very expensive suv leaving the scene. >> this is the man caught on video, running through a parking lot seconds after gunfire erupted on mateo street in unincorporated san leandro. she told me, it was her 18-year- old brother shot outside this complex. >> he is in stable condition right now. he's lost his right eye.
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his bone structure is fractured on his right side of his face. >> reporter: sheriff deputies surrounded the apartment building after receiving information that gunmen might be holed up inside the units. some carries weapons, others shields, lined up on the second floor of the building. on the ground, a k-9 unit walked the perimeter. >> deputies made entry into an apartment that we thought the suspect might be. it turned out he was not in there. >> reporter: this surveillance video ktvu obtained shows a man matching the description of the suspect leaving the area before authoritying arrived. take a look as he stumbles into frame. stops, and talks to someone in a green mercedes suv, and then runs. here's a look at the man from a different angle. watch as he looks over his shoulder. >> he is definitely a person of interest. >> also of interest? this pricey suv. relatives home the video will lead to an arrest. >> if anybody knows anything,
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we just hope that they come forward. >> reporter: as for a motive, witnesses say there was some sort of altercation between the victim and the shooter. >> at least three people were shot this evening in oakland. about 7:20 this evening, police responded to a report of shots fired. when they arrived they found a man who had been shot in the head, lying in the street. he was taken to highland hospital, and is suffering life- threatening injuries. witnesses on the scene said they saw a lot of people calling police, but it took at least 30 minutes before anyone arrived. we're still waiting to hear back from police about whether tay was true. two other victims from a shooting in north oakland were also sent to the hospital. at 5:40, police responded to the shooting. one victim was taken to highland. the second showed up there later. police are working on the
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theory that they shot each other. so far, police have not made any arrests. in reno, city council members approved tax hikes for apple to invest in the area. it was part of a $1 billion investment over 10 years. the deal includes $89 million in local tax breaks. tonight, at 10:30, big announcements today from google. how the internet giant is taking on amazon. we have new information about the east palo alto man accused of ramming a stolen car into a police officer's leg on monday, and then nearly driving over a second officer who shot at him. the 19-year-old faces nine felony charges, including five counts with assault with a deadly weapon on a police officer. he has been wanted since april. we now know the name of the man who police say was responsible for the first
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killing in orinda in ten years. james collin was taken into custody on suspicious of murdering his girlfriend. police say they have recovered the weapon, but aren't saying what it was. collin was arrested at his neighbor's home. the victim's name is not being released. the supreme court is expected to announce its long awaited ruling tomorrow morning on president obama's healthcare law. tonight, kraig boswell reports on the political implications on that decision. >> reporter: the supreme court could allow the affordable care act to stand as is, strike down portions of the bill. or gut the entire law. president obama has defended his signature piece of legislation. >> it's the right thing to do that we've got 3 million young people who are on their parents health insurance plan that
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didn't have it before. >> reporter: that's one of the more popular provisions in the law that has already taken effect. the president's republican rival is also using it to rally his supporters. >> the first three and a half years of this president's term will have been wasted on something that does not help the american people. >> reporter: the overhaul, meant to cover 32 uninsured americans, comes at a cost of more than $900 billion. the political costs have yet to be determined. >> this entire election really is a battle between romney's insistence that it's a referendum on president obama's performance, and president obama's insistence that it's a choice. both sides believe the decision will increase turnout in november's election. the high court's decision is expected at 10:00 eastern time,
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thursday morning. in washington, kraig boswell, fox news. coming up here, bank of america -- why these protesters say foreclosures are not only unfair, they are also unsafe. >> we'll have that story and a live report coming up. >> i'm back here in just 10 minutes. we warmed up today, will we warm
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tonight, colorado is still on fire. crews there are battling a large number of wildfires that are burning all across the state. one of the fires has already burned 87,000 acres. yet another near colorado springs has forced 30,000 evacuations and tonight, it is still only 5% contained. the governor says they are literally battling the flames house by house, street by street, and hill by hill. on friday, the president will tour the area. tonight, we're going to hear from a bay area man who has a very personal connection to that colorado springs fire. rita williams tells us, you could really see the heartbreak on his face when he talked
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about it. >> reporter: flames were lapping around the air force academy today. >> right now, those ten acres are confined to the southwestern corner of the academy. >> reporter: high temperatures, low humidity, inpredictable winds helped the waldo canyon fire near colorado springs double in size overnight to 24 square miles. roughly the size of manhattan, and half the size of san francisco. the fire chief says dozens of homes are gone. >> we don't know the number. again, this is an active fire. it's not even remotely close to being contained. >> reporter: manny navarro was a thousand miles away from that fire, but his heart and mind were on the fire, for colorado springs where he used to be the chief. >> i was there for over 14
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years. i hired well over 360 of these firefighters. there's not one person out on that line that i probably don't know personally. >> reporter: that includes navarro's stepson on the fire line and his wife who evacuated their house there. just imagine, 32,000 people evacuated just in colorado springs. that happens to be the same population as the entire city of menlow park. firefighters are still on the scene of a fire that started in napa county this afternoon, and threatened homes. the fire was first reported around 1:40 this afternoon. crews were able to put out the fire around 3:00 this afternoon. no homes were damaged, and officials say five acres burned. but they still don't know what caused it. fire crews remain on the scene tonight to make sure there are no flare ups. tense moments today as
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gunshots range out in the parking lot of a raley's supermarket. police tell ktvu that a retired police officer, and an off-duty police officer both tried to help a store employee detain a woman suspected of stealing. they say that's when her male accomplice grabbed the stolen items and took off. investigators say the retired police officer opened fire as the male accomplice tried to run him over with his vehicle. police say no one was hit by the gunfire. the woman and her accomplice have both been detained. new at 10:00, protesters marched on some oakland banks today, angry about home foreclosures they say can be dangerous. even deadly. debra villone is live. >> reporter: julie, with utilities cut off, the men in this house, may have been using
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candles for light. neighbors say this was a tragedy waiting to happen. firefighters pulled two men from upstairs bedrooms. smoke inhalation killed one, and put the other in the hospital. neighbors say a third man who survived is the brother of the elderly homeowner who died a year ago. sometimes a half dozen men. sometimes fewer, in and out of here. their drinking sometimes made neighbors nervous. >> in my opinion, i don't know why any didn't just board it up. put padlocks and everything on it, to keep everyone out. >> reporter: protesters rallying in oakland today included some maxwell park homeowners. >> i have an empty house next to me. i have an empty house across the street from me. i have an empty house three doors down. >> reporter: empty houses they say, vulnerable to blight and
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squatters. owners were denied loan modifications. >> we're losing those people, and then the banks are leaving these people derelict. >> reporter: it's unclear whether the late homeowner's heirs had any claim to the place or tried to work with the lender. the neighbors are simply relieved the fire they saw coming didn't take their homes too. >> it's sad that he died. but i had a premonition. people that squat. >> reporter: the 30-year-old man who died and the man injured are apparently not related to the long time homeowner here, but friends of family. i talked to the battalion chief in charge of this fire fight. she tells me tonight, the man who did survive is in critical
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condition. when someone tries to log onto its website, they will likely get an error message. the dmv estimates thousands of people use this site every day to do things such as renew their registrations. >> we don't have any idea right now. >> do you know what's causing it? >> don't have a definitive answer there either. >> the dmv says people should try to use the customer service line, but the wait can be a long one. however, they do plan to wave any late pen amounts for people who are not able to complete their transactions because of that glitch. stockton says the city plans to file for bankruptcy by the end of the week. after intense debate, the city approved a plan to file for bankruptcy, becoming the largest city in the country to do so. it reduces contributions to current employee and retiree health benefits. the city is facing a $26 million budget short fall.
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one of the latest polls showed president obama leading republican mitt romney in three battle ground states. it gives mr. obama a 45-41% edge in florida. in ohio, the president has a 47- 38% lead over romney. and it's mr. obama 45%, romney 39% in pennsylvania. mitt romney hit the campaign trail in virginia today. he hammered away at president obama's fiscal policies. >> for those a little younger, he's adding trillions of dollars to federal spending. we do not need more debt. we cannot pass on these burdens to the next generation. >> romney's campaign is said to be preparing a defense of his time at bane capital. this is apparently in response to the president's campaign that bane outsourced many jobs
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overseas while romney was there. it warmed up nicely today. 5 to 8 degrees depending where you were. forecast highs for thursday, just like these, not a big change. i think it might be a degree or two warmer inland. there's going to be a little bit of fog late tonight, early tomorrow morning. the computer model struggles with it. here it is at 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. it struggles with the fog, just a little patch trying to show up here. i think there will be a little more than that. i think there will be a little patchy coastal fog. then it goes away. daytime highs tomorrow, lots of 70s and 80s. today's temperatures, just rolling into tomorrow. maybe a degree warmer in the inland bay valleys. when i come back, a five-day forecast with the weekend in view that's going to show some cooling. some mild weather and a return to fog. i will let you know all about that. a mountain lion and a cub were spotted today in a redwood city park.
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near the area of farm hill boulevard. police say if you do encounter a mountain lion. don't run, rather face the animal, and try to look bigger by waving your arms. >> download the ktvu app, and watch all of our newscasts live. on the hunt for
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double trouble for two people in phoenix. meteorologists say today's dust storm was more than 2,000 feet high in some places. many flights in and out of the area were delayed, and some airports were forced to close
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altogether. the bodies of two women were recovered today at a mall in ontario, canada, where part of a roof collapsed. officials don't believe anyone else is trapped inside. the two victims were the only deaths. many people in the small town insisted they wouldn't give up until they were certain no one else was trapped in the rubble. >> tonight, hundreds of pounds of illegal fireworks, some of which are very powerful, are all off the streets. >> reporter: a team of armed investigators raided two homes this morning. >> it's that time of year. sad to see good people get in trouble. >> reporter: one week before july 4, they seized more than 400 pounds of fireworks. everything from professional
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grade mortar rounds to m80s. nearby residents were stunned by this illegal activity. >> it concerns me greatly. you never know. what if they would have went off in the middle of the night and started a fire or something like that. that would be horrible. >> they're good neighbors. we both bought our houses roughly at about the same time. so i know the family pretty well. >> under arrest are a 19-year- old and 45-year-old. each facing charges of possession of destructive devices and fireworks without a permit. >> a lot of people have figured out they want to hold them by hand. they shoot them, they can easily end up on somebody's roof. if that roof happens to be combustible, you end up with a roof on fire. >> reporter: working hard to wipe out the illegal fireworks trade. >> last year, we had a person in the east part of the county in the pittsburgh area who
11:56 pm
actually destroyed most of their hand with an m80. >> reporter: fire officials remind everyone that in this county, all fireworks, including simple sparklers are illegal. ktvu, channel 2 news. >> more details now. authorities are urging people to report any suspicious activities ahead of the 4th of july holiday. if you suspect someone may be selling fireworks illegally, here's what you can do. call 866-50-arson. walnut creek police are asking for the public's help in finding a man they say exposed himself to a teenage girl. it happened last monday afternoon as the 14-year-old walked along the iron horse trail. police say the man followed the girl before exposing himself. police released this sketch today. the man is described as latino, about 40 years old. 5'7", and weighing about 200 pounds. google is taking on tablets. but can
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london put on a real light show tonight, to mark one month before the olympics begin. one of the city's best known landmarks. the five huge rings are 82 feet wide, and 37 feet tall, and weigh about 13 tons. san jose is hosting the u.s. olympic trials for gymnastics with opening ceremony set to begin tomorrow morning. ktvu's patty lee is live there tonight, where some of the festivities have already begun.
12:00 am
>> reporter: what you may not raise, earlier today it was transformed into gymnastic u.s.a. it took san jose eight years to bring these trials here to hp pavilion. where the country's top gymnasts will compete for a spot on the olympic team. the start of the olympic trials for gymnastics in san jose is opening the door to dreams of olympic gold across the bay area. >> i told my mom, it's really cool if i could go to the olympics. >> reporter: they will be spectators at the trials tomorrow. hometown hero josh dixon who learned to dumbable at this gym as a child will be competing. >> they bought out sections. there's a lot of support from my other club gym. they'll be exciting a lot of
12:01 am
people. >> reporter: his sister, a gymnastics coach can't wait to cheer him on. >> he trained his entire life just to be able to be in trials. i think that's a big accomplishment already. >> reporter: downtown san jose is already basking in the glow of gold, bringing its share of green. this hotel is at 100% occupancy for the next four days. up 40% from bookings this time last year. >> this is a huge deal for san jose and frankly, the entire bay area. we have tens of thousands of people traveling here. looking at more than 6,000 hotel room nights that have already been booked. >> reporter: they will be performing outside hp pavilion friday and sunday. the closest they'll get to performing at the olympic trials at least for a few more years. reporting live in san jose, patty lee, ktvu, channel 2 news. the wife of suspended san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi is coming to his
12:02 am
defense. she submitted a written declaration saying he never hit her, or abused her in any way, but he did grab her arm causing a bruise. she also said they had an argument about money, like many couples do. her attorney says it's up to the city to pay to bring her back to the bay area. >> if they want her to testify, she's willing and able to do that. they can provide funds, fly in, testify, and fly out. >> mirkarimi is expected to testify tomorrow as is mayor ed lee. it was lee who suspended mirkarimi after the incident between the sheriff and his wife. google unveiled a small tablet computer that is seen as a district challenge to the kindle fire. it's called the nexus 7, and it is designed specifically for google play.
12:03 am
the online store that sells music, books and apps. >> they're really going after the kindle fire, and really tieing it to more media, entertainment, reading. >> google also showed off a product type of -- prototype of glasses. it's called project glass and it will ship next year. google as introduced the nexus q. it ships in the middle of next month. the device kind of acts as a bridge between android devices and tv sets. it was designed, and manufactured in the united states. on wall street, today's announcement sent google shares up about 6%. a lawyer pleaded not guilty today to the fatal hit-and-run
12:04 am
death of a bicyclist. spencer smith was arrested after police found his damaged mercedes-benz. the victim was identified as bo hugh. smith is now freed on $60,000 bail. students in antioch are mourning the loss of one of their classmates after a 17- year-old girl was hit and killed by a freight train this morning. the it happened at the same place where another student was struck and killed just two months ago. >> reporter: the burlington northern santa fe train was more than a mile long. just after 9:00 this morning, one witness said he heard the squeal of the train's brakes. the speed limit is 60 miles per hour. >> i was hoping nobody got hit. right by the train was the body
12:05 am
of a woman. >> reporter: a group of young people began gathering across the tracks, tellings, she was their friend. >> everybody liked her, because she was just always happy. she never was down. >> reporter: william is the brother of jesse morris who was struck and killed by anamtrak train while riding his bike in the same area a month ago. >> she always visited here. every morning, she told me, i'm over here at jesse's spot. >> reporter: a spokeswoman for burlington northern says the investigation into what happened here could take weeks. in antioch, rob roth, ktvu, channel 2 news. tonight at 10:45, a bay area veteran's mission to honor service members and the
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a key prosecution witness told her story about the day william lynch allegedly beat a priest. lynch says the priest molested him, and his brother when they were children. the defense shrugged off eaten's story saying she has been inconsistent. >> i don't think she saw anything. i think she told police the truth when they got there. she was interviewed. the only thing she saw was will walking out. she didn't see the beating. >> today, the judge briefly cleared the courtroom and met with the jury. he allowed the public back in, but warned them not to have any contact with the jurors.
12:09 am
the trial is in recess until friday. a new legal move today from the wife of the late thomas kincaid, concerning the future of his estate. lawyers filed documents today, arguing hand written notes that kincaid's girlfriend claims are valid will, should be considered in private arbitration, and not in open court. the handwritten documents leave the estate and $10 million cash to kincaid's girlfriend. he was estranged from his wife for 30 years when he died in april. a man suspected in a double homicide in fairfield has been arrested in southern california. police tracked down 18-year-old marcel rutherfordchew in los angeles. he is an east palo alto res dent, -- resident. he is now facing two counts of murder. rutherford-chew has been booked
12:10 am
at the solano county jail. seven employees were killed. the assad regime called it a massacre and blamed opposition fighters for the attack. the rebels denight that and said syrian troops who recently defected were responsible. in greece, the athens headquarters of microsoft came under attack today. police say three people drove a stolen van into the building and set off a firebomb. accomplices helped them escape. no one was hurt. microsoft has had a presence in greece for 20 years. in northern ireland, a brief hand shake symbolized so much. queen elizabeth ii shook ands with martin mcginnis. a former commander of the ireland army. three decades of conflict claimed some 3500 lives. later mcginnis said he would
12:11 am
still like to see the british out of northern ireland. the a.i.d.s. quilt still has a serious impact. part of the project went on display today at the national mall in washington, d.c. the panels were opened with great care. the 8,000 panels were all made to memorialize friends and loved ones who died from the disease. alameda sheriff detectives have been looking for a man who has been missing since this morning. they believe he walked away from his home in san lorenzo. the family is worried about him because he has alzheimer's and diabetes. art as a road to healing
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you may not be aware of this, but today is post traumatic stress awareness day. it's estimated 11 to 20% of iraq war veterans suffer from ptsd. >> reporter: there's a small san francisco alley located in the tenderloin with a ladder, some pain, and a man named amos gregory, who we fond dangling from scaffolding. >> it's a healing process for me and for other vets. >> reporter: the goal here is to paint the names of every u.s. service member killed in iraq. this being done by a man who is a service member himself. >> post traumatic stress
12:15 am
disorder, i think with veterans is very misunderstood. >> the overriding percentage of the population never have been in combat. there's a need for cultural competency. >> reporter: an organization helping veterans transition to civilian life, including those with ptsd. >> you want to have a mental health community that understands the issues. >> we are getting better at that? >> we are getting better at that. >> reporter: he degrees, but says some are steering away from treatment. >> in part, because they feel it's not honoring the buddies they left behind, or if i get better, i'm going to forget, and that's going to dishonor the folks i served with. >> reporter: the memories never go away after treatment, and on this day. this veteran who knows ptsd is
12:16 am
making sure the memories of soldiers lost never fade from the wall of this small san francisco alley. two positive reports on the american economy sent the stock market higher today. the dow gained 92 opponents. nasdaq was up 21. what spurred the markets was a rise in existing home sales, and businesses ordering durable manufacturing goods. netflix tried and failed to get a lawsuit overturned. netflix argued it's difficult because of copyright problems and said requirements about disabilities don't apply. a judge disagreed. for the first time in 13 years the fda has approved a new weight loss drug. it is made out of san diego. it is designed to be an appetite suppressant to help people feel full after they eat
12:17 am
small amounts of food. in trials patients lost 5% of body weight. it's estimated 2/3 of americans are overweight or obese. in washington, d.c. there was a demonstration of the dangers of portable cribs today known as play yards and what happens when they collapse. this coincides with tough new rules for such cribs. 60 children have died. 170 have been injured over the last five years. the new rules on durability and stability are set to go into effect in december. we've got a little bit of patchy fog on the coast. but not much. i think there will be more later tonight. but it's really not a big player. we go outside and sigh that it's still kind of mild in the sacramento valley. 72degrees. temperatures around the bay area right now, most of us are in the 50s. temperatures tomorrow, temperatures today warmed up.
12:18 am
we came up 5 to 8 to 10 degrees over yesterday. temperatures tomorrow, just like today. not much of a difference. maybe warmer inland. a little more fog, a little slower on the burn off tomorrow if at all. and if there's any fog at all, it will burn off slower and it will be very similar to today. thursday about the same. friday, temperatures start to trend downward a bit. and into saturday as well. here's the weather system to the north of us. this weather system is the thing that is responsible for fluctuating temperatures. right now, it's been a little further north. as we go into friday, it's going to dip down. saturday, it's going to cool us. cools us by means of onshore winds. cooler moisture, fog, pushing inland further. it helps out the fire danger and the air quality. overnight lows tonight are going to be in the upper 40s, mid-50s. forecast highs across the bay, just like today. whatever you had today, as you push the kids out the door for whatever they're doing, that's
12:19 am
how it's going to be tomorrow morning. daytime highs tomorrow are going to be just like today. you are going to get the heat once you get inland. 85, 88 degrees. the forecast then is for a warm inland forecast tomorrow. fog is trying to come in along the coast, but it's having a tough time. as we get forward the weekend for friday, this low dips south, and more fog is produced and that cools us off for friday and saturday. the low goes forth. still, this is all pretty manageable stuff. you see what's going on in colorado. they've been dealing with triple digit heat, and having a lot of fires. we, typically this time of year are talking about fires. they be -- then we had a couple of small ones today. it is very nice, pleasant weather. the coast is sunny. it's mild inland. it's going to stay that way through the weekend, warmer
12:20 am
next week. >> is it looking like next week is going to be hotter? >> yeah, 90, 92, but it's going to level off from there. new disturbing information about diesel exhaust. clumps of carbon are twice as likely as other smoke to stick in the lungs and enter the bloodstream. from they could get into your heart, into your brain, into other organs and cause other health effects. >> california has the strictest diesel control laws on the planet. uc berkely is installing new sensors that will detect carbon dioxide in realtime. many of them will be placed in public schools so students can help study the data. researchers say the sensors will help measure the effectiveness of programs to
12:21 am
reduce greenhouse gas emissions. "consumer reports" is urging the country's largest grocery stores to stop selling meat and poultry raised with antibiotics. consumer union is concerned that if the use of antibiotics in animals isn't reduced, it will reduce the effectiveness of those drugs on humans. a share of first place was at stake for the ♪
12:22 am
♪ ♪ ♪ [ transforming sounds ] [ male announcer ] transformers. the ride. ride it at universal studios hollywood.
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mark ears here now, a big day, and a big sweep for the giants.
12:25 am
>> yeah, like nothing i've ever seen before. never happened against the dodgers in san francisco. three straight shut outs and say hello to the first place giants. while you're at it, welcome back tim lincecum. the closest l.a. came to scoring right another, chad billingsley at third base, semi wild pitch, teaming with lincecum to hold onto the ball and basically blocking the plate. dodgers denied. in the 3rd, melky cabrera to left. it's trapped. a run scores. another run scored on a bases loaded walk. lincecum getting defensive help from his catcher. hector sanchez, sensational right there. the giants against billingsley, adding another. angel pagan with a shot to
12:26 am
right. he drew that walk with the bases loaded. a couple of rbi's. lincecum, walked 2, no runs. his first win of the year. the giants at a flat footed tie with the dodgers. against cincinnati for the weekend. home runs for the a's this afternoon. lots of nothing, and just enough of the long ball to get it done. 2-1. is it me or do these guys play a 2-1 game every time they meet? coco crisp doing his best rickey henderson impression leading off the game with a homer. 1-0. jared parker, the victory for the a's. he struck out 9. that's a career best. in the 7th, sespedes pretty much decides it. 2-1 oakland. it holds up. they take two out of three in
12:27 am
seattle. the dodgers and giants pales to uruguay and spain. they decided to save their best play for last. spain scoring the decider. 4-2 in the shoot out. spain now to face the winner of germany and italy in the final. the six time king in wimbledon exchanging grace with prince charles. an easy promotion onto the third round. only bowing to the royals. nobody else on that court today. that's the sporting life for wednesday night. mark, thank you. >> and thank you for trusting ktvu, channel 2 news. we'll see you
12:28 am
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