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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  July 5, 2012 11:30pm-12:30am PDT

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a deadly accident on the racetrack on the county fair. a jockey dies after being thrown from his horse. good evening i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. there's sadness as jose guerrero is thrown off his horse and died at the hospital. >> reporter: we talked with one victim who said that herr era's horse clipped the heels of
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another horse. we understand that jorge herr era is new to california racing. a jockey from mexico who had won 36 races. the horses took off from the gate. herr era was riding a gray horse number eight. a witness tells us that he started off strong and then fall back and got too close to another horse and was thrown on to to track. >> it seemed like he might have overcorrected and he came across the nine horse, clipped heels with the nine horse and stumbled badly and the jockey flew over the horse to the racetrack. >> reporter: officials say it appears that herr era might have been trampled. >> we had an ambulance that was following the race, emergency
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personnel responded immediately. he was taken to medical trauma in castro valley which he was then pronounced dead. >> reporter: county fair officials tell me they plan to remember herr era with a moment of silence before tomorrow's race. but this is just a shock for the racing community. the last fatality here was on july 5 back in 1975, ilan gonzalez, there's a memorial race that was named for him that is supposed to go on saturday. and i'm told that will go on. officials are conducting an investigation into the accident. reporting live, jana katsuyama, ktvu news. a 3-year-old boy from gilroy is hospitalized tonight with a life threatening gunshot wound. it happened early this evening on a home in kentwood court. according to the gilroy dispatch the boy either accidentally shot himself with
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a handgun or was accidentally shot by a play mate. there are unconfirmed reports that the boy was the son of a police deputy. they started handing out fliers in the area where ronny kidd was kill. he was stopped at seventh and market street when someone shot him. >> it appears he was driving home from work. he worked a double shift. it was possibly a case of mistaken identity. >> his family and police are hoping someone will provide information that will lead to his killer. an emotional ending in the trial of will lynch he was found not guilty for beating up a former priest even though he admitted he did it. robert handa was in court and tell us why the court may not
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be over just yet. >> reporter: will lynch emerged today from his two week trial texas riumphant. lynch was accused of beating lynch. court photos show the lynch family's relief. not guilty of elder abuse. jurors dead locked on a misdemeanor dead locked. we asked lynch if he was expecting that result. >> honestly, no. i was expecting to go to jail. i was very surprised. pleasantly surprised. >> reporter: lynch still wants lidner for perjury. >> i just hope he realized he's done and there's no way that guy can hide now. >> reporter: prosecutor jeff
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rosen has some words. >> this is about lynch and revenge outside of the court. >> i feel like i can probably have some peace and get on with my life. >> reporter: one last legal issue remains the district attorney's officer has one week to decide whether he wants to retry lynch on the lesser assault charge. rosen says his office is considering it. new details tonight in a shocking story of neglect. authorities describe horrible treatment of mentally disabled adult at a nonlicensed care home. matt keller may have learned more victims who may not have been located. >> reporter: many we spoke to tonight said they had no idea what was happening behind these walls. cameras keep an eyen on everyone who walks up to the door. no one answered the door, near
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by some dead grass speckled the yard and small mess in the driveway. but nothing like what police found inside the home. >> even before they entered the home they could smell the stench of urine and dog feces. >> reporter: they found 11 adults, we have photos of four suspects. all are related and range in age from 20 to 72. investigators say the disabled adults were maul nourished, beaten, bathed just once a month and forbidden from using toilet paper. >> we don't know how many others have been subjected to this house or these individuals. >> reporter: the first were taken to the medical center. three of them were found back inside this house, 21 more dogs were also taken by animal control. >> i have no clue.
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didn't hear anything at all during the day or at night. we know they had one little small puppy. but other than that we heard nothing. that was a shock to me. >> reporter: jim medina noticed barb wire and believed there was somebody living in the back of the house. >> reporter: reporting live in san jose, matt keller. alameda county authorities filed charges today against an oakland babysitter accused of abusing a 3-year-old boy. 25-year-old zakiyyah williams dialed 911 to report the boy was unconscious in the bathtub. investigators later determined
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that the boy had been abused. the chase started in san leandro no word on why police wanted to pull over the car or the condition of the driver after the crash. damage to that power pole caused a power outage in the area. oakland police are calling their 4th of july anti fireworks complain a result. we showed you pictures of fireworks going off all over the city. too many to count and the colorful displays lasted for hours. today police said yes residents were breaking the law but they said there were no fires and no one was killed by celebratory gunfire. police say they managed to key the community safe and that should be considered they say a success. the highway patrol's maximum enforcement period for the 4th of july lasted only two days instead of four which translates a in a steep decline of reported collisions or
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deaths. 479 drivers were arrested on suspicion of dui but that's down from 1,400 drivers in 2011. people who came out to watch the fireworks trashed the meadow. people brought alcohol, food, and in some cases furniture to the meadow for their 4th of july celebration and left it all behind when the party was all over. officials said it took 55 employees to clean up the mess. this also isn't the first time fort mason has been trashed. the same thing happened a few months ago on earth day. there may be a bit of improvement on the national job scene. about 14,000 fewer people applied for unemployment last week than the week before. payroll service provider adt says businesses added 176,000 jobs last month. that's above the 125,000 jobs a
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month that economists typically say are needed. weak sales for june as worries about the economy and jobs made people pull back on spending. looking forward, slow growth is expected for the u.s. economy. on wall street stocks ended on a mixed note. the dow closed 47 points lower. nasdaq finished flat earning less than a point. it could be a make or break moment for high speed rail in california. we're live at the capital with the key vote coming up and why billions of the dollars could be at stake. >> the clouds cleared out nicely today but already the fog pushing back into the bay. coming up where that fog will be first thing tomorrow morning and the temperature change you will notice for your friday. >> an
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>> fire crews in san joaquin county are keeping an eye on this fire. crews are essentially going to let it burn itself out. in eastern contra costa county three brush fires in the past 24 hours have led to scary moments for residents. john sasaki tells us these fires come just a few days after the fire department was forced to make a painful
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decision. >> reporter: we were passing by and beat most of the fire crews here to brentwood boulevard just after the fire started. it was around 4:15 and caught residents off guard. >> i looked out my back door i said oh my goodness. i seen the flames. i ran out there and i seen the men throwing dirt and i give them one of my hoses. >> reporter: we are here doing a story about another fire. >> we're definitely seeing the impact of having half the resources we had four days ago, five days ago. >> reporter: residents rightly guessed it took firefighters about 10 minutes to respond. in the meantime residents battled the flames. >> i was already out in the middle of the fire literally in the middle of fire trying to put it out. >> of course the closer the couple of stations and the loss of personnel kind of puts it
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back on the mental ballot. >> reporter: last week, the city closed three of its four fire houses. >> we're living within our budget and what people saw for responses last night is going to be our new norm. >> reporter: the fire here burned some outbuilding and fence line. no one was hurt in either fire. the chief told us while all of the county's engines there was no coverage in oakley or discovery bay. about three hours after that fire was controlled another fire started in oakley. firefighters responded to a residential area on the bethel island side of the city. it burned some antique canoes stored in a lot and flying embers caused a fire on the a roof down the street. neighbors say fireworks are to blame but still no official word on what officially started it. an exclusive new ktvu field poll gives president obama a
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clear advantage over mitt romney. the poll shows 55% of voters support the president. more independent voters also favor obama over his presidentive challenger. gop officials say romney and the republican national committee combined to raise more than $100 million in june. the obama campaign has not said how much it's taken in lately but the president has expressed concern about being outraised by his attorney. the president is currently on a two day bus tour in two key battleground states ohio and pennsylvania. one stop was parma ohio, it's an area that's benefited from the economic recovery. >> we don't want to waste money, we can't afford it. we don't have enough.
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and by the way, i'm not somebody who believes that every government program works. >> another stop on the tour was big e's bar. new at 10:00, a critical function for high speed rail in california. late today members of the state assembly approved millions of the dollars of spending for construction of the nation's first speed rail system. but there's new warnings that the entire project is in jeopardy. eric rasmussen live with the pivotal vote that's expected tomorrow. >> reporter: i can tell you that pr machines on both sides have been working hard tonight. we've been swamped by e-mails from both. if it doesn't even the projects own chairman says high speed
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rail in california is effectively dead. the dream is to have high speed trains running up to 220- -miles-per-hour. but state senators on both sides of the debate over the $68 billion project still aren't sure whether it will become reality. >> if this vote doesn't go up for high speed rail is the project dead? >> well i want to think positively. it's going to be a very close vote. >> reporter: trying to convince them to support $4.5 billion in state funding for high speed rail and other regional projects such as caltrain which the assembly passed today. >> every billion dollars invested, this is an investment in our future we create about 15,000 jobs. >> reporter: republicans such as senator doug lamofa says costs continue to rise and the senate cannot afford it. >> we're 55 billion short.
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>> reporter: yet supporters warn california will lose out on more than 3 billion in federal money if the state doesn't move forward now. >> what do you say to those who say we can't afford not to do this? >> look, we can create jobs by just having people haul the wheel barrels of money that are going to be dumped into this project. you can call that a job. >> reporter: they hope lawmakers will consider an alternative plan that can still make use of all of that federal money that is on the table. eric rasmussen, ktvu channel 2 news. california prison officials estimate that a new law will send an extra 250 inmates a year to local jails. that's considerably more than the initial estimate of just two inmates a year. correction officials say it was a miscalculation. the population of the state's
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prisons has dropped by more than 40,000 inmates since october when the state began sending thousands of criminals to county jails in response to court orders requiring a reduction in prison overcrowding. it is a first for the san francisco mounted police. and they say they are doing it to make their jobs a little safer. several mounted police officers were outside john's grill on l street this afternoon to officially announce a change in uniform. for the first time in 138 years they are now wearing helmets instead of soft hats. they say the change was prompted by the injury of an officer who fell off of his horse a few years ago. a reminder now, you can get ktvu news to go on your cell phone. download the ktvu app. click the live icon and watch our live news any time. you can be connected any time any where. it ended up being a very nice thursday with the clouds clearing out. but already the fog regrouping offshore and even a few patches heading into the bay. we have mostly cloudy skies
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through san francisco and also oakland. here's our forecast model showing you the expected cloud pattern first thing tomorrow morning at 6:00. the clouds hugging the coast side and hanging around in the bay. temperatures will be in the upper 40s to low to mid-50s. san francisco 52, san jose 53 degrees. here is a look at our microclimates as we had into your friday afternoon. you can see the temperature sensor going up as you would expect this time of year as you go across the bay. the warmest locations on track to reach the mid-80s. we will continue to warm upcoming up we'll let you know when mid-90s return to our local forecast. a $10,000 reward for clues in a deadly bay area hit-and- run. >> people in this san francisco neighborhood tell us they're on the look out for attacks. they tell us the
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oakland police are trying to determine if a driver purposely struck a bicyclists last night in a deadly hit-and- run. it happened just before 10:00 near the intersection of international boulevard and 85th avenue. witnesses tell ktvu it appear it is driver of the car may have intentionally hit the bicycle rider. >> after the collision the driver actually accelerated and kind of drug the guy for another 100 feet before he fell off the vehicle then continued without stopping to render any aid. >> the victim was not carrying any information. coroners used fingerprints to learn his identity but will not release it until next of kin has been identified. three chp officers are on administrative leave tonight after a shooting on the lower
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deck of the bay bridge created a huge traffic jam. as cara liu reports it all started with a speeding car and the gridlock lasted for the entire morning commute. traffic was snarled and thousands could not get out of city for hours. we know now from investigators the man blamed is antonio robierson. the accident happened just after 1:30 this morning. according to chp a cadillac sped past an officer in the east bay bound bridge. officers say they tried to help the two people in the car. >> they attempted to render aid at which point the vehicle tried to leave the scene. there was a shooting. the vehicle traveled only about 700 feet more down the freeway. at which point the vehicle became disabled. >> reporter: the police investigation made a mess of the morning commute for folks trying to leave san francisco and head east on the bridge.
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>> i have to get to work so -- >> where's work for you? >> livermore. >> i'm already late for work? >> you're going to try to do it still? >> of course, i have patients. >> reporter: at least one offer -- officer fired at the suspect and the suspect may have also fired at the officers before jumping into the bay bridge. robierson is likely to face felony dui and weapons charges. cara liu. french aviation investigators today blamed pilot error for an air transcrash. investigators found bad data from air speed sensors led to
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conflicting information from the plane's computer systems. and the pilots couldn't tell if the plane was stalling or going too fast. the crash was the deadliest ever in french aviation. an accident at yosemite has left a sports rider dead. >> and another development in
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new at 10:00, a san francisco neighborhood is under siege from above. birds are dive bombing folks as they walk by. amber lee with some warning signs that have been posted now, amber. >> reporter: frank, we're at a playground just off of 30th
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street. neighbors tell us up in these trees live small bird known for swooping down on humans and dogs and that's been going on for quite some time. here at the upper noe center the signs are up. they read beware of attack birds. >> i thought it was a joke. by ware of attack birds. >> reporter: but it was no joke. we found several birds on the ground. they are small but fearless. >> i felt something slamming on my back. i thought what's that. and it was a little bird on the ground. >> it at -- it didn't fly off before you walked off? >> no it stair med down. >> they are pretty aggressive it's kind of shocking actually. >> suddenly bird came from this way, a few of them dive bombed me out there. >> reporter: this woman told us three birds swooped down on her dog here at the rec center ball
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field just a few days ago. >> the birds fly around me it scares me, so i was they a re -- so i was nervous for her. >> reporter: a neighborhood watch says the birds are sparrows and they suspect the birds are protecting their young. n e i ghboring tell us they protect themselves by walking clear on the street. a 45-year-old extreme sports rider fell to his death while rock climbing over the weekend. michael ibarra was climbing alone along the eastern edge of
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the park before he fell. ybarra's family reported him missing on monday. a helicopter spotted him on tuesday. a candlelight vigil gave friends and family a chance to mourn the shooting death of a toddler. jorge azias was struck and killed as he and his father were riding home after watching fireworks. emotional family members pleaded for anyone with information to come forward. >> whoever is watching this, whoever is hearing this. you've got my nephew, you have him and you have kids, then you should know. you should know you don't do that. you don't hurt kids. you don't. >> reporter: authorities have released no details on a motive or possible suspects but they are treating the case as gun related and said the boy's
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father was likely the target. the senate approved legislation of the release of wesley shermantine. investigators say he could help track dozens of victims. his partner herzog committed suicide. the bill now goes to the assembly. there are new questions tonight about the truthfulless of ed lee's testimony about suspended sheriff ross mirkarimi. as david stevenson reports a second person has now come forward to suggest that the mayor committed perjury. >> mayor ed lee is under fire from political opponents after this bit of testimony at last week's ethics economy. >> i don't recall offering mr. mirkarimi any job. >> reporter: but former board of supervisor aaron pekim said he was asked to tell mirkarimi he had a new job if he resigned
12:03 am
as sheriff. that came at a meeting at this cafe last march. wong was unable to confirm that for us. his office told us he is traveling in china. but peskin said to us, i understood that he was making a job on behalf of the sheriff. >> you never confirmed to convey to sheriff mirkarimi if he would step down you would give him another job? >> absolutely not. >> reporter: walker and peskin are politically aligned with mirkarimi. so far no second party has confirmed their allegations. the mayor's spokeswoman said his testimony was 100% truthful. he thinks these are people inserting themselves into the process to gain attention to themselves and distract the public with basement accusations. attorneys on both sides could ask peskin and walker to
12:04 am
testify. the next ethics economy is scheduled for next month. there is word tonight that mirkarimi's wife plans to return to the bay area and testify at an upcoming ethics hearing. marcos gutierrez says his listeners have raised $1,500 for a plane ticket for eliana lopez. she is currently in venezuela with her son. mirkarimi says he hasn't had a paycheck in months. lopez is a regular caller to that station. an app designed for the iphone and android has been identified at malicious software. the find and call app has been removed from the app store. some people are calling it leak and spapl because it up lodes a person's list and spapls those people with text messages. the app was traced to a singapore based company.
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this coming monday you could lose the internet because of a malware. the fbi identified the site and placed a safety net. if you run into problems, your internet company should help you track the malware and reconnect to the police station. - - and reconnect to the internet. coming up, what killed andy griffith? and later tonight one of too many bills?
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two more people are facing charges tonight in the fatal shooting of a man who was allegedly pimping a san francisco couples' teenage daughter. alfonso williams was in court today. antonio gilpin was the cousin of alfonso williams. >> i think that when it's all said and done my client is a mother who was concerned about her daughter and the seupgs she was in. but she did not commit murder or con fire to commit murder. >> reporter: the fbi has video of the two suspects meeting less than an hour before the killing. all four are due back in court.
12:09 am
officers have arrested david smythe. he's accused of killing harry clark in the parking lot on the 1,400 of winchester. no word yet on the motive for the attack. walnut creek's police chief says he needs more officers. currently the department has 76 sworn officers and there are plans to hire two more over the next two years but the chief says even more are needed. he plans to ask the city council for at least one officer a year for next five years. money is limited and critics suggest there are more needs for city facilities and maintaining roads. >> a florida judge set bail at $1 million today for the neighborhood watchman accused of trayvon martin's death. if he meets the terms he will
12:10 am
be placed on on a monitor device. pakistan agreed to reopen their border after the obama administration apologized for an air strike that killed 24 pakistani soldiers. before the closure between 150 and 200 trucks crossed that border every day carrying supplies to nato forces. in italy, a judge lifted the house arrest order for the captain of the ship wrecked costa concordia. captain faustino is charged. he has insisted the reef that tore a hole in the ship was not on his navigation charts. meanwhile work is continuing to progress on dismantling the ship. rescuers managed to free a hump back whale that got tangled on a shark's net.
12:11 am
it took three hours to cut the netting from the female whale complicates the operation were three other whale believed to be males that stayed close to her. the whale had minor cuts but other wise appeared to be fine. actor andy griffith died of a heart attack according to his death certificate. the document says griffith suffered the heart attack 24 hours before he died on tuesday morning. it's said the actor suffered from a variety of problems linked to his heart disease. the actor starred as andy taylor and matlock. out on monterey bay, why people can see an unprecedented number on the biggest animals in the planet. and our meteorologist mark tamayo tracking a warm up safeway presents
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there is a spectacular sight takes place off the coast where blue whales are congregating in one spot. >> reporter: just two miles off monterey, blue whales blow. we're a aboard this sea wolf two with 30 eager whale watchers. >> just ahead of us there's the blow. >> reporter: we got close to eight blue whales the plant's ever largest animal and saw two
12:15 am
more sightings. >> we tpwot to see his tail and everything. >> there maybe more than 100 now in monterey back says nancy black. >> it's like once in a lifetime chance for these people to see a blue whale. and we don't see them every year so close to shore like this and so numerous. >> reporter: the whales are here because the crill is here and the crill is here because of up welling, an interplay of wind and current and earth's rotation that right now is sucking up nutrients from the deep. >> we saw the whales come up below the crill and roll up to catch the crill they're little shrimp about this big. >> reporter: people from around the country and the world said they came to see this. >> it's beautiful, it's wonderful. i just can't believe it. it's great. >> reporter: another unusual sight a nursery of dolphins, with newborns maybe a -day-old. health and science editor john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. the company behind the spectacular fireworks failure in san diego last night is promising to make up for the
12:16 am
boom that went bust. instead of 17 minutes of fireworks from three barges, all of the fireworks actually went off at the same time and the show lasted for just a couple of seconds. garden state fireworks is blaming a computer virus. the company also promised to do another show at no cost. the agency is waging a vendetta against him says armstrong. armstrong says he was never given that same offer. authorities in santa cruz county say new information has caused a delay in a decision on whether to file sexual assault charges against san francisco giants pablo sandoval. there's no word exactly what that information might be. last month the 21-year-old
12:17 am
santa cruz woman accused sandoval accused him of sexually assaulting her. sandoval says the encounter was mutual. and menlo park is losing its police chief. chief bryan roberts says he's going to utah to be closer to his family. the city manager said he'll be missed and now plans a nationwide search for his replacement. well the clouds cleared out of most of the bay area this afternoon. but already the fog regrouping, the lead fact foras we head into the overnight hours and
12:18 am
early friday morning. you can't pick up the current pattern, we do have overcast right around sfo and also the oakland airpa bit of a breeze, there's the current buoy report with winds gusting to 22 miles per hour near the bay bridge. as far as temperatures from today, most areas cooled off a few degrees from yesterday's highs. you can see temperatures ranging from the lower 60s in pacifica and san francisco. warmest locations in the 80s right around antioch and morgan hill. lots of 70s for the temperatures inland today. forecast headlines for tonight. we do have this, mostly clear skies and as we showed you patchy fog developing and gusty wind. tomorrow morning fog. wind speeds do crank up. a bit of a breeze out there. this is the key headline as we head into the weekend a real warming trend sets in. especially for the inland spots. so high pressure trying to return. that will set the stage for more fog for tonight. the weekend changes so the fog we're doing for tonight into tomorrow morning will clear back to near the shoreline
12:19 am
tomorrow afternoon. heating up especially inland and these are the weekend temperatures especially for sunday. we have some options for the beaches. morning fog, temperatures inland on track to reach the low to mid-90s. that will be sunday into monday. here's the forecast model, hugging the coast and still clouds into the bay. maybe a few patches inland as we do head into the afternoon hours the clouds pull back to near the shoreline revealing partly cloudy skies, more sunshine north of the golden gate bridge and this orange contour links up. santa rosa 81, fairfield mid- 80s, still windy out toward the delta. these temperatures will check in right around 3:00 or 4:00 for your friday afternoon. san jose tops out right around 80 degrees. gilroy at 83. and still breezy temperatures 67 degrees. here is a look ahead.
12:20 am
your five day forecast with your weekend always in view. there's your warming trend saturday into sunday. real warming kicks in sunday into tuesday of next week. that hot air has been heating up parts of the country and heads back to the coast. i just took a check of st. louis right now, it's after midnight there 91 degrees in st. louis. >> we've been pretty mild so far this whole summer. >> yeah, we've been very lucky. >> thanks mark. centers for disease control has a warning tonight for anyone who enjoys bar-b-queing. if cooks aren't careful they say they can serve up something extremely dangerous. wire bristles from cleaning brushes can cling on to grills and get into your organs and cause mayor damage. to prevent this make sure to wipe down your grill after cleaning it with a wire brush or consider alternative
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> for a while today the ronald reagan presidential library and museum was the happiest place on earth thanks to a little
12:24 am
help from a former first lady, nancy reagan. mrs.reagan was there as the library's newest display was revealed. it's called the treasure of disney archives. it features 1,000 artifacts from disney's history. you can make an argument that the giants are at the low point of their season. you can spend a couple more hours talking about what they did wrong. the crib note, some of their fans are bored with it. they did manage to rack up a lead. he'll get a triple. pablo sandoval is chugging. i think that's the appropriate word all the way in for the
12:25 am
lead. but casilla gives up a double. then 19-year-old bryce harper oblivious. looks like they're going to get out of it. one out and maybe extra inning. adam laroche but brandon crawford bad throw the first. brandon kelp can't scoop. they're a game and half back. sour news off the field, sanchez one of the great contributors to the world series victory of 2010 probably coming to the end of the line. the team announcing he will understand go back surgery to remove part of a disk. come back is probably too much to ask. for warrior fans fan fans -- fantasizing of kidd coming back to the area. he agreed to the deal with the new york knicks that would pay him $10 million for three years
12:26 am
not bad for a 39-year-old. named kidd but he's not one anymore. new york would like him to mentor jeremy lin but that may not work out because jeremy lin is about to get paid by who remains a question. new york apparently still wants him but the houston rockets the same team that released him allowing new york to sign him in the first place, they've reportedly offered lin 30 million for four years, the knicks like the mavericks with jason kidd can match the offer. maybe no one will make a switch. barring no energy drink. serena williams saving it all up for wimbledon.
12:27 am
unleashing an unforgettable serve. straightset victory over azarienka. but you don't think of cycling as a contact sport. but in another stage of the tour de france, look out ferrar losing control of his bike taking several riders out with him. no one seriously injured and it's germany's andre grepel sprinting to victory and still sporting the yellowjersey as the over all leader. it is fabian cantellara. that is the sporting life for a thursday. >> those falls always so hard to watch. >> boy were they booking there at the end. >> yeah. >> mark, thank you. >> thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> we'll be following the death i used to rock out every weekend, now i rock out every day of the week. [ male announcer ] for brian,
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