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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  July 31, 2012 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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over for workers. how they're contributing to an already all time low. good evening it's tuesday july 31st, i'm gasia mikaelian. contra costa may soon be staring down the possibility of four fire station closures. today they discussed about providing that money at the expense of taxpayers. john sasaki live with the long list of potential closures. >> reporter: this is fire station two and firefighters here often hand out packets of safety tips but now they're saying that, if you pull the alarm it might take longer to get to your house. >> i can't believe it only affected one apartment. that's what we're just amazed
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by because i mean they did their job. fire investigators say fire detectors may help save lives but now, it will cost lives. the fire chief says if the measure fails ten of the districts 28 fire stations will close in the next two years. >> we cut our costs as much as we possible again. at this point we're going out to the public and asking for help to keep all of our fire stations open. >> reporter: contra costa county is a somber warning. >> from the firefighters perspective it's taking longer to get to the scene. that mean it is workload once they get there is going to be more significant. >> reporter: chris hut is with
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the contra costa taxpayers association. >> it's extreme pension issues they pay their people a great deal. there's a lot of blow backs against the pensions and the salary costs to the firefighters. >> reporter: back at the fire scene, neighbor carmichael sports this tax. >> definitely, definite ly, as long as it doesn't cut into my paycheck too much. >> reporter: longer response times and more damage would likely mean higher insurance premiums for everyone. john sasaki, ktvu channel 2 news. oakland firefighters say a closed fire station had little effect on their response to a fire that gutted a three story home. we have home video here to show you of that fire that broke out just after 10:00 last night. lou denny lived in the house. >> so i grabbed my cat, my purse and i went out the door. >> reporter: denny and five others in the home were able to
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get out safely but they lost everything. because of brown out it is fire station a mile away was closed last night. two other staeugs were out on med -- station were out on medical calls. so the station that arrive was from two miles away. that is one minute later as if the closures had been open. a 9-year-old boy pretending he was on a camp out in his family's test palo alto garage accidentally set the house on fire. our news chopper 2 took these images as firefighters responded to the fire. the boy set up a tent and a mattress in the garage. the fire broke out after he dropped a lit candle on the mattress. the man accused of kidnapping sierra lamar did not enter a plea. the delay isn't surprising considering the amount of
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evidence in this case. garcia torrez is being held without bail tonight. he was arrested back in may after dna matching lamar's was found in his car. a homeless man is now talking about why he had a huge stash of weapons, drugs and ammunition, and a list of top politicians in his car. the list included boehner, biden and obama. >> he was definitely a danger to the community. >> in an exclusive jailhouse interview with ktvu, john said quote the guns and knives are hobbies of mine that i don't pursue anymore but i like to
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keep the collection. some news about a scathing report that some say may lead to a federal take over of the oakland police department. >> reporter: there are new calls today for a federal take over of the oakland police department. after the release of this over sight report. a federal monitor describes the decade old reform effort as quote almost stagnant. he also highlights offensive photos that were posted of police headquarters, the pictures showing major jean quan and federal judge jefferson were disfigured. >> it shows that they don't care and the culture change that they say is coming really does not exist in large parts of the oakland police department. >> reporter: according to the report the controversial photos stayed up for two days days even after an employee complained. the report says quote, either they were incompetent and did not know what was going on in
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their commands or they knew, failed to act and then lied. the federal monitor also sited other problems including poor handling of occupy protests and recent officer involved shootings. still mayor quan says she was fight a take over of the department. >> i don't think there's going to be a federal take over of the department. if you're asking me when will i change the hearts and predujices of the people, that will take time. you can go to to view the entire document. look for the link to the pdf on
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our hot topics. fred messas retired today. lieutenant mesa started working for the department in 1977. he's worked in just about every department. he's at the board of the director for the officers association and is president of the latino police officers association. meantime oakland leaders accused one of the world's largest financial operation of excessive fees. the unusual request made of banks today. california highway patrol officers continue their investigation into the bizarre death of a woman falling from a party bus. today authorities returned to examine the bus involved. according to the chp two women were fighting on the bus when they somehow fell off on highway 17. and one of them natasha nolan was killed by the bus.
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this happened about 7:30 on mountain grove highway. according police the cyclisleinto the oncoming bike. the bus driver is cooperating with investigators. there's still no official word on what went wrong with if new superman ride at vallejo discovery kingdom. the park says the ride will be closed until further note. engineers are conducting tests to determine what caused the ride to stall sunday. so far they've said they've determined the ride and track are mechanically sound and are working properly. supervisors of proposition eight the ban on same-sex marriage took their case to the supreme court today. they are can go the court to -- if the high court declines to hear the case it will clear the
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way for same-sex marriages to resume in california. the court is expected to are announce its decision this fall. marijuana advocates are saying they plan to protest the closure of two medical dispensaries. their landlords were warned in writing by u.s. attorney melinda hague to close the clubs or face prison time. >> it's devastating that our right to take care of ourselves is being taken because it's very easy to go over the hill yourself. >> reporter: eight san francisco dispensaries have now closed in less than a year along with the two largest in oakland. u.s. attorney says she is targeting dispensaries located near schools, parks and playgrounds. the board of supervisors postponed a vote on a development deal. california pacific medical center wants to build a new 555 bed hospital on cathedral hill and rebuild st. luke's hospital
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in the mission district. city leaders want to guarantee that cpmc will keep st. luke's operating for 20 years. the city and hospital officials say they plan to bring in a mediator to review the deal. san francisco based zynga has been hit with a lawsuit. the suit claims executives inflated forcasts. zynga revised that forecast next week and shared have plummeted. a new low today for menlo park's facebook at least when it comes to shares. the shares dropped too 21.77. it's more than 40% below it's
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price when it debuts in may. the dow lost 64 points closing at a session low. nasdaq lost six. just about 90 minutes from now mosquito crews will cut down on the spread of west nile virus. the spray is going to take place from 8:30 to 11:00 by the area highlighted on this map. crews will use a truck sprayer. so far this year nine birds and five mosquito samples have tested positive for west nile virus. >> so what can be spoiled by a simple tweet? when it comes to the olympics just about everything. how bay area tech companies are playing out with events half a wild away. >> and the the deal that has the bay area moving making community ready for action. >> a subtle drop in temps across the bay area today. but a big heat up on the way once again for your wednesday. we'll take a look at those numbers coming up.
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some people in india are still in the dark due to a black out. at the height of the black out power was cut to 620 million people. that's double the population of the united states. this is the second outage in two days. failures plunged people into darkness and commuters trains stopped and trapped coal miners under ground. the electrical grid may not be 100% until tomorrow. power failures are raising concerns about india's outdated infrastructure. we're learning about results of a match may not be something you need to turn to the tv for. social media is changing the dynamics for this year's olympic games. >> reporter: there was a time if you wanted to know how your
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favorite athlete did, you have to wait to watch it on tv. >> some people want to watch it and they don't want to see it in advance so you're ruining it for people. >> when you log in to twitter or facebook it's really hard to avoid seeing something that you don't want to see. >> reporter: for example, athletes like michael phelps are tweeting pictures of their medals before you even get to see the results. >> the results are going to come out eventually, so i mean one way or the other, we're going to find out. >> reporter: personal tweets are causing controversy. two athletes were kicked out of the olympics because of tweets. he said south koreans can go burn and referred to them as a
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bunch of mongoloids. and papahristou tweeted, with the so many africans in greece, at least west nile mosquitoes will eat homemade food. we asked twitter for a response and they had nothing to say. paul chambers, ktvu call state has reached an agreement with faculty members. california faculty association says it's disappointed it could not get a pay increase. contracts still need to be approved by university trustees and 23,000 members across the 23 campus systems. a coalition of community
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groups and politicians rallied around golden sac. oakland makes a payment of $4 million a year to the base as part of a refinancing deal from 1998. the interest rate was more than 5%. goldman sach's received millions in bail outs and loans. goldman sachs refused to speak with ktvu today. san mateo council spoke about pushing the -- in most of the county for a period of 10 years. the increase would disproportionately hurt low income residents. supporters say it would bring in an extra $60 million a year. b.a.r.t. is relaxing its rules. this friday and every friday in august bikes will be allowed on
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b.a.r.t. trains all day long. currently b.a.r.t. bans bicycles on trains during rush hour. b.a.r.t. wants to see what effects those bikes have on passengers and train operation. bicycles are not going to be allowed on the first car of the train or on a crowded train. after a lengthy intermission, san francisco is becoming a source for movie makers. woody allen is the latest big name to use san francisco as a backdrop and already the buzz is building. >> reporter: scouts have been looking for talent for the new woody allen movie. this will also mean work for extras. >> everybody wants to work.
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especially a legend like woody. >> reporter: take the money and run was filmed in san francisco years ago. the movie stars alex baldwin as its stars. nancy hayes says many big name films used to come to the city all the time. >> in the late 90s there was a big dry spell that's when we switched over to doing a lot of commercials. >> reporter: more commission and less red tape is bringing productions back. the mayor who says he's a big woody allen fan is trying to get more film productions to the city. >> it does cost a lot to produce filming in the city we wanted to ease that with all the producers and guess what, we've seen many successes as a result or many -- as a result. >> reporter: many are excited to see the work. >> a lot of the work went to canada. and now we're seeing it come back. >> we're working hard to seeing bigger roles as well. >> reporter: while the film is
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only in preproduction and has not yet been titled it is expected to be released sometime next year. in san francisco, sal castaneda, ktvu channel 2 news. the san francisco giants made a big trade today to help bolster their line up. the giants traded holtz. in exchange they are getting pence. barry zito kicked in today at the dinner in san francisco. he helped prepare food and serve meals. zito and the giants have been key in helping st. anthony to create awareness. a group of african penguins has the new roommates. we'll explain how this shark
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tonight uc berkeley students
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are finishing their work on the their scientific work. rosemary orozco is here to tell us where we can get extreme heat or cooler temperatures. >> at least we have the choice. tonight a bit of a cooldown from two to 10 degrees. those who may have been hoping for the low you barely felt it. there's one to two degrees of cooling in antioch. we saw more like five and 10 in redwood city, several degrees cooler today. napa felt the cool down. fairfield 18 miles per hour. that has pretty much been the strongest we have seen it today. it was really week all day long. sfo18miles per hour. for tomorrow we are going to be heating it back up once again and we're going to remain quite warm for the weekend. a nice summer evening in store for you. meanwhile around the bay
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numbers are slipping back into the 60s. san jose recording 76 and over the north bay 70 degrees in napa. 75 in santa rosa. for tomorrow numbers will be back well above average. the pacific satellite for you here. ridge of high pressure remains parked over the state and nudging our way every so southerly. we had a brief wave of move through. it is going to be gone for tomorrow. so that sea breeze, that delta breeze is going away and tomorrow we do expect temperatures to turn around and peak back up. the warmest day is going to be thursday and then if the heat is just too much for you into the weekend, numbers are going to fall back to near normal. partly cloudy skies as we wake up tomorrow morning. not losing the on shore breeze all together. it's going to rain cool for the morning hours. 54 napa. you're afternoon highs for tomorrow 89 for santa rosa. looking at the east bay hottest number 96 for antioch, 70s
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berkeley, san leandro into the south bay, 85 for you san jose as well as santa clara. 81 menlo park. 82 for redwood city. 67degrees for san francisco. your extended forecast there again showing you the warm up. then as we get into friday it settles cool down for the inland spots with a better cool down in time for your weekend. >> rosemary, thank you. the african penguins at the academy of sciencetists got new roommates today. six pajama sharks arrived. the marine biologists say it may take a little while for the mild mannered sharks and the penguins to adjust to their new roommates. >> thank you for trusting kicu. our coverage continues with the10:00 news. and we're talking to residents
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about that scathing report on the oakland police. tmz is up next right here on tv 36. must be nice, cheering on team usa from the shallow end.
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