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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  August 3, 2012 11:30pm-12:30am PDT

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developing news, shattered windows in oak -- oaklands as an angry group of protesters marchs through. good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm ken wayne. eric rasmussen is live to show us some of the damage and what protesters are doing right now. >> reporter: police just arrived here outside this office in the last 10 or 15 minutes you can see the windows have been smashed out. our cameras started following this crowd you were talking
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about. some in the crowd of maybe 100 or 200 broke off and started smashing the windows here as you see at the oe obama campaign office. i talked to one man who was working here he said there's actually a lot of people inside this organizers for america office. he said they were having a meeting when a couple of people started smashing the window with what looked like metal bars. he said he heard shouting from the crowd saying leave marijuana alone. however as our cam ares continued to follow the crowd that made its way through the streets here in downtown oakland tonight. one of our photographers randy diesen was also handed a flier from one of the protesters and they said this is what it was about. it was a flier blasting oakland police for the shooting of 18-
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year-old allen become luford back in may. there's been a lot of coverage over what happened there. some of the protesters upset about that. if we can come back out live, i want to show you what just happened. the glass has just completely come out of the window out here at the obama campaign office. i'm trying to gather whether somebody did that on purpose or whether it fell out. i'm checking with one of our photographers no it just fell out. the glass was shattered bad enough. with a two by four they are simply trying to break out the rest of it because that large window will have to be replaced. we're here in oakland, eric rasmussen. in 11 minutes a warning about a string of recent robberies in oakland.
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we'll hear from one victim who was robbed at gunpoint. now to what bicyclists are calling a summer of sorrow. five cyclists have been killed. debora villalon is live. >> reporter: the driver possibly blinded by the sun. it was billed as a silent ride and expect for the traffic it was. a few hundred bicyclists taking a few minutes to pedal a few miles for those who died this summer doing the same thing. >> i feel there's not a memory without him. he was always in charge. >> reporter: six siblings and ruben was the oldest. friendly, fun loving a teacher in fact, visiting santa rosa from modesto for a teacher's conference when he went out for
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the early morning ride that turned deadly. >> he knows how to ride, he wouldn't do anything irresponsible. >> we all know what it's like to be distracted. >> reporter: this gathering wasn't about blame, acknowledging cycling and driving can be -- acknowledging cyclists and drivers can be inattentive. riding some rough emotions too. >> i know my brother would want us to go on, life has to go on and he was strong and he expects us to be strong i believe. >> it's just that i'll be thinking of him. >> reporter: strength comes as well from other cyclists. expressing their sorrow to the family for a man they never
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knew. >> i have a list of names i ride for all year from may to may. and when i ride i sing their names. >> reporter: the 23-year-old driver who hit hernandez has not been sited as this is all still under investigation. it's worth noting though that he did stop in the other four bike fatalities the drivers kept ongoing. debora villalon. it's been rough for suspended sheriff mirkarimi as he celebrates his 50th birthday. patti lee is live in san francisco where he sat down with mirkarimi inside his home. >> reporter: for months we've been covering mirkarimi's fight to keep his job.
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today he invited us into his home for a one on one interview. >> reporter: mirkarimi's 3-year- old theo sang happy birthday to his dad via skype. he say it is highlight of his day is reading to his son. >> it's got daddy's nose. and speaking with his wife eliana lopez who is in v enezuela with theo. >> where's mommy. >> mommy is here. >> reporter: mirkarimi told us being suspended without pay has him living on his savings. >> we were actually saving to buy a house. >> you come in here often? >> are you kidding? all the time.
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>> reporter: mirkarimi showed us theo's room saying he left everything as is. his wife and son left for venezuela more than a month ago where lopez is taking care of her ill father and working as an actress. >> sometimes i want to go in the woods, take a hike with friends and one day i will. >> reporter: he is scheduled to be back here at city hall in less than two weeks for the next ethics commission hearing. reporting live here at san francisco city hall, amber lee, kt ktvu channel 2 news. a man spent the night atop one of the golden gate bridge towers. around 6:00 last night the suicidal man got past the
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fences, security cameras and barbed wire to climb the south tower. authorities were finally able to talk him down 14 hours later. the golden gate bridge manager is now looking into how that man got past security. a chain reaction crash drew a crowd to san francisco's financial district today. it happened around 12:20 this afternoon. numi officials say the f line trolley hit the car which sent it crashing into a car. witnesses snapped photos of the wreckage. the passengers told us it all happened rapidly. >> you hear the noise first then boom you felt the jolt. then little babies started screaming and kraoeug. i think there were two or three sitting up here. then a lady got really hurt because the ambulance had to take her. >> reporter: the mother and child were also hospitalized as a precaution.
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new developments in the alleged thefts of newspaper racks in the bay area. san jose police now say more than 100 racks have been removed. ktvus matt keller first reported the story. >> reporter: the publisher of the palo alto daily postsays it's doing a count of their racks. authorities said they would remove racks as the request of municipalities and businesses but said they never called any of their competitors to let
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them know they had their racks. >> they were contacted because that practice has fallen away. >> reporter: the racks in its yard are from university avenue and el camino real. >> we shouldn't have taken the racks from university. >> we would like this activity to stop and we would like a full and thorough investigation by the police department. >> reporter: they have assigned a detective to the case but say it's complicated because some of the alleged thefts took part in other cities like palo alto. >> would you classify what you did as theft and what do you say to people who have claimed that that's what you guys did. >> i think that's absurd. >> reporter: the mercury news also told me based on what's happened in the last several
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days they're going to completely reevaluate their equipment with maintenance. matt keller. ktvu spoke with the publisher of the san francisco examiner. he said about two dozen examiners boxes have gone misses in the southern part of the peninsula. although there's no evidence that the san francisco news is responsible both said it is quote suspicious. the third ward project between orinda and oakland is about to reach a major milestone. it's been almost two years since the work started. now caltranss is close to completing the excavation that will form the nearly 4,000-foot long tunnel. the fourth bore is scheduled to open by late 2014. in four minutes frustration from a state senator after stories here on the news.
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the investigation of caltrans he's calling for. it is official. san jose's new casino is five days from opening. the casino matrix is set to open next wednesday. the casino is right by highway 101. final inspections are expected monday and tuesday. the campaign trail heats up. how both presidential candidates are spinning the numbers and blaming each other. and we have an increased fire danger and cool off we experienced today. will it
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new at 10:00, oakland police say someone has been using the promise of a good deal to lure victims and take their cash at gunpoint. such robberies have happened every night this week. ktvu's eric rasmussen talked to one such victim who says he's still shaken up with the ordeal. >> i'm very scared and very nervous. my family too. >> reporter: still too scared for his safety to be identified this 32-year-old man said he was with his wife and two children on the oakland hills on tuesday night when two men held guns to their head.
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>> like this, give me the money, man. give me the [ bleep ] money man, and give me the cell phone too. like this in my head. >> reporter: the man was responded to an ad on craigslist. the manmade off with $6,500 in cash. police have responded to several calls all were told to meet in the same upscale but secluded part of oakland between 8:00 and 9:00. >> people felt this was a safe area to do a transaction. they felt safe going into that area with a large amount of cash. >> reporter: in spanish the victim told me he was scared for his life but he's speaking out to try to stop the same thing from happening to anyone else. >> again that was eric
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rasmussen reporting. more details, police say anyone buying anything from someone on craigslist should meet in a well populated area. police are also suggesting the police department as a possible location. the reuters blogging plat form was hacked earlier today. -- blogging platform was hacked earlier today. there's still no word on who's behind the hacking and the fake news post. a state senator from the bay area is condemning caltrans following our stories about road sensor failures and traffic sensor problems. mark desonie is seeking an investigation. a majority of freeway cameras are working. they also hope to get the state
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senator involved. >> it's this culture of denial and nonresponsiveness that really angers me. >> reporter: caltrans says the senator is wrong and that the agency is trying to provide the best information it can to the public. the unemployment rate picked up slightly in july adding fuel on the campaign trail. president obama called on congress to take action while mitt romney campaigned in the state with the highest unemployment rate. reporter craig boswell has more on how both guys are pointing their finger at each other. >> reporter: at the same time the report revealed private employers added 163,000 jobs in july. the strongest month since february. >> that means that we've now created 4.5 million new jobs over the last 29 months and 1.1 million new jobs so far this year. >> reporter: while president obama says it's encouraging it's still not good enough his
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tone though was far more harsh when describing the gop plan. >> the president and republicans are add odds over extending the bush era tax cuts. mitt romney heaped on the criticism today too. >> the president's tax credits will cost 700,000 jobs we can't afford to lose more jobs. >> soon to be republican presidential nominee campaigned in nevada which has the nation's highest unemployment rate. >> the only time we've had unemployment higher than 8% for these many months. >> reporter: there's little chance both sides will
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compromise. craig boswell, fox news. stocks stocks soared as the july sock market surged. the dow gained 217 points. mitt romney received some celebrity support tonight. actor clint eastwood was called up to the stage. the actor told the crowd that he believed romney would restore the economy. when romney got the microphone back, he said that the dirty
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harry star just made his day. >> should we have a very busy weekend. calfire says the number one danger to northern california right now is dry lightning. the monsoon system coming from southern california is already producing dozens of dry lightning strikes. and these are the highs from today it did cool off tonight. about five to 10 degrees cooler today. you heard ken talking about the dry lightning potential as we move into the bay area weekend. that's going to come to the south. red flag warnings in parts of northern california. we're under a fire weather watch that could easily turn to a red flag warning. right now the thundershowers appear like tonight they're going to be east and south of the area. when i come back, i'm going to go right to the lightning in
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the area. three children could face animal cruelty charges. the animal shelter says the kids are accused of torturing kittens. the children were severely abusing the 6 -week-old kittens. one kitten had to be put down because it suffered severe brain trauma. the other two survived and will be put up for adop kate and i have been married for 15 years.
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new at 10:00 tonight, requesting about the handling of thousands of dollars in art owned by san francisco. new policies are being called for to make sure the valuable
11:54 pm
art doesn't disappear. >> reporter: this keith hering sculpture was just restored and reinstalled. >> it looked a lot better and it's here for everybody to enjoy. >> reporter: park officials always knew where it was but the same cannot be said for the other 4,000 pieces of art work. >> these are very troubling revelations. these are public assets. >> reporter: board of supervisor president david chu says changes must be made. >> fortunately there is new management on top of the arts commission and i expect that tom kenney will institute propowe pro -- protocalls to make sure this doesn't happen again. >> reporter: paintings,
11:55 pm
tapestries and sculptures. >> the documentation around that hasn't been perhaps as great as it could be. >> reporter: at this gallery south of market, ridgeway says he understands the city's problem. >> yes it is quite a task to keep track of and many gallerys have a full time person that's their job. >> reporter: the arts commission is planning an 18 month long audit to catalog every piece of city owned art. the santa clara county sheriff's office is looking for a missing man sufferin alfred guzman hasn't been seen since this morning after he drove away from his home. guzman has no short or long term memory and hasn't driven in five years. guzman drove away in a 1994 teal green truck. it has the license plate 4x671. a judge
11:56 pm
apple for sanctions against samsung. apple says samsung released evidence that had been blocked by a judge. the judge asked the jurors if they had heard of any information on the case in the media. all the jurors said they could be impartial. apple says samsung copied the iphone and i pad, samsung deny it is claims. the password protected computer was inside a locked office. it contained medical records and personal information for 2,100 patients. the thief broke into the office, sometime between july 15th and 16th. the computer could contain some social security numbers. anyone who's information was on that computer will be notified. and a reminder now you can get ktvu news to go. just download the ktvu app, click the live icon and you can watch all of our newscast live
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we want to update you now on that developing news you are following in downtown oakland. this is where protesters smashed some windows at the obama campaign office it's all happened -- it's all happening
12:00 am
at 9:00 tonight. the crowd of people those angry demonstrators we told you about at the top of the newscast they started to thin out and children. - - thin out and diminish. thieves made off with a church bell now members of the congregation are calling on the public to try to get it back. whoever took the bell had to do pretty heavy lifting. >> church deacon bobby lynch points to old photos of the steeple where the bell was for decades until this fire destroyed the greater st. john missionary church days before easter. freeze the video and you can see the outline of the bell before the flames. >> have you ever had someone take something from you and it's a part of you, you miss it. >> reporter: for several years,
12:01 am
the old bell sat in the back of the steeple. now the only thing left of the bell is this pallet. and andy's on the concrete, possibly a sign that heavy equipment was brought in. >> we didn't know that they would come with that type of equipment. >> reporter: folks that live near the church say they didn't have anything unusual at the time the bell was stolen. sometime between dawn last night and this morning. >> you have to be pretty bold to steal from the church. it's a property of the church and you don't steal from god. >> reporter: a police report was filed but the congregation is doing its own unofficial investigative work, canvassing the neighborhood for witnesses and making inquiries at city scrap yards.
12:02 am
patti lee. there were some scary moments in san francisco after a large construction crane unexpectedly came crashing down. the accident happened around 7:30 at the intersection of ellis and levings worth. construction crews were renovating the arlington hotel. amazingly no one was injured. >> we're lucky, this is a high congested area there's people milling around, kids in summer school. that's sort of a miracle that no one was seriously injured. >> reporter: pg & e was called in to shut off electricity in the area as cranes were being removed off the street. train service on the two capital corridor trains is being eliminated. service from oakland to sacramento at 4:30 in the morning and sacramento west at 7:40 p.m. is about to come to an end. both trains have made their final stop on august 14th.
12:03 am
>> we never had a capital corridor in the 20 years of its existence. this one was one that could be done that would minimize the impact to the traveling public. >> reporter: california's budget deficit and high diesel prices are being blamed. it is estimated the service cuts will save $1 million a year. supporters gathered to protest the company's ceo opinion. >> we are going to go eat over there. >> the idea to come, kiss and postpictures of it online.
12:04 am
>> that somehow gay marriage is not okay for gay people is absurd. >> reporter: this follows an event wednesday where supporters of the chick-fil-a showed up by the thousands to show they're support for the restaurant. the ceo ran out of supply aepbs had to shut out early. >> i don't think he did anything wrong, i think it's been blown out of proportions. >> reporter: supporters outnumbered protesters today. but those who showed said they were glad to get the message out. >> i do respect that he has the right to say that i just think in this world there's so much hatred that i think we should just support love and it upset me. >> we expected it to be a lot more people here. and i was like so we're like the only people. so i'm representing all of them i guess. >> reporter: the restaurant and place had braced for a crowd, they never got one. in fairfield, anne ruben, ktvu
12:05 am
channel 2 news. more details a chick-fil-a restaurant was vandalized this morning. an artist has taken responsibility for his taste like hate message. a woman has become the first person to die of west nile in california t. -- the virus is showing itself earlier this year. more than 242 people have been reported ill nationwide. in sonoma county authorities said today two groups of mosquitoes have tested positive for west nile virus. the affected mosquitoes were trapped in ronard park. the vector control district is reminding residents to check their yards for standing water and wear mosquito repellant when you step outside. it's been three decades
12:06 am
since the murder of two teenagers in mendocino county. we'll show you the new technology that investigators hope will close the cold case. we did cool off today but tomorrow cooler still but there's a chance of thundershowers, we're going to talk with the shower danger th
12:07 am
12:08 am
the ncaa says it won't consider any appeals to the sanctions handed down over the penn state section abuse scandal. this after the family of joe paterno claimed they planned to
12:09 am
fight those penalties. those penalties include vacating wins that made pa ter know the winningest winning coach -- paterno the winningest coach. and there's new information on the military prostitution scandal. this was all shortly before president obama arrived to the country for a summit. three service members have requested court marshal hearings. mendocino council authoritys are still trying to identify two children from a cold case. these are the latest rendings of john and jane doe. their scattered remains were found between willis and fort brag. detectives believe john was 13 years old an jane was 14 and it
12:10 am
appears the two were not related. investigators hope these new images will help those close the case after 34 years. police in the north bay are looking for three men who beat a jewelry store owner during a robbery. it happened just before 11:00 this morning at juliana's fine july reu in the village. three men in hooded sweatshirts use add tire iron to smash display cases and steal watches. the men got away in a white charger. opposition activists posted this video today of the aftermath of the attack in demaskus late last night. the attacks were the work of tireless mercenaries. more than 300,000 people
12:11 am
were evacuateed from their homes at tropical storm silo made land fall. it weakened to a tropical storm. toyota says it is once again the world's top auto maker. nearly 5 million toyota vehicles were sold worldwide in the first half of the year. that knocks general motors from the top spot. officials say the sales reflect the auto maker bouncing back following a tough year of safety recalls and naturaldisasters. fda officials say a dairy cow diagnosed with mad cow decide back in april did not threatening the nation's food supply. a life-support out today says the infected cow was an isolated case and that none of its offspring or food tested positive for the disease. the cow was the fourth ever discover with the sickness in the united states. it is called the seven
12:12 am
minutes of terror, what nasa scientists are waiting to learn scientists are waiting to learn after 10 years and not financially. so we switched to the bargain detergent but i found myself using three times more than you're supposed to and the clothes still weren't as clean as with tide. so we're back to tide. they're cuter in clean clothes. thanks, honey. yeah. you suck at folding. [ laughs ] [ female announcer ] just one dose of tide original liquid helps remove food stains better than an entire 40 load bottle of the leading liquid bargain brand. that's my tide. what's yours?
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and kellogg's frosted flakes are a buck 88. real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life. less than 48 hours from now, bay area scientists will learn if the curiosity mars robot survive had they call seven minutes of terror. ktvu's john fowler reports. >> it is very nerve wracking, there's nothing that we can do to control the spacecraft at that point. >> reporter: nasa aimed created outer and inner heat shields. >> there's so many thing that is happen after our heat
12:15 am
shields do their job that makes me nervous. >> reporter: a super sonic parachute then a complex never before tried rocket sky crane to set down the car sized curiosity rover gently at the end of its theter. >> when i first saw the concept i thought it was a joke at first. >> reporter: curiousty is to send radio signals at each event at the landing sequel. but at&t speed of light it will take 14 minutes. >> we will get messages from the past to tell us how the spacecraft has done. >> what we really want to know about mars, did it ever have life, does it have life today. curiosity may not answer those questions but it could, it could at least find the building blocks of life. >> reporter: its sensors including one built at aim
12:16 am
precisely modified soil. a large crowd is expected here for a touchdown party. health and science editor john fowler. jerry brown has a plan to help kid ár keep dozens of troubled state parks open. he wants to use some of the $54 million that was recently discovered in a special fund. brown says $20 million discovered in the state parks and recreation fund should help pay for operations. but he will not touch more than $30 million in a separate account which is dedicated to off highway vehicle use on state lands. a detailed review of more than 500 state special funds released today found hundreds of millions of the dollars in accounting discrepancies. the report found no instances of under reporting of money. bike riders who ride b.a.r.t. are getting a pass during rush hour this month but only on
12:17 am
friday. the transit agency -- >> riding our bikes and parking my car is the way to go. we need to reduce our footprint. and if you want us to do this more often we have to allow it during commute. >> reporter: officials said they had no reports of any problems today. b.a.r.t. will be gathering feed back throughout the month to see if this should be a permanent program. and it cooled off significant today. it's cool out there today. lots of 50s and the fog is back. it's pushing off over the bay as you would expect. gusts off the alameda area are 21 miles per hour out of the west southwest. that's what you would expect this time of day. highs today were cooler than
12:18 am
yesterday. a cooling trend is under way as we go through time. tonight the fog is everywhere. when you wake up there'll be plenty of it just like this morning. tomorrow afternoon the high clouds start to come in from that weather system that is set to potentially bring some thundershowers to areas near the bay area. we could see something here but most likely it's going to be north or east. the big concern with that is drive lightning as we told you earlier. this is the system as it stands now. you can see tropical moisture come pittsburgh -- moisture coming from the south. it's very typical weather pattern although it gets pulled up. right now it's getting pulled up very close to us. the sierra foothills you're going to see thundershowers that's why they have a red flag warn -- warning that will go into effect. south down toward the mono lake
12:19 am
area. red flag warning tomorrow for lightning. especially in those areas but we have a chance around here as well. this is the computer model tomorrow afternoon around 6:00. you see the greens and blues this is where the activity would occur. you see the tropical moisture you could see this develop into conjecture. out by mount diablo. a crew will be here over the weekend tracking. ken will be here and rosemary orozco. if this does happen and you gate bunch of lightning strikes we have problems. here is the lightning that will be occurring that's in the evening on saturday. there'll be some residual moisture but that won't be a lot. high clouds, morning clouds and high clouds in the afternoon. we're looking at cool down temperatures and 70s and low 80s. not that warm but not that bad. temperature pattern this weekend not too bad but again those lightning showers give us pause for concern. as you go on the coast it'll be
12:20 am
foggy. you will have plenty of fog. the five day forecast breaks down like this. i would love to get some rain but we do not. i just hope this lightning thing doesn't happen because it will give us problems and ken you guys will be here this weekend. >> it's dry up there. >> it's summertime. >> yeah, thank you bill. the santa clara job fair is going high tech. fairgoers can scan -- attendance is up compared to this time last year and the fair has gotten 52,000 likes on facebook. health officials are issuing a warning this fair season about a new strain of swine flu spreading from animals to people. the centers for disease control says 29 human cases have been confirmed in the u.s. 10 of them are linked to the butler
12:21 am
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giants put on a fireworks show in colorado tonight. >> they got a big doze of the colorado cure for san francisco. the rockies man they're just awful. errors. wild pitches and sanchez and rest of the rockies staff, you call it a batting night. 16 hits, sanchez a 1-8 record the former giant with the big era. angel pagan would double and
12:25 am
score. one of many. sanchez with three. solo homer his fourth all told. season high 16 hits, four of them by buster posey with a 3- run shot right here ryan vogelsan shut out into the 7th inning ends up winning his ninth. the giants still one game up. earlier the a's had a sand off for kurt suzuki. the fans say so long for the former catcher suzuki and the a's up 2-1 in the fourth. chris carter sweet spot of the bat gone. the a's have 116 homers. 116 all of last year. 4-1 lead into the ninth. 4-2 pitch made it too good for toronto's catcher mathis he ride it over and out a three run shot and that's where we
12:26 am
are 4-4 in the top of the 12th. like i said you need another walk off. the bridge stone invitational, tiger's short game long gone. three putty from 5 feet. winds up two over par 72 on the day. he's 13 shots back half way through the leader jim ferick long birdie. he's 11-under over all look for a two shot lead. olympic feat final individual event for michael phelps. hae comes out with his 21st. and in the kiddy pool, katie
12:27 am
ladecky second american youngest woman to ever win gold. lots of olympic games left to go. that's the sporting life for a friday night. >> mark, thank you. >> thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> mornings on 2 begins at 7:00 in the morning. they are monitoring protesters in downtown oakland. we'll have the latest for you tomorrow morning. and we're always here for you on and mobile ktvu. good night. [ female announcer ] now get high speed internet at home
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