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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  August 7, 2012 11:30pm-12:30am PDT

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do i have to look forward to having cancer? does my grandchild have to look forward to having cancer. hundreds of people participate unleashing their anger about the health risks of chevron's refinery fire. good evening i'm heather haener. >> and i'm ken wayne.
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frank somerville has the night off. >> chevron officials apologize and promised to compensate people. >> reporter: tonight we heard from people with health concerns, others worried about who is going to clean up and others that just came out to say they're angry. >> how about our dogs, our cats, our chickens, our horses? what about our children. >> reporter: people launched a barrage of questions. >> do i have to look forward to having cancer. does my grandchild have to look guard to having cancer.
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>> reporter: the general manager took the responsibility. >> my people ain't for sale. these nickels and dimes you pay around here. >> one group held up vegetables that they say is fear of contamination. >> we're going to look closely at our response. we're going to look very closely at the city's role and we're going to make ourselves better and more effective in delivering public safety. >> we're going to have to have that as our last question. >> reporter: while the meeting ended with many frustrated residents still waiting to speak. a few defended chevron and fired back at those who want them out of town. >> let me tell you this, without chevron being in richmond, we're going to be just like vallejo, broke. >> reporter: chevron said they will also be reimbursing
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cities, fire departments and other public agencies for the cost of responding to last night's incident. eric rasmussen,. chevron has set up a special claims hot line that's 866-260-7881. again the company says it plans to reimburse. one spokesman said the impact was surprisingly minimal and that favorable wind conditions helped to clear the air. nonetheless more than 650 people sought medical treatment at near by hospitals. most of those patients complained of respiratory irritation and breathing problems. earlier today, chevron provided a timetable with specific details about the series of events that led up to that massive fire. ken pritchett has that part of our team coverage.
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>> reporter: the eruption of flame and smoke from the richmond refinery at 6:30 yesterday evening was not the start of the incident. emergency crews knew there was a problem two hours before. >> at 2:30 is when they noticed the leak was occurring. this was a 20 drip per minute type of a leak in this line. >> reporter: the fire was coming from refinery unit four. refinery unit four refines oil. skwr-lz as they backed away -- as they backed away and started p putting cooling walter that's when it set off. >> reporter: it is not known yet what ignited the vapor. >> there's an emergency at
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chevron refinery. >> reporter: alert signed signals residents to shelter in place. >> we felt it worked as designed last night. >> we're very sorry that it occurred and we're doing everything we can to prevent it from happening again in the future. >> reporter: as for that 10 minutes that passed between the time the fire erupted and when chevron officials triggered the community alert, well county fishes said today they consider that response time fast. ken pritchett. many richmond residents disagree with that characterization of a prompt response. they say people were not promptly notified or given proper warning. >> what was the delay. how come you did not inform us the exhumety. we see a ball of fire in the sky. >> # -- # -- seven to 10
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minutes later that's when we got the warning. >> it made 19,000 automated calls. the shelter in place was finally lefted at 11:15 last night when the fire was contained. chevron is one of three refineries located in the area. chevron's richmond plant is the largest producing about 250,000- barrels of gasoline a day. >> last night's fire is already affecting prices at the pump. we have created a special tab with all of our refinery fire coverage.
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now at 10:00 a 4-year-old boy was air lifted to a hospital after he and a woman were hit by a jeep. the accident happened in pittsburgh around 7:45 this evening. the woman was able to walk to an ambulance before she was taken to the hospital. firefighters say the child's injuries are life threatening. he is currently being treated at uc davis center. the driver did stop and is cooperating. firefighters tell us the firefighters told investigators the sun was in his eyes. hundreds of block parties were scheduled to bring neighbors together and build awareness of crime prevention. patti lee is live where
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burglaries are up. >> reporter: the national night out event ended about an hour ago. one of just two where the city's top leaders stopped to meet and reassure. the mayor of san jose along with the city manager, fire chief and chief of police stopped by bible way christian center in san jose to participate in national night out. >> it really is a partnership with the community to say, look get to know each other so when something goes on you can know who can help. >> we need more officers and the more neighborhoods we can organize the better it is for our city. >> reporter: ahead of the national night out of the event, san jose leaders unveiled another way for city residents to connect and communicate online.
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through a social media network called next door. >> reporter: the city's top cop was upbeat. just this morning his officers declined to proceed with a no confidence vote against him. but sent him a strong message that they expected him to do more to fix the department's problem. many with we spoke to said it is up to the residents themselves to step up and keep their streets safe. >> the reason why i came out here and see people. you know, what are my neighbors, who do they look like, you know. >> reporter: a lot of the folks who came out tonight told us this is the first year they participated in the 29 year event because it's the first time they felt truly concerned about the safety of their community. reporting live in san jose, patti lee. more details now, organizers of national night out in oakland say 600 plus block parties were scheduled
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today. we caught up with mayor jean quan. she said it's an opportunity for the mayor and others to hear how they can better serve the residents of oakland. the man charged with the shooting that killed six people and giffords. >> my hope is that what happened today in this court can help all of us move forward and continue our healing process. with his plea jared loughner avoids the death penalty. some positive news from the federal government for anyone looking for a job. the u.s. labor department says job openings rose to a four
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year high in june hitting almost 3.8 million. that's an increase of 105,000 from may. hiring remains competitive with 12.2 million people unemployed. >> the dow added 51 points, semi conductors boosted up contracts. target is looking to hire 00 employees in san francisco. starting thursday the company will be holding -- job seekers are being asked to apply online ahead of time. the city target at matrion is scheduled to open in october. why the suspect was out of jail dispaout the his kr-pt record. >> warning weather will feel into your bay area for your
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wednesday. just how high we can to climb, coming up. >> i wish i could [ female announcer ] over the last ten years,
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your mouth has sipped, snacked, ...yellowed... giggled, snuggled, ...yellowed... chatted, chewed, ...yellowed. and over all those years, your teeth...have yellowed. fact is, if you're not whitening, you're yellowing. crest 3d white whitestrips remove over ten years of stains by going below the enamel surface. and, they whiten 25 times better than a leading whitening toothpaste. crest whitestrips. life opens up when you do. new at 10:00, a father- daughter trip takes a devastating turn for a peninsula family. a simple summer past time turned deadly, amber lee is
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here to explain. >> reporter: wright's daughter shared exclusively her last moments with her father during a trip they planned a year and advance. >> he was the best dad in the whole world. >> reporter: monica wright told us she and her father take a camping trip every summer. a favorite. yosemite to look for secret swims spots. >> we would only bring goggles and our swim suits so we could see all the beautiful sights under the water. >> we stuck our face in the bubbles and we could see nothing else and it was really amazing. >> reporter: but in an instant her 50-year-old father's foot got stuck between a rock and he could not get out. >> i wondered how you could get someone so quickly. >> i just propped myself in the
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highway and stopped cars. >> reporter: wright drowned. this beloved father, son, brother, teacher and friend was known for his love of music and teacher. a childhood disability inspired him to teach gymnastics to others. he also took care of a cancer stricken friend. >> how can we not miss him. we needed him. >> i feel like all the good that's in me is because of him. i just love him so much. >> reporter: there will be a public memorial service for russ wright tomorrow in palo alto at 1:00 p.m. the family is asking people to bring their laughter in honor of him. reporting live, amber lee ktvu channel 2 news. a vacaville teenager is
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dead after a ski jet accident in hawaii. she was hit by another man in a water craft during a secret ski tour near honolulu. one witness describes a tragic scene. >> she was face down in the water and her dad was in distress going to her trying to flip her over. the 20-year-old guy he was pleading from his forehead. >> fonseca died yesterday. the man in the other jet ski is still in serious condition. voters in santa clara county will decide on an . .8 of a cent increase. critics said polls indicated voters were against the idea.
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a request to resan rename santana row a priority. the reason is th-r. to build a certified office building on wind chester. today's rezoning approval means the new office billing can include retail and residential space. now the next step is for the developers to apply for permits. richmond police have released the name and photo of a man they are looking for in connection with the killing of a high school football player. paul chamber tell us the suspect would still be in jail if it not be for the governor's realignment plan. >> reporter: take a look at this man,. >> we felt angry when we saw the photo. we have never seen this person
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around the neighborhood ever. >> reporter: jacob stevens a parolee was arrested sunday after fleeing the scene. officials say they are not -- >> he has been set back into the community because his last charges did not fit the criteria to stay in prison. >> reporter: as for ulesis family that will honor his memory but they will not be okay until capani is behind bars. here is what cap anis is a
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laity no. numerous tattoos on his back and armses. police say he's considered armed and danger. if you know anything about this case you are asked to call police. in richmond, paul chambers. a man accused in a crime spree plead guilty. castillo also entered not guilty pleas to two of the nine charges against him. th eo shot a man then kidnapped and shot cindy gwenn. a nice summer evening under way as we get into tomorrow a bigger warm up in store for your afternoon. patchy fog is reforming late tonight into the overnight hours. we wake up with it right along the coastline very similar to today. a little bit of patchy fog around the bay. an early burn off, wide spraet
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50s right around sun -- widespread 50s. as we go inland this is where the temperatures are really going to crank up. lieu to mid-90s for areas like liver mother, concord, walnut creek. upper 90s expected, we will have a broader view of what you can expect for tomorrow coming up. a new card room opened in san jose. they are happy dozens of poem were lined up when casino matrix opened this afternoon. a four alarm fire lights up
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the early morning sky. what we learned
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that's not working. [ grunts ] [ male announcer ] the wireless receiver, only from at&t. get a free wireless receiver with a qualifying u-verse plan. rethink possible. the fbi says the gunman who opened fire at worshipers was an unknown threat. payge was not on the fbi's radar until the moment he walked swrao -- walked into the temple and opened fire. a makeshift memorial now stands in front of the temple where those six people were gunned down. six white crosses represent the six temple members who were killed in oak creek wisconsin.
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the man who made the crosses has made similar gestures following other mass shootings. mayor lee has had a change of heart. he has refused plans to implement the stop and frisk project. in its place the mayor proposed a new initiative it involves software that allows police to study where crime is likely to break out and to better monitor parolees. we have learned that a four alarm fire in san francisco costs about $3 million in damages to nine businesses. the affected business are on capital. they encountered danger conditions when a back draft sent a burst of heat and smoke right at him.
11:55 pm
it spread to adjoining buildings to a common attic space. the cause is under investigation but does not appear to be suspicious. a poignant tribute was held today. >> ken the number might surprise some people. the suicide prevention group say they estimate more than one thoeu -- more than 4,000 people say saying prayers 689 for some people it's a painful reminder that the dying light of loved ones lost to suicide here. >> i had lost my friend mark cinch in 1999. it's been an issue dear to my
11:56 pm
heart since then. >> reporter: so jenny olson set up a memorial service. resiting the names of the # 1,050 are daily 'king. >> my birthday is november 18th so a few days later he died. >> this year the whitner's finally held a memorial marking his withday. the very day thousands of people were se baiting the i icon celebration. all tho the bridge board something people have to service tonight hope will change. >> there have been other spots like the empire state building
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or eiffel tower. when there's been barriers people have stopped going there to die. >> officials vow to help raise the rest of the phrabts. -- officials vow ♪[linkin park "burn it down"]
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♪[rock] ♪
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[narrator] can't wait for the honda civic tour featuring linkin park? neither can we. go to for details. continuing coverage now of
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that refinery fire that burned for hours last night. before those flames were contained, tonight one of the crude oil units that chevron's richmond refinery remain shut down. that shut down is already affecting prices at the pump. tom vacar tells us how much prices go up depends on how fast the refinery problem fixed. >> it's what we don't know that can really hit us in the pocket. >> you're absolutely right there was additional damage. >> over the next month or two we're going to have a shortage of gasoline if this outage is as serious as it seems. >> reporter: the problems at the refinery here may be abating but the problems for
12:01 am
consumers at the pump may just be beginning. >> so far today we've seen the price spike on the wholesale market about 25 cents a gallon. if that maintains we're going to see that come through to the pump pretty quickly. there's really no slack in the california refining capacity. particularly this time of year we're imports gasoline from other parts of the country. >> reporter: importing more will be a major challenge if prices start to spike. >> when we have an unforeseen outage like this you can't really get a new shipment that wasn't already scheduled into california. so when we do have these sorts of outages we see a price spike. >> reporter: other refineries could reap a huge benefit. national wide the average
12:02 am
price is $3.63. but it's always higher here in the bay area. in san francisco a gallon of regular costs $3.93. it's a little less expensive in san jose, $3.86. in oakland it's one penny less at $3.85. there was a major disruption for those who work and live. roads were closed and residents were told to shelter in place. at least five businesses were evacuated including a veterinary hospital. children from two preschool were also escorted away. >> the leak happened so i want to get my child out of the area. some where safe. >> reporter: just after two --
12:03 am
after 2:00, pg & e was able to fix the leak. president obama trying this new zinger. >> he would ask the middle class to pay more taxes, while he gives a tax cut to those who make $3 million a year. it's like robin hood in reverse, it's romney hood. >> reporter: romney responds, there's only one candy day-to- day that is going to raise taxes on the people and that's barack obama. the obama campaign also releasing this new web video hitting romney again on taxes.
12:04 am
>> i would have to pay like $5,400 more on the romney plan. >> reporter: the romney campaign releasing their own ad blaming obama of dismantling health care. >> this is a big deal, is it going to make a difference in a swing state? possibly. maybe they make up a percentage point. half percentage point and that could be a difference. >> reporter: in washington, nicole collins.
12:05 am
more details now, cia director patreas is denying rumors of his name being on the top ticket -- petraeus. he was mentioned this morning as a potential running mate. hours later a spokesman issued a statement saying petraeus is not seeking office. martell has been named the new chief of police. he worked for the antioch police department and was a military police officer in the army. martell has 28 years of law enforcement experience. new photos from mars. plus a warning about candy that can be dangerous and what one the group is doing to get them recalled. >> just how hot we expect to get and how long it will last coming up.
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♪ here we go! ♪ ♪ you're not doing what i think you're doing? yeah, i am. ♪
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new video tonight of the circus arriving in town. wringling bros staged their elephant watch. activists were also standing by shooting video as the animals walked into the coliseum. for the next several days the circus animals will call oracle arena home. nasa's curiousty rover has sent back several images. now we're getting a look at color images and more evidence why mars is calledded the red plant. nasa today released these images from the crater where
12:09 am
the camera landed. curiosity is also e equipmented with a drill. a warning tonight for fans of plum and ginger candy. high levels of lead is leading to their recall. >> consider a child or pregnant woman who eats this candy. a single serve of this candy puts them at nearly 100 full- times over the safety standard for lead exposure. >> reporter: the stir is taking angst against three distreu pure the -- against three distributers. american airlines is facing he penalties.
12:10 am
the faa says it documented 36 several instances. those violations include failing to perform repairs and jets being put back into service with inoperable equipment. striking workers statemented a noisy protest in the south bay in order to bring attention to their job opportunities. >> reporter: about 20,000 land line workers have walked off the job most of them in california and . in news of the world tonight in the philippines the head of the response agency says major flooding has turned manila into a water would.
12:11 am
at least 11 deem have died after days of forcasting stormless. manila was drenched with the the the world health organization reports there are critical shortages of medicine. in jordan those pleas from the fighting in syria are now living in extremely difficult conditions. some 3,050 to refugees are standing as a camp. 1,042,000 syrians have come to jar dan since the uprising befan began. an east bay car dealership
12:12 am
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emergency officials rescued a stranded hiker today it happened on camel back mountain in phoenix. you can see rescue crews lifting the victim to safety. the victim's identity and condition have not been released. hospital emergency rooms
12:15 am
are in critical condition themselves. according to a new study, ktvu's health and science editor john fowler investigating a crisis at california's r's and who could it affect the most -- california's rn's are are watching for the effect. >> people people are coming in with gunshot wounds, stabbings. >> reporter: fewer ers, more hospitals on alert. >> you don't want to bo there because people can't give you the right care. we can't give you optimal care at those ambulances. are three times more likely at trauma centers such as san francisco gem. >> there's a higher incident of
12:16 am
official. >> if we really do feel like energy care is something that is a public good, then we need to finance it that way. >> most california counties have planned diverse assaying fire ape and official. health and science editor john fowler. and there's good news to report against the fight against high cholesterol level. the proportion of children who were linked to those cases. some experts speculate the drop
12:17 am
in cholesterol is due toless americans using fat. they are urging parents to team their kids to speak up if they witness continues to accommodate them. the heat of the commission could be rephaoáfed. the problem aforgets from being here 689 commissioners are set to vote whether to rehew pritchett as pwás because of that photo. he said even if he is no hroepger with the president will me mind e now.
12:18 am
click click the aoeu -- it's a nice summer evening out there tonight. and for tomorrow the summer heat will be back. warming us above what we felt today. in many areas that are still dealing with 70s like antioch as well as the brent wood. low 70s today. we had a late sea breeze kicking up. temperatures around the bay low 60s. 63. in areas near that oeu some -- in some areas that warmed near 100. our heals will be recovering. patchy fog the coast on bade
12:19 am
site for tomorrow morning. o sis -- we will continue with a bit of a sea breeze. the marine layer shallow right along the coastline. areas near santa cruz could warm up into the upper 70s. 70s and 80s around the bay. just a lit bill of the patchy fog. we are expecting a early what sunshine once again on the flip side without a debut. tomorrow morning we get up this is what we should hit.
12:20 am
57 in areas right around concord, upper 50s in antioch and 50 degrees or so. napa santa rosa a chilly start this morning. we'll be slightly warmer tomorrow morning. afternoon highs 90s for santa rosa. off to the east bay mid-70s in oakland. go over the hill and boy it warms up fast. 94 danville, 97 for brentwood, 83 degrees down in santa clara valuely. san jose 92, morgan hill. the peninsula going to be a nice day 78 in san mateo. mid-60s for pacifica. for more of us a nice eniable summer day for many of us it's going to be hot and hoyteer. the -- going to be hot and hotter. for the first time this year part of santa clara county
12:21 am
will be treated with mosquitoes. crews will be ground fogging areaing including los altos and los altos hill. >> the spraying will last for several hours. hollywood composers hamlich has died. his songs helped build the drama for a series of hits. maybe best known for ♪
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giants and a's looking good right now. >> if the season ended right now, we would be in the postseason. we will start with the giants when it comes to zito seems like it's barry bad or barry good. his battery made helps him out a lot in the first, buster posey ticket to ride. 3-run shot he is just rolling
12:25 am
in the power category right now. that's his 18th. allen craig hits to zito a couple of times his only problem two stolen homers. zito givers up only the first run for today's win. brandon belt will chug in the score. giants lost to colorado. get that finger away from the panic button. if a's did not have a pulse last night but today dunk it. they're back into the wild card spot and looking pretty good from the get. alberto callejo two-run score. a's have ringers at second and third they come out of the
12:26 am
inning. mike sosha not happy. the last by josh redding but the a's weren't finished. check this play out by cocoa chris morales. got to give a lot to get a lot the raiders hoping they get more from the quarterback they traded for last season. that would be carson palmer. he wasn't bad at all for oakland but with the benefit of a full training camp and preseason they should see a huge upgrade at quarterback helping to erase all memories of last year. which of course was another play only list season. >> so fastly we've had so much change. in offense, new defense, new head coach, newing -- new
12:27 am
everything. there's been so much change and there's been so much hard work to do and so much learning to do that you don't have time for that. you have time for what's now and what's in front of us. >> the sisters in gold medal making it to the olympics. that's the sporting life for a tuesday night. so either way they're going to come out with golden and silver. >> not a bad deal. good for the local athletes. all right. mark thank you. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> the morning team will be here beginning at three khráp 30. i'll have all the me afgs the ire tpháe shower. of course we're also thicker on
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