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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  August 8, 2012 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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four of the tunnel. . good evening. this is bay area news at 7:00. san francisco police arrested dozens of people late this afternoon during a noisy protest staged by several hundred union janitors. in their top story live now in the city tells us about the one issue that that's the very center thof labor dispute. >> things are cleared out of here now but a few hours ago the streets for demanding fair contract negotiations. . >> dozens of people were arrested for causing things not gauche negotiable. health care. >> they wanted to increase it more. we can't afford that. >> for my son and daughter, i want to take to the hospital. >> the president of the local
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87, the union that represents the janitors says the companies are asking them to pay up to 600 dollars more for healthcare copay. says this is nearly impossible since the average janitor makes just under 13 dollars an hour. he says to make matters worse, the company offers a raise of 16 cents a year. >> janitors are not asking for a hand out. we'll work for what we earn. on the other hand, we're telling owners you have to share the profit, too, with us. . >> today's march city blocks in the heart of san francisco financial district, the same area where many of these people were cleaning the buildings. >> they are boasting revenues, high revenues, and at the same time they're crying poor at the bargaining table. >> the lead negotiator made the contract negotiation released this statement today, "we're negotiating this good faith. we will reach an agreement that
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is fair for all parties, including both employees and our customers. we firmly agree that we can reach such an agreement. ". >> not being able to have the security to take your child to the doctor is a huge thing to mess with. >> most of those arrested have already been released. we're told negotiations will resume again tomorrow and if things don't go well plan to hold yet another. live san francisco, ktvu channel 2 news. >> continuing coverage of the problems at chevron's richmond refinery expected a very small fire broke out there today following this monday's huge fire. a fire was spotted around 10: 45 a.m. in the same refinery unit damaged by monday's fire. chopper flew other again this morning as firefighters poured water on the area. chevron says the pipe damaged in the original fire leaked fuel down on flames which were still burning from that original blaze. >> as we went into extinguish this secondary fire, if the opportunity arose where we could
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actually get close enough and extinguish the primary fire. so at this time all fires have been extinguished in the crude unit. >> chevron says investigators have not yet been able to get a close look at the damaged unit. what caused the original leak, the rest of the refinery continues to operate. hundreds of people are now fielg medical claims in the wake of that refinery fire. has more on that and the danger presented by that smoke. >> yes. bring them back in. >> more than 2,000 people turned out at one law office to file health claims. >> it was scary, and my eyes were getting watery. my nose was running, and i was scared for my kids. my son as asthma. >> like an hour, maybe a couple hours after, my chest started, like, hurting. >> last night chevron said it would pay legitimate medical costs. >> when i went to work next day, i still got that stuff in me
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and, you know, bronchitis. >> he was twice turned away at busy emergency rooms. as of this afternoon, 17 hundred people have sought medical help, none hospitalized. still the county health director is angry. >> this kind of exposure is really an outrage to the community. >> ktvu's time lapse of the refinery fire shows luckily heat pushed most of the smoke over a thousand heat. these ground level air quality measurements from eight locations show none of the 23 toxic chemicals measured reach concern for health official sdmrs the bad news is it didn't measure the impact of the smoke on people's health. >> the particular sensor was not running during the fire. dr. bruner says smoke absolutely could cause worsening of asthma and breathing problems, but he says symptoms should ease in a day or two. in richmond, john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. >> chevron has set up a hot line for claims.
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the number is 866-260-7881. the company is promising to cover legitimate expenses stemming from the fiefrment go to ktvu dot com for coverage of the refinery fire including unedited video from today's incident. another shelter in place warning went out today, but this time it was false alarm. sirens went off at 7: 30 a.m. and automated calls went out saying there was an emergency at the shell refinery but the warng was lifted minutes later. the refinery says the alarm was triggered by mistake during a test. . there's a new development tonight in a story we've been following since sunday. the man fwhantd connection with the killing of a richmond teenager has surrendered to authority. matthew john turned himself in this afternoon at a probation office in martinez. suspected in the shooting 16-year-old sunday night. another suspect 29-year-old jason stevens of antioch was arrested just after the shooting. prosecutes say a medical marin grower in oakland who shot and killed a suspected robber is
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not going to be facing charges. alameda county determined this 70-year-old man was defending himself during the attempted home invasion robbery. the officers say he was legally growing medical marin. the man says he confronted three intruders in his home early monday. he shot and killed 20-year-old san francisco man. the police are look for the other suspect. ahead see why it was no ordinary day in the park. authorities say a woman who died in a car crash in saratoga was the widow of a man who was killed two years ago in a murder for hire case. the saratoga county coroner said 54-year-old michelle died late monday when her plunged off highway 9. this video here was from 2010. the three men were convicted of her late husband. many expressed similar thi for the couple's two grown children. >> losing one parent in a tragic manner and to lose another
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parent in an equally tragic manner, it's mind boggling. martha kelly was shot to death in 2008 over an apparent love triangle. . women are taking steps to raise awareness about the killing of a loved one in hopes the murder will one day be solved. daniel carver's mother and sister posted fliers today asking for any information on his killing. rel tiffs say the 33-year-old father of four was on his way to the store when he was shot multiple times five years ago today. the carvers haeld vigil in front of the police station with relative of other homicide victims. police say as new information comes in, they will reopen the case. . pal lo al to firefighters were busy this afternoon extinguishing a grass fire in san mateo county line. the fire was burning outside right before value leechlt it was first reported just after 4:00. our news chopper 2 flew over that area as kal fire helicopters and planes dropped water and fire retardant on the planes.
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no structures were threaten and had no injuries were rortd. a car accident started a grass fire up in mo rin county. it started about 2: 30 this afternoon when a car hit a power pole. the grass fire burned about 40 acres. the cap shut down northbound 101 for about an hour until all that smoke cleared. about 3 thousand customers lost power. says the workers have restored power to about half of them. a one alarm fire damaged a house today. started at the home at 420 lam bert avenue. news chopper 2 spotted that fire while flying nearby chevron refinery. one person was inside the house and did get out safely. investigators are still looking for the cause. now, to the race for the white house. campaigning in iowa today republican presidential candidate mitt rom knee took a shot at california a nation that's in economic collapse. >> if entrepreneurs and business
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people around the world and here at home think that at some point america is going to become like greece or like spain or italy or like california -- i'm just kidding about that one -- they're going to have a hard time in america. >> rom knee says california like greece has a huge budget deficit because of reckless government spending. called it a paper thin republican talking point that doesn't stand up to scrutiny. . in denver president ob ob courted women voters which coverage of mammograms and contraceptives. the president also noted that he picked two female supreme court justices and noted the next president will likely make more appointments. the new york times poll released today shows president obama trailing rom knee. . google android operating smart phone sale. according to the research from ibc, four android phones ship
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for every one iphone in the second quarter. from a ratio of two and a half to one in the same period last year. sam sung and other phone makers shipped nearly 105 million androids. android 68 percent of the worldwide market up from 47 percent last year. . on wall street, the upward eased a bit today. finished six. dow industrial closing seven points higher. naz dak down by four. . the newest card rooms is now open for business. >> mayor was on hand today for the official ribbon cutting at casino matrix. casino owners had hoped to open up last april but the permit process took longer than expected. the city final approval yesterday. casino matrix expected to bring in about 18 million dollars of tax money every year to the city. >> this is a big project and
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employed over 1200 construction workers. we currently have 787 employees working here, and we're -- we're confident we're going to be the largest contribute to the --. >> for now gambling is restricted to the ground floor of casino but the owners hope to get city approval on the 8th floor. a lavish grand opening celebration is set for august 18th. the california gaming association claim gambling at indian casinos in california provide a boost ot state's bottom line. according to the report primal gaming creates 30 thousand jobs inside casinos and contributes 7 and a half billion dollars to the state's economy. among the largest employers in el do raw doe, glouser, and county. something the computers have wait for for decades has now reach add major milestone. i'm tom vacar. progress still ahead. and the stages are set for the bay area's largest music festival. what you need to know about
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getting around san francisco this weekend. . and in weather part of the bay area heating up. coming up the temperature change. how much warmer you can expect for your thursday and the hottest day of the upcoming weekend. ♪
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. the investigating a head-on chain reaction crash on highway 4 the san joaquin county line. it happened about 630 this morning. maz as four people were hurt. two injured were air lifted to the hospital t. crash closed both directions of highway 4 for more than an hour. . bay bridge states concerned state senate hearing. a hearing is set for next tuesday now on the safety of the concrete used in new eastern
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span and other bridges around our state. this comes after thursday about news reports on the bane bridge project. days number of tests the concrete -- construction of the tunnel long awaited fourth may reach another milestone as soon as tonight when crews complete the prosays of excavation. consumer editor got an exclusive look inside that tunnel today, and he lines what comes next. >> this huge chunk is all that remains of a huge excavation project started two years ago to create the tunnel. when this excavation is done probably later today, the hole in the mountain will essentially be complete, turning it into a tunnel safe for commuters, well, that'll take quite awhile. >> we start final lining work on the western side of the tunnel. we're about a third of the way through with that. we're going to continue on that. >> the final lining created a
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road paving, striepg, and lighting are all still to come. >> it's slated to open to traffic in late 2013. >> but it'll be a god send to tunnel users. >> it's a great opportunity to quit doing those trying to tie in your commute during the day is the two tunnels open or not so there will be more relievenlt you'll be able to plan your day better. >> kos that county transportation chief it will greatly enhance the economy. >> it's not only the residence, it's also goods movement so many shippers will ship their goosd and service off peak or try to time those. now, what they can do is better time move tg goods for the region not just the contra costa and the alameda, it's everybody here in the bay area. >> the 400 million dollar tunnel is on time, on budget, and it will have a ten foot safety lane for emergency vehicles if there's an accident. i'm con sierm editor tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 fluz news. the fbi is reveelg more information about the temple
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shooting rampage in wisconsin. nvblthers say the 40-year-old wade page died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head after he was shot by police. they also say wade's motive is still unknown and it still apierce he aktd alone. wade's former girlfriend was arrested on weapons violation but the fbi says she's been cooperative. other people were injured in the shooting. they remain hospital iedz in critical condition. country singer randy travis is facing several charges tonight including driving while intoxicated. texas state troopers say 53-year-old travis crashed his pontiac trans am around midnight near dallas. they say he was found naked and combattive at the scene. blood alcohol test results are pending. also allegedly made threats to hit the treerps. it's the second time he's been arrested this year. travis was cited for public intoxication in february. a u.s. parks police horse is recovering tonight after being attacked by a pit bull in san
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francisco. that horse monday when a pit bull lunged at them biting the horse's belly and legs. the horse and required fell to the ground. police cited the owner for assault on a police officer and failure to control the dog because the dog had no history of attacks, it was released to his owner but the hearing was set for later this month to determine if the dog should be put down. crews are work overtime in san francisco to get ready for the 10 thousand people expected to this weekend -- tells us some rez depts who live in that area could cash in on their prime real estate. >> the stages are all set for san francisco's fifth outside land's music festival at golden gate park. it's expected to attract between 190 thousand people between saturday through sunday. from meal ka to stee vee wonder. . >> we started late last week, and we're building a city out here.
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the stage is intense and internet and telephone. it's a major undertake sflg for the first time the three-day festival has completely sold out in advance. that hasn't stopped scouts from aufrg up tickets ain't flated prices on craig's list. they're also being hit up by out of towners. >> the neighborhood sent a flier giving us a web site if you were interested on either renting our driveway or parking spot or if we had an extra bedroom. >> we hire two tow trucks on each side of the park as well as we have parking control officer so they can issue tickets. they can tell block driveways, whatever the neighbors need. >> san francisco parking and traffic sa big concern this weekend. the said the are expected to be three sold out games, and the 49ers have their first home game of the season this friday. >> public transit and we'll have extra buss and extra trains available. people can purchase their fare
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beforehand so they can ease some of the delay. >> outside are encouraging people to take public transit to the park. they estimate 20 percent thof audience will use public shuttles to come to the concert. ktvu channel 2 news. today ended a three-game series of -- the two run home run by chris carter in the sixth inning but the a's up nine to five. the angels managed to come back but came up on the short end of a nine to eight final. the a's are still five and a half games behind division leader texas. school is just around the corner. find out what utility offered to help improve the power of learning. and the weather is starting to heat up out there. meteorologist will let us know where we're expecting to hit triple dimths tomorrow [ male announcer ] the magic of nature appears every day,
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is ready for you to enjoy. delicious granola bars made with the best ingredients in nature. nature valley, nature at its most delicious. . here in the bay area air quality officials issued the alert because concentrations of ground level ozone solutions are expect today reach unhealthy levels. want people to cut back on polluted activities like driving and using gas-powered lawn mowers. those with respiratory issues are advised to limit their time-out door doos. temperatures sored today. of course as the big impact on air quality, and that will be a
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factor as we head into thursday, friday, and saturday so three day of the temperatures. pretty hot. you can see right now on live storm tracker we do have mostly clear conditions out there. there's a fog bank for west that will bump up for parts of the shore line as you head into the or night hours. how hot weather today, rains from lower 60s out for the immediate coastline but temperatures inland really warming back up to upper 90s. san jose topped out in the uner 80s at 87 greece. forecast head license for tonight we do have this mostly clear skies. tomorrow the fog will be a touch warmer. this weekend some very hot temperatures inland but try to cool things off in the immediate coastline from the second half of the weekend. overnight lows will be in the 50s to right around 60 degrees specifically 53, oakland 56 and san jose in the upper 50s right around 59. high pressure the key factors that build in overhead with air that's warming air mass. you've already felt it for today.
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it really kicks in for tomorrow so we're going to have extremes we're still going to have on shore fwreez. beaches mainly in the 60s. 100 greece in a few neighborhoods could be topping 100 greece. to our south and to our east not effective yet but this is an excessive heat watch for friday and to the weekend out towards fresno and bakers vil could be right around 106 to 112 degrees. major heat in that reason. for us we're going to have some patchy fog tomorrow morning. clearing sky intoos the afternoon hours. big temperature rains. triple digit heat. 100 to 102 greece for your thursday afternoon. forecast highs 96 santa row sa. fairfield very hot at 100. oakland pretty high the lower 80s. extreme heat not everywhere, but it is out there so you can pick out closer to morgan hill and gill roy. san francisco some patchy fog in the morning but very nice in the afternoon temperature forecast highs of 73. here is a look ahead. your five-day forecast. your weekend view temperatures
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warm up a little bit into friday. minor cooling as we head into saturday just basically minimal change. sunday and monday next weevenlth back to you. mark, thank you. children in san francisco's timber land neighborhood received special gifts today to get them ready for the upcoming school year. pg inspire ageing employee resource group teamed up with the china town's community development center sent out backpacks and school supplys to about 150 children ages 6 to 14. the give away anls collude add safety demonstration performed by pg & e electric. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you next time news break. our coverage continues. tonight we'll show you the multi-million dollar home that the owner wants to tear down and the controversy it's creating among neighbors. keep in mind we're always here for you at ktvu dot com. tmz is up next right here an tv 36 must be nice, cheering on team usa from the shallow end.
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