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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  August 8, 2012 11:30pm-12:30am PDT

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candles lit the way tonight at an emotional vigil as bay area residents of different faith came together and found common ground. good evening, i'm ken wayne. >> i'm li atnded vigils to support the sikh community after last weekend's mass shooting in wisconsin. john sasaki is live in fremont, where an estimated 1,000 people representing different faiths spoke out against persecution at that candlelight vigil. >> reporter: the crowd here honored the lives lost in
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wisconsin and de cried the shooting there as crimes against humanity. >> the foundation of this country was based on religion. i see it as an act on humanity. >> reporter: as police kept a watchful eye, it was clear different people can feel much the same way. >> it's really scary to think someone can have that much hate toward anyone. >> reporter: this jewish man brought a letter to present to the sikh temple mere. >> from the jewish council, expressing sympathy and offering services. some consulting service in terms of security. i think we have some experience in that. >> reporter: muslims also came to show support. >> we're all brothers and
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sisters in humanity. >> reporter: for the relatively small community, the killings of six people hit hard. >> we can't let them die in vein. it's about what are we going to do going forward to prevent this? >> reporter: at fremont's sikh temple this morning, a prayer service before the vigil. >> our history is full of that. we stand proud. >> reporter: this flyer for tonight's vigil includes the message, fear none, frighten none. live in fremont, john sasaki, ktvu, channel 2 news. >> more details now on the shooting in oak creek, wisconsin. the fbi said the suspected gunman wade michael page shot himself in the head killing himself after he had been wounded by an officer. the fbi says it appears he acted alone. while authorities say they have
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not established a motive, antihate groups say page was a white supremacist. piecing together clues from a violent armed robbery in a getaway that involves setting a car on fire. live outside max coins and collectibles with some of the questions detectives are asking tonight. >> reporter: police will be looking at whether this could be connected to some other robberies around the bay area. after today's robbery, witnesses saw at least two men getting away in a white car, but just moments later, that same white car was on fire in that parking garage just down the road. only our camera was there, as police towed away what was briefly the getaway car. witnesses found the white nissan burning in this underground parking garage, not long after masked men attacked a woman working at max coins
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and collectibles. >> there was a woman who came to the door. >> reporter: store owner dallas isaacson said his employee was hit, and tied up as the men stole gold coins and collector's coins. off camera, the woman told us, she thought the men were going to kill her. >> she feared for her life. these were not nice people. >> reporter: investigators now think the suspect set the car on fire as a diversion. the fire forced a nearby office building to evacuate. >> do not go in the garage to get your car please. >> reporter: last week, surveillance cameras reported masked men robbing a jewelry store in corte madera. it was the latest in a string of similar armedded robberies around the bay area. and sunnyvale police say they'll be looking into whether this case could be connected. so far, none have made a getaway quite like this one.
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the owner tells me, he too has surveillance video of today's robbery, and has already handed it over to police. live in sunnyvale, eric rasmussen. >> in 17 minutes, the unsomed killing of a 5-year-old boy outside an east bay taco truck. we sit down with the boy's father on the pain he still feels. a traffic accident in the north bay sparked a chain reaction this afternoon that accused problems for thousands of people. the car hit a power pole on northbound highway 101 near the novato landfill. sparking a grass fire that burned about 40 acres. the accident also knocked out power. authorities had to shut down all northbound lanes of 101 for a time causing a traffic backup that stretched for miles. on the peninsula, a fire burned three to five acres
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above palo alto this afternoon. fire officials say flames broke out just after 4:00 today in an area of brush and grass. no structures were threatened, and no injuries were reported. now to our continuing coverage of the fire at the chevron refinery in richmond. there was another incident today. it was a much smaller fire sparked by the aftermath of monday's destructive blaze. these are images from news chopper 2 as it flew ahead around 10:45 this morning. the fire was in the same crude processing unit damaged on monday. a pipe damaged in the original fire leaked fuel down on flames which were still burning from that original blaze. >> as we went in to extinguish the secondary fire, the opportunity arose where we could actually get close enough and extinguish the primary fire. at this time, all five fires have been extinguished. >> chevron says investigators have not yet been able to get a close look at the damaged unit to determine what caused the
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original leak. the rest of the refinery continues to operate. hundreds of people turned out to file claims against chevron, as ktvu's health and science editor john fowler reports they're hoping the oil company will compensate them for their suffering. >> bring them back to you? >> yes, bring them back in here. more than 2,000 people turned out just at this one law office to file health claims. >> it was scary, and my eyes were getting watery. my nose was running. i was scared for my kids. >> every couple of hours after, my chest started hurting. >> reporter: last night, chevron said it would pay legitimate medical costs. >> i went to work next day. i still got that stuff in me. i have bronchitis. >> reporter: he says he was twice turned away at busy emergency rooms. as of this afternoon, 1700 people sought medical help. none hospitalized. still the county health director is angry. >> this kind of exposure is
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really an outrage to the community. >> reporter: ktvu's time lapse, shows luckily, heat pushed most of the smoke over 1,000 feet. these ground level air quality measurements from eight east bay locations show none of the three toxic levels -- >> the bad news is it didn't measure the impact of the smoke on people's health. >> reporter: the particulate sensor was not running during the fire. the smoke could cause a worsening of asthma, and breathing problems, but he says symptoms should ease within a day or two. as we told you last night, chevron has set up a special hotline for claims. that number is 866-260-7881. chevron tells us, the calls have been pouring in. more details now. government records indicate bay
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area regulators have cited the chevron for violations of air quality rules 93 times in the past five years. some were for inadequate record keeping, equipment issues, and administrative problems. in three minutes, more on how this fire is impacting the price at the pump. a contra costa superior court judge denied evidence in the drunk driving trial of a state assemblyman. he was arrested in concord back in may. the arresting officer says hernandez had a blood alcohol level of .78. that is california's legal limit. a state fishing and game board voted to replace its president. it is -- richards says he did
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nothing wrong, but critics say it compromises his official role. he was removed as president today, but will remain on the commission until his term expires in january. meantime, california lawmakers want answers about how the state parks department hid almost $54 million, and approved unauthorrized vacation buyouts. the audit committee voted unanimously today for the state auditor to look into the matters. last week, discovered another $268 million in discrepancies. one lawmaker said an audit is essential to regaining the trust of californians. drivers are counting pennies and dealing with pain at the pump. find out what else they're doing. >> our local temperatures will continue to go up. coming up, how much warmer you can expect for your thursday, and the neighborhoods that will top 100 degrees.
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were experts say the fire at the chevron refinery is certain to have a ripple effect at gas pumps in the bay area. we found evidence prices are already going up. amber lee is live in orinda, where motorists are starting to feel the pinch.
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>> reporter: a gallon of regular is $4.01. and just across the street, it's $3.99 for a gallon of regular gas. for the past few hours, we've seen more people buying from shell, telling us, every penny counts when prices are high. drivers told us, they're already feeling the pain at the pump, just two days after chevron's refinery fire. >> it's upsetting, but i don't know what i could personally do about that. >> reporter: this driver tells us, he's paying 25 cents more for a gallon of gas than he was three weeks ago. >> i might go to an off brand. >> reporter: others say chevron's fire is an excuse to raise prices. >> i think the market will take every advantage it can. it's going to gouge all of us.
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>> reporter: some analysts are expecting prices to climb through the labor day holiday weekend. >> does it factor in to you not wanting to go anywhere for labor day? >> oh, yes. you only have so much for the whole vacation and early for food. >> reporter: aaa says gas prices are always higher during the summer, because of the seasonal blend of gas that's more expensive. >> there's a sense that there may not be enough gas. an ongoing demand. >> reporter: aaa says gas prices typically come down after labor day, and expects the same, if there are no more troubles with refineries. amber lee, ktvu, channel 2 news. more details on the prices you will find around the bay area. aaa says just since yesterday, the price of gas is up two cents statewide. in the san francisco, the price
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is up one penny to $3.94 for regular unleaded. in oakland, the average price is $3.87 a gallon. that's a two cent increase. officials say the completion of excavations that create the rough outline of the caldecutt tunnel. workers and machines have continued digging, while preparing the finishing touches. >> we've started final lining work on the western side of the tunnel. we're about 1/3 of the way through with that. we're going to continue on that. >> caltran says the $400 million tunnel is on time, on budget, and is set to open late next year. firefighters took about 20 minutes today to knock down a blaze at the old administration building at san francisco state university. it started shortly after 4:00 on the roof of the building.
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a university spokesman said the fire began in an area of the roof being repaired. san francisco police arrested 27 protesters late this afternoon during a noisy demonstration by union janitors. as paul chambers explains, there is one key issue at the heart of this labor dispute. >> reporter: dozens of people were arrested for nonnegotiable health care. >> they want to increase it to be more. we cannot afford that. i want to take them to the hospital. >> reporter: the president of the local 87, the union that represents the janitors says the companies are asking them to pay up to $600 more per month in healthcare copays. saying this is nearly im impossible. to make matters worse, the
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company is only offering a wage increase of 15 cents a year. >> janitors are not asking for a handout. we'll work for what we earn. on the other hand, we're tell eeling owners, you have -- telling owners, have you to share the profits with us. >> reporter: the same area where many of these people work, cleaning the buildings of major corporations. >> they are boasting revenues, high revenues. at the same time, they're crying poor at the bargaining table. >> reporter: the lead negotiator of the san francisco maintenance contractors associate released this statement today. we're negotiating in good faith. committed to reaching an agreement that is fair for all interested parties. including our employees and our coast measures. we firmly believe that we can reach such an agreement. another round of negotiations will be held tomorrow. if things don't go well, they'll hold another action. an oakland man has been ordered to stand trial in connection with a deadly
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shooting near the occupy oakland encampment. isaac mcdaniels is charged with being an accessory in the killing of kyola foster. he was also ordered to stand trial in case of a sexual assault, a kidnapping, and robbery that happened five days after the killing. mcdaniels could face 25 years to life in prison if convicted in that case, and up to another 6 years for the shooting. alameda county prosecutors announced today they will not file charges in two recent fatal, and unrelated shootings in oakland. the first took place early saturday morning, when a man fatally shot an intruder who broke into his apartment on summit street. the second incident took place monday morning, when a city authorized medical marijuana grower shot an alleged intruder who broke into the grower's apartment. the d.a.'s office says it will not prosecute because the shootings were not crimes. bay area air quality managers have called a spare
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the air day for tomorrow. forecasters say the air quality in the livermore valley, and in the south bay will likely be unhealthy for people sensitive to pollution. the spare the air alert could last through friday and saturday. that is all because the hot temperatures we do have in the forecast. right now, things beginning to cool off, we have mostly clear skies out there. you see what happens first thing tomorrow morning. the fog regroups coast side. maybe a few patches sneaking into the bay. a big range of temperatures from the 60s for the beaches, warmest locations inland will be hot. that will be the big weather story of the next few days. temperatures near 100 degrees. in fact, could be topping that in a few spots. for today, temperature inland in the 90s. tomorrow, the warmest locations around 100, to 102 degrees. the warming increases into friday. coming up, i'll highlight the
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warmest day of the weekend. san francisco's mayor says the city's new casino will generate more revenue of -- they believe it will contribute $3 million more tax revenue than the garden city casino which just closed. 300 jobs were added with today's opening. city leaders say that doesn't account for the construction jobs. apple steps up security after a very public case of hacking. plus -- >> you know, just want to pay for what she did. >> we sit ♪
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there are new developments tonight in a story we've been following since sunday. police in richmond say a second man wanted in the connection of a killing of a high school student is now in custody. police say 27-year-old matthew capanis surrendered today. he is suspected of being involved in the shooting of ulysses grajalda. it was a heartbreaking crime that rallied the community. late last year, a 5-year-old boy was shot and killed outside of his family's taco truck in east oakland. while the shooting remains unsolved, it did promote change. rita williams talked with the boys father today, who was trying to get back to work, but can't escape the painful memories. >> reporter: today, gabriel martinez sr. showed me what happened outside of the family's taco truck here more
11:54 pm
than 7 months ago. one gunshot, and martinez's namesake, his pride, his joy. little 5-year-old gabriel jr. was dead. his english is broken, so is his heart. his wife who was working inside the truck that night has never come back here. martinez comes briefly to stop the truck, but not to work. stretching and already meager income, he hires people to do it. robbed more than 100 times over 20 years, he says it's not fear that keeps him away, it's the hurt. police tell me today they still have a tip hotline. 510-773-2805. and a $25,000 reward for the right tip. what they don't have is a motive or a suspect. only a vague description of a
11:55 pm
man who may have been the shooter leaving with a man in a silver car. >> but you know, i just want to pay for what he did. >> reporter: since march, most trucks now have cameras and roving security guards. >> we have not had any robberies within our trucks at all. >> reporter: but it was all too late to save the life of this little boy. in oakland, rita williams, ktvu, channel 2 news. now to cupertino, where apple says it's working to strengthen its security system in the wake of a hacking case. the announcement comes a few days after a well known tech journalist revealed that a hacker was able to convince a customer store agent to change the password on his id account. users will not be able to change their password over the phone until they can revive
11:56 pm
their changes. google unveiled a new feature that allows its search feature to use g mail in your search. download the ktvu app, click on the live icon, and you can watch all of our newscast live on your smart phone. the u.s. park police horse mounted unit down one. tonight, the story of how a horse named stoney is now on stable rest after being attacked by a pit bull. >> hundreds of neighbors have
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hundreds of san francisco neighbors are banding together to oppose the plan an internet tycoon has for his home. a look at the home and the homeowner's controversial plan. >> reporter: the twitter cofounder bought this home a year and a half ago, the plan to tear it down and build his dream home. the home was built in 1915. the four bed, four bath home now belongs to the twitter cofounder, and former ceo evan williams. neighbors say when they learned who bought the home, they decided to welcome him to the area, but the visit ended on an ominous note. >> they said something about, yes, they had been watching for a site on edgewood avenue. when they left, the four of us talked about it, and said site? i think they are going to tear
12:00 am
this house down. >> reporter: nancy has lived next door to the home in question for 35 years, and says williams later confirmed his plans to demolish the house. now neighbors are weighing in on those plans. >> there have been 300 letters of protest. >> reporter: she says it is nothing personal, but allowing a homeowner to destroy a home like this could hurt a neighborhood's charm. >> it sets a horrible precedent in san francisco. what if somebody wanted to demolish one of the painted ladies? >> reporter: neighbors say they're also worried about a year's long construction project, and whether the prong could damage the hillside. we tried talking with the planning department about the plan, but the planning department told us no comment.
12:01 am
we're also unable to reach williams for comment. we're live in san francisco. starbucks new agreement with a company called square could make paying for your next cup of coffee as simple as saying your name. starbucks just invested $25 million in a mobile payment start up. the latest service, pay with square uses gps tech noel to let cashiers know when a user is inside the store. all the cashier has to do is match your name and face to the list. the recent stock market rally cooled today. the dow at 13,176. the nasdaq lost nearly 5 points to close at 3,011. mitt romney's campaign posted on facebook that he will soon announce his vice presidential candidate. today romney took a shot at california, compared the state to greece, a nation that's come
12:02 am
close to economic collapse. >> if entrepreneurs and business people around the world and here at home think that at some point america is going to become like greece, or like spain, or italy, or like california, i'm just kidding about that one, they're going to have a hard time investing in america. >> romney says california, like greece has a huge budget deficit, because of reckless government spending. the joke hit a sour note at governor jerry brown's office, where an aide called it a paper thin republican talking point that doesn't stand up to scrutiny. campaigning in the battle ground state of colorado, president obama courted the women's vote. he warned women voters that mitt romney would roll back their rights to those of the 1950s. the president highlighted appointments of two women to the supreme court, and his healthcare legislation, which mandates coverage of mammograms and contraception. a "new york times" poll today
12:03 am
shows mr. romney trailing 50 to 45%. the widow of a man killed in a notorious murder for hire case. the santa clara coroner said michele achilli died when her volkswagen plunged off highway 9. >> ktvu took this video just after three men were convicted in the slaying of her late husband. mark achilli was shot to death in 2008 over an apparent love triangle. the achillis are survived by two children. we have a dog bites horse story to tell you about tonight from san francisco. the dog was impounded, but not for long. as mike mibach reports, this unfortunate tale has some twists. his name is stoney. >> used to run the track and be a racehorse.
12:04 am
>> reporter: a thoroughbred who retired from the races only to be hired by the u.s. park police. >> these horses are very highly trained. >> reporter: on monday afternoon, down at dog friendly chrissy field, stoney was on patrol. >> the dog lunged at the horse. >> reporter: a pit bull named charlie lunged at the horse. >> locked onto a leg, that caused the horse to fall and throw the rider to the ground. >> got a good laceration right here. >> reporter: the police sergeant says the officer was okay, but the dog chased stoney up the hill to his own stable. the pit bull was eventually -- >> the horse accused of attacking him is back on the city streets. >> the dog doesn't have a history of aggressive, or menacing behavior in the past. >> reporter: the pit bull was
12:05 am
released to its owner. >> the dog shouldn't be off leash anymore while the in public. he agreed to that. >> reporter: the owner was sighted for assault on a police officer and failure to control a dog. sergeant king says it will take weeks of work and money to retrain stoney. >> it will take us some time to get him comfortable out in the park again, let alone comfortable around dogs. >> reporter: a hearing has been scheduled for august 23 to determine if the dog should be put down. mike mibach, ktvu, channel 2 news. vallejo police shot and killed a pit bull last night after officers say it attacks a 5-year-old boy and his mother. the attack happened on avian drive near springs road. the dog was gone when they arrived on the scene. they found the dog nearby. they tried to tase the dog to subdue it, but it continued to
12:06 am
attack. that's when they shot the dog. i'm working on a warm to hot weather forecast across parts of the bay area. coming up the 40-degree temperature range we have in the forecast for tomorrow. the ♪
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researchers say they may have a clue as to why marin county has one of the highest percentages of breast cancer. the author of the study found women at a high risk of breast cancer were 1.9 times more
12:09 am
likely to have the variant receptor than the general public. the two women at the top of the susan g.komen foundation are leaving their jobs. some suggest it's fall out to briefly end funding for planned parenthood. the founder said she will pursue other interests. five other high ranking executives have also quit in the aftermath of the planned parenthood controversy. happening now, police in an tay cruz are investigating the shooting death of a 13-year-old boy not far from the board walk. the drive-by shooting happened just after 8:00 tonight near the budget inn on san lorenzo
12:10 am
boulevard. a father of four from vallejo is being remembered tonight from friends and family. daniel carville was fatally shot five years ago today. the family says they've heard little from police. they want closure, so they're posting flyers and searching for answers on their own. >> we wanted some dialogue between us and them. we wanted some feedback. we've seemed to have fallen through the cracks. >> earlier today, other families of victims held a vigil in front of the police station. police say they have no leads and are no longer actively investigating it. the strikes followed a deadly attack on an egyptian outpost last weekend.
12:11 am
large parts of the -- in central nigeria 21 people are dead after separate attacks at a church and mosque. on monday, a gunman killed 19 people during a church worship service. yesterday two soldiers were gunned down on patrol. the government blames the church attack on an islamist militant group. in peru, a belgium man jumped from a waterfall. during the plunge, he reached speeds of up to 125 miles per hour. a cameraman jumped alongside him to photograph the event. he said it was one of the most intense jumps of his life. nasa's rover curiosity is now sending back some spectacular new pictures of mars. this photograph here shows the planet's rough surface in the
12:12 am
rim of the giant crater where curiosity landed sunday night. nasa hopes curiosity will spend the next two years taking pictures and poking into rocks and soil on mars. there is word tonight that neil armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon is recovering from heart surgery. it's been 43 years since armstrong stepped onto the moon. he turned 82 years old last sunday. it's not clear where the surgery was performed. armstrong lives in a cincinnati suburb. the head of nasa issued a statement wishing armstrong a quick recovery. a trip on the taxpayers dime for some bay area court workers. plus, it is one of the bay area's biggest music festivals. the concern before the first must be nice, cheering on team usa from the shallow end.
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the giants, the 49ers, metallica, they'll all be in san francisco this weekend. the huge crowds they draw are going to create a lot of traffic congestion. tips on getting through it all. >> reporter: the stages are almost set for san francisco's fifth outside lands music festival in golden gate park. it's expected to attract 195,000 people between friday and sunday. a lineup that ranges from metallica to stevie wonder. >> we're building a city out here. the stages and tents, internet and telephones. it's a major undertaking. >> reporter: it has completely sold out in advance.
12:16 am
that hasn't stopped scalpers offering tickets online at inflated prices. >> giving up a website if we were interested on either renting, our driveway, or parking spot or if we had an extra bathroom. >> reporter: we hired two tow trucks on each side of the park. as well as we had officers. whatever the neighbor's need. >> reporter: traffic is a big concern this weekend. the giants are expected to host what are expected to be three sold out games. >> the best option is public transit. we'll have extra buses and extra training available for passengers. people can purchase their fare before hand to ease some of the delay. >> reporter: outside promoters are encouraging people to take public transit to the park. they estimate 20% of the
12:17 am
audience will use public transit or bicycles. >> more on the outside land lineups and other events in the bay area this weekend on the cost for taxpayers $1 million. there is a fishing expedition and golf tournament organized for judges on sunday. the attendees are not required to attend the meetings during the trip. some urged organizers to cancel or scale back the trip. >> i don't think very many federal managers care how bad this looks at a time in the country when so many people are under pressure economically. >> in a statement today, the court said it is too late to
12:18 am
cancel without penalties. a wisconsin teen has held onto his title as the fastest texter in america. he won for the second year in a row. 11 people took part in the contest, which tested for speed, accuracy and dexterity. they all used the same kinds of cell phones. he won $50,000 in prize money. warm ups have only been one two two days. this time, it could be three to four days. we still have fog to talk about. away from that clear sky it's, and pretty mild temperatures, san jose right now, 66 degrees. concord and livermore both in the 70s at this 10:00 hour, 73 to 75. that is after a hot day inland. you can see the upper 90s
12:19 am
toward concord, livermore, and fairfield. san francisco, a very nice 70 degrees this afternoon. here we go for tonight with the forecast headlines for tonight. mostly clear and warm. tomorrow, patchy morning fog. a touch warmer in spots. this weekend, we do cool off for the coast. still hot numbers inland over the next few days. overnight lows will be in the 50s to start out your thursday morning. the fog still a factor near parts of the immediate shore line. fairfield, 61 degrees. this area of high pressure, the key player over the next few days, as high as it sinks the air, that warms. this will continue to strengthen. that's primarily for the inland sections. away from that, we're still going to have a pretty good sea breeze. the beaches mainly in the 60s, to the lower 70s. the major heat, this kicks in for friday right into the weekend. just to the south and the east. bakersfield, and fresno, where you have an excessive heat
12:20 am
watch. highs will be extreme here. around 106, to 112 degrees. the bay area still hot for tomorrow, you can see all the triple digits we're showing on the maps for your thursday afternoon. st.helena around 100. temperatures will check in around 3:00, or 4:00 tomorrow afternoon. san jose, right around 91. sunnyvale in the upper 80s. san francisco, patchy fog. a very nice afternoon with the readings in the lower 70s. here is a look ahead. your five-day forecast with your weekend always in view. friday still very hot. also saturday, talking about triple digit heat inland. we turn back the temperatures, but the real cooling kicks in for next weekend, monday into tuesday. set to keep an eye on the fire danger, anytime in august, triple digit heat will be a concern over the next few days.
12:21 am
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are just 79 cents a pound. starbucks coffee is only $7.49. that's less than a quarter for a great cup of coffee. tropicana o.j. is just $2.88. real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life. children in san francisco's tenderloin neighborhood received special gifts today to get them ready for school. pg and e and the asian resource group joined with the chinatown center to distribute toys and backpacks to children. also a safety demonstration by a pg and e lineman. the giants and a's did okay tonight. >> yeah, 15-0 giants. i want to start by talking
12:25 am
about the pitching. cain has his perfect game. lincecum a couple of cy young. but argue with me that vogelsong isn't the ace? he's the real deal. as is that guy. remember jack the ripper clark? the former giant and cardinal for that matter. starting with defense. brandon crawford, a beautiful play behind vogelsong. conversely, cardinals, tyler green just botches a double playgrounder. instead of two outs, two runs score, and the route is on. in the 9th, just the icing please. scutaro, what a nice underrer the radar deal this has been to pick this guy up. ticket to ride, grand slam. 7 rbi's for scutaro. a 15-0 victory. the dodgers finally find a way
12:26 am
to rock colorado. that is get their big guy cranked up. matt kemp, a 3 run shot. l.a. goes on to win it, 6-4 of the rockies, but do trail the giants still by 1.5. the a's authenticity may be very clear to the angels and their break the bank payroll. maybe think they would stroll into oakland and show who is boss. pujols and company sent packing. they lose two out of three. george katarras showing up large. zach greinke still hasn't won a game for the angels since being picked up. coco crisp doubles to tie it. 7-5. to make sure, chris carter continues to flex. two run blast off latroy
12:27 am
hawkins. the a's are tied with the tigers. but in the west, the top dog is still the rangers. george hamilton, with a pesky pull. josh, three hits, four rbi's. 10-9, a typical fenway game. kobe pumps 20, lebron a triple double. 119-86 better than australia. argentina next up for dream team 2. that is the sporting life for wednesday night. >> good night. >> for the a's, and giants. both look playoff bound maybe. >> that would be great. markk thank you. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. >> the morning team will be here at 4:30 a.m. tomorrow. it is a spare the air day. sal will be keeping tabs on your early morning commute. we are always here for you at and mobile ktvu. ♪ [ music ] [ male announcer ] if you think any battery will do,
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