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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  August 13, 2012 11:30pm-12:30am PDT

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. this is the 10:00 news at ktvu channel 2. >> 6,000 acres and counting. the lake county wildfires burning out of control tonight but there is late word vacantes can go home. evening. >> take a look at the huge plume of smoke above clear lake just before sunset tonight. two wildfires burning on the eastern base, residents are being allowed to return to the 480 homes evacuated late yesterday. let's add a map to where they are. both are burning near the
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junction of highway 20 and 53 on the southeast received the lake. we have team coverage. bill martin tracking the hot temperatures, we begin with ken wayne who is live near the frontlines. ken? >> reporter: very good news indeed. vacantes found out they can return home. the community most affected is spring valley and it's right down highway 20. this is the intersection of highway 20 and 53. they can get home but need a chp escort to get past this point. a long line of cars returned bringing very exhausted residents. >> terrible. very bad. again, same time glad nobody was hurt. >> reporter: for the last 24 hours vacantes wondered about their homes while fires burned at the edge of their communities. >> no sign.
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>> rocks? >> yeah. didn't have no cots. can't do it when -- short notice. it was fun though. it was like a camping trip. >> we feel we buttoned up the fire in the area of the homes. on the eastern section we are seeing most of the fire. >> reporter: the two fires have burned 67,000 acres and destroyed three structures. tonight it's still just 25% contained. >> things are so dry, the grass and brush burning. >> reporter: this was the scene along the lake. tonight hand crews will work through the darkness to stop the flames in spreading. >> by morning when the sun comes back and the hot temperatures return the fire starts to pick back up we have a good liana round it. >> reporter: are firefighters say they dodged a bullet here today when we got here my smart
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phone said it was 106 degrees right here at clear lake oaks and now the temperature is in the 80s but what the weather will be like tomorrow is going to be key in battling the fire. as we come back again live are you looking at highway 20 and fort next 20 miles you can see the vehicles alongside the roadway and as you drive back deeper in to the fire zone you will find more fire trucks along the road, lanes are closed, so that is why the highway patrol is escorting vehicles through this area. you can get through but you have to have a police escort and the residents are back home tonight. live in lake county. >> more details now. we found firefighters setting up an incident command post at county fair ground. cal fire is using that command post to coordinate communications. during the time there we spot
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several bay area cruise rolling into help with the fire night this is where crews get their meals, medical treatment and where briefings are held. >> reporter: it happens two homes in the path of the fire are gone. all cruise found the remains of this home off highway 20 not far from clear lake oak. just a few hundred yards another family was relieved to see their homes still standing. >> the panel and everything is gone. the generator. vineyard burned, the fruit trees are gone. >> reporter: also lost a small cabin, he said he feared this would be a dangerous fire season sew bulldozed a 30-foot clear clear around the house. he said that helped save his home. firefighters agreed. they say more property would have been destroyed if people hadn't created defensible space. around 7:30 we caught these images of the california
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highway patrol escorting some people back home. just a single lane is open. the chp said the roadway is dangerous with limited visibility because of all the smoke. >> and it was hot as ken said. temperatures in the fire zone up to 105, 106, humidity very low. fuel moisture in the area four and 5%. check out the current conditions, the fire -- the temperature 85 degrees. winds west at five. 93 degrees over by the locker fire. the forecast for tomorrow. we will start you off at noon when the temperature starts to increase. 91 degrees at noon. 102 degrees at 3:00 tomorrow afternoon. here is the key part. those winds will stay relatively light. they have some containment most likely because the winds the last couple days haven't been gusting and they aren't forecast to gust. firefighters tomorrow going to be hot, dry, but the winds will
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stay light. >> late this afternoon, air quality officials issued an unhealthy area alert for lake county due tolt smoke. this is the second one in as many days because of the wildfires, air quality officials say it can be hard on young children, the elderly and those with asthma or other breathing conditions. officials say they expect the air quality to remain poor throughout the county until the fires are out. full containment is expected a week from today. >> during the course of the day we received a number of pictures from channel 2 viewers showing the two fires out of control in lake county including shots matthew henderson. we want to show you some of the pictures. it gives you a sense of hu big the fire is. you can see the hillside is on fire. we come in closer, he was able to get close to the flames and you can see, just how intense this fire fight is. we have this picture here of a
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firefighter. that's a gas can. what he is doing is setting a back fire. as the wildfire burns firefighters will set back fire that burn this way and then the process burn up all the vegetation so that the wildfire has nowhere left to go. examples tonight of how serious the situation is. stay with us for continuing coverage. coming up in 12 minutes bill martin will be back with tomorrow's outlook and at 10:45 with the complete bay area forecast and at 10:30 update you onto effort to fight the flames in lake county. we will tell you about new bills the state is sending out this week for fire protection service. >> with much of the state in the summer heat wave the operators of the state power grid issued a flex alert for tomorrow. the system operator is urging operators to reduce their concussion especially during the late afternoon and evening when demand for power peaks. they want people to turn off
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the power when they aren't home and restrict the use of appliances. demonstrators marched through the streets on their way to bart headquarters. the protesters were trying to get back momentum from a series of protests last summer after bart cut cell phone service at it's underground stations, it sparked a free speech debate. today the senate approved legislation to ban government agencies from disrupting cell phone service. they say it contains a loophole that allows agencies to act first and ask for approval later. >> now to the south bay where police officers are working over time tonight after a violent streak that saw two homicides before the sun sent down. math keller live from a busy intersection where a woman was killed right in front of several people. matt? >> reporter: in just the last few we watched officers took down the crime scene at san
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carlos. the stabbing was just the latest violent act that left two people dead and one in the hospital with life threatening injuries. crime usually happens in the dark corners of society but today violence happened in broad daylight. first call at 1:39 in the afternoon on charles street off oakland road. >> heard two shots. >> reporter: that gun fire hit a man in his 30s sitting in his car. he died at the scene. this was san jose's 25th homicide victim of the year. >> one violent crime is to many, one homicide one to many. >> reporter: they as the resulted to add up in san jose today. a man in his 20s shot -- he survived but was taken to the hospital with life threatening injuries. >> very, very scary and i'm worried about my neighborhood and the whole city. >> reporter: before the sun could set another homicide on san carlos street.
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police say several people witnessed the stabbing of a woman in her 50s outo side of a walgreens by what appeared to be a stranger. >> she is a nice lady. >> few of these today and i'm always surprised by any violence. we are out on the -- in booed daylight. it's surprising to awful us. >> reporter: i just went and talked to one of the officers on the scene and they say there have been no reports of any arrests in the cases. report live. >> a health advisory in martinez for a short time after a fire broke out. officials say flames broke out just after two. crews quickly contained the flames inside the refinery. the advisory was lifted about an hour later and no injuries were report. gas prices have been rising in the aftermath of last
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month's fire at chevron. it was hoped crews could get a look at the damage unit today but that didn't happen. residents say specific details are hard to come by. >> it would be helpful to them and their image to -- bring out what they know or what they find out. >> reporter: we have learned the failure happened near the junction of three large pipes. a 16-inch pipe connects to a 12- inch and an 8 in. they were expected, the 12-inch was found to be corroded but the eight inch was not replaced. >> heckled at his first solo campaign stop. the new pole on romney's running mate and how he compares to picks past. >> back here in just ten significant changes to the forecast. i think you will want to know
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about. i will be back in ten. see you with the five day as well. >> at 10:30 cash for cans
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. new, a san francisco doctor is challenging the outcome of the proposition 29 vote which calls for a statewide recount. the one dollar of cigarette tax failed in june but just barely.
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amber lee is live after talking with the doctor who is already put hundreds of thousands of dollars on the line. >> reporter: the proposition, the one dollar cigarette tax law lost by only eye small margin. one is asking officials to investigate the battle to win votes was hard, but no vote on proposition 29 won by a smaller margin. that's four tenths of one percent. a doctor who appeared in the ad to support the tax paid for a partial recount to see if there were mistakes. >> i have invested $250,000 of california. t >> reporter: the secretary of state certified the result of the june election last no but each county has a 31 day period after the period to report
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final results. he said he did the math add up. i contacted the secretary of state and the spokeswoman said many election officials provide estimates during the canvas period. this is not to be mistaken as a running tallly but he during his recount workers found a problem with the ballot count counting machine. >> one of them was missing up to 21 votes per precinct. >> they failed to count 1 per precinct. >> correct. >> reporter: he said 1,000 were couldn't without being verified. >> i wanted to make sure anything wrong was understand and to ensure that future elections are accurate. >> reporter: today they sent e- mails to the secretary of state asking for a formal statewide audit or recount of all of the ballots.
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he said if state officials improve the process, it'll be a victory for all voters in california. live in oakland. amber lee, ktvu channel 2news. >> investigators say two 19- year-old drivers were drunk as they raised down a street in saratoga with both crashing in to the same home. they ended up stacked on top of one another. the family who lives there was on vacation and wasn't home. deputies say the cars were likely traveling at a speed of 80 miles an hour early this morning when they hit a guardrail, launched a boulder into one home and plowed in to the house next door. >> they must have started racing back there, didn't know the area, didn't make the trend. i'm just amazed they survived. >> reporter: the 19-year-old driver is allen chang and
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another driver were both injured. nobodydy else was hurt . in nevado one man was hurt and two barely escaped injury when a trash truck crashed in to a gym. investigators sate truck was traveling downhill and may have lost it's brakes. it crashed into a parked car and then both slammed into the gym. investigators say two women inside the studio managed to get out of the way at the last second. the truck driver was taken to the hospital. >> google is cutting jobs, the company bought the cell phone unit of motorola and said today it'll cut 4,000 jobs and consolidate 30% of its 90 locations. that will cost them 275 million in severance payments. google is also spending money on the acquisition of travel guide.
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the search engine giant said the content will be a great addition to the review service which is bought last year. no word on the terms. on wall street the markets closed mixed. the dow fell 38 points, nasdaq ended the day up one point. >> new poll numbers were released today on what americans think of romney's running mate, paul ryan. rita williams said we haven't seen numbers like these since the presidential campaign back in 1988. >> reporter: as he fended off hecklers, paul ryan tried to define himself to iowa voters. >> people are hurting because we don't have jobs. >> reporter: just released poll shows voters not to excited with what they know so far. 42% said they viewed romney's pick of ryan as his running mate as fairer or poor, only
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39% called it an excellent or pretty good choice. the last vice presidential pick to do worse after his revealing was dan quail in 1988. >> you know who he is? >> no. >> i still have to do a lot more research i think on my end. >> i know he is conservative. >> reporter: most we talked to knew little about him. >> those who believe that america is doing well because of the free market, because of hard work, because of personal responsibility, they are going to find the nomination appealing. >> reporter: cal state east bay professor david baggin said on the other hand those who believe government should take care of its poor, sick and elderly will be shocked. >> that's what makes for interesting dynamic politics. >> reporter: and an interesting
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dynamic campaign with a clear choice for voters now less than three months away. rita williams. >> online petition had something to do with the decision to have a woman moderate one of the debates. the commission announced she will be one of three for this october's debate between romney and obama. he is the first woman since 1992 to moderate a presidential debate. 122,000 called for it. in 19 minutes the start of the yearly lake tahoe summit. the message and a big announcement for the area. >> temperatures did increase today. numbers inland came about five or six degrees in some location, hot, over 100 degrees. tomorrow temperatures come down a few degrees, we will see
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upper 90's and low 100's. also in the inland bay valley. the general trend for tomorrow is a fooling trend. it'll last throughout the week. temperature -- fairfield, 77 concord. livermore, 80 degrees right now. temperatures tomorrow will be hot to warm. not as hot as day, slightly cooler. when i come back we will look at the five-day and it does show that cooling trend but it's small. i will let you know what you can expect. see you back in just a bit. >> organizers of the outside lands music festival say almost 200,000 came to golden gate park for that three day concert. crews spent the day cleaning up after the event. they say during the five year that outside lands has been held there it's generated more than $60 million in revenue for the city. >> the new security measures, the new alarm given to workers after a string of attacks and
11:52 pm
why some say it's a new problem. >> she put the gir in girl [ thunder crashes ]
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guaranteed. so, whether it's 10 years' of life's sunny days... or... the occasional stormy one... trust goes a long way. duracell with duralock. trusted everywhere. . three people are dead after unexchange of gun fire near texas a and m. he was being evicted. those killed were the constable serving it, the gunman and an innocent bystander. it happened about noon in an off campus housing area. four others were hurt including three officers. authorities have identified the gunman as a 35-year-old. he was shooting from inside a house. >> constable down in the front yard. additional officers started to respond to the location, they were able to engage the gunman.
11:55 pm
they were able to -- they ended up shooting the gunman. >> his facebook page indicating an affinity for weaponing, three of his seven photographs are pictures of rifles. >> hospital workers getting new alarm systems to wear but not everybody is blessed. the alarms worn on the necklaces, if in trouble they can pull at alarm and a transmitter sends a message to security. some expressed concern that they could be used to strangle workers. hospital officials say the risk is tiny compared to the added security. the alarms are the latest safety upgrade since a woman advantaged by a patient at the hospital almost two years ago. >> 50 years ago she shocked americans by encouraging unmarried women to embrace sexual freedom and for decades after that she was the publisher of cosmo. today helen brown died in new york at age of 90.
11:56 pm
patty lee is live at stanford university now where brown created a first of it's kind institute linking reporting and technology. patty. >> reporter: helen will be remembered tonight as the woman who put [inaudible] onto cover of magazines but her most reconscientious work is create that institute named after herself and her husband. that may link her legacy to the future and not her past. before the show, sex the city, there was a book, sex and the single girl. that in 1962 turned helen brown into a controversial figure. >> i was criticized during the beginning of the movement for suggesting that women try to pleas please men. >> reporter: she took over in 1965 at cosmo and filled the pages encouraging women to be
11:57 pm
sexually lib era ted. >> her legacy is women being more open about sex and understanding women have a lot of the same needs that men do. >> reporter: in january, brown gets it's $30 million for stanford and columbus, the institute linking technology and writing. . >> we will get on the order of 200,000. >> reporter: the project got the green light in june from the newly created, david and helen brown institute for media innovation. >> the citizen reporters, part from -- when say government restricts internet access. . >> reporter: he didn't know who brown was until this summer and said her legacy may be hidden by the new technology created at her institute in the future. >> the director of the nuance
11:58 pm
stot said brown was excited about taking an active roll here and her vision, and courage will be missed. reporting live at stanford. ktvu. >> a mess like this pops up every night on streets. the people who are raiding the city's trash and recycling bins and the people paying them off. >> up first you're on timeout leo! some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof. some things will. save up to 20% on an ikea kitchen.
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. continuing coverage on the firefighting efforts up in lake county where fires continue to burn tonight. the two fires have burned 6,000 acres and destroyed three structures, the fires just 25% contained. we just spoke to people there at the command center with in the last hour.
12:01 am
they estimate full containment will take at least another week. stay with us for continuing coverage on air, online and through facebook and twitter. the latest from lake county as it happens. >> more than 800,000 who live in rural areas are about to find a new bill from sacramento in their mailbox, a 150 fire protection fee approved to raids $84 million a year. most people will get a 35- dollar discount because they already pay a local fire protection fee. even at $115 some say it's to much. >> it's a very speak -- very sneaky way to get for the state to get money. >> the bills will go out to counties in order so alameda will be the first in line. a taxpayer association plans to file a lawsuit saying the fee is really illegal. >> in tonight's special report
12:02 am
a underground economy at work in sacramento. people raiding trash cans for bottles and card boards. . >> reporter: it's a common scene as bins are illegally raided for card board, cans and bottles. while some see it as a way for poor people to generate a little income others call it a quality of life crime. >> i have confronted people who are angry and i have backed off that. >> reporter: the resident said his neighborhood is being over run by trash people and the truck drivers who pay cash for stolen items. >> very much organized groups coming down the street with their bags, filling up their bags and then dumping them on the truc doing a street and
12:03 am
moving on. >> reporter: the economy paid to collect the trash declined to speak to us. estimates on recycling theft range from 5 million to ten million dollars a year. . public safety groups say the end result is higher trash rates for one or two of them. >> so, you know, whatever money they are losing on back we pay for. >> reporter: we spent two nights on san francisco streets talking to people and truck drivers. the operator of this restaurant told us this man conned his cook into opening a storage room to take the card board. >> cans, bottles. . >> reporter: he took off after the restaurant operator came out. >> how do people know where to find them?
12:04 am
>> you see them drive around, flag them down or sometimes they will stop. >> reporter: in this alley one block south of city hail a dozen people mobbed this truck. some taking bins. this woman paid them in cash. we caught up with them. you are picking them up to be taken to the cashed in? >> no english. >> all about the money. money. only way to make money. honest liking. >> reporter: they paid this man $16. he said the trucks pay less but are more convenient than city wide recycling centers. >> i probably would have made double but it's like -- what can you say? i need to eat. >> it's an an an an offense. >> reporter: the thieves usual
12:05 am
cited but they must focus on high priority crimes. there are worries about drugs being exchanged. the truck driver on the right gives a young man a white packet that he pops in his mouth. >> illegal narcotic it's not unusual to put it in their mouth. thatat way it's easy to hide it >> reporter: we tracked this truck down. that company said they sold that four months ago and don't take large amounts. for frustrated residents they are a problem without a clear solution. actions can only advice homeowners to put their trash out for collection just before pick up in the morning. in san francisco, david stevenson. >> we post all special reports for us at . >> the mayor has authorized a $250,000 reward in the unsolved
12:06 am
killing of a 17-year-old boy. tomorrow is the 6th anniversary of the shooting death of the teen. the teen was shot and killed near grove and baker in 2006. tomorrow his mother is planning to revisit the scene of the crime. a school principal is going to be arraigned tomorrow on charges of failing toa port allegations of sexual abuse. she is charged of not going to place after being told that craig chandler had abused a second grader. chandler is now facing charges of molesting five students. the other teacher faces a sentence of six months in jail if convicted. a reminder you can get the news to go. down load the app and click the live icon and watch all of the newscast live on the mobile device. >> when you may be able to order the next i-phone and
12:07 am
apple rests its case in a major suit against samsung. the bottom line on estimated damages. >> we have had a hot streak. things changing. when i come back the trend that is toward the
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12:09 am
. apple rests its patent case against samsung in court in san jose. among the witnesses was an accountant who estimated dangers at two and a half billion dollars. now it's samsung's turn to call witnesses and defend itself with claim that apple is the one that violated patent laws. testimony should be complete bid this friday, closing arms are set for august
12:10 am
21st. a report out today suggests presales for the next i-phone will start in one month on september 12th. that's the same day that apple is expected to reveal the i- phone 5 according to the website. the site said the phones will probably not get the to customers until late september. no word on presales for other products like the i-pad mini. >> the 16th lake tahoe summit took place today on the lakefront on south shore. budge cuts in the public sector are putting more pressure on the private sector to keep the lake clean. businesses have signed onto the compact. their goal to improve and maintain the habitat and environment in the lake tahoe basin. >> where people from very different parts -- make real progress and come together. what we do on the land certainly affects the lake. >> reporter: at the summit it
12:11 am
was announced that the lake has put in a bid to the olympic committee to be the host city of the 2022 games. >> gaby giffords making strides in her recovery from a gun shot wound to her head. she and her husband have moved home to arizona this have relocated to texas a year and a half ago where she was having therapy. they moved in to a home in tucson yesterday. less than a week after gunman pleaded guilty. >> a former disneyland employee is filing a lawsuit saying she lost her job after refusing to remove her head scarf. she is muslim, she said she was harassed and treated unfairly for wearing it onto job. she filed a complaint with the employment opportunity commission. >> on news of the world in syria rebels say they shut down a fighter jet and caught the
12:12 am
pilot. they say this is video of it. if the plane was taken down by rebels it would be the first time. the government said the plane crashed. >> japan study suggests radio active terrible is causing mutation in butterflies. they found they have a high rate of mutation. and the incidents increased in a second collection done on offspring. >> in the canary islands 4,000 people have left their homes because of wildfires burning out of control. tourists are also fleeing the popular vacation spot. one of the fires is threatening a national park that is home to a rare example of a humid, subtropical forest that's believed to date back 11 million years.
12:13 am
>> renters know it but now new numbers are confirming just how much bay area rent is going up. >> they are the top predator off the coast. should the great white shark be endangered? >> and more triple digit temperatures to
12:14 am
12:15 am
. bay area conservationists are asking the federal government to put the white shark onto endangered species list. john fowler investigates whether there is a need to do so. >> reporter: here off the golden gate a predator gathers like nowhere else. great white sharks up to three tons and 20 feet are the fish people fear most. >> very impressive and powerful, top of the food
12:16 am
chain. >> reporter: but they say the subspecies off our coast is troubled. >> we are really worried about fishing pollution that is threatening to push this species to the brink. >> reporter: the center for diversity and other groups petitioned the government to list the shark as endangered. they say from thereare only 350 alive. >> i would predict more than that. >> reporter: officials agree they are important to ocean balance but that solid science is lacking. >> i think we should learn how many there are and if necessary we should deal with -- whether they should deserve the status. >> reporter: for some visitors there is no question. >> i think we should protect them. they are -- special somehow. >> reporter: such a listing, could require new fishing
12:17 am
regulations. >> the -- we would loose the fishes, i could imagine protecting them. >> reporter: the next step is a evaluation period and then the fisher res has a year to decide whether to list the great white shark as endangered. john fowler. >> the battle over the estateful thomas kinkaide back in a courtroom. a lawyer for his girlfriend amy argued in court that she is the rightful owner of the paintings. she said a handwritten and barely legallible will written by kinkaide supports her claim. she is disputing the estranged wife over ownership of the mansion. the two sides are due back in court on september 17 president. >> new figures from a rental website show big increases for renters. according to the apartment
12:18 am rent shot up $6,000 since january of last year. in san francisco rent increased 5,000 dollars and the biggest was in silicon valley. that's where rent increased $9,000. >> the fda said it has a new flu vaccine for the season starts this year. each year it works with other agencies and global experts to design a vaccine to protect convenience the three strains most likely to cause the flu. this year's vaccine has one strain in common with last year's, plus two new strains. the department of agriculture plans to buy $170 million of meat to help drought stricken farmers and ranchers. it'll be sent to food banks and other programs. the purchase also helps producers struggling with the high cost of feed. >> it was a hot one today. temperatures are going to trend down. its going to be a slow,
12:19 am
cooldown throughout the bay area. it'll be hot and stay hot inland. you can see in concord it's 77 degrees. just below 80 degrees at this hour. you know it's going to be a warm or hot day in the inland bay valleys. the weather theme is, a slight cooling trend as we go in to the bay area in the next 48 hours. mostly clear d mostly foggy along the coast, mostly clear inland and then a cooldown in to the bay area. this high pressure that -- creating all this heat is still there tomorrow. it just weakens a little bit and is there the next day but weakens more. as we go into thursday and freud, saturday and sunday the high will go east and more cool air will come in off the ocean. its been cool along the coast. tomorrow like today monday, tuesday, this set up. wednesday, the high shifts further east. temperatures start to drop more. further east on friday,
12:20 am
saturday -- temperatures drop more. the forecast tomorrow -- high clouds coming up, we will see hazy skies tomorrow, fog along the coast and temperatures, almost as warm or hot as they were today. big heat in the central valley. fire zones up around clear lake over 100 degrees. our inland bay valleys and maybe mid-90s in a couple of low 100's. along the coast -- as you march through the bay area, you look at temperatures, not bad. over 70's, once you get over the hills and the inland bay valleys, south down toward -- the morgan hill area, back into the upper 90's, low 100's. that's how it goes. fire danger remains high. the winds have remained right. temperatures remain high but the winds are down. forecast highs -- clear lake, 105 degrees. humidity low. it'll below. look around the bay.
12:21 am
richmond 68, 80 in castro valley. you can go over the hill. brentwood 99. these are slightly cooler temperatures, cooling trend is there. these are cooler but it's a quiet, slow cooling trend. the north bay could use a break on the temperatures. winds have been offering -- the winds are light . the fire is creating winds but prevailing wipeds are light. >> new words in the latest edition of the dictionary. f bomb is among the new words, even though the term referring to when someone utters a curse word we can't say on tv has been around for more than 20 years. other new entries include
12:22 am
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12:25 am
fishermen sometimes shoot them to protect their catch. >> joe in for sports. lot of -- things leading up to the giants and nationals game. >> yeah and it was a long evening. you will play a handful of stingers and that's what this was against the team with the best record in baseball the nationals. tina doing first pitch honors on the night devoted to the memory of her father. that was the high point for giant fans, roger -- hit a line drive off ryan. thrown to first. bruce exercised the best judgement of the night getting thrown out of the game. he didn't have to see the shot that went down the left field line. the nationals chase ryan who sees his streak of straight games of working at least six innings end. 14-2 the final. giants hope to approve the
12:26 am
aroma at at&t park when they meet again tomorrow night. to pittsburgh where they are tied at two. one runner on -- shane victorino, gets in to a jeff carson pitch and the tie is broken. the dodgers win 5-4. they are now even with the giants at the top of the division. pre-season football games, tonight's opener between the raiders and the cowboys took that to an extreme. dennis allen, the raiders move the ball in their first position. mcfadden with a nice game. also ripped off a 16-yard run onto drive. a troubling development. palmer had a few of these in 2011, forces the ball into coverage. picked off, taken back 37 yards. neither team woven tour in to the end zone.
12:27 am
romo pressured during his time. dallas gets to the dallas quarterback. each had a pair of sacks, cowboys kicked a field goal. the usually costumes fans the only one in midseason form. allen wants to see his team clean it up. >> the first group we have to make sure we -- catch the ball when we get the opportunities. i thought we were able to move the ball some but we have to protect it better. >> the team you know we are looking at it as a loss because of the culture. we are trying to win everything, chess, checkers, ping-pong. >> the nationals in one inning out scored the raiders and cowboys combined tonight. >> okay. >> that's the -- sad state. >> thank you. thank you for trusting ktv. we will see you the next time news breaks. >> the morning team watching the clear lake wildfires, they will have updated information at 4:30 to
12:28 am
[ thunder crashes ]
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