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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  August 21, 2012 11:30pm-12:30am PDT

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within the past hour, we recorded our 31st homicide of the year. good evening. >> we have developing news in san jose where there has been yet another homicide. even before tonight's killing, a state lawmaker had sent a letter to san jose police chief, asking him to get help. matt is live where word of this latest homicide came. matt, this is the 31st killing in san jose this year, compared to 27 at this time last year. >> reporter: yes, it is and we just received confirmation that a man was indeed killed inside this safeway store just before 8:45 tonight. police say paramedics found the
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man with a stab wound. officers say the suspects fled the scene. this comes as violence is on the rise in the city. now a state lawmaker is offering to help the police chief to try to stop this recent crime wave. it's not without fear that people come out, after 38-year- old man was found dead here saturday morning and classified as a homicide today. >> i'm really scared. >> reporter: police say the past eight days have been some of the most violent in the city's history. this crime wave hits as the san jose police department is down to 1055 police officers, patrolling a city of about one million people. >> it's really difficult to continue running at this level and we're at a position where we're going to welcome some help. >> reporter: that help could come from the highway patrol. san jose assemblywoman nora campos wrote a letter to the police chief about the rising crime, urging him to request that the california highway patrol provide the city of san
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jose with law enforcement assistance. >> i would like to have a conversation with my own staff to entertain that idea and see where they would be most helpful. >> reporter: the police chief is trying to get more officers on the street, by taking 17 officers currently assigned to conduct background checks for new hires and moving them to patrol the streets. all sides agree that more police officers are needed. >> san jose statistically, again, is one of the safest large cities in america. however, if you're the victim of that one violent crime, that statement means nothing to you. >> reporter: i was just told by an officer that several officers are being released from the scene, but this could be an active investigation scene for several hours. officers have been busy over the past eight days, saying there have been ten shootings, eight officers hurt and seven homicides, including this one. one person was killed this evening in a fiery crash on highway 4. the accident
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happened in the westbound lanes just before 7 p.m. the compact car lost control and was then hit by an suv. the compact car went airborne and went off the highway. they tried to rescue the driver. two people in the suv also suffered injuries. there's word tonight of a significant increase in the number of homes that have now been destroyed by that massive ponderosa fire that is burning out of control tonight near redding. we spoke with a cal fire representative and learned that a new survey of the fire area shows that 50 homes have now been lost to flames since that fire started on saturday. and it is still threatening some 3500 more homes. so far, the fire has burned 21,000 acres and tonight we do have updated information that the fire is now 40% contained, up from 35%. firefighters say a change in the wind pattern tonight is helping keep the flames away
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from homes. yet, even as firefighters are expressing a bit of optimism, one evacuee said there's really nothing they can do but prey. and in mendocino, there is also a fire. 10,000 acres have burned so far. new information about the apparent source of interference disrupting communications on police radios. they're blaming certain at&t cell phone towers, but there may be more to it. >> all the trouble reports that are coming to us from specific locations, we're doing detailed testing of our systems to ensure that we find the problems. >> at&t says it has shut down some of the problem frequencies. now oakland is looking at other cell phone company towers. police officers have
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experienced radio interference in just the past few days. new allegations have surfaced against a federal official sent to investigate the oakland police department. what he's accused of saying and doing. >> and in just the past several weeks, the u.s. government has seized almost half a million marijuana plants growing on public land mere in california. the big bust points to a secondary problem that is leaving all of that land devastated. >> reporter: this is forest service video shot this morning, with helicopters hauling out 3,000 marijuana plants from a sophisticated grow site in the el dorado national forest. >> things were camouflaged. they had dammed up water sites. but it was completely camouflaged. >> reporter: u.s. attorney benjamin wagner announced this morning the results of operation mountain sweep which has been underway in seven states since july 1st. the total haul so far, more
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than 578 marijuana plants seized on public lands. wagner puts the value at more than 1.1 billion. >> we've also recovered 51 tons of trash. >> reporter: also a major concern, the heavy use of fertilizers, pesticides and poisons to kill rodents. >> many times we go to these sites and it's completely devoid of any animal life. >> reporter: there's often evidence of poaching as well. >> in one location, we found five dead skunks. >> reporter: after years of eradication efforts, the number of plants seized has declined. >> so i think we're having a positive effort. >> reporter: the men behind this latest grow site got away, but the u.s. attorney says most of these grow sites are linked
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to mexican drug cartels. supervisors in contra costa county are now considering dropping the company that operates the emergency telephone notification system. they point to delays in notifying the public about that chevron refinery fire earlier this month and say there have been other problems as well. the minnesota-based company is supposed to notify people within a half hour of an emergency. officials say it took as long as two hours during that refinery fire earlier this month. chevron plans to hope a second claim center in richmond tomorrow where people can file claims relled to that fire -- related to that fire. this new center is in addition to the one at nevins. the new center will be at the north richmond community heritage senior apartments on fred jackson way. it's set to be open from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. tomorrow through friday. continuing coverage now of petaluma's hometown heroes. tonight the dream is still alive for the 12 and 13-year-
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olds playing the little league world series. the petaluma scored another big win this evening with a do-or- die game. we're live in petaluma. >> reporter: tonight was an exciting one. it was a shutout. petaluma, 5. connecticut, 0. folks loved every minute of it. >> double play. >> reporter: petaluma national advances in the little league world series behind the stellar pitching of quinton. >> it's just absolutely crazy and i just kept on rolling and didn't let anything get down on me. i just kept going.
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>> reporter: hundreds watching from boulevard theater jumped to their feet. >> it's so exciting for these boys to do this. i've seen all these games and it's just great to see them doing this. >> i didn't think they were gonna get that far. it's great for them. they've done so well, practiced so hard every day, so it's amazing. >> reporter: folks all over town cheered their hometown team from bars and restaurants. >> it's very fun to see my friends on tv and we're in the same league and i know the coaches. >> reporter: and at sunrise senior living, phones chose the 5 p.m. game over meal time. >> we haven't missed one yet. >> reporter: nearly all the team's players attend petaluma junior high. this will no doubt be the talk around campus when classes start tomorrow. >> when they get back, they're gonna get swarmed. i can't even imagine. it's gonna be amazing. >> reporter: i also talked to
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manager eric smith by phone after the game. he is thrilled the kids get to enjoy a few more days of this and says he's not thinking any further than their next game. i want to show you one of the team's pregame rituals. this is tad. he's the little brother of a player and they rub his head before every game for good luck. he will be along for the ride when they play again on thursday. >> petaluma's next game is scheduled for thursday at 5:00 our time. they'll play the loser of wednesday's game between tennessee and the southwest team from san antonio, texas. if petaluma wins thursday, they advance to the u.s. championship game on saturday against the winner of that southeast-southwest matchup. this evening's game was an exciting one. we'll have all the highlights for you later on in sports. the multibillion patent fight between apple and samsung
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is now in the hands of nine jurors. lawyers for both sides delivered closing arguments at the court in san jose today. deliberations are expected to begin tomorrow. each side is pointing a finger at the other. samsung is asking for $422 for technology patent infringement while apple is seeking $2.5 billion for design infringement. on wall street today, stocks fell. the dow industrials dropped 68 points. nasdaq lost 8. it's not a crime per se but it could be a precursor to a crime. >> a new warning from police. how painter's tape is being used to mark a home. and more information on a new product, leading some to suggest a new kind of
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new at 10, it's just a simple piece of blue painter's tape. but tonight, police are warning residents to be on the lookout for it. amber lee tells us how thieves could be using it as a surveillance tool in one san francisco neighborhood. >> we're getting the word out. we're knocking on doors. >> reporter: it's the talk of this neighborhood. some residents have called police after noticing something unusual. blue tape placed across the front door of several homes. >> it's not a crime per se but it could be a precursor to a
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crime. >> reporter: police say this painter's tape could be the opening a thief is looking for as a way to get into your home. the theory is that a broken tape will indicate to a potential thief that someone is home. tape that remains untouched for days could be a sign that the resident is away on vacation. >> it's taped to the door from here to here. >> wow. >> reporter: homeowner carla says she discovered blue tape attached to her door last friday. she says she never suspected that burglars may be using it as a surveillance tool. her home was burglarized two years ago. >> it's kind of scary. especially since it already happened to us once before. for it to happen again or potentially to happen again, it's just kind of unnerving. >> reporter: some neighbors told us they're taking precautions. >> we're gonna get a motion sensor for the scarewell so
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that hopefully scare off anybody. >> reporter: police say at this point they don't know if a taped door has led to a burglar but they hope by getting the word out, thieves will know, they're being watched. in san francisco, amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. police in palo alto are hoping someone recognizes a sketch of a sexual assault suspect. this is a sketch of a man police described as between 25 and 35 years old with black hair. he was wearing an orange jacket, jeans and shoes. he walked up to a woman, reached under her dress, grabbed her, then ran away. in san francisco, taxicab drivers now have to pay the city in order to sell their taxi medallions when they retire. today a measure was approved that raises the price of the medallions. but the new cost includes a $100,000 transfer fee that will
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go to the city. a report released from the california state auditor finds that san jose's city pension costs were overstated prior to a pension measure vote. san jose projected the city's annual retirement cost could increase to 400 million by the fiscal year 2013 but the state auditor found the price to be 320 billion. the auditor conceded that retirement costs doubled from 2009 to 2011. new at 10, a bizarre new development involving the federal monitor sent to investigate the oakland police department. rita williams tells us about reports that the oakland city administer is accusing that monitor of making inappropriate comments to her, and that's not all. >> reporter: oakland police department is tearing on the precipice, just a few months from a possible federal takeover, the first in the
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country. city officials now have accused this man, sent by the federal court to evaluate police, of inappropriate conduct himself. robert warshaw, a former police chief. in a motion with the court, the city did not divulge details of the allegations. but tonight, the chronicle quoted unnamed sources, saying city administer deanna santana accused the federal monitor of making inappropriate comments, holding her hand and calling her stunning, also of using abusive language to describe oakland's police chief. i talked with two attorneys today on opposite sides. they say they're not aware of what the allegations are. >> i really have no idea at this point. >> reporter: but they fear the accusations might derail the real question here, does the police department warrant a takeover? >> it's not something that the oakland police officers want to
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see. what they want to see is they want to see conclusion. >> they've given us no choice but to proceed with the receivership. >> reporter: neither the mayor nor the city attorney nor the city administer would talk with me today, saying whatever did or did not happen with the federal monitor is now the subject of a personnel investigation. in oakland, rita williams, ktvu channel 2 news. it's been a year since oakland's failed antiviolence program ended, but beginning next month, the city will attempt operation cease fire once again. the plan is credited with an 80% reduction in crime in new york city. here's how it works. it gives the city's top offenders two options. cease all violent behavior immediately and get education and job training help or face a very long prison term. critics say oakland's 2009 program wasn't successful because offenders were rarely prosecuted.
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temperatures cooler, a couple of degrees in a couple locations. other areas warmed a couple of degrees. today, a lot like today. and you know what? tomorrow a lot like today. these are the highs from today. tomorrow we'll take off a couple of degrees around the bay. you won't notice much of a difference. what you will notice tomorrow morning will be that big push of fog early on when you get up. if you had fog this forng, you'll have it tomorrow morning. it's happening right now. it's going to be in most bay area neighborhoods. temperatures tomorrow down two or three degrees from what we had today. we'll look for a warm-up and take a peek at your bay area weekend as well, at 10:35. now even more reports that a new ipad could be on the way.
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september 12 happens to be the same day apple is expected to announce its new iphone. many following the company say a new ipad mini will also will unveiled. the controversial restaurant chick-fil-a is coming to marin county. the fast food chain has paid $2.7 for a building on rollin way. chick-fil-a plans to remodel the current carl's junior site. the ceo of chick-fil-a prompted protests last month when he spoke out against same-sex marriage. federal investigators are investigating whether beef from sick cows at a slaughterhouse reached the human food supply. operations at the central valley meat company were suspended yesterday after regulators received a video on friday showing cows that were unable to walk or even stand. the investigation will determine whether those sick cows were slaughtered and if products from the company should be recalled.
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president obama makes another visit to the west coast. plus -- >> i used the wrong words in the wrong way and for that, i apologize. >> he says he's sorry, but will he stay in the race? what todd akin announced today in light
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republican congressman todd akin has decided he will remain a candidate in the missouri senate race, following his controversial comments on rape. and today, he released a new ad once again apologizing for what he said. >> rape is an evil act. i used the wrong words in the wrong way, and for that, i apologize. >> fellow republicans have been distancing themselves from akin
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since sunday when he suggested that in cases of, quote, legitimate rape, women's bodies could somehow block an unwanted presidency. party leaders agreed today to call for a constitutional amendment against abortion, without specific exceptions for rape or incest. romney says his administration would not oppose abortion in cases of rape. president obama was back reno today where he criticized mitt romney for telling a high school student to shop around when asked about making college students more affordable for families. >> shop around. and borrow money from your parents if you have to. >> romney is critical of the president's education plan. he said it encourages students to take on more debt. romney says his economic plan would cut regulation and make
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colleges become more efficient. barbara lee spoke out today against the romney-ryan campaign, saying the republican's plan for medicare would hurt senior citizen. >> a plan like this would cost seniors as much as $6400 a year. $6400 a year. and i don't know many seniors who can afford that. and illegal immigrants are grappling with the licensing problems at the dmv. the agency said it would issue driver's licenses to eligible immigrants, but then just days later they made an abrupt change and said they wouldn't. >> reporter: 19-year-old edith is an open resident and a new mother. >> my parents brought me here when i was a baby. >> reporter: she's also an
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illegal immigrant and an unlicensed driver. >> i got jumped for a little 30- day bus pass. that happened to me with my daughter. so that's why i need the license to drive. >> reporter: we rode with her today to talk about the push to allow people like her to obtain their licenses. the obama administration decided that young immigrants brought to the u.s. illegally as children should get a deportation reprieve. last week, dmv said it would issue people such licenses. then it backtracked this week and said that the law needs to be clarified. the executive director says it's time to make the change. >> a lot of them came here when they've been very young, and they've been active participants in our community. they go to school, college. they're trying to get jobs. >> reporter: she says getting a license will make her a safer driver. >> i will feel better.
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i'll feel safer. not just for me but for my daughter. she's a baby right now. >> reporter: one republican leader told me that illegal immigrants shouldn't be here in the first place, so they shouldn't be getting in these already long lines to get their licenses. police in one port of contra costa county say a new way to speak up about crime is already paying off. how a series of anonymous tips helped nab one [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow. you guys have it easy.
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i wish i had u-verse when i was your age. in my day, we didn't have these fancy wireless receivers. blah, blah, blah. if i had a sleepover, i couldn't just move the tv into the playroom. no, we had to watch movies in the den because that's where the tv outlet was. and if dad was snoring on the couch, we muscled through it.
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is she for real? your generation has it made. [ male announcer ] the wireless receiver. only from at&t u-verse. get a free wireless receiver with a qualifying u-verse plan. rethink possible. new at 10, police say some critical clear surveillance video and a flurry of tips helped capture a burglar
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suspect in antioch. only ktvu spoke to the chief about why the department is counting it as a victory for a new program. eric? >> reporter: some of these tips came in through a new online program called tips off, allowing people to id the suspects to police using their smartphones and still remain anonymous. apparently there were plenty of people willing to do that after they got a good look at two suspects caught on camera. the owners of this camaro could not have asked for a better view of the crime that was about to go down outside their home on silverado drive in antioch last week. just before 6 a.m., a surveillance camera recorded this man taking a look inside the camaro before smashing the window. almost immediately, tips started pouring in to his family and police. >> they were giving me names. in fact, one of the tipsters
12:01 am
actually sent a candid photo of one of the suspects. >> reporter: the next day, officers crested christopher osborne. they say he's the one in black looking right at the camera. they also arrested salazar, who was already wanted to a burglar. the tips came through a new program where people can text tips to the number that spells out the word crimes. >> the tipster's phone number is encrypted and that is sent back to the antioch police department and the tips are truly anonymous. >> reporter: mcdermott hopes it will inspire others to be more vigilant. >> it's good news. the cameras help. >> reporter: while this is the first arrest with the helps of tips off, the chief tells me it's already processed hundreds of tips. yet police say this new program should not be used for crimes in progress. they still want you to call them directly for that.
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law enforcement officers and state lawmakers today applauded a new law that they say will help investigators track down thieves. it authorizes a state database to track pawnshop and metal recycling transactions. currently they have to fill out paper forms and send them to the department of justice. but law enforcement officers say this new system will allow for realtime tracking of stolen opportunities. the system is expected to be up and running by 2014. it could soon be against the law for colleges an universities to demand students and employees hand over their social users names and passwords. the bill is now headed to the governor's desk. there's concern because it's illegal to make hiring
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decisions based on information on race. challenging conditions on san francisco bay today led to the injury of one sailer during a training for the america's cup world series. team china's 45-foot boat flipped over in the strong wind and waves and one crew member had to be taken to the hospital. that wasn't the only boat that tipped over. ktvu's david stevenson tells us what the teams are saying about the conditions as they prepare for qualifying tomorrow. >> reporter: eleven crews and sailers kicked off the series today. >> this is tremendously exciting. >> reporter: the exhibition brought over over a thousand hard-core sailing fans. the hope is thousands more will come out this weekend to watch
12:04 am
and spend money on souvenirs. city officials estimate america's cup races this year and in 2013 will bring 1.1 billion dollars and 8,000 jobs to the bay area. teams have spent the last several hours out on the bay, getting used to the heavy wave, strong currents and winds up to 25 knots. >> this is a fantastic venue for us sailers. >> reporter: the bay area's oracle team says it's got the home court advantage and it's counting on help from local fans. >> people are cheering. we want to use that as an advantage, just like the giants playing at home or the 49ers, you know. >> reporter: city and race officials are calling america's cup nascar on the water. the hope is that will draw spectators to see eleven boats crammed into a tight playing field, competing in some nail- biting races. david stevenson, ktvu channel 2
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news. more details now on the races. qualifying begins tomorrow afternoon. the quarterfinals are on thursday and friday. the semifinals take place on saturday, with the finals on sunday. and you can see all of the action from san francisco's marina green. and has more on the america's cup races, including more video from today's practice session. you can find it under the america's cup tab. endurance swimmer diana failed on her attempt but she did make a symbolic swim ashore at key west. nia's crew pulled her from the water last night because of storms. but it was the jelly fish stings that really caused her problems. she'd been swimming for more than 60 hours and covered 48 hours. that's remarkable enough. but consider this. she turns 63 years old tomorrow. tonight, director tony scott and the l.a. county coroner are disputing
12:06 am
reports that scott was suffering from brain cancer when he apparently committed suicide this weekend. he was known for beverly hills cops. he died after jumping from an l.a. county bridge on sunday. the coroner said scott wrote two notes before his death. he was 68 years old. they promised some great bargains, but are they bogus? still to come, the class action wsuit against those popular online travel websites. in just a couple of minutes i'll take a look at the america's cup forecast tomorrow on the bay. then we'l
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in news in the world tonight, in lebanon, fighting erupted in tripoli, killing at least six people and wounding 70 others. this is the most serious fighting in months. sunnies are battling the minority there. in afghanistan, the u.s. air base was under lockdown during a visit from general martin dempsey, the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff. his plane was hit by shrapnel from rockets. dempsey wasn't hurt but two service members were slightly injured. and in ethiopia, the nation mourned the death of its longtime ruler. he was a key american ally against terrorism. he was also accused of human
12:10 am
rights abuses. the date has been set for the inaugural flight of the boeing 787 dreamliner. they plan to start flights. passengers can begin book flights august 30. boeing says the 787's are more comfortable for passengers. travel websites promising the best deals for your hotel stays may not be telling the truth. >> the very essence of their conduct is to stop the consumer from finding any difference in their prices. >> some websites are now being targeted in a class-action lawsuit alleging price fixing. online sites, including expedia, orbit, priceline and travelocity are accused of making illegal deals with hotel chains hilton, marriott, starwood and trump to limit how much the rooms could be discounted.
12:11 am
a new list out today, one that you probably don't want your car to appear on. according to the national insurance crime bureau, the 1994 honda accord tops the list for the most stolen car for the fourth year in a row. the accord is followed closely by the 1998 civic. third is the 2006 ford f- series. a federal judge in new york ruled today that poker is more of a game of skill than of chance and therefore it is not gambling. it may be welcome news for advocates who want online poker legalized. the ruling does not bar states from banning it. state budget cuts are forcing one bay area county to consider layoffs and closing a courthouse. the proposal laid out today at a public meeting.
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about two dozen members of the group aboriginal men kept equipment from entering the site on silver avenue. the protesters say no bayview residents are working on the project. the school district says it encourages its contractors to hire local workers but the district says it's required to higher contractors based on the lowest bid. state budget cuts could force them to shut down courtrooms and slash services and jobs. the judges held a public meeting today to alert the community.
12:15 am
jana katsuyama was there. >> reporter: judge barry good delivered the bad news. now, state budget cuts are forcing contra costa county courts to cut an additional $7 million in one year and that means slashing services. the proposed cuts include closing concord's courthouse, cutting 37 staff and seven commissioners and eliminating juvenile drug and night court. the judges said they want feedback from the public. >> this would be a travesty in our county, to see these services going backwards. >> let's at least keep some services in richmond. >> reporter: after two hours, the presiding judge said they got important feedback, but the message to state lawmakers is
12:16 am
that budget cuts can't continue. >> justice is in jeopardy of eroding, because there's only so much we can do with the current staff we have. >> reporter: some residents said court officials and the community need to be more aggressive in fighting for funding. >> they should be proactive, trying to protect these programs, not rolling over and accepting the cuts that are being imposed upon them. >> reporter: the judges say they plan to make a final decision on august 28 about the budget cuts and whether to keep the concord courthouse open. the concord, jana katsuyama, ktvu channel 2 news. after a lot of deliberations, san jose city supervisors have come up with a plan for the 170 miles of trails they want to build and connect throughout the city. the plan is funded by money approved by voters in the 1970's to buy land for regional parks, but some residents don't live near a park and didn't feel that was fair. >> driving up that street, you'll see kids playing in the
12:17 am
street. pull over and ask them why they're not in the park, and they'll tell you they don't have a park. >> they decided to compromise and use some of the money to build small parks for urban neighbors. san francisco police are using condoms as evidence against prostitutes. the group known as human rights watch says that conflicts with a city ordinance. it says it also deters sex workers from practicing safe sex. a new study suggests that the declining rates of circumcision will translate into increasing medical costs as those unsirk sized boys grow up to be sexually active men. they say every circumcision not performed will lead to significant increases in sexually transmitted diseases. circumcision is believed to prevent std's and notably hiv
12:18 am
by eliminating an environment where the virus can thrive. a new study suggests that there's a link between antibiotics and chubby babies. the research by the new york university school of medicine found that babies given antibiotics under the age of six months tended to weigh more than those who didn't get the medications. the coauthor says exposure to antibiotics early in life may kill off healthy bacteria that help absorb nutrients. it is slightly cooler today in some areas. it's going to be slightly cooler again tomorrow. there's a lot of fog already moving into neighborhoods. this time of night, not picking up the fog on the satellite imagery, but we've got it across oakland and up and down
12:19 am
the coast. that's a pretty good push, meaning that tomorrow morning you'll have most likely fog and low clouds in your neighborhood. that means lower daytime highs for your wednesday. as we go into tomorrow, slightly cooler. and in our extended forecast, the mild pattern continues but temperatures will sort of stair- step up a little bit. the marine layer is stretched out a little bit. it's over into hayward right now. it's trying to get over in the walnut creek area. this is deep enough that it's going to accepted cooling air in. it's dropped the fire danger down a bit and helped a lot with the air quality. most of the moisture is gone. there's still some high and midlevel moisture lingering but most of the moisture to the east of it. this low pressure center is going to hang out for a little while longer, tomorrow into thursday. and we're gonna continue with this weather pattern. that low is also giving us sort
12:20 am
of southwest winds out on the bay and that makes it a little tougher -- not tougher. it's just not the ideal wind conditions. so the southwest wind tomorrow will gust to 25 miles an hour. there's the wind speed. but you're going to get a little swirl in there. the gap is kind of facing east- west. so a southwest wind has to turn in there, and you don't get as clean a flow as you like. so they'll have plenty of wind. the forecast highs tomorrow, 86 in fairfield, 70 in vallejo, a really nice day. great air quality. 88 in brentwood. morgan hill, 84. good air quality. it's a big deal. we had a couple bad air quality days but not that many. we haven't really had that many spare the air days, which is good. of course, we are getting to that time of year, september, october, those are the fire
12:21 am
months and the bad air quality months. here's the five-day forecast with your weekend in view. you can see a little bit of a warm-up on saturday. there's nothing extreme either way, up or down. >> kind of nice, just to be right wow,
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a superstar pitcher from the bay area is helping local students start off the school year in style. sabathia sent a team from his family's chairable organization to distribute backpacks in vallejo. sabathia's mother helps run the pitch-in foundation and she was on hand to meet with the kids. this is the fourth year that the foundation has stepped up to the plate, if you will, to help school kids in his hometown of vallejo. baseball fans are happy. >> going but victory to talk about with -- nothing but victory to talk about. the giants are going to leave l.a. in first place. they get out of there knowing they left a little message behind. giants aren't the kind of team that cries over spilled milk.
12:25 am
the dodgers are silenced. and san francisco, they load the bases in the first inning. buster posey. a couple runs. gonna score. and more ensues in the fourth. laces to center. brandon crawford will score. looking at pagad. great hustle there. gives up only one run. pagan again. hector sanchez holds on and a.j. ellis is out. the bullpen was nailed. giants up a game and a half in the western division. five big reasons for the a's to go home happy tonight. they win the game, one. one of their best pitches returns from elbow surgery after 14 months and does brilliantly. and reasons 3, 4 and 5, right
12:26 am
here, all in one. triple play. josh mcdonnell, adam rosales, chris carter. look at it again. it benefits brett anderson on the mound, who was pumped up. he collects the win. chris carter in the middle of that with a shot to left center. got himself an rbi double. 4-1, just like the giants. that's the final. chicken capital of the world. petaluma's claim to fame may soon be just a bunch of spunky kids tearing up the little league world series. they put runners at first and third. lucas, who threw a no-hitter last night, made a nice play. 1-0. in the third, the gamebreaker, two on. for the coach's son, smith, that's a blast to dead center.
12:27 am
three-run homer. 5-0, final. petaluma will play either tennessee or texas thursday. the winning pitcher, quinton, enjoys the here and now. he was brilliant. >> he's kind of been struggling just a little bit and he kind of broke that tonight. i thank him very much, because he helped me with that. i kind of calmed down once we had that four-run lead or three- run lead, whatever it is. thank you very much. >> you mentioned how much pressure there was? >> they were so poised. >> they were brilliant, all of them.
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