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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  August 24, 2012 11:30pm-12:30am PDT

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. a billion dollar verdict for apple as the bay area juror decides a case. good evening. >> a silicon valley jury sided with apple in a global patent battle with samsung. the jury determined samsung had ripped off apple's technology used to build the i-phone and i- pad. >> reporter: we are in front of the apple store in palo alto and the company is very happy tonight because a federal jury ruled they will receive more than one billion dollars in
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damages from samsung. the jury felt that some sung essentially stole apple's design. apple came out a huge winner, a jury in san jose determined samsung violated several papl patents when it created it's own products. >> it came down to a story of trying to tell the jury that samsung is a copier, a free writer, was riding on apple's coat tails. >> reporter: apple said the copies went deep earthen we even knew. we applaud the court for sending a message that stealing isn't right. outside the courthouse samsung attorneys didn't want to say much. >> we are disappointed with the ruling but we have issued a statement. >> reporter: that statement said today's verdict is a loss for the american consumer. it's unfortunate that patent law can be changed to give one company a monopoly over
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rectangles with rounded corners. the ruling could have long term implications. >> a lot of maker who have similar looking devices may have to rethink them. >> reporter: a professor teaches patent law. he said though the phones and tablets are older products the ruling will affect people. >> potentially all or many of the samsung products will be pulled from the market. in the near term at least for people this means fewer choices, and as a result higher prices. >> reporter: samsung had counter sued apple for infringing on five patents but the juror didn't recommend awarding them thing. reporting live. >> more details now, apple and samsung together account for about half the sales of all smart phones world wired. they claim nearly 23 million are using apple technology.
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overall andriad smart phones out sell apple phones. >> we have developing news. out of oakland with word of a deadly drive by shooting. a child was also wounded. happened about eight tonight at west oakland on sycamore. details are still stethy but a police sergeant on the scene said one man was shot and killed and that a boy was grazed in the neck by a bullet. initial reports indicate that boy is only seven. the sergeant also said it appeared as many as 60 shots were fired. we will have more as they become available. a concord teen appeared in court today and pleaded not guilty to felony charges, stemming a traffic accident that killed a father and daughter who were out riding their bikes. the widow and mother of the victims made a plea for justice today as she spoke. >> reporter: today outside the county courthouse sue walked
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slowly, on her mind her husband and 9-year-old daughter, both struck and killed by a white suv back on april 7th in concord. >> try your best day by day. never going to be the same. >> reporter: police arrested a 17-year-old driver but then 48 hours later let him go. today more than four months later the same teen was charged. >> i don't know what to say. i'm just -- i just want justice. >> reporter: the 17-year-old who we will not identity because he is a minor pleaded not guilty to two counts of vehicular manslaughter with gross negligence for speeding an illegal lane change. the da said the charges aren't juvenile crimes. he said the 17-year-old will be tried as a minor. >> he looked beyond the circumstances of the crime. have you to look at the individual's prior criminal history, whether they are -- if
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they have been on probation before. >> reporter: the family attorney said that the defendant and his family still remain quiet. >> nobody has said anything. they haven't reached out. they have done nothing. >> it's toward my family. taking my loved ones away. >> reporter: as you can see flowers still remain here at the site of the accident. the 17-year-old's attorney declined comment and his family didn't address the media outside the courthouse. ktvu channel 2news. >> in another county courtroom jury chris started in the drunk driving trial of robert hernandez. he was charged after a stop in concord in march. he had the minimum blood alcohol level for drunk driving but his defense attorney said the test wasn't done correctly. if convicted he could face a
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two day jail sentence and losing his license. >> new information about a homicide we told you about last night. thal media county coroner has identified the victim as a 53- year-old. he was found shot to death inside a store yesterday afternoon. vehiclors say robbery is one possible motive. police say they would like to hear from anyone who may have more information. >> fremont neighborhood crediting with two children with helping stop a robbery. the suspects broke into a home in this neighborhood. a 10-year-old boy and his 16- year-old sister were home alone and decided to hide. >> i -- we just hid inside of the closet. >> reporter: they called the police and remained inside the closet until officer as lifed. the three men face robbery charges. they are also suspected in a
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robbery in newark earlier this day. >> we have learned the pit bull that attacked a united states park police horse in san francisco has been ordered to be put down. the owner of the dog said he received official notice today. authorities say that earlier this month charlie attacked a horse on patrol leaving the horse badly hurt. char lie's owner said he plans to appeal the order. he has three days to do so. >> the world of cycling is in disarray tonight after officials banned lance armstrong from the sport. he admits nothing saying he has never failed a drug test and as rita williams reports some suggest he was singled out. >> reporter: it'll be hard to forget that image of lance armstrong winning an unprecedented seven tour de france titles but today the anti doping agency wiped out
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his 14 year career. that after armstrong now 40, again denied using performance enhancing drugs but said he would stop fighting. >> the charges, very serious charges, mean he has acknowledged it. >> i think it was a smart move . judge? >> he realized he was going into a kangaraoo court. >> reporter: the standard of proof before the panel is much lower than a court of law though he believes armstrong is guilty of doping he thinks his competition is too and dislike what he calls selective prosecution. >> that doesn't make it right. >> it doesn't. it's wrong. it's all wrong. let's face it. cheating is cheating. >> reporter: and the man who taught a lead athlete to beat detection thinks testing for all sports isn't sensitive enough to catch all cheaters.
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>> you think he should come out now and just say i did it. >> i do. i think roger clemens should come out and say he did it. he is guilty too. barry bonds should probably come out too. >> reporter: he said he obviously believes in redemption and thinks the five hundred million dollars lance armstrong as raised for cancer helps balance his cheating. >> a former teammate of armstrong, floyd landis agreed to repay almost a half million dollars donated to his own legal defense fund to fight doping allegations. he admitted to hughes drugs. he was told he must repay almost 1800 donors. >> the part of oakland is backing a plan to turn one of lieutenants terminals in to a new home for the a's. the port director said the stadium could be built on the howard terminal site in about five-years. the location is next to jack
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london square. the a's owner said he wants to move his team to san jose but that deal is still in limbo because of baseball's territorial rules. >> the little league team resting up tonight before it's big game tomorrow at the little league world series. >> this ball driven to left center field and over the wall for a grand slam. >> reporter: the nationals cruised to a win last night in a semi-final game. it puts them in the united states championship game tomorrow in pennsylvania. the winner of that game plays sunday against the international champions in the final game of the little league world series. we have a crew in williamsport for tomorrow's game. our live coverage starts tomorrow with mornings on two and we will bring you all the developments throughout the weekend. >> it gets better. >> it gets better. >> 49ers make nfl history later in this newscast the team
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sponsored video that's become part of a nationwide move member. >> three fire stations station could soon reopen. the chief of the fire district learned today that his district has received an eight million dollar grant. that is enough to reopen stations in brentwood, bethel island which were all shut down last month and the money would help rehire 27 firefighters. the district's board must officially accept the two year grant before the stations can reopen and start hiring. the news of the new funding comes on the same day that a house fire broke out just a block away from one of the stations that was closed. the fire caused about $150,000 of kaj. crews say the home on second street was on fire when they arrived just after five this morning. nobody was home at the time but one firefighter was treated for heat exhaustion. >> a small community radio
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station said vandals knocked it off the air. the equipment targeted on the air and who could be responsible. >> and i'm back here at 10:20. we will take a look at first part of the weekend. see you back here. . [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow. you guys have it easy.
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i wish i had u-verse when i was your age. in my day, we didn't have these fancy wireless receivers. blah, blah, blah. if i had a sleepover, i couldn't just move the tv into the playroom. no, we had to watch movies in the den because that's where the tv outlet was. and if dad was snoring on the couch, we muscled through it. is she for real? your generation has it made. [ male announcer ] the wireless receiver. only from at&t u-verse. get a free wireless receiver with a qualifying u-verse plan. rethink possible. . owners avenue i small community radio station say someone went out of their way to knock them off the air by
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targeting their tower. eric is live in vallejo to explain this isn't the first time its been targeted. >> reporter: last year it was grafitti with racial slurs, this time the owners say someone managed to knock them off the air for five-days. they are back up and running tonight but who targeted it and why is still a mystery. david martin has tried to make it as hard as possible to get inside this shack of the tower that sends out their signal. >> here are the pieces that they took. >> reporter: he said someone broke in and stole solar charging units knocking them off the air. >> we are a community radio station. we play a diversity of music. we are not enemies with anyone. >> reporter: last year he showed us where someone wrote racial grafitti at the radio
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station. this time it was done faraway, a steep climb up to the top of saint john's mine road. after making repairs and changing the locks martin said someone tried to get in this shack a second time this week. he doesn't suspect the latest crime was racially motivated or the work of a disgunled former employee. >> no . this person knew what they were doing. >> reporter: the station has received some attention for a zoning dispute with the city but martin said its been resolved they are about to move into a new studio. he said the vandals are only making him more determined. >> whoever you are, please stay away from the tower. fight me on the ground. >> reporter: martin said he has reported this to police and the fcc who he said has said that the tampering with that tower is a federal offense. we are live in vallejo. >> the future of a 40-year-old
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high school radio station kvhs is up in the air tonight. the school district wants to shut them down after two few students signed up for it. now clayton valley charter high school said it wants to take over the station. the school board is set to discuss the issue on monday and possibly make a decision on whether or not that charter school can use the station as part of a one year agreement. >> a 77 million-dollar fund for the families of those killed or injured in last year's deadly airplane crash. last september a world war ii p51 mustang crashed in front of the grandstands killing 11 people and hurting 70. administrators say the program will allow people to get compensation without the cost and delay of going to court. those who filed claims won't be able to file lawsuits against the organization. >> for the first time a failing grade is being suggested as the possible motive in that it mass shooting that killed 12 and wounded 58
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at a movie theater in colorado last month. today as james holmes appeared in court prosecutors filed a motion to see his college records. he failed a key test days before withdrawing from the university of colorado. he also reportedly told a classmate that he wanted to kill people. holmes defense claims that he is mentally ill. >> a longstanding grudge escalated in to a deadly shooting outside the empire state building in new york city. two former co worker was killed and nine people were hurt. some likely by police. david lee miller >> just kind of a scene out of csi. honestly. it was real. >> reporter: terror near one of the most loved landmarks, a man in his late 50s who had worked near the biling opening fire on a former colleague. this woman who works in the area describing it. >> i walked across the street and saw a woman -- sitting up against the building.
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>> reporter: the alleged gunman shot dead by police. he came out from behind a truck early friday shooting a 41-year- old at close range. >> he killed one person and at least nine other people were shot and some may have been shot accidentally by police. >> reporter: jeffy johnson was a designer before being laid off last year. the victim was vice president of sales at the same company. . >> crossing the street and people started falling down. one fell at my feet. >> reporter: others say that at first they thought it was a star sighting. in they quickly realized they were witnessing a crime. >> it was pretty strange. there was no screaming, just slow motion. >> shock really. absolute shock. you don't expect it. >> reporter: police are looking at the man's background. all nine bystander who were
11:49 pm
hurt are expected to be okay. in new york. david lee miller. >> crews battling the ponderosa fire held it despite strong winds. it's now 71% contained with full containment expected by monday. the flames have already burned more than 28,000 acres. the fire is also destroyed 64 homes and 20 other buildings since it broke out almost a week ago. and firefighters in solano managed to contain that fire we first told you about last night at ten. it burned about 45 acres on interstate 80. there were fear that the flames would reach homes but fire crews were able to keep it from happens and there were no reports of damage to any structures. >> been a cool day. these were the recorded highs,
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90 antioch. around the bay much cooler. daytime highs on saturday will be cooler than this. temperatures trend down about four or five degrees, lots of 70's and low 80's. no 90s. more fog and low clouds when you wake up. event very special to us here. friends of faith the breast cancer walk will happen tomorrow morning. the start of that will be about 58 degrees and cloudy. a number of channel 2 people will be there. head on out. it's for a good cause. i will see you back here at 10:45 to look at five-day forecast and specifically at what you can expect in your neighborhood. >> san francisco health officials were out today warning of a new risk of catching rab is from bats. five as many as 12% in the city could have the disease and cautioned against contact with bats. >> because the disease is fatal we still recommend
11:51 pm
anybody that has any exposure to bats receive treatment. > expects say they are naturally shouldn't. >> eight people killed, six injured in san jose in just the past two weeks. the plan that san jose police chief outlined today to try and tackle the city's rising violence. >> okay, here's the plan.
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and me. okay, what's the plan? plan? mm-hmm. we're on vacation. this is no plan. really? [ male announcer ] the united mileageplus explorer card. the mileage card with special perks on united. get it and you're in. . police identified the victim of the most recent homicide in san jose as an 18- year-old. robert honda reports the police chief is promising to crack down on violence but the police union is calling like a carnival game. >> reporter: friends of san jose's 33 really homicide
11:54 pm
victim set up this small memorial in the shopping center at king road where the 18-year- old was shot last night around 11:00. >> i always come around. always hang around with him. he never owed nothing to nobody. he was a -- great guy. >> investigation is still ongoing. however, i can't say that the detectives have some information that leads them to believe this case is gang related. >> reporter: today city leaders promised to crack down on gang violence. the chief doesn't plan to ask other agencies for help. instayed it's metro unit will focus on gangs. they will earmark $800,000 for overtime. >> the message is we will be there all the time, 24 hours a day, we will stop you, if you have a weapon you will be arrested. >> reporter: the police officer's association call itself stop gap. >> it's a whackamole institution, i have a problem here, let me hit it, now its
11:55 pm
here, let me send them back. we have a small force, limited resources, the guys are tired. we just can't keep this going for long. >> reporter: and the victim's friends say homicides aren't easy to group. >> he was at the wrong place, wrong time. >> reporter: not gang related. >> no. >> reporter: police plan to employ the all gangs all the time strategy for the next few months. in san jose. >> we are learning more tonight about an arrest in a homicide case made earlier this week in oakland. we first showed you video of this arrest on wednesday. today officers identified the suspect as a 24-year-old dareon woods. he shot and killed a 21-year- old lamon white on monday at a shopping center on 7th and market. he also shot at a woman but she wasn't hurt. a mysterious gardener has been putting up planter boxes. so far there are about ten of them along a seven block stretch. residents say they love them.
11:56 pm
no word on who the person is. as for the city it said since nobody has complained they have no plans to remove them. >> more than 500 people who work for auto desk are losing their jobs. the software company couldn't say exactly where the cuts would be made in its global work force but some are president expected in san rafael. their stock prices fell today dropping about 15% to close at 30 dollars and change. on wall street the market ended with a rally. the dow gained 100 points, nasdaq was up 16. investors seemed pleased with word that the fed stands ready to provide help for the economy. >> protesters in the south bay escalate a labor dispute with a hotel chain. the request they are now making of hotel guests. . and a deadly crash in san francisco has ties to a known murder case.
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. i loud protest outside one of san jose's largest hotels. new at ten amber lee is live from the double tree hotel with why workers threatening to walk off the job there. >> reporter: we are from front of the double tree near the airport for two hours this evening hotel workers handed out these flyers asking guests to take their business elsewhere. they said they have been working without a contract for more than a year. they include housekeepers,
12:00 am
cooks and front desk staff. talks between the union and hotel management are at a stop since the beginning of the month. with one son and a baby on the day delores said the cost of racing her family is growing but her paycheck hasn't. they say they want a race and to maintain their current health benefits. >> we don't make it enough money to live like -- the way we want to. >> reporter: in june the workers went on strike for four days. that work stop didn't lead to a contract, frustration is building. >> i have dreams for my future. i want to have kids, i want to have a house. with this wage freeze i'm not going to be able to do this. >> reporter: one hotel guest said he would have supported the boycott had it been in place when he arrived tuesday. >> the people -- just trying to get their safety net. >> reporter: the director declined to answer questions
12:01 am
and said the gm was unavailable. one house cooper said she takes pride in her work. >> we put a lot of attention to the rooms. for them to disrespect us that way. >> reporter: the union said there are no new talks scheduled with management and that workers still deciding if they will go on strike again. . >> a judge ordered two oakland motels that police say are used for prostitution to remain shut down for at least a year. the rule agriculture effects the economy inn on east 12th and the national lodge on international boulevard. the city sued them under a state law that makes owners responsible for prostitution that goes on on their property. in addition the motel owners must pay the city's legal fees and tens of thousands of dollars in fines. >> a figure in a crime decades
12:02 am
ago is facing possible charges in a deadly accident in san francisco. david stevenson tells us about the case involving a member of the billionaire boy's club. >> reporter: the crash happened in the tender loin on august 11th . a car struck a taxi that ran a red light and hit a man who later died. >> we are just -- the cab driver was a member of the billionaire boy's club a group of young men who in the 80s were convicted in the murders of two promise businessmen. his conviction was eastern turned. managers say he started driving just last month after background checks by the company and the transportation agency didn't turn up red
12:03 am
flags. >> >> at some point things going wrong. >> reporter: his attorney klein declined to talk to us. we are told video taken inside the cab is with police. they are recommending manslaughter charges against him. >> it's up to the da once they review the case if it'll be felony charges. >> reporter: the da said its waiting for complete police report before deciding whether to file charges. ktvu channel 2news. >> romey cracked a joke saying he was happy to be home in michigan. . >> she was born in henry ford, i was at harper.
12:04 am
nobody has to ask for a beneficiary certificates. >> reporter: the president -- the presidential campaign -- the president's campaign denounced the remark saying romney has now joined the birther movement. while the republicans holding their convention the president plans to focus on women. the president and vice president will visit seven cities in four battleground states looking to shore up support among women voters. the democratic convention starts in charlotte north carolina on september 4th a week after the gop convention. >> looming over the convention is isaac which is expected to grow into a hurricane in time for that gathering in tampa. this is what isaac looks like from space. forecasters say it should hit haiti was a tropical storm. florida officials are preparing for any plan should isaac hit. starting sunday nights on
12:05 am
the news we start live coverage of the convention. . that prohibits taxpayer financing for work that harms a embroyo. some say the stem cells may hold the crew for things like spinal cord injuries and other diseases as well. >> a bill to opt out of some parts of the secure community program is a waiting the governor's signature. it's to protect illegal immigrants deportation when they are arrested meaning california law would only have to check the fingerprints of serious and violent offenders rather than all illegal immigrants as required under
12:06 am
that program. >> turn a mesa round. how a tourist board wants to benefit from the photographs of prince harry. and more fail out from penn state. the latest legal action to be taken against penn state. . >> and back here in just a few minutes. we will talk about the bay area weekend. which day will be the warmest and what you can expect. [ female announcer ] with swiffer wetjet,
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and for dry messes big and small try swiffer sweeper vac. senate map behind one of the most loved characters has died. officials at the show say jerry nelson passed away yesterday at
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his cape cod home after a long fight with disease. he was 78. he was best known as the count, the vampire who loved numbers. he was also the voice of a chicken. >> in news of the world in mexico, mexican federal police opened fire on a united states embassy vehicle south of the capitol wounding two government workers. the injuries not believed to be line threatening. people in four vehicles shot at suv which had dip lomatic license plates. in norway the man who killed 77 people was declared sane today and sentenced to 21 years. that is the maximum allowable under the law there. however, he could be held longer if he is considered a threat and it is unlikely that he will ever be released.
12:10 am
today he apologized to militant nationals for not killing more people during the bombing and shooting rampage last summer. >> a typhoon hit southern taiwan. winds took down trees and power lines and 20 inches of rain caused widespread flooding. there were no reports of any deaths. >> another of sandusky's victims has filed suit against penn state. the young man known as victim one, accuses penn state of putting it's economic interests before the safety of children and asked for damages. the complaint by victim one and his mother that led to the state investigation. >> that naked escapade of prince harry prove what happens in vegas doesn't stay there. now the convention of visitors
12:11 am
authority has placed an ad trying to shame those who leaked the naked photographs, obviously though this is just tongue and cheek. the photographs circulated around the world and the royal family isn'ta museumed said they may file a complaint. >> keeping children in school and off the streets. why the future of the truancy program may be in
12:12 am
12:13 am
. new richmond police a truancy prevention program has become a big success but we are live in richmond tonight to explain why that program is now in danger. >> reporter: fringe the richmond police partner with the county court system to help
12:14 am
hundreds of students get these citations and now because of budget cuts on the court side the program could be hurt. . >> sergeant brian dickerson took us on "ride pointing out hot spots. richmond started a daytime curfew in fall of 2010 and now they stop students on the street on school days. >> its been effective. we have stopped over 400 kids during that two school year period. >> reporter: these students say they have friend whose sometimes cut class. >> one of my friends said that nobody cares like if he goes to school or not. >> reporter: officers take the students to the police activity's league center instead of jail and tell their parents. students get a citation to appear in court but the judge and police work together and interview the students to understand why they are not in school. >> bullies, having difficulty in math or, is english maybe a
12:15 am
second language. we call parents, we try to hook them up with different organizations and try to give the best we can get to the root cause. >> reporter: the program is to successful it's attracted the attention of other cities and the mayor of new york. this week police learned the program is in danger. courts have proposed eliminating the program which could mean fewer families showing up because they would have to travel to the other end of the county. >> it would very much impact the program. you know it's approximately 45, 50 miles round trip to martinez. >> reporter: the police chief has asked the judges to spare the richmond juvenile court and keep it in place. a decision is expected on tuesday. >> oakland mayor took a little time today to honor the graduates of the city's summer jobs program. dozens of teens, mentors and city officials celebrated at
12:16 am
city hall this afternoon. about a thousand took part in the program this year and that is double the number of students compared to last year. >> santa clara red cross left for florida today. read boy to enter the vie of the storm. right now all is calm in florida but that could change if us be arrives as a hurricane next week. 11 experienced disaster responders will be there to help them. the red cross is mobile eyeing teamsa and preparing for the worst. >> in the fog is moving in again tonight. knew that would happen. it'll be cooler. it's not a wash out. it's just not as warm as it has been. here is where the fog is now. that fog foot print will fill in just like it did last flight. wherever it was this morning is where it'll be tomorrow morning, maybe a little north. the marine layer stretching out and that allows for the cooling. fire danger, we aren't talking about local fires in the first part of the newscast.
12:17 am
the marine layer stretching out. that's usually the case. into the weekend kind of a cooler weekend. it'll require sweatshirts if you are around the bay, require maybe long sleeves in the inland bay valleys, in the evening. extended forecast into next week warms up. here is how it breaks out. warmer today by a couple degrees, not a lot. into the saturday, sunday the weekend, temperatures trend down. saturday temperatures will be in the mid to low 80's. by sunday in the upper 70's, low -- upper -- upper 70's, upper 60's. it'll be on the cool side on sunday. that's a cooler day of the weekend. out on the bay the america's cup, tomorrow a better day for them. the winds will blow more westerly. that's good. gusts will go to 25. on sunday the winds tweak southwest. speaking of that, hurricane or -- tropical storm, looks like it's going to develop in take a category one. as it moves in to the gulf it looks like it wants to be a
12:18 am
category one. developing story. we will watch it close -- right now it's a tropical storm with a long way to go to make landfall. these are the forecast highs tomorrow. 82 saint helena. 80 fairfield. 87 clear lake. nice day tomorrow but a little cooler. no 90's in brentwood. it's 86, 83 livermore. air quality in good shape. fire danger always high this time of year but not devastating considering 79 in loss gatos, 80 in gilroy. along the coast the fog hangs in. we had clearing coast side and we may see clearing on saturday and sunday as well as that low pressure gets closer. you will get sun in the avenues. we will watch that. five-day forecast with the bay area weekend in view. saturday the warmest. sunday a little cooler and then it warms up again toward the early part of the week. so there you go. a nice looking weather forecast. not what you would expect for
12:19 am
august. . >> that's been this way all summer. a different kind of summer. . and a hot week a few weeks ago. most of august has been cool. this next week and into next week will be fairly cool as well. >> all right. thank you. >> the san francisco 49ers made history by being the first teem to release an anti gay bullying video. >> it gets better. >> it gets better. >> the video is part of the national it gets better project meant to combat bullying as well as suicide and depression among young gay people. defensive tackles starred in the video along with a safety and linebacker. the giants made a similar video back in may. >> the cal bears first game at the memorial stadium is one week from tomorrow against the university of nevada and we got a sneak peek at the facility today. among the changes, the structure has new dampeners to
12:20 am
make it safer. at bank of america, we're continuing to lend and invest in the people, businesses, and organizations that call the bay area home. whether it's helping a nonprofit
12:21 am
provide safe, affordable housing within the city, supporting an organization that's helping kids find jobs and stay in school, or financing the expansion of a local company that's creating healthier workplaces, what's important to the people of the bay area is important to us. and we're proud to work with all those who are making our communities stronger.
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senate cauldron for the paraolyppics was lit today. the first person to complete a mare ton wearing a bionic suit lit it. they start next week. nearly all the two and a half million tickets have been sold. that's the most in the 52 year history of the games. >> that is just remarkable. wow. mark is here now and just all round good day for sports. >> we have it going ono and will see what happens tomorrow.
12:24 am
life is sweet, am for the giants, am as in after cabrera. they have seven wins, two losses since the milk went sour. continuing to play their best baseball of the year. the former a, wild pitch by him. allows san francisco to tie it in the third. pablo with the nice base running, doubled in the first run of the game earlier in the inning and the 4th. sensational night for pagan. four hits, two singles, double and this triple to put san francisco up for good in the 6th, adding to it, buster back in the lineup. posey has himself the rbi. scutaro in. the giants with the 5-3 win. the dodgers won. get this one. not back yet but not a hair brained rumor. what it could be is a mind blowing trade. big name, huge cash. la would get hard hitting highley paid first baseman gonzalez along with carl
12:25 am
crawford and josh beckett, boston would get james lowni experience a few prospects. key is, unloading massive salaryf. it goes through domers would take on a reported $260 million in money owed to those players, two clubs are said to be working out the final details. while the little leaguer as wait the championship game tomorrow a part of that program does what they do lately. must be many the water. they hit game winning home runs. bit of a struggle in tampa for the a's. parker taking deep by the ray's, solo shot. 1-0. the a's down 3-2. rookie catcher, derek north jerks it to left. look at that, just missed the two run homer instead. it's the rbi double. the game tied at three.
12:26 am
in the 8th a man on for johnny gomes and a no doubt about it. he will admire it. take it to right. 5-3 the score at that time. his 15th and his third against his former team tampa, 5-4 your final at the barkley's tiger is back but not the way you think. he his back hurts would be the complete sentence but he battled through the sieve -- through the stiffness. a birdie, two under 69, three back. tied for 7 president. at the top, it is a two way tie. nick and this man. garcia, on the second hole. last week's winner, that's not a bad chip for bird. he is eight under total. back to school meaning the high school game of the week is on again. marin catholic. home team up 7-3 but jarrod
12:27 am
already committed to cal. flipped, gone. 10-7. third quarter however. they will come back. 18 yards, high stepping, 14-10. actually a closer game than the final score would indicate. marin catholic, asserting itself. 100-yards rushing. the season opener ends up marin catholic. that is the sporting life for a friday night. of course all over the game tomorrow. >> try to get some sleep. thank you. >> and thank you for trusting us.
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