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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  August 31, 2012 11:30pm-12:30am PDT

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happening now news chopper 2 is above the dunbarton bridge. caltrans is shutting the bridge from now to tuesday. good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. that bridge is being closed to traffic for the next 79 hours to allow for seismic upgrades so that the bridge can flex in the event of a major earthquake. happening now jana katsuyama live at the fremont end of the bridge to explain exactly what the crews are doing and the detours that are being set up for drivers, jana. >> reporter: that's right frank, we're standing here and you can see behind me that there still are a few cars that
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are coming from the west- eastbound heading toward us. the other lanes we haven't seen too many cars so it appears they are being pretty successful in shutting down the traffic on that side. but they have to get all of these vehicles off the bridge so that they can begin tearing out a big hole right in the middle. signs warn drivers today about the dunbarton bridge closure. the bridge is a major artery connecting the east bay with the peninsula. for three days construction crews plan to work round the clock demolishing a 20-inch expansion joint and replacing it with a larger 42-inch seismic joint. >> basically two steel plates one on top of the other that slide over each other when needed. >> reporter: caltrans took us for a closer look under the bridge and showed us the massive hydraulic jacks they will use to raise the bridge 5- inches this weekends that will allows crews to finish installing movable bearings under the roadway so the bridge
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can better handle movement from an earthquake. for the labor day weekend, traffic will have to go to the north. >> it could add another hour, hour and a half to my drive time. >> reporter: caltrans has sent information about the closure to hotels throughout the region so they can spread to word to holiday travelers. >> we have to get ready for more maps for our guests to be ready. >> reporter: ready for a 79 hour closure that will pave the way for the future. >> a small inconvenience is a small price to pay for longevity of the bridge and keeping cars moving on the road. >> reporter: at the toll plaza for the dunbarton bridge, not a lot of cars out there, they've been shutting off the ramp on to the dunbarton bridge so they can close this for the construction. back out here live on the deck you can see a few cars coming
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through. we are waiting for that final chp car to come by to say that it's all clear. then they will be moving construction equipment right on here to start with the demolition. we'll be out here through the hour and bring you another update about 10:30 to show you what the progress is then. reporting live in the dunbarton bridge, jana katsuyama, ktvu channel two news. more details now on the alternate routes recommended by caltrans while the dunbarton bridge is closed. the north detour will take you to san mateo and hayward. the southern route takes you to san jose. we're going to continue monitoring the dunbarton during the newscast. crews finished ahead of schedule and the bridge reopened three hours early the last time work was done on the bridge. we will go back to jana katsuyama as the construction
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gets under way. crews closed fremont street this morning between mission and howard. the construction schedule calls for it to reopen at 5:00 on tuesday morning. crews plan to install a temporary bridge so they can begin under ground excavation for the new terminal there. millions of the californians are expected to hit the road this labor day weekends. -- weekend. we checked out rush hour. this is how traffic looked at around 5:00 this evening. traffic was heavy in both directions. aa a predicts 2.5 million californians will drive over the bridge this weekend. here's a look now at rush hour traffic along interstate 80 in emeryville this evening. with so many people hitting the road the highway patrol is launching a maximum enforcement period. the shut down began at 6:00 tonight. seems that high gas prices
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is not a deterrent for many people. bay area drivers typically pay more. gas is 4:23 in san f rancisco, -- $4.23 in san francisco. you can download the ktvu app, look for live drive time. the u.s. coast guard and cutter boat both turned out to rescue two people from a small sailboat that capsized in the bay. it all started shortly after 4:00 in the waters south of the san mateo bridge. news chopper 2 was on hands when the cutter boat rescued two people and brought them safety to shore. firefighters in santa clara made quick work of a three
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alarm fire at an apartment complex this evening. crews responded to the fire on kyley boulevard about 5:45 this evening. from news chopper two you can see the damage appeared to be mostly contained to a carport and there were no injuries. tests are being run tonight on the san jose firefighter who collapsed from a heart attack while fighting a church fire. ktvu's debora villalon is live with how people are fighting for the firefighter. >> reporter: firefighters and friends keep a constant vigil. at the church that burned across town, parishioners pray for ryan's survival. the sounds of mass at st. patrick's cathedral parish. but with the church charred, faith flickered instead steps away on folder chairs and a basketball court under fluorescent light and the hoops
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in the school gym. the fire a test of faith the pastor says. >> more inside more important than our time. god evaluating inside. >> frank is one of the guys you would want to have with you inside. it's just, a tragedy. >> reporter: firefighters keep a close watch outside his room. no pulse, not breathing. fellow paramedics had to save him. >> we're going to stay here until frank gets out of the hospital. yesterday somebody said, frank the not dead, frank is just sleeping now and we'll be talking to frank soon. >> reporter: at both masses in st. patrick in spanish and vietnamese, firefighter ryan was praised and prayed for that he will recover along with the church he helped saved. >> we're all in pain and one thing we can say is we're up. we're in pain but we're still
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here, strong. >> reporter: services will be shuttled around while st. patrick's sanctuary is rebuilt. and a parishioner told me tonight that the alter actually had a small electrical fire six months ago, maybe a clue to the bigger blaze. now here at valley medical, frank, ryan is slowly being brought out of a medically induced coma and we should have a word on his condition tomorrow. officials at yosemite national park now say up to 10 park visitors may have been exposed to the potential hantavirus during the tourist season. officials shut down 10 tents. the park is also now set up a phone line to handle the more than 1,000 calls they're getting every day about the hantavirus. they're also trying to contact guests who may have been
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exposed. >> and you know getting to people doing personal interviews, you know asking people for specific cabin numbers trying to get dates together. finding out who they traveled with. >> the center for disease prevention says there are other suspected cases but at this point they haven't been confirmed. the state legislature passed a wrath of bills today. the most significant legislation is designed to change the state's public employees pension system with the goal of saving taxpayers millions of the dollars. the bill raises the age from 55 to 67 and it caps annual pay outs at $132,000. passage of the bill is a major victory for governor brown and he has indicated he will sign it. the governor has signed a bill for a new casino.
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it allows rancheria to build a casino off reservation land. tribes that will have casinos say they may go to court to stop these new casinos. a new bill may help college students faces high costs for textbooks. books an online library must first be created and that won't happen until funding state or private comes through. a family came forward to claim a lottery win they department initially knew they won. the only reason they found out is because of an unusual step the state lottery took to find them. >> reporter: meet california's newest millionaire. vlademir and maria have been rich for the last month but
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didn't know it. the lottery outed the winners. >> wouldn't you think you would have shown a surprise. he scanned and there was very little emotion. >> reporter: lottery officials had video of that night buying the mega millions ticket and scanning that ticket at least three times to see if it was a winner. the lottery said it released this video because it wanted agnite to claim his winnings and then. >> while we've been talking to you somebody claimed the ticket. >> reporter: ktvu was the first to talk to the lucky winners. >> it's for us, for my kids that's it. >> reporter: agnite realize -ldz -- realized he was a winner this morning when he got up this morning to check the ticket winner and he saw the video of himself.
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>> i said i think that's us. >> reporter: it is. if you think no one wins the lottery or that you will never win, words of wisdom from this father of three who's been laid off for a year. >> you will win just be patient. >> reporter: the agnites say the first thing they're going to do with those lottery winners is buy a house. noelle walker, ktvu news. this is a big night for some little league stars. the reception they got at tonight's a's game. and i'm back here at lots of prepaid cards
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all for one flat fee of $4.95 per month. get rid of prepaid problems. get chase liquid. >> new developments a single piece of paper is the only tool to stop squatters from taking over vacant homes in antioch. eric rasmussen has been reporting on this all year and he is live with a new rule that the state just instituted a few days ago. >> reporter: if you're renting a house and you want to turn on water service you now have to fill out this form and come down to city hall with the owner to prove you are the rightful owner. this is in response to some
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frustrating cases involving squatters. >> reporter: when we confronted a couple accused of squatting in april they brushed us off with an explanation. >> we're leasing it. >> who are you leasing it from? it's a simple question. >> reporter: now the city wants them to prove it before they turn on water service. this week the state started requiring owners to confirm the information is true and correct. >> this change was needed. >> reporter: daryl garretson has been a realtor in contra costa county for more than 20 years he says a similar water policy has worked in pittsburg and he thinks it will work in antioch. >> there's no local power that the city had in place to help prevent squatting in the first place. >> reporter: there's a dog. >> reporter: the squatters who acceptability this dog after us
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had to be threatened with a formal eviction before they left but now neighbors say they hope tougher rules will help squatters from moving in the first place. >> it's great. it's nice there'll be at least some check before they move in. >> reporter: the owner can have this form notarized. a recent drop in numbers may also crack down on cases in the number of squatters they've had. republican presidential nominee mitt romney took time off the campaign trail to tour the damage from hurricane isaac in louisiana. romney arrived in new orleans today a day after the gop convention wrapped up in tampa. romney and his wife ann joined louisiana governor bobby jindal for a tour of new orleans. romney's visit lasted for
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several hours. president obama traveled to fort bliss texas today to mark two years since the ends of major combat. he also applauded all the troops still in combat. >> two years ago i told you we would keep up the fight in afghanistan. i know some of you recently got back. on behalf of a grateful nation welcome home. >> reporter: the president also talked about the victims of hurricane isaac and said the federal government will do everything it can for them. the president also plans to visit the gulf coast on mondays. the republicans had their week now it is the democrats turn as they hope to motivate voters to reelect president obama. ktvu's amber lee is live now in oakland. she talked with a father- daughter delegate team headed out tomorrow for north carolina. >> reporter: tonight we spoke with an analyst who says they expect the atmosphere from this year's convention to be
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better than two years ago. harpete sandu and 27-year-old daughter tanisia are packing for their trip to the democratic convention. >> you get to wear all your buttons. >> reporter: sandu showed us buttons he has collected. >> it's the pressure of making sure it happens and we win again. >> reporter: sandu will be leading a delegation of 26 seats to fly to north carolina. he says this convention will be more subdued than the previous when history was being made as candidate obama was seen as an agent for change. >> this profound gratitude and great humility i accept your nomination. >> reporter: now four years later this convention will focus on reenergizing the vote for a second term. >> four years ago he was a new candidate out and it was, something fresh to it. but you know i still think that
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people are excited they just have to be reminded of what he's done. >> obama took office after one of the worse recessions we've had. >> reporter: assistant uc berkeley professor gabriel lance wrote a book called follow the leader which looks at how voters select a president and says looks will influence how someone votes. >> because the economy is improving and because incumbent presidents have a bit of an advantage i think obama will probably win but it's going to be close. >> reporter: after the convention sandu tells us he's been traveling to battlegrounds states to campaign for president obama and teneisa will be going door to door here in the bay area. cam -- amber lee, ktvu news. >> our coverage of the democratic national convention begins this sundays. the áf the áf
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-- significant cooling today. some areas 15 to 25 degrees cooler. that gives you a lot of surplus coming up over the hills that's what we had this morning. that's what we have right now. there's a lot of fog pushing into your neighborhood. these were the highs we had today. highs tomorrow they're coming up. they have nowhere to go but up. temperatures tomorrow could easily raise five and 8 degrees over these numbers when i come back at 10:45 we're going to look at tomorrow's forecast and we're going to look at your entire holiday weekends. i'll see you back here at 10:45. in san francisco today dozen of people marched to promote awareness about the dangerous of drug overdoses. the procession was held in a new orleans style. organizers say drug overdose death rates have more than tripled since 1990. hundreds of thousands of
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the dollars in jewelry all stolen. >> the petaluma little league team is called to the big leagues. the dunbarton br
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an east bay family is trying to recover both emotionally and financially after burglars stole $15,000 in jewels and other valuables from inside their home. the theft happened last week in the rasput family home. the thieves waited until the house was empty before breaking in and taking heirloom necklaces and earrings along
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with gold bars. >> i have my old gold chain and diamonds. >> reporter: police believe the thieves targeted the family, waited until they were away at work and using a crow bar to pry open their portable safe. almost every single item that was taken was uninsured. california students continued to improve. the so called s.t.a.r. tests indicates 67% are proficient or advanced in english and language abouts and 69% in math. the downside, some english learners latinos and african americans are still lagging behind. and at we have a link to the s.t.a.r. website where you can find test results for individual schools just control down and look for the web link section. what a night for players on the petaluma little league team, they were special guests
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tonight . >> reporter: the crowd jumped to its feet at the petaluma national little legal team entered the coliseum. the boys now ranked second in the nation after last week's little league world series were honored at a pregame ceremony and asked to join the pros on the field for the national anthem. >> one of the best days of my life so far. >> why is that? because you always wanted. >> i always wanted to be on the field with an mlb team and it's come true. >> reporter: the team's dream day started an hour after school got out with a warm greeting from the a's player, a warm up session with the pros and a chance to shag fly balls in the outfield. >> it's amazing to be here. it's my favorite team and probably a will the of others and it's cool to see all the players. >> actually i think the adults are enjoying it as much as the
11:56 pm
players are. >> reporter: gomes arranged for a luxury box so the boys and their families could enjoy a different view of the field. >> i do what i can for these guys. with the year they had they definitely deserve the treatment. >> reporter: these 13 boys now hometown heros say they appreciate the attention. >> yeah, a little bit. you still have to stay humble though. >> reporter: you could see in their faces this is another night they will never forget. yet another night of firsts for a team that captured the imagination. more details now, the city of petaluma is hosting a parade and celebration for the little league team this sunday. the parade will start at 1:00 p.m. at walnut park and make its way through town before ending back at the park. a celebration follows with the presentation of a city pro proclamation and then a community bar-b-que. governor brown throws down the gauntlet. the challenge the california
11:57 pm
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continuing coverage now of the dunbarton bridge. caltrans started closing lanes tonight and made quick work of detouring traffic. the bridge will remained close until 5:00 a.m. tuesday morning. jana katsuyama is live tonight on the fremont end of the bridge where crews have been rolling through to begin their work. >> reporter: they have, just about 15 minutes ago we saw
12:00 am
lots of construction equipment roll out into the middle part of the bridge. you can see where the bright lights are. i just spoke with a caltrans spokeswoman who says they have already begun demolishing the concrete surface and making way for that new joint. the other thing they'll be doing is start to joist the bridge up. 100 workers out here. caltrans crews will also be using the closure to do maintenance work. >> crack repair, restriping where needed, fence repair along the shoulders. >> reporter: and we can hopefully give you another live look from news chopper 2 as the construction that is -- the demolition that's going on and the construction of the new joint. we understand that last may when they were working on the bridge they finish early and opened three hours early. they hope to do the same or
12:01 am
maybe everyone beat that this time around. and if they do finish ahead of schedule they say they do plan to reopen the bridge before the scheduled 5:00 a.m. tuesday time. so for now reporting live from the dunbarton bridge, jana katsuyama, ktvu channel 2 news. has complete details on this weekend's closures and alternative rout to the dunbarton. an 82-year-old santa rosa man was charged with attempted murder today. harry edward smith is accused of running down a bicyclists with his car on a golf course. two weeks ago police said smith got angry at a bike rider who was riding through smith's retirement community. they say that he hit the cyclists who then suffered a broken wrist. today a judge increased smith's bail to $1 million and he was taken back into custody. tonight san jose police are looking for a man who sexually assaulted a woman on sunday.
12:02 am
police say he walked -p -- up to the victim around 7:00 and sexually assaulted her. according to police the man may be a transient because of his disheveled appearance and his body odor. a north bay community is preparing for the worse after realizing conditions in the kent woodland's area of marine county mirror those of degrees -- of the devastating hills fires. officials say the drill is a good idea because in addition to those dry conditions, the one narrow road in and out of the area is a recipe for disaster if residents have to evacuate. >> there's a potential for everybody getting clogged up at the base of the woodlands. >> the community wide fire drill will take place six weeks from tomorrow on october 13th. some mendocino county residents are back home after evacuations orders were
12:03 am
parablely lifted today. officials say it's burned more than 39,000 acres and destroyed 12 structures. the fire is still threatening 23 homes tonight and 40 other structures. formal charges were filed today against the man designated to become arch bishop of san francisco. reverend cordileone was charged with two counts of driving under influence. he is said to be installed as arch bishop in san francisco on october four. mitt romney was the headliner last night but it was the unusual and unscripted speech of clint eastwood that has people talking today. analysts talk about whether the speech will help or hurt
12:04 am
romney. >> reporter: clint eastwood rambled unscripted he pretented to talk to an invisible president obama, at least once with an imaginary off color suggestion occasionally he was direct. >> when somebody does not do the job, we've got to let them go. >> reporter: today the world is a twitter not with talk about the republican candidate, he was supposedly endorsing but with eastwood himself. >> i thought he was inappropriate and i thought he embarrassed himself. >> i don't think he embarrassed himself. i think america is in love with clint eastwood. >> reporter: actress nancy lee grahn tweeted, 20 years ago i wanted clint eastwood to make my good day now i just want him to take his bills. there was zero in eastwood's
12:05 am
performance romney could use in commercial. >> it was remarkable given how scripted conventions have become that he was given carte blanche to do what he wanted to. >> reporter: now clint eastwood has a chance to redeem himself. his next movie opens next month. rita williams. governor jerry brown has issued a fitness challenge to new jersey's governor chris christie. the republican took a swipe at brown calling the california leader an old rethread. christie also said he can run 3 miles in 20 minutes. today brown defended his age and he challenged him to a 3- mile race along with a push up and chin up contest.
12:06 am
you can download ktvu's app. this is one fish tale that is 100% true. the surprise catch two texas fishermen reeled in while vacationing. it will be
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visitors to san francisco's deon museum were surprised the administrator. union workers have been working without a contract for nearly a year and recently they
12:09 am
authorized their leaders to call a strike. eric marr was on hand and says he's concerned about claims that management has intimidated workers. >> some of the allegations that i've heard cracking down on the workers time and almost like really treating them without dignity is something that doesn't belong in golden gate park or san francisco as well. >> the museum is offering what could be a 10% raise over the next few years. san jose police released the identity of three men suspected of an armed bank rubbery. aikili moseley, glen johnson and martel williams held up a bank. they arrested moseley as he ran from the scene. johnson and williams were arrested later in the get away car. each man is being held in lieu of $1 million bail and is due in court next tuesday.
12:10 am
san jose police also say they have identified a man killed in a homicide earlier this month. police say 23-year-old rodrigo sanchez was shot to death in south san jose. friends took him to the hospital but he could not be saved. in news of the world tonight a magnitude 7.6 earthquake hit off the eastern coast of the philippines it did generate a tsunami but the waves were only about an inch high. there was damage in some coastal towns from all the shaking and one woman died when her home collapsed. her 5-year-old grandson was also injured. there's been about 20 aftershocks. in spain a wildfire is burning out of control around the mediterranean resort city of marbela popular with the rich and famous. at least one person has died. strong winds are fanning the flames through winds that are already timber dry after a long
12:11 am
hot summer and a drought last summer. authorities say they suspect an arsonist caused that fire. in mexico the man declared the loser in last july's presidential elections says he still is refusing to accept the results. obrador insists the vote was rigged. yesterday mexico's highest court confirmed that pena nieto was the winner. lopez obrador is calling for peaceful protest similar to the one six years ago when he lost another election. two men from texas reeled in quite a catch while sport fishing off the coast of orange county. the men caught a 917-pound 10- foot maco shark. they spent four hours fighting the shark before finally reeling it in. one of the men said it was the most physically demanding thing he's ever done. the two say they plan to eat the shark. >> funny guy, really. they're going to miss me, i'm going to miss them. a sad day in one san
12:12 am
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try new crest pro-health clinical rinse.
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it is last call tonight for a neighborhood restaurant in san francisco that has been serving up meals for half a century. ktvu 's rob roth tells us it was a favorite for politicians even frank sinatra. the drinks kept coming, the food smelled great and the goodbyes kept coming. owner and chef mateo crobello says the closure is a cause of the economy. >> i've been trying to keep it open but now it's come to an
12:15 am
end. it's gotten expensive. >> reporter: so people came out for one last visit. >> it's the only restaurant in the world that i ever really took home that i ordered and could not finish. that's cantelonni in the world. >> reporter: that's where tim mullens remembered coming when he was a little boy. >> you felt like you were home when you were having your meal. >> it's just very alive and the people are nice. >> reporter: the original owner also dropped in telling stories of famous customers such as frank sinatra. >> when he could come to the city and he would come and see me. but you know sinatra wants to eat at 2:00 in the morning. >> reporter: cesars never tried to be trendy perhaps that was his quest and in the ends perhaps its curse. but 56 years is a long life in the restaurant business. >> every place i go i see a family that came here. those are memories, let me tell you.
12:16 am
this is a real italian restaurant. a family italian restaurant. >> reporter: cesars is crowded but this evening no word yet on what will be going in its place. in san francisco, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. there are new reports tonight of another shake up on american idol. randy jackson the only remaining veteran judge is reportedly stepping down. however he is expected to stay on the show as a mentor. rapper nikki minage is also joining the show as a judge. if that turns out to be true, she will be joining mariah carrie. the first man on the moon died last saturday at the age of 82. president obama ordered flags to be flown at half staff today in armstrong's honor. a national memorial service is set for september 12th in
12:17 am
washington, d.c. and perhaps with a nod in the universe, armstrong's tune memorial comes on a rare -- armstrong's memorial comes on a rare blue moon. you will not see another null 2015. and boy did it cool off today. i mentioned it as much as 20 degrees in the livermore valley. i have fog all the way into the livermore valley. tomorrow morning you have fog when you get going. you're going to look at temperatures coming up 10 degrees for your saturday. saturday is going to be the coolest day on the bay area weekend. sunday and monday temperatures
12:18 am
come up. the holiday weekend will be nice toward the tail end. tomorrow is nice it's just not going to be warm or hot it's going to be warmer than it was today. mostly cloudy, spotty drizzle tonight. we're already seeing that along the coast. we saw it this morning as well. you will see it again tomorrow morning. the computer model can lay the fog in for you it puts it all the way into sacramento. watch when the fog burns back. the cool air sticks around sacramento is in yellow, 70s. you get the picture, tomorrow is all about 60s, 70s i don't know about 80s, maybe in some of the low inland spots. as we head into sunday, monday this high pressure takes over and temperatures trend up. sunday temperatures will easily make it into the upper 80s, mid- 80s by monday we have low 90s to talk about. it's going to be a really nice weekend just the second half. fog is a constant player at the coast. break down the weekend day by day. tomorrow partly cloudy, 78 degrees. that's the hot spot that's for
12:19 am
livermore. temperatures come up quite a bit. a big increase on sundays. up to 90 degrees sundays and up to 94 as you hit monday labor day. specifics for your area 50 cities, more than 50 cities actually. 79 in fairfield, 75 up in the napa area. again these temperatures a little below the average and a little bit, quite a bit warmer than today in many places but there'll be warmer still on sunday and monday. if you're heading out to the coast fog is going to be the story. it's not going any where, fog is sticking around right through the holiday weekend it'll just be warmer inland. coastal sections will stay cool. the bay area weekends in view, sunday looks nice, monday looks nice. >> kind of wishing i monday off >> i'll be here too. >> i'll be here with you, thank you bill. 6,000 coffee makers are being recalled tonight. the mr. coffee brand single cup
12:20 am
coffee makers are being recalled because of dangerous malfunction. the safety commission says the coffee maker can release a stream of scalding water. the
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12:22 am
12:23 am
there's a lot of excitement tonight at the cal campus as football fans are getting ready for tomorrow's first home game at the newly renovated stadium. kick off for the game with the nevada wolf pack is set for noon tomorrow before a sell out crowd of 63,000 people. >> a lot of excited people. i know you are too.
12:24 am
>> i'll be there. >> fred is in for mark tonight and is here to tell us about the a's who had an incredible game night. >> it sounded like a football score really it did. but you know if you look at the over all standings right now you would see that the a's have a better winning percentage than yeah san francisco. and when boston comes over, kind of abnoxious baseball fans but this year they've been silenced. but the petaluma little league team were not quiet. and some are taller than pedroia. two hits, two runs batted in for gomes and the kids are loving it. it's a petaluma love correction. it's 4-0 after two, fifth inning, former boston first
12:25 am
baseman moss upper deck. moss four hits, four rbi and another exred sox josh redding hits a grand slam. a's win 20-2. first time since 2000 they run 20 runs. red sox fans just hush, hush. giants were tired and they showed it today in chicago. cubs already 3-0 in the third. madison baumgartner gives up a double. he's safe but baumgartner does not seal up the play. and tonight they opened the football season looking for a new leader. the man was a job of replacing
12:26 am
luck is josh nunez. nunez made his start and was having fun in the first. terrell for an 11-yard touchdown. spar spartans will come back to tie it. 17-17, stanford adds a field goal. fails, throws, but gets intercepted by ed reynolds. so stanford holds on to win. not impressive but now the spartans have won 13 straight road games. the high school game of the week comes from san ramon. cal with the ball, johnson scores from 16 yards out and looks a little too easy. johnson scores four types he's got seven touchdowns in just two games for cal. then just before halftime it's
12:27 am
a grizzly's quarterback home to haley. 30-yard touchdown makes it 30- 13 cal halftime. both teams won their season opener and pittsburg does not quit in this one. renteria goes in there and ties the game at 27. 27-27 after three. but california knows when in doubt go to the big guy. johnson and watch carefully here, there he is. johnson scores again, cal high holds off the visiting pirates. tonight the san jose delasalle won their seventh consecutive game. that's belleman trying to stop him but that is tia bataley. he scored three is 41-7 your final. they haven't lost to a northern california team since 1991. >> the machine keeps rolling. >> that's right. >> remarkable. [ female announcer ] with swiffer wet cleaning better doesn't have to take longer. i'm done.
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