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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  September 4, 2012 11:30pm-12:30am PDT

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a driver stopped in a back upholding an american flag. as investigators look for clues in a shooting that has left a patrol officer injured good evening i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm heather holmes. police are investigating a
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shooting that injured an officer. am we are lee spoke to two witnesses and has their accounts of the shooting but we begin with patti lee at the hospital where family members and officers are keeping watch tonight. >> reporter: members of the officers, including the immediate family arrived. we're told the officer has five siblings scattered across the country now trying to get to the icu to be by his side. >> we're an extended family so we feel that deeply and our thoughts and our prayers are with the officer. and with his family. >> reporter: the officer was shot this morning by the driver of this jeep wrangler. as he pulled over on interstate 680 in alamo. a second chp officer returned fire killing the suspect. >> it's a time that we reflect.
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the time that we remember when we get up and brush our teeth that the job that we have we might not be coming home. >> reporter: friends and family describe him as a dedicated family man, a dedicated friend. >> we actually had that conversation about two weeks ago and i think that's what's heart in this situation. how do we properly take care of our family to make sure they're taken care of because i know that's all he would want. >> reporter: the officer is a seven year veteran of the force. he started his career in contra costa county before accepting a position in vallejo. he returned to the east bay just last month. >> the family has also asked for the media to be respectful and honor their respect for privacy. and they also ask for everyone's prayers as officer youngstrom fights for his life
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here at the hospital. >> reporter: here at the hospital we've seen local family dropping by with food and well wishes here to show their support for this officer. during this press conference we learned more about his commitment. before serving on the force he served his country. while they won't comment on why, a well placed source did tell us what prompted the officers to pull over the driver. ktvu's eric rasmussen on what happened in the moments before the shooting. >> reporter: during what should have been the end of a morning commute, chopper 2 recorded the scene. investigators say two southbound chp units pulled over a single driver in a jeep wrangler. >> one of the officers contacted the driver. the driver then pulled out a
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gun and shot at that officer. >> reporter: that's when a second officer fired back hitting the driver still in the jeep. both the suspect and the injured officer were rushed to the medical center. the original traffic stop was for expired registration but investigators would not talk about why one of the two chp cruisers parked in front of the jeep instead of behind it and if there would have been other special circumstances. >> we're still trying to develop some sort of profile on this person, see what led up to this shooting. >> reporter: authorities also declined to say how many shots might have been fired but teams of crime scene investigators spent hours walking this road looking for clues. there's dash cam footage of this shooting which they'll be taking a look at. >> our camera was there about 4:15 this afternoon as crews
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removed barricades and cones and reopened some of the lanes of southbound 680. those lanes had been shut down for nearly four hours to allow for the investigation of the deadly shooting. the unexpected closure left thousands of drivers stranded. >> it's going to be a long drive. it's frustrating but what can you do. >> what can i say. almost out of gas. i quit. >> it took me over an hour to what normally would take me 10 minutes. >> the final southbound lane opened a few hours ago. coming up tonight at 10:30, we talk to two drivers who witnessed this shooting. happening right now firefighters in calusa county
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are working to put out three wildfires along highway 16. cal fair says the fires have burned at least 500 acres and are just 10% contained tonight. crews have shut down highway 16 between rumsey in yolo county in the junction of 16 and 20. that's not far from where the wildfire burned about 8,000 acres last month. in southern california, a wildfire burning in the angeles forest is now 25% contained. the williams fire has burned 2,800 acres since it started sunday afternoon. officials say the fire is no longer threatening homes. a hiker had to be rescued. officials also say that four people were injured by the fire. at least two of them are firefighters but none is seriously hurt. michelle obama took center stage tonight as the democratic national convention opened in charlotte south carolina. the first lady praised her husband saying he's the man to trust to revive this nation's economy.
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ktvu's ken pritchett live at the convention hall to tell us about that and also the one person she never mentioned. ken-- >> reporter: well frank we didn't talk to a delegate today who wasn't excited about the prospect of hearing from michelle obama tonight. she talked about family, the presidency and took what could be seen as a not so subtle swipes at the opposition. first lady michelle obama entered to cheers and an arena full of delegates on their feet and an enthusiasm that endured through her speech. she says the enthusiasm has not changed for her husband. >> barack obama is still the same man i fell in love with all those years ago. >> reporter: she talked of their family scrapping to mange ends meet and as a young couple paying for college. >> we were so young, so in love. and so in debt.
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and that's why barack has fought so hard to increase student aid and keep interest rates down. because he wants every young person to fulfill their promise and be able to attend college without a mountain of debt. >> reporter: the first lady talked of her husband's accomplishment, health care and highlights equal pay legislation. >> he reminds me that we are playing a long game here. and that change is hard. and change is slow and it never happens all at once. but eventually we get there. we always do. >> reporter: she never mentioned governor romney by name but may perhaps subtle comparisons. >> for barack success isn't about how much money you make, it's about the difference you make in people's lives. >> reporter: she closed by saying that more work needs to
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be done. and the delegates reaction. >> i was so overwell -pl -ld. i was so inspired. >> just hearing her conviction for all americans, not just democrats but all americans and what she and her husband want to do to bring our country forward. >> reporter: there wouldn't be at all surprising to see the candidate come out after a speech like this but tonight the president was at the white house after a day of campaigning he said he was watching on tv. in charlotte, ken pritchett. california attorney general camilla harris is expected to deliver a speech tomorrow at the convention. she's considered a rising star in the party. she told ktvu she hopes to be around for a while. >> hopefully you will hear more about me just because i plan to continue my work as attorney general >> harris had a role at convention today presenting the party rules and today she spoke to the california delegation. president obama is
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scheduled to arrive in charlotte tomorrow. bill clinton's speech is set for tomorrow night and it's one of the most anticipated among democrats. former florida governor charlie crist is also scheduled to be tomorrow. ken pritchett will be in charlotte through thursday when the president is scheduled to address the delegates and tens of thousands of others at a football stadium. a new cnn poll gives mitt romney a small balance from last week's gop convention. the poll shows a one point move which analysts say is about normal. romney and president obama are at a dead heat in this nationwide poll. romney gained ground among higher income americans. the question republicans are asking, are you better off than you were four years ago. tonight we pose that question to bay area voters. new at 10:00, lawsuits over the uc davis pepper spraying
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victims are reaching a conclusion. last year, uc davis officers pepper sprayed protesters. 21 protesters have reached a tentative settlement. next uc regents and a federal court have to agree to terms which are secret. san francisco police say there have been two more cases of asian women being scammed out of thousands of the dollars in a bait and switch scheme. tonight we have surveillance video of one of those thefts in progress. a group of women convinced a victim to turn in her items in a bag saying they needed to be blessed because she had stepped in blood. >> as the victim was walking back she noticed her bag didn't seem quite the same weight, and when she looked into it, she found out that her money and jewelry was gone. >> reporter: another victim was scammed just yesterday, earlier
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this year police arrested three women linked to crime rings from china for a similar string of crimes but so far police are not certain if these recent cases are related. and coming up in four minutes a big break in a san francisco homicide case. the tip that investigators say helped close the case. cars with pink mustaches, the service giving some san francisco cabs a run for their money. but is it legal? also good news about a firefighter injured isn't the line of duty. the update we re
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for the first time since his officer shot and killed a suspect this past weekend, vallejo's interim police chief tonight is answering critics. only on 2, heather holmes live in vallejo where she talked exclusive live with the chief about the controversial shooting and why there have been so many involving his officer. >> reporter: chief joseph crimes he is defending the use of force and this is one of the reasons why. tonight he showed us this picture of a very real looking replica gun that he says the suspect was carrying. the chief police says his officers had no choice early sunday morning when they fired at this white thunder bird killing mario romero.
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>> reporter: do you stand by your officers actions? >> absolutely. >> reporter: chief grimes says the two officers were doing what they had to. >> but when you have events when individuals are confronting us with guns and there seems to be a willingness to do that, then unfortunately i think that's going to lead to a deadly confrontation. >> reporter: this is the gun that police say romero was reaching for in his waistband. a fake gun that fires plastic pellets. >> you have this much smaller magazine. >> reporter: the magazine is one of the only differences between the real and fake weapon. it's difficult for an officer to distinguish between the two. he says romero was a known gang member on probation for firearms violations and had a lot to lose if caught with a real weapon. >> the fact that they could not get charged with a firearms
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violation and show other people that they were armed. >> i want to report gunfire, like automatic gunfire. >> i heard six gunshots. >> we just heard gunshots. >> reporter: those are just a few of the emergency calls from this weekend. the chief says it's not an excuse for the seven officer involved shooting officers this year but a possible explanation. >> certainly the officers are going to be very sensitive and certainly hyper sensitive to incidents where shots have already been fired. and think officer safety first and formost. >> reporter: now witnesses and romero's family members they dispute the department's account about this week epd's shooting and also the need for officers to fire more than 30 rounds. and frank and julie they call this shooting unjustified. reporting live, heather holmes, ktvu channel 2 news. more details now vallejo's mayor davis spoke out for the first time about the shooting. he told ktvu he's comfortable with the investigation adding that it is a very sad
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situation. >> no one likes to see anyone killed but at the same time you have to recognize that when you are confronted with someone with a gun you have to deal with the circumstances based upon what's there at the time. >> mayor davis also says the boy's mother plans to meet with him and the police chief and he says he plans to honor her request. witnesses helped identify rickleffes as the murder of a man missing from a nightclub. officials are trying to figure out whether down power
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lined played a role on a grass fire. once they arrived fire crews noticed downed power lines and had to wait for them to be deenergized. the fire was contained about three hours later. three acres ended up burning and no one was hurt. it's been an emotional week for firefighters who have been hoping and praying that one of their own pulls through after suffering a heart attack on the job. that firefighter is now out of a coma and showing encouraging signs of recovery. fire trucks pull up to the hospital. firefighters have been visiting frank ryan after suffering a heart attack thursday. engineer russ davis has been sleeping on cots at the hospital. >> the first two days were really tough. to not know if he was going to
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come back. >> reporter: but now an upbeat mood among the firefighters. >> i sent a mass text saying, hey, frank is back and it's him. rerecognizeed me and said what happened. i said hey there was a fire dude. it went from there and we did some questioning and i'm like you know where do we work. and he said we work at truck one dude: and i said do you remember anything and he said not really. >> reporter: ryan is still listed as critical but stable but ryan says his friend is definitely okay. he pointed out ryan and their engine driver dale had a minor disappointment recently. >> i said who drivers the engine, who drives engine one. he said freaking dale. and that's when i walked out and said, yeah it's frank. >> reporter: ryan will go through a series of evaluations
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and right now no timetable on when he may return to work. crews began demolishing the original st. anthony's dining room today it's located on jones street. a new bigger dining room will take its place in two years. in the meantime a temporary facility has been set up. and temperatures decreased today. we lost about five to 10 degrees in some locations especially right around the bay. there were more fog, more cloud cover and temperatures came down. tomorrow the fog comes back but mid-level clouds move in. they're coming in from the tropics. i talked about them last night. the computer model shows the fog, you see these high clouds coming in over the top of the
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fog this is just tropical moisture we're concerned about. watch what happens as we move through time. wednesday afternoon it is filled up so that's a lot of moist unstable air in the area about 9:00 tomorrow night and overnight into thursday. there's a chance for -- isolated thundershower which can be a problem. what you will notice foggy and a little humid. police are asking the public in finding a woman who was seen nearly a month ago where her vehicle and wallet was found. vicktoriya loffe was seen early in the morning on august 9. police say her vehicle was found at the shopping center and her wallet and cell phone were found inside a store. the missing woman with is described as 5'6" tall, 135-
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pound and speaks with a russian accent. it's a new alternative to taxis in the city and why some sa ♪
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charmin ultra strong helps you get clean. plus it's four times stronger than the leading value brand. and you can use up to 4 times less. good news for even the biggest kids in the family. we all go. why not enjoy the go with charmin ultra strong? the san francisco public utilities commission says it is investigating whether city workers illegally enrolled in a public assistance program for low income families. a research of the customer assistance program found 473 of the addresses on file match those of city workers. the program is designed to help families of four earning less than $46,000 a year. qualifying families say their water and sewage bills reduced by an average of $15 a month.
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the program is funded by rate payers. it is widely known that catching a cab in san francisco isn't always an easy task. now two new car sharing companies are making it easier to get around. but ktvu's day visit stevenson tells us why taxi drivers say the service is illegal. >> reporter: the pink mustaches are popping up all over san francisco. >> i have people smiling, laughing, pointing, taking pictures of my pink mustache. >> reporter: nancy cho is a driver for lift, a san francisco start up that may soon give taxi companies a run for their money. lift customers use a smart phone app to hire participating drivers. >> we check to make sure they are current and valid personal insurance. we do a dmv check, we do a criminal background check. >> reporter: the company takes a cut of the donation to the driver. >> we believe that ride sharing is going to have you know a
11:56 pm
huge and incredibly positive impact on the economy. on our roads. >> reporter: cab companies call lift and similar ride share operations illegal taxi service with inadequate insurance and regulation. >> we have to show proof of insurance of $1 million insurance policy on our autos, workers comp for drivers. >> reporter: san francisco's municipal transportation agency says it may step in. >> the service they provide is a taxi like service so we're exploring our options exactly what they do. if there are any steps we need to take we'll take them. >> reporter: since launching the summer, lift says it has picked up hundreds of drivers and customers. at 11: 11:00 tonight the vector control district is said
11:57 pm
to fog parts of mountain view and los altos. the fogging was done because of recent discoveries discoveries of dead birds. >> in those 40 mosquito traps we found the infected mosquitoes. >> reporter: officials are asking people to drain any standing water around their homes because that water could be a breeding ground for mosquitoes. fogging is already under way tonight in contra costa county. the county's mosquito and vector control district is foging the area of the delta known as holland track near nightson. that spraying is expected to wrap up around 11:00. >> i looked down to my right and i saw an officer on the ground bleeding. >> today's disturbing scene on a busy bay area freeway. up next two eyewitnesses tell up next two eyewitnesses tell us what they saw after a chp lots of prepaid cards
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continuing coverage now from walnut creek. i want to show you a live picture from john medical center. friends and fellow officers showing their support for officer johnson. right now he remains in critical condition and on life support. tonight we're getting the first eyewitness accounts of what happened. amber lee tracked down two drivers who were right there when all the shootings happened this morning. amber is here now with their dramatic stories of how it all played out right from front of her. >> reporter: we're right off of highway 680 south. drivers told us they were
12:01 am
directed to take this off ramp right off the shooting. tonight we tracked down two witnesses who described to us in chilling detail what they saw. >> i've been shaken most of the day by it. i've never really seen anything like that first hand. >> reporter: this witness who asked us not to reveal his identity told us he was sitting in bumper to bumper traffic. he said he saw a chp vehicle pull over a jeep, crossing several lanes of traffic. then soon after he heard noises. >> i started hearing popping and realized it was gunfire. >> reporter: the motorist told us he looked ahead and saw an run up the enbankment. >> i saw him shoot his weapon three or four times. >> reporter: the witness says the officer was shooting down toward the green jeep parked on the side of the freeway. he told us that officer then ran to help another officer who was on the ground. >> it was relatively
12:02 am
frightening and i didn't know if it was everyone safe to drive past. >> reporter: another passing motorists describes a disturbing scene. >> i look down to my right and i saw an officer on the ground bleeding and i thought oh my god how horrible is that. >> reporter: the witnesses told us their thoughts are with the officers that were shot and the one that needed help. >> it was awful for the family of the officer that was shot. >> reporter: both witnesses tell us they applaud the motorists they saw stopping to help the officers. reporting live in alamo, amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. it has become the catch phrase on the campaign trail, are you better off than four years ago. >> remember ronald reagan talking about jimmy carter, are you better off now than you
12:03 am
were four years ago. >> no. >> you want to know whether we're better off, i have a little bumper sticker for you, osama bin laden is dead and general motor social security alive. >> we wanted to know how people feel about that question and how the nation is faring four years after president oe -- obama took officer. >> reporter: it is a very simple question but the answer can be complicated. we first put the question to uc berkeley economist silvia alegreto. >> are we better off in terms of jobs today as we were in january of 09 or sometime around there i think the answer is unequivocally yes. because instead of jobs being in free fall, we're actually
12:04 am
creating jobs. >> reporter: the un unemployment is slightly better. the stock market was worth half and the auto industry was in collapse. yet many are still out of work. >> we're coming out of the hole much much too slowly. we're climbing out but we're still about 1 million jobs short of when the economy collapsed in 2007. >> are you better off now than it was four years ago. >> my life is pretty good now, yeah. >> reporter: we found plenty of people that say they are in fact, better off now. >> i have a job, i have a job that pays my bills and there's enough money thankfully left over to save. and i'm actually on vacation from miami, so. >> i like the idea that we're going to have a system of access to affordable health care. i've been wanting that for a long long time. >> i'm way better off than four years ago. >> absolutely no. >> reporter: there are some who
12:05 am
say they are doing worse. >> what it costs me to do business is higher and it's made it harder to plan where i will be four years from now. >> reporter: the answer to the election likely hinders on the answer. >> on our facebook page you can tell us whether you are better off than four years ago. we have already received a number of comments, just like us on ktvu channel 2 and join the conversation. mitt romney stayed out of sight today, hunkered down in vermont with bob portman preparing for the upcoming presidential debates. at some point today, romney's motorcade was slowed to a crawl when it was caught on a two lane road behind a tractor. romney and portman are staying in a farm.
12:06 am
facebook shares drop to their lowest point yet after it and there was concern of whether shares could send the stocks everyone lower. ceo mark zuckerberg says he won't sell his stock for several years. on the broader market stocks finished up. hackers say they have accessed information of apple users and it all came from one laptop. and we have the latest computer model loaded
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12:09 am
the fbi says there's no evidence to support claims by hackers associated with the group anonymous that they've accessed private information of more than 12 million apple users. the hackers said they broke into an fbi agents laptop, lifted the personal information and posted it on a website. the fbi says it never asked for or possessed the data base that the group is now posting online. >> there's some big news tonight for apple fans, the media is being invited to a special press conference on september 12th in san francisco. a casual glance at the invitation shows the shadow of the 12 appears five. that coupled with the tag line it's almost here suggests the event will introduce the highly anticipated iphone 5. and apple
12:10 am
is not the only company poised to roll out new products. motorola is expected to release either a new phone or new tablet. on thursday it is amazon's turn. it's expected to roll out a new kindle fire. and microsoft is stepping into the world of tablets it's new surface tablet goes on sale next month. major retailers want shoppers to know it's never too early to think about holiday shopping. that's why many stores like babies babies r us are starting lay away again. >> i think that's a good idea with the recession and the economy the way that it is right now. it's a good idea. >> customers say it helps when you don't have to use a credit card . every retailer has its own terms and not waiving their fees. new information tonight
12:11 am
about a deadly shooting in a fast food restaurant in richmond last saturday night. authorities say a man shot at a taco bell was 38-year-old javier campos of richmond. campos was killed following a family dispute. one person was arrested but list have not released the system's name. in syria, opposition forces said syrian group pounded the city of aleppo today from the ground and the air. the united nations is accusing both sides of torturing and executing prisoners. over 1,000 syrians fled the country last month that is the highest country total since the fighting began 13 years ago. in columbia, the woman once known as the queen of cocaine was gunned down at a butcher shop in medellin. she served 19 years in prison here then was sent back to columbia.
12:12 am
blanco allegedly ordered thousands of killings including many in miami area. passengers were stranded today when 350 flights were cancelled. the airlines flight attendants walked off their jobs for eight hours at three major airports. the union is demanding a 5% pay raise but laponda is trying to fight costs. the union is also threatening a 25 hour strike on friday. >> it was very, very public. changes to one of president obama's local campaign office. the precautions being
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new at 10:00, president obama's campaign office has been shut down this evening. ktvu's rob roth visited the new headquarters today and tells us volunteers are hoping to keep its new location a secret. >> reporter: president obama's new campaign office reopened today. >> it's very, very safe. >> reporter: the previous store front office on 17th and telegraph is now boarded up. >> we had a large window and it was very, very public. >> reporter: about two weeks ago six activists walked into the campaign office, scuffled with workers and refused to leave. they're demanding president oe baa ma drop all sarges against bradley manning accused of
12:16 am
giving classified material to wikileaks. this after a rock smashed the front window a year ago. and word of another protest on thursday night. the obama campaign say it is reason for the move was not because of the protests but because of space. this office they say is larger. >> city council member de la fuente says they cannot afford the clean up. they haven't decided yet if there will be a viewing party here thursday night. in oakland, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. police in south san francisco say a 14-year-old boy was arrested at school today with a gun and ammunition. police say the eighth grader was taken into custody in
12:17 am
class. the teen was booked into san mateo county juvenile hall. police have not said anything about a motive or identified the school. a group that is attacks on sodas are suing the city of richmond over it's dispute. the law requires mass mailings to include funding information right there on the front page. and the coalition is funded mostly by the american beverage association. mcdonalds today announced plans to open its first vegetarian friendly restaurant in india. the restaurants will only serve vegetarian food. no word on when or how many restaurants will actually be opened. it has been nearly two years since the san bruno pipeline explosion that killed 10 people and injured several
12:18 am
others. hill accused the utility of putting profit over safety. but pg & e says it has spent 1- 1/2 million dollars on safety improvements since that deadly blast. today many people who live in the crest moore neighborhood said rebuilding has been hard. >> for my wife, it's tough for my kids. we have to drive through this every day. >> on sunday people will gather for an initial remembrance evident at san bruno city park. fog back along the coast. temperatures tomorrow about the same. maybe a little warmer in some places. it's been dense along the great highway. the last couple of mornings it'll be dense again tomorrow morning but not quite as thick. as you get going tomorrow, the fog tomorrow morning there's the push. that's 7:00 a.m. on wednesday so as you push the kids off the door to go to school. you push yourself out to door
12:19 am
to go to work, good cloud cover. almost just like what we had this morning the same type of cloud coverage. not that cold during the day temperatures warm up, 90s stay a little warmer but we'll see some 90s stream in. it's originating from down here and it's the tropics and it's a dying tropical storm. that moisture has been pulled hundreds of miles north now it's just sitting at our doorsteps. it's going to be humid out there, it's going to be muggy. there'll be filtered sunshine. and a chance for a shower, a stray shower and maybe even a thundershower and certainly a good chance for a thundershower up on the west coast of the sierra nevada and higher elevations so that's the big issue. so tomorrow night we're covered in clouds. it's humid out there. feels like san diego. it doesn't feel like the bay area tomorrow. it's going to be warm, it's going to be humid.
12:20 am
watch what happens overnight wednesday. boom right here. a lot of subtropical moisture i mentioned it at 5:00 and 6:00. it's very unstable. you can easily get a thundershower trigger a light lightning strike perhaps. that's at 4:00 a.m. on thursday morning. again thursday afternoon some more activity up around lake tahoe. so we're tracking it. it's a big deal because last time we had one of these go through we had a lot of lightning strikes and a lot of fires in the north states and parts of north western california. for forecast highs tomorrow it's going to be muggy, it's going to be warm and it's going to feel kind of sticky out there. 89 in pittsburg, 89 in danville, 89 in pleasanton. 90 in morgan hill. 83 in san jose. the fog is there, you may not even notice the high clouds because of the clouds. you notice the mugginess though. of course it's one of those things you just want to keep your eye on because it's not something you want at the
12:21 am
height of fire season. we've seen what can happen a couple of times already this year. >> thank you, bill. clean up from hurricane isaac is moving forward but there's a lot of work that needs to be done. and they are getting some help. take the small town of helena, mississippi for example. an army of volunteers turned up when they heard residents needed a hand. they're removing water soaked furniture, making repairs to homes. the red cross is also there handing out hot meals and clean water. crews in los angeles are clearing the way for space shuttle endevour. hundreds of trees are being cut down ahead of the shuttle's arrival next month. they say it's the only way to make room for the spaceship to travel. residents are upset that so many old trees are being removed but the science center says it plans to plant two trees for each one they cut down. you can get ktvu news to go
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12:23 am
12:24 am
mark is here with sports it's like tension city tonight for giants fans. >> they turn the calendar to september. it's like they turn the tension up about a notch and a half.
12:25 am
giants look at the -- we don't know what's going to happen tonight because they're in extra innings. but giants looking and playing the part of a play off team. ultra entertaining forecast tonight. everybody hanging on every pitch. another nail biter. down to 6-2 with the d backs. bryant belt, we haven't seen this since that guy barry used to play. the giants are within 6-5. in the seventh, pablo sandoval just playing his tail off of late. base hit, left field that brings home the tieing run. angel pagan for 6-6. giants in the bottom of the 8th inning. hector sanchez though, a double play ball. the threat averted in a 6-6 giants batting in the bottom of the tenth. nobody going to deny they're watching the out of town
12:26 am
scoreboard. magic at hand. they go into extra innings as well they are in the 11th it's 3-3 padres and giants. are you ready to play baseball because it is on. everybody turns it up. and the a's didn't. second game in a row, brandon moss however with a big time home run here because they were trailing only 2-0 to the angels at this point in the seventh. solo shot his 17th, 2-1 game but the angels begin to spray it all over the yard. in in the eighth. two in the ninth as the a's toss it around out there at the relay. 6-1 the final. a's in the final again. never pleasant particularly for the 4-9ders of last eight straight up there. at least the tundra won't be frozen in september. the niners know green bay has a
12:27 am
healthy respect for them too. particularly their defense. one of aaron rogers favorite target. jordy nelson vocalizing that fact. >> we're going to try to get out there. it'll be a good match up like it was last year when we started with new orleans. it's a good way to come out of the gates and hopefully we'll get some momentum going. >> you will see that game here come sunday at 1:00. that's the sporting life for a tuesday night. >> i can't wait to see that game. thanks mark. >> mark, thank you. >> thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> the ktvu morning team is here starting tomorrow. they'll be updating any updates on the condition of kenyan youndstrum. we're always here for you on and mobile ktvu. [ female announcer ] now get high speed internet at home
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