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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  September 5, 2012 11:30pm-12:30am PDT

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he absolutely loved his job and the service that he does for all of us, and all of you in the community. truly. >> the announcement no one wanted to hear. a bay area highway patrol officer has died after a motorist surprised him by pulling a gun. good evening, i'm julie haener. >> i'm frank somerville. kind, giving, funny. a man who loved his job.
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those are some of the words used tonight to describe highway patrol officer kenyon youngstrom. he died in the line of duty. a driver pulled out a gun and shot him yesterday in alamo. amber lee attended a somber vigil in fairfield where the officer lived. we begin in walnut creek with ken wayne and the officer's one last act of giving. frank, the commander of the chp contra costa office made the grim announcement. >> this evening at approximately 6:05 p.m., officer kenyon youngstrom was pronounced deceased, this has been a life altering tragedy for the family, and certainly a tragedy that has affected us all deeply to the core. >> reporter: the officer, husband, and father of four was described as a deep giving man of faith, and he carried that
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spirit until the end. >> in his continued commitment to service and contribution, officer youngstrom is donating organs, which will change the lives of many recipients. >> reporter: the highway patrol wanted to thank the public for its overwhelming support. a local mexican restaurant dropped off food this evening, saying they didn't know the officer, but wanted to help. shortly before news of his death was made public, a chp helicopter circled above the hospital and sounded its silence. an aerial tribute to a fallen colleague. >> i jis is for all of us. this in closing, because i think it's really important that you guys know he absolutely loved his job. >> reporter: plans for a public memorial service are still pending, that service is expected to draw thousands of
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police officers from across the country. now to amber lee, where tonight, a tight knit community received word of the officer's death during a vigil in his honor. >> reporter: the vigil was held here at ridge view park. hundreds came to pay tribute and find comfort among each other. >> officer youngstrom succumbed to his injuries tonight. >> reporter: they lit candles and held blue and gold ribbons. a child of the police sergeant said she's concerned about her own father's safety. >> i worry about him because he's my daddy and i can never replace him. >> reporter: in this tight knit
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community, the fallen officer was a neighbor and friend. his four children attend school, with many of the youngsters at tonight's vigil. organizers told us, it's a way to help cope. >> if something happened to my parents, i'm just scared that something will happen. >> reporter: a chp helicopter flew over the vigil to pay respect to the fallen officer. one sheriff's deputy told us part of coping with loss is staying focused on the job. >> you still have to maintain focus whenever you go to work. >> it's a difficult job at times and to see members of the public support us in this way makes a big difference to us. >> reporter: the chp says officer youngstrom was known for his generosity. saying as an organ donor, his death will give life to eight
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others. amber lee, ktvu, channel 2 news. >> more than 1,000 ktvu viewers have already posted their condolences on our facebook page. show your condolences by visiting ktvu channel 2 on facebook. investigators said today that 36-year-old christopher boone lacy fired the shot that ultimately killed the chp officer. they say that officer youngstrom was on the side of interstate 680 dealing with a dead deer when another chp officer pulled over lacey's green jeep for an obstructed license plate. officer youngstrom approached lacey's jeep. >> the dash cam video, it shows that officer youngstrom and lacy had a short conversation. then, without any warning, lacy pulled out a gun and shot
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officer youngstrom in the head. >> investigators said the second officer ran up the embankment and shot lacy in the head. he died at the hospital. we have more details now about the gunman. authorities say his only previous run in with the law was a dui in marin county six years ago. christopher boone lacy grew up in bend, oregon. he attended san francisco state and earned a masters in computer science. lacy lived in sausalito, about a year and a half ago, he bought land outside of redding. in 10 minutes, a search for a motive in the shooting. we talk to a neighbor of christopher lacy and learn what authorities seized at his mobile home. our coverage continues at we have posted tonight's chp news conference on the bay area
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news tab. former president bill clinton was tonight's featured speaker at the democratic national convention, telling delegates there that this country is on the right track, and that president obama deserves another term. ktvu's ken pritchett tells us what happened at the end of clinton's speech that really brought down the house. ken? >> reporter: president clinton used his own experience as president describing how he started with the poor economy, and ended with one that was skyrocketing, suggesting that the current economy could do the same if president obama is reelected. president bill clinton, welcomed like a rock star, energized this crowd like no other. his was a presidency that started with economic problems. but he said mr. obama's situation was worse. >> no president, not me, not any of my predecessors, no one could have fully repaired all the damage that he found in
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just four years. >> reporter: mr. clinton focused on the economy with harsh criticism of republican economics woven in. >> the republican argument against the president reelection was actually pretty simple. we left him a total mess. he hasn't cleaned it up fast enough, so fire him and put us back in. >> reporter: he said they're fighting job growth. >> the republicans balked the president's jobs plan, costing new jobs. >> reporter: he argued republican ideas have been tried before, saying they create an on your own society. >> our founders pledged their lives, their fortunes, their sacred honor. the cause of forming a more perfect union. my fellow americans, if that is what you want, if that is what
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you believe, you must vote and you must reelect president barack obama! >> reporter: the conclusion of the speech was the cue for president obama to come out. an image that could tie him even closer to a beloved elder statesman in the party. >> awesome. absolutely fabulous. no better person to give the speech and nominate our president for a second term, than one of our greatest presidents in history. >> we're ready for inspiration. and he delivered. >> reporter: four years ago, there was the air that he and mr. clinton did not get along. that is certainly not the image being put forth this go around. in charlotte, ken pritchett, ktvu news. >> things didn't entirely go smoothly today. party goers announced a reversal in the democratic
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forum, they declared jerusalem as the capital of israel. president obama intervened districtly to make those changes after republicans had been highly critical of the omissions. highlighted an achievement that made her one of the democrat's rising stars. >> president obama stood with me and 48 other attorneys general in taking on the banks and winning $25 billion for struggling homeowners. >> she told the delegates that mitt romney is not a friend of the middle class, and would tilt the playing field for the wealthiest americans. joe biden is to accept his party's nomination. then president obama will make his acceptance speech. that is expected in the 7:00 hour on the west coast. you can watch it live here on ktvu, channel 2 news. the president's speech will not
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be held outdoors. the crews began tearing down that stage today. democrats canceled the outdoor event, because of rain and possible thunderstorms in the forecast. instead, president obama will speak inside the convention center. the bay area may also get some thunderstorms tonight. a red flag warning is in effect for the north bay and the east bay. cal fire says it has increased its staffing, because of concerns about lightning strikes. a storm cell swept into the bay area this morning, putting firefighters on high alert, and lightning strikes caused several fires today. all of them in remote areas. cal fire says the additional firefighters will be on duty until that red flag warning is lifted tomorrow morning. ♪ [ music ] live stormtracker 2 picking up showers in the bay area right now. no thunder showers. if you look out here, east of verset, there's some action there, it's a very unstable air mass over the top of us right now. that's why there's thunderstorms in the forecast for tonight. you can see by fremont, and
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mountain view, you've got light showers. up here by mission peak, you're seeing a little bit of heavier rain. no thunder showers there yet. but as we mentioned, a red flag warning from tonight through tomorrow about 11:00 a.m., isolated thunderstorms possible. the best bet is going to be between midnight tonight and 3:00 a.m. you're going to hear them during the middle of the night. when i come back, we're going to go right to the forecast model, and try to dial down where the thunderstorms could leave the area, and when they will leave. i'll see you back here at 10:20. lighting up the night for sierra lamar, the message the missing teen's family delivered tonight, to everyone who hasn't given up hope. >> also, a driver nightmare, why a plan to fix this already congested bay area roadway is only going to make things worse before they get better. >> it's not
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lots of prepaid cards
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come pre-filled with problems. enough is enough. introducing the chase liquid reloadable card. with chase liquid, there's no waiting and no fee to activate you can load cash and checks at any chase depositfriendly atm and there are no withdrawal fees at over 17,500 chase atms all for one flat fee of $4.95 per month. get rid of prepaid problems. get chase liquid. only on 2, a rash of break- ins in a popular neighborhood. maureen naylor is live now in campbell, with the surveillance video that catches a burglar red handed. >> the onyx condo complex here
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is located right behind the prune yard shopping center. tonight, we have the video showing what happened next. >> he's working here in the back. >> reporter: within a 15 minute span, residents say this surveillance video taken sunday morning shows a thief lurking around the garage to hone in on a toyota corolla, and open the trunk after breaking two windows out of view. >> bingo. >> reporter: but it's this angle they want you to look closely at. a young man in a yankee's jacket walks out of the stairwell, his face clearly in view, holding a handful of goods. >> this person took the registration, and the insurance documents for the car. >> reporter: tonight, the head of the neighborhood watch showed us the video from the latest in a string of break- ins. he also took us inside the storage area, where he says 10 bicycles have been stolen. thieves every taking a dolly to cart goods off. this retiree had a television stolen from her storage unit last year. >> i was shocked, needless to
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say. you never expect it when you go to your storage to see that yours has been reporter: the ho association filled out $40,000 for new alarms and a camera system. >> a lot of ople think they can hide their belongings in the seat or the trunk. but a lot of times the people who perpetrate these crimes are watching the people, and seeing where they're putting the items. >> reporter: here's one more look at that surveillance video. they haven't yet identified the burglary suspect and are asking anyone who recognizes them to call campbell police. more serious trouble tonight for former alameda county supervisor, nadya lockyer. she is facing drug and child abuse charges, after police said she was found high, and with drugs last week in orange county. this is the mug shot from the arrest. prosecutors charge her with one felony count of possession of
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methamphetamine. she was also charged with child abuse, because police say the drugs were found in the room that she shares with her 9-year- old son. lockyer pleaded not guilty and was released earlier this year. she resigned as supervisor, and right now is in the midst of a divorce from bill lockyer. the fires are about four miles apart on highway 16. you can see the flames, and just how charred the area is. the fire started yesterday afternoon in the runsey canyon area. right now, the fire is only about 10% contained. the cause is still under investigation tonight. smoke and haze from those fires are prompting air quality advisories in lake, and colusa counties for tomorrow. air quality managers say levels in lake county could range from unhealthy to hazardous, depending on the winds. at, we have posted more photos from the fire lines. just look for the slide shows
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tab right on the front page. back now to our continuing coverage of that shooting that killed a chp officer. today, ktvu's eric rasmussen traveled to the gunman's home and talked to a neighbor about what christopher lacy was like. >> reporter: investigators say this is the man. 36-year-old christopher boone lacy who shot chp officer ken youngstrom in the head. >> chris was a quiet, kept to himself kind of guy. >> reporter: maybe no one was as surprised as lacy's next door neighbor bob. he says detectives served a search warrant at lacy's home. >> reporter: investigators seized six computers, and a forensic team is examining them for crews.
11:49 pm
neighbors say lacy was a computer programmer. he had no criminal record other than an a 2006 dui arrest. >> they have not found that much on him. we have been told that he pretty much keeps to himself. he's loner. >> reporter: inside his green jeep, they found a loaded glock pistol and two hand guns. >> it sounded like he was going to do something no good somewhere, he snapped. >> reporter: he says he bought his house for $35,000 less than two years ago, that's after getting his masters from san francisco state, and spending several years in sausalito. we ride along with a chp patrol officer. what he told us about the precautions that officers take when they pull someone over. the search for a missing
11:50 pm
college student from lafayette who disappeared near the sacramento river has now moved upstream. brent olson was last seen walking away from friends at a popular spot called beer can beach. the search for the cal poly will now continue in butte county. those who attended tonight's event used candles to express their feelings of hope that the 15-year-old will be found. sierra's father and mother thanks all of those who continue to help in the search for their daughter. >> helps sustain us as a family. it's hard for any family to be going through something tragic like this. but all of this really does make a difference.
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>> in may, 21-year-old antolin garcia was arrested around charged with the disappearance of sierra lamar. you can see a lot down here by point conception, and our showers closer. they moved through this morning. we had thunder showers. we talked about that. showers kind of moving off, but still in the area. this is a really, really, unstable air mass. it's come to us from the tropics. you have to put showers and a chance of thunder showers in the forecast. the red flag warning is in effect. this moisture is going to start to work its way north as we go through the evening hours. somewhere late tonight, we're looking for a chance of another thunder shower, you might hear it in the middle of the night. if you do, you'll know what it is. maybe the morning commute too in some areas could have some wet roadways. when i come back here at 10:45, this is not a computer model, it is loaded up and ready to go. we'll have the five-day forecast as well, see you back here. dozens of new buses for a
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bay area transit agency. plus -- >> during peak commute, it can be a commuter's nightmare. i'll tell you why things are going to get worse before ñ# hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol
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as part of a heart healthy diet. that's true. ...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios new at 10:00, it's been dubbed the worst traffic bottle
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neck in the south bay, but now there's a plan to finally ease some of the congestion at the 280, i-80 interchange. noah walker is there live tonight, and tells us why traffic is likely to get worse before it gets better. >> reporter: frank, this time of night, that interchange is a piece of cake, but around the holiday, some people call this area the nightmare before christmas, for good reason. it is one of the south bay's most notorious traffic congestion hot spots. the 280/880 interchange is bad on a good day. just ask kelly. >> it's hectic, nerve wracking. i hate doing it all the time. >> reporter: i tried navigating the area during the evening commute. ing on the riven it, you know, brake, and then there's -- >> the weaving and merging.
11:55 pm
>> reporter: valley transit authority says that's why it needs an update. tomorrow, they will vote on its staff recommendation to hire a contractor to take away the clover leaf interchanges, space out the exits to make them more district, and have a dedicated exit that feeds drivers straight to valley fair. >> also the shopping mecca for san jose. we have during commute times, very heavy congestion, and during shopping season, really heavy congestion. >> reporter: it was built in 1959, since then, the mall has expanded, and so has the housing around it. traffic will likely get worse before it gets better. >> i fear that as that congestion escalates, traffic may be diverted down to vascom
11:56 pm
avenue, and up towards the mall. huge concern. >> reporter: some neighbors fear, when they build it, more people will come. the san francisco municipal transportation agency is moving ahead now with plans to add 45 new hybrid electric buses to its fleet. plans were approved last night to spend almost $34 million to buy those electric buses. the new 40-foot buses will replace 13-year-old buses that are currently in service. if the board of supervisors approves the plan, the agency expects to roll out the new buses by next summer. some bart passengers experienced an hour long delay during evening rush hour. it took about an hour to get the passenger off the train at the lake merritt station in oakland. during that time, no trains could get through headed to fremont, and riders had to wait. it's stealing. they should lose their jobs.
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>> hundreds of city workers accused of wrongly getting a discount on their water bill. how the hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol
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as part of a heart healthy diet. that's true. ...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios
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a singular show of support for the highway patrol. a man held an american flag outside the chp martinez field office, where kenyan youngstrom was based. it brings the total number of chp officers killed in the line of duty to 30 in the past 12 years. it is a public safety job that can turn dangerous at any moment. today, jana katsuyama rode along to get an inside look behind the wheel. >> reporter: it's another day on the road for jason gordon.
12:00 am
today, we rode with him to see the highway from a highway patrol officer's point of view. he says officer youngstrom is on many officer's minds, as they roll out to do their jobs. >> definitely, a very sad day for the division, as well as chp. >> reporter: traffic stops are part of the job for chp officers, within minutes today, he saw a driver talking on the phone. >> keep driving, keep driving. >> reporter: officer gordon showed us the precautions officers are trained to take, finding a safe place to stop, approaching the vehicle from the passenger side away from traffic, and checking the vehicle and the driver as you i approach. >> how are you doing? >> reporter: he says the training cannot encounter all the scenarios in the real word. they realize all too well after yesterday's deadly incident, that danger always could be just down the road. >> it's definitely a reality check to all officers out
12:01 am
there, and all agencies that there is not, there's no such thing as an ordinary traffic stop. >> all day, officers and others have been going to the martinez chp office and dropping off flowers in support of officer youngstrom and his family who live in solano county. a chp dashboard camera helped investigators understand what lived up to yesterday's shooting. the chp has 2400 patrol cars in its statewide fleet, but only 1900 are outfitted with those cameras. the two camera system and other equipment cost more than $3,000 per car. the highway patrol says cars without them typically don't go out on patrol, but are routinely used for other assignments. oakland police announced an arrest in another shooting that targeted a highway patrol officer. opd, the chp, and the u.s. marshalls task force all teamed
12:02 am
up to try and solve the case. this morning at can about 11:00, they arrested a 16-year- old in east palo alto for the attempted homicide of an officer. >> just an example of the danger that all law enforcement officers face throughout this country, throughout this city, and throughout law enforcement in general. >> in this case, the officer wasn't hurt. three other people were arrested within days of that incident back in july. in san francisco, hundreds of city workers are under investigation tonight for possible cheating. paul chambers tells us, the workers may have been taking advantage of a program designed to help the less fortunate. >> reporter: any work at san francisco's city hall, muni, they may have violated the program. >> we found the addresses that are on record matched up with people that were enrolled in
12:03 am
the cap program. >> reporter: the cap program is designed to help people less fortunate. a recent audit shows the 8-year- old program has issues. of the program, 7,400 participants, a little less than half don't qualify. of those, 470 are city workers. however, it's possible they're not intentionally cheating the system. >> they may be listed on the address as far as their record for the city, but they may be a renter in an apartment where the owner pays the bill, and maybe the owner qualifies. >> reporter: some people feel they're trying to get ahead by deceiving others. >> i think it's just an all around bad situation and people are just looking for others to fill their pockets. >> reporter: the puc will require everyone who doesn't qualify to pay the money back. some people think the city workers should get a stiffer penalty. >> get them to pay the money
12:04 am
back and fire them. >> that's stealing. >> it's stealing, they should lose their job. >> reporter: in san francisco, paul chambers, ktvu, channel 2 news. new information about that massive chevron refinery fire in richmond last month. chevron says it's now analyzing a white cloud that appeared in the plant. as for the air quality, officials say there were no levels of toxic substances that exceeded state limits. however, chevron acknowledged that it does not test for a compound called acrolion. republican presidential candidate mitt romney took a break from his debate preparations today. he went to new hampshire to pick up some pizza, shake a few hands and do some interviews. he talked about how much the
12:05 am
national debt has increased, and the millions of americans who are out of work. >> you see, the president did inherit a tough situation when he came into office. any fair measurement of his record, you have to acknowledge that. the problem is, he didn't make anything better. >> republican vice presidential nominee praised bill clinton today, saying he was a model of reform, and president obama was his opposite. ryan said clinton worked with republicans during his presidency, and they took action on welfare reform and spending cuts. >> a reminder now, you can get ktvu news to go. just download the ktvu app. click the live icon, and you can watch all of our newscasts live. judy bloom said she had been diagnosed with breast cancer. bloom is the author of many favorites including, are you there god, it's me margaret,
12:06 am
and superfudge. the 74-year-old is currently recovering at her home in new york. an animal left to die. the search for whoever tied a pit bull puppy to a post and left her there. >> back here in just a few minutes, tracking the chance of thunderstorms in your area. i'll have the latest computer model
12:07 am
12:08 am
the family of a vallejo man who was shot by a police officer says they are still waiting for answers. the family of 23-year-old mario romero say they don't believe
12:09 am
the police account of the shooting. the police version is that officers shot romero because he got out of his car with a pellet gun that looked just like a real gun and the officers felt they had to protect themselves. but romero's sister says she saw it all from her window, and claims that is a lie. >> there's no gunshot wounds in our door that was supposed to be open. there was no doors open. >> romero's brother-in-law was also in the car and was shot. he remains hospitalized. police say they found two bags of ecstasy pills in the car. officers with the santa cruz animal shelter are looking for a person who left a 2-year- old dog tied up on the side of the highway. he was tied up to mile marker 82. the dog had no identification tags or microchip and was abandoned without shelter, food, or water. anyone with information about the dog is asked to call the
12:10 am
santa cruz county animal shelter. in canada, police have arrested a man accused of opening fire at a victory rally for quebec's new premier. police say the suspect made rambling statements but offered no motive. in south africa, hundreds of striking miners rallied for higher wages from a platinum mine. this is the same place where police killed 34 miners last month. some strikers threatened to kill workers at another mine, if they don't join the strike stoppage. in germany, a memorial service was held on the 40th anniversary of the massacre at the munich olympics. some speakers at today's service criticized the olympic committee for refusing their
12:11 am
request to honor the dead at this summer's london games with a moment of silence. a powerful earthquake slams the pacific coast. hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol as part of a heart healthy diet. that's true. ...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios
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yes! vo: from the new, to the hard to find: when it's on your mind, it's on ebay™. firefighters in southern california got a break today. the remnants of a tropical storm brought some rain to the san gabriel mountains. containment doubled to 48%. fire officials say the steep mountains in the angeles national forest have not burned in 15 to 20 years. a magnitude 7.6 earthquake shook costa rica this among, sending panicked people into the streets, and triggering a tsunami alert. the quake hit at 8:42 a.m.
12:14 am
local time. it was 96 miles west of the capital city of san jose. john fowler tells us what seismologists say the bay area can learn from what happened in costa rica. >> reporter: a traffic camera 87 miles from the epicenter showed violent shaking for about 40 seconds. across costa rica, people fled shaking buildings. one man died of a heart attack. this bridge collapsed into a river, but the powerful earthquake showed remarkably little damage. >> this was an expected earthquake. >> reporter: the usgs gee physicists say they hit this area -- costa rica scientists have warned about today's quake
12:15 am
for a decade, urging stronger building codes, and putting into a web of instruments in the region. >> we're going to learn a lot about the nature of this earthquake from what our colleagues are doing. >> reporter: u.s. seismometers. >> i see this as a triumph of costa rican geoscience. a federal crackdown on marijuana growing has uprooted more than 1 million plants. in all, the crop was worth $1.5 billion. the u.s. attorney's office in
12:16 am
sacramento county released the figures. they happened in arizona, california, idaho, nevada, oregon, and washington. motorola says it has taken an old favorite and made it even better. today it rolled out new additions to its razor family phones. the droid razor m serves for $99, and is expected to be in stores next week. the new phones run on google's android operating system. nokia today debuted its new smart phone. the new flagship is a lumina 920. the lens can shift to compensate for shaky hands, resulting in sharper images in low light. nokia is hoping to win back customers who have switched to the apple iphone. on wall street, the stocks ended mixed. the nasdaq dropped 5. an earnings warning from fedex kept the markets in check. its profits could be hurt by a
12:17 am
slow down in the global economy. won't say whether it's received a rush from california buyers looking to get a tax free deal before the online giant begins collecting sales tax. come september 15, they will begin charging californians sales tax from 7.5% to nearly 10%, depending on where in the state the customer lives. the tax revenue from online sales is expected to hit $317 million a year with $83 million of that coming from amazon alone. we're watching for thunderstorms in the bay area right now, we had those this morning. we talked about that. the red flag warn something in effect now. we do have showers in the area. let's come in close here. i don't have any thunder shower
12:18 am
activity, but out by mount diablo, we've got moderate rainfall. a little more activity, and you can see more widely scattered activity here. that's my concern tonight. you see the widely scattered showers, east of modesto. all of this tropical moisture spewing into the bay area is going to linger for the next 12 to 24 hours. that's going to give us a chance for another round of thunderstorms. the computer models are getting killed on this by the way. that's what's tough about it. like i said last night, all i know when you get this much tropical moisture this far north, it can happen at any time, anywhere. with that said, i've got thunder showers in the forecast tonight. i think the best dynamics are between now and 3:00 a.m. activity should taper off by tomorrow afternoon. when you got this kind of instability in the air, you've got to talk about it. especially in the height of fire season. i hope there's no thunder
12:19 am
showers out there at all. pulling up the tropical moisture from the south, when you bring this stuff north, this is supposed to be in phoenix, in texas. but the warm ground starts to conduct the heat and creates an even more unstable environment. right now most of the activity seems to be south of the bay area. so the forecast models, basically are just kind of keeping the clouds. 5:00a.m. tomorrow morning. the model is not dropping rain, but you can see, a bunch of clouds right there. the forecast highs tomorrow then throughout the bay area, they're going to come up a few degrees. it will be a little muggier. santa clara valley, 79 in san jose. along the peninsula and the coast, some fog, and mild temperatures. the five-day forecast with your bay area weekend in view. this is one of those forecasts you just want it wrong. you don't want a thunderstorm in any way shape, or form, but that chance remains probably
12:20 am
about the next 10 hours. it took a toothbrush to fix a stubborn bolt at the international space station. two astronauts made their own tool to remove the bolt. last week, the astronauts worked on it for hours. a whole new look for a minor league hockey team. the san francisco bulls are spending about $2 million on renovations. that includes a new sound system, improved locker rooms, and a state of the art scoreboard. the bulls begin their season next month. you can check out more video and photographs of the cow palace on our website, the san jose earthquakes now have their first new stadium founding partner. the 6 year, multimillion dollars deal with 7-up bottling was announced. the ground breaking date is
12:21 am
october 21. another bay area community targeted in the fight against west nile. also [ male announcer ] we got a real mom and the family car to do an experiment. we put a week of her family's smelly stuff all in at once to prove that febreze car vent clips
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wells fargo. crews plan to fog neighborhoods in eastern contra costa county with insecticide tomorrow night. the spraying is aimed at controlling the mosquito population. here's a map showing the areas that will be targeted. on the east side of byron highway, the fogging is scheduled to begin at dusk and
12:25 am
continue to approximately 7:30 to 11:00 tomorrow night, weather permitting. the double downer to report this evening. all of a sudden giants strength is a weakness. that would be starting pitching. arizona roughed up the giants starters and relievers. 22 runs in a three game series. arizona takes two out of three, that's not going to cut it. former oakland a, trevor cahill takes a no-hitter into the 7th inning against san francisco. robbed by adam eaten. the d'backs break it open. that made it 6-2. a little frustration later for the giants in the 8th inning, arizona batting, brandon belt over to third. pablo makes the tag on john
12:26 am
mcdonald, takes exception to the way mcdonald went into third. former giant matt williams, now third base coach steps between them. no punches thrown, nobody ejected, and the giants lose 6- 2. silver lining, dodgers lost again to san diego, a 4.5 game lead. major reality check coming for the a's, 17 of their next 20 on the road. they hit it losing three in a row. kendrick out. one of the highlights of the day. frightening moment here, erick aybar, a laser back to the mound. brandon mccarthy struck in the head. he is all right it appears, but will be held overnight in the hospital for observation. they get swept by the angels. jim harbaugh just passed out coaching tips to his players on a day his wife delivers an 8-pound 8-ounce baby boy. that would be jack jr., named
12:27 am
after the 49er coach's father. harbaugh, now a father of six, all told. called it a gold medal timing by his wife. asked if he might have potentially missed the game? not a chance. >> no, jack jr. will understand in 20 years. he wants to win too. we talked about it. also, i think it bodes well for the 49ers. i think it's a sign of good luck to come. perhaps. jack jr. being born on the fourth day of the ninth month ofad that bears the crown. the defending super bowl champs, the new york giants open up the season against the cowboys who come in and take the ballgame.
12:28 am
tony romo spots kevin ogletree. 24-17. the nfl season is on. that's the sporting life. >> good for jack jr. too. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 okay, here's the plan. you have a plan? first we're gonna check our bags for free, thanks to our explorer card. then, the united club. my mother was so wrong about you. next, we get priority boarding on our flight i booked with miles. all because of the card. and me. okay, what's the plan?
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