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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  September 12, 2012 11:30pm-12:30am PDT

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a candlelight vigil tonight honors a man who graduated from this bay area campus, and rose to become an ambassador. only to lose his life when militants launched a rocket on a u.s. consulate. good evening i'm frank somerville. >> i'm julie haener. he was chris stevens, a kid from the bay area. late last night, the night of september 11, militants fired a rocket in a the u.s. consulate
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in benghazi, killing ambassador stevens, and three other americans. tonight, they are being remembered. we have team coverage. ken wayne says the pentagon is already taking action, but we begin at uc berkely and a candlelight vigil at stevens old fraternity. >> reporter: that vigil just wrapped up about a half hour ago. these students did not know stevens, but they were inspired by his life. tonight, they lit candles in his honor, and projected a photo of stevens on the side of the house, for a man people say had great dreams and a good heart. >> my name is chris stevens, and i'm the new u.s.ambassador to libya. >> reporter: this video shows him introducing himself last may. before stevens left the u.s., he spoke with steven browning. >> very earnest, and somewhat humbled by the task was about
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to undertake. i think he was very conscious of the enormity of the task. >> reporter: it was a dream come true for the bay area native. >> he was just a great, all around guy. one of those guys from school that just stood out. >> reporter: stevens graduated from the uc berkely in 1982 with a history major. >> it was a big shock. >> reporter: his former professor, david lavine remembers him as a confident man trying to promote peace. >> for the ambassador to go to that conflict, that shows you what kind of a guy he was. it just was completely unnecessary, of the sense of within his job description, but completely necessary in terms of the kind of guy he was.
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>> reporter: friends came with flowers today. >> i don't have much to offer today, but just as a friend reach out. >> reporter: stevens never married. his mother said he was a great son, uncle, and man. they will be flying to washington, d.c. tomorrow to prepare for the arrival of her son's body coming home. jana katsuyama, ktvu, channel 2 news. >> over two decades he served in saudi arabia, syria, israel, and egypt before being dispatched in libya in 2007. he learned arabic in the peace corps, and said that is when he fell in love with africa. his last previous incident was in afghanistan. at an appearance in las vegas, president obama said the
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united states will be relentless in tracking down the militants responsible for the attack on the consulate. he is vowing that they will be brought to justice. ken wayne is here now with one working theory about the motive, and how the u.s. is responding. >> two navy destroyers have been deployed to the coast of libya. it arrived today. amend the uss mcfall, coming from the strait of gibralter. the missiles travel about 550 miles per hour, and are equipped with gps for pinpoint accuracy. it is just one of the moves the united states has made in response to the killings of benghazi. >> reporter: earlier, he vowed those responsible will be
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found. >> we will not waiver in our commitment to see that justice is done for this terrible act. and make no mistake, justice will be done. >> how could this be done in a country we helped liberate, in a city we helped save from destruction? this question reflects just how complicated and at times, how confounding the world can be. >> we are very sorry for what happened. we will do everything possible to help. >> reporter: in addition to the navy warships, 50 marines have been deployed to libya to beef up security at diplomatic facilities, and the fbi is sending teams to determine who is responsible for the attack. a scene on youtube was initially blamed for inciting the attack. some have suggested it was done
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to coerce with the anniversary of 9/11. >> this was not a demonstration gone bad. >> we can't afford to view the despicable acts of violence perpetrated yesterday by a small group of fanatics as in any way representative of the country and the people of libya. >> reporter: the president ordered american flags to be flown at half staff at government buildings, and at ships at sea around the world until sunset on september 16. just hours before the attack in benghazi, thousands of egyptians protested at the u.s. embassy in cairo enraged over that film about the prophet mohammed. they pulled down a u.s. flag and destroyed it. their rage was sparked by an independent film on the internet that depicts
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as a philanderer. in 16 minutes, how youtube is handling the film tonight, and the debate over free speech, everyone when there are terrible consequences. bay area muslims fear the violence may reinforce negative stereotypes about muslims. >> people of terror, people that deal with things violently. >> speaking about the attack, in benghazi, a spokeswoman for the council on american islamic relations said such violence goes against the very fabric of islam, which is peace. you can expresence your condolence to the christopher stevens family.
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join in the conversation at ktvu channel 2. police in contra costa county have released a man from jail. he was released around 7:45 this evening from the detention center in martinez. he declined to talk with our news crew. the 53-year-old was released because no charges have been filed in the case. the deadly accident happened on saturday evening in walnut creek. a woman from santa barbara was killed, and her daughter-in-law was seriously injured. police have not yet received their investigation, or received toxicology reports. his driver's license was suspended at least twice in the past, following a dui conviction in 2005. a private memorial service was held in vallejo this morning for kenyon lunstrom. today, friends and family
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filled the church to capacity, and said goodbye to the chp officer. he is shot and killed last week during a routine traffic stop on 680. governor brown is set to attend a larger memorial service tomorrow at the mission church in vacaville. ktvu's coverage of the service will start at 10:00 a.m. we will be streaming it live on, and on our mobile, and tablet app. tonight, there is new attention given to a berkely homicide case that has gone cold. john sasaki reminds us about a senseless shooting that took place two years ago today. >> amber nelson feels compelled to come to the corner of adeline in berkely. >> i'm just following his example about the way to bring beauty and happiness to the world. >> reporter: she imagines a time when police solve the
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killing of her fiance. nelson created this garden sanctuary, because this is where he was shot in front of her. >> how often do you come here? >> every day. usually, two or three times a day. but every single day. >> reporter: he moved here from chile, after he and nelson fell in love. >> he was an holistic person. he was an artist as well. he liked to do theater. >> reporter: berkely police admit it's been tough to close this case, because the killing happened during a robbery at 3:40 a.m., when few, if any people were around to witness it. >> tragic in that we can't bring him back, but we would like to be able to find a little closure, to say we did find the people who did this. >> reporter: nelson shared a note sent to her for this somber occasion by his mother in chile. >> i cannot accept this, or find comfort. fito loved life. >> reporter: his family wanted
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to be here, but says they stayed home to celebrate today, the birthday of fito's twin sister. san francisco's new and more extensive ban on plastic bags cleared a legal hurdle today. it bans noncompositable checkout bags. today, it was upheld by a san francisco superior court judge. the ruling clears the way for the city to begin enforcement on october 1. customers without their own bags will be charged 10 cents for each paper, or compositable bag. the top problems named by station agents. at 10:30, what's being done about it. >> plus this bay
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lots of prepaid cards come pre-filled with problems. enough is enough. introducing the chase liquid reloadable card.
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with chase liquid, there's no waiting and no fee to activate you can load cash and checks at any chase depositfriendly atm and there are no withdrawal fees at over 17,500 chase atms all for one flat fee of $4.95 per month. get rid of prepaid problems. get chase liquid. the new apple iphone 5 is finally here, and it comes with a number of changes, including one change that users may find a little frustrating. maureen naylor here now to tell us why some of your current apple accessories won't work with this new iphone. >> reporter: the announcement came this morning that the new apple iphone will be thinner and lighter. but it's apple's decision to resign this connection port
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that could be costly for some. >> my blackberry. >> reporter: tonight, we met this 37-year-old, two hours after she told her company to place a preorder on friday for the newest iphone. >> pretty excited. i've been a blackberry user forever. i can't wait to make the switch, and be cool now. >> an iphone 5. the thinnest, lightest, and best iphone we have ever shipped. >> reporter: apple this morning also announced the iphone 5 will have a larger screen, longer battery life, new mapping software, and new ear pods. >> a lot has changed, and it's time for the connector to evolve. >> reporter: the evolution of the power connector will require an adammer to work with old accessories. the injury manager anticipates that will cause some frustration. >> i have like three or four cables for your two devices. that's a little unwieldy. but in the long run, it's the nature of things.
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>> they're going to offer a little adapter, that's nice. but it's wildly inconvenient. >> it's frustrating that you get the latest thing, and a few months later, it's passe. >> reporter: which is why this father has no plans to ditch this older cell phone, his children call a brick. >> i think it says samsung on it. at&t, 8 or 9 years. it's hit the ground at least a couple of times, and for whatever reason, it still works. >> reporter: the new iphones have a cost starting at $200 with a two year contract. they're already selling the adapters at $29, and run up to $39. more details now about other products unveiled at the apple event today. updated versions of the ipod touch, and ipod nano were also
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introduced. the touch has an upgrated screen, and includes siri. the new nano is installer, and back to its rectangular shape. it includes wide screen video. it is no surprise apple strong finished the day strong. the stock climbed to nearly $670. the price is slightly below the company's recent record highs. analysts say today's presentation produced strong expectations for apple's earnings report at the end of month. tonight, at 10:45 where old phones and outdated technology go. we'll take to you a recycling site that could soon see a lot of iphones. police tell us, they have confiscated two placards in the past week. they've also written four citations that can cost up to $1,000 each. a recent law allows not just police in berkely, but also
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parking control officers to enforce handicap parking rules. governor brown signed a law that makes sweeping changes to the state's pension center. experts put it at 42, to $55 billion over 30 years. the law increases the retirement age for most new hires. william lynch, the bay area man aquilted of assaulting a place who allegedly molested him when he was a child, wants that priest back in court. lynch found out today whether the priest will face perjury charges. >> reporter: seeking another legal victory. lynch and his supporters were celebrating in july after a jury found him not guilty for beating up a priest. lynch said lindner molested he
11:48 pm
and his brother. lynch had hoped that the district attorney would file perjury charges against lindner, but today was told that wouldn't happen. >> in terms of trying to find some true justice, it doesn't seem to be out there. >> reporter: the district attorney wanted to file charge, because they too believe mr. lindner lied. >> it wasn't the fact that mr. lindner lied. it was not material, not relevant. >> reporter: harris called that ruling ruling hypocritical. he said the d.a.'s office just wants to wash their hands much lynch. >> legal, i can't. it's something, if i could, i would, but i can't. >> reporter: lynch is looking at other possible legal
11:49 pm
options. in san jose, robert honda. ktvu, channel 2 news. in alameda, police say an armed man may be responsible for three daring robberies within the past two weeks. the latest happened at the south shore shopping center around 4:45 yesterday afternoon. police say the gunman approached two eathen stole a c phone. late last month, investigators believe the same man care idea out two other armed robberies. the gunman is described as latino, about 20 years old, 5'5", and weighs about 130 pounds. san francisco police are look for a man who may be a danger to himself. he was last seen on september 5 on broad street in the city's ocean view neighborhood. anyone with information about
11:50 pm
his whereabouts is asked to call police immediately. it's getting chilly out there in the overnight hours. we talked about it last night. some overnight lows in the midday, in the mid- to upper 40s. the fog is restricted on the coast, and areas around the bay. i think we'll see fog right at the cost, and around san rafael, over to oakland, albanna, a little towards hayward, and fremont as well. that's about where it should stop. tomorrow going to be a warmer day. 7:00a.m., there's the fog, right? the hanging right along the coast. look at this cut out here, it's a little bit of an offshore flow trying to develop. when i come back, we'll show you when the warm up will occur. the five-day forecast and your weekend in view at 10:45. water taxis may soon be offering rides along the waterfront. that service will begin on
11:51 pm
october 1. a final contract still needs to be worked out. the service is expected to shuttle passengers between the hide street fishing harbor, pier 39, and the south beach marina. that attack in libya is prompting sharp wards on the campaign trail. the comments [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow. you guys have it easy.
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a wreath of flowers sits in the lobby of the state department in washington, d.c., it is a tribute toambassador chris stevens and the three others who love their lives in libya. republican presidential candidate mitt romney is under fire tonight for his attack of
11:54 pm
president obama's handling of that crisis overseas. democrats and some republicans suggest romney distorted the events and tried to gain political advantage from an attack that claimed american lives. romney says the white house has been sending mixed messages to the world. >> possibly the administration was wrong to stand by a statement sympathizing with those who had breached our embassy in egypt, instead of condemning their actions. >> top gop leaders in congress declined to join romney's aim in criticism. ktvu's david stevenson looks at the dilemma created when free speech crosses the line. >> reporter: the film innocence of muslims depicts the muslim
11:55 pm
prophet mohammed as a philanderer. >> freedom of speech. >> it does bother a lot of other people, so i think that should sensor it. >> reporter: the afghanistan government is banning youtube until the trailer is taken down. >> a country that is incredibly tight, like china, and very technologically aware, they have a hard time doing it. >> what these ads said was in a war between savages and a civilized man, support the civilized man. support israel, condemn jihad. this was very problematic for the community for obvious reasons. >> reporter: it prompted a productive discussion in the
11:56 pm
muslim community about free speech, and whether it's times best to ignore provocations. some say they are curious to see the film that has parked sense a furor. >> i was trying to check it out just to see what everything is about on it. >> reporter: youtube did not return our request today. the california filmmaker is said to be in hiding. >> late today, youtube said the trailer falls within its guidelines, and will stay on the website, but youtube has restricted access. so it can't be seen in libya, and egypt. more and more people are hopping on bart trains, but it's not just riders who are flocking to
11:57 pm
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new at 10:00, tomorrow bart is set to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a problem that is plaguing several of its stations. pigeons. ktvu's heather holmes is in san francisco now, and tells us, those birds aren't the only pesky problem. >> reporter: in addition to the birds and the mess they often leave behind, station agents are reporting that more rats are roaming the tracks and platform. while more riders than ever are flocking to bart, daily ridership has already topped 400,000, three times this month. the system is seeing a different surge in the number
12:00 am
of pigeons and rats at stations. a recent published report shows station agents frequently complain about the nasty rats at the station. >> i have a huge fear of them, they run across so quickly. >> reporter: one agent wrote, rat problems, major rat problems. another report a week later reads, rats, rats, rats. seven days later, this complaint. rats are still taking over the station. >> when he we have noticed we have an infestation of a pest. we have exterminators that come out and they take care of it. >> reporter: also, a nuisance with pigeons. >> last night, i parked my truck up by a light post on the top, and the pigeons decorated it. >> reporter: bart crews are doing the best they can to remove the decoration. and hope riders look past the
12:01 am
problem, and instead at bart's 90% on time performance. >> people who need to get where they need to go, can again rely on us. >> reporter: tomorrow word is it is expected to vote on whether to spend an additional $1 million to try to keep those birds away. reporting live tonight, heather holmes, ktvu, channel 2 news. more details now on barts skyrocketing ridership this month. lee times this month -- three times this month, weekday ridership has surpassed the 400,000 mark. 9 of bart's top 20 days have been this year. both the dow and the nasdaq rose 9 points. this after a german court okayed the country's help in the euro debt crisis. some public words from
12:02 am
facebook ceo mark zuckerberg yesterday helped send stocks up today. zuckerberg acknowledged missteps after the initial public offering, and said the company is committed to making money. that is still well below facebook's ipo price of $38. tonight, the santa cruise city council is voting on aren state warriors d league team. the project would be located on front street, where there is currently a parking lot. it's very close to the board walk. tonight, there was a public hearing followed by the city council's vote on land use, and finance. we are waiting to hear the outcome. if approved that arena could potentially break ground as early as tomorrow. there is a report tonight that the gap is considering moving hundreds of information technology workers from san francisco to the east bay. according to the contra costa times, the gap is looking for offices in pleasantton. the report said to move what
12:03 am
initially involved 200, to 300 employees. the housing market in the south bay was on the rise in august. the santa clara valley association of realtors announced today, sale prices on average exceeded listing prices. the numbers are for single family homes and condos. buyers are motivated by several factors, including high rents, and low interest rates. this fall, stanford university is offering more than a dozen online courses for free. the 16 courses will be available online. the suggests range from computer science and mathematics to linguistics. today, eric rasmussen talked with her. he also reports on how a city policy may have delayed help from the paramedics. >> what happened to me could happen to anyone. it was in the middle of the
12:04 am
day. it was in broad daylight. >> reporter: this woman asked us to not reveal her identity. >> two men walked down the driveway, and into the garage, and threatened me with a gun, and began beating me. so it was a horrific thing. my son at a young and tender age witnessed the entire thing. >> put out additional calls for help, and we waited, and waited, and waited. there was no response for a very, very long time. >> reporter: police say an unusual series of priority 1 calls that day is what delayed officers. even though firefighters were waiting nearby, department policy requires them to get an all clear from police before they can respond to any incident involving a gun. >> those policies are being looked at by the individual agencies, and together, we're
12:05 am
working on a solution where we can best serve the community. >> reporter: oakland police say they've also increased patrols in the neighborhood. >> the screaming i'm sure saved my life. >> reporter: confirmed the department is talking to police about improving communication, when there is no longer a threat. but he says the policy is there for everyone's safety, as for this woman's case, police say it is an active investigation, and they are following leads. in oakland, eric rasmussen, ktvu, channel 2 news. >> a reminder that you can get ktvu news to 2. click on the live icon, and you can watch all of our news right there on your mobile device. it's called bombing the hill. but is it legal? >> i'm back here in just a few minutes. i'll show you which cities wi
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even by los angeles standards, it was a wild police chase. the thieves tossed money. the suspects were eventually caught, about 40 miles from where the robbery occurred. police are warning those now who picked up some of that cash, it is a crime to keep stolen money. grief counselors and concrete barriers are just some of the new additions at this year's national championship air races in reno.
12:09 am
the 49th annual reno air races got underway today. this year there are signs of safety measures all over. >> the show line now is on the north end of the runway. >> other modifications include moving race pylons, and easing some of the tight turns on the course. the first fill day of racing is tomorrow, and will include a tribute to the victims, and the first responders of last year's crash. anyone using the san francisco airport can expect some delays during the next three weekends. one of the main runways there will be closed to accommodate federally mandated safety improvements. the work is scheduled between 10:00 p.m. and 8:00 a. 8:00 a.m. and will reduce arrivals by half. in news of the world, in pakistan, nearly 300 people were killed in a fire at a clothing advantagetory in
12:10 am
karachi. workers were trapped behind locked doors and barred windows. authorities called it a death trap. a second factory fire killed 25 more people in lahor. many lack basic safety systems. in france, times are about to get a whole lot tougher on the rich. the president is increasing taxes on those earning over $1.25 million. they will now be taxed at a rate of 75%. the plan is to have this rate for two years. the richest man in france is the founder of louis viton, and he says he plans to move to belgium now. workers plan to cut down a pine tree, saltwater had seeped into its roots, but the tree's trunk will be preserved, and the original branches will be
12:11 am
replaced with plastic ones. it will then be returned to its original spot next year. it is called bombing the hill. it means racing down a windy spot on a skateboard. and it's apparently become very popular. here's a skateboarder bombing the hill on the way to yosemite. you can see him narrowly missing the rocks on the side of the road, not to mention, oncoming traffic. >> depends on how good you are and the luck for the day. full scabs from elbows, knees, backs, legs. >> the highway patrol says there is nothing on the books to outlaw it. the only thing they can enforce is the helmet law. ahead tonight, the bay area's dirtiest water ways, but first -- >> a woolly mammoth in san francisco? we'll show you where crews dug up the most
12:12 am
12:13 am
12:14 am
in san francisco, workers on the new trance by terminal were digging when they found something unusual. it turns out what they discovered were pieces of a prehistoric animal. >> reporter: crane operator brandon vlasic was digging at this site, when something caught his eye. >> it just looked completely different than material we are usually excavating. >> reporter: what he found was a tooth, and possibly part of a jaw of a prehistoric mammoth. >> this is near mission and fremont. that is where the discovery was made monday morning. the tooth was found about 110
12:15 am
feet below street level. >> reporter: a paleontologist was called in. the tooth came from an elephant sized beach. possibly a woolly mammoth that lived here 10,000 years ago. >> the coastline was way out. so the continental shelf was a flat land. we were an ice age. we had herds of bears, sabre tooth tigers. it was a zoo. it was like the savannah in africa today. >> reporter: workers are being asked to keep an eye out for more remains. the plan is to donate the fossil to the academy of sciences. in san francisco, ktvu, channel
12:16 am
2 news. federal investigators say the corroded pipe that led to the chevron refinery fire last month was not properly inspected. the pipe in question had walls as thin as a penny in some areas. the pipe was not tested for thickness. now investigators are trying to figure out why. , the environmental protection agency released this year's bay area trash hot spot. here's a map of the five years. they include coyote creek in san jose. baxter creek in richmond, and san tomas aquino creek. they have such high amounts of trash they violate the clean water act. >> think about where you put stuff. it does make an impact on a place that we love, which is the bay. it has no place here. >> the list was released ahead of saturday's coastal cleanup
12:17 am
day. the epa and save the bay are asking people to help this weekend by cleaning up the trash in hot spots. out with the old, in with the new. apple's newest iphone means many accessories will be recycled. collecting piles of discarded electronics. the center says it repairs, and reuses about 5% of all equipment collected. state says 1 billion pounds of the waste have been recycled since 2005. there's fog right back at the coast tonight. you expect that. overnight lows are going to be chilly. let's go to live stormtracker 2. the fog, not a big push inland yesterday. it will get into this area tonight. it will probably bump up against the east bay hills in the next few hours. it already is out to the albany oakland area. your highs tomorrow are going to be warmer than these. the marine layer is compressing a bit. tomorrow afternoon when the sun comes out, you look to the
12:18 am
west, you look at the golden gate bridge, and you most likely see the fog below the towers. the inversion should be below that. that tells you, the going to be a warmer day. the fog forecast tomorrow morning is just kind of lingering. patchy fog there, and it should burn off in the afternoon. highs tomorrow, 90s, 80s, and lots of 70s. warmer tomorrow. we're going to see a lot more 90s tomorrow. temperatures throughout the bay area then, warmer tomorrow, and then again on friday. so the weekend, saturday is pretty nice, but sunday, temperatures start to cool down a little bit. sunday will be your cooler day. still nice. not a deal breaker. today's numbers, temperatures go up tomorrow. that's a big bump tomorrow. 85degrees in santa rosa. you're going up a number of degrees in san francisco, and livermore as well. so a warmer day. 94 in livermore for a daytime high. for your thursday, the high pressure is doing what it does. that's why the fog is going to be below the towers. because we're sinking. real tight against the ocean there, and it won't be able to
12:19 am
get over the hills. that allows temperatures at the coast, they stay in the 60s, low 60s. the inland temperatures have less benefit from the coastal breezes. the cool, moist air won't be getting that far inland tomorrow. temperatures tomorrow, into the 90s, back into the 90s in inland bay valleys. fairfield, 95 degrees. 71 in richmond. a 90 in concord. 94 in livermore. tomorrow, you'll notice it. today, a little warm in some places. the last couple of days, the numbers have been tweaked a degree here and there. you will notice, especially inland, a warmer day. along the coast, the fog is there, but i suspect the fog will break off. by tomorrow afternoon and evening, i think there will be some sun. i think you will actually see the sunset out in the outer sunset. the five-day forecast looks like this with your weekend in view. you will see that it warms up as we go into thursday and friday, then it trends down as you get into sunday. really, this is, we said it on the 6:00 news.
12:20 am
september, one of the finest months of the year in san francisco in the bay area. >> you can't beat this. >> outstanding, and the week looks really good ahead. we have some developing news from the east bay at this hour, where a search is underway. people reported calls for help. a number of calls of someone screaming for help in the guerin park. right now, emergency vehicles are at the mission boulevard pay road entrance to the park. crews are searching the area, and a chp helicopter has been called in to help with the search. so far, we're told there is no sign of anyone in stress. imported ricatta cheese is being recalled tonight.
12:21 am
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fuschia leather diaper clutch. (coughing) "buy it" (in agreement) yea for little diapers. tiny smart vo: from the new to the hard-to-find: when it's on your mind, it's on ebay™. a sea otter found covered in oil three years ago, is now a mother. this a photo of olive, and her new pup. the birth is apparently the first known time that a previously oiled sea otter has given birth in california. she was released in 2009. wildlife officials believe olive was a victim of natural oil seep. just so darn cute. this baseball season keeps getting better bay the day. >> we might have a little
12:25 am
baseball oktoberfest around here in san francisco's bay area. you never meet people more superstitious than baseball fans. if you say your team has it wrapped up too early, they're going to say don't jinx it. but it's looking like the a's and giants are going to be busy in october. the giants with a 7 game lead. joaquin arias playing for pablo sandoval who was benched. an rbi single capped off the inning. brandon crawford smokes one into the right field corner. two runs will score. crawford with two doubles tonight. heather sanchez comes in hard. he caught tonight. however, just a minor injury. looked like the wind got knocked out of him. scutaro, his second rbi hit of the game. he was 3 for 5. hitting .322 since he joined the giants. tim lincecum, 6 innings, 7
12:26 am
strike outs. gave up 3 runs. now 9-14. dodgers doing the big fade. diamondbacks squeeze by them again in arizona. parra with a little fister to the opposite field. go ahead run scores. the dodgers have lost 6 out of their last 7. they almost look ready to cash it in. cashing about the big word there. no one saw oakland playing in october. but it looks like they won't be on a beach next month. doing it all phases. coco crisp robbing chris iannetta. that is just sensational. aj griffin gets the win. he's 6-0, and he likes coco's handy work. cespedes, it's a solo shot. 12 straight road wins for the a's. they win, 4-1. 3 games up in
12:27 am
the wild card. in the hearts and minds of 49er fans, no one is going to replace the likes of joe, and steve. but alex has thrown 185 consecutive passes without an interception. his coach not surprised. pretty much saw the characteristics in smith since he got here. >> knowing where everybody is on the field. knowing defenses. that's a heck of a streak. >> a lot to do with protection up front. stepping into clean pockets throwing. definitely a team statistic. all right, he's not as sensational, but the guy just does not make mental mistakes, and doesn't give up the football. you can't say enough about a guy who does that. philadelphia or rather, they're taking on detroit this sunday night at the stick. home opener.
12:28 am
>> nice to see [ female announcer ] this is the story of joycelin...
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[ joycelin ] it was a typical morning. i was getting ready for work, and then i got this horrible headache, and then i blacked out. [ female announcer ] ...who thought she had reached the end of her story. [ joycelin ] the doctor told me i had two brain aneurysms and that one of them had ruptured. [ female announcer ] fortunately, she was treated at sutter health's california pacific medical center. [ joycelin ] the nurses and doctors were amazing, and they were like a second family to me.


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