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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  September 17, 2012 11:30pm-12:30am PDT

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protesters burn money to make the point about economic priority as hundreds march tonight in san francisco. good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. at this time, hundreds are reclaiming turf as they mark the one year anniversary of
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the occupy protests. >> reporter: the protesters arrived here just about a little more than an hour ago. right now you can see about 50 protesters gathered here. we can hear speakers and a banner that says unstoppable, never surrender. at the height of the evening commute, hundreds of people marched in the financial district. they say the occupy movement is alive and well. this evening's event started at 555 california, the bank of america building. they say their message is about getting rid of debt such as -- as exorbitant home loans and student loans. >> it's disgusting. whenever there's imbalance at this level you have people --ed
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off. >> reporter: one small business owner sitting in traffic talked to us about the occupy movement. >> i'm a big fan of getting to work and making my own life happen. i'm all about taking to the streets and march that's a great thing. >> reporter: another observer told us the occupy movement needs to work with lawmakers to get results. >> i think they should try to get organized. >> reporter: the marchers stopped in front of wells fargo on montgomery street and burned money as a symbol of getting rid of debt. some used yellow paint to leave the message, democracy not debt. >> we need a mass movement to push politicians to break up the bank in order to make the bank system more secure for the entire country. >> reporter: back here live, protesters told us they ended their march here because this is where occupy san francisco originally set up an encampment. i asked the protesters if they planned to spend the night here, they told me they haven't
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decided yet. reporting live at justin herman plaza in san francisco, amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. and amber is going to be keeping a close eye on that cloud in san francisco. and we'll bring you updates throughout the course of this newscast. san francisco's castro district got into the spirit of the occupy anniversary this afternoon. >> the people united will never be defeated. >> reporter: organizers called it a speak out and billed it as a celebration and an active defiance they marched then staged a sit in at harvey milk plaza. organizers said the castro is experiencing many of the issues the occupiers have championed. and in new york city where the occupy movement was born. there was a celebratory feel on this anniversary. even as police arrested 180 people. police said the majority of those arrested were sited for
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disorderly conduct. organizers estimate about 100 people took part in demonstrations in lower manhattan. the protesters said they wanted to express their continued frustration with economic priorities and show the occupy movement was still alive. and in 12 minutes occupy's legacy. the movements impact on politics and the national dialogue. san jose police chief chris moore surprised even city hall insiders by announcing his plans to retire. the chief has only been on the job for 18 months. he talked about what led to his decision. >> reporter: chris moore walked into a packed news conference with a smile. he's been with the department for 27 years but now says he wants to spend more time with his family. >> there's never a good time, there's never a bad time. for me and my family, this is the right time. >> reporter: gang shootings and homicides have residents in
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arms. there's been concern about not enough officers on the streets. last year the chief had to lay off officers because of budget constraints. an additional 69 have since retired. >> clearly our scenario here and what we're facing had something to do with it. i'm not kidding you. i am disappointed we weren't able to get some things done through negotiation that i wish we had. >> reporter: whoever takes the position next will have a challenge dealing with the mayor and city council. >> it's been a dismal picture for a while and it's getting worse. i think like you said this the chief leaving i think is probably in his own way him standing with the troops. >> reporter: the mayor did not attend but says he's sad to see the chief leave. >> until we can have more money to hire additional officers it's going to be a frustrating
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job. >> reporter: moore's last day will be january 31st of last year. janine de la vega, ktvu news. >> chief moore made $226,000 last year in salary and other cash compensation. in retirement he will take home 80% of his salary or roughly $155,000 a year. that does not include 200,000 in sick time that he's accrued during nearly 30 years of service to the city of san jose. and tonight at 10:30, reaction from a city hall insider. he tells us moore's departure could not come at a worse time. students of the law paid tribute to u.s. ambassador chris stevens with a vigil in his honor. it took place at his law school alma mater uc hastings. amber lee joins us with more on how the death of stevens has touched many even those who
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did not know him. >> reporter: they told me that his sacrifice affected them in a way they did not expect. students, faculty and fellow allumn lit candles to honor christopher stevens. >> we should all be so lucky to find a vocation that we can be so passionate about. >> reporter: inside notes of condolence were written to steven's family. >> he was a light that to all of us. >> it struck me in a way that i didn't expect. >> reporter: phil lascada was one of many who said they felt a personal loss that went beyond the law school connection. >> i still feel a lot of gratitude for this man. i still don't know a lot about, but i hope to learn more. >> we will take his vision, his memory and we will try to make the world a little better. maybe not go over on a boat and
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overthrow a tyrand but in our own way. >> we were good friends in law school. >> reporter: the interim dean of golden gate law school, told us she learned a lot from stevens and believed even in death he would still make a difference. >> reporter: one of the messages that you make a living by what you get by you make a life by what you give. a creed christopher stevens both lived by and embodied. patti lee, ktvu news. on the steps of los angeles city hall today leaders of the
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christian community gathered to deny the film against muslims. the southern california man behind the trailer identified himself as a coptic christian. he covered his face as he left his home this weekend to meet with probation officers. they are trying to determine whether he violated his terms of suspension. he is prohibited from using the internet without permission from his probation officer. in san diego some 4,000 sailors and marines set sail today on the u.s.s. pelalu for the arabian see and western pacific. the deployments were scheduled before the recent rallies. but families say the violence has heightened their concerns
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of the deployment. romney is in auto correct mode. >> i'm speaking off the cuff in response to a question. >> reporter: the audio recording was made public by mother jones magazine. it says it was recorded in boca raton florida. romney is in california tonight, a report on his visit there coming up at 10:30. we have new information tonight about a young couple found dead last week in a motel room in newark. police still haven't released their identities but family members confirm the teenage victim was 17-year-old patricia martin of pleasanton. early last week her mother told police she had run away and on facebook, posted that she was last seen with her 24-year-old boyfriend james shanelick of livermore. the two were found shot to death. police believe it was a murder
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suicide or double suicide. they say autopsy results won't be available for several months. shares of apple stock hit a an all time high again today. they closed at $699.78 a share. then after closing shares rose. some apple fans don't want to wait for delivery of the new iphone 5 so they're actually lining up outside of retail stores like this one in new york city everyone though the new phones won't be in that store until friday. we checked with some bay area stores no lines yet that we've been able to find. apple says it had more than 2 million orders in the first 24 hours. that's more than double the orders for the previous iphone. apple says the iphone 5 is thinner, lighter and faster. the broader markets didn't share in the apple enthusiasm.
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the dow dropped 40 points the nasdaq dropped five. stocks began falling at the opening bell, following four consecutive days of gains. defending his wife's driving. how far one man went to prove this accident was not her fault. and back here at 10:20, the temperatures really dropped today to five and 10 degrees. how cool it will be in your neighborhood. i'll the detail -- i'll have the detail [ chirps ]
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new at 10:00, time is running out for bay area consumers that were ripped off by a bay area cash checking company. >> reporter: it is a hilarious video that is calling for people who may have been scammed to hurry and file their claim before the deadline. >> who do you think you're scamming baby? >> reporter: the infectious summer hit call me maybe. being used tonight to spread the message to possible payday loans victims. that they could qualify for
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restitution as part of a 2007 lawsuit. >> as part of the settlement, they have to provide a restitution fund of up to 7-1/2 million dollars. >> reporter: and matt dorsey spokesman for the san francisco city attorney's office who negotiated the settlement agreement says it's important that all of that money goes to those who fell victims. that included interest rates as high as 400%. >> i trade my soul for a loan ♪ >> reporter: with the deadline to file, they're stepping up their outreach. customers who took out loans between 2005 and 2007 could get refunds in the amount of $20 to 1,800 bucks. but first they must file a claim. >> i mailed a claim form, to you baby -- ♪ >> we're doing the biggest push we can to make sure everybody knows their rights. >> reporter: there are about 15 money mart locations here in
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the bay area. more than 100 across the state so frank and julie there are potentially thousands of victims here in california. tomorrow san francisco's city attorney will be in l.a. joins officials there for a press conference to spread the word. reporting live, heather holmes, ktvu channel 2 news. at ktvu we have posted the claim form as well as the entire music video. look for the hot topics section on the top page. >> a california family is in nebraska searching for a missing family member after he mysteriously went missing from an amtrak train. he disappeared some where between denver and chicago on his way to montreal. relatives were passing out fliers in omaha today where a train made a stop. the operator described him as confused. >> they just won't tell us anymore.
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and if he was confused, then why didn't -- you know there must have been some way to monitor him a little bit better. >> reporter: dowd is a retired san francisco firefighter. his belongings were found on the train when it arrived in chicago. a flight from san francisco is one of two jets that were the subject of bogus threats today. american airlines flight 24 and a finnair flight from finland landed at jfk airport in new york and were then isolated and searched. authorities say an anonymous caller said there were explosives on board but nothing was found. the american flight left sfo at 7:30 this morning. governor brown has signed a bill that attempts to balance a right to protest with the right to mourn in peace. the legislation is in response to protests at military funerals. military deaths are god's punishment -- the church says
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that military deaths are god's punishment. the governor signed another bill that aims to prevent deaths from overdose. it shields those from overdose from charges. it also shields those who call for help. back now to our continuing coverage of this first anniversary of the occupy movement. these are live pictures here from herman plaza in san francisco. 50 people are gathered at this hour listening to speeches. the occupy demonstrators said they wanted to return to the spot where they had a large encampment last year. they told our crew on the scene they haven't decided yet whether they're going to try to spend the night. so one year later has the occupy message made a change. the movement has turned into
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something we haven't seen since the 1930s. >> reporter: occupiers marched through the streets of san francisco marking their one year anniversary, reflecting on what happened and how effective the movement has been. >> it's starting to make some people start thinking difficultly about how they're living their lives and how they can live their lives better, more efficiently and sustainably. >> the tea party at the end of their working lives were afraid that it's going to be taken away from them. the occupy movement was afraid we'll never have it. >> reporter: lawrence says the occupy movement has helped set the agenda this political year bringing issues like income inequality and fairness front and center to the democratic party. >> for the first time since the 1930s in this country, there is
11:50 pm
a political debate about social and economic equality. >> reporter: we talked with another political scientists who said while the occupy message has changed the national dialogue, the movement itself has lost momentum because of a number of reasons not the least of which are police crack downs and media focus on more extreme members of the movement. in san francisco, christien kafton, ktvu channel 2 news. progressive jewish groups gathered outside a wells fargo bank in berkeley this afternoon to mark the occupy anniversary as it coincide with rastashana. they declared all big banks in default of ethical standards. and they urged those who haven't already to take their money out of large financial institutions. daytime highs today were in the cool side. look where it goes tomorrow
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morning, a pretty strong pup -- strong push tomorrow morning as you get going. the overnight lows are going to be chilly. 45 in santa rosa, 45 in napa. these are cold for this time of year. 50 in vallejo, 50 in concord. 50 out in livermore. as you get going you will need a jacket. lots of 70s and low 80s. i'm back here at 10:45 and i will stretch out the forecast and i will pick out all the days of the week and i will show you the trend that's coming. it includes some cooling and heating. menlo park reopened just five days after a fire destroyed one of the buildings. students returned to class this morning after an electrical fire last week destroyed a third grade classroom. officials removed the building and moved third graders to a computer class for now. the school is taking donations
11:52 pm
to replace the classroom lost in that fire. the legal tactic chicago mayor used today to try to get all thos sweetie, you have to scrub it first.
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work like thousands of micro-scrubbing brushes to help power away tough foods even in corners and edges. so, i was right, right? i've gotta run. more households use cascade dishwashing detergent than any other brand. security camera video may be the proof one man is looking for. his wife was injured in an accident with a nummi trolley and he searched for a long time for evidence that it wasn't her fault. >> reporter: lunchtime friday afternoon august 3rd, a white car pulls up behind a nummi buss. you see it stop a few seconds later an f line trolley crashes it from behind. camila and a toddler she was babysitting were in that car.
11:55 pm
sandwiched between two vehicles. >> she was terrified because she was stuck in the car. >> reporter: the oliv era says he walked all around the financial district looking for any evidence that his wife was in the right then bingo he looked up and saw that surveillance camera. that's when he obtained this video. showing his wife's car stopped at the intersection before the trolley slams into it. oliv era says this proves that it was trolley driver error. >> i hope in the future they can do something. because i know people need transportation but safe one. if it keeps going like this somebody is going to be dead. >> reporter: there are several lawsuits pending in this case. the legal council has advised them not to comment. dee oliv era says his wife is in the hospital for treatment
11:56 pm
and he suffers short memory loss. ron emmanuel is requesting that teachers return to classes. all this means 350,000 public school students will be out of class for at least a few more days. this thursday mark it is one year anniversary of the repeal of the don't ask don't tell policy on gays in the military. this was how some san francisco service members celebrated that day one year ago. military leaders say the transition this year has gone remarkably well. they say they haven't seen recruitment or retention dip following the repeal and they say there has not been a significant increase in the harassment of gay and lesbian troops. researchers say cancer is knew the number one cause of death among latinos here in the u.s. for the nation as a hole, heart disease is the top killer. american cancer society researchers released the new study today. they say they believe that the
11:57 pm
age of the latino population may explain why more latinos are dying from cancer as opposed to heart disease. the average age of a latino in the united states is 27 years old and heart disease is predominant in older populations. mitt romney in california tonight. the fund raising effort being billed as his last stop here before the election. and more live pictures from [ female announcer ] this is the story of joycelin... [ joycelin ] it was a typical morning. i was getting ready for work, and then i got this horrible headache, and then i blacked out. [ female announcer ] ...who thought she had reached the end of her story. [ joycelin ] the doctor told me i had two brain aneurysms
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back now to our continuing coverage of the protest. the san francisco protest marking the first anniversary of the occupy movement. here's a live picture now from justin her man plaza. about 50 people ended up here
12:00 am
after several hundred people marched through the financial district this afternoon and into the evening. right now they are listening to speeches and have put up sign that is say they will never surrender. ktvu morning news will also monitor the crowds and how many people stay overnight. police lay offs, pay cuts and a bitter union battle these may all be why the chief has decided to retire. one council member says if he knew then what he knows now he would have never voted to hire the chief. >> reporter: finding a person to take over for the embattled chief, will be difficult. today chris moore caught many
12:01 am
off guard by announcing his retirement effective january 31st 2013. >> what a great career. this is a good day. i'm sitting here smiling. >> i have to tell you i was really surprised to find out not only that he was retiring but to find out in such short notice. >> reporter: he says chris moore knew of the challenges facing the department when he was hired. moore's announcement came at the worse time and he was hoping the police chief was a long term solution. >> had i known this election was for 18 months i would not have voted for confirmation. >> reporter: debra figoni will now start a nationwide search. the department of studies says the city needs to decide where it's going and take some risks in the hiring prosetsz. >> - - hiring process. >> that person is going to have to be innovative and on the younger side. >> reporter: the san jose police officers union says the current political climate will make it difficult to find
12:02 am
someone who wants the job. >> because i don't know who would want to do this job working for these people that are overat city hall right now. i don't know who would want to do it. our chief demonstrated today that he doesn't want to do it anymore. >> reporter: professor correa says he hopes the city will look nationwide. but pointed at ronald davis as a potential candidate right here in the bay area. matt keller, ktvu news. we have new information tonight about a fatal shooting? -- shooting in san francisco's mission district. police have identified the 20- year-old as jesus solis. solis was found just after 4:00 yesterday. police are holding news about the crime. police identified a man they said took them on a high
12:03 am
speed chase. 33-year-old curtis sanders and fredrick edwards sped away when officers attempted to pull them over. the chase reached speeds at 100 miles per hour at sometimes. that pursuit ended when the suspects crashed into protective poles. republican presidential nominee mitt romney is in california for what's being billed at his last california campaign stop. >> reporter: governor mitt romney and his ent era ge making a stop. >> i contributed $1,000 to be here, yes i did. >> reporter: earlier governor romney was in downtown los angeles for the 33rd annual meeting of the united states hispanic chamber of commerce. this is a national organization of his panic chambers from all over the country -- hispanic
12:04 am
chambers from all over the country. governor obama and president obama were invited to speak. the governor showed up in person. >> i'm convinced that the republican party is the rightful home of hispanic americans. >> reporter: at a time that gop trails among latino voters. both talked about things like immigration. >> candidate obama said that one of his highest priorities would be to fix immigration in his first year in office. the president never even offered up a bill. >> reporter: this election is a choice between immigration policies and views laws like arizona as a model for the nation, or argue that america is stronger when we benefit from a great diversity of talent and ingenuity. >> i want mitt romney to see that wealth doesn't mean success. >> i want him to understand that it's my body he should trust me enough that i can make the right decision for them. >> reporter: he probably did not end up seeing them, he
12:05 am
ended uptaking a different rout. hal eisner, ktvu news. president obama spent the day campaigning in the battleground state of ohio. >> i wake up every day thinking about american workers and trying to make sure they get a better shot in this economy. >> reporter: he says he is determined to stop china's unfair trade practices which he blames for the loss of american manufacturing jobs. the president encouraged his audience to vote whenever the crowd jeered his opponent, he said don't jeer, vote. voters are once again being asked to abolish the death penalty. those who support it have raised far more money than those opposed. the latest campaign finance record shows supporters of prop
12:06 am
34 have raised $5.4 million. opposers have raised $200,000. voters are being asked to decide whether a postoffice should be renamed after a lieutenant that was killed in afghanistan. lieutenant kenneth ballard was awarded the purple heart. no one suspected it. the fortune left behind by a nevada man and how it almost went unnoticed. and back here in just a couple of minutes tracking the fog in your neighborhood tonight. we'll talk about that with the latest computer model in the
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a support group for victims of sexual abuse is calling for the ouster of any boy scout official who helped cover up child sex crimes. the situation came to life following a media review of so called internal boy scout files. they detailed hundreds of abuse allegations from the 70s and the 80s that were never reported to police. the group survivors network of those abused by priests says involved officials still in the boy scouts organization need to be removed and if possible, prosecuted. former penn state assistant assistant coach jerry sandusky is heading back to court next month to be sentenced for hundreds of child abuse accusations.
12:10 am
the 68-year-old is expected to receive a sentence that will likely keep him in prison for the rest of his life. in june, sandusky was convicted of 45 counts of sex abuse involving 10 boys. a carson city nevada man was known as a recluse but it was only after his death that people discovered just how much he kept to himself. 69-year-old walter semasco jr. died in his home in late june with only $200 to his name. as his house was being cleared out. officials found gold bars and old gold coins worth at least $7 million based on weight alone. a neighbor helped remove the gold in a wheel barrel. >> we thought it was ammunition. opened it up and it was rolls of 20-dollar gold pieces. i've never seen that much gold in my life or coins that old. >> somasco had no will. officials found a cousin in san rafael and plan to give most of the gold to her after the taxes are paid. in news of the world
12:11 am
tonight, in indonesia a volcano is spewing thick gray ash 3,000 feet into the sky. the volcano roared to life this weekend with two eruptions. the ash is falling on a near by city and residents are being told to stay indoors or wear a mask if they have to go outside. but authorities say at this point, there's no need to evacuate. in kazakhstan. a recluse returned to earth with two men from the international station. the two had spent 123 days in space. recovery crews raced to the landing site on the central asian plains and pulled the man out of the cramped capsules just seconds after touchdown. in argentina, parents can now monitor what their teenagers are doing out at night. it allows parents to have access to surveillance cameras at various night spots in the city of la playa. this pilot project is expected to last six weeks and could
12:12 am
expand if it turns out to be successful. the man accused of kidnapping his two children and taking them on a stolen sailboat was back in court today. christopher mafei was scheduled to enter a plea but instead his case was postponed. he had said he took the children because they were being abused by their mother. she denied that and has filed a restraining order against him. those amazing a's. see how hopes of a play off run sparked a boost. free speech on college campuses. a warning to students about when solicitors can go too far.
12:13 am
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we have new video at this hour from afghanistan where a suicide bomber killed at least 12 people tonight. militants said the bombing was in response to that anti islam film trailer. he said a 22-year-old female bomber drove a small sedan into a mini bus into the kabul airport a few hours ago. it's believed the mini bus was carrying international aviation workers. this is apparently the first ever suicide bombing by a woman in after -- afghanistan. a warning for impressionable students from the campus of uc berkeley. a sales pitch police say goes too far. >> reporter: lunchtime at sprawl plaza can be sensory overload. it's a gauntlet of folding chairs with solicitors from everything. from politicians to the more
12:16 am
obscure. some where amidst the dance party someone soliciting magazines got the attention of police lieutenant decoulode. >> the courts have ruled that solicitation is free speech unless it becomes overly aggressive. >> reporter: one was aggressive enough to take out her bank card and withdraw $400. the bulletin board has a warning. >> instead of leading him to the atm i would lead him to campus security. >> that's pretty sad. pretty sad. we are in a rescission right now. just spending $400 on a recession on a magazine that doesn't make no sense. >> reporter: police say the victim in this case was so fearful, police are investigating it as a potential robbery. >> we do have some similar type cases, and if we can get multiple victims to come forward and it is overly aggressive or intimidating then we'll ask the district attorney to prosecute the cases. >> the moral of the story is on
12:17 am
this campus that celebrates free speech -- >> can i introduce you to this proposition. >> reporter: and freedom of expression think twice about officers that aren't free. noelle walker. the girlfriend of the late artist thomas kinkaid is going to have to pay a steep rent to stay in her mansion. amy tinto appeared in court. pinto agreed to pay $11,000 a month to rent the home in montesereno. tinto is in a legal fight over the artists $66 million estate. pinto claims kinkade left his art work and home to her in a series of handwritten notes. tickets for potential postseason games went on sale at 10:00 this morning and while attendance hasn't been all that
12:18 am
great. team executives said 30,000 tickets sold toáeld within the first hour. as hot as the a's are right now there's still no guarantee the team will make it to the postseason. >> we'll get the money back if it doesn't happen but i think the a's are doing pretty well. if the season ended today the a's would have one of two american league wild card spots. but it's also possible they could still win the division. they have 15 games left and seven of them against the first place texas rangers. you can get ktvu news to go download the ktvu app, click on the live i con and you can watch all of the newscasts live on your mobile device. we have wind and fog out along the coast right now. it's pushing in all that cool air. tomorrow starts off much like today started off. our storm tracker picks up wind out by the pittsburgh area. you have winds gusting out of the west-southwest like this. that's up to 20 miles per hour
12:19 am
and beyond. the winds are going pretty good. that means a lot of fog and low clouds into the neighborhood tomorrow morning. that's how the temperatures started out. temperatures tomorrow they're almost going to mimic these. you get the idea just kind of a cool one out there. as we head into tonight, the fog comes inland. temperatures spike a little bit on friday, saturday. then they drop back down on sunday. so it's going to cool off again. the fog model shows that fog footprint. it's in there big time tomorrow morning. and then it goes away, big time tomorrow afternoon. and i think that will happen as a low pressure system i'll show you here is just offshore is sitting right here. this will be enough to break up the inversion. it's the mechanism that's going to cool us too. that's why temperatures are going to cool us too. gets a little closer tomorrow. it'll start pushing this moist cool air in our direction. this high kind of gets weakened as it often does this time of
12:20 am
year. the low pressure center kind of moving in. giving us conditions like these around the bay lots of 60s and low 70s inland. 70s, low 80s. at if coast 50s and low 60s. you get the picture, robust sea breeze in a marine layer. you are going to wake up and see the fog at the golden gate bridge. tomorrow afternoon 82 in fairfield, 70 in vallejo. these forecast lightnings for over 50 cities in the bay area. there's many more cities i can't get on the maps. but this will give you a close idea if you're in morgan hill 83 tomorrow. 77 in los gatos. fog at the coast, it cleared today. will clear out tomorrow mid- 12:00. it will give you sun at the beaches and elevate your temperatures to the low 60s. more of the same. look at the temperature drop on your wednesday. thursday kind of mild. friday it starts working it way back into saturday then sunday cools off again. for this time of year this is
12:21 am
the height of fire season. and it's really not that aggressive of a pattern for fires. that's good for us. >> yeah, all right. thanks bill. >> thank you, bill. weather is once again causing problems for the space shuttle. the shuttle endeavour has dropped to a 747 at the kennedy space center in florida. but it's flight to its new home in los angeles is delayed because of bad weather in the rout. endeavour will go on display at the california science center. a big rig accident in sonoma county this morning led to 2,700 pounds of sand spilling on to the road the site of adobe road. the chp closed down the road for several hours to clean up that accident. investigators say the driver lost control of the big rig's rear trailer, then the entire rig overturned. adobe road reopened around noon. the giants try to
12:22 am
12:23 am
12:24 am
a speedboat racer survived a stunning accident during a speedboat race.
12:25 am
check out these pictures of the boat as the driver lost control and the boat broke into pieces. it happened on saturday afternoon. these boats can go up to 230 miles per hour. the driver though was inside a capsule and walked away from that accident uninjured. >> goodness. joe is in for mark tonight and the giants just keep rolling along. >> they are doing that. the giants trimmed another game off the magic number. on a night the dodgers didn't even play. well known san francisco couple taking in the first game of the giant's last home stand of the year. this is four game series against colorado. brandon crawford hit one a long way into third off shaseem. hit off the top of this center wall. crawford goes to third with a triple. he later scored off a past ball. the rockies tied it in the sixth. hunter pence singles to right. pablo will flop on the plate. the giants have a 2-1 lead.
12:26 am
that's the way it finished with five relievers helping baumgartner win his 50th. the a's were off today before winning the series tomorrow in detroit. baltimore tonight in seattle jumping to a big early lead. adam jones hits this ball so far off to short that it takes the glove off of brandon ryan. mcclout scores on the play. the orioles hold the second wild card spot, a game and a half behind the a's and three in front of the angels. week two of peyton manning in a denver bronco's uniform did not have quite the feel of week one. here is how manning's first series ended. first play picked off. that led to a 7-0 lead. manning threw three picks in the first series. the former cal basketball
12:27 am
player that can still get up for a dunk. looked like the falcons were out for a rout when ryan hit wright with this scoring pass. denver got in the end zone twice. but the falcons hung on for 27- 21 wins. broncos 1-1. >> one more day for the 49ers to talk about last night's win over the lions before they turn their attention to the minnesota vickings. he's the 49ers win with a 69- yard drive in the fourth quarter. alex smith to michael crabtree. the guy who was giving us who's got it better than us and tougher that a $2 steak came up with another for crabtree. >> it's like a frog you know just squirts out and catches the bug or the ball. you know, he's frog like. tongue like the way he uses his
12:28 am
hands. nobody rather have catching the ball than him. >> when we say frog like what was grandma's cold remedy? hi, primo! asopao! right, asopao! there you go cuz, so you can sweat it out! oh, and music... ( all ) music? ... heals the soul. the power to share unites us. verizon brings your entire family the savings of the share everything plan.
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