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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  September 19, 2012 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is bay area news at 7:00. . good evening. it's wednesday, september 19th. i'm gasia mikaelian, and this is bay area news at 7:00. we begin with developing news in the east bay where firefighters in martinez put out an intense fire at a gas station. we just spoke on the phone to contra costa fire department, and they said when firefighters arrived up to three vehicle sxas gas pump were fully engulfed in flames. it all started about 5:30. we're told that a car may have struck a gas pump sparking the fire. the automatic shut off valve activated to keep flames from
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spreading. firefighters say they had the situation under control in about ten minutes. you can see all the damage here but no one was injured. right now investigators are on the scene. we'll have a full report tonight on the 10:00 news. . it's one of the biggest where he thinkses ever in san francisco more than three times the size of. happening now a major concert with headlining. jana live to explain the sheer force behind the convention called scream force. >> well, this is the big gala. they are serving up or defshs picnic style and they have closed off market street between the road right in front of the civic center. they have the big screens up and the stage where the red hot chili peppers are going to be performing in about half an hour. tens of thousands of people all here for the convention scream force. . >> at the center today, it was
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clear the dream force convention is unconventional. this is bean bags the floor was crowded with customers at the san francisco based company . >> just like they go to mac world to see the new iphone 5. i think people in the business world and technology world come here to see enterprise commuting. customers see sales force probably every day and don't even realize it. >> customers tracking customers and internal business communications. has grown into the largest technology company in san francisco with 3900 employees here, 9000 worldwide and the dream force conference has become a major force in the business world. attendance doubled this year with 90,000 people registering. many showed up today.
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sir richard of virgin airlines. >> we've all come together here at this conference to look at the future, and we're trying to understand what the future means. i think this is the best way of learning about anything, by doing it. >> it's unbeliefable. i've never dean a conference as big that has. we have developers here, marketing, sales people so it's amazing how well put together it is. >> a conference like this even though it's quite large how many people in different industries are using. >> the treem force convention is also of course in the economy bringing millions of dollars here to san francisco so it's very good for san francisco this week. the partying tonight is said to go on until 10:00. reporting live in san francisco, ktvu channel 2 news. authorities in oakland launched a man hunt today after a police chase ended in two stents, one involving a bus, the
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other -- that bus was carrying stubts. this accident happened about 4:45 this afternoon on richey street. police say the driver of the car that officers were chasing rammed into a vehicle trapping a woman inside. then the suspect and his passenger then ran from the scene. there's no word yet on injuries and police are actively looking for the two suspects. a sacramento man is behind bars tonight after trying to kidnap three young men then led officers on a chase. the suspect's truck collided with two cars. minutes earlier by the man who said the driver aggressively trying to get them in his truck. the suspect is identified as 30-year-old robert. officers say he was high on meth amphetamine. a 41-year-old vallejo man is high after crash involving a
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sheriff's deputy. no one was hurt. the chase on interstate 80 reach scenes up to 90 miles an hour. authorities say he threw a loaded shotgun out the window then drove to highway 37. east street in vallejo found abandoned on edge mont avenue tracked the suspect to a nearby home. now to fremont where authorities today released what they hope will have four men involved in a recent home invasion robbery. our spoke to the victim who says indoors terrified experience. >> right offsprings road in the starlight hills subdivision there's a woman now forward with a story to tell. . >> hanging around the bed. >> the time was around 11:00 a.m. saturday, september 8th. >> one of them had a gun. >> a 49-year-old woman describe today fremont police two of the four men. she says they wore no masks, no
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fwlovs, tried to duck tape her. says her husband and daughter were gone. she was alone and she fought back. >> so i screamed and another man came around the bed and hit me, like, three times really hard and --. >> where was he hitting you? . >> in the face, forehead. >> badly bruised and screaming the woman escaped her fremont home and ran for help. >> he had a towel over her face her hands just holding it so that visual recognition. >> the victim's fab and best friend who did not want her name to be used said she called 911. moments before the attack she noticed some suspicious-looking men lurking in the neighborhood. . >> in ul honesty i thought oh in the neighborhood. i had the phone might have helped. >> so now these two women are coming forward and hope these sketches lead to an ayers. >> the victim says she does not know if she was targeted and other than releasing these two
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new sketches, police say they have information on the case. in fremont, ktvu channel 2 news. oakland police today announced the arrest of several people suspected of carrying out numerous robberies around the city. officers say 34 robbery suspects have been arrested over the past month. many are accused of committing more than one theft. investigators say the victims are often targeted for their electronic devices and will rob. >> the majority of the robbery suspects that was taken into custody, the los was cell phone, laptops, purses, credit cards and other small items that people carry in their possession every day. >> police say 144 smart phone robberies reported in oakland. . police at uc berkeley are warning to be on the look out for a flasher. authorities say they're investigating at least three incidents in which a man entered people's homes in the university village area in albany. in one case on monday the man posed as a maintenance worker to
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get into a woman's apartment, exposed himself and ran away. the suspect is described as a white man, 6 fetal, thin with gray hair. a financial industry group is warning banks to be on heightened alert to cyber attacks in conjunction with its or seas protests about an anti-islam film. according to the financial service information sharing and analysis scepter, a group of muslim hackers is claiming responsibility. the group say more cyber attacks are coming vongs online video is available for viewing. a new web site has been set memories of the bay area diplomat killed in the last deadly attack at the u.s. embassy in libya. photos, private messages and middle east and north africa. many photos and letters have already been posted on that web site and ktvu will have more including an interview with
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steven's brother tonight on the 10:00 news. it was a very happy reunion today for a music student and his stolen instrument in san francisco. >> say hello to my little friend. >> oh my god. >> we had the only news crew on the scene this morning when san francisco police returned adam young's cello. it was taken from his san francisco of music sunday. last night around midnight following news reports someone the opera house and the security office brought it inside. staff member then called police after seeing the story on ktvu's morning news. >> i'm so thankful to the community, whoever helped me find this. i -- i just am speechless. >> investigators are searching for the $10,000 instrument seen here in the surveillance tape from the conservatory. our exclusive k tvu found
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proposition 30 does have a lead. 51% of voters saying they will vote yes but that's down from 54% back in july. have been increased from 8 to 13%. prop 30 was temporarily increased by 4%. voters are divided on whether on the ballot. 41% support proposition 38 including taxes on the sliding scale money for education. 45% back the decision. 39 say on their california sale. . california's new online voter registration service got off to a running start today. as of 5:00 tonight all of 2,000 people hatd registered to vote online. the new service is available on the web site of california's secretary of state you need to have your california's driver's license or id card on hand. october 22nd is the last day to register to vote upcoming november elections. the newest version of apple's mobile operating system
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is now out. ios 6 was released today. it's available as a free upgrade and runs on the iphone 3 and above and the ipad 2 and above. ios 6 includes 200 features. an enhanced version of the siri voice-activated system and captures panoramic photos. a respected testing agency saying in rice. i'm consumer editor tom vacar. danger or not. more developing news to tell you about. the people on this amusement park ride have been tuck high above the groubd for more than two hours. i'm back here at 7:20. the fog has gone away. temperatures tomorrow. it could be a bit warmer. i'll let you know how much warmer in your neighborhood.
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. happening now 20 people stranded and dangling 300 feet in the air. the riders are stuck the attraction at southern california's farm down in orange county. the ride broke around 4:45. there's no indication the riders are in any danger, but the same ride was stuck in the air on september 7th. . dna evidence released today on the gun who killed tray von martin could help prosecutor neighborhood watch george simer man shot and killed martin. simer man says martin tried to grab the guns and claiming self-defense. not provide information on whether martin had touched the gun's holster. zimmerman is charged with second-degree murders and currently out on bail. a new report invails arsenic in rice in children. tom vacar reports consumer
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groups today urge the federal fwovt to set standards for the carcinogens. it's the very beginning of california's commercial rice harvest. now a 100-year-old $2 billion year industry employed 25,000 people. it's the water that contains the arsenic, kind used in pesticide that feeds it into the rice presenting a risk potentially a long-term cancer risk. after finding significant levels of arsenic in samples of rice and foods containing rice, consumer efforts wants the u.s. drug administration to set safety limits. >> the consumer report studies showing the amount of arsenic in rice is certainly a wakeup call. >> though consumer reports says it wants to inform and not alarm it also wants consumers to limit their intake of rice and other arsenic-containing foods including various fruits and vegetables and seafood.
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>> the biggest area where consumers may want to change is when they're feeding rice serial to infants. >> the california vice commission represent it is state's rice growers and mills produce a quarter of the nation's rice. >> u.s.-grown rice is whole some, safe, and nutritious. there has never been one reported incident of an arsenic-related ill nns u.s. rice. >> although the rice doesn't have a problem with the government look into the issue. >> we also want people to keep in mind that rice has been safely consumed around the world for hundreds of years. >> but as of today the fda says con sierms should continue to eat a wide variety of grains. ktvu channel 2 news. chick-fil-a has all public opposition to same sex marriage and apparently in support of an anti-gay organization. chick-fil-a today released a statement. that report earlier in the day. the company's foundation is no
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longer donating money to anti-gay groups. the company's president ignited a storm to same-sex marriage. existing home sales last month the highest we've seen in years. u.s. sales occupy homes rose 7.8% with seasonally-adjusted annual rate 4.8 million. that's the most may of 2010. also today commerce department reported rose 3.10% in august. dow gained 13 points. nasdaq gained 4. san francisco has priced its initial public offering above his own expectations. real estate prices $17 extra today. the company raised $102 million. earlier this month the company setting a rate around $16 a
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share. trulia will begin trading tomorrow on the new york stock exchange under the symbol trla. stores located blovd the country club village shopping center. 50,000 square foot scheduled to stay open 24 hours a day 7 days a week. the chain had met with opposition the local supermarket and the united food and dmeshl worker union. has created 85 tubs and the company is still hiring. lindsey lohan has another date with a judge this time for leaving the scene of an accident in new york city last night. the police say was driving slowly in the driveway when she clipped a hotel employee with her por sh and kept ongoing. the victim called 911 and was seen for a knee injury. she was arrested 2:30 this morning. police say no alcohol was involved in the incident. the san francisco 49ers are off to a fast start this season and so is the new stadium.
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robert honda shows us the progress with this exclusive behind the scenes look. >> from news chopper 2 it's hard to not notice how the $1.2 billion stadium is already getting. the ground breaking was in april. the steel beams started going up july 30th. fans incruding gary robinson almost can't mrooef their eyes. >> it's exciting to see all that. it's really amazing. seems like it's going to be ready for next year, but i know it's two seasons off. >> we have about 45% of the steel already up. we are on schedule. we're happy to be on schedule. it's a great thing to say that we're on schedule. i can say that we're about 20% finished with the stadium. >> the financial framework to have -- the seam is reporting $670 million in sales and state license. a figure that makes city officials happy and relieved. >> we were crazy lunatics and now when the shovel hits the ground that was a big step
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behind and how quick they're putting it up and, you know, putting people to work and bringing economic development and doing the things that we hoped it would do. >> for some fans drove sunday night's team public transit at the new stadium part. >> we stayed till the very end. boy, that was -- that was ugly. i didn't end up getting home till 1:00 in the morn sdmrg the 49ers say it's too early to tell whether construction will end up ahead of schedule because of many factors including the weather but it will be easy for anyone monitoring the progress. drive high and look up. in sant clara, robert honda ktvu channel 2 news. the national hot week has begun in the wake of the ongoing labor loss. announced all season games through the end of september will not be played. that amounts to about 60 games. the first san jose sharks fwam was set for one week from today in vancouver sending a deal with teg season is slated to start october 11th. the bay area man with a
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hearty appetite. coming up chestnut wants you to make. also ahead chief meteorologist bill martin will tell us about any changes in the weather as summer draws to a close.
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. san jose man known for his monster appetite is asking people to cut down on their
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texting. competitive eating champ joe wee chestnut joins people around the country pledging never to text and drive. got into a special simulator there this morning that shows how easy it is to get distracted when a person is texting from behind the wheel. we have our chief meteorologist here with us tonight and we're talking about the last day of summer. >> the fog came in today. it was very cool this morning. temperatures today cool and mild, not what you'd expect the end of summer here. right about now so far running below average and it stayed that way today. these are the highs recorded 85. hot spots 80 in fairfield, 70 in vallejo. highs tomorrow the same, not much change tomorrow. this pattern is a persistent one. it's hanging in. it's not going anywhere really. maybe friday temperatures warm up a little bit. saturday the pattern goes back to where it was. it'll change tomorrow. warmer friday and saturday. overnight lows are chilly.
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46 santa rosa, 48 in napa. the fog around the coast is coming back. now work its way back into the areas. when you wake up tomorrow morning you'll have just like you had this morning got it tomorrow morning. that's how that'll go. temperatures tomorrow look a lot like today. those are your 80s and 90s well inland, right? you're looking at mostly 70s and 60s around the bay tomorrow. there will be some low 80s up to 70s but it's going to be yellows for the hottest location so a mild day again tomorrow just like today courtesy of this low-pressure center. if it wasn't here this high would dominate and temperatures would be more, you know, fire dangerous and more air qualityish but then low pressure is keeping the on-shore flow going. if it does that we're kind of between the warm and the cool and that's why temperatures have been kind of on the mild side. we're right in the middle here. so tomorrow, thursday, just like today. tomorrow just like today. friday a little bit waerm.
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you'll notice possibly 5 degrees. 75 in sonoma tomorrow. 75 in napa. been a little warmer up around st. helena. brentwood low 80s there and then 80 in livermore. clier ra valley 70s. 79 in morgan hill. then along the coast where the fog has there it'll be there and it'll burn off as it did today so looks nice on the coast tomorrow. your five-day forecast with bay area weekend more of the same. really helps with the fire danger and definitely with the air quality. see you tonight at 10:00. thank you, bill. bart today officially laufrnled the agency's 40th. long-time employees joined today. shows off memorabilia from bart's history including the first picnic from bart ear opening in 1972. over the next few months bart plans to fwif away 40,000 free rides for field trips and ice cream give aways. thank you for trusting ktvu
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channel 2 news we'll see you the next time news breaks. our coverage continues with the 10:00 news. tonight we're on the scene at that gas station fire in martinez. we'll talk to eyewitnesss and have more on the station that prevents bad situation from being even worse. always here for you at tmz is up next here on tv 36 [ female announcer ] life is full of compromises.
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