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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  September 19, 2012 11:30pm-12:30am PDT

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. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is the 10:00 news on ktvu channel 2. >> look closely at this video and you will see a car backing up at a gas station. the driver hits the pedal and hits a gas pump setting the station on fire. good evening . >> a monterey miss judgement and a gas station explodes in flames. several cars were burned but incredibly nobody was hurt. all happened about 5:40 this evening in martinez. that fire caused extensive damage to the flex oil and gas
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station. deborah is live at the scene to explain what made the difference in this dramatic fire. >> reporter: you can see how this pump was shoved right off it's base. a fast thinking employee at this mess of a gas station drew an -- threw an emergency switch quite possibly saving lives, maybe saving the block. >> this video was shot by a witness across the street as two cars and a gas pump are engulfed in flames. here is what triggered it. a customer in a chevy sedan backed in to the station trying to position his car when he spinning out of control. >> i see smoke, black smoke from the -- the five and six. >> reporter: the station manager was in seconds hit the emergency switch to cut the flow of gas as flames shot 30 feet in to the.
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> >> that fire had gotten down in to the gas tank underground, we may not be talking right now. we heard seven or eight explosions. >> reporter: residents heard the car's tires exploding and they came running even as customers were running to get away. the driver that started escaped safely. the owner of the charded car he hit was just stepping out of the store when it happened right in front of him. station workers say the driver lost control couldn't explain it but may have hit his gas pedal instead of the break with enough force to shear off the pump. >> trying to pump the gas but i don't know how come he loose the control and suddenly -- [inaudible]. >> the driver didn't want to talk about the crash and he was allowed to leave once police determined he was not impaired.
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no citation at this point but investigators are still putting all together. taking a look at this melted light fixture it looks like an ice cleared that. this gas station will be a month or two before they are pumping gas. we are live in martinez. ktvu channel 2news. >> and on the website, we posted more of that surveillance video from part necessary. look for the bay area news tab on the front page. >> now to oakland where a high speed chase led to two accidents, one crash sent a woman to the hospital. the accidents happened on mcarthur. police say officers were chasing a black bmw when it crashed into a blue car enter -- injuring the woman driver. at many point the suspect vehicle also smashed into a van carrying special needs passengers. it didn't appear anyone in that van was hurt. witnesses say that the two
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people in the car took off running. >> a woman sharing the story of when four men invade her home earlier this month and threatened her life. police released sketches showing two of the four suspects. the 49-year-old victim said all four came in to the home and terrorized her. >> i opened my eyes and saw four men standing around the bed. i didn't know if i was going to be raped or killed. >> reporter: the victim said the men tried to tie her up but she started screaming. one of them then hit her hard, three times before she was able to escape and get help. she said if in the end they only took her phone. >> the results of our latest field poll. it asks likely voters about two key tax measures on the november ballot. one has a lead, the other trails as kara lieu reports both have the same intention but go about it differently.
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the governor's plan, proposition 30 largely targets the risk increasing personal income tax for those who makeover a quarter million dollars. it would also increase sales tax by a quarter sent. our field goal shows 51% of likely voters would vote question. 36% no and 13% undecided. that's up from 8% compared to a couple months ago. >> it's still ahead. no poll that has shown it's -- below 50. >> proposition 38 is broader, it would raise taxes for nearly everybody on a graduated basis. our poll shows it's behind. 41% would say yes, 44% no and 15% not sure. the number of undecided is up from 8% just two months ago. >> the presence of two -- on the same ballot, really are doing some harm. >> reporter: the state budget was approved assuming voters
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would get the proposition the green rightf. it was to fail it would trigger wide ranging spending cuts with schools taking the biggest hit. >> it would include a 457- dollars per student cuts to education. if proposition 30 failed it would create a fiscal disaster for approximate public schools. >> reporter: if both passed the provision on the one that gets the most votes would be enforced. >> a second public poll was released at 9:00 tonight. with similar results. the unless stot of california found 52% of likely voters support the governor's measure. 50% oppose proposition 30 and 8% are undecided. it's fairly even in the ppic poll. 45% said they would vote for it. 45% said they wouldn't. 11% are undecided. in 30 minutes, we will see what california thinks about
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the job governor brown is doing as well as the death penalty and three strikes. >> officials today signed off on building the first part of the california high speed rail system. 65 miles of track linking merced. it frees up $3.2 million to get the project started. the project faces legal challenges from central valley farmer who say the state hasn't done a environmental review. voters approved $10 million in bonds for that project. >> happening now a big gala concert in san francisco's civic center plaza part of a huge convention. janet is live now in the middle of all the action. it's so big it's become a major economic force. >> reporter: it really has. the red hot chill peppers just finished about ten minutes ago and you can see the huge crowd here. tens of thousands here for the
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convention and many say it's the best ever. >> they got the crowd fired up. a crowd that's in san francisco this week to drum up business at the week long dream force convention. >> i came a few years ago. >> my dream and -- i think it's really exciting. >> reporter: nothing like this. this has been the biggest ever. >> reporter: it was clear. the dream force connecticut convenience sun conventional. the floor was clouded at the company sales which. >> they go to mac world to see the i-phone 5. they come here to see what's next. >> salts provides online software for all types of businesses. >> customers, see sales probably every day
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and don't realize it. >> reporter: sales has grown in to the largest technology company here. the dream force conference has become a major force in the business world. attend anesthesia doubled with 90,000 people registering. many showing up to see the latest software. >> we have all come together here at the conference to look at the future. we are trying to understand what the future means. >> reporter: this convention means good mondayy for the economy with the hotels, restaurants full, millions of dollars coming in for all of these people to attending the convention. ktvu channel 2news. >> new details about that uc davis pepper spraying incident. the da said its investigation
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has determined no misconduct by campus police. the da said there is insufficient evidence to establish reasonable doubt that the use of force was unlawful. that's cost the university more than a million dollars. a legal effort to lift the ban on duck liver has failed. a group had asked for an injunction but a judge in los angeles refused. that ban went into effect in july 1st based on the argument that force feeding ducks toen large their livers is cruel. people opposed to the ban say the saw is to broad. >> there is ford that chick fil a has agreed to stop funding anti gay groups but they aren't saying anything. gay rights activists protested in san jose when it opened there last month. the founder of the chain has been vocal in opposing same sex marriage. now a chicago politician said
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they have agreed to no longer fund efforts opposing sale sex marriage. >> tests reveal troubling levels of arsenic in rice but should you eliminate it from your diet? we investigate. >> some city leaders want to ban overnight parking for large vehicles like these . for some of the folks we met it's their home. first more of a thrill
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. thrill seekers visiting knotts berry farm got more than they expected. it stopped around four this afternoon leaving 20 riders stranded for about four hours. emergency crews were dispatched to the scene and helped lower riders to the ground around 8:00 tonight. park officials say this is the second time this month it's malfunctioned. san francisco is considering a new ban on overnight street parking. people out of alarm campers. new, we are live in the city with who is behind the ban and when it would apply. amber. >> we are on fulton street. tonight -- this is one of many
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area across the city where you will find the large vehicles parked long term. >> have to move daily because of the sweeps. >> reporter: chris lives in his rv in the south of market area. >> we are -- struggling. >> reporter: along with two band mates. >> boy rather be in a home. right now it's -- this home enough for now. >> reporter: they say they are now on edge because the city is proposing an ordinance to ban large vehicles including rv's from parking in selected areas. >> problem is a larger problem than the homeless issue. >> reporter: the supervisor wrote the legislation. she said a survey showed that only 20% of large vehicles parked long term on city streets registered to owner who live nearby. >> we are seeing is more of a city wide parking issue. >> she has received complaints about filth and illegal dumping by people living out of their
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vehicles. on fulton street in the richmond he spotted four parked vehicles where it appears people are living. >> i used to drive around 30, 40 minutes looking for parking. >> reporter: some say the ban may be to much. >> times are tough for people. if they have to go out for a couple days and then you know move on, that's fine. >> reporter: as for him he said he hopes to have a more permanent home before an overnight ban is in place. >> we hear it every day, every night. >> the supervisors is scheduled to vote on the ban. if approved it could go into effect by the end of the year. reporting live -- ktvu channel 2news. >> romney is heading to the bay area this friday. romney is scheduled to be at a private 50,000-dollar per person fundraiser. the campaign said no press will
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be invited to the event. it offers incentives for donations including the possibility of election night invitation. the republican national committee said it broke a fundraising record for the month of august. the committee said today it brought in $35.6 million for romney. fundraising sources from -- weather from all sources totaled $11 million. democrats meanwhile raised $114 million out pacing republicans for the first time in three months. tomorrow is the deadline for both parties to report their final numbers. jz and beyonce raised $4 million. it was held at their 4040 club in new york. 100 invited guests paid $40,000 to attend that event. >> a report by the justice department today cleared the attorney general of wrongdoing in the fast and furious gun
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trafficking investigation. the fast and furious probe resulted in hundreds of weapons turning up at crime scenes in the united states and mexico. today's report found in evidence that holder was told about the way the investigation was handled. the 471 page report said that 14 employees for the atf and the justice department could face discipline. >> san francisco police warning about scam artists preying on hispanic women. who incidents involved scammers claiming to have bought winning lottery tickets. they say they need money to cash in the tick and the they can't do it because they aren't united states citizens. they have stolen almost $12,000 from two victims. >> work is now underway to reopen several fire stations that were shut because of budget cuts. it's not just money that is keeping one station from reopening right away. >> reporter: the lights off, nobody is home at the fire
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station 95. you could say that the place is a hole in the wall and the ceiling. >> wow. okay. it did -- it caved in. >> reporter: this is where the chief started his career, firefighters haven't been able to use the building since the storm in 2008 caused major water damage and mold. >> this was the kitchen area. >> reporter: repairs to the fire house could take more than a year and gung cuts have increased response times to more than 14 minutes. >> if you are the person in the community with that emergency you know -- that -- that ten minutes, that 12 minutes, 14 minutes, seems like eternity. >> reporter: some might see a relic but not christine. >> i guess -- it has all the memories. layered on. it's functional space and it's -- it keeps out the rain. it's just -- you are seeing it
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at its worse. >> reporter: she spearheaded the drive to get it historic landmark status. she is suing a quilt with memories of the pass to race money to help put together the fire station's future. >> we are hoping some day when the economy approves that -- that we will have the regular crew here. >> reporter: ktvu. >> a fight described as a full scale riot broke out today in a yard in california state prison sacramento. officer has to use mini rifles to break it up. one was shot but a spokesperson said his condition is unknown tonight. the department of corrections said that 12 other inmates suffered stab or slash wounds. officers say that fight involved as many as 60 inmates. >> and temperatures today were a lot like the numbers we had yesterday. the fog clear from the coast today but it remained cool.
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62 pacifica, the hot spot, antioch and fairfield at 80 and 85. the temperatures tomorrow are going to be a lot like these. fog at the coast, it's working back in. it's patchy. the computer model has fog showing up. more aggressive, by 5:00 a.m. we will see fog along the coast in some of the inland valleys. tomorrow, just like today. the real chances in to friday and saturday. i will have all the specifics on friday and saturday. back here at 10:45. >> opening ceremonies took place in san ramon for the bay area's first wal-mart neighborhood market. it's located at the country club shopping center . wal-mart said it's smaller than regular wal-mart stores. the chain opened after opposition from local stores and the united food and commercial union. >> arsenic found in rice.
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who is most at risk and what groups want the federal government to do about
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. a new report reveals what some are calling trouble some levels of arsenic and children may be the most at risk. tom tells us where it's coming and how the federal government is being urged to set new standards. >> it's the beginning, of the rice harvest. now a 100 year old industry employing 25,000 people. rice is grown in water filled basins we call rice patties. it's the wash that contains the arsenic the kind used in pesticides that feed it's into the rice causing the toxic risk. after finding what it calls significant levels of arsenic,
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consumer reports wants the united states fda to set strict safety limits. >> the consumer reports study showing the amount of arsenic in rice is a wake up call. >> the reports says it wants to inform and alarm it wants them to limit their intake of rice and other arsenic including fruits, vegetables and seafood. >> the biggest area where consumers may want to change is when they are feeding rice cereal to babies. >> reporter: the california rice commission represents the state's rice growers and mill who produce a quarter of the nation's rice. >> united states grown rice is safe and good for you. there is never been a reported incident of arsenic illness in rice. >> reporter: though it's no problem with the government looking in to the issue,. >> we want people to remember that rice has been safely consumed around the worm for
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hundreds of years. >> reporter: as of today the fda said that the consumers should continue to eat a wide variety of grains. ktvu. >> that report about arsenic caught the attention of chefs and some discussed ways to minimize the possible risks. >> as long as people know to soak the grains in water first, you know rinse them and soak them, it's -- it shouldn't be a problem. >> several studies have found cooking rice in a great deal of water after rinsing soak reduced the amount of contamination. >> a new report blamed high spending about budge cuts for the financial problems at san francisco city college. employees about twice as many full time staff members as other community colleges of the same time. it has no plan in place if voters didn't approve the tax
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measure in november. city college is at risk of losing it's accreditation. richmond resident also have an opportunity to hear local state and federal investigators latest findings on the fire at the chevron refinery. it's set for next monday night. state and federal officials plan to discuss the main findings of their investigation in to the refinery fire. topics include the levels of pollution during and after that fire. >> getting paid to stand in line. how much you could make waiting around for the new i-phone five. >>
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. palo alto police worry a sexual predator is on the loose and he appears to be getting bolder with each incident. the latest was just this morning. maureen naylor is live in palo alto where officers are now circulating suspect descriptions. >> we are standing outside the park trail and today police put up these new warning signs after a jogger was grabbed this morning. this woman has jogged this trail for years but tonight did so with more caution. >> i get casual i admit. i get relaxed and this makes me more alert. >> reporter: alert after police say a man grab aid woman in her 20e jogging this popular trail. just before 7 this morning. >> bear hugged her from behind and grabbed her breast in the process and then as she said she felt like he was trying to pull her down. >> reporter: the woman was able to get away and call the police.
12:00 am
it's the third time in a month a woman has been grabbed in the area of palo alto. police say a woman in her 20s was grabbed august 20th on fulton and a woman in her 30s at the shopping center nine days later both in the middle of the day. police posted these flyer was suspect kitchens from the first two attacks and say the same person may be responsible for all three. >> our biggest concern is the most recent case is escalating the other two. >> reporter: the attacker is middle eastern or hispanic, about 40, 5'9'', medium build and running clothes. >> it's spooky. we come through here a lot this is the way we get back and forth. >> reporter: police are telling everybody to use caution. >> the fact that the person really has that kind of nerve tells you something is off. that he thinks he can get away with anything. >> reporter: here is another look at the sketch, police telling women not to jog alone,
12:01 am
to carry a cell phone and not to jog with ear phones in both ears and anyone should call police if they see anything suspicious. maureen naylor. >> a judge ruled today that an oakland teen accused of killing his parent when is he was 15 must stand trial at an adult. prosecutors say that the two were killed by her son moses at the family home this past january. the boy was adopted by the couple ten years before the killings. in a taped police interview the teen described how he strangled them. police announced they have arrested dozens of robbery suspects over the past month. on any given day you can take a look around and see countless people on their smart phones, talking, texting or using the internet and police say that it's those unsuspecting people who are the one who are often targeted by thieves.
12:02 am
in fact since june 1st 144 smart phone robberies have been reported to police. one man told us today how he became a victim. >> came up on a bike and hit my phone out and it was on the ground and another guy got it. >> reporter: police identified five suspects including juveniles who say worked this part of two different robbery crews. >> samsung revealed new details about plans for a previously announced expansion in mountain value. the company chose silicon valley offer austin and other city around the world for a new 8.5-acre research and development center. samsung won't say how many employees it plans to hire but the campus will reportedly accommodate up to 1500 workers. construction on the center is set to start in the second half of 2013. san francisco has priced it's ipo above it's own expectation. the site priced it's ipo at $17
12:03 am
a share as the company raised $102 million. earlier this month the company said it was setting it's expected range around $16 a share. it'll start trading tomorrow on the new york stock exchange under the symbols plla. >> an anticipation building toward 8:00 a.m. when the new i-phone five goes on sale at stores and in san francisco, that man is first in line. camping in his tent outside the apple store near union square and he said he was hired to wait in line. >> the person who hired me asked me to like come asap. they were asking identify could camp out monday and stay until friday. >> a company is also offering to have its people wait in line. the cost is $5 for four hours. they said when they heard about him they offered him some of their gear . >> the newest version of the
12:04 am
operating system was released today. it's available as a free upgrade and runs on the i-phone 3g and above and the i-pad two and above. apple said it include 200 new features . voice activated digital assistance and a photograph feature. >> continuing coverage, the attack that killed four americans at a embassy in libya. today bag pipes played for a former navy seal. the service was held in winchester massachusetts where he grew up. people lined the streets of the suburb. some held hands, others held american flags. here in the bay area the family of the united states ambassador chris stevens has set up a website for people to share their memories and post
12:05 am
messages of sympathy. as we report, for the first time a family member is speaking publicly. >> my name is chris stevens and i'm the new ambassador to libya. >> reporter: we have learn aid lot about him in the last week. about his courage. >> he laid down his life for his friends. libya and american. >> reporter: and about his lifelong work building bridges between the united states, north africa and the middle east. >> he wasn't the type to talk about himself or promote himself many he was a humble, low key guy. >> from across the world the family has received letter, sympathy and pictures like these. that's why they created this tumbler site so people can share and donate. >> reporter: it would support activity that would promote
12:06 am
religious tolerance, educational youth. >> reporter: his family started the blog while in dc the last few days. . already people from near and far have posted all kin kinds of pictures. the most impactful messages like this one, in part it raids it's not something sorry can fix. we are so sorry though. i'm sorry we couldn't do more to keep chris safe. >> its been a shock to us but not totally because we know the guy he was and its been extraordinarily emotional and we are extraordinarily grateful to the people of libya. >> reporter: and as the images show, it's mutual. ktvu channel 2news. >> thank you so much. i can't believe this is possible. >> a cellist and his -- you how he tracked down his stolen
12:07 am
instrument. >> chellie over night. i will have the forecast overnight lows. how cool it'll be. >> and in
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12:09 am
. a student at the san francisco arts is making museum ache again tonight now that his stolen cello mass been found. earlier today police returned it to adam young. it was found at the war memorial opera house tonight and recognized by someone who said she saw the news -- news coverage of the theft. >> words of -- famous
12:10 am
gangster, say hello to my little friend. > its was onto a day. >> open it up. >> police say it was taken on sunday by a well dressed couple caught on tape. staff member said she knew instantly it was the same cello she saw on the news. >> in news of the world tonight in france police are stationed at the offices of a magazine that published cru d e- mails of mohammed. they also stepped up security at some embassies during a potential black lash similar to the one following the movie trailer movement in syria rebels took control of two border crossings. the checkpoint with turkey could be strategicly significant because it would allow rebels to bring in supplies. it's about a hundred miles the largest city of syria.
12:11 am
in cambodia a teen elephant has been moved to a zoo. it had charged at cars, causing several accidents and had destroyed sugar cane and attacked cattle. it probably would have been killed if it hadn't been captured. >> many not happy with the tonight governor brown is doing. he has a 42% job approval rating but 47% disapprove. the poll also looked at proposition 34, it would repeal the death penalty here in california. 50% of likely voters say they think life in prison without the possibility of parole should be the penalty for first degree murder while 42% say they support the death penalty. when asked about the three strikes law 72% said they are in favor of changing it.
12:12 am
23% want to keep it is way it is. currently a third strike results in a sentence of 25 years to life for offenders with prior felones. the november 6th election is nearing and today state officials debuted a new way to register to vote. a state senator was on hand in redwood to describe the system created by his legislation. it allows eligible voter was proper id to register to vet from a computer or mobile device. just head to if you are interested in registering to vote online. we have a link on the website. that is >> in case you haven't noticed it's hard not to the new 49er santa clara stadium is taking shape. we will show you the
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new crest pro-health clinical plaque control toothpaste. life opens up when you do. for extra plaque protection try new crest pro-health clinical rinse.
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. the 49ers are off to a fast start and the same can be said for the new stadium in santa clara. its been five months now since the official ground breaking. robert honda got the up close look at the progress. >> from news chopper 2 it's hard not to notice how big the new stadium is already getting. the ground breaking was in april and steel beams started going up. fans including gary robinson almost can't believe their eyes. >> it's exciting to see how fast its gown much amazing, it seem like it'll be ready for next season. >> we have about 25% of the steel up. we are -- on schedule, we are happy to be on schedule. i could say that we are about
12:16 am
20% finished with the stadium. >> the financial framework is filling in well. the team reporting $670 million in sales luxury suites. figures that make city officials happy and relieved. >> we were crazy and now when the shovel hit the ground this is a big step. this -- how quick they are putting it up and putting people to work and bringing economic development more the city, doing the things we hoped it would do. >> for some who drove back public transit is a new stadium is part of the appeal. >> we stayed to the end. that was -- that was ugly. end up getting home at one. >> reporter: they say it's to early to say if construction will end ahead of schedule but it'll be easy to monitor the progress. just drive by and look up. in santa clara. >> and coming up in eight minutes the wardrobe decision that could cost alex smith
12:17 am
thousands of dollars. >> forbes list of the top hundred richest came owl and bill gate gates is one. number 13 is shared by the google co founders, both with 20.3 million. 28 is the widow of steve jobs. facebook's ceo slipped down to number 36, his net worth is 9.4 billion. that is 8 billion less than last year due largely to facebook's poor stock performance. >> san francisco educators are plotting a new law to let schools keep all the money they make when their campuses used for special event event parking. one school uses its playground as a parking lot during big
12:18 am
music shows. before the new law took effect schools had to turnover parking proceeds to the city. >> they were making six to ten thousand dollars an event parking fundraiser event. >> parents who volunteer at events say most drivers happy to learn the tab will go toward helping students. >> members of the public had a chance to weigh in tonight on the bart to livermore extense. transit officials discussed it at a public meeting. the extension would eventually take it from the existing dublin station along 580 to a new station in the area of isabel avenue. >> welcome back. show patchy fog at the coast. tomorrow looks a lot like today. we have a lot of 50s around the area. the cool influence of the marine layer. that's online bay area
12:19 am
counties, 79 degrees in fresno. that's's where the warmth is and that's where it'll be again tomorrow. temperatures tomorrow. 80's -- low 90's north and south. for us more of the sail. what we had is what we will have tomorrow. that means lit the change for thursday, friday, temperatures start to come up little bit. the bay area weekend, friday, saturday, temperatures warmer. sunday they come down. the changes, are all pretty subtle. overnight lows, pretty cool in the north bay. 46 santa rosa. you get off in the inland valleys you will have 41, 42 degrees. the fog tomorrow morning it'll be there, showed that to you. we will back it out. we have plenty of sun along the coast. little set sun but there is the temperature foot print. lots of 70's tomorrow. the reason for this mild summer weather, because it's still summer is this low pressure
12:20 am
center. it shouldn't be here. a good portion of the summer. that's why temperatures have been cool. the system stays right through tomorrow. with it here give us a cooler environment and puts united states between the warmth and the valley and the cool at the coast and the temperatures like these right down the middle. lots of 70's, 80 somewhere. outside brentwood, around the bay lots of mid70's. thursday looks nice and you probably -- friday will be warmer. these are the forecast highs for thursday, 75, napa81 fairfield. lots of city. low average. that one buzz on friday. that's why we will warm up. 79 morgan hill. 62 half moon bay. you can't complain. it's almost perfect. it's a fall pattern as many would say, i would say -- one
12:21 am
of the finest season of the bay area and we are seeing it now. folks at the coast. lot of fog in the morning but they have been seeing sun. >> thank you bill. >> what was grandma's cold remedy? hi, primo! asopao! right, asopao! there you go cuz, so you can sweat it out! oh, and music... ( all ) music? ... heals the soul. the power to share unites us. verizon brings your entire family the savings of the share everything plan. unlimited talk. unlimited text. and data you can share with up to 10 devices, all in one plan. get the 4glte droid razr by motorola for $99.99. verizon.
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. alex smith choice of hats could be a very expensive fashion statement. sometimes he likes to wear a giant's cap like this one here but that apparently violates nfl rules. the league said players can only wear gear sanctioned by the nfl. smith wore his hat after a recent win and the nfl
12:25 am
reportedly threatened to fine him $15,000 if he wear that giant's hat again. >> i don't think it's the real referees worry about that. that's -- the hat. >> all right. tell us how the giants did tonight. >> nfl doesn't have enough money. >> the imagine magic number goes down. giants -- swagger on to elevery night. absolutely feasting on the rockies just like they are having a ball out there this have beaten colorado fine of the last six. providing all matt would need for his career best 15th win of pablo jerks one in the first with two men on. his first homer since july 8th. he is a little excited. he has three hits, they coast in 5th inning. blanco sends own one to right. he has three hits, little run down and he is out, the giants -- this point pretty much well
12:26 am
in control. the ball game and buster, ball game. base hit to right. he had a couple of hits himself. cashes in another run here. he has 94 rbis. 14 hits on the night and the magic number is now 5. the dodgers all but done. still swinging for the fences when it comes to the wild card split. kemp -- capped for them in a -- doubleheader. 7-6 after the dodgers have blown the lead. la lot of the opener back in washington. nothing short of dangerous. the r's road trip taking them through new york and texas. the start in detroit couldn't be going worse. they get worked over good. that wrestling fans will tell you that's -- milwaukee maller on hand with the a's uniform and everything to check his team out. to no avail as the scoreless tied broken up early.
12:27 am
a two run double. brett anderson. later anderson, that's not -- good news for him if he misses a lot of work. he has the strained right oblique. got to show you this guy. cabrera is just locked in for the tigers, he hits everything thrown to him. 41 homers, 6-2 loss. a's have dropped three in a row. still in a wild card lead. gamblers -- on paper it looks like a clear cut win. the minnesota sun, san francisco should prevail. peterson playing, prior to knee surgery. willis, very aware of his still very intact skill set. >> he is running the ball hard. running the ball like he had before he had the surgery. just -- he runs the ball hard. find daylight and once he pinned finds it he gets it back.
12:28 am
that. will be sunday at ten on channel two. >> thank you mark. thank you for trusting us. we will see you the next time news breaks. the news starts oñ
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