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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  September 20, 2012 11:30pm-12:30am PDT

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an suv losing control at a bay area farmers market running on to the sidewalk striking an elderly woman then plowing right into a restaurant. good evening everyone i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. it happened in a moment. a woman is simply walking down the street but it's the wrong place at the wrong time. a car jumps the curb and runs her down. the chevy blazer hits the woman in the heart of downtown san rafael. jana katsuyama is live at the
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scene with new information now about the driver. jana. >> reporter: that's right julie. let me step aside because this scene is moving just a minute ago. they moved the suv out of the rest rant. we have learned -- restaurant. we have learned in just the last 15 minutes that the driver was a 59-year-old man from el sebrante. you can see the front end damage. i understand from police that this actually went up on to the curb, hit the woman and put her through the glass windows in the front of the restaurant and pinned her against the wall inside. fourth street had been closed for the farmer's market. police say a 78-year-old woman was just walking down the sidewalk when a man tried to make a turn and jumped the curb. >> all of a sudden i hear a
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loud noise like an explosion. >> reporter: the owner of this shop says that the noise was loud. he went outside and he found the suv inside a wall. the woman was pinned, firefighters had to extricate her. >> the street was closed to traffic expect for vendors. >> reporter: authorities say they are not sure why the suv jumped the curb. luckily the restaurant was closed. the owner says one employee was inside but he was not injured. >> he said he heard a noise. but you know he was scared. >> this is a very popular restaurant. they're lucky this place closes at 3:00 p.m. because if they didn't close at 3:00 p.m. there would have been a lot of people that would have been struck. >> reporter: back here live you can see that tow truck is ready to take away the suv from the scene. we do understand police
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questioned the driver and they have released him tonight. they say it does not appear alcohol was involved in this. as for the woman. she was taken to marin general hospital. i just spoke to police and they tell me they are not going to be releasing her name or her condition at this time. reporting live from san rafael tonight. jana katsuyama, ktvu channel 2 news. and new details tonight about that fire at a martinez gas station. today police announced they woƔpt -- won't be siting the driver who sparked that fire. and no one was hurt. experts say pump collision fires only happen about 10 times a year. far more common are fires caused by customers smoking while they gas up. the space shuttle endeavour is in california tonight for the final leg of its farewell
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tour. endeavour arrived in the mohabe desert riding piggy back on a specially modified 747. the final stop is over california. instead of passing above the bay area at 8:30 tomorrow morning, endeavour is now expected at about 9:30. our chief meteorologist bill martin is tracking the fog. >> nasa did the right thing. we talked about it at the 5:00 and 6:00, we were looking at the computer model and they said it's going to be foggy. the latest they can go the better. in fact, nasa postponed it an extra hour. a little fog showing up tonight. look at it tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. see it's right off the golden gate bridge but that's too close for comfort. nasa is going to wait until 9:30, 10:00, you see they get a bigger hole there. that's what they're doing, they want a clear shot of that golden gate. there will be fog in the
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morning hours but it burns off quickly. when i come back you're looking at your bay area weekend. it's just around the corner. i'll see you back here at 10:20. some of the best spots to be if you want to catch a glimpse of endeavour tomorrow. we have developing news right now about an officer involved shooting in san francisco. the incident happened a few minutes after 8:00. we just spoke with police in the past five minutes and we learned a plain clothed officer with the gang task force approached an individual on the edge of the mission district. the unidentified man ran and the officer gave chase. police say the suspect pulled out a tech nine machine pistol and raised it toward the officer. that's when that plain clothed officer opened fire. the man was taken to the hospital and police tell us his injuries are nonlife threatening. now the investigation has caused two munni lines to be
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rerouted. in south san francisco marchers refused to accept the death of a teenager killed by an officer. debora villalon is at the station where they held a memorial and where she learned what the teenager's family wants. >> reporter: this is where the officer ran after the teen, a gun fell out of his belt. a broken gun but the offer did not know that. >> reporter: gain's mother believes it was wrong to shoot her son on the ground. and that the offer should be fired. >> at that point, as far as i'm concerned derrick was in custody. why kill him. >> reporter: investigators who cleared the offer said he
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thought gains could reach the gun on the pavement and reacted. >> when an offer comes face to face with an armed individual he has to take action to protect his own life. i understand the family is in grief. >> derek should not be dead and this police officer panicked. >> reporter: the family is pursuing a lawsuit. and their rally received a stream of horn honking support. >> it don't matter if you're black, if you're white. >> reporter: other teenagers say they feel harassed by south city officers and like gangs, fear and avoid them. >> 15 years old you're going to lose your life to a cop. i hate cops. >> the real tragedy is we had a 15-year-old with a gun. >> reporter: a gun for show. with no pin it couldn't fire. but for derek it turned out to
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be deadly as any other. debora villalon. another group of protesters are gathered for a similar cause. their story is coming up. family members said a child was fast asleep inside a home on makin road in east oakland. when the child woke up he knew something was very wrong. >> reporter: the time just before 1:00 a.m., police and medics on scene in east oakland. >> like i turned around, then i heard gun hots. >> reporter: francisco hernandez says 20 minutes after he got home he and his family were jolted right out of bed. >> like bullet holes all over the wall. my mom crying, my grandma crying. >> reporter: at least 16 shots were fired, bullet holes in walls, doors, a tv, a head board and a frame that held a photo of 11-year-old luis hernandez. >> my brother just came, blood dripping, crying. >> reporter: a young boy had
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been sleeping in a back bedroom when finally his siblings say he found out he was shot. >> we were like, calm down, calm down. >> reporter: young luis was transported suffering from a gunshot wound. the bullet is lodged inside his liver. he has had a number of surgeries but his mom also says that he is alert and asking questions. >> he's going to be fine. he's asking for his brothers and sisters. why him? why that happened to him. >> reporter: it's a similar question police are asking themselves. >> it appears that this particular home was the target of some type of action and it's unknown what that action is. >> reporter: oakland school district spokesmen says luis is a sixth grader at alliance academy. >> he has a lot of people here supporting him. that speaks to the kind of young man he is. >> reporter: a young boy listed in fair condition, a young boy who's family knows he is lucky
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to be alive. mike mibach, ktvu news. turning now to the race for the white house, republican presidential nominee mitt romney is headed to the bay area tomorrow to raise some campaign cash. romney is expected at the strawberry hill estate. news chopper 2 flew above the property this afternoon. tickets are $1,000 a head and the media is not invited. we learned that's because that's a private home. the president was in florida today. he attended a town hall meeting sponsored by univision. romney appeared there yesterday. president obama has about $88 million available to spend in the 6-1/2 weeks before the november election. romney has 50 million on hand but he also needs to repay $15 million that he borrowed on a
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campaign loan. newly released census totals are showing that 6.1 million people are living in poverty. the median income has also fallen. san francisco website truilia had its ipo and it got off to a pretty good start. executives rang the bell. it offers listings on homes. trulia shares were priced at $28. the broader markets ended the day mixed. the dow was up 18 points but the nasdaq was down six. traders contemplated reports that suggest u.s. economic recovery continues to be slugish. built to keep out bears but
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not mice. how yosemite officials are working to keep the hanta virus away from visitors. and the best places to catch a spectacular view of the shuttle endeavour
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new at 10:00, growing lines outside of a lot of apple stores as people anticipate the launch of the new iphone 5. maureen naylor is there, and has on the person who got there monday to get in line. >> reporter: those waiting have about nine hours to go. >> are you on verizon, at&t or sprint. >> reporter: only in the silican valley would you find a 10-year-old on a segway talking to people waiting in line to buy an iphone 5. >> i have an automobile that i crawled into in the middle of the night to try to get some rest. >> the original iphone launch, steve jobs was here. >> reporter: this sonoma student says now there are fewer geeks and more consumers.
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>> it wasn't as popular. no one was here past a day before it was coming out. so monday, i mean who's going to come on monday. even i'm not that crazy. >> reporter: they came prepared with camping gear and cards. some looking to upgrade. >> this is a samsung i believe it came out in 03, 05 i don't know. >> reporter: others seeking bragging rights. >> it's a pride thing for me, i'm an iphone boy. >> reporter: some criticize the new mapping feature and charging port. apple reported more than 3 million preorders in the first 24 hours. >> i logged on to the internet about eight minutes after they opened up the registration. and they were already pushed out two weeks for delivery. eight minutes after it started. >> reporter: some tonight photographed the spectacle that marketing managers dream of. >> i don't know. i guess you have to be, i don't
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know. i don't quite get it. >> reporter: here's another live look at those waiting. some analysts predict apple will sell 3 million phones this weekend alone. others already sleeping in their sleeping bags. officers hope a sketch can help them find a bold robber. this sketch resembles a man involved in three recent arm robberied targeting two teens and a woman. one teen the latest victim was 14 years old. she was robbed of her cell phone near alameda south shore center. no one was hurt. marijuana advocates had a message for president obama this evening. >> call on the u.s. attorney and their attacks. >> reporter: they were rallying in frank ogawa plaza demanding that the president order the justice department to stop the crack down on medical marijuana suppliers. they said he made a campaign promise to keep the federal
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government out of the issue. >> let it be up to the states if they want to legalize it in their states it should be legal not have the federal government come in and say no. >> reporter: a representative from the obama campaign showed up at the rally. she would only say that she was asked to come to take a letter for the president which she did. >> reporter: police in morago want to talk to a suspicious man who has been asking students if they want a ride home from school. invest tkpwaeu fors say the latest incident happened yesterday -- investigators say the last incident happened yesterday. the robber is accused as a clean shaven, college aged man. tomorrow morning an especially equipped 747 carrying the space shuttle endeavour on its back will fly low and slow over the bay area. john fowler tells us the specific flight path and also some of the best places to go if you want to see it.
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>> reporter: there should be spectacular views from chrissy fields where good crowds are anticipated. >> we got to see the last launch of discovery. >> reporter: these travelers had plane tickets to new york tonight but changed plans when we told them about the shuttle. >> definitely staying. we're going to stay here and watch for -- i mean if it's one in a lifetime opportunity yes. >> reporter: it's the sort of shuttle victory lap. now to leave east bay tomorrow around 8:50 a.m., flying low over sa kra -- sacramento. then the low altitude. >> the last time we're going to see a space shuttle in the air. >> reporter: nasa will host a pajama party tomorrow.
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coleen conan bought tickets today. >> i remember being a child and watching take offs. it's sad it's going away. >> reporter: youngsters of all ages are excited. >> i've never seen a space shuttle before. >> it's historical. yeah it'll be worth it to see it. >> reporter: police and the highway patrol are warning drivers not to stop on the roadways but find a good spot and park. now the shuttle is scheduled to fly right here over the golden gate bridge tomorrow morning depending on weather. health and science editor, john fowler, ktvu news. stay with ktvu for continuing coverage, mornings on 2 will be following the crowds gathered for that fly over live. and then you can watch it live on or on the new ktvu apps for your smart phone or your tablet. a water main break in the north bay today snarled traffic on a busy road. the main started leaking about noon on st. francis drake boulevard near st. francis drake high school. authorities say crews had to
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close the eastbound lane of the road. the water main was fixed and reopened around 5:45 this evening. starting monday crews will shut the south lane of -- anyone driving in the area should be prepared for delays. the ocean beach sand management project is scheduled to wrap up by the end of the week. and it was another nice day today. today a lot like yesterday and a lot like the day before that. 84 in antioch, 80 in concord. tomorrow's highs like these. a little bit warmer maybe. a couple of degrees. you will see lots of low, upper 70s and low 80s in the warm spots. it's going to be chilly overnight. 46 in santa rosa. 48 in napa. the same story too, it's been chilly in the morning. friday morning as you get out the door remember the jacket. when you come home from work remember the grab the jacket because it'll be warm out
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there. when you come out at 10:45, we take a look at the bay area weekend. i'll see you back here. a san francisco theater known for its funky atmosphere and fresh popcorn is closing down this sunday. the lumiere theater has featured independent films for years. it's been a movie theater since 1967 and operated by landmark theaters since 1991. but landmark sales failed to negotiate a new lease. the last showing will feature the untouchables this sunday night at 8:30. changes at yosemite national park after the break the new steps quietly being taken to keep visitors safe from the potentially dead
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yosemite national park is taking new steps to protect visitors from the hanta virus. as ktvu's robert handa tells us, workers are now turning their attention to safeguard a piece of equipment from the deer mice that spread the virus. >> reporter: the last days of summer are drawing crowds to yosemite national park and filling campgrounds to capacity. a month ago there were cancellations because people were worried about hanta virus cases linked mainly to campers who stayed at these signature cabin tents in curry village. >> there was a little bit of a scare. i guess it's from a mouse or small rodent. you know it's thought about it but it's like, well, you know. >> reporter: the national park service has taken steps to
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reduce the risk of exposure. >> we don't believe there's a risk of the hanta virus. >> to increased risk to people who put their food in these storage lockers. >> didn't really think they could get in there. the hole is very, very small. but glad they're doing it. >> reporter: workers are also sealing doors and windows throughout the park and doing what they can about the deer mice population. >> we've been doing some trapping in the curry village area to just reduce numbers. we've been placing traps near places where they might get into food. >> reporter: the incident team also says the california department of public health may survey park employees about their possible exposure to hanta virus. in yosemite, robert handa, ktvu news. there are new signs tonight west nile virus is spreading. that's according to the vector control. they say more mosquitoes, chickens and other birds have tested positive to the west
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nile. also the county's second human case was confirmed last week. vector control has been fogging the affected areas but right now there's no plans to fog. a firefighter is now out of the hospital after he suffered a heart attack while fighting a fire. frank ryan collapsed while battle a fire at a church. san jose firefighters never left his side. they even raised $15,000 to fly ryan's family to san jose to support him during his recovery. in nine minutes, a san francisco firefighter hard at work today just one week before getting a double mastectomy. why she feels she had no choice but to work. in the south bay today, law enforcement competition got under way to determine the best s.w.a.t. team in the western united states. the two day event started this morning. about 30 s.w.a.t. teams are competing in physical
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fitness, tactics, weapons proficiency and team work. the santa clara police department is hosting the competition. the winning s.w.a.t. team earns the title best in the west. >> a staff at a small vet hospital here in the bay area is mourning the loss of a loved one. what was grandma's cold remedy?
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tonight we have one of those crimes where you might find yourself saying what kind of person would do something like that. someone stole the donations being collected for a memorial fund for a woman who's 18-year- old son recently died in peru. ktvu's amber lee is in roner park and tell us the thief
12:00 am
waited for just the right moment, amber. >> reporter: we're at blue sky, a small medical office with a big heart. this morning came another blow. >> reporter: the staff here at dr. ingi oswald's practice have been working with heavy hearts. the vet herself has not been at work since september 11th. when authorities notified her that her 18-year-old son kyle nolan had been found dead in peru. where he had been on a spiritual retreat. dr.oswald went to peru twice to look for her son. >> we were all sick to our stomachs. >> reporter: this morning, a
12:01 am
decorated kleenex box like this one was taken. $1,000 inside. they believe a woman that came in to book an appointment took the box. she found the woman and the box gone. >> all of a sudden my eyes went, oh my god my box. >> reporter: the woman says she called police and checked the address and phone number the woman left. >> there's no such address. >> reporter: acanero has a message for the thief. >> how dare you? how could you be so inhumane? >> the staff hopes to generate more donations for the kyle nolan memorial fund. they say the thief lost more than money. they took the sense of
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security. >> reporter: the woman who stole the donation box is described as white with gray brown shoulder length hair. she was wearing a gray sweater and was missing her front teeth. bank of america is cutting jobs and is also planning to close some 200 branches. b of a will also be cutting its mortgage operations and even more job cuts may be in the works as b of a tries to reduce costs. if all of this happens, bank of america could lose its ranking as the nation's largest bank. new federal figures released today show employers are holding back in hiring. new unemployment claims dropped to 328,000. experts say it is a sign that the current hiring is not
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strong enough to push down the unemployment rate. the south bay has a higher level of white collar jobs than any where in the united states. more than 48% of jobs in santa clara county are classed as white collar. the national average is 35.3%. republican nominee mitt romney has been talking about the 47% who don't pay federal taxes. so who are they exactly. about half of americans don't earn enough money to owe federal taxes. 22% are seniors who get tax breaks to offset their income. about 15% are the working poor, another 3% are college students, and some are the wealthy who can avoid taxes including 4,000 households earning more than $1 million a year. we asked people today near travis airport, what they
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thought about mitt romney's comments. >> we can't have lifelong dependency on government. >> it just looks like he doesn't care about the 47%. he is looking out for the upper class than the normal working person like you and i. >> reporter: romney told supporters that president obama has been ineffective and unable to change washington, d.c. and romney said he can and will. a san francisco firefighter who fought for sick time while she battles breast cancer returned to work today at her diamond heights fire station. as ktvu's david stevenson reports, her return is temporary because she has a surgery two weeks from now. >> reporter: janette rivera was here. >> it was nice to come in and
12:05 am
touch the truck and be with my coworkers. >> reporter: she came in to work this morning just for the day. >> i needed to get a paycheck. it's been difficult not having a paycheck these last few months. >> reporter: neves rivera has used up her sick time. the city said her current condition is not life threatening and turned down her application for donated time. officials say they cannot discuss neves case. captain anita paratley is a breast cancer survivor. >> there's another breast cancer firefighters a 19 year veteran who's going through second round chemo. she's terrified, she's going to apply and she heard janette got rejected so she's upset. >> reporter: neves says she's
12:06 am
now seeking workers comp and hopes her case. >> i could have a freezer full of lasagnas right now of people that want to feed me. but it's more the love, the change of people who want to help. tonight we have a behind the scenes look of how tigers from texas are adjusting to life at the oakland zoo. these lions all arrived at the zoo last year. their owners were no longer willing to care for them so the oakland zoo took them in. the tigers are thriveing in their new home. the son of world famous explorer jaques custous was in the area.
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they joined john michelle coustos at the marine. volunteers at the marine mammal center herded the three sea lions into the waves. a call for help in vallejo. the accusations that officers have a shoot first policy. i'm out here in just a couple of minutes tracking the fog. it's not back yet but it should be here for tomorrow morning.
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a noted bay area civil bay area civil rights attorney hopes to shine a spotlight on what he calls a shoot first, ask questions later policy among vallejo police officers. >> attorney john burress was
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among those at a rally in support of mario romero who was shot and kill bid police on september 2nd. vallejo's mayor says he is seeking -- >> there has been i believe seven shootings deadly shootings over the last year and a half or so. that is a huge number. an astronomical number for a city this size. >> police say romero was holding a weapon that turned out to be a pellet gun. his mother says there was no weapon real or fake. police in petaluma are searching for a bicyclists who hit a man and then drove away. a man was hit while crossing on his bike on an off ramp of 101.
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the woman in her car stopped, got off and offered the man $60. but when he said he was injured she got back in the car and drove off. the woman is being described as a 60-year-old white woman. the man is in the hospital. in libya, a memorial service was held in tripoli today for the four americans killed last week. libyan officials praised u.s. ambassador chris stevens as a friend of libya. secretary of state burns also attended. the white house is now calling the attack a terrorist attack. in india, shopkeepers closed up their business and marched in protest. they're angry about a government decision to open indian markets to foreign companies such as wal-mart. shop owners say it will hurt their business if they have to
12:12 am
compete with giant retailers. and the u.s. packed up equipment. 300,000 troops have left afghanistan. they were part of the surge that began eight years ago. there's word tonight that the san mateo police department is sending detectives to colorado to help in the search for a missing amtrak passenger. 60-year-old charlie dowd was from san mateo and was traveling to montreal to visit his son. he was last seen south of denver. dowd's family says they fear he may have fallen from that train. a convicted drug dealer has been charged in connection with a deadly shooting at a kentucky fried chicken. demarie clay was shot last month. alameda county prosecutors say they identified 27-year-old
12:13 am
anthony page as one of two gunmen who ambushed clay. payge is now in custody in dublin. the second suspect is still at large. those photos mean something to me and not the people who have them. >> gone in a flash. why memories of a bride's big day may be a
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residents of several
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condominium are complaining about a smell. >> they're doing this now because we've been complaining. we know it's polluted. >> reporter: the condo is built on top of what was a bulk oil -- but for years residents have complained about a strong petroleum odor which we could easily smell. >> we found there was still some material that had not been removed. >> we want to have this cleaned up. >> reporter: leticia perreira is concerned about the health of her family. >> i'm pregnant now, but the house under value. >> reporter: recently, state officials have tried to remove the material. >> they were supposed to strip the soil, and they didn't do it right. >> reporter: the developer
12:17 am
signature llc has since gone bankrupt. so the previous property owner shell oil is paying to fix the problem. >> the removal of the material at the bay margin, the goal is to have this done this fall. >> reporter: the vapor barrier has a more complex solution that will take more time. shell officials told me by phone they will pay for the clean up and that they appreciate the patience of the residents. john sasaki, ktvu news. a bay area bride is asking for help to find her stolen wedding photos. the woman who doesn't want to be named says all she has of her recent wedding are memories and a few pictures taken by friends on her smart phone. she says someone broke into the wedding photographers car and stole his camera and equipment before he could give her the photographs. >> he stopped off in oakland in the evening and when he came back, someone had picked his
12:18 am
lock through, picked open the trunk and took all his equipment. >> reporter: the bride will hope someone will come across the nikon and its all important memory card or prolaptop computer. there's a $1,000 reward for those photos. you can find more details on our website the east bay regional park district may have found a way to bring a popular pleasanton water park back to life. the district shut down the water cliffs water slide this summer after inspectors found it needed substantial renovations. estimates were as high as $65,000. but a company called water ventures is estimating the cost only to be about $800,000 and says it's willing to help find developers and a new operator. the district's operations committee plans to review this proposal sometime next month. and i'm tracking that fog anticipating shuttle endeavour's fly over around
12:19 am
9:30, 10 clock over the godden gate bridge -- 10:00 over the golden gate bridge. the gusts at 25 miles per hour offshore may help us out tomorrow morning with a little less fog coverage. of course steve paulson will be here bright and early tomorrow morning and they'll be tracking it for you and they will show you the endeavour flies over. the endeavour has been -- this marine layer is a little bit bigger. fatter it's getting inland more and that's dropped fire danger. it's made for better air quality. and it's kept your temperatures cooler than normal. the weekend, i say warmer but it's subtle. it's a couple of degrees, not a lot. there's a little bit of fog trying to show up to half-moon bay.
12:20 am
this new model is super robust in getting the fog out of the area. before we had fog right at the gate. we'll watch that for you. steven will be here in the morning. i think it's because of those winds out there. i think it's because that extra wind is chewing up the marine layer and making it hard for the fog to reestablish itself. temperatures like these as you march through the microclimates, mid-70s and mid- 80s. you're going to find mid-80s toward davis, vacaville, modesto. most of us are going to be in the mid- to low 80s. it sits out here, keeps the cool air at the coast. it takes the lid off the fog and it produces temperatures like these and that's kind of where we are again tomorrow. so what we had today, just replay it just a little more fog and sunshine. 78 in danville, 79 in livermore. santa clara 70. it's kind of cool this time of
12:21 am
year. 72 in menlo park. 66 in san francisco. and a five day forecast as you head toward your bay area weekend. with your bay area weekend in view. warmer on sunday. it's like the three bears right. >> just right. >> just right all week. >> keep our fingers crossed about the fog
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comedy duo owen wilson and vince vaughn are pairing up again to shoot a new movie called the internship. vaughn wrote the screen play. and both were spotted shooting the r rated comedy due to be released next year. ben roethlisberger is giving money to canine units in cities where the steelers regularly play. the steelers will be facing the
12:25 am
oakland raiders at stadium. is that what it's called? >> changes every other week. >> but any way this sunday. >> mark is here now with great news. more the giants and a's just keep those winning ways going. >> how about when barry zito the giants automatically win. who would have thought. >> it's been true the last 10 starts for him. they will push until the west is completely wrapped up. playing the rockies kind of like pushing a boulder downhill. they've beaten colorado 14 of 18. and showing his support for alex smith who is chastised by the nfl. bruce bochey sporting a san francisco giants hat. pablo sandoval his third homer in two days from the left side. three run shot his 11th and the giants are rolling. it's the attack of the killer ps. pablo and posey as buster backs
12:26 am
i backs -- it up with a ticket to ride to left. and things are looking real cute and number one for the giant's magic number three. the well funded dodgers ready to cash in their chips in the west. losing another, ryan zimmerman for the nationals gap to right. harper will high tail it to first. against chris copuano. they go down swinging henley romero. they're first since 1933. 13 presidents have resided in the white house since there'll be a play off game in d.c. the a's were ready to wilt. they send out a little forgot me not to everyone vying for the postseason. to the tune of 12-4 over the tigers. high and hard, seth smith to right field. solo shot to tie the tigers 2-
12:27 am
2. smith four rbis on the day. then a four run six. want to get away? yeah that's the way austin jackson felt on george cataras chase to center. chases it down. goes for a 2-run triple. they've ended their three game skid. without victory, and no picnic awaiting. ben roethlisberger and the steelers come in already banged up and stretched to the limit. quarterback mike mitchell well aware of the problems the steelers present. >> ben roethlisberger is arguably a hall of famer. he's got one of the highest quarterback percentages in the nfl right now. he's playing very good football. he just has to be disciplined when broken plays are happening. >> all right, thursday night football the night the giants
12:28 am
easily over carolina. 26-7 as eli manning was on his stick again. that's the sporting night. that's a blow out, unless you're a giant's fan.
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