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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  September 21, 2012 11:30pm-12:30am PDT

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. romney arrives at sfo for tonight's bay area fundraiser. see who paid a lot of money to attend this party on the peninsula. good evening. >> hundreds of gop donors attended a posh fundraiser for romney. the top ticket cost $100,000 a couple. the highway patrol escorted the motorca de little more than an
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hour ago. the media wasn't invited inside janet is live now outside the mansion where she has been hearing the guests. >> reporter: that's right. we are just a little bit down the road from where the fundraiser was held. the secret service kept us back but the governor left here just about 8:40 this evening. it was annie lab rate event at the historic estate and the stage was set outside with a piano for david foster to entertain. police and secret service blocked offed road leading up to the mansion. a steady stream of cars and shuttle buses loaded guests passed through the checkpoint. >> i'm very excited. i believe he is a very good person. he is a very capable person to run the white house. >> i think he is the perfect guy for the country. we have had a politician for years, now it's time for a businessman. >> i talked to many people
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that voted for the president last time around and there are many that are not going to this time. >> reporter: the four page invite was the to top donors. including meg whit man man, brent jones and his wife, the co founder of sun micro systems. tickets started at $500 for young professionals to attend the general reapings and sent up to 100,000 for a vip package including photograph was romney, preferred seating other perks. >> it's unlikely he will carry the state so you do what you can do. >> reporter: california is far from a battleground state but it's the money and manpower that attract both candidates at the car passed by more than a dozen obama supporters greeted him with signs. >> soothe knows we are here
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and protesting what he stands for. >> reporter: i did speak to some guests tonight after the event they said that romney spoke for about 20 minutes and there were about as many as 1,000 guests who attended. reporting live. . and ahead at 10:30 the numbers many have waited for. romney's new tax returns. >> the obama campaign is also at work. it opened new offices today in san francisco and oakland where volunteers quickly got to work. san francisco mayor helped quickest grand opening of the organize former campaign office on market street. volunteers started making phone calls to swing states even before the place officially opened. >> i'm so pumped. i'm a political junkie and this is my drug of choice. >> reporter: some of the volunteers told us that this is actually their second time
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helping out. they say they volunteered four years ago. >> the ncaa investigating the saint mary's basketball program. a spokesman said that the school in the ncaa have been working cooperatively on a matter related to the basketball program. he declined further comment and the ncaa isn't releasing details. we have been told the matter may involve the recruitment of players overseas. >> oakland police say they are looking for a gunman after a brazen homicide that took place this evening. happened just before seven. a man walked in to a home in the 1800 block of commerce way in the san antonio contradict. witnesses reported hering four gun shots. inside the home a man in his 20s was found dead. he was shot several times. the gunman then walked out, got into a ford van and drove away. he is african american, act
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about 6 feet. >> trouble is brewing tonight in san francisco's mission district. a crowd of people broke windows at a wells fargo bank, slashed tires and sprayed paint on biling before the crowd dispersed. an officer involved shooting there last night has rekindled anger in the community. >> reporter: with gang tensions summering police are stepping up patrols but they will also watch for their own stations. last night a group of protesters,. >> this is murder. >> reporter: went through and spray painted killers on the station's front doors, a brief standoff followed. they moved on. early this morning work crews cleaned up. >> police are here to protect and serve the public. it's not good to see that. >> reporter: the protest was in response to a shooting earlier a few block away in which nobody was killed.
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police say officers a gang violence unit spotted a suspect gang member on parole for assault with a deadly weapon. officers chased the young man they say was holding this machine pistol. when he didn't stop an officer afraid for his life shot him. the young man is in the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. police have been on high alert for gang violence since sunday when a 20-year-old was shot to death. >> we are hearing word of a community peace march through the mission, perhaps next week. as for the grafitti, officers say they are be log at video surveillance to see who is responsible. >> more details now on sunday's fatal shooting in the mission. police announced the arrest of an 18-year-old adrian landers in connection with the shooting death of a man. they are still look for a
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second suspect. a five million dollar warrant has been issued and police say he should be considered armed and dangerous. we do have a crew in the mission district right now gathering information and pictures of tonight's vandalism. stay with us. we will go there live later. >> now to the shuttle. it took lieutenants final victory lap above the bay area today going past local landmarks, on top of a 747. thousands shared in a common experience going outside to look up to take advantage of a great photograph op. get some once in a lifetime pictures. >> reporter: two icons in a single frame. the shuttle went over the golden gate bridge. people looked up and had their cameras ready to capture this sight. >> i feel lucky to be able to see it. especially on such a beautiful day and place. >> reporter: the crowd of more than 1,000 spotted the shuttle.
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over at marin headlines they heard it before they saw it. on treasure island crowds took in a different view. it flew above the boundless skyline. last chance to see any of it in the air and -- had to come down and do it. >> reporter: one of the shuttle -- passed the old and new. >> not only could you see it but you could hear the 747. it was a beautiful thing. beautiful sight. >> reporter: it circled around the bay twice before heading south toward the peninsula. that's where a sea of people in the thousands waited to greet the shuttle at moffet field. it dazzled people, for a few minutes the crowd went around in confusion waiting to see if it would circle around again.
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due to delays there was just the one fly over and the shuttle was on its way south to finish the final leg. >> the fly over was intended to honor the men and women who have worked on the shuttle program. >> flying over the research center to pay tribute to the center -- choking me up. >> reporter: you can see what a special part it was. researchers worked on the black heat shield and engineers helped develop the shape of the shuttle. also pilot training wind tunnel tests were down there. the researchers also helped investigate the failure of the shuttle columbia. and coming up in 23 minutes we will go live to southern california for the shuttle's arrival above disneyland and the hollywood sign and a photograph op to remember. incredible shots from viewers. >> new unemployment numbers
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show california's jobless rate improving but just slightly. state officials put the unemployment rate for august at 10.6%. that's down from 10.7% in july and it's significantly lower than one year ago when it was 11.9. still nearly two million california ans are out of work. california's jobless rate is third in the country behind nevada and rhode island. the bay area is credited with adding 6100 jobs last month. the south bay accounted for 1900. san francisco, san mateo and marin added 3500 and 500 more in the east bay. those numbers add up to half of all of the new jobs created in california last month. so far this year the bay area has added 61,000 new job jobs. >> the new i-phone five is with thousands of people tonight. many die hard customers spent days camping out outside apple stores in the bay area and around the world. they are among the first to get
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their hands on the new device. they may sell ten million of them worldwide by the end of the weekend. >> i'm really excited. i want a white one and i'm looking forward to the big screens. >> i haven't up grate graded since the 3gs. >> what make this is product so wanted in one man suggested it's a luxury item that's affordable to the family. >> not every customer is singing its praises. the two big disappointments we are already hearing about. >> and then pleading to charges of elder and animal abuse. the concern this case has caused for a so oñ
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. new at ten, tasty, sustainable and every item under five dollars. tonight the eat real festival turned to jack london square and amber lee said the event is expected to attract 150,000 people and there is also a new addition this year. >> this is our whole hog we have smoked for 20 hours. >> reporter: this is barbecue pulled pork from a family farm in alabama. >> we raised it and -- it's from -- farm to your mouth. >> reporter: nick is among the dozens of vendors at the part of the festival which
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highlights meat as part of healthy eating. >> all produced naturally. >> reporter: the founder of eat real. she says the festival makes it's profits through the sales of alcohol. proceeds fund her nonprofit institute that teaches people how to take their skills from home and turn in though a real business. >> our motto for these and all of our goods a party in the pantry. >> reporter: they are owner of happy grove kitchen company that makes jams and pick manied vegetables. he said this gives him exposure. >> the second year we did it, all the sudden a lot of flash bulbs were going off. >> reporter: they said the food festival is a fordable. to show people that healthy, organic food doesn't have to cost a lot. nothing success for more than five dollars a plate. this weekend's event is expected to attract 150,000 people. >> i like being healthy so i'm
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trying to eat healthier. i want to be able to live longer. >> and the section of this festival costs $50 a person but the rest of the festival is free. all you have to do is pay for what you eat. on the website we have all the details about this weekend's eat real festival, just look for the weekend extra tab. in 15 minutes the new law that could spur more people to take their family recipes and share them with others. >> firefighters battled two separate grass fires this evening. they merged in to one larger fire in near boundary oaks golf course. it took about 30 minutes to put put out the firet. burned six acres, the fact there were two fires is unusual and an investigation is underway. >> a hiking accident in utah has claimed the life of a 74- year-old from nevado. he was hiking his 61-year-old
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wife in zion national park. his ankle got tangled trapping him in a waterfall. his wife said they had just gotten instructions on how to rappell the day before. a retired firefighter who disappeared last week has been found dead. charlie dowd had been missing since last week. the 69-year-old was going from emoryville to chicago to visit his son. investigators say he may have become confused and then fell off the train. a railway worker found his body today in nebraska. >> five members of a south bay family pleaded not guilty to charges they abused neglected more than a dozen people living at their unlicensed home care facility. the concern in the community that if will negatively affect more than just those involved.
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>> reporter: they went in one by one. two daughters, a brother and their frail looking parents. all plead not guilty to elder abuse and animal neglect. outside the courthouse we caught up with one of the defense attorneys. does he believe he isn't guilty? >> the reason the plea was given was to proceed to the next step. >> reporter: the family of five was running a unlicensed care home in san jose. police say 13 mentally disabled adults were hungry, beaten and forbidden to use toilet paper. they found more than 40 dogs at the property. the case has caused outrage. >> they so upset and they get angry about the way people treat the elderly people. >> reporter: she said the elderly are respected in their culture and worries the case will reflect negatively on
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them. police are still investigating and information is still being gathered from various social service agencies. >> looks deceiving. we don't know what has been given, the stuff that's been given to us has been piece meal. >> i'm confident in the justice system and in the jury system and i'm sure they will make the right decision. >> reporter: the next step is the preliminariy hearing where evidence will be presented to determine if the case will go to trial. that's set for october 29th. reporting san jose. >> there is word tonight that someone stabbed an 18-year-old man in santa cruz just about a block from the beach boardwalk. it happened about 6:25 near the base of the santa cruz pier at beech street and pacific avenua. police confirmed about 30 minutes ago they have detained two men in connection with the case. one 17, the other 19. they have not been arrested. the victim was taken to the hospital in san jose. police say they believe that
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the stabbing is gang related. >> officials at the fine arts museum of san francisco say they have reached an agreement with union workers. workers at the young museum and legion of honor have been without a contract since july. they staged a series of noisy demonstrations. police arrested eight for blocking the entrance. management said under the new agreement the employees will pay for part of their health care costs. >> it did warm up today. the high pressure did its job. that low pressure sitting off shore nudged away from the area. temperatures warmed up. a little shallow marine layer. the fog just went away. we just had good viewing of the shuttle. tomorrow the pattern holds, into saturday temperatures look like the highs today. these were the numbers today. 89 antioch, 87 fairfield. saturday, going to look like this. things change on sunday that. low pressure wants to come back. when i come back at 10:45 we
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will look at sunday. both days on the weekend and then at the five-day and see what will happen. see you back at 10:45. >> san francisco giants fans on the hunt for the playoffs. when they could win their
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at bank of america, we're continuing to lend and invest in the people, businesses, and organizations that call the bay area home. whether it's helping a nonprofit provide safe, affordable housing within the city, supporting an organization that's helping kids find jobs and stay in school, or financing the expansion of a local company that's creating healthier workplaces, what's important to the people of the bay area is important to us. and we're proud to work with all those who are making our communities stronger. hi, primo! asopao! right, asopao!
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there you go cuz, so you can sweat it out! oh, and music... ( all ) music? ... heals the soul. the power to share unites us. verizon brings your entire family the savings of the share everything plan. unlimited talk. unlimited text. and data you can share with up to 10 devices, all in one plan. get the 4glte droid razr by motorola for $99.99. verizon. . apple said it's new i-phone 5 is thinner, lighting faster but not all is rosy. some are already finding fault, especially with the new mapping system. >> reporter: the new mapping directions and navigation app replaces the google one that's come with the phone since the start. >> it does have turn by turn directions for free but the quality of the data is what's
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going to keep from you getting lost. >> reporter: some locations misplaced it'll take time. >> it's not as good data and i know they are working on it but google has had severals head start. >> reporter: the other problem the new data part is new and won't work with the old system. >> people who have bought a speaker dock that relies on the phone nestling in and uses that older connection will be annoyed. they do make an adapter, $29. that's $29 you have to spend. >> seems like it's -- it's challenging to find the -- like the hole, i'm trying -- i guess i could get used to it. >> reporter: for many that will mean buying several adapters or buying new accessories. most buyers love it. >> super fast.
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first thing you notice is it's very light. i have the 4g and it's way lighter. you don't feel that it's bigger because. >> reporter: they are puttings many many as they can. you may have to wait boss the demand is just that great. ktv channel 2news. >> ceremonies in san francisco tonight mark the formal opening of the new china town north beach campus of city college. line dancers helped set the tone while outside the building shone for new students. ed lee said he understands that the new building opening at a time when ccsf is under extreme pressure. >> that's why i wanted to announce that i will endorse the parcel tax for city college of san francisco.
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and make sure we work together to keep the college successful. >> it's come under fire accused of financial mismanagement and the school is in danger of losing it's accr, diaation. it's intended to serve 7500. >> on wall street stock markets ended with a lack luster performance. the dow dropped 17 points, nasdaq gained four. analysts suggest there is a jen feel that the economy is stalled. >> palo alto based tesla announced big plans to open several new stores though they haven't yet confirmed it'll meet its target. it said it'll open ten new stores in the next few months. they said customer also be able to have interactive displays and see how it looks. the model s is being built in fremont. the company said it intends to deliver five thousand of them
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this year but when asked today the ceo said it wouldn't provide the exact number. >> the shuttle at lax after it's farewell flight over the bay area. . >> san francisco police are guarding one of their own stipulatio
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. developing news from san francisco where a small group of protesters defaced store fronts in the mission district and slashed tires. deborah is live from the mission police station at 17th, to show us some of that damage. >> last night they wrote
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killers on the door of this police station. tonight there is paint again and as you can see a long line of officers all long this block, officers from the station and from others that have come into support and protect the building after the protest about 8:30 tonight. let's take a closer look at the damage at the mission police station. red paint, splashed onto the door and windows, and a -- window of this building was broken. we are told that the protesters were throwing things, rocks, hammers, sharp objects that they had brought with them on a march from delores park. this started about 8:30 tonight. for the second night are angry about a officer involved shoot that happened in the mission district last night. also this evening tires were slashed at a -- on cars in front of a restaurant, on valencia street. and a united states bank.
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all of this with in a block or two of this area. now the protesters at last word had -- had dispersed. they are no longer marching as a group. police were closing in and were preparing to make arrests, so they appear to be on the wind if you will. the police are -- certainly concerned they could mobile eyes again so they will watch out tonight and through the weekend because this officer involved shooting, a nonfatal shooting of a gang suspect, has obviously struck a nerve here in the neighborhood. there have been no injuries but for a -- female police officer who was struck in the head by a bottle, a ambulance was called but as it turns out she was treated here at the scene and so it appears she will be okay. we are like . >> police are warning the public tonight about an
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attempted kidnapping outside an elementary school. it happened this afternoon near park side elementary. the man is a white man in his 20s or 30s about 6 feet tall tall. the 9-year-old girl was able to escape. police are searching for the man. >> a new law will make it easier for people to sell home cooked treats. today the governor signed the home made food act. it was written in response to the growing trend of artisan producing. the new law sets up inspection, training and cleaniness requirements. it excludes product that contain meat and cream. >> public health officials in san francisco are issuing an aalert tonight about west nile. they say a dead bird with the virus has found near city college but they didn't give any other details. officials are now urging residents to remove standing water. they say that's where mosquitoes tend to breed and
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can spread west nile. >> turning now to the race for the white house. romney's taxes, the republican candidate released his 2011 tax returns today after filing last week. it shows that he paid $1.9 million in taxes. that is an effective tax rate of 14.1%. his adjusted gross income was $13.7 millionly from investments . his entire wealth is at $250 million. our field poll shows diane feinstein should have no trouble when it comes to winning re-election. the poll finds support for feinstein at 57% among likely voters, her republican rival has 31%. her support comes democrats and independents, the poll also found that she is much better
12:03 am
known than her rival. >> back now to the final flight of the space shuttle. the fly over prompted amateur photographers all round the bay area to take pictures and send them to us. we have so many good ones. we want to look at a few of them. this is from dave, it shows -- let me get out of the way. the golden gate and the shuttle and it's a great one this is the view from dave's bedroom. i think we have said you have a -- a great view from your window. let's look at another one. another great one. this is from cameron, should this is a closer look. shows the shutting, again swooping over the golden gate. notice the military escort right there. picture perfect day for this one. let's take a look at a third one. thank you to cameron. i like this one this have from christian. we can get up close here. notice the shuttle on the back. notice this, this is how the shut saint luis mounted to the
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747. it's a great close up look ever for sending viewers, nasa said it took three days to put the shuttle on top so it could make the historic final flight around the bay area and california. we have posted many more photographs at look for a slide show on the top of the slide show tab. >> after fly around the bay area this morning the 747 carrying the shuttle made its way down to it's final destination in southern california and ed is live now at lax where it arrived this afternoon and what a handing that was. >> >> reporter: i'm telling you. lax and the shuttle with its last wheels down. did you see it flying around. let's get you into it. this is the spot across the street where a lot of locals come to watch all the big jets land and takeoff. on this night all eye its on the spaceship. a look beyond that hanger.
12:05 am
see it? up there she is. there is the shuttle still on top of that 747. now it's film day and trip. headed up to the bay area and this is as pretty as you will see. then the shuttle turns heads. and -- heading toward new home. the southland. 123million miles plus traveled. a lot of people watching, a lot of them cheering, big crowds, all round the route, people saying welcome home. great to see you. like she could hear them.
12:06 am
see that clean to the left of the shuttlet. will start tomorrow morning, slowly working to lift it off the 747, fitted up with a special trailer device and then no more fly around but driven through the streets of la the middle of next month going for the science center near downtown. 12 miles trip over a couple days, big parades and then at the end of october public display there. it'll be said -- the blast off, liftoff position so folks it you get a chance to come down, something to see. here in california. back to the bay area. >> coming up, a tiger mauling at the bronx zoo. the strange incident. >> and back in a couple minutes, the weekend here, where is the fog? i will let
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. a 25-year-old is in critical condition after being mauled by a tiger. police say it appeared he jumped into the exhibit at the bronx zoo. the tiger inside attacked him. emergency people had to use a fire extinguisher to get the animal away and the man was able to escape. >> in washington dc members of congress packed up and went home leaving behind a mountain of undone work. first it was the house and the short time late irthe senate. deep partisan divisions have stalled legislation on the budget. taxes and saving the postal service. nancy pelosi said congress has only been in session eight day this is summer. >> that is just not right.
12:10 am
democrats are prepared to stay until we get the job done. >> where is their responsibility? where is their leadership? it's just not there. >> this is the earliest departure since 1960 and congress won't come back until after november. a poll put congress approval at 13%. >> the obama administration is airing a psa in pakistan denouncing the film that sparked so much anger. >> we have been a nation that respects all faith . >> reporter: the secretary of state said they had nothing to do with the film and rejects its message. the reaction to the ad has been overwhelmingly negative so far. >> in news of the world in libya some 30,000 people rallied today against all the violence that have endured since the fall of gadhafi.
12:11 am
it mourned the death of chris stevens also. later a smaller group stormed the compound of one of the largest groups and set fire to the building. in new zealand traditional warriors greeted the defense secretary today. he is there to repair a rist between the united states and new zealand. they have been at odds for 25 years offer the ban on nuclear weapons. now they have agreed to acknowledge their differences and move on. in poland, low water levels have found treasures lost nearly four hundred years ago. they are recovering pieces of marble that were develop from the royal family by invaders in the mid17th century. the treasures were placed on a barge that sank but nobody knew where until now. >> gm issues a recall for half
12:12 am
a million vehicles. and. >> missed out last year. we are ready to go. >> new hope for the giants postseason. the excitement at at&t park and the big honor. >> and the big weekend here and the equinox is tomorrow. will it warm
12:13 am
12:14 am
. new, how about this? giants magic number now down to two and fans fired up tonight because the team could now potentially get the western division as early as tomorrow. for fans it's a repeat but with a difference. >> go giants. >> orange friday. yeah. >> reporter: panda caps are the fall accessory of choice.
12:15 am
as the ballpark crackles with an anticipation of another postseason. maybe another world series. >> two years ago i was so shocked surprised i couldn't believet. >> reporter: now? >> now. we are on our way. >> reporter: the 2010 world champions caught a lot of people off guard. the loved catcher who came back from injury to take an award tonight seem like he has been here forever. >> missed out last year. we are ready to go. >> reporter: rocking their game paint they say this team is solid. >> no it's different. it's different. but, different in a good way. . >> reporter: here to cheer them on tonight, bay area olympic athletes. him are incredible. it's fun to support them and have them support us tonight. great.
12:16 am
>> we are tall and lengthy. so, you know i guess that's similar. >> they kicked butt all year long and they will do it again this year. >> reporter: one then people don't seem to be talking about. cabrera, suspended for juicing and today desquaming himself from the batting title. not cabrera who but they are doing okay without him. in san francisco, ktvu channel 2news. >> it was graduation today in san francisco for some four legged students in a controversial rehab program some have called puppies for panhandlers. it's called wonderful opportunities for occupants and fidos. it paid residents 50 to $75 a week to train special needs dogs for adoption. >> not afraid of people no more because she was afraid of crowds. now she is -- she is walks among them really proud. she came a long way. >> today's graduation included four dogs and eight people.
12:17 am
the pilot program has used all of the 10,000-dollar private grant. teacher of the year. the honor goes to rona -- and she teaches in martinez. she was singled out because she founded the environmental studies academy. this award puts her in the running for the teacher the year competition. >> gm recalling nearly half a million cars, due to a problem with a transmission cable. it's causing the vehicle to roll while in park. the issue affects the chevy, the pontiac g6 and the saturn aura. they are four speed automatics, model years 2007 to 2010. gm is offering free repairs for the gear issue and repaying owner who have paid to have the problem fixed.
12:18 am
>> and happy friday night to you. the weekend is here and the weather looking great. a good weekend. clouds out there right now. that's not fog, that's high clouds, there is a little bit of rain. just gusting to 33 miles an hour. the winds are blowing narcotic will keep the fog from forming or at least having a good shot. i don't think a lot of coastal fog. that's how it'll go again tomorrow. tomorrow almost mimics what we had today. the extended forecast, slightly cooler but no big changes, the cooling will come mainly on sunday. the fog forecast for tomorrow morning, there is the high clouds and then here we are at seven. the models saying enough wind out there that there will be fractured fog banks out there, just liting areas of fog but not enough to really shut you down if you want to go to the beach. that means without the fog temperatures are going to warm up nicely. the reds are 90s and there will be a few of them.
12:19 am
this low pressure center still lingering, that's where we are. we are stuck between the high and low. we have had this neat weather pattern. we aren't dealing with high fire danger. we are dealing really nice daytime highs, 88 in some of the inland valleys, just like today. around the bay most of us mid740s. upper 70s. 88 fairfield. those are the forecast highs for saturday. 85 concord and then 77 castro valley. a nice looking saturday ahead. sunday looks good but you will see it onto five-day slightly cooler on sunday. four or five degrees. not bad. saturday your best day for going out and getting stuff down. sunday a return of more coastal fog. night and morning. saturday is your best bet. the five-day forecast and it doesn't change much. looks like last week and the week before that. a pleasant run. >> it has. >> the best thing was the rest of the country got to see the
12:20 am
bay area in perfect weather. >> yeah the temperature was perfect. not to hot, just beautiful. >> you could see forever. that's the day you want for that. >> thank you. >> there is a lot more. mark will
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12:22 am
12:23 am
. several dozen answered a call tonight to form a so- called flash mob. word went out to meet at six at union square for a group meditation to mark the day of peace. . >> you don't see that every day. mark is here with sports.
12:24 am
the giants, just one night after another. >> they just take the field and just feels like they will win. they have that kind of momentum. new team. the padres but didn't we just see that game yesterday. attack of the killer peas, the number number has gone to two. of course you heard about buster voted the willie mack award. he is sensational here. chase, thrown out. trying to score on a double. posies at the operate plate. the degree of difficult is he hard to explain but he is the mvp. then after the d they put it away with the best. scutaro, another two out clutch hit. panda -- pick it to right. ryan six strong for the win. magic number two.
12:25 am
they are going bonkers. dodgers don't cooperate. in cincinnati. chris buyer managing. very effective. two run single. dodgers win it 3-1 in ten. heart break in the bronx. a's won the full range of emotion. the ball -- in his jury civil he can't get it out. ichiro -- at the base hit. they get a kick out of it. they were down 1-0 until moss hits one. the kids love it in the dug out of rafael soriano however,
12:26 am
russell martin ends it. solo walkoff. yankees used to that kind of stuff. two more games left in the series. you know every friday night we get a great game on paper and then they hit the field and it turns into a blow out. tonight no different in the high school game of the week. down at valley christian. the visitor, they are in trouble from the get. ryan, great game. he is gone for valley christian. we built a 20-0 lead. you have to see this play. a come back. ronny read the quarterback threw it to tray hartley. hit his foot. deflected -- touchdown. look at it again. hit his foot. township down. half time 27-19 but valley christian 27 unanswered points, again on the loop. 62 yards, he had 13 carries,
12:27 am
163 yards, rushing, three touchdowns on the ground and one reception for a score. close one turns into a lopsided loss their first of the year. valley christian now 3-1. 54-22 the score. record now 2-1. another huge football weekend. don't forget sunday morning 10:00 a.m. right here. pancakes and 49er football. from minnesota followed by the point after after the game. that's the sporting life for a friday night and tomorrow at at&t it'll be wild. the giants could clinch it if the dodgers loose in cincinnati and the giants polish off the padres again. >> could be a saturday victory. >> could be fun. that. was a heart breaker for the a's. that guy pitched great. >> yeah. great rookie and you play against the yankees, they are used to being in the tight ones and unfortunately a great come back wasted. >> not over yet. >> no. they are still in the wild card.
12:28 am
looking good. >> thank you. >> and thank you for trusting us. we will see you the next time news breaks. news breaks. [ male announcer ] jay likes it when his mobile phone helps him deposit his checks. jay also like it when mother nature helps him wash his car. mother nature's cool like that. mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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