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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  September 25, 2012 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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locked up tonight by authorities that could lead to new charges and just how bad was last night's game ending by replacement? even president obama is joining. . >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is bay area news at 7:00. . it is tuesday, september 25th. hello, everyone. i'm heather hol mings in tonight for gasia. this is bay area news at 7:00. comcast announced today it is closing its three california call centers and moving those jobs out of state. it is our top story tonight at 7:00. dayna is live now in livermore with a number of lay offs happening here in the bay area. >> heather here tat california headquarters there is a tech support center and administration building.
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they obtained the lay offs show more than 800 bay area jobs will be gone. >> comcast workers learned about it this morning. the company announced it will close its three california call centers by the end of the year eliminating more than 300 jobs for morgan hill, more than 400 in livermore. cam cast calls the total impact more than 1,000 california employees from front line customer service agents and tech support up to managers. for many workers, closures came as a shock. >> i just think it's really unexpected and really with the holidays because, you know, we have families and all these training classes. >> comcast says to move the jobs out of state seattle, portland and denver. the reason? . >> because to have high cost in california make it extremely difficult for us to --. >> comcast moved its california headquarters to livermore in 2008 and plans to maintain other
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operations here. livermore leaders say they're prepared to help laid off workers. >> any assistance they can use or information to help transition. it's unfortunate, but we want to be there for them, as well. >> comcast has employees who do not want to relocate or take other jobs at comcast will receive a severance package but the workers say it isn't enough. >> i've been working at comcast for 13 years. i've put in a whole lot of hard work for them just to do us like this is a redick louse crying out shame and give us a really lousy sefrns package than all the rest is really ridiculous. >> most to have employees will leave by november 30th. the call centers will be completely shut down in november. reporting live tonight, ktvu channel 2 news. the private investigator at the center of a contra costa collection scandal was sentenced today to eight years in prison. christopher butler seen here in the black suit, he pleaded guilty in mae to conspiracy to sell drugs, robbery, extortion
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and other charges. private investigator for members of contra costa narcotics enforcement team. he and four other law enforcement personnel were accused of setting up estranged clients for drunken driving arrests, robbing prostitutes and operating a pleasant hill massage parlor. oakland police are investigating a shooting this afternoon where a pregnant woman came dangerously close to being hit by a bullet. the shooting on 16th street near seminary avenue happened about 4:30 this afternoon and literally dozens of shell casings. one witness told ktvu news said he heard at least 30 shots. the pregnant woman was sitting in her car when it was struck. she was not seriously injured and did not go to the hospital. police say gunfire came from a car. we are learning new information about an elementary school principal selg drugs to an undercover agent. robert honda tells us what
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police found in the apartment hiding inside a teddy bear. >> the school principal for montague elementary remains in minimum security jail facility. for now eric dean lew i didn't say yesterday five felony counts. it's possible the 42-year-old could face more charges de pending on what investigators find from computers seized at his school and hidden camera taken from a san francisco apartment. louis was arrested thursday after allegedly offering drugs to an undercover agent contacted through a dating web site adam for adam. according to a report, louis has hidden cameras in his home including in a teddy bear. >> who knows. everyone's got his own lifestyle. it could have been for the dates he brought home. >> it's always disturbing to see something that might have involved a child, but we don't know that yet. >> i entirely doubt that any of
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his activities or goings on happened on school property. there are so many other people around. >> according to the report center, says from work regarding meeting up for meth amphetamine. the officer's report who acknowledged drug sales and use on a fairly large scale. >> i think that makes it even more disturbing or alarming, disconcerting to people. >> officials say louis will stay here in county jail until he can prove he can both $5,000 bail without using drug money. he returns to court friday. robert honda ktvu channel 2 news. they were back out in the central valley town of lin don today as part of their ongoing investigation for speed free killers case. authorities say the agents were inspecting a survey on rural farm labd. city news conference shows them working in the field two of them with in hand. the sign is the worst skeletal remains at a well earlier this
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year. wesley sher man tine after a drug-filled murder screen beginning in the 1980s in county. herzog took his own life. herman tine is on death row in san quentin but a few weeks ago to this area so he could show them where more bodies may have been buried. prosecutors in a san francisco hit and run case played cell phone video in court today of a late-night crime. surveillance video shows a confrontation inside a jack in the box restaurant last thanksgiving. 24-year-old here steps forward. his defense attorney calls the peacemaker in a fight involving cal fire firefighter albert. in court today prosecutors played a cell phone video that's heard saying yo i'm going to go run him over. prosecutors say minutes later used his randall's cart to
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nearby shell gas station. he remains in a coma. the parents of a burlingame teen who died after drinking on a bus new law. 19-year-old brett smashed his car dropped off by a party bus two years ago. starting january 1st, companies must require chaperons. no people under 21 will be on the bus and if they suspect underage drinking. at a news conference outside their home today the studebakers said the bill introduced by jerry hill is an honor to their son's memory. opponents proposed no jail made their voices heard today. protesters say the $160 million conference instruction would be bert sent on programs saying keeping people out of jail but today the supervisors voted to approve next year's budget which include funding for the jail. >> there is a public safety
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issue and if people get arrest and had they get evicted, someone thooz house them, and that's our role. our role is humane and opportunities right now is really dilapidated. >> counties are also feeling from a new state law that's more lower-level criminals to their jails. new san mateo county jail would have both men and women open in 2015. a 67-year-old woman is fighting for her hit by near lake in oakland. police say the woman was walking across lake side drive when the truck turned onto lake side. he may have been walking to her home, which is just a few blocks away. the 56-year-old employee is undergoing a routine test for alcohol and drugs. residents of an apartment complex in brentwood are back home tonight evacuated for more than four hours. the evacuation on central boulevard was by a gas leak around 12:20 this afternoon. pg&e says it could have worked on a service line next to the apartment building's gas line to
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the meter ruptured the valve. police about 5:00 and all repairs have been made. the up roar is growing louder tonight over a controversy called by referees at the conclusion of the monday night football game between the seattle sea hawks and the green bay packers. the touch down forced seattle during the last play is easily. the high school and jr. college referee from the central coast. people blasted on the internet even posting his address in santa maria. spoke to a 49ers season ticketholder who said he is just one of the many people who are fed up nfl referees block out. >> we paid for a fair game and to see these games and, you know, it's a travesty. >> today the nfl con seed that the replacement referees missed a call during this play but upheld seattle's victory. even president obama weighing in on this lockout returning to the
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white house with an appearance united nations the presidential reporter thought last night's refs were terrible and get regulars on the job. ktvu viewers are also chiming in on whether the replacement refs impact the game. you can join the conversation at ktvu channel 2 on facebook. meantime the nhl and its players have agreed to resume their labor talks on friday. the league has already locked out players. friday's talks will be the first in two weeks. friday's talks will focus on noncore economic issues. deputy commissioner bill day lee said it's important just to have those talks going again. construction crews have unearthed some buried treasure in san francisco. they found the ruanes of an old city hall. the workers discovered a brick foundation near the asian art museum. they alerted authorities and found out it's the rue wins of old city hall built in the late 1800s.
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it took 25 years to built but just one day to destroy. archaeologists plan to study the ruanes for a few weeks before it's reburied and a new intauk. in an address, world leader president obama rauls the life of a bay area ambassador wraps up the rhetoric he calls out other nations. the self-driving car, why google and the governor brought that one step closer to reality today. some warm weather returns to the bay area for your wednesday then a big heat upcoming our way in time for the weekend. i'll have a look at your extended forecast coming up [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow. you guys have it easy.
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. fire crews in san diego county are keeping a close watch on wind conditions as they
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continue to fight a deadly wild fire burning since sunday. the shocking fire has scorched over four and a half square miles of a rural community near the border of mexico. 11 homes have burned. about 25 homes are still and about 80 people are under evacuation orders. one elderly resident died refusing to evacuate. that fire 55% contained tonight. the u.s. geological survey is reporting an earthquake this morning in southern mendocino county. the agency said 4.5 manager any tud happened 78:15 this morning and four miles north of ukiah. did not receive any reports of any damage. meantime a 6.2 magnitude earthquake rattled the southern part of california's peninsula. so strongly just before 5:00 a.m. and the results there were no immediate reports of damages or injuries. president obama invoked recent area ambassador stevens
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while addressing the united nations general authority today. the president is urging the reduction in violence in the middle east. the president set the tone with his remarks with his first words, chris stevens. he mononorred the late u.s. ambassador's devotion to libya. the president asked for unanimous condemnation of the mobs behind the murders. >> today will be determined by people and not by killers. today we must declare that this violence and intolerance has no place among our united nations. >> the president called a privately-produced video that muslims crude and disgusting but affirmed to the american ideal oof free speech. he warned iran that the world is growing impatient with the seekly si around its nuclear program. >> let me be clear.
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we believe that there is still time and space to do so. >> mr. obama also called for end to the regime. un secretary general said the violence in that nation is spiralling dangerously. >> continue to be punishing, mainly by the government but also by. such crimes must not go unpunished. >> for his part the president in the midst of a bruising election battle ended with from his last campaign thanking lib yans who marched against the mob adding the rising tide of liberty will not be reversed. stay si, ktvu channel 2 news. republican presidential candidate mitt romney found himself a few kind words today from former president bill clinton. romney appeared at clinton global initiative conference in new york. praised romney for his efforts
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to persuade other republicans to support the program. romney joked a few words can go a long way democratic national convention. in election 2012 news tonight where members register, that is the message going out across the nation today. voter national voter registration day in barbara lee took part in a registration drive. also spoke autoagainst some voter id laws. police said hiring a photoid could mean as many as five people in 34 states from voting. u v berkeley organization online voter registration. this is the first from california can use the internet. organizers say that's easier for them to convince people to get on board. that deadline to register is coming up october 22nd. financial thousands of protest the streets today.
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demonstrators calling for fresh frash police outside building in madrid. protesters are upset about the government's new round after austerity contacts and tax times. prices there in spain left wall street somewhat unsettled today lower dow last 101 points, nasdaq held 43. decline of more than 1 percent. u.s. airlines has set a new record for how much they collect from those baggage fees. data released today shows the travelers 1.7 billion dollars during the first half of the year to check their luggage. that is the largest amount ever collected from january to june period. delta airlines collected most baggage fees, nearly $430 million. the driver of a car may sound like science fiction but google headquarters where engineers are working to make the dream a reality. explains a new and modernized of
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the road. >> perhaps the drive point governor jerry brown arrived today at google headquarters toyota. he then went inside and signed a law clearing the way for driverless cars to hit the road. >> self driving car is another step forward in this long march of california pioneering the future and leading not just the country, the whole world. >> the new law will set standards including requiring a human being to be behind the wheel in case of an emergency, but that may eventually change according to google cofounder. >> you can have a car drop you off at work, get out, walk through a little bit of space, and it goes off and takes somebody else somewhere else. >> he says driverless cars may enable large car sharing and potentially reduce the demand for parking. engineers say driverless cars will not be subject to what most automobile crashes, human error.
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>> i expect going to be far safer than human-driven cars. >> judging by a reaction, some are still skeptical. >> this is a -- they don't mean mechanical something can't go wrong. >> sounds a little bit like i used to watch when i was a kid. >> driverless cars for more than 300,000 miles they say. still a lot more testing needs to be done, and it'll be awhile before you can get your hands on one. in oakland, ktvu channel 2 news. today with a big step forward for a major construction project. crews listed the two sections of a new pedestrian walkway in a place near south street. the bridge is part of the 2002 measure dnd bond through city park. $115 million is being spent to establish the length between lake marin and the bay. so what's the next step after a cable pulls the plug and closes its doors?
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everything must go. the items you can have. and when it comes to our weather, it feems like an endless summer. meteorologist rose mary orozco tells us it will hit the 90s in parts of bay area
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. oakland getting a real life
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lesson in sustain blt. alameda county delivered a pack of locally stores compost to lincoln elementary school's garden. the students actually helped make the compost by sorting their lunch left overs. lincoln elementary is part of the program which teaches students how to reduce their carbon footprint. time for us to talk about our weather. it's really nice out there today. this is when we love to live in the bay area. >> yeah. if you like today's weather we have another round expected for tofrm and then a big heat up for your weekend so if you're not quite summer well, giving you a look outside of what's happening here we have wind slows to the delta this morning been all day 18 miles per hour west northwest about 18 miles per hour, as well and north san jose miles per hour still mild in some areas. 73, 74 in livermore, mid 60s in san jose and a little above average for this time of year in
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livermore. tomorrow temperatures will cool slightly. san francisco already a cool evening and settle in to the night fall. degrees in napa right now, 59 in santa rose sa, sunset just after 7:00 so besides the some clouds are rolling back in. tomorrow we have got morning fog in the way eventually. most of the day a lot like saw today. a minor cool down in store for most areas and temperatures anywhere to degrees and then as we set goo thursday a gradual warmup with bigger warmup for the week end. back into the 90s saturday and sunday for inland areas, mid 90s a possibility. wake up tomorrow morning we have clouds around the bare. it looks like about 8:00, 9:00, 10:00, slowly burn off and then into the afternoon you can see still against the coastline all the way second half of wednesday. tomorrow morning temperatures upper 40s to mid 50s with parts of the valley being the coolest,
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48% tomorrow morning, 54 in san jose and a look at afternoon highs, 70s for the north bay. low 70s ie long the east bayshore. mid to up expect in the inland east bay, 78 for san jose, 78 santa clara, 68 san, 63 tomorrow in san francisco. your extended forecast again the temperatures range in the mid upper 80s tomorrow warmer spots. low 90s by thushz/friday and then as you can see into the weekend mid 90s in the forecast for some, low 70s. heather. >> boy, it does look good. thanks. . the sale of memorabilia from san francisco's long time comedy club the purple onon will continue for several more days. last night was closing night at the club chltd it first opened back in 1953. the club had an auction today but those behind the auction say there is no good things for sell including signed photo from
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celebrity phyllis diller. anyone interested head to the club on columbus avenue and make them an offer. . thank you so much for trusting ktvu. we'll see you the next time news breaks. our coverage continues with tonight's 10:00 news and tonight we'll meet a bay area woman facing an uphill battle. she's running for with a top office with considerable implements. tmz is next vo: for years, sacramento politicians have chopped away funds for our schools.
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today, we're forty-seventh out of fifty in per-pupil funding. now these politicians say unless we send more tax dollars to sacramento, they'll cut education again. here's a new approach. prop thirty-eight sends billions in new education dollars straight to our local schools, and guarantees the politicians can't touch it. thirty-eight will restore the education cuts from sacramento. so remember this number. thirty-eight.


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