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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  November 14, 2012 11:30pm-12:29am PST

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a young boy is hospitalized tonight after he did something parents are always telling their children not to do. good evening, everyone, i'm frank somerville. >> i'm julie haener. a 5-year-old boy suddenly bolts right into the path of an oncoming van. the child was hit along lake shore avenue in oakland. ken wayne has late information
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about the child's condition. >> reporter: not really seeing any information tonight about the boy. but we learned about a half hour ago from oakland fire officials that he's 5 years old, and is in life-threatening condition. several people saw the collision and the immediate aftermath. off duty san francisco firefighter rushed to provide aid. >> he about an inch and a half gash underneath his chin and a quarter inch opening. he started to go into shock. >> a little boy in the street. laying with his mom. she was holding onto him. trying to get some kind of response out of him. >> reporter: the boy was rushed to oakland children's hospital. the driver of the van stopped, and is cooperating with police. >> she was shaken up really bad. i spoke to her. she shook. she said i was driving down the street and all of a sudden there was this kid, and he was there in front of my car.
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>> it appears that the child ran suddenly from the curb into oncoming traffic and the driver had nothing they could do about it. >> reporter: police say the driver will not face any charges and was not speeding. still, police say other drivers routinely ignore the speed limit on lake shore. >> the speed limit is 25, but it's too fast. there's kids all over the place. >> reporter: she says she was hit by a car two years ago on the same street, while in a crosswalk. >> it was definitely one of those moments of realization of you need to watch out everywhere. >> reporter: police acknowledge complaints about speeding traffic. >> it's really scary, and there's a lot of kids around here all the time, especially with the park right there. >> reporter: again, no information from children's hospital. blue that off-duty firefighter at the scene says that the boy appeared to suffer significant head injuries and appeared to be going into shock when the ambulance arrived. live in oakland, ken wayne.
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police in san francisco say a daly city woman has surrendered, and has admitted she is responsible for a hit and run accident involving a bicyclity. it happened monday in the presidio. the woman surrendered last night, after police reported that police were looking for a hit-and-run driver. the cyclist told us he suffered a major concussion. he also lost his bike, which he says was stuck to the front of the vehicle. the damaged bike was later found. police say the woman apologized, but is being charged with felony hit-and- run. her name still hasn't been released. more problems tonight for toyota. the company is recalling hundreds of thousands of prius hybrids. many prius owners are just now hearing about this recall. >> reporter: frank, many toyota customers told us they bought a prius because of its gas
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mileage and dependability. tonight, school teacher marian mark drove her 2007 prius to the downtown toyota of oakland dealership to get her tires checked. she told us she wasn't aware of the latest recall. >> if there's a recall, i'm glad they're being honest and hoping to fix it. >> reporter: toyota is voluntarily recalling 600,000 priuses in the u.s. the 2004 through 2009 models. the problem is a potentially defective steering wheel. of the same cars, 300,000 may also have a faulty water pump that may cause the prius to stall. they will automatically check all priuses which come in for any type of service, to see if they're affected by the recall. if so, the prius will be fixed. toyota has said it has not had any reports of injuries. >> if they have any concerns at
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all, they should go to the dealership and we'll do whatever we can to satisfy. >> reporter: this comes on the heels of another recent recall for power switches which could ignite. despite this, loyal toyota customers tell us, they're not worried. >> they take care of it. >> reporter: one way to find out if your prius is on the recall list is to go to your registration form, get the vin number, go to toyota's website for owners. there's a spot where you can enter this vin number, and it will let you know whether your prius is on that recall list. reporting live in fremont, amber lynn, ktvu, channel 2 news. we have new information tonight in our ongoing investigation of questionable expenditures by officials at the port of oakland, it seems what we've previously found is just the tip of the iceberg.
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an internal awe dut shows 200, to $400,000 in questionable spending on travel and other expenses. a source tells us, as many as 11 port employees are now implicated. earlier this weekk the port's director, omar benjamin resigned following a report that linked him to a $200 tab at a strip club. happening now, a small group of protesters camping out at mission bay campus. they want the uc regents to lower tuition. students are encouraged by the remarks. the meeting continues tomorrow at the ucff campus. after years of grim news,
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california's economic outlook is looking brighter tonight. the nonpartisan legislative budget analyst says the state is now facing a much smaller deficit in the coming year. it's estimated at $1.9 billion well below the $13 billion previously projected. the legislative analysts praises prop 30. democrats have secured a so- called super majority in the state senate and assembly. the democrats have a 2/3 majority, allowing them to pass bills without having the support of republicans. it is the first time that's happened since the 19th century. tonight, at 10:45, an auction raising money for state coffers. how you can participate in the bidding for much more than just cars. a war of words waging tonight between the white house
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and top republicans. president obama bristled and senators, for their criticism of u.n. ambassador rice. five days after the attack in benghazi, libya. rice said it appeared an anti- muslim film sparked protests that got out of hand. the republicans say they don't trust rice and the president is defending her. >> for them to go after the u.n.ambassador who had nothing to do with benghazi. and was simply making a presentation on intelligence she had received, and to besmirch her reputation is outrageous. >> rice's name has been mentioned as a possible successor to hillary clinton. senator mccain says he will do anything to block her confirmation. the ceos of ten major corporations went to the white
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house and discussed with the president the looming fiscal cliff. president obama and the ceos talked for about an hour, but specific details were not revealed. on wall street, stocks fell sharply again today. the dow industrials lost 185 points. the nasdaq dropped 37 today. both the nasdaq and dow are now at their lowest levels since last june. in 14 minutes, the president's first comments on the general petraeus sex scandal and concerns that it may distract from other issues. she is staying. congresswoman nancy pelosi says she plans to continue as house democratic leader for two more years. heather holmes is live in berkely. >> reporter: a lot of people tonight talking about the question that a reporter asked pelosi about her age.
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now nancy pelosi is 72. so is the man here on the right. senate majority leader harry reid. but only pelosi was asked if she's too old to lead. >> i have made a decision to submit my name to my colleagues to once again serve as the house democratic leader. >> reporter: the mood in the room went from upbeat to tense when a reporter suggested the decision prevents new and younger leaders from rising up the ranks. >> next! next. oh, you've always asked that question except to mitch mcconnell. >> some of her female colleagues booed. >> it's quite offensive, but you don't realize that i guess. >> reporter: pelosi became the first female speaker of the
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house in 2007, then went on to talk about her work to elect new, and younger people to congress. >> why are we talking about whether she's old enough, or too old to do it? >> reporter: melissa murray says it represents the double standard part of public life. >> this is a long standing kind of narrative, white men get more distinguished, women just get old and decrepit. >> reporter: often talked about for their appearance, rather than their accomplishments. >> these are things that don't get talked about when men are the subjects. we talk about their actions, their policies, not about their pant suits or their hairstyles. >> reporter: back to that controversial question. pelosi's answer? no. ktvu, channel 2 news. tracking clouds and rain, using stormtracker 2 to show you when the first in a series of storms will reach your area. >> in 90 seconds, they claim to
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be accepting your hard earned
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tonight's special report is a cautionary warning. spending 4 months investigating a group, and we learned they're padding their pockets, but not
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for the charity they represent. >> reporter: giver beware. you give, but where does your money go? how do you know? >> do you feel bad that you're collecting under false pretenses? if you're legitimate, why are you running a way? >> reporter: we taked this woman, who calls herself dei collecting money for rosily house. she told her produce, it was a shelter for homeless, or battered women or children. >> what shelter do you work for? >> the rosily house. >> where is that? >> in santa claire county. >> she's conning people. >> reporter: this shopper contacted us. we watched dei arrive before dawn to get a spot in front of a coveted target store and stay until well after dark. we saw people give her money, lots of it. in return, she gave them a sucker. >> i'd say maybe 10, $15.
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we don't have a lot to give. >> reporter: for four months we dug deeper and found the story was much bigger than this one woman. what appears to be a ring right out of a dickens' novel, operating for two years. >> i know it's a scam. >> reporter: he was recruited by the same folks. >> on the collections, it's a 60/40 split. >> you get 60, they get 40. >> reporter: with the zero left for the charities, he says are nonexistent. >> i was hungry, and i was broke. but i wasn't that broke. >> reporter: we visited the real rosalee house in san francisco, spelled slightly different, for survivers of domestic violence. folks there say they have great need, and the street solicitors are robbing them of donations. they complainted to target, and the district attorney in san
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jose, but nothing happened. >> it's frustrating to not have somebody handle it in an appropriate manner. >> reporter: target and other stores put up signs asking customers not to give. >> i said who is this lady. they said they don't want her. they said call the cops and i did. >> did the plus come? >> no. >> reporter: san jose police spokesman used to work in fraud. he says the unit has gone from eight to two detectives. >> i spent probably the most amount of hours on a fraud case only to find out the punishment they received was far less than some violent criminal received, and they got away with a lot more money. >> reporter: street officers don't check to see if the tax id number is valid. in this case it isn't. the number is for a city business license you get online. the person who runs the office told us, the information you submit, even your name is not vary fied. if they had checked like we
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did, at the location listed for rosalee house, they would find this motel, and folks who say they've never heard of it. >> is it stealing? >> reporter: i would say it is. sharon miller spent three decades working with the homeless and domestic violence victims. she was suspicious when she saw a man collecting for rosalee house. not the one she knew in san francisco. she called willie mcmillan to see if there was shelter space for one of her pregnant clients. >> he said well we do work with individuals. we do get them into motels, but we're out of money now. >> reporter: when i called willie, he asked why i was picking on him. he said he would call me back with his tax id number and an attorney would call me. no one has. as for dei, when she saw us coming, she grabbed the money lock box and suckers. >> you are the boss, not me.
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>> willie is the boss? >> reporter: loaded them into her car, a bmw, and sped away. hitting a shopping cart as she went. in san jose, rita williams, channel 2 news. san san jose police say since we contacted them, they're now looking into alleged charity scams. to find out the number, go to andlike for the story on the special reports tab. you can also learn how to verify tax exempt charities before you give them your money. honored by his hometown. we told you how ryan wanted to become an eagle scout, but was rejected because he was revealed to be gay. >> i love you guys. this is my community. and this is such an honor,
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thank you so much. >> he created a wall of power. he said the place where he was once bullied is now a place of inspiration. redwood city police are looking for an 11-week-old puppy missing after a home burglary. i want to show you a picture here of gus. police say he was stolen during the burglary on monday. the thieves also took jewelry and electronics. the puppy is wearing a blue, bone shaped id tag with his name, and owner's contact information. workers worked on erosion control as they worked to clean up a muddy mess in daly city. crews stabilized that hillside when a water main broke. crews also dug a so-called v ditch to divert the rain into a storm drain. officials say the fix is temporary until the wet weather passes. a permanent solution is still
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several weeks away. out in the pacific, we've got two weather systems. system number 1 shows up late tomorrow, system number 2 comes from the north. we have mostly clear skies out there now at 10:00. watch the clouds increase. as we get into tomorrow morning, partly cloudy. as you get into the afternoon, thursday afternoon, mostly cloudy. you see some areas of green popping up, and just offshore. this is the first, in a series of systems that will impact the west coast over the next few days. i'll have all the details. i'll roll this model into saturday, and sunday as well. when i come back at 10:45, your complete forecast with the latest computer model forecast, showing your rain headed our way as we head into tomorrow night a and friday. it is the world's largest passenger air ship. why it's operator is now pulling the plug on aerial tours of the bay area. >> at first, president obama breaks his silence on the growing cia scandal, as calls
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the senate house intelligence committees have begun their investigation of the david petraeus affair. interviews today behind closed doors, as rob roth reports, president obama made his first public remarks since the cia director resigned last friday. in his first press conference since his reelection, the first question was about the sex scandal involving former cia director, david petraeus. >> i have no evidence at this point, from what i've seen, that classified information was disclosed that in any way would
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have had a negative impact on our national security. >> reporter: word from washington is petraeus has agreed to testify this week, possibly as soon as tomorrow, before a congressional inquiry into the deadly attacks in benghazi. republicans began calls for a watergate style investigation into the attacks. >> what did the president know? when did he know it? and what did he do about it? >> reporter: reports also surfaced that the fbi found classified military documents at the home of paula broadwell. her security clearance was suspended. jill kelley, the woman who touched off the initial fbi investigation has had her pass to enter an air force base suspended indefinitely. even with the swirling scandal, president obama has far more pressing matters on his plate says henry brady. >> most of the people in the white house are sitting around saying, let's just let this
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take its course, people are going to complain and make noise, but let's focus on the big important thing, which is this fiscal cliff. >> reporter: now with the petraeus scandal, one more item has been added to the president's agenda. appoint a new director of the cia. in berkely, rob roth, ktvu, channel 2 news. the lights are finally back on at san francisco's city hall tonight and the building's dome is lit up once again. the whole power was restored at 7:15 this evening, following a fire in a basement electrical vault last night. when city hall opened there was still no power on the third and fourth floors. as for the cause of the electrical power that has not been pinpointed. the stick will hopefully stay lit on monday night when the niners host the bears. pg and e says it has taken precautions to make sure there is no repeat of last year. that was the power outage during a monday night game. since then, it has installed new wiring, replaced old switch
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boxes, and upgrated light control systems. pg and e also plans to have a mobile command site on hand during the game. the zeppelin named eureka first took flight in 2008. it's been takek people on sight seeing tours and doing advertising since then. but the company says it's been grounded by a combination of factors, including a recession, a worldwide helium shortage, and the lack of a long term sponsor. ahead tonight, a deal to create thousands of jobs in san francisco. also, concerns about a popular energy drink and the investigation into whether it's connected into more than a dozen deaths. woman: oh! tully's. how do you always have my favorite coffee? well, inside the brewer, there's a giant staircase.
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and the room is filled with all these different kinds of coffee and even hot cocoa. and you'll always find your favorite. woman #2: with so many choices, keurig has everyone's favorite. i just press this button. brew what you love, simply. keurig.
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new at 10:00, a report out says california is number 1 when it comes to residents living in poverty. one woman's struggle just to have the bare necessities. >> reporter: friend, second harvest food bank opened this second location just because of the need. and according to this new report today, the number of needy has gone up. >> inside this two bedroom home. >> once we turn it up, the bill will go up about $100. >> reporter: the mother wore layers because she doesn't want to turn on the heat. she's never been as financial strapped as she is today. >> we pay the rent weekly, so we don't get too far behind. >> reporter: 49 million people are living below the poverty line in the u.s., or 16% of the
12:00 am
population. california has the highest rate in the country, partly because of the high cost of living and immigrant population. >> these people are your neighbors. >> reporter: the figures don't surprise those who work at this food bank. from after the recession hits, the number of people we served increased nearly 50%. >> reporter: the news also doesn't surprise the head of this south bay homeless shelter. >> we opened our waiting list from our center in st. martin. we had 100 police families overnight, sleeping overnight, just to be on the list. >> reporter: while this san jose resident may be short on cash she tries to fill herself up with gratitude. >> i was in the shower yesterday and i said it is so cold. i am so lucky to have this shower, right across the street, you probably saw, people sleep there every night. so you know, i'm just, there's just walls that separate us. >> reporter: according to the survey, people 65 and older,
12:01 am
hispanics and city dwellers are the people most likely to be struggling. more than 12 deaths could be related to the caffeinated drink five hour energy. >> five hour energy, hours of energy now, no 2:30 feeling later. >> the food and drug administration says it's received reports of 13 deaths since 2008 all fighting the possible involvement of the energy drink. the fda stresses there is no evidence linking it to the deaths. but the agency is continuing to investigate reports. the energy drink maker says the drink is safe when used as directed. people in san francisco against a proposed ban on nudity in the city, rallied in the nude outside city hall today, before filing a federal lawsuit, challenging the opposed ban. opponents say the ban would deprive them of their freedom of expression. the proposed ban does allow for some public nudity at festivals
12:02 am
in the city. this was orientation day for new members of congress. even for those who's races aren't final yet. they included democrat omni bara who is leading dan lundgren. >> congressman lundgren handled this with grace. >> the committee that he chairs was in charge of today's freshman orientation. they will be sworn into office in early january. people who live in a small reddwood city marina are appealing a decision to allow condominiums to be built on the 13-acre site. the city's planning commission approved it last month. but residents argue it's too dense for that area, and is
12:03 am
inconsistent with the city's general plan. the marina is privately owned, and the owner says they signed leases, acknowledging the land was for sale. those residents are facing a january 15th eviction date. the golden state warriors took a step to building a new arena on the waterfront. that agreement calls for 25% of the construction staff to be filled by san francisco residents. that's not all. >> what's more? we're agreeing that 50% of the apprentice level work will go to local residents in launching our helmets to hard hats program that the mayor referenced to help returning veterans. >> the warriors plan to privately finance the arena along piers 30 and 32, which is next to the bay bridge. there is opposition though from people who are questioning the deal. they also say the arena will take away views, and lead to
12:04 am
traffic problems. for the sixth consecutive month, bay area home prices are showing a year over year increase. according to data quick. the median price for new and existing homes and condominiums in the bay area. sales were up 21% compare today a year ago. starbucks has bought tivana for $627 million. the coffee giant says it sees a growing market for tee. the purchase is expected to close by the end of the year. facebook stock rose today even as 800 million more shares became available. these are shares owned by employees and investors who were legally barred from selling them until today. even with today's rally, the stock is worth about 60% of its initial public offering price of $38 a share.
12:05 am
facebook chairs closed at $22.38 today. that's a gain of more than 12%. doctors told her to eat 6,000 calories a day. the record that a northern california woman broke in the delivery room. back here in 10 minutes, we've got rain headed your way. the latest computer model. >> up first, a
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a freeway isn't where the pilot of this small plane wanted to land, but he says he had no choice. he said he was testing a new engine when it lost power.
12:08 am
luckily, he found a hole in traffic. three hours later, the plane was fixed, and he was flying again. 150 pg and e workers are back home again following restoring power after superstorm sandy. they said they helped crews restore power to 23,000 customers. electricity has now been restored to all but a few small pockets of the city. some long island residents need to obtain a certificate before their power can be turned on. a cap and trade program today that allows businesses to buy and sell credits for greenhouse gas emissions. they can buy credits to offsell when they go above limits. air quality officials say they're waiting until next week to reveal just how many companies participated, and what each paid. the cap and trade program is part of trying to reduce
12:09 am
greenhouse gases to 1990 levels. a cut in pay. timothy white requested that his salary be 10% lower than the current chancellor's, citing csu's budget problems. today, they approved his salary at $380,000 a year. the recommended salary was $421,000. white is set to take over at the end of the year. news of the world tonight in the middle east, an air strike killed a commander of hamas in the gaza strip. at least 10 other palestinians were killed, including two children. israel says it may send ground forces into gaza. the palestinian group is vowing
12:10 am
retaliation. thousands of synchronized protests. europeans complain unemployment is rising, and the economies are getting worse, and they see no hope for change. in beijing, the communist party selected a new ruler to guide the country for the next ten years. he will be the party's general secretary and will oversea the people's liberation army. he's expected to assume power next march. the owner of a pharmacy linked to a deadly nationwide meningitis outbreak appears before lawmakers on capitol hill today, but he refused to answer any questions. barry cadden is the cofounder of the new england command center. he exercised his fifth amendment right. 42 people have died. others have gotten sick from injections distributed by the massachusetts pharmacy. a sacramento woman has set
12:11 am
a new record for giving birth to the world's heaviest set of triplets. britney dean gave birth to three healthy baby boys. their total weight of 20 pounds exceeds the previous record by more than a pound. the couple say they were stunned when they learned they were expecting triplets. >> i saw the ultrasound. i can kind of read them so i saw there was two and i started crying when the doctor said here's baby three. the commercial crab season begins. when the first catch should be available. plus, goods up for auction. what we found monday hundreds of cars. >> need an extra bathroom? you can get one on wheels that is well used. >> our chief meteorologist bill martin is tracking heavy rain on the
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12:14 am
hundreds of bargain hunters gathered to see what kind of deals could be found at the governor's mandated house cleaning. the trash and treasures at the third state auction. >> 2200, buyer number. >> reporter: how many places can you buy a car? once driven by the chp? what about a dump truck, or a bathroom on wheels, well used. the list goes on and on. >> this is the third auction as a result of the order of the governor to eliminate all nonessential vehicles. >> 2002 dodge intrepid. >> reporter: hundreds of people
12:15 am
bid on more than 240 cars, trucks and more. >> we have resellers, a lot of different types of people out here today. >> reporter: random is a good word for what you find here. sedans, and cement mixers. an airbus. >> do you need to do some heavy lifting? pick up a forklift. >> reporter: with this one, you could actually start your own business. you could actually own your own garbage truck. many of the cars sold here today are working. ron has parked himself in a pickup truck, that won't start. >> i have no idea what i'm getting. it could cost me $5,000 to get it running. it it could cost me $100 to get it running, who knows? >> reporter: the state has sold more than 1,000 vehicles in three auctions netting more than $1 million, with 6,000
12:16 am
sales to go. in davis, kent pritchett, ktvu, channel 2 news. at we've posted more information about california's auto auctions, just look for the web links section about halfway down on the front page. three san francisco based private car dispatching services were slapped with violations today. they were fined for not having proper permits. also, taxi cab drivers filed a lawsuit against uber, claiming the company unfairly takes fares away from them. in less than two hours, commercial crabbing begins from bodega bay to half moon bay. bay area fishermen today hurried to load their boats with 40-pound pots. they agreed on a higher price than last year. $3 a pound. and people who are waiting for
12:17 am
that fresh crab are excited. >> i come here every year, actually, i just drove three hours to come here and have a $32 crab. because there's nothing like it. >> reporter: this year, the majority of the dungeonous crab will be caught before christmas. people can expect to see fresh crab in local markets by this friday. more than a week before thanksgiving. skiers and snowboarders were already carving the paths in lake tahoe. staff at the resort say they had planned to open on friday, but with the help of snow making machines and mother nature, they were able to open two days earlier. they hope the incoming snow will allow them to open even more lifts this weekend. a nice warm day today. temperatures into the 70s in some spots. as you can see from live stormtracker 2, showing clouds right now. things are changing around.
12:18 am
here's system number 1. here's system number 2. system number 1 gets in here as we go into tomorrow night, friday morning. it's a low latitude storm. see how far south it is? system number 2 is coming from the polar regions. that gets here over the night saturday night into sunday morning. system number 1 wetter. system number 2 cooler. that makes sense right? as we go into the next few days, that's what's happening. the atmosphere is changing around. we're going into an unsettled weather climate. looking for scattered showers as we head into friday. clouds increase tomorrow. not a bad day. maybe some drizzle late in the afternoon. then overnight thursday, into friday morning the showers start. friday morning's commute looks like it's going to be a little bet wet out there. friday afternoon's commute looks like it's going to be wet. that's friday. thursday looks nice. today was a nice day, tomorrow will be a nice day. then we get into system number 1 friday. maybe a half inch of rain in the heavy locations. that will be the coastal hills.
12:19 am
because it's got a lot of moisture, that is going to bump up against the coast and it's going to drain. we're going to see maybe a half inch in the santa cruz mountains. maybe a half inch around the boulder creek area and north. system number 2 coming from the north. that means snow levels will drop. not drastically. the heaviest rain with a frontal path. it's going to come in with a frontal passage overnight. bringing wind saturday night into sunday morning. as it is stands now, it looks like saturday, not half bad. until you get into saturday night, sunday morning. sunday, not half bad. sunday morning is going to start to clear out a little bit. it's an overnight event. this next system friday is basically all day friday. thursday at 5:00, there's the clouds tomorrow night. they're going to fill in. tomorrow night, late and early fry morning, here come the widely scattered moist showers.
12:20 am
around 6:00, the heaviest rain. the morning commute, afternoon commute on friday, kind of wet. then you get your break. late friday night starts to break out. here comes saturday. that system moves off. here comes saturday night's system. five-day forecast coming up, just shows that. we'll try to dial in the timing a little better. i'll be back tomorrow. i think it's going to be close to this timing. not half bad. there will be showers in and about your bay area weekend. friday should be wet all day. >> kind of a 1-2 punch. >> thank you bill. people magazine has crowned its newest sexiest man alive. this year's honor goes to actor channing tatum. this is the scene from the summer's movie, magic mike. he is also a sculptor who loves to quote edgar allen poe. last year, people magazine named bradley cooper the sexy
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lance armstrong's cancer fighting foundation has dropped him from from their name. it will now be called the livestrong fountaination. mark is here now with sports. warriors in action.
12:25 am
not a bad night for them. >> a little glimpse why they probably won't turn out as the same old story this year. their number 1 draft choice looking legitimate. harrison barnes helps them overcome just a horrific shooting night. no doubt, impressing the hall of fame coach, don nelson. the last man to lead one warrior team into the postseason. atlanta in town tonight. david lee, his usual workman like effort. strong to the bucket. warriors up 8 at the half. we go to thompson. machine gunner thompson. 2 of 11 from the floor. clanked there. but there's barnes, slipping through to hammer it down. tight until the end. curry, who was only 4 of 12 shooting does get that to go. the warriors will take it 92-88 over the hawks. they're 4-4 in the early going.
12:26 am
baseball's heavy hardware coming out this week. most valuable player coming out tomorrow. the cy young today. the first knuckle baller ever to win it. that would be new york's r.a. dickey sporting a 20-6 record for new york this year. also, the first met to win it since dwight gooden back in 1985. the american league winner not exactly a household name pitching, but relative obscurity in tampa. certainly, highly regarded in baseball circles. david price was 20-5 for the rays. he edges out justin verlander for baseball's highest honor for a pitcher. boy concussed quarterbacks. just about a pandemic status around the nfl right now. both quarterbacks in monday's match up in question at the stick. jay cutler for the bears. alex smith for the niners. he was cleared for noncontact drills today.
12:27 am
that is far from an okay to play on monday. this is the play that he actually said he was concussed on. especially when you listen to why smith felt it was necessary for him to come out of the game. you see why he did. >> when you can't see, and see well, it's 22 guys screaming around out there, and you know, you see bits and pieces of things, flashes of things and those all help you make decisions. all of a sudden, it was a bunch of stuff out there that i couldn't make out. i just felt like i couldn't help the team at all. >> a little scary when you can't see. baseball to baseball. big money free agent signings trickling in. detroit spending big to reel in outfielder tori hunter. $26million for 3 years. a lot of jack for a 37-year- old. but they feel he's got a little something left. that's the sporting night for a wednesday night. >> a lot of jack. >> i like that. thanks mark. thank you for trusting ktvu
12:28 am
channel 2 ne [ female announcer ] welcome one and all
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