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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  December 6, 2012 11:30pm-12:30am PST

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the san francisco health department issues a warning to gay men about the spread of a communicable disease. good evening i'm ken wayne. >> and i'm julie haener. it is a meningitis outbreak but it's not happening here. still the health center takes it serious enough to issue a
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warning. >> reporter: they say an unusually high number of meningitis cases have been reported until the brooklyn area and it's affecting gay men. san francisco may be thousands of miles from the big apple but health officials here worry that a quick plane ride might land bay area travelers right in the heart of meningitis outbreak in new york city. >> we know there's lots of travel between the two cities. >> reporter: dr. susan phillips is with the san francisco health department. she says new york has had 16 cases of menengococal disease. the cases involve men in areas of brooklyn who are have had intimate contact with other men. >> it's due to a bacterium and it is passed by a very close personal contacts. secretions of any kind including saliva. >> reporter: gay men traveling to new york should get a
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vaccine if they have planning to have sex with men there. >> men who met partners online, at parties. >> awareness is good but i don't think they should be scaring people to travel. >> reporter: travelers should know they won't pick up the disease by simply sitting next to someone. >> this is definitely not airborne. not a concern of someone sitting next to someone on an airplane. it really requires a close contact with a secretion. >> there's no increase here. ken and julie there's also no indication to the nationwide outbreak the related to the lab. more details on bacterial
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meningitis. the illness can cause serious complications including brain damage, hearing loss and in some cases death. symptoms include nausea and vomiting. protesters took their fight to san francisco. protesters stormed the third street bank in the city this morning shutting the bank down for hours. many say they've dealt with foreclosures personally. >> the banks were bailed out and basically the homeowners were not given the same care and fast action by congress or anyone else, laws need to change so that people have time to save their homes. >> reporter: wells fargo says tomorrow and saturday the lender will begin granding $5 million in down payment assistance for perspective home
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buyers who qualify. the national football league is reportedly considering a rule change to eliminate kick off. league officials say the play produces the game's most violent collision. amber lee is live at the coliseum where fans told us what they thought with tonight's game against the denver broncos. >> reporter: tonight every person told us they are opposed to any change to how the game is played. >> i want to see my boys crush manning that's what i want to see. >> reporter: these football fans knew they came to see their beloved team and denver quarterback peyton manning one of the game's best. but many fans didn't know that the national football team is thinking about getting rid of
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the kick off. >> what a collision. >> reporter: it's the play that start it is game. the second half and follows each touchdown and field goal. >> to eliminate the kick off, i don't know why we would eliminate the kick off. >> reporter: in this week's time magazine cover story, roger goodell brings up the idea to make the game safer. >> they better not. no. >> reporter: the thomases live in sacramento and are the proud parents of thomas of the denver broncos. >> don't be out to hurt, be out to play the game. >> it's football. pain is part of the game. injury is part of the game. i was a football player, i broke my leg in half playing football. straightened it out. got up and kept going. >> others say football wouldn't be the same without kick off. >> it changes the game.
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it would be called powder puff football. >> reporter: while fans we spoke with unanimously opposed the idea of getting rid of football. some in the league support it saying it'll be only a period of time before the kick off is supported. amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. >> the nfl also says it is ready to help the raiders build a new stadium in oakland. commissioner roger goodell says the league is willing to contribute money to get it accomplished. goodell also said the raiders could share the arena. the addition of two steel beams hoisted in position today. the dow rose 39 points, the nasdaq was up 15. investors continue to watch washington and talks on the so called fiscal cliff. november job numbers are also due out tomorrow.
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jobless claims fell sharply last week. the labor department said applications fell to 370,000. claims had temporarily spiked last month after superstorm sandy. analysts say the effects of the storm are still being seen in the four week average which stands at 408,000. there is new information tonight about an albany middle school teacher who killed himself after being accused of sex allegations. 28-year-old james isam saki killed himself in september after police arrested him and searched his home. since then there has been debate about the extent of the crimes. according to court documents unsealed today, he exchanged thousands of flirtatious messages with an under aged student along with open mouth kissing and fondling on campus. police say there were several victims. police in mountain view
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have just released photos of an i.d. theft woman. the woman is impersonating a customer in downtown maintain view. the woman made unauthorized withdraws totaling $20,000. they are now asking for the public's help in identifing the woman. we have new details about a 50-year-old woman who was shot and killed tuesday night while out on her bicycle near her berkeley home. as ktvu's cara liu tells us, they suspect she was confronted while running errands. >> reporter: friends and family come to out to pay their respects to mullen. >> i hate it had to happen to someone like that. she loved her family. anything she needed. >> reporter: mullens was gunned down late tuesday night next to long fellow living school. the crime only a block from her apartment. her family says she was likely riding her bike home from a quick trip to the store. >> all we know is people were saying she was arguing with a
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man and woman. i hope they catch whoever did it because that was wrong. she did not deserve to be shot down and her head left out laying in the rain. >> everybody is in shock out here. she was well known for everyone. >> reporter: mullens worked as a care giver. neighbors say she had only lived here for several months but was well known by the commune tip. >> i have a special needs daughter, and they just clicked from the very beginning. >> she was a dresser, she loved to dress. somebody just took someone's life. when you take someone's life, you're not only taking theirs but to the family that loves them so much. >> reporter: several good samaritans left notes for pam, including this one that said they did everything they could
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the night she was shot. causing the problem was the red car there that stalled mid- way past the bridge. only one lane was able to get by until a tow truck removed that car. a woman is recovering in a nevada hospital tonight after being stranded for six days in the snow covered sierra. 46-year-old paula lane of me nevado was found by her brother. lane's boyfriend did not survive the ordeal. the couple left their home but their car got stuck while sightseeing. cliffton left the vehicle to search for help but never returned. lane eventually left the car to get help. she survived in severe conditions.
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>> he said she's here, she's safe. i found her, i found her. i can't explain it to you guys. >> reporter: lane is now being treated for exposure and frostbite. but doctors say she is expected to make a full recovery. her boyfriend's body was found in heavy snow. >> the weekend is so close. i'll have the time line for conditions you can expect tomorrow and the start of your weekend. >> targeting bad police behavior using utility bills why some officers don't li [ female announcer ] for those who love sweets, your season is here.
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new at 10:00, san jose residents are getting a surprise with their utility bill. san francisco police say they are outraged by the new mailer. >> reporter: the person who sent it out said it's a brilliant way to educate new people. the first of its kind mailer was sent out inside utility bills to 194,000 san jose households this week. the headline asks if you have a concern or complaint about san jose police, then provide a number you can call. >> this is a good department but every department, every agency, every organization can be better. >> reporter: independent police auditor who put out the flier says she's required to do outreach. adding this new method reaches more people than a community
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meeting. >> we do the best we can and that means we have to think creatively. >> that's really the slap in the face. >> reporter: but the san jose police officers union questions the timing as the department faces low moral, a high homicide rate and a dwindling force. >> we have six officers leaving this week. bringing our force dwindling down to less and less every day. it's kind of odd timing that this would be the item that we reach out to residents on. >> reporter: tonight we asked some san jose residents what they thought about the mailer. >> i think they do an excellent job. i don't think they have anything to fear, really. >> do you think you will notice it? >> no i will probably just throw it away. >> if there is a concern. i think citizens just typically just complain without having to be prompted. >> reporter: on the flip side the auditor says if you want to compliment an officer you can do that by going to the san jose police department's home page. reporting live in san jose, maureen naylor, ktvu channel 2 news.
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one oakland leader now speaking out about that deal announced yesterday to keep the police department out of federal receivership. >> this is in my opinion, even tied hands of the police officer men and women to do their job. >> reporter: councilman ignacio de la fuente said. the agreement is a result of the writers case in which there were allegations of abuse by the opd. the deal will still needs a judge's approval. san francisco police department filed suit against a body repair service. vasquez told ktvu he hasn't done anything illegal.
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the state attorney general filed suit against delta airlines saying the company's mobile app violates california privacy law. the flight delta app collecting personal information. the suit aims to stop delta from distributing the app until it posts such a policy. the lawsuit is also seeking $2,500 per violation. a delta spokesperson said he can't comment on pending litigation. tonight at 10:30, trouble at a horizon. the long simmering labor pursuit that might come to a head as travel ramps up. apple's ceo tim cook said in a broadcast interview today the company will produce an existing line of mac computers in the united states starting next year. he didn't say which one or where the assembly plant would be located. apple has faced a lot of criticism over working conditions at some of its
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chinese facilities. attorneys for apple and samsung are duking it out again. today samsung asked a judge in san jose to throw out or revise a billion dollar judgment. while apple argued that the punishment did not go far enough. after the worse drop in four years, apple shares were up more than $8 today. shares closed at $547.24. then added a few more cents in after hours trading. the bizarre saga involving john mcafee got a bit stranger today. the founder who was on the run from belize was caught in guatemala after he was denied
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asylum. >> they're trying to arrest me for coming into the country illegally. merely a move to stop me. >> reporter: but instead of being back in belize. mcafee is hospitalized in guatemala after his attorney said he suffered a medical emergency. >> he had two heart attacks last night. >> reporter: mcafee had a different story. a government doctor who examined him agreed saying his heart rhythm and blood pressure were normal. mcafee arriving in guatemala after refusing to speak to authorities in belize about the shooting death of his neighbor. he thinks the murder is a home invasion gone wrong and he says he thinks the belize government wants to kill him. >> it's a convenient thing for
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him. the next door neighbor got killed now we can do something. we can get him. >> reporter: the belize police deny they want to kill him calling him bonkers. in miami, phil keating, fox news. a stretch of highway 1 is still closed and will remain closed at least until tomorrow at noon. traffic is barred for about 5 miles between jenner and timber cove. detours are in place. low clouds and fog are trying to form out there right now. the temperatures are dropping. the forecast overnight lows are in the upper 30s and low 40s. coincidentally dewpoint temperatures are in the low 40s. most areas like napa. vallejo, concord, you're going to hit your dewpoint
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temperature. if you haven't hit it yesterday you will shortly. when that dewpoint temperature gets reached you get fog. we're seeing a lot of fog on the east side of the sacramento valley. it'll start working its way back in. the fog is going to be an issue for your morning and if you're traveling back into the central valley. it was back out there yesterday morning, it'll be back into the valley. i think we will see more dense pockets of fog out toward the san ramon area as well. when i come back, that's the fog, you're thinking about the weekend. i'll have the complete weekend forecast we'll see you back here in a few minutes. this was the night to combine fun and charity in san francisco.
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contra costa sheriff's investigators say a man found dead alongside interstate 680 last night had been strangled to death. the body was found near a homeless encampment between concord and pleasant hill. investigators identify the victim as 47-year-old gerald
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negal. they said he had been homeless for years. another homeless man 38-year- old james riley was arrested on suspicious of murder. officials say the two had been fighting at the encampment. police in belmont announced an arrest today in connection with a shooting on highway 101 that injured three people in late september. investigators say 18-year-old eric vargas of palo alto fired multiple shots at a red dodge charger. the charger crashed. two people were wounded by the gunfire and a third was injured by the accident. police arrested vargas yesterday in redwood city on charges including attempted murder. they say he may have targeted the charger because of a dispute or road rage incident. the highway patrol says its investigators tracked down and arrested three men in connection with a string of armed robberies on the cardenas toll bridge. a series of unrelated events led to the break in the case. >> it is a job that has its dangerous, a toll booth worker
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but at the cardenas bridge that has been true with armed robbers hitting this location repeatedly. >> in several occasions they were wearing masks and they're hard to identify. >> reporter: but matt whirl says three young men have been identified and arrested. white and miller. the investigation which spans two counties was made for difficult because the robbers used stolen cars. the chp had help on the use of traffic checks. and a series of car burglaries led the napa county sheriff department to issue search warrants on suspects. evidence found in those homes was linked to the toll booth robbery. >> we found evidence linking them to several crimes in
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several different counties. >> what is unknown is how many toll booth robberies will be linked to the suspects or if more arrests will be made. >> i hope so. but at this point it's still ongoing. >> reporter: the chp says these crimes came with a lot of risks and very little reward. the robbers made off with about $5,000 and that spread out over 10 separate robberies. in vallejo, ken pritchett. a 40,000-pound fin whale has washed ashore and officials don't know how to remove it. the city of malibu and the county and the state all say it's not their jurisdiction. late today officials said that toying the the caucus to see is no longer an option. arresting a bay area nursing home, the alleged financial fraud and how it was uncovered by an outsider. but
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the port of oakland could soon be dealing with another strike. but the t's concession workers at the airport threatening to walk off the job during one of the busiest times of year. ktvu's eric rasmussen to explain why the dispute center who are not part of the union. >> reporter: we're told that 1/3 of the service workers are nonunion. and at least half of them have said that they've been threatened or even fired for going to a union. and tonight they made that
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threat loud and clear. outside port of oakland headquarters. more than two dozen union members demanded what they called justice for about 100 nonunion coworkers at the airport who share their stories with board members upstairs. >> i don't get my break until 10 pháeups before i have to leave. >> without sick days, without over time pay, without breaks. >> reporter: arkeema says she was fired from subway at the oakland airport for complaining about conditions on the job. >> who's going to support me? i have to pay my rent. i have to pay my food. i dropped all my classes. >> reporter: local 2850 have been without a contract since june and now they've given airport contractor hms host a december 26 deadline to work out a deal and address complaints of nonunion workers or else they could go on strike at the height of christmas travel. >> i am glad a time like the
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holiday season that there's a lot of passengers coming in and out of the airport. people will appreciate the work that concession workers do when they can't buy their candy on the way to grandma's house. >> reporter: a handful of shops and restaurants here at the airport are not required to hire union workers. in the past they've said they're doing nothing wrong. port of oakland officials say they are encouraging all sides to come up with a solution. live in oakland, eric rasmussen. president obama visited a family in virginia who had written to him about the issue. the president said he was encouraged that republicans agonologied the need for additional revenue but he is not backing down on his demand that top earners pay more taxes. >> as i've indicated the only way to get the kind of revenue for a balanced deficit reduction plan is to make sure that we're also modestly increasing rates for people who
12:01 am
can afford it. folks like me. >> instead of 65, it would be 67. polls show many americans are willing to consider that idea. >> the 2012 u.s. presidential race set a new record in campaign spending. finance filings released today show the cost of the race surpassed $2 billion. they include almost $86 million by republican presidential nominee mitt romney in the final weeks of the election. that final paoás -- boost posted the campaign total to a record high. the network grew from july to september. that's a 2.7% increase to $64.8 trillion. network is still prerecession peak. a good reason why the reserve
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will provide better economic stimulus. tonight she is accused of taking advantage of a woman in her care. ktvu's patti lee tells us who finally cracked the case for an elderly victim unable to fend for herself. >> reporter: 49-year-old marianita capra managed marin terrance that is until yesterday when police arrested her. >> we determined there was some odd financial transactions taking place and began investigation to see if there was criminal activity. >> reporter: capra targeted an 83-year-old woman who had no family but did have a financial advisor who reported a strange number of purchases that her client couldn't have made. >> the list compiled was in excess of $40,000 but it may be higher than that. >> reporter: police went
12:03 am
through capra's home and removed ed. - - removed evidence. and are now looking into other evidence. >> we entrust those who are limited to what we consider responsible professionals. >> reporter: advocates for the elderly say better security is needed as well as better oversight. >> who's going to be watching? there should be some sort of checks and balances system in order to protect these people. >> reporter: the new administrator insists the residents are well cared for and that marianita capra is innocent until proven guilty. in mill valley, patti lee. there are new details about a deadly san francisco house fire and a woman who was killed. investigators are still looking for the cause of last night's
12:04 am
fire in the engle district. diane dernott was found dead on the second floor. she was an artist who worked as a waitress near union square. funeral services are set for two inseparable teenage girls who were fatally shot in oakland. funeral services for raquel will be held tomorrow morning. services for bobby will be held saturday at colonial chapel. their bodies were found riddled with bullets. there is no word on any arrests. the facebook postthat has netflix in trouble with the fcc. >> plus the 49ers future now forming in santa clara. the significant milestone reached today. >> it's not too early to look at the bay area weekend. we will do that.
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we will look at the nasty morning fog that you will have
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call it the icing on the cake. the san francisco 49ers placed two gold painted steel beams atop their frame. before the beams were raised the workers got a chance to sign them. it's considered a milestone for the $100 million project. the stadium is set to open for the 2014 season. one person is hospitalized tonight after falling from the third deck of the oakland coliseum. it happened right at the start of tonight's raiders game. police are calling it an accidental fall. they say the person fell to a lower concourse and we're told the victim is male and he is in
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serious condition right now at highland hospital. a new report says dangerous carcinogens have been detected in products used by young children. and some of the highest levels are here in california. the center for environmental health said it's suing a half dozen stores including target, and bed bath and beyond. it tested 20 mats, changing pads and other products for cancer causing flame retardants. only five items contained safe levels. >> it seems there's a sense of implied protection that they have. they're going to sell a safe product. >> reporter: so far the company's named in today's lawsuit have not comment. student test scores show students lagging behind in vocabulary. california's fourth and eight graders scored nine points
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below the national average. california students landed sixth. officials say mastering vocabulary is critical to reading and that california has farther to go than other states. a brief 43 word facebook postby the ceo of netflix may cause the bay area streaming movie company. reed hastings wrote that netflix subscribers were enjoying more than a billion hours of viewing a month. the securities and exchange commission said that information may have violated disclosure rules which aim to protect investors. the fcc is reportedly considering seize and desist order. zynga is said to offer online pocker and casino games in new england. in news of the world in ireland, a new austerity budget
12:10 am
triggered pushing and shoving in dublin. this is the sixth straight budget to contain cuts because of did -- because of dublin's debt. ireland hopes to have its fiscal house in order. in egypt president morsi went on national television and invited the opposition for talks started saturday but he gave no signs of concession. after a night of deadly violence, egyptian tanks controlled the street. president obama also weighed in he called the violence unacceptable. and in london, the dutchess of cambridge left the hospital. she and her husband prince william smiled for the cameras and then headed to the palace. kate is not yet 12 weeks pregnant with the next heir to the throne.
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bay area crabbers hold out for more crabs, outsiders are hauling in dungenous, now there are hard feelings. and bill martin is here with your bay area forecast. the trend that's taking shape over dd
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bay area crab fishermen are on strike tonight because of pricing issues. there's crab out there but not big enough. >> reporter: for some it's a holiday traditional, for others it's all business. >> we depend on a daily supply and demand. >> reporter: today the supply is not there.
12:14 am
>> these tanks are very empty. last week you could not see the bottoms at all. >> we're on strike. >> reporter: tonight an estimated 125 fishing boats from south moon bay to bodgea bay are tied up. >> we have deck hands that need to feed their families as well as we need to feed our own. >> reporter: crab boat owners association says fish brokers want to lower the $3 per pound price that was agreed upon before thanksgiving because consumer demand is down. >> we're trying to get the same thing we started the season for. >> reporter: meantime dennis sturgeo is going against the tide. >> they think the crab in this area belongs to them and they hate anybody that comes down here and catches so called their crab. >> when you have people like this that undercut us and they show disregard for the well beings of their own fellow fishermen it's very discouraging. >> reporter: angel descada says
12:15 am
she can stop her holiday orders but only if the fishermen start fishing. >> this is over a quarter. we're not looking at a $2 split. >> reporter: the president of the crab boat association says talks between the two sides, the brokers as well as the fishermen are ongoing but he does not expect the strike to end by the end of the week. the announcement that fresh and easy may close its chain of grocery stores is hitting one bay area community especially hard. >> here again we start something that's supposed to help our community and then it leaves our community. >> san francisco's bay view district fought hard for a high quality grocery store. it is about the only grocery store in that community. fresh and easy owners announced the chain is for sale or up for closure because of poor financial performance. community leaders say if the store does close they'll try to bring in another quality food
12:16 am
store. hundreds of same-sex couples got marriage licenses today in washington state. legalizing gay marriage took effect. long lines formed outside of state building. they issued more than 800 marriage licenses. washington has a three day waiting period so the earliest weddings can take place is sunday. washington state will recognize same-sex marriages from other states where gay marriages are legal. a rare and deadly tornado has left a path of destruction in the neighborhoods around okland new zealand. about 150 homes were destroyed. this was said to be new zealand's deadliest tornado in more than six decades. there were about seven a year. most do little damage and only last a few minutes. in the philippines, the death toll from tuesday's typhoon rose dramatically. 420 people are confirmed dead and 400 others are missing. most were living in an area
12:17 am
that is highly susceptible to flooding and landslides. the government has tried to encourage it people from living and farming there but many risk everything to try to make a living. we're watching fog form in the central valley. we got really high dewpoints. the fog is starting to kick in. that will have an impact on the morning commute around here and in the eastern valley. we have a doze of fog. i'm going to put it in here, big fog showing up right here right now. then by the morning, expect some decent fog in these north bay valleys. so your morning commute is going to be definitely an issue if you have fog concerns like you did this morning. if you had fog this morning you got it again yesterday morning. if you had it this morning and you're used to seeing it you will see it tomorrow morning. around the bay not so bad but you get up toward the san helena area so much rain the nights are cool. we're not so far from winter
12:18 am
officially beginning. temperature cools to the due point. the dewpoint temperatures tonight is in the 40s. temperatures easily will get into the 40s. and boom, fog forms. low lying area will be denser. and it'll be around the morning when you wake up. here's what's left of the fog. this is actually there it is right there and it formed off. as we go into your friday it'll be around on saturday. but then on sunday the high pressure sets up and the winds start to clock offshore. so this would be a high fire danger in situation if it was october right or even early november. it's going to be a wind event in the higher elevations. 35-mile per our winds. patchy morning fogs but not much because these winds will take care of it. it will also blow cooler air out of the central valleys. so temperatures will be a little cooler in places like fairfield, in brentwood. these are tomorrow's forecast highs. the closer you get to that cool air and low lying inland bay valley. the more you will notice it
12:19 am
instead of low 60s. like you're going to see along the coast we're looking at temperatures in those inland bay valleys you're going to be in the 50s. so the five day forecast comes into play here. tomorrow morning fog, saturday morning fog. sunday it's breezy but notice the temperatures. they get into the 60s on sunday and monday. places like san francisco and oakland places around the bay and at the coast are really going to warm up with that compressional event. inland valley mostly stays in the 60s. a dry weekend after a heck of a rainy period and we're not going to see any rain. the five day is dry so we're going to have a nice break from that. >> sound good. thank you bill. santa clara valley authority is getting $60 million for state funding. state officials approved the funding today to expand facilities in hayward. the plant will be used for
12:20 am
repairs and track work. the project involves a 16-mile extension to san jose, milpitas and santa clara. we have a happy ending to tell you about from our story last night about an animal shelter with too many pets. cona you might remember this 4- year-old dober man pit has been adopted. the shelter says it has a no kill policy. the shelter is offering all its adult animals for just $12 until the end of december. president obama gets into the holiday spirit at the well, well, well.
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growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time. in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows. and if mom was recording her dumb show and dad was recording his dumb show then, by george, that's all we watched. and we liked it! today's kids got it so good. [ male announcer ] get u-verse tv with a total home dvr included free for life. only $29 a month for six months. rethink possible.
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president obama and the first family lit the new national christmas tree this evening. >> ♪ they sang santa claus is coming to town along with the from professional entertainers on hand. a tree that had stood there for decades was lost in a storm two years ago. then another planted last year never took hold so they had to plant a new one. let's hope the third one is the charm. >> fred inglis here to tell us about the raiders.
12:24 am
>> the trouble continues you might say. you know the raiders did play hard. they made some big plays on offense and defense tonight. quarterback carson palmer had a higher passer rating than peyton manning and yet they never came close to upsetting the broncos. and there was a special ceremony. but future hall of fame quarterback peyton manning threw 23-36 310 yards. allen coached against his former team today. three days after his father died in texas. raiders tried to win one for the coach. and here's adams. that's a touch back. sets up oakland's longest touch down drive of the season. an 80-yarder. carson palmer to mcfadden.
12:25 am
denver led 13-7 at halftime. palmer was picked off once. and then loses it on this sack by miller. denver recovers at the two yard line. two plays later they score it. this is becoming a regular part of the raiders mo. score a touchdown just for window dressing. dhb, 56 yards. denver wins its eight in a row. raiders lose a fifth straight 3- 10. capping a very tough week for coach dennis allen. >> i went home on sunday and took my father off life support. and that's not easy to do. so was it hard? yeah it was hard. but i know my father would want me to be here with this football team. and i wanted to be here with this football team. so i'm sure you guys can imagine that it wasn't an easy
12:26 am
situation. >> not at all. >> cal's athletic director says that sonny was her first choice. they need some help on defense but he spent the last three seasons at louisiana tech. but his offense might look different when he brings it to oakland. >> that's what coaching is. adjusting your style of play and your offensive scheme to fit players are and put them in critical situations. >> and the 2013 bashof inductees are announced tonight.
12:27 am
>> raiders losing six straight but that has to be really tough for the head coach. >> thank you, fred. >> fred, thank you. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> right now we have a crew covering a restaurant fire on
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