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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  January 14, 2013 11:30pm-12:30am PST

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good evening. you can really feel fit the air. it's another night of below average temperatures here the bay area, but finally to the end is in sight. we begin, though, in san jose, where amber leave found a woman and her two-year-old child
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still looking for warm place to veep tonight. amber? >> reporter: frank, we're in downtown san jose tonight, and it is very chilly. we found few people out on the streets. a church group ventured out to help those less fortunate than themselves. >> we get to go home, like i said, and they're still out here. >> we found this 23-year-old homeless woman with her two- year-old daughter who told us she doesn't know where they'll be sleeping tonight. she doesn't want to stay at a shelter. advocates say each year up hundreds of homeless people die. >> i've heard of three people in the last week or so in the cold. >> that have died here in san jose. >> open flames, candles, those
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type of things. >> the division chief tells us calls for help go up when the temperature comes down. he recommends space heaters with an alarm that alerts you when it's knocked over, and make sure they're at least three feet from combustible materials. ovens and stoves should not be used to keep your home warm. the 30-year veteran says outdoor heating devices such as these fueled by propane should never be used indoors. these type of devices can cause carbon monoxide poisoning, which in many cases can be fatal. >> they'll go to sleep, and this will eat up most of the oxygen in the room, and they won't know what happened to them. >> reporter: the homeless woman with the child is known to people who work in this area. they tell us she is aplayed go to a shelter for fear her little girl will be taken from her. the woman said she was a foster child herself and has managed
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to survive for the past six years with the help of family and friends. a homeless man in pleasant hill is being treated for burns over most of his body after his tent caught fire. these are pictures of first responders working to air lift the 56-year-old. police say the man told them he had lit a candle inside his tent trying to stay warm. a person saw the man lying in the street around 9:30 and called for help. freezing temperatures cracked pipes this morning. many plummer's businesses have gone un50%. -- up 50%. >> pg & e says the marin county neighborhood will be without power after a redwood toppled
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over around 11:30 this morning. it took out high voltage power lines before landing on a house. neighbors say they heard a person inside that home yelling for help. she escaped unlarged. other people say they thought it was an earthquake. >> it felt like earth movement. the ground moved. so i had no idea. >> 70 homes lost power. 30 are still without electricity tonight. pg & e says power should be returned to those remaining homes by 7:00 tomorrow morning. the bitter chill is returning to the bay area at this hour. some spots already within a few degrees of freezing. take a look at the numbers here. just lost the reading at san francisco, but san francisco still in the 40s. 33 for livermore, as we head into the inland east pay, 33 in walnut creek.
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mid-30s in san ramon. here is a detail on the advisory. starting in the overnight hours and lasting until 9:00, the frost advisory for the bay area. these areas expected to dip into the those the overnight hours. if you are within this tarker shade, that means 20s once again from santa rosa, san rafael, napa, and into the south bay. san jose south into morgan hill, as well as gillroy expected to see 20s once again. when i come back, we'll show you a detailed look at the numbers expected for your neighborhood as you get out tomorrow morning, and i'm tracking a warmup. when we will see some reliever coming up. >> and stay with rosemary and all of our ktvu meteorologists. you'll find their updated forecasts on-line. >> an interim police chief appointed today just days
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before san jose's current chief is set to retire. jerry esquivel is taking over the department during the interim. chief chris moore is set to step down at to the end of the week. there is more time needed to finish the search for the successor. they want to make sure that the next chief is the right fit for san jose. new video of a shooting in east oakland that sent one person to the hospital. police say a man was found suffering from gunshot wounds just before 8:00 tonight on sunkist drive floor core mack avenue. we are told she was shot in the black from a passing vehicle. neighbors say they heard about 30 rounds, and it sounded like an automatic assault rifle. it is unfortunate, but the new year is off a violent start in oakland, and city leaders are blame much of it on a feud. and police say catching them isn't easy. in front of a moorle for an
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oakland victim, oakland's police chief and mayor say they are working to stop the string of violence. >> we know there's probably 1% to 2% of the population causing this violence, and we are focused on them. >> reporter: on saturday and sunday many were wounded in shooting. police say the last four killings all happened on friday, and i peer to be connected to an ongoing feud between rival groups that started when a young woman was killed last summer. >> this group has become increasingly violent. they have grown in numbers, so that's why its difficult to narrow it down to two or three people. it's multiple people. >> reporter: the feuding groups have been responsible for 90% of violent crimes in the city in recent months, including robberies and shootings. religious leaders met with the mayor and police chief today calling on them to declare a formal state of emergency.
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>> i've been pastoring a church for 29 years, and i've november seen it this bad. >> we have 616 officers. 90 of them are either on light duty or can't work at all, period. >> reporter: the chief said today that his plan of action including more police academies to add 60 to 70 officers to the streets. he also plans to here 11 alameda sheriff's deputies, and is requesting continued help from the ch and at -- chp and atf. >> lance armstrong has finally admitted that he cheated during his bike racing career. armstrong taped an interview with oprah winfrey, but first he showed up at the ost, texas, headquarters of the livestrong foundation, which is the cancer charity he founded. a publicist said that armstrong
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tearfully apologized to the staff, and then later he reportedly confessed to oprah that he did use performance enhancing drugs to help him win the tour de france. >> the 49ers are now one win away from going to their 6th super bowl. whose got it better right now than bay area sports fans? >> reporter: well, borrowing from coach harbaugh, nobody! fans say this is a golden era in bay area sports. >> it's our time to shine. the san francisco giants. >> reporter: you would think the last out was last week. >> hey, number one! >> reporter: from the long line of fans at the civic center in richmond. >> i think they still have their heart beating the moment they walk up there. they don't know what to do just like two years ago. >> reporter: the world championship trophy is on the
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road, paired with its friend from 2010, a chance for fans to pose with some giants history. >> this is the one that the time had in the dugout, in the clubhouse, when they won. it has some champagne marks on it. >> i'm just excited about it, that they did haven't forget about us small communities. i think it's good. >> reporter: and that gold jacket she is wearing, not a bad match with the orange and black. >> i'm a 49ers fan, too. >> great excellent teams, and we're lucky to be in the bay. >> as a player, it's so hard winning just one. >> reporter: mike felder played pro ball nine years, two with the giants. >> and the city of san francisco just has to be upside down right about now. >> reporter: bears fans spoiled? >> most definitely.
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>> reporter: so spoiled they seem destined to bring the super bowl trophy back to the bay area, too. >> it is what it is, bay area. >> reporter: sterling silver, 20 pounds even, and an immeshable amount of community pride in these two trophies. they will be in vallejo on wednesday, and then some 40 stops between now and march. and on, you can find -- and on, you can find the full schedule for the giants trophy tour. >> feeling the pinch of lower paychecks. the reason you're taking home less. >> and coke is counting calories. what the company is doing to counter claims that their products are making us fat. >> and in just 90 seconds. >> 13 felonies for a possible
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a tech pioneer is being mourned in the bay area. we take a look at how aaron swartz's legacy will continue after his death. patty? >> reporter: workers at his office have gone on the win to
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express their grief, but other as soon as gone a step further. more than 25,000 people have signed this on-line petition asking president obama to fire the presidenter who pursued swartz for two years. >> is it like shoplifting from a video store or loaning a video to a friend. >> reporter: this is video of aaron swartz taken last summer. >> there is a battle going on right now to define everything that happens on the internet. >> reporter: his passion for open access is evident, but his actty vim got him into trouble with the lay. >> the fact he was indicted and charged with 13 felonies for a possible 35 years in jail just really seems completely out of proportion with trying to share knowledge. >> reporter: prosecutors had charged him for allegedly hacking into a website and downloading millions of documents. his trial was scheduled for april. >> it sounds to me like a case
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of the mrs. being overzealous, especially considering the crime he supposedly committed. >> reporter: swartz committed suicide last friday in new york. tonight, the tech community is mourning the loss of the 26- year-old prod gee, possibly best known for reddit. >> there's no one sentence that can wrap him up. >> reporter: parker higgins an activist at the frontier foundation said swartz's work to keep information free will continue, and may even the rive in the wake of his death. swartz has strong ties to the bay area. he spent time at stanford as an undergraduate, and many of his friend have flown to chicago for his memorial tomorrow. there will be a memorial service here in the city a week from thursday. >> oracle says it has created a temporary fix for its java software, which allows users to access various web
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applications. last week the department of homeland security warned java users that they may be vulnerable to attacks from hackers. police in palo alto are investigating their first homicide of the year. a spot shotter system captured the incident happening. police believe the shooting also involved a second man who turned up at stanford medical center in critical condition. they don't believe the people in the home were involved. at this point, though arrests have been made. >> san francisco police are hoping members of the public can help them identify a violent predator. they say the man in this image grabbed a 31-year-old woman and slammed her head into the pavement. it happened on january 6th on 23rd street in the mission district, just before 3:00 in
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the morning. the man is described as asian or la fee no, about 25 years old, 5'10", 160 pounds with a buzz cut and a slight beard. san rafael police are asking for help tracking down a bank robber. police say these photos show the robber as he struck the bank on francisco boulevard on january 4th. he is described as a white man in his 30s, 160 to 200 pounds with a muscular build. anyone with information in this case is asked to contact san rafael police. >> a war of words today in washington d.c. over the debt limit. republicans say the national debt is threatening our future, but the president went on on national tv today, and he predicted dire consequences if the debt limit isn't dealt with. >> reporter: president obama spoke from the white house to stake out a position on the nation's debt are debt limit. if congress doesn't approve an increase in the debt creel, the
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federal government will run out of money to pay bills in about a month. president obama blasted the republicans who said they won't raise the borrowing authority without dollar for dollar cuts in the budget. >> the issue here is whether or not america pays its bills. we are that deadbeat nation. >> reporter: the problem, mr. obama said, is that congress has already spent the money. >> these are bills that have already been racked up. >> reporter: the patiented a dire picture about what it would mean for the nation for the first time ever to not make payments. >> social security checks and veterans benefits will be dried. we might not be able to pay our troops, or honor our contracts with small business owners. >> reporter: in response, republicans pointed out president obama voted against increasing the debt limit as a senator. john boehner said that the debt is endangers children's future, that the consequences of failing to increase the debt seal ceiling are real, but so also are the results of
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allowing our spending problem go unresolved. president obama said he is open to discussing deficit reductions, but only after congress first pay this bills that the country already owes. >> the federal government takes a larger chunk of paychecks. that's because during the fiscal cliff debate, congress allowed a temporary cut in social security taxes to expire, mean that social security taxes have increase thousand by 2%. economists anticipate the payroll increase tax hike will reduce u.s. house hold incomes by a collective $125 billion this year. a another brutely cold night and into tomorrow morning. it is going to be freezing and below freezing once again. a look here at the pattern. we remain with the trough to the east of us. a ridge of high pressure to the west, but this ridge is slowly nudging east, and eventually,
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by midweek wednesday and lasting into the weekend, it will be overis, and that is going to bringis warmer weather. so warmer weather on the horizon, it's not going to be here in time for tomorrow morning. tomorrow morning very cold once again. lows sinking back into the 20s and 30s. if you're just joining us, freeze and frost advisories once again, freeze for our inland valley location,, that frost will be with you as you start the day, perhaps even a little bit of black ice. tomorrow morning 27 in santa rosa. upper 20s in concord. 27 in fairfield, freezing in san jose. below freezing in redwood city, as we get into the afternoon, temperatures are going to be slightly warmer than what we felt today, and, again, this is going to be the beginning of our warming trend. just how warm i expect we will go, and i'll show you our weekend forecast coming up. new information on the death of actress natalie wood. the coroner's office released a
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statement today saying why it changed the case of death. the report says the 43-year-old actress had unexplained bruises and scratches on her face and arms that could have occurred before she felt into the water. wood was on a yacht at cal catalina island in 1981 with her husband robert wagner and actor christopher walken on the night you can't move the tv there.
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yuh-huh. we have the wireless receiver. listen. back in my day, there was no u-verse wireless receiver that let you move the tv away from the tv outlet. we can move it to the kitchen, the patio, the closet and almost anywhere. why would you want a tv in the closet? [ both laugh ] ♪ [ fancy voice ] brilliant idea, darling. ♪ [ female announcer ] the wireless receiver only from at&t u-verse. get u-verse tv for $29 a month for six months. at&t. former president bush is pack home. he was admitted to the hospital seven weeks go for severe bronchitis, and then suffered a
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severe fever which put him in icu for several days. now he will continue to receive treatment at his home. >> does it seem more people are are sick than usual? here in california, it may get worse before it gets better, as john fowler found out, the flu vaccine is running low. >> reporter: walnut creek's kiser hospital today. >> i'm afraid you have an ear infection, my friend. >> reporter: kelly brought if her five-year-old son. he is feeling sick. symptoms similar to the flu. neither had had the flu vaccine. he and his mom each got a flu shot, but we learned that flu vaccine in the bay area may soon be hard to come by. kiser bought 1 and a third million doses. >> for this week, we're okay, but beyond then, we're not really sure about our vaccine supply. >> reporter: i called contra
11:55 pm
costa county pharmacy, wal- mart, and walgreens, and all said they may be out of the vaccine for a week. >> all of the other states have gotten it really bad, and it's getting close, and aknow a lot of people who didn't get the flu shot. >> i don't get thefully shot. i don't believe it. >> why did i get one? because i have asthma, is and also my neighbor got extremely sick. >> reporter: county health officials say people should first contact their healthcare provider. >> for our healthcare system, we have adequate supplies of flu vaccine right now. no shortages. >> reporter: doctors say cases of flu are surging if california. you know fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. >> just go to and find the hot ticks section and then plug in your zip code. a nurse at kiser hospital
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in oakland is refusing to get a flu shot, and now the hospital says she has to wear a mask while working with patients. >> i'm not saying that they work or they don't work. it's my personal decision not to have that one. i really encourage those who want one to get one. what i discourage is the mandating of masks for those who didn't get one. >> kathy donohue says wearing a mask isn't necessary, because she doesn't go to work sick, constantly washes her hands. kiser told us today it is simply adhering to a policy key yates bid the alameda county health department. >> a top secret announcement. facebook's invitation to an event tomorrow, and speculation on what the company will say. >> for the first time, coke is sending
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coke has a new two-minute ad launched just today. there is plenty of criticism, as heather reports. >> reporter: here at the point richmond market and deli, the coke cooler is one of the first things the customers are see, and many want customers to see right through this new campaign. we've been encouraged to can it with health officials warning too much coke can lead to obesity, and now for the first time, the giant is going on the defensive. the coca-cola company appeals to americans to moderate how
12:00 am
much coke they drink, and encourages people no diet and exercise, and also consider their other low calorie options. >> reporter: some say the f coke was concerned about -- if coke was concerned about the obesity epidemic, they would join with groups like his instead of writing a feel-good ad. >> in this case coke is making a product which we know is causing these problems. >> it's a huge contributor. >> reporter: dr. jeffrey aaron says sugary drinks play a major role in the increase in obesity, especially among young people. a 16-ounce bottle of coke contains 50 grams of sugar well above the recommended daily intake of 37 grams.
12:01 am
>> we're seeing a host of other problems, especially thinks like nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. >> reporter: tonight a coke spokesman is fending off criticism saying the company has never been more devoted to helping battle obesity and educate consumers. facebook is holding a top secret event tomorrow that has many people the the tech community guessing what it's all about. the only clue about the mysterious event came in a media invitation, which teases quote come see what we're building. some guesses include the debut of a facebook smartphone, or are a new search service that combines friends' recommendations with information from around the web. the event begins at 10:00 a.m. tomorrow. apple's stock today slipped below $500 for the first time in nearly a year. the stock dropped more than $18 to $501.75. this came as apple reportedly cut orders for parts for its
12:02 am
iphone 5 due to weak demand. according to one report, apple has asked several suppliers to cut their supply orders by half. they have been losing ground to samsung others in the smartphone market. apple has not commented on the report. >> the legal maneuvering in washington is being watched very closely in sacramento. >> when governor brown announced that his 2013 budget showed a surplus, many were surprised. today taylor stood by a report of a $2 billion deficit, but added. >> the budget is in balance. >> reporter: the governor's plan shows fiscal discipline. >> we think he should be commended for the plan that he's put before the
12:03 am
legislature. >> living within our means, paying town debt, and strengthening education are the right policy choices for california, and we're pleased that the analyst agrees with the governor's assessment. the biggest risk to our forecast or the analysts forecastcom could come as early as next months, and that's from washington d.c. and what the federal government chooses to do or not to do regarding the debt ceiling. >> reporter: he said if washington fails to act on the debt creel, the national economy could dip, throwing all of the numbers off. >> that's going to have a very significant effect on revenues in california. >> reporter: the govern's budget that was released last thursday will be revised or updated in may. that is when we will truly know if our surplus plus has grown with the economy, or if it has dropped. it doesn't look like survivors who filed lawsuits against pg & e are for the
12:04 am
deadly san bruno explosion will go to trial. during a hearing in san mateo county superior court today, attorneys said they have come up with a process that should take about 90 days to settle the remaining legal claims. about 320 residents filed suit, and so far mediation efforts have netted settlements for some 120 plaintiff. family members and politicians are calling for more resources to prevent military suicide as the number of suicides last year surged. numbers obtained from the pentagon show there were 349 suicides by service men and women in 2012. that's almost one a day, and also 48 more than the year before. military experts say the total may climb before it falls, as more and more veterans return home after as much as a decade in combat. federal health officials are issue a new warning for pet owners about chicken jerky treats made in china. more than 3,000 dogs have
12:05 am
become sick, and 501 dogs have died. one cat has also died, and nine other cats got sick. the new figures come after several new recalls of chicken jerky treats made in china by nestle, purina, and tell monty. the fda has not been able to determine the contaminant, so the cause remains a mistily. >> two multimillion dollar grants from the bill and melinda gates foundation to battle childed who disease in developing patients. one group received more than $4 million to develop a drug to kill a round worm that causes blindness. >> the search for an escaped inmate. plus a supreme court justice breaks his 7-year silence.
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what you can expect when you get out the door tomorrow morning, and when we will
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the lake county sheriff's department is looking for your help for in finding an capped inmate. david allen brown climbed over a fence at the minimum security hill road security facility last night. brown has a distinct neck tattoo, as you see in this picture. he is a parole violator who has been convicted of car theft, resisting arrest and other crimes. he was supposed to spend his
12:09 am
time in state prison. we're getting our first look at this 16-year-old boy arrested for school shooting in kern county. brian oliver is being charged as an adult. he pleaded not guilty in court today, and faces two counts of premeditated attempted murderer, and three counts of assault with a firearm. he walked into a classroom and shot another 16-year-old student in the chest. the teenage gunshot victim is currently in a medically induced coma, but is expected to eventually recover from his wounds. >> president obama is expected to meet with vice president joe biden and his gun task force tomorrow to try to come up with a plan to curb gun violence. the nash rifle association opposes any new gun laws. jackie spear is calling on the president to use his executive powers to act. >> i recommended that he do by
12:10 am
executive action as much as he can, because i am not very confident that this congress is going to have the guts to do what's right. >> the task force recommendations are expected to include requiring background checks for all gun purchases, a limit on the numbers of bullets allowed in magazines, and a new ban on assault weapons. in the bay area, a gun buy back is scheduled for tomorrow in marin county. from 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. u.s. supreme court justice clarence thomas broke a 7-year long silence today when he spoke out loud during oral arguments, but he broke he violence not with a question, but a joke. thomas is known for rarely commenting from the bench. in fact, the last time he did so during a case was february of 2006. but today, during arguments, he made a joke about ivy league
12:11 am
lawyers, poking fun at yale, where he graduated from law school. >> u.s. defense secretary said the obama administration has vowed to defend french troops fighting militant camps in mali. 500 french troops are on the ground. assistance could include air and logistical support. >> in cue do b, there are long line -- in cuba, there are long lines around travel agencies. some observers say the government is hoping more cubans choose to work abroad and then send money back to the economically depressed island. and in england, there is word that the duke and duchess of cambridge's baby is due to arrive in july. the statement said that the duchess is still suffering from morning sickness, but feels
12:12 am
better after her stay in the hospital last month. the baby will be the third in line for the british thrown. >> have you ever felt like a sardine waiting on a platform for a train? the proposals bart is looking into to relieve passenger congestion. >> plus we'll look at exactly when a warmup will end the chilly weather. chilly weather. >> and a look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy u-verse high speed internet. you know, in my day you couldn't just start streaming six ways to sunday. you'd get knocked off. and sometimes, it took a minute to download a song. that's sixty seconds, for crying out loud. we know how long a minute is! sitting, waiting for an album to download. i still have back problems. you're only 14 and a half. he doesn't have back problems. you kids have got it too good if you ask me. [ male announcer ] now u-verse high speed internet has more speed options, reliability and ways to connect. rethink possible.
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bart rider ship is at an all-time high, while that's good news for bart, it is cause something problems, and bart is now considering do something at two stations that it has never done before. >> reporter: commuters at the bart station say -- >> it's pretty hectic.
12:15 am
>> reporter: it seems to get more crowded by the day. with an affect of 391,000 passengers taking bart each weekday, ridership is at an all- time high, and the two most crowded stations could get worse. ridership could hit 700,000 a day within 15 to 20 years. >> bart staff is thinking about what type of solutions can we emme document address the growing capacity. >> reporter: such potential solutions could include high- speed escalators. one idea bart is a looking at, make these seating areas smaller. it would save some space, but would also mean fewer people could sit down. >> my only consideration would be the elderly, and those who are are unable to stand. >> this is a preliminary study that we had done, and it shows
12:16 am
that it is nicable. >> i think that would be interesting to give it a try. couldn't hurt, right some. >> reporter: final decisions are still months, even years away. >> muni officials today confirmed overtime pay from muni workers soared last year to $18 million overbudget. this comes from guys working overnight and extended hours. one mechanic earned almost $164,000 in overtime in one year. muni leads the city in overtime wages with almost $56 million paid out last year. toyota is offering a glimpse of what could be a much racier looking corolla. company officials are showing off a new concept car at the detroit auto show and hinted that this redesign could be incorporate sued into the next corolla for 2014. analysts say it's risky to make big changes to one of the best-
12:17 am
selling cars in the world. nissan also announce understood lower prices for its leaf electric car to help boost sales. then 2013 leaf will start at just belowed 29,000. if you combine that discounted price with federal, state, and local price incentives, the price could actually fall below $19,000 in california. >> stocks ended flat today as investors were inwilling to take positions ahead of earnings reports from companies. the nasdaq fell 8 points, and the s&p 500 was off 1 and a third. >> advocates want to ban vehicle traffic on telegraph avenue from bank way to bancroft way. the measure calls for transforming he area into an outdoor families road with bike
12:18 am
roads. some tenants say they won't be able to make the deadline of tomorrow for an eviction. the harbor has been sold to a developer who plans to build an apartment complex some private arena. some tenants left today. overts said they need more time. it is being considered whether some some of the harbor should remain public. >> bring in your pets and plants. it is going to be that cold tonight. napa is already 34 degrees. 36 in santa rosa. upper 30s and low-to-mid 40s around the bay. if we get into some of our inland areas, just about freezing. walnut creek, lafayette, you're closing in on 34. no blanket overhead to insulate us tonight. 39 san jose. 31 morgan hill. 32 in gill roy, and sunny
12:19 am
available, looking at -- sunnyvale, you're looking at 38. this cool edge here continuing at least for one more night. by tomorrow, this ridge over the pacific, easy to see, right? do you see that high arch all the way into alaska. fairbanks this morning, 28 degrees, when normally fair banks is below 14. so this ridge affect something warm air. this will be shifting over california and will bring our temperatures back to where they should be. for tomorrow, we'll start out cold once again, a lot like this morning. 20 for inland areas. 30s around the bay. slightly warm entire the afternoon. good to not moderate air quality will remain in the the forecast for tomorrow, as well. take a look at some of these overnight lows expected in your neighborhood. 27 degrees if santa rosa, 26 for napa.
12:20 am
mid-to-upper 20 nhl santee i don't care and fairfield. 31s in freemont. allow 30 nhl san jose. these numbers, 5 to 10 degrees below what we typically feel in mid-january. so definitely below the norm for the bay area, and we continue with this into our 5th morning now. so it will be nice to see some relief. 55 in have a layio for tomorrow afteriva layio for tomorrow afternoon. we slight beauty is the santa clara valley. the extended forecast, what main of us have. waiting for, returning to the 60s. low 60 nhl the forecast by wednesday, and then we'll carry this trend into the weekend, and when our afternoon highs bump up, our overnight lows will bump up, as well. the advisories will go away, and by the big three-day holiday weekend, mlk, actually
12:21 am
in pretty good condition. >> and no rain in sight. >> no rain just yet. a new study shows that more than a third of to the cigarettes smoked some california were actually smuggled in from other places. a michigan based think tank says 36% of cigarettes in california were smuggled here. that's the 7th highest figure in the country. new york was cited as the state with the most cigarette smuggling. new hampshire is the state that sells the most cigarettes to outsiders because of its lo q x
12:22 am
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12:24 am
the milky way is home to the earth's solar system, but astronomers say it may only be half as large as originally thought. star velocities are linked to gal actic mass, so scientists say the findings could have big implications. the buildup is already under way for this weekend's big game. >> degrees guest what we're going to talk about? -- guess what we're going to
12:25 am
talk about? it's no surprise. the 49ers and the falcons. for the second straight year, the 49ers are one win away from their second 6th super bowl appearance. and two of the remaining teams are coached by a guy named harbaugh. the baltimore ravens, john harbaugh, and his team. and then jim harbaugh and colin capitola and the 49ers -- capper nick and the 49ers are one win away. >> the harbaugh family had a
12:26 am
great weekend. >> they watched john's game. it was an exciting, thrilling win for the ravens, and then our game. my parents are in their 70ed. that's a lot of action. it's like go back to back-to- back like three 24 accept solds in a row -- episodes in a row. it's not easy. >> we get you started with championship play book, and then it's two hours of fox coverage leading up to the game at noon west coast time, and then join us for the point after following the game. it's all here sunday on channel 2. the miami heat will get another crack at the warriors on wednesday night when they make their lone bay area appearance of the year. james went for 32 points tonight. had trouble getting this slam dunk to go down. james does not miss his second opportunity. but the jazz had the last say m
12:27 am
utah wins 104-97, improving to two games over .500. oak and a's manager -- oakland a's manager today signed a two-year contract extension that will take imthrough the 2016 season. the a's had a 94-68 recovered. the a's made history the way they won the division, trail big five games with just nine to play, and then sweeping the texas rangers to wrap up their division. see you tomorrow at 6:00 with more on the 49ers. >> we were thinking three or four point spread for the 49ers? >> yeah, the lines are going to mix, but i think the people who set those things are pretty impressed with how the 49ers beat the packers. >> especially that guy colin
12:28 am
kaepernick. he was amazing. >> thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> news starts at 4:30 tomorrow. they'll be working to find out more about facebook's big announcement, and we'll also be tracking welcome se my lcret
12:29 am
d you are? your worst nightmare mr. box. since you foolishly brought back your bonus jack! i have copied your two pure beef patties, lettuce, melting cheese, pickles, and middle bun, plus fries and a drink for $4.49. and now you will tell me what is in your secret sauce!!


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