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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  February 5, 2013 11:30pm-12:30am PST

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sheriff deputies investigate the death of three men in the wine country. their bodies all discovered inside this home and we're told all three were shot to death. good evening everyone i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. new information tonight about a triple homicide at a home in sonoma county. investigators at the crime scene tell us they expect to be processing evidence all night long. happening now, ktvu's ken wayne is live along ross station road in forestville where he's learned the three male victims were found together in a back
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bedroom of that house. ken-- >> reporter: julie, homicides in this part of the area are rare, homicides are unheard of. the chief tells us he has not heard of one since the 1980s. investigators have been going in and out of the area. three men were shot and killed here but he is not releasing many details. he does say people associated with the victims are cooperating with authorities. and that hopefully will lead to the identity of the person or persons responsible for this crime. investigators say this was not a murder suicide but they would not say much more about the crime scene. >> there did not appear to be a struggle and they died of gunshot wounds. >> kind of an execution style. >> i'm not going to discuss. >> reporter: is it a murder
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suicide? >> it is not a murder suicide. >> reporter: the bodies found together in one bedroom of the one of the houses in this property. the area is surrounded by dense vegetation. the detective was asked if there was marijuana on the property but he would not comment on that. all of this has neighbors worried. >> the unknowing is very disturbing. there has never been anything like this. >> reporter: is this a dangerous place? >> this is a wonderful place. a wonderful place. >> reporter: this is not a random crime and people in sonoma county should not be concerned about somebody out there who is dangerous and they hope to identify a suspect soon. the coroner isn't expected to be here to remove the bodies until sometime tomorrow. live in sonoma county, ken wayne, ktvu news. police in fairfield have officially identified the 15-
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year-old girl who's naked body was identified in a park. genelle conway-allen has been identified. today an aunt remembered her as a young girl who was full of life. a memorial now stands in allen with park where her body was found. police aren't releasing a lot of information in this case and that is upsetting for some people who paid their respects today. >> there's a guy out there running around, or a guy out there around who's done this to a child and it's sick and they're not releasing any information. >> reporter: police did release these photos today. they say the imagine on the right with the pink backpack is from last thursday afternoon and showing the 13-year-old minutes before she was last seen alive. police also say they plan to hold a press conference tomorrow. only on 2, exclusive new developments in the kevin collins case. san francisco police are investigateing the 1984 disappearance of the 10-year-
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old boy visited his mother's home tonight. ktvu's rita williams is live in contra costa county and tells us the investigators had photos they showed to family members, rita. >> reporter: that's right julie. about 7:30 tonight, san francisco police left the concord apartment here that belongs to anne collins, kevin collin's mother. as you see in these exclusive pictures three invest investigators from the san francisco police department isn't several hours tonight talking to kevin collin's mother, two of his sisters and a brother. we know police showed them this picture of the lead suspect dan therrien who died in 1978. they also showed them what he looked like in 1974, when
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witnesses say they saw kevin talking to a man with a big black dog. >> i am convinced that the investigation is going in the right direction. >> reporter: that direction led them last week to dig up the concrete floor of the garage of this house on masonic where therrien lived. two different cadaver dogs alerted at the same spot. they believe the dog fragments found may be dog not human. two witnesses who saw kevin with a man with a dog back then could not pick thierrien out of a photo line up. >> that's correct neither of
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them could. >> reporter: now less than two hours ago anne collins left here with her daughters. saying police told them not to talk to us until after a news conference is held tomorrow afternoon. reporting live in concord, rita williams, ktvu channel 2 news. a great earthquake measuring 8.0 hit the south pacific about five hours ago generating a tsunami. the quake was centering around the solomon islands. the tsunami warning has since been cancelled. several strong aftershocks have followed. city council members voted unanimously to provide people attending public meetings to opt out of reciting the pledge
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of allegiance. government meeting typically do not take place until the pledge has been recited. but now people attending city council meets can make a choice. they can recite the pledge or have a moment of silence. >> do we need to modify it or look at maybe not doing the pledge. >> so from now on the public agenda at meetings will include the option of either saying the pledge of allegiance or observing a moment of silence. the u.s. justice department along with california and several other states filed suit against standard and poors. the suit claims p refused to warn investors that the housing department would be collapsing because it would be bad for business.
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>> s & p gave premium ratings to risky investments. >> reporter: state attorney general camela harris says pension funds put money into those investments based on s & p ratings. wall street rebounded today following yesterday's steep drop. the dow's gained 99 points to gain 25 points shy. nasdaq was up 40 points. investors computer is going private. michael dell and an investment company are buying the trading company. dell's profits have faded and this could be michael dell's plans to restore the company to its former glory. a man is accused of trying to snatch up a girl that was
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riding a bike. the man cursed at her as she was peddling down emerson street. then as she got closer she say it is man crossed the street and tried to snatch her up. he grabbed her arm and she screamed that's when she got away and ran home. >> we're going to take any report like this seriously. >> reporter: police responded to the area but did not find anyone. police say they have not received any similar calls. five companies are bidding to build the first leg of california's rail system. but they will also be handing over millions to the four firms that lose out. eric rasmussen is here with a controversial strategy and how some lenders are defending it. >> they say they can get a lower price for this huge project by offering a $2 million stipend to each of the
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losing companies some call it an example of government waste but some say it has its benefits. >> reporter: these fast trains will mean fast money even for some firms that will never have a hand in making california's high speed rail reality. >> they're doing it because they can. >> reporter: california republican party chairman tom delcaro is among those questioning why the state plans to give $2 million of public money to four losing bidders out of five competing to build the first phase of high speed rail in the valley. >> i think in the wake of a tax increase when people find out things like, we're giving away millions of the dollars to the losers, you know it just erodes the public trust. >> reporter: yet rail officials say stipends for losing bidders lower the cost for bay area projects like the bore and the bridge. >> we definitely have our eyes
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on the taxpayer dollars here and believe this is in the taxpayers interest to get competition at lower cost. >> reporter: some critics say the need for extra incentives is actually an indication of how difficult the project has become. >> after actually watching this process unfold $2 million seems like a small price to compensate the bidders who are sort of going along with the high speed rail on this one. it is such a mess. >> reporter: the high speed rail authorities chairman tells me companies can spend as much as $10 million just putting their bids together. officials still hope to break ground in july. eric rasmussen, ktvu channel 2 news. wet weather returns to the forecast when you can expect some showers and the conditions you will have in the morning. >> and in 90 seconds, an unusual site. a cam mel on a bay
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there is no mass-produced human. so we created the extraordinarily comfortable sleep number experience. a collection of innovations designed around a bed with dualair technology
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that allows you to adjust to the support your body needs. each of your bodies. our sleep professionals will help you find your sleep number setting. exclusively at a sleep number store. sleep number. comfort... individualized. at the ultimate sleep number event, queen mattresses start at just $599. and save 50% on our innovative limited edition bed. a bizarre situation on a bay area road today traffic was tied up because of a camel. it happened on bailey road in concord. and heather holmes is there. boy you don't see that every day, heather. where did that camel come from? >> reporter: who knew that the hills here along bailey road were home to camels. the camels taste of freedom came to an end when a group of cowboys corralled it into a trailer. we were here for that moment. the video you're about to see
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is a little dark because we were asked to keep our lights off so we wouldn't further spook the animal. >> reporter: the lost and agitated 8-foot camel towerrered over the camel who had the unusual job of bringing him back home. >> i'm not a camel wrangler, i'm a cowboy. >> reporter: this required a lot of muscle, sweat and creativity. >> we just had to keep him tied. keep him secured because we didn't know when we were going to corral him again. so we used the truck to corral him and one rope at a time is as close as we could get him. >> reporter: it took two hours before they were able to coax the camel into this trailer. >> i don't understand camel wrangling i guess. i've never been around them. i have no idea. cows and bulls it wouldn't have been a problem but they're stubborn. >> reporter: turns out this was the second time today that the
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camel escaped. here's the picture of the animal tieing up traffic on bailey road at 7:00 a.m. he was put back into the property and got out again at 6:30 tonight. >> when you got to call and you found out it was your job to corral him, what were you thinking. >> you don't want to know. it's different, it'll be a new thing on my resume. >> reporter: cowboy bradley said it was taken back to the property and will be put on a much taller corral frank and julie one that it cannot jump over. reporting live here tonight, heather holmes, ktvu news. what police call a slow speed chase ended with a crash in oakland this evening and the arrest of four teenage girls. the chief of the housing authority police says officers spotted a car that had been reported stolen about 5:00 this evening. officers tried to pull over the car but the driver sped off. the car eventually crashed at sunkist drive and edward circle
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in the mills mont neighborhood. the male driver took off on foot. police arrested fourteens who were in the car -- arrested four teens that were in the car. removing buses from the busy thoroughfare is an action city leaders are considering to increase fran sit downtown. under the plan all mission lines would move to market street making it a transit corridor. on mission street, dedicated bike lanes would replace the bus only lane on the right side of the road. >> you will be separated by cars. we're trying to make things easier. our city is growing. more and more people are coming to the city. our downtown area is becoming a little more residential. >> reporter: if the city removes bus lines it would increase foot traffic at
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businesses. the milpitas city council decided just about an hour ago to rescind plans to lay off firefighters. the city's fire department ran over budget by nearly a half million dollars in the first half of the physical year. a lot of residents pleaded not to get rid of firefighters. in the end the council decided to use a grant to pay for those six firefighters. here is video of the man who police say stole computers from a home near at&t park. police said the man forced his way inside through the back door of a home on third street 12 days ago. three mac book computers along with money and antique tool chest were taken. two days after their super bowl lost, the agony of defeat mellowed today for the 49ers. the coach, the players and their fans seemed ready to move on.
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>> reporter: there were definitely mixed feelings at the san francisco 49ers complex as players, coaches and team personnel cleared out their lockers today. >> it's tough. we've been through a lot together. we're here with each other all the time. it's like leaving your family. >> reporter: a common but not particularly popular topic was the super bowl. but there was a notable difference in attitude. immediately after the game, many players were upset over some of the referee calls and no calls in the locker room today. >> it wasn't our time. last year you see we made some progressions to where we were. this year we went the next step. >> reporter: head coach jim harbaugh said essentially the same thing as he conducted his final news conference. he praised the ravens, his own coaches and players and pointed out that most teams that get behind by 22 points usually lose by 40. >> our team clawed and competed almost all the way back and didn't lose their faith.
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>> reporter: and the 49er faithful outside the complex today agreed. many said they haven't forgotten what the team was like before harbaugh arrived. >> we've been through all the years when they were losing. we still watched the games, they were still exciting but now they're really exciting. >> reporter: players say they're anxious to look ahead especially since looking back is still a little painful. robert handa, ktvu news. we know victory is sweet but thanks to a delivery by jell-o today defeat was a little easier to swallow. >> yeah check out the streets of san francisco they were filled with free pudding today. it's the consolation prize for the super bowl loss to baltimore. jell-o delivered truckloads to five locations in the city. look at that that's ronny lot. he was at an appearance of one of the give aways there. that's hall of famer ronny lott.
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in baltimore, fanned lined the street for the ravens super bowl victory parade along with the lombardy trophy, coach john harbaugh, joe flacco and the rest of the ravens were carried on military vehicles and trucks to a celebration at raven stadium. here's system number two it's going to get in here and bring us some showers. we'll get to that. but first let's talk about the fog for tomorrow morning. you're going to find fog late tonight and tomorrow morning. the models is not picking it up in the north bay but it'll be there. around 6:00, 7:00 a.m. you will see more in the central central valley. you're going to see more activity down toward morgan hill. so fog in the forecast tomorrow morning. tomorrow turns out to be not a half day. we're going to see plenty of sunshine tomorrow morning. temperatures will be in the
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upper 60s even low 60s. system two gets in here and brings us some rain. it shows that rain and times it through the bay area day on thursday. we'll see you back here. bay area business people celebrated the chinese new year in san francisco tonight as they prepare to reopen a trade office in china. the bay area council is planning to send a delegation to china in two months. there they hope to use the new office to promote trade and collaboration between china. the president of the council says they hope trade office can facilitate the conversations. seems like they're pretty high and i don't understand why they keep going up and down. >> a pinch at the pump and we ask what's behind this sudden price hike. >> and the number one reason many of
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well, well, well. growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time. in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows. and if mom was recording her dumb show and dad was recording his dumb show then, by george, that's all we watched. and we liked it! today's kids got it so good. [ male announcer ] get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for 1 year when you bundle tv and internet. rethink possible.
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three people are under arrest after shots were fired on an oakland freeway this afternoon. police received reports of shots fire from a white audi near keller. officers pulled the car over and made one arrest. the driver of that car raced off again finally stopping about a half mile away. police then arrested two more people. the car had been stolen from a local dealership. anyone who is gassed up recently knows the cost of filling your tank is getting more expensive again. tonight ken pritchett has some of the reasons why gas prices are suddenly soaring. >> reporter: it might just be easier to stair at the nozzle than stare at those numbers going up. a penny shy of $5 what's to
11:55 pm
like. >> seems like they're pretty high and i don't understand why they're going up and down. >> reporter: there's no easy answer say analysts. >> not too many of them are seeing prices go up as aggressively as we've seen in california. >> reporter: ken losowsky is with gas who following gas prices throughout the country. and they're going up. in san francisco the gas is $3.93, san jose regular is $3.86 a gallon compared to 3.58 a month ago up 28-cents. refineries are trying to reduce their inventory of winter blend gas as they shift to a summer blend. >> they're going down on inventory. that means the refineries are producing less gas. this creates a tighter supply. >> reporter: crude oil prices
11:56 pm
have increased and a weak dollar are sending prices up. in short the explanations are many. for those who are paying the higher prices. >> i think that's a bunch of malarky also. >> reporter: experts expect the gas to peak at over $5. ken pritchett, ktvu news. delta airlines says it is adding service from san jose to l.a.x. starting on june 10th. it plans to fly four nonstops every day. you will recall just yesterday virgin america said it was beginning similar service on may first. delta hasn't flown nonstops to los angeles out of san jose in five years. 2012 was a big year for air travel at san francisco international airport. sfo said today 44.5 million passengers traveled through the airport last year. that shatters the record of 41 million passengers from the previous year and it represents
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an 8-1/2% increase in travelers. a vote today for same-sex marriage. in news of the world the influential nation taking decisive action. >> saying goodbye for a wh there is no mass-produced human. so we created the extraordinarily comfortable sleep number experience. a collection of innovations designed around a bed with dualair technology that allows you to adjust to the support your body needs. each of your bodies. our sleep professionals will help you find your sleep number setting. exclusively at a sleep number store. sleep number. comfort... individualized. at the ultimate sleep number event,
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queen mattresses start at just $599. and save 50% on our innovative limited edition bed.
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so do you have facebook fatigue. if you do you're not alone. mat keller is here and tells us what a lot of facebook users are doing according to a new survey. >> reporter: frank this new study out today revealed 2/3 of americans use facebook but sometimes they need a break from the social media. >> reporter: sometimes in life friends fall to the waist side
12:00 am
and it also happens on the social media. >> it looks to me that facebook has reached a peak in the united states not globally but the united states. 61% of facebook users say they have voluntarily taken a break from using the social media. 21% said they were too busy. 10% said it was a waste of time and 4% stopped over privacy and security concerns. >> i did take a break from it and i'm back on it again. >> seemed overwhelming like i had to do a bump of things and had to stay on top of efrplg -- to do a bunch of things and had to stay on top of everything. >> most new social networks try to work with facebook rather than compete against it. the people actually quitting facebook are small percentage since going elsewhere means
12:01 am
leaving behind your friends. >> in terms of quitting because if all your friends are on facebook how are you going to get all your friends on the new site. >> i don't consider like google plus or anything like that i have all my history there why would i, you know. >> reporter: facebook respondent of the new study says the social network has more than 1 billion users worldwide and it's the most downloaded mobile app in the u.s. reporting live, matt keller, ktv you -- ktvu channel 2 news. there's word that leon panneta is poised to extend some benefits to same-sex partners. that act is currently on the supreme court docket for spring. in london the british house
12:02 am
of commons voted in favor of legalizing same-sex marriage. the vote was 100 to 175. it was the first step toward allowing same-sex couples to marry. half of the members of the conservative party either obstainde or voted against it. in acapulco men raped six women. violence linked to cartel is on the increase but usually tourists have been spared in that resort city. in canada, say goodbye to the penny. the royal canadian mint stock distributing the penny. they say the coins just cost too much to make. businesses are now being urged to start rounding prices to the nearest nickels. some people are turning pennys into art or useful things like
12:03 am
buttons. two state lawmakers introduced legislation that would require gun owners to have special liability insurance to cause damages or injuries caused by their weapons. gun owners who take gun safety classes or keep their guns lock up would get insurance breaks. and a grass roots group and local law enforcement on the peninsula are joining forces to get guns off the street. protect our children bay area is holding a gun buy back for palo alto, east palo alto and menlo park. the group will pay up to $300 a piece for working guns which will then be destroyed. the buy back takes place february 23 from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at east palo alto city hall on university avenue east. california's supreme court justices appeared skeptical today as lawyers argue that state law prohibits local government from banning
12:04 am
marijuana dispensaries in their jurisdiction. lawyers for medical marijuana advocates claim the courts have never permitted local municipalities to ban something that state law permits but the justices question that line of reasoning. >> the legislature knows how to say thou shalt not ban dispensers. they did not say that. >> the state medical marijuana laws do not include a guarantee of distribution just immunity from -- a proposed ban is expected to go before the city's planning commission which can recommend it to the city council. some residents have expressed concerns that outdoor grows can attract thieves to their neighborhoods and others have complained about the smell. opponents say if necessary
12:05 am
they'll fight a ban. the accident happened on moraga way near steinway. the driver hit a tree and then careened right off the road and right into that creek bed. the driver had to be extricated from the car and carried back up to the road. his injuries are said to be only moderate. the cause of crash is still under investigation. a man is facing felony hit- and-run charges after he crashed into a woman and two children last night then took off. witnesses helped officers track down the suspect 24-year-old noe delgado. police say the woman and children were walking in the crosswalk on crest view drive at the delta dianza regional trail in pittsburg when delgado slammed right into them. the children have been released from the hospital now but the women are stáeul being treated
12:06 am
for her in -- the woman is still being treated for her injuries. the new proposal to postearthquakes publicly. >> and chief meteorologist bill martin updating his forecast for the return of some rain. why it comes not a moment to
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i was one of them. my disease was obesity and after consulting with my doctor, i received the effective treatment i needed. please join the obesity action coalition to acknowledge obesity as a disease visit obesity action dot org to sign an open letter pledging your support and for more information about how to talk to your doctor about weight loss and treatment options. together we can make a choice to end obesity now. a public service from the obesity action coalition. recycling workers gathered at tonight's abusing rights of immigrant employees. the group says waste management initiated computer background
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checks immediately after workers announced plans defend their rights. a judge ordered a clean energy company to pay back wages to 14 mexican workers who the company brought to the u.s. then paid less than $3 an hour. bloom energy produces fuel cells. the labor department announced that bloom brought in workers and paid them 2.66 in pesos. the company also paid civil penalties. the man accused of shooting two is expected to get out tonight from jail. elarms was charged with killing david lewis on the parking lot of the hills deal mall in san mateo. those charges were dismissed when a judge found that police had illegally obtained a
12:10 am
confession. the city of san francisco is considering a plan to consider certain landlords to make their properties more safe. >> reporter: for earthquake unsafe buildings it's not a scarlet letter but close. >> this is an important life safety issue. >> reporter: the san francisco board of supervisors and mayor ed lee introduced a proposal to force landlords to seismically retrofit these buildings. soft because much of the structure sits on a garage. >> this is a step to ensure that we're prepared for the big one. >> reporter: engineers say buildings such like these can easily collapse. many did when the loma prieta earth quake hit. and in san francisco there are nearly 3,000 structures just like these from the marina to the mission. the buildings we are showing
12:11 am
may or may not have been retrofitted. owners of wood frame soft story buildings at least three stories high would have until 2020 to retrofit. the cost of the retrofits range on average from 60,000 to $100,000. the work is expected to take one to three months. if they don't retrofit the city could levy heavy fines and face a fine. the association representing the landlords say that's just fine. >> after seven years if a building owner hasn't complied, well, we think that notification to potential tenants might be okay. >> tenants say that will serve as a good warning for those looking to move in. >> it's like with asbestos or things like that you have to know about it before you move into it. >> reporter: in san francisco, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. bay area commuters can feel vindicated. a new study says that we do in fact, have some of the worse
12:12 am
traffic in the country. washington, d.c. ranks as the first with 67 hours annually. but san francisco oakland comes in second with 61 hours wasted in traffic. that's the same as los angeles. the south bay came in at 29th with 38 hours wasted in traffic. these figures come from the texas a & m transportation institute. new details about the violent end of a stand off that freed a 5-year-old alabama boy. the weapons his captor had inside a bunker and the surprising thing that's still there. >> i'll
12:13 am
12:14 am
the fbi is revealing new information tonight about how that bunker stand off in
12:15 am
alabama ended yesterday. authorities say two explosive devices were found in the underground bunker. when a s.w.a.t. team went in to free a 5-year- old boy there was a fire fight. the body of 65-year-old jimmy lee dikes is still in that bunker. as for the boy who's first name has been released his name is ethan his family says he appears to be fine at least physically. some might say that living in hawaii sounds like a permanent vacation but for some four legged creatures it's anything but. christien kafton shows us the bay area shelter that is offering a warm welcome to dogs from the aloha state. >> they're very friendly. we're able to put them up for adoption right away. >> reporter: pauly is a pup from kawai. kawai's humane society is
12:16 am
inundated by dogs who are used to seek out wild pigs. >> if we had a puppy here it's usually adopted within a day or two. but over there they don't have that many people that are able to adopt and animals can sit for several months at a time. >> reporter: in december, the shelter in kawai and here in oakland began working with alaska airlines. volunteers fly as companions to the dog. >> so far we've had 12 dogs since december and they've all been adopted except pauly. travelers we spoke to today say they'd be happy to chaperone the dogs. >> yeah, absolutely. i mean we don't go to hawaii very often and i'm a huge alaska member. so i would greatfully help that out. >> reporter: the shelter is currently taking in one dog a week from hawaii and they say these dogs do not impact their ability to adopt out local dogs
12:17 am
from the bay area. in oakland, christien kafton, ktvu. if you're a star wars fan, take note. disney is working on stand alone feature films based on some of the characters from the movie. the films will not be part of the trilogy disney movies. the first of those is tentively scheduled for release in 2015. the results will be released tomorrow for the monopoly new tokens. this is the first time fans can vote on tokens since monopoly first appeared in 1959. city leaders announced their support for what's called v day awareness. v day is to be observed on valentine's day. they plan to hold a flash mob at city hall right in front of city hall. >> i think it's really
12:18 am
important for men to show up and really stand up because this is not about women. this is about all of us. >> reporter: v is an international movement. it says it hopes to inspire a billion people around the world to rise up and keep women and children safe. v day says one in three women in the world will be beaten or raped during her lifetime. we're tracking some of the rain statistics around here. it was the third driest january on record in san francisco. and we continue relatively dry. percents of average are going to pop up to the right of the cloud. santa rosa still above average at 23%. san francisco at 13 and san jose at two. so it hasn't rained we need rain because those numbers are going to start to go quickly if we don't get showers.
12:19 am
here's the system i'm tracking it's not going to do a lot for the rain buckets so that's why i brought up the rain numbers. lower snow levels but limited rainfall. these are the current temperatures outside. it's going to be chilly tonight enough chill in the air to get fog to form in the inland bay valleys. we already talked about this. so look for fog tomorrow morning. look for fog in the central valley and some in the bay. we get into this deal on thursday. the system rolls in here 9:00, 10:00 in the morning and start some showers going. i think that morning commute on thursday will be a bit wet but not, look .05 of an inch. and .25 that's in genre -- jenner. computer model wednesday morning. there's the fog, there's wednesday afternoon a few clouds. here comes thursday. okay thursday morning right north bay a little bit wet. it's going to slide through over the bay area. there it is. you know, 9:00, 10:00 all the
12:20 am
way to 11:00 a.m. it's down to santa clara valley. not significant rain but it'll slow the morning commute because anything will slow the morning commute and that will do it. 6:00 thursday night, you see showers in the area how about friday 2:00 a.m. or after midnight on thursday. you get the picture. widely scattered showers, none of this is massive. none of this is going to be a news story. but in the mountains they will get snow down to lower elevations they will see 6- inches of snow once that everything is over. maybe a foot. more like 6-inches. you get the picture a weak weather system. that's not what we need. what we need is a real juicy weather system. and there's nothing there other than this thursday range. it's going to rain thursday but not enough to put a dent in anything. >> you have to figure it has to
12:21 am
happen sometime. >> it'll happen sometime but sooner is better than later. >> it's going to ease the nerves a little bit. >> yeah. the city council made a surprising move when they filled a vacant seat. the city council appointed j. -- jael myrick. he ran for the seat back in november but was not among the
12:22 am
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bay area sports fans got a chance to see some of their favorite players on the golf course at pebble beach tonight. current members of the san francisco giants played some 49er in the charity shoot out. those on hand included matt cain, bruce bochey and former 49er wide receiver dwight clark the man known for making the catch. the event is a warm up for the at&t proam that is being played this week on the world famous link in monterey county. mark is back from new orleans and football is done. we're talking hockey tonight.
12:25 am
boy the sharks are sure cooling off. >> we had a little resurgence of bay area sports. warriors have been doing great. sharks doing great. not tonight. we have the double whammy to talk about. right now only one team hotter than the sharks and they still are. that would be chicago. it all dries up. san jose was up 2-1 in the third. winkel put it on the stick. they've had a lot of them. chicago blazes back to tie it 3- 3. big moment here, dejardine blasting myers. you see it again. match penalty that means he hits him in the head. myers is stopped. 4-3 they had an empty nether late. three straight losses for the shark it is 7-2-1 chicago a very tidy 8-0 and 2. the houston rockets well you might say they had an
12:26 am
outside chance of beating the warriors and they took every chance. tieing with nba record with 23 three point buckets. james harden, silky with that left-handed shot with three. he had 18 tonight. the only highlight came right before the half. and curry let lose from half court. the bank he called it. in the second half though. just three point mania beginning for houston. they had 23 of 40. that is their franchise mark tied an nba record including jeremy lin in there he had a career high five three pointers. he also had nine assists the rockets roar 140-109. boy is something 49er fans have never had to process. losing the super bowl.
12:27 am
let the learning curb begin as they have to deal with it right now. the players and coaches begain today with the cleaning out of the lockers. packing it up for next year and a few farewells to friends and teammates as for the head coach, no one knows more than jim harbaugh that it is what have you done for me league lately. so he choses to look forward than to dwell on the past. >> individually looking at ourselves and saying how can we get better. everybody is going to want to have a lens to look at this season and look at this last game or the final plays of the game. and ár but our lens really has to be -- but our lens is really has to be the most difficult to look through is what can we do to improve. >> and you know what, we ran out of time and we just cannot show the baltimore parade.
12:28 am
>> oh darn. the ktvu morning st
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