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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  February 11, 2013 11:30pm-12:30am PST

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complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is the 10:00 news on ktvu channel 2. teenagers canceled basketball practice and say prayers instead after a car strikes their 14-year-old friend and teammate. good evening. i'm frank somerville >> and i'm julie haener. the accident happened in concord this accident at solano way and grant street. ktvu's debra villaons live now. >> reporter: the accident is raising safety questions about
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where it happened. >> his body was here. this is where his seat is. >> reporter: markings where a boy landed knocked from his flip-flops left in the crosswalk. >> but then i recognized him. >> reporter: this witness ran up and realized the unconscious victim hit by this car was a classmate. >> he wasn't responding. i tried to, you know, say some thoughtful worlds to him, but i don't know -- words to him, but i don't know if he heard me or not. >> reporter: friends identify him as 14-year-old joey hornsby at mount diablo high school where he's on the basketball team, players showing up for practice but in light of his injury canceled it and linked hands to pray. >> they told us he had just got pressure relieved from his brain and he's in a coma. we're just praying he makes it through and he's all right. >> we don't really understand it. it's like you walk in the crosswalk for safety, but i guess sometimes things just happen. >> reporter: what happened here police say is still being investigated. the middle aged woman who struck hornsby stopped and cooperated and didn't show any
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impairment. >> a lot of people fly through this intersection. >> reporter: people who know the neighborhood well say solano way where it crosses grant is a trouble spot. >> there's two lanes that come here and one of them has to turn right and one goes straight and sometimes people in both lanes keep going right through the intersection. >> people fly down here all day, 45, 50 miles an hour. no one does anything. cops don't care. >> it's the exact same spot that. could have easily been me. >> reporter: this classmate said he was hit on his bike last summer in the same crosswalk by a driver who saw him late and slammed on her brakes. >> the bike was destroyed and then i got lucky that day. i could have been like joey right now and i hope he pulls through. >> reporter: many people pulling for joey hornsby want to and for better -- tonight and for better traffic improvement in the intersection. we have developing news out
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of vallejo where a shooting sent five people to the hospital, two with life threatening injuries. police say they were called to humble street near eastwood about 8:30 after neighbors reported hearing several shots. officers found two people on the ground suffering from gunshot wounds. both are in critical condition. officers say they were told three other gunshot victims drove themselves to the hospital. a 30-year-old man is in critical condition tonight after he was shot several times by richmond police. the shooting happened just before 5:00 at nevin avenue and b street. neighbors had called 911 saying an armed man was walking around in the street. police say before they got to the scene the department's shotspotter system detected gunfire in the area. when police arrived, they found the man behind an apartment building. >> officers were confronted with the armed suspect. shots were fired. the suspect was hit. he's been taken to a hospital in critical condition. >> police are not saying if the man either aimed or shot at
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police. the officers involved have been put on administrative leave, which is department policy, and the contra costa county district attorney is investigating. a court ruling on a controversial death at alameda's crown beach. in alameda county a superior court judge ruled police and firefighters who never attempted to rescue the man were under no legal obligation to help him. the incident happened on memorial day 2011. 53-year-old raymond zack waded into the water. his foster mother had someone call 911 to report zach was suicidal and did not know how to swim. police watched from shore and said they didn't go into the water because they didn't know if zack was violent. firefighters said they were not certified to do water rescues and didn't have a boat to maneuver in the area. zack got hypothermia and drowned after an hour. investigation is underway in san francisco tonight after officials received a tip public
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utility workers have been using city computers to view porn and visit gambling websites. it would still be going on if not for a whistleblower. >> reporter: while they were supposed to be focused on the water business, some workers at the san francisco public utilities commission are suspected of surfing the web for porn and gambling, even sharing images with each other. >> i can say obviously this involves more than one. so there were a number of employees alleged to have been involved in this. >> reporter: today mayor ed lee says it's an investigation he's following closely. >> you give somebody a computer and allow them the freedom and access to the internet. they've got to handle that responsibly just as i do with the phones and everything else. you can't abuse it. >> reporter: the sfpuc says it started its investigation months ago after getting a tip from a whistleblower. while investigators don't suspect anything criminal, san francisco's employee handbook specifically prohibits using city computers for gambling as well as viewing and distributing materials that are
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sexually explicit. sources say some of the activity may have happened at this puc yard in millbrae and today workers winter saying much about it. surprised this is going on or do you think it goes on everywhere? >> well, people are people. unfortunate but yeah, you know, sure it happens a lot of places, but hopefully doesn't happen again. >> reporter: the sfpuc says punishments could range from suspensions to firings, but the employees involved will remain on the job at least until the investigation is complete in a week or two. in san francisco, erik rasmussen, ktvu channel 2 news. the ceo of a san francisco- based pornography site faces charges of cocaine possession. police say peter ackworth from was arrested february 1st. police say they found the drugs while officers were investigating reports of an online video showing men firing guns in the company's studio in the mission district. police say they didn't find
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enough evidence for weapons- related charges but the investigation is still open. san francisco firefighters blame a barbecue for a two alarm fire in a high rise this evening. the fire broke out on a deck in a residential building on second street between howard and folsom. firefighters tell us flames from the barbecue got out of hand. the fire started at 5:40 tonight and was contained by 6:00. also in san francisco emergency crews rescued a man from a state bluff baker beach this afternoon. news chopper 2 was there as first responders rappeled the cliffside to reach the young man and lower him to safety. someone called 911 when the man climbed the rocks at the north end of the beach and couldn't climb down. firefighter say he was not hurt. the 1 billion members of the roman catholic church express surprise tonight after pope benedict 16th 's announcement he is stepping down -- benedict xvi's announcement that he is
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stepping down. >> reporter: the news came as a surprise to many people. catholics here tell us what they'd like to see a new leader bring to the church. pope benedict xvi made a stunning announcement this morning. the 85-year-old german born pope said fatigue is the reason he's stepping down. his papacy began in 2005. >> wow, this is big news. >> reporter: brother charles hilton teaches history at st. mary's college and says a sitting poem has not resigned in -- pope has not resigned in almost 600 years. >> what a beautiful gesture to say that his own strength is failing and rather than grasp power and hang onto it to the end he's going to let it go. >> reporter: during the nightly mass at st. mary's chapel the pope's announcement was on the minds of those attending services. some hope a new leader will allow the catholic church to reexamine its approach towards hot button issues such as abortion, same sex marriage and the role of women in the church.
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>> the church does need to kind of move forward a little bit. i think it's kind of been lagging behind and it becomes dangerous because people aren't going to stand for it. they'll lose a lot of the people they had. >> reporter: others say a new pope should ensure that the catholic church abide by its long standing doctrine. >> not trying to water down the faith or anything like that to appease people that are against it. >> reporter: in san francisco the spokesman for the archdiocese praised the pope's decision saying that he put the best interest of the church before his own. >> it takes a lot of humility and here he is, one of the most powerful people on the planet in terms of 1.1 billion member church and tremendous responsibility, but he's going to give it up. >> reporter: pope benedict's last day is february 28th. brother charles hilton tells us that date is symbolic. it marks the last day of the last full month of winter. spring brings new beginnings and a new pope before easter.
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amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. >> so who will lead the catholic church? even bookies are weighing in and in seven minutes the church leaders with the best odds. north korea is now confirming it conducted a nuclear test tonight. u.s. officials had suspected that an earthquake a few hours ago was actually an underground explosion. this is north korea's third nuclear test. pyongyang had been threatening to conduct it for weeks. the international nuclear test ban organization calls north korea's testing a clear threat to international peace and security. president obama is set to deliver his state of the union address tomorrow night before a joint session of congress. the president plans to focus on the economy. he's expected to call for more government investment in education and infrastructure while also acknowledging the need to reduce the deficit with new taxes and budget cuts. the white house also says his top priorities are the same as they have been, creating jobs and growing the middle class.
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apple ceo tim cook is one of the invited guests. he's expected to watch the state of the union with the first lady. last year she was joined by steve jobs' widow. the first lady has also invited military families and victims of gun violence. our live coverage of the state of the union starts at 6 p.m. following ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00. then at 7:30 we'll break down the president's speech and gop response with our political analyst. temperatures are trending upward, but how high will they climb tomorrow? >> robbers hold up a local bank, the latest on the there is no mass-produced human.
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comfort... individualized. at the ultimate sleep number event, queen mattresses start at just $599. and save 50% on our innovative limited edition bed. a heated meeting just wrapped up concerning a new store in the south bay that sells guns. ktvu's matt keller is live in los gatos with where there was little the council could do to stop it tonight. >> reporter: the meeting just ended in the past hour and no final decision was made on gun sales guaranteeing the debate will continue here in los gatos. rarely does a los gatos town council meeting spill out into the lobby. tonight the overflow room needed an overnotice room as the council discussed templar sports and gun sales. >> there is no gray, just black and white. >> reporter: templar sports officially opened its doors december 29th on university
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avenue, but not before several people realized there was no town ordnance about a store that sells handguns and rifles. this sparked outrage from many people. tonight many held signs saying thability and transparency. >> this is not -- accountability and transparency. >> this is not about access to guns. the question is why do we need to be one of those places. >> reporter: as the outrage grew, so did support for the store. many people held up we support templar sports store at this meeting. >> the only thing that stops a crazy man with a good is a good guy with a gun and good guys can't get guns if they don't have stores to go to. >> reporter: in the end the council could make no final decision but ask the town staff to come back at a future meeting with possible new requirements for gun sales including a police permit process, require id checks for ammunition sales and a temporary moratorium on gun sales. >> this is all about the rights of people and the rights of opinions and the rights of a
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city. >> reporter: the owner of templar sports reported a death threat after last week's meeting. he is taking it seriously. the attorney for the store told me tonight's meeting made it clear the store is safe to operate in los gatos and any potential ordinance or moratorium on future gun sales will not affect it. matt keller, ktvu channel 2 news. a seven-hour standoff with a bank robbery suspect holed up in a newark motel is over. police say a man barricaded himself in a room at the ez-8 motel on cedar court. another suspect surrendered earlier. the two were wanted for a bank robbery in freemont earlier this afternoon and spotted at the motel less than a half hour later. shortly after 8:00 tonight police fired tear gas and the men surrendered. two stanislaus county poultry farmers face animal cruelty charges tonight that could put them behind bars. prosecutors pressed charges against the owners of a and l poultry farm near turlock. allegations stem from the
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discovery of 50,000 abandoned hens at the egg laying facility. they had gone without food or water for two weeks and most were dead or dying. only about 5,000 survived. the defendants could get up to three years behind bars. wall street started the week on the downside. the dow lost 21 points. nasdaq dropped one. many analysts say the markets are due for a pause after a six- week rally and some say a correction could be next. a merger of american airlines and u.s. aircraftways is reported by close to being finalized. the wall street journal says the boards of the companies are scheduled to meet separately wednesday. they could announce a deal then later that day or possibly thursday. the $10 billion merger would still need to be approved by federal regulators and anti- trust authorities. the u.s. department of transportation issued a $130,000 fine against united airlines for holding passengers on the tarmac longer than federal regulations allow. the chicago to tokyo flight was delayed nearly five hours. the agency says united failed to tell passengers they had the
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right to leave the plane during that delay. more now on the resignation of pope benedict xvi and who will replace him. ktvu's noel walker tells us in a rare move the new pope could come from somewhere outside europe. >> reporter: with a puff of smoke, cheers from the crowd and a new name, a new pope emerged nearly eight years ago. few would have thought then that his greatest legacy would be his final act. >> a major legacy is going to be his resigning. >> reporter: michael mccarthy from santa clara university center for education says it paves the way for future pontiffs to step down and opens up possibilities when the college of cardinals gathers in march to choose a new leader. there is a projected catholic boom in the next few decades in developing areas like africa where they expect a 146% increase, asia and latin
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america. now that could influence what the new pope looks like and how he thinks. >> if you're coming from africa or atlanta america, you just ask very different -- or latin america, you just ask very different kinds of questions than if you're coming out of a european context. >> reporter: even the oddsmakers are weighing in on the front runners which include guard natural mark gulet of canada. cardinal timothy dolan is considered the top american candidate, but will the cardinals choose someone more like the scholarly benedict xvi or more like john paul, ii? they will tell you only god knows the answer to that question. >> at we have dedicated a tab to the pope's resignation. you'll find more stories on choosing the next pope and the procedure. president obama awarded the military's medal of honor to a
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veteran from northern california today. staff sergeant clint romesha served two tours in iraq and one from afghanistan. in 2009 his combat outpost was ambushed before dawn and outnumbered by 3 horntail ban. he led a charge into fly -- by the taliban. he led a charge into flying bullets. he was struck by shrapnel but continued to fight during the ambush that killed eight soldiers. it's been dry around here as we go through january and february. we've had some of the dryest time between all of january and this much of february. so basically january 1st to february 11th. it is the fifth dryest in san francisco's history going back to 1852. oakland .53, the second dryest. so this period from january 1st to today has been really dry. it's showing up in the records. rain not coming any time soon, so those numbers will continue
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to grow. the highs today do not look like february highs. highs tomorrow are going to be just like this, lots of mid- 60s, lots of upper 60s. right now at the coast i've got coastal fog, kind of unusual because winds are offshore. that fog goes away tomorrow and these temperatures warm a little bit more. when i come back at 10:45, forecast high for your neighborhood, i'll let you know how warm it's going to get and which day will be the warmest of the week. the internet company godaddy known for its racy ads expanded into the south about a today. godaddy held a ribbon cutting ceremony for its new sunnyvale location. godaddy is based in arizona. it's trying to increase its presence in silicon valley with new offices. it's buying the mobile app maker m dot based in atherton. 40 employees have been hired for the new location. there are plans to double that number over the next year. their last tour was
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canceled by an onstage outburst, when green bay will return to the stage with a concert in the bay area. >> but first the all out manhunt for a former police officer, why the search may soon extend well beyond southern california. >> you can get ktvu channel 2 news to go.
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the u.s. marshal service filed court documents today suggesting fugitive former police officer christopher dorner may have fled to mexico. dodger has vanished with no confirmed sightings for four days now as william lajeunesse reports, tips have been pouring in but haven't panned out. >> reporter: the manhunt continues for christopher dorner, the ex-cop wanted for three homicides. the los angeles police department is combing through hundreds of leads. >> we are following up on over
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600 clues that have come in from the public. some of these are related to specific locations or sightings of dorner. >> reporter: numerous false sightings have stretched department ranks thin. a $1 million reward has been offered from private donations, local governments and civic organizations for information leading to his capture. >> this is not about capturing a fleeing suspect. this is about preventing a future crime, likely a murder. >> reporter: police now calling the former l.a. police officer a domestic terrorist while concentrating the search in the big bear mountain resort area. >> until we've looked in every nook and cranny in that area and near satisfied that dorner is not in -- they're satisfied that dorner is not in that area, we will continue to search the area as well as elsewhere. >> reporter: dorner has vowed revenge against several former colleagues adding to the severity of this manhunt. >> it is my sincere desire to bring many dorner to justice,
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to bring him to court, to capture him alive. that is absolutely what i want and it would be my preference that if he's watching this, that he surrender so that we can end this nightmare. >> reporter: while the pursuit for dorner continues, the riverside california police officer he allegedly murdered will be laid to rest wednesday. in los angeles william lajeunesse, fox news. police in vacaville say they confiscated a baby alligator during a recent drug bust. police found the 3-foot long alligator after arresting two people last thursday. officers spotted pylori and william reilly engaged in -- spotted lori and william riley in a suspicion transaction as they spotted them in their car. the two were booked into county jail. the alligator was turned over to the county humane services department. construction crews in contra costa county have begun working on the final segment of
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the highway corridor project. the project is expected to provide relief to one of the most congested commutes in the bay area which includes road widening and new overpasses. the daily clog should ease by 2015. >> a brand-new four lane in each direction facility including a median prepared for the extension of bart all the way up to hillcrest. that will save 20 minutes each direction. >> the project also includes bart's light rail extension set to be completed in 2017 hauling passengers another 12 miles. the berkeley band green bay is coming back to the stage after the singer's self- described substance abuse problem causing a hiatus. the bay area punk rockers scheduled several shows including an april concert at the greek theater at uc berkeley. the band canceled its last tour following an on stage outburst by billy joe armstrong in
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september. tickets for the april concert are scheduled to go on sale friday. a cruise ship stranded in news of the world, the nightmare vacation for thousands of tourists. see why it won't end for another three days. >> a tall truck, a low overpass and a train, that combination caused some problems on the peninsula. we'll have a live report. >> but up first new video from vallejo where police are on
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more now on the developing news out of vallejo where five people were shot tonight. this is video just in from the scene. we've learned the two victims taken by ambulance to the hospital with life threatening injuries are both men. police say when they were
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called to humboldt and eastwood streets about 8:30 tonight the area was littered with shell casings. officers say the other three gunshot victims took themselves to the hospital. police say they are interviewing those victims to determine a motive for the shooting and identify possible suspects. a collision between a big rig and a caltrain disrupted service tonight during the peak of the evening commute. ktvu's ken wayne is live in san bruno and tells us the accident happened at a construction site along angus avenue, a site designed specifically to prevent that type of accident. >> reporter: absolutely, frank. you can see the signs are pretty clear, no trucks, clearance 11 feet 6 inches, but apparently this truck driver today didn't notice these signs until it was too late. this was the mess left behind after a caltrain slammed into the trailer of a big rig near the san bruno station. from news chopper 2 you can see the trailer box from the truck wedged between the locomotive and cement wall of a new
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construction project. >> he realized that his vehicle was too tall to get under the overpass. so he at that point attempted to pass up and unfortunately he was blocked in by a string of cars and so at that point he was struck by the train. >> reporter: the good news is no one was hurt, but the locomotive is heavily damaged. trains had to single track around the accident site causing at least half hour delays during the evening commute. >> i could see that the southbound was delayed heavily, but the northbound appeared to be okay and they just kept us on the train a few minute at millbrae. >> reporter: how did the passengers take all that? >> it was okay. i've had worse on caltrain. >> trying to go to another work meeting and i'll just be late. that's how it works, but i still prefer the train over a car any day. >> reporter: caltrain is spending $147 million to raise train overpasses on three streets in san bruno to allow more clearance for vehicles passing under the tracks. >> this train separation
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project will eliminate the possibility of this ever happening again. >> reporter: san mateo county sheriff's deputies are investigating the accident, no word on what charges, if any, the driver will face. caltrain wants to remind drives to make sure they leave plenty -- drivers to make sure they leave plenty of space in front of them at train crossings so if they have to turn around, they have room to do so. richmond's dornin drive tunnel closed after construction crews discovered concrete failure inside. the 100-year-old tunnel connects point richmond with keller beach park, the brickyard cove and sea cliff neighborhoods. crews discovered the weakness last friday as they began a tunnel repair project to fix cracks and install a new drainage system. the repairs are expected to take three months. drivers will be routed around the area. a candlelight vigil is scheduled for wednesday night in honor of a 20-year-old student from orinda who died after he was found in front of
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his dorm at cal poly. brandon wong died early yesterday morning. his friends say they attended a party the night he died. investigators are awaiting on toxicology results before reporting cause of death. the fbi said after five weeks of digging for murder victims in san joaquin county they found debris but no remains. the crews have dug 95 feet into an old well looking for victims of the speed freak killers and will continue to the bottom. jailed suspect wesley shermantine told the fbi where to look and has said they are digging in the wrong spot. in news of the world tonight in the gulf of mexico some 4,000 passengers are stranded on this cruise ship without power, running water and with very few working toilets. a fire in the engine early yesterday knocked out power and left the carnival triumph dead in the water. the plan is for tugboats to tow it to mobile, alabama. it's expected to arrive there on thursday. in russia an underground
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explosion at a coal mine killed at least 18 people. some 250 were in the mine at the time. authorities are blaming a builddown of methane gas. russian president vladimir putin sent his disaster minister to the mine to oversee the investigation. deadly accidents like this are fairly common in russia. just last month nine miners died in two incidents. in the central asian nation of kazakhstan an unmanned cargo ship blasted off for the international space station. controllers tried a new trajectory that shortened the travel time and it arrived in less than six hours. usually it takes two days. along with food and freshwater the cargo ship is carrying letters from home for the crew of five. in texas today thousands of people paid tribute to a retired navy seal who survived four tours of duty in iraq and was killed here in the u.s. chris kyle's wife was among those who offered a heartfelt eulogy.
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i stand before you a broken woman that i am now and always will be the wife of a man who is a warrior both on and off the battlefield. >> about 7,000 people gathered at cowboys stadium to say good- bye to the 38-year-old veteran. kyle was known for his skill as a sniper in iraq and the book called american sniper. he was also known for helping veterans with post-traumatic stress including the one who allegedly shot him. kyle's funeral will be held tomorrow. a consumer alert tonight, the federal trade commission says their study found 25% of credit reports issued by major agencies contain errors and those errors can lead to lower scores which in turn could lead to that buyer paying more for mortgages, auto loans or other financial products. the study looked at just over 1,000 reports issued by the three major agencies, equifax, experian and transunion. facebook ceo mark
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zuckerberg and his wife made the known 2 spot on a list of top u.s. charitable givers. the zuckerbergs donated $499 million last year to the silicon valley community foundation. they're one of several young silicon valley couples who made the philanthropy top 50 list. google's co-founder donated around 222 million. warren buffett still tops the list giving away around $3 billion. at 10:45 our chief meteorologist bill martin will be back with the complete forecast including which day we could see 70-degree temperatures this
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caltrans says it's seeing an increase in theft of its copper wiring in the bay area. the problem was evident today on highway 242 in concord. someone had removed the copper wires there housed inside a meter box cutting power to a nearby metering light. caltrans has seen 59 similar incidents and is spending more than $2 million a year to repair damage by metal thieves in the bay area alone. >> that could be used to fill potholes, to repair guardrails, to clean up graffiti. there are a lot of things we could use that $2 million on. >> caltrans says it is making its meter boxes more secure and is switching to less valuable aluminum wiring. bart has new power, a new law gives the transit agency the ability to ban people from its system. bart held the first in a series of meetings tonight to educate the public.
12:10 am
>> reporter: at a community meeting tonight bart officers and officials answered questions about assembly bill 716. the new law allows bart to ban passengers who commit certain offenses on bart property. the penalty can range from 30 days to a year. it's expected to take effect in may. >> we have people that attack our station agents and attack our patrons on the train for really no given reasons. obviously there's fights, drunking brawls. >> reporter: bart officials say last year alone there were 46 assaults on station agents and officers and more than 200 cases of unruly behavior. their goal is a safer cleaner environment for everyone who uses the system. >> when it comes to the nonviolent acts, it's going to take three acts in 90 consecutive days to get a prohibition order. >> reporter: passengers have mixed reaction. >> i support dealing with criminals in whatever way they need to be dealt with, but i just hope that it doesn't carry over. for instance, i'm not a criminal and i wouldn't commit vandalism or anything, but now
12:11 am
or another i don't want to be profiled. >> i'm worried about my rights, yes, definitely. >> this law would pretty much put people into -- i think it would be an outrage. >> if someone actually stabs somebody next to them or is involved in serious bad issues, i think that's absolutely reasonable to ban them as long as there is a process in place to make sure it's not something minor. >> reporter: one of the questions that's come up, can protesters be banned? officials say while they can take action against someone who interferes with trains, they tell us the law is not aimed at protesters. shares of palo alto's tesla slipped lower today while the company fired back at a very negative review of its model s in the new york times. tesla's ceo accused the reporter of misrepresenting the sedan's performance during a test drive. the reporter said the test drive was a nightmare and that the car failed to meet the advertised range during the cold weather back east.
12:12 am
musk said the reporter didn't properly charge the car ahead of time. tesla stock dropped as much as 4% before coming back slightly and closing down 2%. san francisco's cliff house is going green. a wind turbine is being installed. it's expected to begin producing energy by march 1st if not sooner. the man installing it told us the turbine is quiet and safe for birds. the project is funded by the san jose startup. renewing their vows to each other and to beat leukemia. in just two minutes how one couple is drawing attention to a dire need for donors. >> a new take on
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new video from antioch where a woman was injured by a stray bullet tonight. someone was shooting at a car on sycamore drive and a stray bullet traveled 1/2 block and went through a window in an upstairs bedroom hitting a woman inside in the arm. the wound appears to be minor. neighbors say this is the third time the duplex has been hit. a san francisco couple today renewed their wedding vows while raising awareness at the lack of certain bone marrow donors. ktvu's david stevenson explains the very personal reason why the couple is so invested in that cause. >> reporter: with california's attorney general presiding san francisco natives kevin weston and latifa simon weston renewed their vows today five months after a hastie hospital wedding. >> kevin was on a -- hasty hospital wedding. >> evan can was on a
12:16 am
ventilator. >> reporter: kevin suffers from leukemia, a rare illness, and needs to find a donor for a bone marrow transplant in the next two months. >> i think when people are educated about that opportunity, most folks will step up to that plate. >> the whole process takes about four weeks. >> reporter: the couple used today's ceremony to highlight the shortage of african american, asian and latino marrow donors. >> african americans make up 7% of the registry. >> reporter: the westons hope to register 1,000 new potential donors, dozens of friends and strangers volunteered dna swabs ahead of the wedding. >> i had no idea how easy it was to be tested to see if i was a match. >> give it a shot, thought it would be a good deed. >> reporter: the westons' goal, save kevin and others suffering from cancer. >> if someone is fighting a disease, their worry should be about getting healed and not looking for a donor. we're going to change that. >> reporter: anyone interested in becoming a potential marrow donor can go to to
12:17 am
find out more about the process and register online. in san francisco david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. the sky may be clear in the northeast tonight, but there is a lot of snow on the ground. people in hartford, connecticut, had to shovel about 3 feet of snow left by this weekend's blizzard. some 80,000 homes and businesses are still without power tonight. the storm is blamed for at least 18 deaths in this country and canada. air travel is getting back to normal after that storm. at the height of the blizzard some 5,300 flights were canceled. passengers had to be rebooked. tonight there are some new weather-repeated delays at new york's three major airports and boston logan airport. we confirm today america's cup organizers have fallen short about $20 million of fundraising goals and neighborhood activistses are demanding public marryings saying people -- activists are demanding public hearings
12:18 am
saying people trusted no tax dollars being spent and the money in tourism income. the mayor lee says he is confident $20 million will be raised by this summer. he expects national political leaders to host fundraisers and wealthy patrons to endow facilities in return for their names on them. it's been a dry month, month and a half for that matter. let's look at some of the rainfall totals to date for the entire year. santa rosa is at 100% now and falling, san francisco at 91%, 88% in san jose, those numbers are amazing considering how little rain we got the last two months. december was off the hook. we got a ton of rain and that's keeping us in the game. there's some rain out there the middle and end of next week. we'll see how that goes.
12:19 am
these are current temperatures. forecast lows will be in the mid-and upper 30s, so pretty chilly out there now, plenty of frost tomorrow morning when you wake up, santa rosa 33, 35 at napa, doesn't have to be freezing to get frost. ever notice how it freezes on that front windshield because the inside of the car gets colder than the ground. so certain surfaces like windshields and cars get frost more easily, but you don't need freezing temperatures. sunny and mild tomorrow, extended forecast calling for warmer temperature. the high pressure sets up a warming trend and northerly breeze, stays with us not just tomorrow but through friday and then it breaks down. s that starts to break down -- as that starts to break down we got a shot of something coming in towards the middle to end of next week. the forecast daytime highs tomorrow, 67 in napa and santa prose a, so warm again. some of -- santa rosa, so warm again. some of these numbers will vary depending where you live.
12:20 am
vacaville may go 65 or 66, could see 70 degrees in places down around the coast, certainly by monterey and santa cruz. forecast high in freemont 65, 63 in pleasanton and livermore. so a nice looking day tomorrow and a nice looking week ahead. i guess it didn't rain in jap, right? third dryest on record. we haven't had rain in february, none this week and we're still 100% of average in santa rosa. so that's good news, but right now this week looks dry, something coming in. >> it's also pretty remarkable to think 70-degree temperatures in the middle of february. >> after that story you did on the northeast storm. >> thanks, bill. you have a chance to leave your mark on the solar system. the study institute in mountain view is holding a contest to name two of pluto's recently discovered moons. since pluto is the king of the underworld in greek mythology
12:21 am
all the naming options are linked to the underworld. there's a link on our website. bourbon drinkers may find their favorite brand slightly watered down. makers mark is adding a little more water than normally. the company says demand is way up and supplies are low and they say consumers won't notice mom, i invited justin over for lunch.
12:22 am
good. no, not good. he's a vegetarian and he's going to be here in 20 minutes! [ mom ] don't stress. we can figure this out. ♪ [ male announcer ] get the speed to make a great first impression. call today to get u-verse high speed internet for as little as $14.95 a month for 12 months with a one-year price guarantee. this is delicious. ♪ [ male announcer ] save the day in an instant. at&t.
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the company hired to manage the las vegas style indian casino built near rohnert park provided an update on the $800 million project today. the drawings show a single story building with beige, brown and coppertones. there are several restaurants. the drawings did not show the hotel also planned for the site. the casino is expected to open by the end of this year. mark is here with sports and man, what has happened to the sharks? it's like they've fallen off a cliff. >> do not put any money on any bay area team if you're gambling. it's just warriors, sharks right now for all intents and purposes, san jose has completely wiped out any
12:25 am
advantage of their seven-game win streak the start of the season might have given them. saying they crashed back to earth is an extreme understatement. in columbus thomas ghrist in the net and he's not up to the occasion at all it. gets worse. 3-1 columbus after patrick marleau uncorks no. 10 of the year, but that's as close as they would get. columbus three goals in the 3rd period including two in eight seconds, vinny prospal beats ghrist. sharks are winless in their last five games. nice distraction from the way the warriors have been playing basketball of late and a nice marketing opportunity to boot, team unveiling the new look uniforms, rookie barnes doing some modeling earlier today in the modern era of nba basketball. this is the first time anyone will have sleeves, very
12:26 am
lightweight material it is, quite a fashion statement to be sure. it will spark the interest with fans, but it's the players' reaction that's probably most important with this. >> it's something different, something that's against the norm. i think as time goes on more people will choose to embrace it. >> it kind of feels weird walking out on the floor first game, but i like the feel. it's differently i'm glad we're the first ones to do it. i think it will be a huge hit with the fans. i think they look pretty good, too. check this out, a little high school girls basketball in colorado. anna alston in the dark uniform with the ball thought the time was running out in the half. she threw it the length of the court. watch it again. it will bounce and go right into the bucket. yup, that is legal. however, there were 15 seconds left on the clock when she did that. so she didn't have to be quite as desperate as she thought, but quite a shot. hey, the stanford football program getting an unexpected
12:27 am
shot, but very welcome bonus. running back tyler gaffney left the farm after signing a minor league baseball contract with the pittsburgh organization but he decided to forsake basketball and come back to stanford for his final year of eligibility and complete work towards his degree. he missed football he says and it's his second family, so to speak at stanford he's coming back. coach is glad to have him as he fills the shoes of departed stefan taylor. that's the sporting line on monday night, just need to get a victory. >> the sharks started off so hot. >> they play again tomorrow. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> a ktvu crew just spoke with the mother of the 14-year-old boy who was struck by a car tonight in concord and her call for change in that intersection plus an update how her son is
12:28 am
doing on the morning news
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