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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  February 15, 2013 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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coming up, the latest on the killing of the cop in los angeles. good evening,. it is friday, february 15th, i'm gasia mikaelian, this is bay area news at 7:00. we begin with developing news. a major intersection is shutdown right now while the authorities deal with a 3- vehicle crash. the accident happened near dublin boulevard about 45 minutes ago. it is closed between dublin boulevard and amvidor valley boulevard. you can see the back up that extends south to interstate 580. the police say it appears there are no serious injuries from that incident. well, the scene could of come straight from a science
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fiction movie. a spectacular sight of a meteorite crashing into central russia and causing hundreds of injuries. continuing coverage now with more of the amazing video. >> reporter: it came from the sky just after 9:00 in the morning local time. a 10 ton meteor at 33,000 miles an hour through the atmosphere went over the russian city, 900 miles east of moscow before exploding in a fireball of pwraoeupbding blight light said to have the power of an atomic bomb and then a sonic boom, it smashed buildings and knocked out phone service. hundreds were hospitalized. nobody reported killed [speaking in russian ] >> it reminded me of action movies like "terminator 4" the light was bright like a sun and then the blast happened. >> reporter: another eyewitness said there was panic in the streets and another said it felt like a war zone.
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20,000 emergency workers fanned out. three impact sites were found. it missed nuclear chemical facilities. the president promised aid for those effected. several meteors hits the earth but this was known for the size and vicability. >> the thing is it came down over a populated area. industrial area, in fact, and that is, maybe ub usual. >> today's incident happened 3,000 miles to the west and 100 years after a massive meteor strike in siberia. that one leveled millions of trees across an 800 square mile area. guess what, not a cell phone or video camera in sight. back to you. more details now, here is another look at one of the three main impact sites discovered so far. you can see where a chunk went into a frozen lake leaving a hole in the ice. to give you an idea of the distance here this small lake
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is about 50 miles from the town. hours later a large asteroid passed within the earth's orbit. the two events are unrelated. nasa has been keeping a watch on this space rock for months t. came within 17,000 miles of earth. objects that size buzz earth about once every 40 years. >> this is a set of these asteroids and comites, even, that do occasional pass close to the earth across our orbit. we keep close track on those so we can predict when one might, some day, hit the earth. >> reporter: the best viewing was in australiaia and asia. but tonight, the space and science observetory will be open for people to get a look as it heads back to outer space. more details on today's event. scientists believe our
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solarsystem could have 500,000 or more asteroids, the size of the one that came chose to the earth today. fewer than 1% have been catalog. nasa spents $20 million a year on asteroid detection. as for the difference between a meteor and an asteroid, a meteor is an asteroid that comes into earth's atmosphere. go to our web site for more images and look at the images tab at the top of our home page. hate today, authorities in southern california revealed fugitive former lapd officer dorner died from a self- inflected gun shot wound. they confirmed during the nearly week-long manhunt in big bear he was hiding in a condo across from the police command post. the authorities say he killed four people including officers in revenge for being fired from the la police department. he died during a standoff on tuesday. now, oakland, the police s.w.a.t.
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teams surrounded an apartment complex. the officers suspect that one shooting suspect is holed up here. two people have been detained at the complex. a third was questioned and then released. the police say the shooting happened near broadway and west mcauthor boulevard just before 12:30 this afternoon. a man was wounded in the shooting and was treated at the hospital. a normally quiet san francisco neighborhood is on edge tonight after two men were attack inside their home. as rob roth explains the type of weapon used here is unsettling. >> reporter: 27th street last night -- >> we had multiple paramedic vehicles, we had eight cop cars. >> reporter: the police are not sure how three men got inside of this house but they attacked a 69-year-old owner with a hatchet. >> the first victim was asleep in his bed when he was suddenly attacked and awoke enby two or
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three suspect -- awokeen by two or three suspects where they attacked him with a hatchet. >> another man living there walked into the home and he, too, was attacked with the hatchet. neighbors saw the man who was attacked in his bed wheeled into an ambulance. >> he was pretty beat up. >> reporter: the police say they are looking for three men and have the vaguest of descriptions. they ransacked the house and fled with jewelry. some neighbors are shaken up by what happened especially with the weapon that was used. >> scary, very scary. especially, you know, most of these places don't have bars on their doors and you know, people might start thinking about that. >> neighbors think the attack was not random. >> i think it save block. it is about lifestyle choices. >> reporter: the police are asking the public for help if anyone saw or heard anything about calling in. sanfrancisco, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news.
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a man suspected of making death threats made his first appearance in court today. charged with 10 fell knees including the alleged threats as well as possession of explosives others assault weapon and forging a government id. meantime the authorities say a 3-day long search at the home if santa clara is ending tonight. bomb squad teams left the home on humble way. the walnut creek police department says it wants to take drastic measures to address a shortage of officers. some detectives have had to put investigations on hold in order to go out and patrol. the department says it is funded to have 76 officers and authorized to hire up to 80. right now, there are only 65 officers on the roster. >> a lot of competition. and, part of that competition has better pay and benefits. because of that we are losing some applicants to other agencies. >> the city leaders say the idea of increasing pay and benefits has not been formally proposed to the city council.
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san jose police are reporting a spike in the city's crime rate. new numbers show total crime last year went up 27%. the biggest increases are in property crimes, up more than 27% compared to 2011. also on the rise, homicide which reached a 20 year high. the police say they are working on increasing patrols but experiencing a staffing shortage. the b.a.r.t police identified a suspect in a shooting that left a bistandard dead at the bay field station. he is 18-year-old bennett from oakland. the police say bennett is the prime suspect in the shooting last month that killed 50-year- old kenneth lee seats. the police are looking for bennett's girlfriend, an 18- year-old, pweurbgs e, l, from oakland who was with bennett. >> she also has outstanding no- bail arrest warrants for her arrest. anyone seeing them should call 911 immediately. >> the police say two other suspects in the shootout are in custody on unrelated charges.
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their names not released. former u.s. representative, jesse jackson, jr. and his wife agreed to plead guilty they misused campaign funds. the chicago couple struck a deal today. jackson and his wife, sandra steven jackson admitted they used $750,000 in campaign funds for personal expenses and gifts. jackson resigned from office in november. he is the son of famed civil rights leader jesse jackson. the judge will determine if punishment is expected to be from probation to five years in prison. some u.s. senators are questioning a move to end saturday mail delivery this summer. newmexico senator and 23 others wrote to the postmasterrer general. the postal service may not have the authority to cancel saturday deliver and cuts could cast them more than $5 billion rather than save $2 billion as the agency claims. the senators ask the postal service to work with congress on reforms. a report from jerry brown's
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office says he allowed parole for more convicted killers than the predecessors. governor brown let stand freeing convicted killers last year and 82% last year. his decisions are based on if the paroleee is a public safety threat. now, by comparison governor gray davis allowed 2% of the parole recommendation and schwarzenegger allowed about 1 in 4. this coming sunday is a day of remembrance to remember the entournament of japanese americans. a woman told us today she was treated like a criminal. >> ex-con, serial number. i would like to forget it but it is -- it is still in my head. >> she is now 88 years old. she was encarserated at a camp in utah. during the war they labeled japanese americans a threat and sent them to remote camps. not until 1998 they received an
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apology. ceremonies will be held sunday in san francisco's japan town. well, it looks like san francisco street sweepers are getting good at cleaning you feathers of the department of public works say the clean up cost for yesterday's pillow cost was $5,000. the cost has been as high as 16,000. it took 10 crewmembers to clear up the debris after the event yesterday. the department says eight years of experience have made the process a little easier. we hope you stay with us. this is much more news ahead here on bay area news at 6:00 sofa... desk... you know what? why don't you go get some frozen yogurt. i got this. you're so sweet. you got this, right? i do got this. let us get everything off the shelf, and to your home.
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the highway patrol says a chase ended in a crash.
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investigators say the pursuit reached speeds of 110 miles an hour on eastbound highway 4. officers used a spike strip to stop the car. the driver tried to run after the car crashed. the officers took him in custody. relatives of a girl are in mourning tonight after a driver struck and killed her on a busy road. we are live now near the intersection of hidden glen and hillcrest avenue where mourners are gathering tonight. >> there are vigils going on tonight at two separate locations, one here at the intersection where this accident happened. a group of 20 people gathered around the site. this is also a vigil hosted by the family at noah park. it has been a day of mourning the people who loved this young woman. >> reporter: stunned by the loss and with tears streaming down their faces friends of 14- year-old girl came to this spot to remember their classmate. >> the whole staff is effected. the kids are effected.
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a real popular kid. 8th grade year. >> reporter: last night white was struck by a car at the intersection of hillcrest avenue and golden bear. the driver stopped wobs he realized what had happened. >> i thought he was the father. he was losing it so bad. are you the father? he said no, i am the guy that killed her. >> she was in foster care but remained in contact with her family her grandmother was a few cars back. >> oh my god i hit someone. >> reporter: white's mother was by her side before a helicopter airlifted her to a hospital. >> mom came and i just asked mom to just please keep talking to your baby. keep talking. she needs to hear your voice. >> reporter: white died from her injuries at the hospital. they believe the driver was going the speed limit. 45 miles an hour and the police don't know if she was in the cross walk when hit. >> i think they both did not see one another and tragedy struck. >> reporter: neighbors say something must be done to
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prevent another tragedy. >> especially this area. residential area, schools nearby, children near by. >> in order to lower the speed limit the city's engineering department would have to be involved and study the traffic patterns here before making changes. we are live, ktvu channel 2 news. in fremont a young bike rider is rushed to the hospital after being hit by a car. it happened just before 5:00 this evening. the force of the collision lodged the bike under the car. the child is to have nonlife threatening injuries. the investigation into a string of 25 burglars brought hem to neighboring antioch today. they say information gathers shows three people in the house ever've were arrested unrelated to burglary charges.
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seeking the death penalty in the 2011 killing of a police officer. henry albert smith junior is accused of shooting james kapau following a bank robbery. the trial date has been set for may 10th. the 25-year-old officer was a 19 year veteran of the police department. this is still more time to redeem an iou from gun buy back event last month. we saw a long line there this afternoon at the civic center to redeem the vouchers for cash. they handed out $75,000 of iou's. they can be redeemed until 8:00 tonight at the civic center. yesterday, the crews tossed the 827 weapon collected into a pit where they were then melted down. walmart shares took a hit today when an internal e-mail was leaked. bloomberg news published parts of the e-mail saying february sales were quote a total disaster.
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walmart says it was taken out of context. the report sent the stocks south it rallies and finished with an 8-point gain. securities and exchange commission launched an investigation into the $23 billion punch of hj heinz. they growed yesterday to buy the company. the fcc is saying an accountant in switzerland was used for insider trading. some traders knew in advance about the pending transaction. an internal investigation is underway into the fire that left a carnival cruiseship marooned at sea. one woman kissed the ground she was so happy when she arrive inside alabama last month. stranded on board for four nights. investigators from the ntsb are in mobile to look into the cause of the fire that knocked out power to the ship. the lead agency is from the bahamas since that is which
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this ship is registered. experts wonder if this will leave a lasting black mark on the industry. our consumer editor looks at that and what it means for carnival passengers and pursuing action. >> reporter: the carnival ceo went to mobile to apologized to passengers. they say when it comes to compensation, carnival has the upper hand. >> you have this contract that just takes away all of their rights that the passengers who, never read this, agreed to it when they clicked and bought their cruise. >> reporter: carnival is offering to refund each passenger's cruise price an additional $500 cash and a voucher for another similarly priced cruise. >> lightly regulated industry. the cruise lines, the ships, when it comes to u.s. regulations. they want to keep it that way. >> reporter: in fact, if the ship shanks, property damage is lim-- saeufrpg property damage is limited to $100 a room and a
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death is limited to $60,000. >> we are not compensated for stress and all of that stuff. they contracted away and said i will not be part of a class action suit. i will not go to trial. i will have it arbitrated. >> reporter: how does it play with visitors walked passed san francisco's new cruise terminal? >> i don't think this is a good enough seal for me to want to be on a cruise ship or liner. >> i was already discouraged by n oro. >> reporter: one woman was more forgiving you. >> hear about it but it is not every other cruise ship. >> reporter: put in perspective, this is rare. tom vacar, back to you. olympic sprinter oscar pistorius sobbed in court today for the murder of his girlfriend. relatives of the victim were
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are among those in a packed courtroom. in the statement he said he disputed the murder charge in the strongest term. a bail hearing is expected next week. there is giant sized excitement circling arizona right now. why this weekend is the start of what is hoped to be an exciting spring for bay area baseball fans. and the warm weather streak is coming to an end. mark tamayo will let us know about rain that is on the way well, well, well.
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excitement in building in arizona as players and fans begin to arrive for spring training. they hold their first workout tomorrow. the fans were in the ballpark today to get a up close look at the players. the first game is february 23rd in scottsdale t. say sign that spring can not be far off. if you are judging by the weather here in the bay area, spring feels like it is here. >> that is right, gasia. great to have a game here today in the bay area. one more day of warm temperatures and then big changes on that for sunday and monday and tuesday of next week. we are talking about rain clouds going back into the region. this afternoon, the temperatures spiked. you can see the temperatures 60s to 70s. topping out, 72, downtown, 71 degrees. we are still in the cheer right
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now. the storm track remanipulates a visitor in the -- or straeupger i should say. it will be a visitor over the next few days. as far as current temperatures, a lot of 50s right now. look at that. double-check this. right now for the 7:00 hour. it is 65 degrees in san francisco. so, still mild right in the city currently. tonight, most he clear skies, this weekend, still nice. dry weather patterns, the temperatures, though, cooling things off by sunday. and, in the extent, rainfall pays us a visit. first thing tomorrow morning, a cold start, wobs again, middle 30s to 40s. santa rose a35 degrees, napa, 37. downtown san francisco, upper 40s. here we are, starting out the day. the 30s and the 40s, once again, in the afternoon. lots of 60s, warmest locations approaching, lower 70s, high pressure remains part of our weather for one more day. sunday we shave off a few pore
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degrees. here is the change, the cold weather system moves in from the north and the west. see what happens, barely making it it to to the upper 50s and a possibility of a few thunderstorms. that is scheduled for tuesday. for tomorrow, lots of sunshine out there. pretty much the same deal into sunday and areas of fog. by monday, we will thicken up the cloud cover. forecast highs for tomorrow. cooler, still nice around 70, oakland, upper 60s, pleasantton, 68. san jose, forecast high of 70 and these temperatures will check in at three clock tomorrow afternoon. here is a look ahead. five-day forecast, weekend in view. rain likely on tuesday morning. thank you, mark. >> a bear yeah fashion student is making national headlines, master's had her collection on the runway during new york fashion week. some of her clothes have a 3d effect. we talked to the designer and
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you can learn more about it on our web site. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news, we will see you the next time news breaks. tkpwaoeupl - - i'm gasia mikaelian, we will see you later tonight. "tmz" is up next right here on tv36. you're on timeout leo!
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