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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  February 19, 2013 11:30pm-12:30am PST

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it has been a cold dark night in one part of the bay area where tens of thousands of people lost power. good evening i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. hundreds lost power.
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>> reporter: we are at north gate mall here at north rafael. the latest word from pg & e is that thousands of power customers in this part of marin county the are still without power. people try to go about their business in the dark using a flashlight. one woman told us she still managed to buy groceries. >> everything is dark and super quiet. i went to the grocery store. just like the movie. >> reporter: it was scary. >> yeah, very scary. >> reporter: we found this man in his car. >> i was in my car charging my phone, looking up pg & e to see what's going on. >> reporter: the generator was running at fire station number five to keep the lights on there. firefighters responded to several calls when the power initially went out.
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>> it's an escalator problems. we assisted a gentleman in a wheelchair down the escalator. the other call was a call at a parking garage where people were locked inside. >> reporter: before 8:00 tonight. pg & e says 10,000 homes and busnesses are in the dark tonight. behind me, you can see that apple bee's lights are still on. amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. the winter storm that blew into the bay area today brought a little bit of everything. rain, wind, hail. even some snow. and we have team coverage tonight our chief meteorologist
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bill martin is tracking the storm. and ken wayne is live. >> reporter: it's not the sierra, it's mount diablo the 3,800-foot summit is blanketed with two to 3-inches of snow. enough for thrill seekers to break out winter toys. >> earlier today, we had some snow it didn't stick. but it's sticking up there. >> reporter: the die hards had to get out and hike to the top. >> they're like i don't really believe there's snow up here. my mom after they picked up us from school we decided to come up here and see if there's any snow. we found some snow. >> reporter: news chopper 2 found the hills and peaks also packed with snow. this delivery man showed us how the cold winter weather affected his job. >> it's freezing everything together. it's crazy. i have was getting hailed on a
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couple of minutes ago, it's not easy to work in. >> reporter: snow, rain and hail made winding highway 17 even more treacherous. >> i like that it sort of got the winter feel finally. we haven't really had this at all this year. i mean i like the winter so, that's good. i don't like the slick roads. >> reporter: those slick roads contributed to traffic problems such as this single vehicle crash that left a driver with minor injuries at dorner park. problems for some, others happy to see that winter is back. >> i'm very happy about it actually. i know that we need a lot of rain. we've got a lot of early and not much in the middle so i know that we need it. >> reporter: check out this funnel cloud near red bluff today. what appears to be a tornado was spotted in tahema county. the national weather service issued a tornado warning north of chico this afternoon.
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the good news, no reports of damage or injury. now to bill martin to see how much rain we received and the low temperatures sinking in tonight. >> reporter: this was a cold snow. this thing came in and felt like a lot of rain. but it didn't really rain that much, it just came down hard. you will see the the cliff house. the rain accumulation not big. we're going to see patchy valley fog tomorrow morning. you're going to see frost. as you get going, it is going to be downright cold.
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we'll get down to that, when i come back we will get to how cold it'll get down in your neighborhood. the worse of the problems are north of sonora along 45 in tuolomne county. the chp says they've been out to rescue 60 to 75 vehicles that had crashed or stranded. one resident said he's lived there since 1970 and this is the worse he's ever seen. people who don't have to travel in that area should stay away and anyone who has to be there should bring chains. and the high winds ripped a porch right off her home.
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she watched as her patio vanished before her eyes. >> all of a sudden it got real black. the sky got real black and boom, my patio was gone. >> reporter: just like that? >> just like that. the neighbors heard it. it was in shock. i just couldn't believe it. >> reporter: we contacted police and fire in the neighborhood and learned there were no other reports of damage in that area. stay with the 10:00 news at 1030 the slow trek. the latest on chain controls at this hour. new at 10:00, word that a north bay high school student is recovering tonight from meningitis. sonoma county health officials say the 17-year-old boy was hospitalized over the weekend. they say he has a serious blood infection caused by the disease. the teenager is a student at
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petaluma high school. tonight's vote means oakland will pay the chp officers to patrol part time for two months beginning march 1st. the chp has been helping patrol oakland since november with the state picking up the tab. city leaders say they hope the funding approved tonight will keep the chp officers on patrol until graduates of the march police department hit the streets. in sacramento, the committee that runs the nation's largest fund voted to digest $9 million in two gun companies. heather holmes is now live in san francisco and tells us the move by calpers is following the gun massacre in sandy hook. >> reporter: millions will soon see changes in their pension
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plans after today's vote to sell all of the funds gun shares. a financial response to the december shooting at sandy hook elementary in newtown connecticut with california dropping investments in gun makers. >> there's some things that are just wrong. we shouldn't be investing in these things. >> reporter: state treasurer and calpers treasurer bill lockleare admitted that selling the $9 million worth of stock is largely similar bomb -- symbolic but hopes the move will change laws. >> at times the change doesn't happen immediately, it happens within time. >> i believe that we socially should not be involved in gun
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manufacturing. >> reporter: last week supervisors voted unanimously to rid their retirement fund of gun makers. they agreed to sell $500,000 of gun funds. >> there's lots of good investments around america we can find plenty of good investments. it's a good move that people across america join us. >> reporter: locklear says he does not expect the sale of shares of gun makers to impact their investments. the nasdaq was up 21 points. google was among today's big winners. google stock closed above $800 a share for the first time
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ever. when google went public nine years ago, shares sold for $800 each. google is well positioned for the years ahead with its dominant search engine and in the growing mobile market with its android system. an exclusive new field poll shows president obama is enjoying a bump in the polls. president obama's approval rating is at 62%. about one in three californians say they disapprove in the president's job performance. when it comes to the the congress, 23% approve. a family is targeted by gas thieves what they noticed first and what you can do to become a victim. >> plus, a
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well, well, well.
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growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time. in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows. and if mom was recording her dumb show and dad was recording his dumb show then, by george, that's all we watched. and we liked it! today's kids got it so good. [ male announcer ] get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for 1 year when you bundle tv and internet. rethink possible. a family in the south bay is protecting themselves from thieves who is stealing from them in the driveway. matt keller is here to tell us why it took the family so long to find out that they were targeting their gas tank. >> reporter: it's a crime of
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opportunity. the rising prices at the pump make filling up a lot more painful. this chevron in the willow area is selling gas for $3.23 a gallon. so when the family found out that they had to gas up more than usual, they discovered. >> at first i thought it was the car. >> when my son came in and told me the car was getting $10 a gallon, i knew it was wrong because the car returns great and he should be getting over 20. >> reporter: the bairds came to the conclusion that someone was stealing a couple of gallons from each of their vehicles. >> the gas lid was under the tank and there was gas all over here. >> reporter: realizing their
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older models were targeted because they can be open from the outside. >> i don't know if someone stole one or two gallons of gas i would notice it. in the bairds case, with it being several vehicles they noticed it. >> reporter: they did report it to police and were told officers would patrol their neighborhood when available. reporting live in san jose, matt keller, ktvu news. almost 13 years after the california energy crisis comes news that california customers could get $1.6 billion back for overcharges plus interest. the california public utilities commission said today that an administrative judge found more than a dozen power wholesalers guilty of market manipulation back in the summer of 2000. the judges ruling now goes to the federal energy regulatory
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commission for approval. if adopted the refunds plus interest would then be passed on to consumers as an offset against current electric bills. pleasant hill police released new information tonight about a home invasion robbery that occurred on february 7. these are sketches of two of the three men who police say broke into a home on wendy drive. the men pistol whipped one of the two residents and then ransacked the home. police also have photos of the two of the get away cars. the pictures were taken by two near by security cameras. the san rafael city council approved a new program to help the homeless by putting them to work. homeless people would be hired to pick up litter then remove graffiti. they would be paid about $100 a week in vouchers redeemable for food, clothing and other essential items. one homeless man we talked to said he would prefer cash but he would welcome a job.
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>> i'm homeless now and i want to work. all i want to do is be a productive citizen. >> reporter: he also said he has nine friends who would take if job right away. the $272,000 program is with a nonprofit called downtown street team. it is expected to go into effect in about two months. well it took less than a second but that court side shove at a cal basketball game it has generated hours of talk among fans. ktvu's john sasaki tells us what the coach, the player and cal's athletic director had to say this afternoon about the incident and potential punishment. >> reporter: in berkeley, contrite words from mike montgomery. >> it's obvious i made a mistake and i feel very badly about it. >> reporter: gave him a little shove. >> reporter: during a time out in sunday's game against usc montgomery shoved star player alan crab. >> i got a little carried a way in the heat of an emotion of a
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basketball game. i apologized to allen, i apologized to the team. >> reporter: montgomery was reprimanded. >> this is something we can't tolerate. >> reporter: sports psychologist harry edwards doesn't argue for a suspension but believes in a zero tolerance. >> push comes to shove, shove comes to a punch and a punch comes to something even more grievous. so at the end of the day, it's something that's a road you just don't want to go down. >> reporter: crab who helped the bears rally for a win. met with the reporters said and said montgomery should not be suspended. >> he didn't do anything. people might look at it as a bad thing. but like i said, he just tried to fire me up. so that's all i'm saying. >> reporter: school officials confirmed to me that montgomery was involved in a similar incident last month. other athletes on campus say they feel it was no big deal. >> you think it's part of the game? >> yeah, i would say it's a
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part of the game. >> okay. >> reporter: i talked with athletic director sandy barbara and she said that she believes coach montgomery has learned his lesson and there would be no suspension. the anchor tenant for the mission rock project is anchor beer which started in the city in the late 1800s. the giants are planning a development called mission rock across from the ballpark. anchor brewering would relocate to peer 48 putting in a museum and brew pub. >> a big focus of us is to communicate anchor to the rest of the world. a location here at pier 48 is perfect for that. >> reporter: if the project clears all review anchor says it could move in by 2015 although there is opposition to the over all project. some neighbors don't like the plan for 380-foot tall apartment towers. concession workers at at&t
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park complained they haven't had a raise in four years and say they deserve one. they launched a project called the giant they say the team has raised prices and is worth more since winning two world series but they say their workers have not received their fair share. a mild day today, certainly on the cool side. i take a look. it's not even mild it's cool. 48 in santa rosa. that's that cool air that settled in here. the weather system that's moving down the coast. you can see it working it's way down here is clearing the area. tomorrow morning when you wake up, it's chilly out there. frost on the ground. we have snow reports up in the foothills right now down to about 1800 feet. low snow levels but that will start to clear up and dry out as well. tonight look for some patchy
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valley fog. look for a lingering shower in the south bay. as we get down the road, another slight chance for some sprinkles. we'll talk about that. we'll run the computer model all the way through the weekend we'll see you back here. a special lesson for a berkeley elementary school as they were invited to the state building to learn about the year of the snake. the students were treated to the lion dancing and entertainment. dilution and deception is come -- is dominant in the year of the snake and it's important to save money. apple reveals it's been the target of hackers. plus a bay area city takes on
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the san mateo corners office says that it is working to identify a skull. the skull was found off a trail. the bones were found near by. the corner's office says clothes found near by says the person was male and hopes to make an identification in five days. police say 23-year-old ernesto che acosta was gunned down. they say it's a mystery because it appears there was no robbery
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before the shooting. friends say they can't believe what happened because the clerk was so well liked. >> he used to be on check stand eight most of the time. and i used of random customers come up to me and say where's che, i have something to give him. this person must have not known him one bit. because he had no enemies. >> a me -- memorial was held for acosta this weekend. police say they need someone to come forward -- forward. the pittsburg city council first approved a two year moratorium in 2011. that moratorium is set to expire in april. the one passed tonight has no time limit. now to hayward where some time tonight a vote is scheduled involving internet
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sweep stake cafes. those cafes sell online time and in return access to games. the city council is considering a 45 day moratorium. if approved it would take action to close the two interstate sweepstakes cafes still operating in hayward. cupertino's apple says it's been hacked. the attack is similar to one at facebook it acknowledged last week. and jeep's twitter account has been hacked just one day after the same thing happened to burger king's account. the fake page said that jeep's grand had been sold to cadillac because workers were caught using pills. there were also drug references in the burger king incident. a sports person for chrysler said it took about an hour to regain control of the jeep twitter account.
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law -- lawyers representing the man accused of killing chandra levy requested the case to be reopened. her case attracted attention because of her romantic relationship with a california lawmaker. a $50 million heist, in news of the world how thieves lifted diamonds from a passenger plane ready to leave belgium. snow spin outs and a very slow ride to tahoe. we're going to take you to the sierra where the chp describes today's problems as
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taking you back now to our storm watch coverage with a live look at the scales in truckee along i80. you can see there that the roads have now been cleared following heavy snowfall from today's storm. there are chain controls in the sierra area. on i80 chains are required from nyack to truckee. and on u.s. 50 from east placerville to myers. ken wayne went to the sierra and it was not long before he ran into trouble.
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>> reporter: caltrans put up chain controls at about 11:00. but it was from this point heading eastbound toward the summit where the problems really began. we have just passed the chain controls and we've already hit a situation. we're kind of on a curb where the road slightly leaning to the right. this semi truck to our left is spinning out. so is a small suv right in front of it. once we made it past that truck we found a pair of tow trucks helping free an suv that spun out and sustained damage. we saw a big rig getting a push from a caltrans truck. the ice clung to the road. and to our mirrors. it was a tense drive, a bit much for laura slate and her family. >> we may end up going back home because they said they closed the freeway down at colfax. >> reporter: the interstate was shut down for hours as spin outs were cleared. >> a cold snow like this is icy, that's the problem. we were sitting in this traffic jam heading west, and all of a -- and we're stuck and here
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comes a struck sliding sideways and just misses the side of the truck, i said this is it, we're turning around. >> reporter: there was quote an absurd number. fortunately none of those crashes were dangerous. none significant injuries to report. ken pritchett, ktvu news. new video from sonoma county where a woman was killed while searching for a lost dog this evening. at about 8:00 p.m., a woman and her boyfriend were on west avenue in an unincorporated part of sonoma county. they were looking for their lost chihuahua. the 45-year-old woman stepped into traffic and was hit by two vehicles and died. the chp said the two drivers are cooperating with the investigation. investigators say 47-year-
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old jesus vargas espinoza picked up the 10 -month-old baby from her house in castro and never returned. the baby's body was found today in a farm outside of salinas. an amber alert was never issued. police released this photo of the suspected gunman 29-year- old anh pham. pham shot and killed his former girlfriend before killing the gun on himself. the former girlfriend was identified as 22-year-old ann tran. the two stopped dating about five months ago however they still lived together at bermuda way as roommates. in belgium it took thieves just five minutes to breakthrough a fence at the brussels airport. two men took the diamond as they were being loaded on a
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plane. such heists are extremely rare and are usually only seen in movies. in south africa, pistorius gave his account of events. prosecutors called it premeditated murder. the double amputee runner is scheduled to appear in court again tomorrow as he seeks bail. and in london, the dutchess of cambridge made her first public appearance since it was revealed in december she is expected. observers noticed a little baby bump. the first child of prince
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william and the dutchess is expected in july. dozens of folks got their cheeks swabbed to see if they might be a match but also to add their names to the national registry which has a shortage of black registered donors. in the african american community we have a dire need for people in our community to get a bone marrow match. >> westin is in need of a bone marrow replacement within a week. it's not known if a match was found in today's event. just last week westin and his wife renewed their wedding vows. we have more information on the woman found dead in hayward last night. her podty -- body was found in a homeless encampment. also we know now the name
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of the man killed by a train last night. the coroner identified the man as 22-year-old semir meture. he was struck by the train near homer avenue. meture walked directly in front of the train and it is not known why. dozens of bay area restaurants are in the running for the coveted james beard award. the james beard released a list of the semifinalists and they include rich table in san francisco and state bird provisions in san francisco. both up for best restaurant. winners will be honored at a ceremony at new york's lincoln center in may. his eyesight is damaged permanently. in eight minutes we investigate the laser pointers. and our chief meteorologist bill martin is next
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a bank robbery in novato this afternoon bares similarities to recent robberies. the robber gave the teller a note demanding cash but did not brandish a weapon. u.s. bank is now offering a $25,000 reward leading to the arrest of the robber. safeway is debuting its own debit card that allows customers to pay for groceries directly from their checking account. safeway is calling the new card
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fast forward. it links with safeway east save card so they have the option of paying by using their phone number and not having to carry their card. no word on when the program may debut here in the bay area. president obama pressed congress today to put the breaks on across the board federal budget cuts said to take effect next friday. time is running out for a deal. ktvu's health and science editor john fowler on the impact the president says the cuts will have. >> reporter: fewer air controllers could mean airline delays and cancellations. fewer fbi agents, just some of the dire predictions today from president obama. >> these cuts are not smart, they are not fair, they will hurt our economy. they will add hundreds of thousands of americans to the
12:11 am
unemployment role. >> the whole thing i think is totally ridiculous. these people are supposed to be doing the voters business. and they're not. >> people need to be able to get their groceries, people need to be able to pay their mortgage, they need to pay their insurance, i think if they're working for people, they need to get it together in the next few days. >> reporter: no balogna, streaming chains in the food chain say democrats. reducing consumer confidence, causing people to wait. >> that waiting is what will
12:12 am
lead to consequences later. >> reporter: republicans call that a modest decrease, a taste of the future. that this is pearing the fat. lawmakers are calling for an investigation into the postal service following our exclusive report about a pricey conference. we found that they planned to send top executives to a postal forum in san francisco next month. now the u.s. house overnight economy is holding a hearing into wasteful spending. we investigate banned lasers and how easy they are to get. >> we'll take you inside the
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the inappropriate use of lasers could cost you thousands in fines but the inappropriate use of lasers cold also cause you your eyesight. >> reporter: chris thompson spend long hours in front of a monitor designing computer monitors. but it's a job made harder after being injured by a laser light. he says someone in an apartment building a quarter mile away began hitting the boat with a
12:16 am
laser beam. >> i felt a built of pain on the eyeball. like a searing, like you get burned with something. >> reporter: this x-ray shows a blot left by the burn. while a typical nine mill watt is .001 as powerful as this bulb, because the laser light is so concentrated its effect on the eye is 10,000 times more powerful than the bulb. the federal administration reports increased incidents in which lasers are pointed at aircrafts in some cases temporarily blinding the pilots. it's a felony with fines as high as $11,000 per incidents. the limit is set at five mill watts though more powerful ones are more easily found. ktvu bought this laser pointer online. we spoke to a bay area seller who said it's up to the customer to act responsibly.
12:17 am
>> what do you tell customers before you sell them a laser. >> i tell them that every time they buy a laser they can't point it at airplane because it's a federal offense. >> this is the type of laser pointer that sometimes is used at parties and can spray people's eyes. >> reporter: dr. batra sees patients injured by laser pointers about once a month. >> most of the time are children. they're usually playing what they think is a toy. >> reporter: green laser may be more harmful than red but both are dangerous. >> it really depends on the power and the intensity and the spot size. so red or green they can both cause equal damage. >> reporter: chris thompson now uses a magnifying glass and brighter keyboard to do his job. >> there's no treatment for it, no operation for it and there's no therapy. so it's just something i will live with. >> reporter: in san francisco,
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david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. if you have an idea for a ktv you -- ktvu special report, e-mail us. a team of aviation enthusiasts are trying to recreate a flight that lindburg constructed. those involved say the flight is a tribute to lindburg's influence on the future. >> it was just the birth of commercial aviation. it show had the a small aircraft could operate in a intercontinental flight. >> the plane is expected to fly taking the same path lin dburg
12:19 am
took out of paris. here's what's going on out there. i have to pencil in the jet stream for you. kind of comes down here and drops right down. you see where all that cold air is coming from. hence the low snow levels. this whole area is going to move off as it does we're going to get under the influence of this ridge of high pressure than the bump that goes north. that's going to warm us up a little bit. the temperatures will be a good five to 10 degrees warmer than they were yesterday. some rain showing up offshore. this is the remnant of that system. the remnants of that system as it slides south. and at one point we thought it might be able to trigger a thundershower or something but never got close enough for us and never had quite the energy. 34 in napa. it's clear out there. 37 in santa rosa. so overnight lows tonight are going to be really, really cold. we've had colder nights but we haven't had a chilly one like this in a couple of days.
12:20 am
31 in santa rosa tomorrow, below freezing in napa at 40. below freezing in fairfield at 31. as you heed out to work jackets, maybe warm the car up. look for patchy valley fog in the morning hours. as you get going and frost on the windshields and maybe a little frost on the roadways. had enough rain. you might see standing water that will turn into ice. tomorrow at 6:00 in the afternoon, it's a nice day. thursday morning, nothing. thursday afternoon, fine. and then you get into friday, and right here in the afternoon this starts to come down. it's not a big deal but it could bring us a slight chance of showers friday into saturday. but it's a nonevent, it's not a big deal. i have to say it was nice to get rain. we needed it and we're still 93, 95% of average. some places 80% of average. we needed more rain. this cold weather system did not seemed like it rained hard but just did not produce a lot of rain in the reservoirs or
12:21 am
the buckets even in the mountains. a foot of snow up there in the higher elevations. in this time of year when the storms come in you expect an inch and a half. maybe two inches of rain. maybe two feet of snow in the mountains and that just didn't happen. looking for the next one and it's really not showing up. there's nothing but in the five day forecast. >> anything beyond that? >> no the weekend looks dry and the week looks like there's nothing really staring at us in the next five to seven days. >> at least it's good for the weekend chinese new year parade. >> the weather looks nice. >> thank you, bill. orbiting the earth and no way to talk to people on
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12:24 am
some 200 miles above earth and no communication with the ground for about three hours today. the international station lost communication with nasa that houston. the failure came during a software upgrade and the six crew members are fine. if the warriors are really a play off team now is the time to start showing it. >> it didn't come tonight if that's what you were looking for. all star break didn't do them much good. this thing is getting serious. not long ago the play offs the
12:25 am
forgone conclusion the way they are playing at this moment looking more like an illusion. it started all wrong. the jazz will not get it to go down. but dereck favors cramming it back in the warriors down at the half. and curry from the outside. he led everybody with 21 points but after that seemed like it was all jazz. and in particular al johnson. looked like he had no mobility. he had seven points as well. seven jazz in double figures. mark jackson not happy who can blame him. and the sharks had gone 295 game minutes without so much as a single lead. tonight their first regulation win in 10 games in st. louis down 1-0. second period, joe thornton hanging around.
12:26 am
hell get it to go in out front. thornton's fourth goal of the year. third period, game decider, tim kennedy you may not know the name yet but he looks like he can blast away. so wins the sharp's longest winless streak in guess this, 2005. >> i guess we can call him buster payday right now. if ever there was a guy who had it coming posey had to be that guy. he'll make 13 times what he made last season. all he did was win the mvp award while earning himself a win along the day. giants would do well to get this guy latched up with a multi year deal sooner than later. and out of boiling springs carolina where things are snowballing during the game delay between the home standing
12:27 am
gardener web running bulldogs and the fliers during an extended snow delay. the two sides apparently get a little bored, college kids being college kids. they started flinging snowballs at each other. the two teams went on for 25 minutes. no runs, no hits, no errors. >> no fouls. i think that delay must have lasted pretty long. >> they wound up lasting the game but i think those guys will remember that for a long time. >> good picture there. >> thanks mark. >> thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> ktvu morning news begins at 4:30 tomorrow. they will work to learn what caused the power outage tonight. and we're always here for you on and mobile ktvu. good night.
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