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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  February 26, 2013 11:30pm-12:30am PST

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our department is in mourning, this is a horrific day. the police chief in santa cruz delivering the grim news after two of his officers were shot and killed late this afternoon. >> we lost two exceptionally fine officers today. my primary concern at this point is for the safety and well being of my officers as well as the families of the deceased officers. good evening everyone i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. this is a tragic night for the
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city of santa cruz. who officers shot to death in a city that has not even lost one offer -- officer in the line of duty. detective sergeant lauren butch baker, 27 years with the department and detective elizabeth butler 10 years with the department have been identified as the victims. police also killed the gunman, matt keller is live at the scene. >> reporter: that briefing with investigators and santa cruz's major just ended -- santa cruz' mayor just gave the statement. the first shots came at 3:30 at a house across the street from a whole foods market and schools skwr-tz i heard a round
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of 40 to -- >> i heard a round of 40 to 50 shots across the street from where our children are. >> we lost two exceptionally fine officers today. >> reporter: a suspect was also shot to death but the sheriff said he ordered a door to door search as the sun went down just to make sure there was not another suspect. with many people still trapped inside the perimeter. >> s.w.a.t. teams you know told her to stay down and she's been down ever since. >> reporter: three schools were put on lock down. and in the middle of it all, innocence in the midst of violence. relieved parents are happy to see loved ones. >> can you call me and tell me when you're getting in the bus.
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okay i love you, okay. >> reporter: the door to door search for any possible suspects did end in the past hour and nothing was found. he said this investigation will take weeks to find out what led jeremy gulay to shoot detective baker and detective butler. matt keller, ktvu channel 2 news. the police department currently has 86 officers. here is a photo now of one of the officers killed. it comes from the santa cruz sentinel newspaper. detective sergeant lauren butch baker has been with the department 27 years. we were told sergeant baker also has a son serving in the santa cruz police department. today's deadly shooting followed several high profile crimes during the last few weeks in santa cruz. now some residents who are
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questioning if there's been a fundamental shift in what many considered to be a layed bound surf town. >> i want everybody to ask what the city is really doing about crime in this town because they're not doing anything. i mean this is the last thing that i thought would ever happen. it's just unbelievable. >> following news of today's shooting, social media lit up by people saying that they are shocked by what's going on. a student in santa cruz was shot in the head and robbed while waiting for a bus. she survived. less than a week later a 21- year-old woman was raped and beaten on the uc santa cruz campus. on our facebook page you can posta message of condolence to the families of the two officers killed in the line of duty today. look for us at ktvu channel 2 news. new developments now concerning a young bay area couple thought to be missing
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while on a biking trip. there's now word they've been spotted in a remote area of the amazon in peru. amber lee is live in concord where their family says they need proof before they can celebrate. >> reporter: we're at the home of garrett's sister, where his mom released a statement that says, until we hear from garrett, we cannot -- >> panic set in when they didn't hear from the couple who had been posting updates of their trip regularly on social media. relatives now say they suspect
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the couple hadn 't been in touch because they were in the remote area. >> to tell her how much i was worried about her and how i wish they would have stayed in contact. hopefully they just didn't have reception. >> reporter: i spoke by phone with garrett's mother francine fitzgerald. she says she received phone calls from the american embassy and peruvian police. a friends says the family is just anxious hearing from the couple. >> they're holding together, they're staying strong. it's been a rough two weeks. >> reporter: in el sebrante tonight at the peddler's workshop, the boss and coworkers celebrated the news that the couple may have been found. >> we were hoping for the best and our prayers were answered. >> reporter: hans mother francine tells us she's expecting to hear from government officials tomorrow.
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reporting live from concord, amber lee, ktvu news. developing news out of oakland tonight whereabout a dozen homes have been evacuated because of a leaking propane tank. firefighters say they were called to a home on 85th avenue near castle mont high school. they said when they arrived they found a 25-gallon propane tank that had rusted through and was leaking. they also say there's pretty much nothing to do but let the gas leak out and dissipate. it seems the tank is about 1/4 full. as a precaution though they have evacuated homes in the area and had pg & e cut off gas to those homes. alameda teachers and their supporters took their push for a new contract to the school board meeting tonight. hundreds attended the meeting in support of the teacher's. earlier this month, me -- negotiations between the alameda the -- alameda district and the teachers broke
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down. lee selected katie tang to replace chu. district four encompasses the sunset district. at 29 years old, pang is now the youngest member of the board. she's worked at city hall for 13 years, most recently as the aid to chu. >> i have been heels to fill as lee said. >> we asked the mayor about calls for a mother to be represented on the board. he said he talked with residents of district four and they said having a mom on the board is a worthwhile consideration but they are more interested in continuity and they believe carmen chu has done a good job.
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hagel has been confirmed. many republicans opposed hagel's nomination because of comments he made about iran. statewide 54% of those asked say they favor legalizing marijuana but with the same kind of restrictions as alcohol. 43% oppose legalizing marijuana. in the bay area though, 66% approved. now back in 1969 when this question was first asked just 13% of california voters approved of legalizing marijuana statewide. a large number of californians 67% oppose the federal crack down on medical marijuana dispensaries. 27% favor it and 58% favor the idea of allowing dispensaries in their cities or towns. the coast guard called off
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its massive search for a 29- foot sailboat with four people that was said to be missing off the coast of monday -- of monterey. questions are being raised now about whether it was just a hoax. ktvu's ken wayne asked coast guard officials about that now and he joins us now in the newsroom with what they said. >> reporter: the coast guard told me that they are still treating this as a serious case. this coast guard chart shows the 21,000 miles covered by searchers. >> we covered an area roughly the size of west virginia. >> reporter: and still no sign of the boat or the four people who were said to be abandoned it. >> there's hoaxes that happen like this all the time. we're not treating this one as a hoax. >> reporter: that's because the call was received from a south bay tower and showed that it
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came from 60 miles out into sea. >> i'm sure the coast guard can be hoaxed by someone who's giving the proper information and sounds in distress. >> reporter: mark knolles says many new radios carry embedded technology. but that may not have been the case here. there were two such hoaxes in 2012. the coast guard searched for 36 hours after a caller said six people were abandoned their fishing boat off the texas coast. a month later a caller claimed three died and 20 were injured after an explosion and a fire. >> we have 21 souls on board, 20 in the water right now. i have three deceased on board, nine injured because of the explosion we've had. >> reporter: compare that voice to the one made here on sunday. >> coast guard, coast guard. we have abandoned ship. this is the concord, we are abandoned ship. >> it's a bad thing when you
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think about the coast guard personnel who put themselves in danger, in harms way every day to save human lives. >> reporter: if this case turns out to be a hoax the person responsible could spend up to 10 years in prison. ktvu first exposed kareoke bars with seedy reputations. >> i'm really disturbed by it. >> it's wint
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live in san francisco, two bay area residents are among those who are suing anheuser bush. heather holmes has the story. >> reporter: we came here to see how brewers check the alcohol in beer. it is after all that measurement that is at the center of the $5 million lawsuit. >> reporter: whether you're a microbrewery or america's largest brewing company, the alcohol content is crucial. >> so we're at 4.1 exactly what it should be, perfect. >> reporter: zambo is head brewers at san francisco's 21st amendment. >> we take a gravity reading at
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the beginning of fermintation, we take one at the end. and it's exactly what it should be. >> reporter: san rafael attorney boxer and mills filed this class action lawsuit against the beer maker saying former employees including some at the facility in fairfield have come forward stating that the company waters down it's beers right before bottling. >> that's many millions of the dollars in saved components and ingredients and it's many millions of the dollars in increased profits all to the expense of the consumer. >> reporter: the lawsuit was spear headed by two sonoma county residents and claims the company's actions violates california consumer laws. anheuser busch calls the claims groundless and says it fully complies with labeling laws. it'll be up to the court to determine whether beer drinkers were cheated. >> when we purchase a product we expect to get what is on the label. if we're not and if it's done
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to lower the cost of production then that's not cool. >> reporter: now this lawsuit involves plaintiffs in pennsylvania, new jersey and other states and it names ten anheuser busch products. heather holmes, ktvu news. las vegas police say they are now looking for a woman linked to a shooting. 22-year-old tanisha howard was in the car with the suspected gunman anar harris. you can see the two pictured here. according to police howard has a history of prostitution. harris shot and killed kenneth cherry jr. of oakland say police. cherry's mozaratti then crashed into a taxi killed both the driver and a tourist. in pleasanton police are investigating the discovery of a man's body at a city dump. police say it was found by a worker at the transfer station about 11:45 this morning. this is video we shot from news
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chopper 2 as investigators were looking for evidence this afternoon. no word on the man's identity or the cause of death. in san jose, police are looking for the driver involved in a fatal hit-and-run this morning. a woman in her late 40s was struck while crossing monterey road at about 1:00 this morning and she later died of her injuries. her name at this point has not been released. police say the car may be a dark colored honda sedan. the driver's side mirror was torn off. a head light is probably broken and police believe the windshield is also damaged. the blame game in congress over looming mandatory spending cuts reached a new boiling point today including strong language by the speakers of the house. >> i think he should understand who is sitting on their posterior. we're doing our best here to pass something. >> forced spending cuts known as sequestration are set to kick in on friday and speaker
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john boehner says the self- imposed cuts are likely to happen. the president is warning that tens of thousands of defense employees will be furloughed. the cuts will affect everything from meals for seniors to slow down at california harbors. >> reporter: a wall street journal poll finds 54 of those surveyed say the negotiations between president obama and congress make them feel less confident about the economy. 16% say they make them feel more confident. and 31% said they made no difference in their opinion. ktvu's rita williams tells us, -- >> reporter: stewart gafney and williams got married in san francisco. >> we are legally married but
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our marriage grows will not be fulfilled. >> reporter: soon because republicans might tip the balance for same-sex marriage in two cases now before the supreme court. >> i really got goose bumps. >> reporter: they were original plaintiffs in a case that went before the california supreme court. then along came proposition eight banning that marriage. >> we were celebrating 27 years together next month just a week before the u.s. supreme court's historic hearing. >> reporter: the new york times reveal today that at least 75 high profile republicans including meg whitman are joining together. former utah governor john huntsman did an about face writing quote, the party of lincoln should stand with our
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best tradition of equality and support full civil marriage for all americans. >> the justices are human and are influenced by events in politicians so i don't think this is outside the realm of things that could have an impact. >> garrett and lewis say they will be on the steps of the supreme court for hearings they hope will lead to an end for their long struggle for marriage equality. in san francisco, rita williams, ktvu channel 2 news. more details now on the growing support for same-sex marriage. on thursday a group of at least 60 american companies also plan to submit a brief to the u.s. supreme court arguing that bans on same-sex marriage are unconstitutional. and that list includes several silican valley companies such as apple, facebook and ebay. alcoa and morgan stanley are also on the list. if it felt warmer today it was. temperatures a good two or three, maybe four degrees
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warmer today than yesterday. these were the numbers from today. as we head into wednesday, warmer still, daytime highs tomorrow we could see mid-70s. so a warm up. cool when you get up tomorrow morning. warmer tomorrow afternoon. the rain stays to the north. we're dry for a little while. so the subtle variations are going to be in daytime heating. how warm is it going to get this week when i come back at 10:45, we have some numbers that are pretty impressive for february. the auction of gold coins brought in more than 3-1/2 million dollars. no one knew that walter senoski had been accumulating gold coins and bars until he died last year. the auction was held to pay $100,000 in taxes. the rest goes to samoski's
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cousin a substitute teacher. and later a ktvu special report to stick around for. the video that reveals what really happens inside a kareoke bar that we first told you can't move the tv there.
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a marine from camp pendelton is died tonight after a sky diving accident. the victim was with a group of marines conducting a military exercise. no word yet on the marines identity. oracle ceo ellis has bought a small hawaii airline. a year ago he bought the island
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of linai. in oakland this weekend, demonstrators remembered win year since the shooting of trayvon martin. about a dozen people gathered to remember the 17-year-old who was shot and killed by a neighborhood watch captain last year. george zimmerman claimed that he was acting in self-defense when he shot the unarmed teenager. but zimmerman's statement that the black teenager was suspicious prompted accusations of racial profiling. >> a lot of people are coming from a lot of different perspective but what you keep getting is a sense of outrage. the people don't want to put up with this anymore. it's not just trayvon martin but the way our youth are being treated by this system. u.s. stock markets bounced back today regaining about half of yesterday's losses. the dow closed up 115 points. it's now moved more than 100
11:56 pm
points in four of the five past trading sessions. home prices in 20 key cities are increasing. in san francisco the home prices rose nearly 14-1/2% in december compared to a year ago. apple plans to give out close to $1 million in i tune store credits to settle a lawsuit. the lawsuit alleges that apple failed to place adequate controls to keep children from buying apps or app products. customers can receive more if they can show their bills exceeded that $5 amount. all of us here on ktvu are getting ready to say goodbye to long time reporter rita williams who's retiring after
11:57 pm
work tomorrow night. as a special honor the city of oakland declared today rita williams day. >> wow. i am so touched. >> reporter: rita was sitting at her desk when she was handed that proclamation. rita has worked at ktvu for 35 years and was one of the first female reporters in the bay area covering hard news. and tomorrow night on the 10:00 news a special send off for rita. the history she has brought to ktvu viewers. her compassion for those she meets in her stories and our best wishes for retirement. it's all coming up tomorrow night on the ktvu news. in four minutes, video you have to see to believe. a ktvu special report uncovers graphic activity inside a kareoke bar. while police seem to be look
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dozens of people came out tonight to voice their opposition to the sale of berkeley's historic main postoffice. the postal service held the meeting to discuss the sale. the proposed sale was announced last year. critics say the building should not be sold because it was built with public money and is on the national register of historic places. >> it's a beautiful historic structure. we want to preserve all of the art work and architecture that was created by the wpa. the works progress administration. >> many people also say they rely on that current location. but the postoffice says it's losing billions of the dollars and needs to sell off its assets. boeing's grounded fleet of dream liners could be in the air as soon as next week.
12:01 am
u.s. regulators are expected to be the okay for flights to begin so that boeing can test changes made to the lithium battery. san francisco police said they have new information that suggest a missing woman might be in the peninsula. cecilia mora was reported missing. now someone reported seeing a woman that looked like here in san bruno. she is described as latina, 5'2" and her hair is dyed purple. it was revealed this week he was 300 days short of fulfilling hi sentence. elarms never went to trial for
12:02 am
the shooting death of david lewis because a judge believed his confession was obtained illegally. t h e district attorney is now appealing. sex for sale at a kareoke bar in the bay area. ktvu has now obtained graphic video from inside those clubs. eric rasmussen has the evidence and action one local leader is demanding and we warn you you might find this video disturbing. >> there is a hand in her face and someone has pulled down her top. this is one of many women paid to have sex. it's the first place where we first observed women in scantily clothing. neighbors told us it has been going on for years.
12:03 am
>> 300, 350. >> reporter: ktvu obtained this video and many others after working with a confidentable source for months. this source has direct knowledge of the kareoke bars operation and its managers. a total of 19 videos recorded inside private room kareoke bars from the bay area to los angeles show a variety of situations from groping to sex. some videos so graphic we cannot show you. >> it's a very disturbing thing you've brought. i'm bent overwhelmed by all of the emotions. i'm thinking about the exploitation of women. >> reporter: mcelhaney says she's even more troubled by the ktvu report documenting two oakland police officers making repaoeded nightly visits to the kareoke bars during their shifts prompting an investigation at opd.
12:04 am
>> just quick question, cafe juliet on ninth street. why are you there night after night. >> because my friend works there. >> reporter: as a woman, i'm really disturbed by it and believe that the department do both. the internal investigations. there's without the presence of a police officer. this is still a troubling story that needs to be investigated. >> where's my mommy? >> reporter: but investigating cases such as these is no easy task. >> the legal standard to prosecuting the case is very, very high. >> reporter: cindy lui is a staff attorney at pacific islander legal. she says it's difficult to determine whether women performing sex acts are doing so willingly. >> often times people are also scared or they're coached or they're uncertain of who you are or who i am to be able to
12:05 am
tell these deeply upsetting, scary and shameful things. >> reporter: can you tell us what kind of business is being run here? >> kareoke bar. >> reporter: the owner did not confirm of the activity even though we recorded them night after night. >> is oakland is place where we honor all life and the dignity of work in the neighborhood or is it going to be a place where we only prosecute some. and we cannot afford to be that. >> reporter: we offered to show this video we obtained to oakland police and asked officials to talk to us on camera about cafe juliet. instead we received only an e- mail response that the investigation is ongoing. eric rasmussen. if you have an idea for a ktvu special report, e-mail us, send your tip to i reports @ the san jose city council
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took a vote into the next phase of a styrofoam ban. if the bill passes, large restaurants will have to stop using styrofoam containers. a council gave initial approve for a program that cuts fees for residential buildings higher than 36 stories. the proposal is scheduled to come up for a final vote in two weeks. a nasa engineer shot and killed after leaving his grandmother's house. >> it was just mind blowing. >> what his family is doing eight years later to try to find his killer. unusual winter weather in the bay area. we'll show you how long these conditions will last in your
12:07 am
complete bay area forecast. >> your money
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12:09 am
it is a cold case that goes back eight years involving a nasa engineer who was killed in san francisco. tonight his family held a vigil. and as ktvu's allie rasmus reports they are still desperately looking for answers from his death. >> reporter: family and friends gather to say a prayer for their friend, son and brother.
12:10 am
zavala was found dead in this corner. it hurt me so much, his mother said. no celebrations are the same since he's been gone. just a couple of weeks away from marrying the mother of his kids, he was an aerospace engineer in mountain view. >> it was just mind blowing to me how much he knew and how much knowledge he had and how much passion he had for his work. >> reporter: the night of february 26, 2005, zavala left his grandmother's home. neighbors found him slumped over in his car the next morning. zavala's family said that their son had no enemies. but had just gotten into an argument with someone who sold him a car. there are no suspects and no leads in this cold case. >> we just want justice.
12:11 am
we just want this person to really pay for what he's done. he's ruined so many lives. >> reporter: and the zavala family is urging anyone with information about this murder to contact san francisco police. in san francisco, allie rasmus. law enforcement officials are calling last week's gun guy back a huge success. officials took in 250 guns. those who turned in guns got $100 and $300 for assault weapons. when the privately donated fund ran out, participants were given ious. -- it happened during a sunrise flight over the ancient city of luxor. this is believed to be the
12:12 am
deadliest balloon accident on record. in syria heavy fighting is reported in the city of alepo near a 12th century mosque. they have collected the names of 141 people killed in allepo last week and tape said 70 of them were children. they also say that most of the strikes have been on civilian areas. roman catholic church officials outline what's ahead for the pope after he formally steps down on thursday. they said he will keep the name benedict 16. he will continue to dress in a white casket but will give up the red shoes that symbolizing the blood of martyr.
12:13 am
musk appeared alongside energy secretary steven chu. the electric car maker received a $465 million loan under the white house's clean energy program in 2010. korea's hyundai has agreed on a settlement. a dollar amount was not disclose. the settlement is believed to cover 1 million vehicles sold in the u.s. hyundai's affiliate kia may also join the settlement. the traffic circle at 23rd avenue and anza was installed a few weeks back it's meant to force vehicles to slow down at the intersection. some drivers say they find it confusing. they say it's more like an ellipse than a circle and has two stop signs.
12:14 am
one neighbor we talked to doesn't like the addition to his neighborhood. >> it's just bad idea. it is not enough room for a circle. >> reporter: the city's transportation agency is planning to add several more of these traffic circles throughout the richmond district. state officials say a new $80 million payroll software program purchased by the state of california is not working. as ken pritchett reports the state controller is now threatening a lawsuit. in the meantime the best alternative seems to be a machine from nearly 40 years ago. >> reporter: take it back to the 1970s, jerry brown is governor of a state that has installed something new and novel, a computer to handle the payroll system. today brown is still governor and that same 1970s computer system is still printing paychecks for 240,000 state workers. >> this is beyond disfied. there were so many errors it
12:15 am
was completely unacceptable. >> reporter: but jake roper is not talking about some 40-year- old computer system, the new payroll computer system installed by mega company sap. >> one in three paychecks had errors. we had employees being paid too much. we had employees being paid too little. >> reporter: roper says in addition child support payments were not witheld. >> they have billed us for an additional $7 million they have not paid and we are withohlding. >> reporter: and chang says he want it is state's money back. germany based sap did not respond to our request for comments but did tell the new york times that the company was
12:16 am
extremely disappointed with the controller's actions. the controller says it's very upset with the the company's actions. the result a lawsuit and loss of about 35 million taxpayer dollars. >> these system failures are all over the place. these are not unique to california. they are not unique to marin county. >> reporter: the governor's office and controller's office are looking into if these information technology contracts worth tens of millions of the dollars should be awarded to the lowest bidder or if there's a better way. fortunately the paycheck problem did not impact the entire state work force. it was tested first on a much smaller group. >> it was here at the state controller's office where we only have 13,000 employees. >> reporter: employees who are
12:17 am
happy to have their checks spit out by a 40-year-old computer while the government looks for something new. and the postoffice has gotten the attention of congress. the house oversight economy has scheduled a meeting for tomorrow. the postoffice planned to spend $4 million for a conference here. this comes as the postal service plans to eliminate saturday delivery to cut costs. the postal service said the conference helps to secure business and revenue. san francisco officially celebrated the completion of the first phase of the new cruise ship terminal today at pier 27. that terminal will also house the headquarters for the upcoming america's cup sailing race this year. after the race is over, another phase will make the terminal operational for cruise ships by next year. major ed lee says the new terminal marks a quote reaquakening for the city's
12:18 am
waterfront. the second storm in a week is hitting the midwest hard. heavy wet snow caused several roofs to collapse including the roof of the eagle bar. three deaths are being blamed on the storm. it was definitely treacherous on the roads. in fact, missouri issued a no travel advisory. drivers in des moines found out the hard way. another four to 6-inches of snow is expected tomorrow and there's a danger of the roads refreezing. and checking into flights as you travel the east coast tomorrow. if you're heading to the east coast and the west, tomorrow there's no flight delays. it's still severe out there but the flights flights at the airport are running on time. here's where winter is, all on the eastern seaboard in the middle ohio valley. out here not much.
12:19 am
unless you're up in portland or seattle they're getting a little bit of rain. around here it's been dry. and it stays dry we've talked about it. i mean this high pressure is setting up and it's not going any where. it feels like a spring pattern. the temperatures temperatures bare that out today. maybe a little cooler but still 70s. 41 in napa right now, 42 in santa rosa right now. tomorrow morning they'll look like these. like they did this morning. that means some frost certainly in the middle of the inland valleys. a day tomorrow a lot like today. not a lot of big changes for your tomorrow. so the forecast is for more of the same. temperatures tomorrow about the same. maybe slightly cooler. then i guess the weather story is it's not raining. second weather story is temperatures are going to trend up as we go into thursday and friday. we had almost mid-70s. 73 today in a couple of places. thursday and friday we could see actual mid-70s.
12:20 am
this high pressure continues to let the air sink. it continues moving to the north. and as it does it sinks. we have not had a lot of rain. rainfall percents of average as i mentioned in the 5:00 and 6:00 are in the 75, 85% range. but they are falling rapidly without rainfall. so we don't have any rainfall. it won't be any rainfall in this five day. and there won't be any rainfall in the next five day. of course that could change. the pattern looks really, really dry. it doesn't look fluid or progressive it looks stagnant. the east coast is not getting hit with lots of rain and snow. we're getting hit with this ridge of high pressure. that's typically how it goes. they're getting real wet and we're staying dry. >> it has to come sometime.
12:21 am
>> let's hope so. >> thank you, bill. a new study out of england find a certain type of flu shot linked to a rare disorder: more than 30 million doses of the vaccine were given during the h1n1 flu pandemic during 2009 and 2010. a booster in the vaccine triggers an immune reaction who have a higher risk of narcolepsi. a woman known as the tanning mom will not face charges. she was accused of taking her 5- year-old daughter to tanning salon. prosecutors allege that the visit resulted in burns. a young elephant seal was recently spotted.
12:22 am
the nearest elephant seal colony is 100 miles away in southern big suhr. the animal spent eight to 10 months at sea. at their heaviest, elephant seals can weigh in at 5,400- pound. dennis rodman's unlikely role as an ambassador. and pushing and shoving turns into a
12:23 am
12:24 am
former nba star dennis rodman may be an unlikely embassador but there he was today in north korea. rodman and his tattoos and piercings in a country with a very strict dress code. he and members of the globe trotters are there for
12:25 am
basketball diplomacy. china's president, ung is said to be a fan of rodman's exteam, the bulls. the pacers get george a little physical. trying to keep the warriors in it. the magic touch of curry. bombing away from outside. he had 38 points. he had seven threes. you will see his touch again as he works for a shot with the nifty double. but west and company a little too much. you will see west gets it to go underneath then it was all the extra stuff we were talking about. the fireworks, you will see
12:26 am
david lee gets pushed by hibart underneath. then it's mix it up time. it's hibart who ends up getting ejected. seemed to me curry was just trying to break things up but he gets hit with a technical. west did adds well. the warriors still on the short end. 108-97. the puck was finding the net with every sharks flick of the wrist in their first seven games of perfection this season over the last 10 games, somebody has put i don't know some kind of invisible shield in front of that thing. hard to come by. the scoring from a new source as the sharks get it with t.j. galliardy. his first goal with assist from james sheppard. patty marlow the score and the sharks have the upper hand. but they still need niemi to
12:27 am
come through. the sharks do struggle but a victory well deserved nonetheless. seven time this year top ranked team in the ap pole has lost. indiana goes down. and now they will just run out the clock, 77-73. golden gophers pull it off over the hoosiers. word is the raiders are talking with mike olgren who has lived through anything you can in the nfl. raiders are said to be talking to him about a so called leadership position with the organization. he's had a couple of interviews but nothing substantial to announce as of yet. it'll be nice to have him on board in the silver and black. >> he sure proved he can lead.
12:28 am
>> definitely. >> thanks mark. >> thank you mark. >> thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2. we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> the ktvu morning news will have the latest on
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