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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  February 27, 2013 11:30pm-12:30am PST

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♪[ music ] ♪ i once was lost but now i'm found ♪ the city of santa cruz grieves for two officers killed in the line of duty. good evening, i'm julie haener. >> i'm frank somerville. there is chilling new information tonight about the shooting that killed these two
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detectives. we'll get to those details in just a moment. first, tonight's outpouring of symphony for butch baker, and elizabeth butler. both are described as fallen heros. maureen naylor is live. >> reporter: quite an outpouring of support behind me in santa cruz. today, we learned new information about the two detectives following an emotional vigil tonight. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: the chief of the santa cruz police department wiped away tears, as those in the vigil joined in the singing of amazing grace. among those bringing flowers,
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the cole family. >> we're just really concerned for our daughter's safety. >> reporter: they came to honor 51-year-old sergeant lauren butch baker. described as the most skilled investigator on the force. the husband was a father of two daughters and a son, serving as a community service officer. >> he was a father. this is going to be hard, but you can imagine, his own son is following in his footsteps. that tells you the kind of for and man he was. >> reporter: they also remembered 38-year-old detective elizabeth butler. a skill working sexual assault cases, and a mother of two children younger than 5. >> what do you do when something so savage, and inexplicable, and cowardly, and despicable happens to people. it's not personal. they just happened to be the two there doing their jobs. >> reporter: earlier today, the pain was visible on the force.
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the chief held up pictures of fallen comrades. >> it's been devastating. there's absolutely no words for me to adequately stand here before you today, and describe what my department's been going through since yesterday afternoon. >> reporter: among the first responders, santa cruz firefighters who found the fallen officers. >> they went in to check on the officers' conditions. they had horrific injuries. >> reporter: this evening, the battalion chief showed us where four bullets hit the ladder truck during yesterday's shootout with the suspect. tonight, we learned plans are in the works for what likely will be a dual funeral next week. maureen naylor, ktvu, channel 2 news. santa cruz is a college town, a tourist destination, and a beach community with a laid back feel. the mayor says these killings have left the city heartbroken. >> they weren't just officers, they're our friends, they're our neighbors. these are people we saw in our
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schools and in our streets. we're all impacted by this tremendously. >> reporter: at the bay federal credit union, donors can make checks out to the santa cruz police officers association. at wells-fargo, the police officer's association and the police department has set up the baker butler scholarship fund. he said that the officers were doing a routine follow-up, and had no reason to expect they'd be in any danger, and that after the gunman killed them, he took their weapons, and their car. as ktvu's noel walker tells us, he didn't get very far. >> reporter: they spent the day mapping a crime scene unlike any the city has seen. startled, james cooper got out his cell phone, and with a
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shaky hand, started recording. he didn't know the gravity of what was happening outside his door, but he did know it was something big. >> i saw the police officers coming from every direction, high speed, like out of a movie. >> reporter: there is no such thing as a routine police call, but this was a call the officers had made many times before. they were going to do a follow up investigation on jeremy goulet. he was recently fired from the kind grind coffee shop after he ledgeically broke into a coworker's home, and made unwanted sexual advances. the officers who came to goulet's home yesterday had no idea they were walking into danger. investigators say the suspect took their weapons, and then shot the officers right here on his doorstep. >> we know now that he was
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distraught. we know now that he had intention of potentially harming the police. >> reporter: the santa cruz sheriff says goulet was found with three handguns, and wearing body armor. new information today, the armor, and two of the guns might have come from his victims. >> they were both incredible officers and incredible people. >> reporter: the flowers
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when she set a blanket on fire, possibly while smoking. officials say the fire caused more than $200,000 in damage. also, in oakland, the monthly first friday event will go on as planned this week, but with some changes, because of that deadly shooting that happened at the last event. this next first friday will officially end at 9:00 p.m. that's an hour earlier than normal. it will also be smaller, taking place along telegraph avenue from west grand avenue to 27th street. previously, it stretched all the way down to 16th street. on february 1, an 18-year-old man was fatally shot, shortly after the first friday event
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had ended. in ten minutes, mayor jean kwan delivers her state of the city address. how she addressed crime in oakland, and how her tone was noticeably different compared to last year. the california attorney general called on the u.s. supreme court to reject proposition 8. the attorney general argues that same sex couples deserve, quote the respect and dignity to which they are entitled. the supreme court is scheduled to hear oral arguments late next month. only on 2, a new exclusive ktvu field pole finds a growing number of california voters support same-sex marriage. 61% of those surveyed said same sex couples should be allowed to marry, and have regular marriage laws applied to them. 32% of the people polled said they do not agree. breaking the numbers down
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by age. 78% of people in the 18 to 39 age group say same sex couples should marry. 56% of those approve. the only voting demographic without a majority is ages 65 and older at 48%. a bay area family is ecstatic after finally hearing from a young couple who just seemed to vanish while on a bike trip. family members are breathing a huge sigh of relief after fearing the worst. >> reporter: garrett hand finally got in touch with his family and friends today. he made a phone call, and posted a message on his facebook page. garrett hand, and jamie neal of oakland had embarked on a trip to south america last november. this evening, garrett's mother, his older sister, and father were all beaming, as his mother
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told us she finally got the proof the family had been waiting for, that garrett and his girlfriend are safe in peru. >> i finally heard my son's voice today. i'm so happy that my son is well. >> reporter: garrett posted three simple words today on facebook. i am alive. peru's tourism minister said that he spoke with garrett and that the 25-year-old expressed surprise by the commotion the young couple had caused. garrett reportedly laughed and said everything in peru was quote fantastic. >> we cannot describe the hope and the emotion, and the relief, and the exhaustion that we're feeling right now. >> reporter: family and friends became even more concerned for safety after the potential kidnapping threats against americans. garrett's mother says she is anxiously waiting for her son to fly home. >> and grabbing him in my arms
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and holding him close to me. >> reporter: it's unclear when the couple will return to the bay area. there are reports that the two were in a remote area on the amazon, and that may be why they were not in touch with family and friends. amber lee, ktvu, channel 2 news. at 10:30, the latest wave of underground parties for bay area teens, and the explicit activity inside. >> once they bring out condiments for guys to lick off of girls. >> no rain, but lots [ woman ] my boyfriend and i were going on vacation,
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so i used my citi thankyou card to pick up some accessories. a new belt. some nylons. and what girl wouldn't need new shoes? and with all the points i've been earning, i was able to get us a flight to our favorite climbing spot, even on a holiday weekend. ♪ things are definitely... looking up. [ male announcer ] with no blackout dates, you can use your citi thankyou points to travel whenever you want. visit to apply. there is word tonight that san francisco 49ers quarterback, alex smith has been traded.
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>> reporter: julie, it looks like the next time we see alex smith on a football field here at the bay area, it will be at the coliseum, where the raiders host the chiefs. smith will be following in the footsteps of other 49er quarterbacks by going to kansas city. >> last november, smith took a shot to the head that not only gave him a concussion, it cost him his starting possession. colin kaepernick stepped in and it became clear the 49ers had a new star. >> i don't want to see him go, but what have they got for him? kaepernick. >> reporter: just before the super bowl, smith talked about being ready should another team come along. >> i think the good ones stay ready. when the next opportunity comes, they go and make the most of it. >> reporter: smith will take over a franchise that was just 2-14 last year. in return, the 49ers get two draft picks. >> i think the draft picks that we're going to get for him, i
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think it's going to better our team. >> reporter: over the course of eight years, smith struggled under different coaches and playbooks, but finally found his rhythm with coach harbaugh. he was the good soldier, quiet on the sideline. >> he has talent. i think it is time for him to maybe part ways, and take his talent somewhere else. >> reporter: at the nfl shop, there's just one alex smith jersey left. it's on sale from its normal $110 price. >> why did you mark it down? >> he's not going to be with the team soon, so we have to do something. >> how are the kaepernick jerseys doing? >> it's all sold out. >> reporter: the trade can't be officially announced until march 12, when the nfl's business year officially begins. live in oakland, ken wayne, ktvu, channel 2 news. new video tonight of front end loaders, and dump trucks that are still repairing the road in the west portal district of san francisco.
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this is the scene at 15th avenue, nearly 18 hours after a river of water and mud flooded homes and cars. coming up in 22 minutes, the 30- foot sinkhole it left behind, and what investigators think caused it. a big walk across the new bay bridge on labor day has now gotten the green light. the bay area toll authority agreed to set aside bridge toll money for that celebration. the money will be used to help pay for security, shuttles, and other costs. officials put off for a month a decision on whether to charge people $5 to walk from oakland to san francisco to help cover some of those costs. new at 10:00 tonight, the brentwood school board voted to fire the superintendent this evening. meryl grant was placed on paid administrative leave two days ago, he's been criticized for kicking a boy with autism. teachers and parents rallied in oakland to save
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programs from budget cuts. ♪ [ music ] >> the group gathered outside the elementary school protesting cuts planned for this fall. including shutting down the district's adult education classes. >> growing up in life, you learn a lot of things. one of the things you don't do is cut the roots of a tree and expect it to go. so education is very important. >> the oakland school board is set to vote tonight on whether to lay off teachers from the adult education program. the fight against crime in oakland dominated mayor jean quan's state of the city speech tonight. heather holmes is live to tell us what the mayor says she plans to do to get the city back on track. >> reporter: frank, the tone of tonight's peach speech was set right from the beginning, when the mayor called for a moment of silence and observance of the victims of violence. while she spent a lot of time
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talking about the economic gains, she spent the bulk of her speech talking about public safety. the oakland city council chambers silenced by a crime epidemic that mayor jean quan says she is addressing. >> as your mayor, there's nothing more important to me than the safety of every individual in the city. >> reporter: talking about the steps the city is taking to stem the tide of violence. to have civilians fill some positions so that more sworn officers can be deported to high priority calls. new cadets graduate from the police academy in a few weeks. >> we have funded as many academies as we can handle ourselves, and that's probably not fast enough. >> reporter: along with public safety, kwan said the economy is her second biggest challenge. on that front, she's seeing improvement. >> we gained more than 5,000
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jobs last year. this helped bring our unemployment rate down. we closed our most recent budget without layoffs for the first time in five years. >> reporter: kwan also touted oakland's arson entertainment scene, but it too has fallen victim to the crime wave. security changes are being made, and the festival will go on this friday. >> doesn't matter how hard we get knocked down, our who knocks us down, or why we get knocked down. it really matters how we stand up together. >> reporter: and frank and julie, the mayor also called on everyone in the city to work together. to help bring down crime. reporting live tonight here in oakland, heather holmes, ktvu, channel 2 news. >> at, we're posting more of tonight's address. just look for the hot topic section on the front page. ♪ [ music ] there's weather just to the
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north of us, but it is not bringing us anything. i've got light showers reported right now in ukiah. it is very close to the bay area. you can see this light band of showers moving through. you notice the clouds increasing tonight. we could see a little drizzle as this thing drags through. the main impact for most of us, as we're seeing now, are clouds. cloud cover. that's going to keep things just a little bit warmer, as we head into the overnight hours. overnight lows, upper 30s. after this blows through, it's going to be warmer for your thursday. temperatures tomorrow into the low 70s. when i get back, a specific forecast for your city. how warm is it going to get, and what will the warmest day of the week be? it will be thursday or friday, i'll have all the specifics. advocates for the right to be naked in public wanted to challenge san francisco's new ban on public nudity. ♪ [ music ] so they danced naked at castro and market streets. they say they have a constitutional right to be
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naked in public as a form of free speech. several police officers followed city law, and cited three dancers. san francisco's ban took affect the first of this month. underage, and underground, dance moves that some say simulate sex. in 11 minutes, a special report that you will not want to miss, if you have teenagers. >> from the mountains here to the sea, the
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we have new video from santa cruz tonight where people are struggling to cope after those two police officers were killed in the line of duty. this evening, we saw a group of women putting flowers on the doorstep where they were shot to death. the women told us, they hope to
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honor the slain officers. as we mentioned last night, never before in its 150 year history, has a santa cruz police officer been killed in the line of duty. now as ktvu's mike mibach tells us, the city of 62,000 is trying to come together as it grapples with a recent wave of violence. >> reporter: littered with sounds loved by oh, so many. >> waves, water, play. >> reporter: beach town, tourist town, call it what you may. of those we spoke to, they say it's a tight knit community here, glued together by friendships. the strength and character of santa cruz is being tested. messages on marquises. at station one, bullet holes and a ladder truck. all of it all connected to this one headline. >> it's alarming, it's scary. >> reporter: a fourth generation. >> the hard to just not
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acknowledge what's going on, and not be scared. >> the big city is caught up with our small community. >> reporter: the lieutenant, a 33 year veteran says the city is seeing the same type of crimes taking place in larger cities. the santa cruz sentinel reporter, jm brown. >> a serious gang problem. >> reporter: recent crimes include murder, rape, and violent robberies, a new trend? he doesn't think so. >> overall, santa cruz is still as i was describing to someone last night, a very sleepy, hippie town. i think that will always remain part of its character. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: downtown character can be found, friendly faces talk of resiliency. >> we can get through it, because we are who we are. >> reporter: residents fight to listen for those little sounds that make this coastal city what it is.
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great city of santa cruz. mike mibach, ktvu, channel 2 news. our coverage continues here on ktvu channel 2 and online at and our facebook page. check both for the latest updates on the fatal shooting of those two santa cruz police officers. tonight, the oakland police department says it is looking into new information uncovered by a ktvu investigation involving sex for sale at private karaoke room bars. we showed you video from inside those bars across the bay area, including cafe juliette in oakland. ktvu obtained the illicit video after working with a confidential source for months. last october, we documented women in skimpy clothes dropped off at the club night after night. the investigation into cafe juliette is ongoing. the department released a statement saying in part, we have a history of, and will continue to place high importance on cases involving the exploitation of women
11:57 pm
through the commercial sex trade. anything you want to say? >> for more than 40 years, she's covered it all. tonight at 10:45, a special sendoff for ktvu's rita williams. and her message to her viewers. >> and in five minutes, our special report on teen hello?
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the man at the center of a vegas crash bragged by his fast lifestyle online. las vegas police distributed in youtube video of ammar harris.
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he is accused of killing the driver of a maserati. a fugitive parolee in mendocino county was arrested tonight two days after he opened fire on a sheriff deputy. walter miller was taken into custody after a s.w.a.t. team surrounded him at a ukiah hotel. the deputy had been pursuing miller and a second suspect in a car monday night, when miller filed numerous shots. the deputy was not hurt. the second suspect was arrested on tuesday. the senate voted today to confirm president obama's choice of jacob lew. he is to be sworn in tomorrow, a day before automatic spending cuts are set to take effect.
12:01 am
the new defense secretary began his job today after a contentious nomination battle with republicans. chuck hagel took the office with his wife holding the bible. then it was off to the pentagon. he said that the looming budget cuts present a real challenge. >> they are going to define much of who we are. not this institution only, but our country. what kind of a world our children are going to inherit. >> hagel has another major challenge, winding down the war in afghanistan. in a statement, he said 34,000 troops will be coming home this year, and all combat troops are to withdraw by the end of next year. protesters from a local group that works on drug and alcohol rehabilitation staged a rally right in front of the ktvu studios this morning. members of building for a solid foundation in oakland wanted to distance themselves from individuals we reported on, on monday. in a special report about
12:02 am
donations made outside of local businesses that may not be going to real charities. the organization aformed what we reported that building for a solid foundation is a legal non- profit group. >> they take our idea, and go out on the streets and do wrong, it's not our fault. we didn't tell them to go do wrong. >> organizers say the individuals in our report were a part of their group at one point, but are now considered renegades. during our report on monday, we did interview someone who said she worked for this group, and she claims some of their practices were questionable. in tonight's special report, there is a new wave of underground parties in the bay area that is cause for concern. they attract high school kids, some evening younger, and feature a form of dancing that some call simulated sex. eric rasmussen heard from teens and parents about it. and found out why some say it is so troubling. >> reporter: we recorded this video on a saturday night in
12:03 am
sasoon city. someone with a flashlight appeared to be working security at the door. hundreds responded to an online invitation at a party called the welcome to hollywood torqueathon. torquing. >> have you guys heard of torquing? >> yeah. >> reporter: the dance and the parties were no secret to the students we spoke to. >> what a night. >> it's gotten more popular, and you're considered cool if you go to these things. >> reporter: this 15-year-old said she gets the invitations as often as once a week. her mother asked us not to reveal her identity. the teen says she's the only one among her friends who thinks the parties and the
12:04 am
torquing that goes on is inappropriate for boys and girls of her age. >> 20-year-old guys could be licking chocolate sauce, or whipped cream off of 13-year- old girls, because they encourage that. they're like bring it, so we can see what kind of game you have. >> reporter: it's friday night, and the latest torquing party is supposed to be going on behind this door in oakland. but just hours ago, the word went out on social media. someone tipped off police, so they canceled the event. one of the promoters of the event wrote, sorry people, someone told the cops, so there will be no party tonight. yet, new parties were already in the works, including this one, which popped up the very next day. ♪ [ music ] while there's nothing illegal about the dancing itself, police say parties such as these are often set up without permits. we reached out to a promoter without comment, but have not received a response. this girl and her mother insist, knowing the difference between right and wrong goes beyond the letter of the law.
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>> they are so young looking, and taking advantage of them. it's scary. >> if you have an idea for a ktvu special report, email us, send your tip to ireports at classical pianist, van cliver died today from bone cancer at the age of 78. he was first taught piano by his mother. he was performing by the time he was 4, and he later went on to juliard. he won -- when he returned to new york, he was the first musician to be honored with a ticker tape parade. farewell to a bay area trail blazer. our own rita williams is
12:06 am
retiring after 35 years. the obstacle she overcame to tell your stories. >> some changes in the complete
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at an hour when most people
12:08 am
are sound asleep, a river of water and mud poured into san francisco's west portal neighborhood. david stevenson on the extensive damage, including a massive sinkhole. >> jackhammers began tearing apart chunks of 15th avenue in san francisco. just hours after a 61-year-old water transport pipe ruptured before 3 this morning. tens of thousands of gallons of water flooded this west portal neighborhood. in a matter of minutes, prized possessions were ruined, and washed away. >> my son started crying. >> reporter: public utilities inspectors say it's unclear what caused the 16-inch pipe to rupture, but whether it's tied to work done on a separate sewer line here in december. >> we send this section of pipe off for analysis to see what went wrong. we'll have an answer, in
12:09 am
probably a few days. >> reporter: neighbors tried to salvage what they could. >> we found quite a bit of water damage in the house, and structural damage. many cracks in the house that weren't there before, stores that can't open upstairs. >> reporter: the flood apparently caused a smaller sinkhole in the backyard of this house. tonight, seven homes are yellow tagged, allowing residents entry, but requiring more inspection. >> do you feel safe to be here tonight? >> at the moment, i think so. the building inspector said it's fine, i think it's fine. >> reporter: the public utilities commission said the water transport pipe should be repaired this evening, but repairing, and replacing the road should take all day tomorrow. david stevenson, ktvu, channel 2 news. pg and e announced today, a proposal to spend $1.2 billion to upgrade the power grid in san francisco. the plan was shaped by the utility, and the mayor's office. the idea is to create a safer, and more reliable system.
12:10 am
the work would include adding, and relocating power lines. upgrading substations. replacing streetlamps, and miles of aging natural gas pipelines. >> this will be actually a model of how government and the private sector can partner together to identify needs, and then have a comprehensive plan. >> pg and e says the proposed upgrades would cost users about $5 a month for five years. the california public utilities commission is expected to decide on the plan later this year. we're now learning more about a major sewage spill in green bray this week. this is where the spillage happened. the spill was discovered by construction workers about 8:00 monday night, but it wasn't reported to the sanitary district until 11:00 the next morning. 25,000 gals of sewage reportedly were spilled, but has since cleaned up. the dow industrials back
12:11 am
above 14,000. the dow closed up 175 points today. it's now within 60 points of its all-time high. the nasdaq gained 32 points today. investors responded to word that the fed plans to keep interest rates low. in news of the world tonight, at the vatican. >> i ask each of you to pray for me, and for the new pope. >> pope benedict xvi made what is expected to be his final public appearance today before some 150,000 people in st. petter's square. the 85-year-old pope talked about the choppy waters during his papacy as well as the joys. he thanked people for respecting his decision to retire, which takes effect tomorrow. in new zealand, a tv helicopter caught pictures of what is believed to be the same shark that killed a swimmer. the victim is identified as a 46-year-old man, adam strange. police raced out in boats. they don't know if they killed
12:12 am
the shark. surfers say it's likely a great white. and in the tiny african kingdom, britain's harry danced for children. the students also taught him some sign language. it is located within south africa. it has one of the highest rates of hiv/a.i.d.s. in the world. this is a bittersweet night here at ktvu as we say goodbye to reporter rita williams, who is retiring after 35 years here at the station. we're happy for rita, but boy are we going to miss her presence in our newsroom. rita is a top notched journalist, and very accomplished storyteller. rita is also a pioneer, a mentor, and an inspiration. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: rita williams grew up in lubbock, texas.
12:13 am
the first in her family to graduate from college, she earned a degree in journalism from texas tech. after a stint in washington, working for a senator, and getting her masters degree, in 1978, rita made the bay area her home. almost every night since then, people across the bay have welcomed her into their home. she was in her words, the first broadcast broad. working in a sea of male reporters. >> back in the old days, it was the testosterone, who could yell the loudest in a news conference. all the men were yelling out their questions. he they wanted to be first, first, first. >> reporter: she didn't yell, but she's not a softy. she started ktvu's san francisco bureau in the hall of justice, and reported stories that made news around the country and the world. >> dianne feinstein came a long
12:14 am
way, although it wasn't quite far enough last night. she certainly implies she's not finished yet. >> the pope then apreached the nine pews of a.i.d.s. patients. certainly the most moving when brendan reached out to hug the holy father. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: among her peers, rita is revered as a storyteller. she says there is no throw away assignment, and treats each person's story as the most important assignment there is. >> i've had police officers tell me i want you to do my story if i ever mess up. i'd say why, you think i'm soft or something? they'd say no. we think you're the toughest reporter, but you're fair. >> reporter: rita was the only
12:15 am
one to interview anna that day. >> we hear that you were real close to being found yesterday. can you tell us something about this? >> reporter: one thing viewers didn't see, was rita's most personal project, thanks to some creative framing by her photographer. >> he said, you know, i'm not supposed to show that you're pregnant on the air. so i have to just keep shooting you, tighter, and tighter, and tighter. you're just swelling all over. >> reporter: she and her husband lindsey welcomed a baby boy in 1986. brad is now a law student in san francisco. rita says, her family is always her first priority. and even now, with all the accolades she has received for her reporting, she considers her family her greatest accomplishment. >> rarely are women still working today from 40 years ago. they were able to have a husband that they're still married too after 37 years, and a child who is doing great.
12:16 am
so i'm very proud of that part of my life. >> reporter: rita says her writing was her ticket out of texas, and it may well be her ticket in retirement. she's considering writing a memoir, and teaching journalism. but says she couldn't possibly leave ktvu without saying thank you to her viewers. >> you've entrusted me with one of the biggest responsibilities anybody could ever have, is to be a reporter, and to be your eyes and ears. and i hope that i have used that trust well, and that you have learned something in return. >> i just hate goodbyes. >> i know, they're hard. >> if she does decide to go that teaching route, man, she would be a great teacher. mike hennessey once called rita a pit bull with a heart. she is proud of that characterization, because she says it shows her mix of tenacity, and compassion. >> rita will join us on the set
12:17 am
to say goodbye herself, that's coming up in a few minutes. you can post your congratulations to rita on her facebook page. just look for rita williams, ktvu. ♪ [ music ] clouds out there right now. a few showers showing up in ukiah, north of santa rosa. take a peek. coming in a little closer. you see it showing up around point ray. it's light stuff. right now, i'm not getting any reports of anything hitting the ground. we may see a few sprinkles toward santa rosa. this system is a brief one. it blows through. once it's out of here, temperatures warm up. highs tomorrow are going to be a couple of degrees warmer than what we saw there. tonight then, clouds, maybe a sprinkle out there. tomorrow, clears rapidly. it's going to be warmer when you wake up, and it's going to end up warmer in the afternoon. the way it breaks down, the next couple of days, mostly sunny and warm. as we get into the weekend, this low kind of, this one is
12:18 am
low on the weekend, budges up against the coast, may impact a few high clouds, and a little bit cooler. but it sort of creeks the door open, so we could see a few sprinkles, as we go into the middle of next week. forecast highs, 70 in napa. pretty warm. probably a degree or two warmer than it was today. it's going to continue to warm as we head into your bay area friday. 69 tomorrow in walnut creek. 70 in livermore. very un-february-like weather. we're almost to march here. 73 in gilroy. a nice looking day. this is your thursday's forecast. friday's forecast. your five-day forecast then, with your bay area weekend in view, the basically dry. that little thing to the north of us, i wish that would produce something. at most, it will be a few sprinkles. then a little cloud cover here on the weekend, and cools things off. right now, we're just waiting for something real to show up at our doorstep. when i say real, something that will drop a half inch of rain.
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>> in chicago right now, 7 below. look at that, we're getting 70 degrees. >> beautiful, bill, thank you. a ga
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president obama along with other democrats and republicans found common ground today as they unveiled a bronze statue of rosa parks in the u.s. capitol. in 1955, parks refused to give up her seat on an alabama bus to a white man, touching off a year long bus boycott. she is the first african american woman to be honored with a permanent place in the capitol. it was a great game for one
12:23 am
individual warrior. the team concept didn't work out, but you know what? after last night's little tussle in indiana, the warriors had to play without david lee. but they show up in new york with plenty of fight left in them. a career night for steph curry. madison square garden is the place. if you can make it there, you can make it everywhere, and anywhere. everything goes in for him. unconscious. 18 of 28. his inside game complete with moves as well. on the way to 54 points. that's the top total in the nba so far this year. more from his career best night. the warriors last lead too, with 3:45 left. here's the key play. 1:07 left. the knicks up 2. carmelo anthony, he is all day, and all night with that baseline turn around. he can do it in his sleep. tyson chandler, 28 for the knicks. david lee not in there to stop
12:24 am
him. the knicks 109-105, over mark jackson and his return home to new york. every time st. mary's takes the court, rest assured, deladova is going to end up in the highlights. a couple of his outside numbers. the gales are hot. they take 13 of their last 14. as long as they're not playing that team from spokane, they do all right. stanford continues to underachieve at an alarming rate. colorado buffaloes in tonight. spencer with 19 points for the colorado squad. cardinal are down 2. dwight to inbound, on the baseline, jam it to tie it? no. watch the replay. he did not slam that down before the clock expired.
12:25 am
end of story. stanford only 7-8 in the pac- 10. no, he will not be remembered, or revere inned the same way joe montana is, except that they both end their careers with the 49ers by getting traded to the kansas city chiefs. all things considered, things with come to a good end for alex smith in san francisco. he conducted himself with class and dignity, and the 49ers send him it to a place where he will most likely start at quarterback. in return, san francisco receives the 34th pick in this year's draft, an a conditional pick for next year. the deal becomes official on march 12. that is the sporting life for a wednesday night. julie, frank, and a guest. i stayed up late tonight just for you guys. >> this is a show you've been on for your whole time. after 35 years. the well wishes are pouring in. i know there's so much going through your mind right now. what do you want to say to
12:26 am
your viewers? >> i just want them to know how much i appreciate them. i feel privileged to tell people's stories for 41 years now. as a journalist, that's a great trust. i hope i've honored that well, and the remarks that people are sending, are just so heart wrenching. i've been clouding up at my desk a lot. it looks like a funeral home, but i'm not dead yet. >> you still have a lot to do. you were talking about in the break, a lot of things planned. it's an exciting time. what are some of the first things your husband and your family want to do? >> we're at the beginning of that baby boomer group. there are a lot of people yet to come, but we're, you know, there's just all sorts of things. we went around the world once. we're planning a trip to do that again. signed up for an art class. something i used to do many, many years ago. we're going to yosemite on a
12:27 am
photography jaunt. i'm still here, you guys are still loving, and family. now you really are going to make me cry. i've always said i don't cry. >> thank you very much. >> we are so going to miss you. >> i love all of you out here. thank you. >> we're so proud of you, and you've done a great job for so many years. you set a high bar, and we're so proud to call you our colleague, and we wish you all the best with millions of other people around the bay area. >> thank you, and don't cry julie. >> both of you. >> thank you. >> i'm crying. >> i need my tissue. thank you rita. >> thank you all of you. thank the station that set a high mark here. i'm going to be calling you all, if you don't live up to expectation. i'll be watching. >> thanks rita. >> thanks. >> thanks to all of you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we will see you the next time
12:28 am
news breaks. >> the morning news begins at 4:30 a.m. they'll have the latest from santa cruz, and all of your overnight developments as
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