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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  March 19, 2013 11:30pm-12:30am PDT

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the 49ers new stadium is still under construction, but tonight santa clara city leaders opened the door to hosting the super bowl there. good evening everyone. i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. tonight santa clara city council got behind a proposal to host super bowl 50. matt keller is live with what the city had to give up in exchange for consideration.
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right arm the city council approved the resolution less than two hoursing a. not everyone is happen that a business like the nfl is getting these financial breaks. >> i support the super bowl bid. >> without a doubt also the super bowl will be like the biggest event ever held in this region. >> reporter: the city agreed to a number of requests including providing services like police, fire and set up. also that santa clara wave a hotel tax for 350 rooms for nfl teams and staff, eliminate an nfl ticket surcharge, as well as an offsight parking permit fee. the city is requiring the bid committee to cover those costs. its goal is to raise $25 to $30 million. >> that is going to be the challenge of the host committee
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is torrets the funds necessary. >> we're first. we're not behind others. we'll be first to get paid. we'll make sure our costs are covered. >> reporter: some questioned why a multibillion business needs these types of incentives. >> i find what's being proposed somewhat appalling. essentially we're bike the nfl to come here. >> the stadium boosters have managed to admit that the deal benefits the san francisco 49ers, but not the city of santa clara. >> reporter: santa clara's competition did not approve the financial incentives requested by the nfl. more details now, the bay area could see revenue similar to new orleans in this year's super bowl. that was about $185 million. league owners are expected to
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vote on whether the bay area or miami hosts super bowl 50 on may 21st. if the bay area loses super bowl 50 it will go up against houston. this last night of winter we're back on storm watch. a late season storm is bringing much needed rain to the bay area and making for wet roads around the bay area. bill martin will show us where the rain is falling now. we start with christien kafton. >> reporter: there are wet roads here. you may be able to see rain in the headlights there. some people were caught off guard by this last blast of winter. the boys of summer had to play ball with a little winter weather tonight. the world baseball classic drew
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crowds. >> i told him if he needs it i'm going to remember he made fun of me and he's not getting it. it's pretty big. i'll be able to make some friends. >> reporter: the winter weather is a soggy end to an otherwise lackluster winter weather per. the reservoirs are full, the snow pack is only about two- thirds of where it usually is. fans said their only regret was the timing. >> looked at the weather report. made sure. kind of disappointed because it's been so much nice weather the whole entire week. but that's okay. we need it. >> reporter: wet roads meant a slow ride home for some drivers. they say after a long dry spell when oil can build up on the roads they can be especially slick when the rain does come. >> oh slow down. normally i'm a quick driver. i always try to keep it below the split. always watch my mirrors and
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that. >> reporter: you can see since we started this report that the rain has slowed here. it's been off and on rain and drizzle. for now we're live here in san francisco. >> we turn now to bill martin on where the heaviest rain is falling that the hour. >> the heaviest rain moved through about an hour or twoing a. there is more rain in the forecast. i'll back this up and show you how much rain came down and how quickly it moved through. as we back it up around 5:39, 6:40. that draws about two tenths of an inch of rain. this is not the main system. the main system is back up in here. so the system that -- the
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leading edge is working its way down now. what am i getting at? we have showers. it will have an impact on your morning commute. this rainfall was relatively light compared to what's coming. i'll see you back here in just about 12 minutes. more details now. take a look at the road conditions in the sierra. it doesn't look too bad right now in this picture. this picture was taken just minuting a just west of donor summit. a man was struck and killed by a cal train this afternoon. this is the fourth fatal train accident so far this year. it was a northbound train that struck the man on west virginia street just after 4:00 this afternoon. caltrain says there was only one passenger on board. the coroner has not released the victim's name. today's accident is very close
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to where a woman was killed on the track just eight daysing a. diane feinstein expressed anger when she learned the bill would not include her assault weapons ban. feinstein says her discovery of slain supervisor harvey milk fuels her desire for stricter gun control. >> this is very important to me. i'm snot going to lay down and play dead. i think the american people have said in every single public poll that they support this kind of legislation. >> the legislation would need at least 60 votes to pass. the majority leader says the assault measure has at best 40 vote. another marine has died in nevada bringing the death toll
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to 8. six marines your injured and flown to nearby hospitals. the marines were firing a mortar. they were all from camp lejeune. the pentagon has put a moratorium on the firing of those mortars pending an investigation. in iraq a series of bombings marked the tenth anniversary of the u.s.-led invasion. at least 65 people were killed in about 20 different attacks. most of them in and around baghdad. nearly 250 other people were wounded. this is iraq's deadliest day in 6 months and it was a stark reminder of the country's continued instability and that insurgents are able to stage high profile attacks. 1.5 million troops served in iraq over the last 10 years. nearly 4500 of them died in the
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conflict. allie rasmus shows us the place where veterans and civilians alike reflected. >> reporter: the crosses sprung up after the start of the iraq war. over time the panels became canvases. decorated with personal messages for the slain service members. >> how can you not look at that hillside and remember and feel sad. >> each one of those people were a husband, a wife, a son, a mother, a father. >> reporter: today the federal building was the site of a memorial and protest. scott olsen who was critically injured in an occupy oakland spoke out against the war and his two tours of duty. >> eight of the marines in our battalion did not make it home. i did not see a liberated iraq. i saw an occupation.
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>> reporter: a field organizer with iraq veterans against the war says many of the veterans he works with struggle to get treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder. >> we're pushing the government to overhaul the system and provide more case officers, more help. >> reporter: back in lafayette, people who live near this display are still reflecting on the war and its cost. >> i think the saddest part is the loss of life. >> reporter: according to the founder of this display the sign keeps tally of the more than 6700 u.s. troops who died in iraq and afghanistan. newly revised numbers on california's job growth paint brighter picture than previously thought. the employment development department said 327,000 jobs were created in california last year. that's about 101,000 more than previously reported. the edd also says the state add 1700 new jobs in january.
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about 230 people who work for palo alto drug makeerer losing their jobs as that company struggles. affymax is considering merging with another company. all of this comes after the company recalled its only drug. the job cuts mean a reduction of 75% of the company's work force. wall street ended the day mixed. the dow gained 3 points. nasdaq dropped 8. earlier in the day -- a bankruptcy judge approved the sale of hostess snack brands to two firms. $410million for twinkies, doe nets. they want to see them back on store shelves.
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williams-sonoma reported a higher than expected quarterly profit. they have the cook ware stores and pottery barn furnishing chain. a 9-year-old boy and his family stuck in mexico. blocked from returning to their bay area home. at 10:30 his friends campaign to try to bring him back. the 5600-pound item th
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new information in the case of a brazen copper wife theft. the person stole so much copper wire they needed a forklift to carry it away. amber lee has the clues police hope will lead to an arrest. >> reporter: police tell us thieves stole a forklift from this auto dealership, drove it up the road, broke into a pg&e yard and stole corps wire that weighs more than 5000 pounds. thieves have struck twice here at this yard during the past two months. the most recent, sunday morning around 7:00. you can still see the tire tracks from the forklift and the new fencing. >> they took time and was able to operate that forklift to remove that large reel of
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copper and then to load it on to a flat bed that was turned out that we eventually found out was stolen. >> reporter: surveillance cameras captured these images of another truck. police say it was used to pick up one of the thieves. the copper wire is valued at more than $25,000. police say the thieves knew what type of tool to use to remove the insulation and that a theft in january was carried out the same way. >> we don't have information that can tell us it is the same crew. something like this is something that's planned out. >> reporter: pg&e tells us copper thefts have been an on going problem. there have been more than 100 cases in each of the past two years. >> we are upping security at facility and we encourage anyone who may have witnessed anything around the facility to please contact police department. >> reporter: investigators say it was a witness in the area
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who called police. that witness described one thief as a white man in his 30s. nearby business owner says police came to ask for surveillance camera footage. >> i hope they get caught so we don't have to worry as much. >> reporter: police are asking the public to take a good look at this orange truck and hope the tips will lead them to the thieves. reporting live, amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. news about a 22-year-old san jose state university student who was reported miss pg e. he's been found. the family of gabriel lorette- smith contacted officials so day their sons safe and at home. a family member found him in santa cruz county. authorities say his family and friends were especially concerned about his safety because they think lorette- smith may have been undiagnosed mental problem. the man shot and killed by police last night was a person of interest in a homicide case.
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police officers tried to stop two men in a stolen white honda. authorities say an officer on foot opened fire when the honda's driver accelerated toward him. the driver died at the hospital. his name has not been released. investigators say a male passenger in the car is corporating with authorities. we're learning more about another officer-involved shooting. this happened friday night in napa. police say a suspect they were trying to apprehend pulled out a shiny metal object and pointed it right at officers. thinking it was a firearm four police officers opened fire killing angelo moreno. angry taxi drivers say unfair competition is costing them a lot of money. eric rasmussen was there for the protest and tells us the
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step that city leaders took tad to address some of those concerns. >> reporter: san francisco cab drivers made themselves heard outside and inside city hall. >> you please get out of your seat and do something. >> reporter: dozens of drivers packed this agency meeting and for three hours unleashed frustration about possible plans to allow several hundred more cabs in the city. >> before you guys started flooding the streets with medallion there were enough drivers to cover shifts. there aren't any more. so if i have a broken leg i have to show up. >> reporter: others say competition from other companies is killing their business. >> why should we follow all these rules when question use an app and ignore the rules. >> reporter: they responded in part by approving a plan to gather real time information about all of the cities cabs so
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customers can hail them using an app. >> it's my firm belief the best way to compete with and neutralize these let threats. >> reporter: there are already apps that allow users to hail some of the cabs here. the afmta says the new system will make that information available for all of the cities cabs. it could be up and running by this summer. in san francisco, eric rasmussen, ktvu channel 2 news. a suspected bank robber wanted by the fbi is back behind bars after being released from jail last week. 22-year-old gary fite jr. was arrested for a bank robbery earlier in month but then he was freed from jail because the charges weren't filed on time. the fbi says the county should have given federal prosecutors more time to build their case for bank robbery, which is a federal crime. those looking to have a meal will have to wait longer than originally expected.
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ther berkeley restaurant has been closed since a fire on march 8th. the owner had expected to open the restaurant at the end of this month. but the builder now says both porches must be rebuilt. the restaurant will remain closed until the work is completed. showers moving out of the area right now. we have light sprinkles around. most of the heavy rain moved out about an houring a. you can see a new light showers lingering around oakland. showers now light. but that changes around as we get into the next few hours. the computer model goes into 2:00 a.m. then it starts going again. most of us are asleep. we move it forward to 6:00 a.m. many folks in their cars now. roadways wet for the morning commute. the morning commute looks wet. 6:00 a.m., then you get into the noontime and you have more
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showers. so it just keeps coming, wave after wave. we'll roll the model through tomorrow and take it into thursday and go looking into your weekend and the five day. pope francis was officially installed as the head of the roman catholic church in vatican city today. he was given the fisherman's ring. pope francis called on the followers to protect the poorest, weakest and least important. later he stood for two hours greeting visitors. after that he spoke by phone with the former pope benedict. comcast flips the switch on a big upgrade. the change internet users may notice right away. when businesses
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for many merchants graffiti and vandalism can be an unfortunate fact of life. the latest attack is something they say they've never seen before. john sasaki shows us what the vandals did and what the business owners are calling for. >> reporter: 17th street in oakland bustles with diners and shoppers during the day. sometimes at night different visitors come. >> the glue was sprayed into the lock. into this lock. >> reporter: over the weekend someone filled every door lock and padlock with glue. even hitting this access box. >> this is something that someone would have had to brought something with them. >> reporter: there's been plenty of vandalism. >> they do a mess every day we
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found and they cut the awning. >> reporter: police told me they received no reports. >> if a lot of security walking around in the daytime and they care, they do what they can. but we need somebody walking around and doing something at night. >> reporter: reverend who owns a clothing store is looking for help elsewhere we need the hell's angels. we need the black panthers. we need whoever can come out here and keep us from having to close our doors because of this vandalism. >> reporter: something has to change. >> we've toll rated too much negative behavior. we talk about it. we complain about it. but yet we need to support our law enforcement. >> reporter: this is not the only area looking for help. the angels are coming to his district this weekend to help clean up. in oakland, john sasaki, ktvu channel 2 news. more solo drivers are buying their way into express lanes. that's helping to raise cash.
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the highway 237 to interstate 880 express lane generated $900,000 in the first year. or about $300,000 more than projected. transportation planners are considering several new express lanes by 2015. it's taken five years but today san francisco-based twitter received its patent. the tech website says the u.s. patent and trademark office granted twitter's founders a patent. twitter has publicly promised to only use the patents defensively. the company will also require permission from its employees if it wants to take the offensive and sue another company over intellectual
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property. comcast customers may have noticed their internet service has gotten a little quicker. they've increased the speeds of services for nearly all customers in california. the upgrade applies to customers with performance, blast, or express 50 service plans. however, comcast is not upgrading the speeds of its two low end plans. i miss my school. i miss my teachers. i really want to be over there. >> a 9-year-old boy barred from return home. the campaign to help bring him back to the bay area. you're really lucky there's so many police in this room right now. >> but first, a teenage killer sentenced. but not before doing something that startled
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morning, brian!
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developing news out of vallejo. the highway patrol is on the scene of a crash involving a semi truck and a pickup. officers were called around 9:15 this evening. they found a large fedex truck hanging off the side of the road. a red truck was facing the wrong direction. it's not clear if anyone was hurt. officers have closed the highway 29 onramp. an ohio teenager given the maximum penalty for a deadly school rampage stunned the court with what appeared to be obvious disregard for the victims. he was wearing a t-shirt like the one the day of the shooting with the word "killer" scrawled on it. he also appeared to smirk while
12:01 am
the victims talked about their loss and their pain. >> i will never be the same because of him. my children look at me and they do not see the same mom they used to know. instead they say the pain in my eyes and they want to help me, but they are in so much pain themselves. >> the judge didn't hesitate in giving the 18-year-old three life sentences with no parole. he pleaded guilty last month to the killing of three students. a group of 9-year-olds has launch add campaign to help their classmate who was deported to mexico with his parents. patty lee is live now where the boy grew up to tell us who the kids are calling on to help out. >> reporter: dozens of students from jefferson elementary convinced their city council to help them bring their friend home. their plan includes lobbying
12:02 am
senator feinstein and testifying on capitol hill in april. >> how are you doing in mexico? >> identify been throwing up in class. >> reporter: former classmates check in on their friend rodrigo guzman. >> i miss my school. i miss my teachers. >> reporter: berkeley is where rodrigo and his parents lived until this january. >> trying to do the thing well because we know we're leaving illegally. >> reporter: she blames herself for trying to cross the boarder with an expired travel visa. now the family must wait five years before replying for a chance to return. >> i don't think that we have a good home for now. >> reporter: it's not really rodrigo's -- >> it's not really rodrigo's fault. he couldn't help what's happening. he doesn't know how to like fix it. >> reporter: rodrigo's
12:03 am
classmates tell us they believe they can make a difference. >> it's important to stand up for rodrigo's rights. >> reporter: tonight they protested. ahead of a berkeley city council meeting where they relied on the power of persuasion and technology to quince the city council to call on senator diane feinstein. the council voted to pass the kids for kids resolution. the fourth graders tell me they're looking for support from president obama and plan to meet him when they travel to dcf the immigration hearings this spring. the former comcast call center in concord is about to become a call center for the state's health insurance program. the state and contra costa county reached the agreement today. the call center is part of the state's effort to implement the affordable healthcare act by the year 2014. it should bring more than 200 jobs to the area. workers will help enroll people
12:04 am
who are eligible for health care coverage. a federal report says one job sector is growing faster. the bureau of labor statistics says green or clean energy jobs grew four times faster than all other combined. in 2011 there were about 3.4 million green jobs. they include many types of jobs including renewable energy and recycling. in news of the world tonight, lawmakers voted overwhelmingly against a plan to seize the bank deposits of residents. there was widespread opposition to use up to 10% of deposits to help secure a financial bailout. cypress needs about $20 million to bail out its banks. in brazil landslides have killed at least 20 people north of rio de j me row. weeks of steady rain caused flooding and mud slides. more rain is in the forecast. landslides in the same area killed 900 people two yearsing
12:05 am
a. brazilian officials say they may have to take drastic steps. i think it is the heaviest that i am going back to my school. >> and in england malala yousufzai went to school for the first time since she was shot in the head. she was targeted by the taliban. she says she wants to study politics and the law. the department of justice said it will not fight an appeals court ruling that blocks new graphic warnings on cigarette packages. last year an appeals court ruled that the labels seen here were a violation of free speech protections. the american cancer society called on the fda to quickly develop new warnings saying current labels are ineffect i have. the cdc says cigarette smoking
12:06 am
is the leading cause of preventable death. contra costa county is taking a hard line when it comes to smoking. the county is considering an ordinance that would ban the use of battery operated e cigarettes everywhere that traditional tobacco smoking is already limited. the electronic devices emit vapor. the proposal mandates that the retailers obtain a tobacco sellers license. a tasting room in berkeley. the beer company has applied for a liquor license. the beer companies communication manager says they want to open up a walk in bar. it's a san francisco tradition. in eight minutes, why the
12:07 am
carnaval celebration may be in trouble. bill martin is back with his complete forecast at 10:40. i think within the next few years we'll see more use of nonmanned aircraft.
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students cheered their basketball team to victory this evening since the game was in ohio a viewing party was set up on campus. now they're on to the ncaa tournament. that starts thursday right before midterms. coming up later in sports,ic will have the highlights. tomorrow the u.s. national alpine championship is set to
12:10 am
start at squaw valley. crews have been grooming the hills to make it best for the skiers and snow borders in world. the competition ends sunday. it's a controversial topic but the federal aviation administration will soon be setting up six sites to test unmanned drones. california lawmakers want one of those to be in our state. the fight to create jobs and possibly generate billions of dollars for california. >> reporter: the use of drones by the military has long drawn controversy. even nonmilitary use raise alarms. experts say unmanned drones will soon be a fact of life. >> that's ago cultural. law enforcement. fire fighting. that's search and rescue.
12:11 am
>> reporter: two bills related to drones. one would protect privacy including getting law enforcement to require warrants. the second bill would give major tax breaks to manufacturers. >> it's going to be 700% growth in manufacturing within the next 6 years. >> reporter: the business of drones was the subject of a hearing today. one coveted prize, the faa is required by law to award air space for a new way drones can be tested. >> the whole idea behind the legislation is to figure out ways to safely integrate these things into the national air space. >> reporter: two southern california groups are fighting to be a test area creating a likely spot on the ground where a new industry will concentrate. possibly bringing tens of thousands of jobs. >> i think within the next few years you'll see more use of
12:12 am
nonmanned, unmanned aircraft and just all kinds of different a aspects. >> reporter: in yolo county, ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. president obama son the way to the middle east. he's scheduled to sit down with palestinian leader on the west bay. for a few minutes there was an unusual situation. both president obama and vice president joe biden were out of the country. as biden was returning from the vatican. a mother and toddler were in this car when it went down an embankment. it's one of san francisco's most popular events. the organization that runs it is missing in action. how the mission is trying to
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emergency crews rescued a mother and her young daughter after their vehicle went down an embankment. fire officials tell us the 29- year-old mother suffered broken bones and cuts but her 3-year- old daughter only suffered minor injuries because she was strapped into her car seat. a popular san francisco celebration could be in danger. carnaval is having money problems. >> reporter: every year for the past 34 years hundreds of thousands of people have been blocking to the mission to watch this, carnaval. but this year's carnaval scheduled for may 25th and
12:16 am
26th in s in financial jeopardy. there's been talk that the celebration may be canceled. >> you can't cancel christmas. you can't cancel carnaval. >> reporter: roberto helped organize carnaval for 24 years. he's been brought back. carnaval organizers have $125,000 already committed but they need to find volunteers and raise $170,000. >> we're looking for angels to help out and bail out carnaval this year. >> reporter: it's unclear what went wrong. the organization running it the san francisco cultural arts traditions did not return our calls and was office was dark and locked up. the city is looking into the organization's finances. >> we review all the information, that you review your books and you get to the bottom of what took place. >> reporter: business owners say they count on the annual event. >> it really brings a lot of money and it helps the economy.
12:17 am
>> we want to do is make sure that people know that the event is happening this clear. >> reporter: the new organizers say that the large festival will be scaled back. >> we're not going to have seven stages. we'll go back to the way carnaval started. >> reporter: residents and business owners gatted at at this theater to organize, volunteer and offer to help raise money. in san francisco, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. uc students hoping to earn degree credits online may not be able to after all. university of california faculty leaders announced their opposition to legislation that would allow public college students to earn credits online. the bill would allow students who can't get into overcrowded classes to take similar online courses from outside institutions. state where sheman tom amemiano introduced legislation that would make policing
12:18 am
cannabis laws the responsibility of california alcoholic bench control. it would provide a structure for medical cannabis cultivation, processing, testing and description. a few light showers out there right now. we have more showers on wait will impact the morning commute as we head into your wednesday. as you look at the last few hours, last 6 hours you see the rain moving through here. heaviest rain in the south bay. this area right here, you see the leading edge? right where the red line is. that's a cold front. those are the dynamics. those will get in here in the next 6 to 8 hours. bringing heavier rain and maybe a little more wind. this is not a major storm. it's enough to bring maybe a half inch of rain in some places. wind gusts shouldn't be that extensive. we'll be lucky if we get a half inch of rain. we could see an inch by tomorrow say noontime. tomorrow is going to be a day
12:19 am
that starts off wet. it kind of piddles away. by 2, 3:00 i think we're looking at partly sunny, mostly cloudy. your morning commute is probably going to be wet. the system comes in, it's actually coming in now. but the front gets in here. that's when we'll start to see the rainfall go a little quicker. a-- accumulations will start to happen then. it's not a lot of rain. good storm writtens us an inch of rain in a place like san francisco. maybe half an inch in san jose. tomorrow morning it's wet for your morning commute. here we are at 9:00 a.m. split in the system. rain here. rain here. break here. that's 9:00 a.m. 11:00 a.m. showers hanging on.
12:20 am
now it starts to change. see how it is more widely scattered. 5:00 tomorrow, clouds, a few scared sprinkles. everything before noon tomorrow. as you get into the afternoon hours you might get away with some stuff. rainfall accumulations, half inch if we're lucky. an inch perhaps or almost an inch in places like forestville. five day forecast looks like this. rainfall coming tonight and tomorrow morning. then it's dawn. then we get into a warm weather pattern. takes us right back to a spring- like weather pattern. pollen concerns and temperatures in the 70s. >> just in time for the start of spring. >> just in time. >> thanks, bill. san francisco city attorney is calling on the fda to regulate the marketing of those energy drinks that have a lot of caffeine in them. dennis herrera joined scientists in urging the fda to
12:21 am
take action. late last year the fda disclosed that five deaths since 2009 are possibly linked to those drinks. the companies that make those drinks strongly deny that possible link. researchers say they have linked 180,000 obesity related deaths to sugary drinks. of that number 25,000 were americans the data comes from the world health organization. scientists say the study covered adults and that future research will likely look at the effects on children. coming up the winner in the [ man ] i got this citi thankyou card and started
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earning loads of points. we'll leave that there. you got a weather balloon, with points?
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yes i did. [ man ] points i could use for just about anything. go. ♪ keep on going in this direction. take this bridge over here. there it is! [ man ] so i used mine to get a whole new perspective. [ laughter ] [ male announcer ] earn points with the citi thankyou card and redeem them for just about anything. visit to apply. curiosity is back. the latest problem with the mars rover has been solved. curiosity has been down due to a software glitch. engineers got it to switch to the other computer. now the first computer is working again. mark is here with sports. how about the st. maries gills.
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>> although the regular season didn't go as plans. they looked in ruin at the ncaa. they can't beat their arch rival gonzaga. but look at them. they're going to the big dance after they toast middle tennessee by 13. matthew, nice anticipation. he'll take it the other way. two of his 22. and the gaels play a nice defense tonight. middle tennessee finds out. only one basket in the last 9:30 of the first half. steve holt, off the bench with 13. he'll take it pillar to post. he had 18 points and 6 remembers. gaels play memphis thursday as they take care of their business. most underchiefing regular
12:26 am
season. stanford cardinals eking out a victory the nit tournament. cardinals taking off on austin. gabriel harris alley-ooping to howell. stanford up a point. the lumber jacks had a good shot at it. no good. time runs out. stanford eking out the victory. they'll take on alabama next time. wbc is over. the dominican re public is jubilant. the front office folks who get their players back in camp. major league executives are not in love with this tournament. two run double, as it were. two bases. two rb is.
12:27 am
2-0. dominican. a little pop up. see this during the regular season. the wind plays havoc. nice catch. 3-0 the dominican with their first ever tournament victory. they're the first to go unbeaten. they were 8-0. robin can cano of the yankees is the mvp. the art of kicking the ball through the uprights figures to be less of an adventure this season. the man signed to replace david akers is phil dawson. nailing 84% of his kicks for the browns in all kinds of weather. he is going to see that at candle stick park. he only missed two field goals in 2012. so they could use him and they got him. >> thank you, mark. >> and thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news.
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we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> ktvu morning what's truly amazing about mercedes new mbrace2 system...
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