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tv   Ten O Clock News  KICU  March 31, 2013 11:30pm-12:30am PDT

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an impressive show over parts of the bay area. we're only storm watch. good evening everyone i'm heather holmes. >> and i'm ken wayne. we're on storm watch tonight as storm cells bring lightning, hail and even a severe thunderstorms warning to the bay area. the warning was issued for contra costa county tonight. that's when these lightning strikes lit up the sky above bethel island. the warning has since been
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lifted. fire fighters say they received no reports of damage from this storm. >> you can hear it there. hail, thunder and lightning also seen tonight over bethel island in contra costa county. one of our viewers melissa greene sent us this video of the storm passing through her area. a severe thunderstorms warning was in place for parts of san joaquin county as well for about an hour tonight and there were reports of heavy lightning in manteca while that warning was in place. >> mark tamayo, you've been tracking this system all day long. where do things stand right now, this was a powerful system that moved through. >> some downpours across parts of the bay area. the lightning strike and hail. going back the in time to 7:00 this evening this was the storm of interest. you can see the yellows and reds developing right around
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discovery bay as well. there was a hint of rotation with this and as a result very concerned with the national weather service. as we moved through time you can see it moving to the north. moveing to the north of discovery bay and also out toward the bethel island. producing all those lightning that we just saw in the video. as far as latest right now on live storm tracker, the activity has backed off a bit. but still storm showers reporting some moderate to heavy rain as well right around the petaluma area. not as much coverage but still coverage with the green out toward parts of the east bay. this is all moving from the south to the north out toward the black hawk area as well. shifting the maps, we have more action to report just north of san jose moving across san jose
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and approaching the area around milpitas do correspond to the rain. some changes for tomorrow coming up in our full weather you will take a look at shower chances for your weekend. >> that certainly is a will the of green there. thanks mark. >> go to for the latest weather conditions. there you will find the storm tracker 2 interactive forecast. and traffic is getting back to normal at this hour after a dramatic tour bus fire sent an apartment complex up in flames. >> reporter: that bus was burning right under those eucalyptus trees and right under their backyard fends.
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take a look at the fire. a 30-foot tour bus full ablaze. thankfully it was empty expect for the driver. that started a spot fire that spread to grass and several 200- foot eucalyptus trees. the eucalyptus were like torches sending fire into the neighborhood so vallejo fire called two alarms. then the mop up, traffic backed up for mile and surface trees were clogged with cars taking detours. all in all a bad place for that bus to catch fire. >> the eucalyptus trees can be very explosive and they took off quick. it got a good head start on us before we got here. vallejo police were already on scene evacuating people which helped. >> with all the trees and leaves and all that stuff it
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could have gone a lot worse. >> pretty scary? >> yeah. >> reporter: what did you do? >> we ran. they made us all leave. so we just grabbed all our dogs and took off. >> reporter: here's a look at the burned fence and the mess in the back of this complex. it's charred and wet but everybody is safe and back inside tonight. very grateful this didn't turn off worse. the wet weather was in firefighters favor. plus the fact that thankfully that bus did not have any passengers on it. deborah villalon, ktvu channel 2 news. now to some developing news that we're following tonight in oakland where police are at the scene of a third fatal shooting today. right now no arrests have been made in any of these homicides. this latest killing happened at 70s and haley in east oakland just about a few hours ago. the male victim appears to have been walking with a bicycle before being shot. police remain there on the scene right now marking multiple shell casings on the
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sidewalk and interviewing witnesses. gunfire erupted at about 10:00 this morning in the 2400 block of 68th avenue in oakland. police say shot spotter alerted officers to that area and that's when they found the 31- year-old male victim. you can see here the shattered glass and multiple bullet holes in the driver side of the car. police say they are searching for three suspects in this case. no word tonight of a motive. then in the 8900 block of international boulevard, police found one victim shot and killed around 4:00 this afternoon. investigators though are releasing few details about that case. the merced county courthouse says rival gang members shot and killed three people who were gathered at an easter celebration. two male victims are expected to survive the shooting. the suspects snuck up on the people. the people killed were two young men between the ages of 18 and 19. and a 16-year-old girl was
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killed according to the merced sun star. police have not made any arrests. also in oakland a car fire. a car rather caught on fire on the freeway and the driver disappeared. the car went up in flames at about 3:00 a.m. on the clairmont avenue onramp on 24th. when our crew arrived there on the scene as you can see there in these pictures the car was fully engulfed in flames. the driver had fled the scene. highway patrol say it is driver may have hit the guardrail then ran off when that car caught fire on the ramp. easter shoppers at a south bay store got quite a scare today when police say a man intentionally crashed his car right through the front door. matt keller was at the scene in san jose and tell us it's what happens next that injured several customers. >> late easter morning around 11:15, shoppers and workers witnessed a terrifying scene. >> this lady was saying oh yeah i saw it.
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this crazy person was driving through the store trying to kill people with her car. >> everybody just panicked and rushed and screaming and everything. >> i knew he was there to hurt people. >> reporter: this red olds mobile hit an suv, past these vending machines and turned into the store and went another 30 feet. >> the car launched itself on top of the beer display so the car is actually off the ground now. >> reporter: these pictures show the damage inside the store. the driver described as a 33 or 34-year-old black man got out of the car, grab add blunt object and began to hit customers and workers inside the store. officers say he appeared to be under the influence of meth. witnesses were able to take him down and hold him. here's a picture of him being arrested. three people were taken to the hospital. two in serious condition. another six people were treated at the scene for minor injuries but amazingly police don't think anybody was hit by the
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car. >> i know that i was supposed to be run over but i doesn't. i know there is a good. >> reporter: as for the driver he faces several charges of assault with a weapon. california law enforcement set to start its disruptive driving campaign tomorrow. it's one of the many places officers will be on alert for drivers who are texting or talking while holding their cell phones. more than 425,000 tickets were given out last year here in california to people using their phones while driving. in 2011 more than 3300 people were killed in the u.s. in crashes blamed on distracted driving. there are new developments tonight in the ongoing musicians strike with the san francisco symphony. as we first reported at 5:00 a tentative deal was reached. ktvu's jade hernandez is live
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in the city where she spoke with somebody involved in the negotiations and she has the latest, jade. >> neither side wants wants to divulge how this came to be, unlike the final concert, tonight's tentative agreement may mean the rest of performances may now go on as planned. living just a block from davey symphony hall, this man is glad the strike is done. >> i think there's a lot of businesses that rely on the symphony for income and this has kept a lot of people from the businesses. >> reporter: a near by restaurant had 30,000 reservations cancelled. we spoke by phone to the
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symphony's oliver tile. >> we're very glad to have all a tentative deal. a musician representative told us by phone symphony players will wait until all union members hear and discuss this deal before discussing it publicly. neither side will say how they came to it tentatively. they will be ready to speak on it on tuesday it's the very same day, their first day back here. they'll be performing for at least 2,000 first and second graders from right here in san francisco. jade hernandez, ktvu news. pope francis celebrating his first easter as pontiff. the message he delivered in his own style. who got hit. tell me who got hit. exclusive video of offers
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[ male announcer ] the wireless receiver. call to get u-verse tv starting at $19 a month for 2 years with qualifying bundles. rethink possible. pope francis celebrated
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his first easter service. his service was shortened from the usual two hours to 1-1/2. the pope asked for catholics to pray for reconciliation between north and south korea. >> for dear syria. for its people. how much blood has been shed. and how much suffering must there still be before a political solution will be found. pope francis can then use an open air pope mobile to wave to the hundreds of thousands gathered in st. peter's square. as bay area catholics celebrated easter sunday many paid special attention to the pope's new easter message. the faithful are putting their faith on the newly elected
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pontiff. >> reporter: parishioners and visitorred packed the pews celebrating easter with their new leader. >> he was raised in argentina in the poor area and he knows how it is. >> reporter: on this easter sunday a day of new beginning, some catholics hope that the new leader of their church can make some changes. >> i think it's a chance to be transformative. hopefully he'll do some liberal projective reforms and long overdue. >> reporter: pope francis has already changed the way he relates to catholics. >> the fact that he makes very humble simple gestures and wears simpler robes. >> reporter: pope francis will
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adhere to tradition. >> he's going to continue to teach things that aren't popular in our culture and i pray that people will be more open to our differences. >> reporter: some catholics applauded that approach. >> i think he needs to stand for the catholic church's beliefs. >> reporter: they say they hope the pope steers clear of more controversial topics. allie rasmusen, ktvu. and in the san francisco tenderloin bustled during this year's easter celebration. the sanctuary also hosted three special easter services today. the organization founder reverend cecil williams delivered this morning's sermon. another san francisco easter tradition got under way today before dawn. bag pipers opened the 91st annual sunrise service at mount davidson cross. the cross is one of the world's
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tallest at 103 feet. people there said they loved the service because it offers something different for the easter holiday. in washington, d.c. the first family attended easter church services this morning. the president and mrs. obama strolled with their daughters sasha and lalia to st. john's church. new video after a man was struck by a car in what appears to be a road rage incident in oakland. police say the victim was involved in a fender bender just minutes before and had followed the other vehicle for about seven blocks. the victim got out of their car
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and approached the driver. following a string of scandals at the port of oakland we first told you about last fall. port officials have spend a great deal more money and time vowing reform. including an announcement two days ago that will finally begin a formal policy on reimbursed expenses. but we have uncovered still more questionable spending of the public's money and port executives still refuse to explain them. ktvu's eric rasmussen has tonight's special report. last october, we uncovered a series of questionable expenses at the port of oakland that included thousands of dollars spent at strip clubs, an alleged brothel and more. at that time we asked for a copy of money spent.
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the port of oakland bought an internet web domain name that appeared to belong to the ilwu. >> i think everyone should be concerned when public agencies are purchasing public dollars to buy domain sites that don't per -- pertain to the port. >> wow, i'm shocked. >> reporter: matthew smalldone was equally unhappy. >> to use public money to potentially interrupt or stop a protest that was coming a social movement, with this being really not a proper use of funds. especially when we have a lot of other needs in the city. >> reporter: the action came from the heads of public relations. it also runs oakland airport
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and is a vital revenue for the city. >> this is nothing something they should be doing. >> reporter: the ceo of reinventors designed to be an interception of invasion and good government. >> when people buy their oppositions url it's not that they're trying to stop them from buying that or using that but in fact, it's to set essentially a front up that's essentially what they call an astro astroturf group. >> astroturfing is a new word. >> this might end up backfiring which it might be doing right now. >> reporter: although the port already has a full time public relations of six it has hired three pricey outside firms to advise them. last month the commissioners
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also hired a $175,000 a year director of social responsibility. two days ago the commission made a splashy announcement. reed's expenses also shows he used money to buy spreads in bay area newspapers that cost the same as a yearly income of a family in the bay area. he also spend $1,000 at a wine bar on one night. and reed spent more than $2,500 at a bar a few evings evings -- evenings later. major quan also refused to talk
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to us. as a last note, the questionable domain site reed bought with public money are now inactive but still owned by the port of oakland. a deadly pile up involving 95 cars on a virginia highway. what may have caused this massive mass reaction crash. and texas authorities
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nevada state troopers arrested an 18-year-old yesterday suspected of dui after a crash that killed five family members. the crash happened early yesterday morning on interstate 15 near mesquite. that's about 80 miles northeast of las vegas on the arizona
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line. the deaths included an 18-year- old. the teenager's suv hit the family's van from behind causing both vehicles to roll over. two others suffered nonlife threatening injuries. a mass crash happened in virginia. at least two dozen people were taken in school buses to a near by vfw postthat the red cross is now using as shelter. there maybe be as many as 100 people stranded by the crashes. in news of the world, north korea announced that the country's weapons are nonnegotiable.
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yesterday yang said it was entering a state of war with south korea. north korea first escalated tensions back in february when un ordered nuclear weapons tests reaching u.s. sanctions. in the indian island national a flash waters killed dozens. tomorrow has been declared a national day of mourning. in south africa, prayers this easter sunday for former president nelson mandela. the 94-year-old has been hospitalized since wednesday being treated for pneumonia. he is said to have a restful day at the hospital. mr.mandela has been vulnerable
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since contracting tb. the bodies of mcclelan and wife cynthia were found in their home in dallas. two months ago a man killed an assistant d.a. from the same office. investigators are looking into whether a white supremacist was responsible for the killings. exclusive video of last night's officer involved shooting. what we've learned about that fatal shooting. and this google doodle ca
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only on 2 tonight exclusive video of a traffic stop in oakland last night that escalated to gunfire. since we first brought you this the story on last night's news, the suspect has died. debra villalon was live on the scene and shows us just what happened. >> reporter: saturday night in oakland, the adrenaline and the patrol car jumped ktvu was there to capture exclusive video. >> who got hit. tell me who got hit. >> reporter: as alameda county sheriff's deputy responded to a shooting of one of their own. >> i need that car out of the way. get that ambulance in here. >> reporter: he's been shot in the foot and limps with help to the ambulance. it all started a half block away when he pulled over this suv and the driver clutching his seat belt refused to get out. >> that's when things went
12:03 am
sways. >> the deputy went on the passenger's side to unhook his seat belt when the driver took off. taking them both on a wild ride ending in a crash. the suspect has been shot from inside and outside the car. a gun was found on the floorboard but no word if it was fired or how the deputies foot was wounded. his passenger who was already out of the car and under arrest for drug possession was not injured. the two had aroused suspicion by taking a long time to pull over in a traffic stop. >> usually means somebody is trying to hide something. they could see the person ducking down. they could see movement in the car. they knew something was going on. >> the injured deputy is out of the hospital as the investigation continues. alameda county deputies are helping short staffed oakland police every weekend.
12:04 am
taking on patrols and the risk that comes with every stop. >> hang on you guys. hang on. >> reporter: in oakland, deborah villalon, ktvu channel 2 news. a suspected drunk driver was arrested last night after authorities say he crashed into an alameda county sheriff's deputy patrol car also in oakland. the patrol car was seriously damaged on its right side. no one though was hurt. the driver was arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence. the oakland city council this week will consider the costs of expanding the city's police force. the department is working to increase staff levels from 611 officers to 833 including a new academy that starts tomorrow. a report out last week estimates the expansion will cost $67 million. on tuesday, the city council will review the report and discuss the budget which is due at the end of june. san jose firefighters are
12:05 am
preparing a welcome back celebration. frank ryan suffered a heart attack on august 30th while battling a fire at a downtown church. fellow firefighters supported ryan throughout his recovery and raised money to fly his family to the bay area. they plan to celebrate his return tomorrow at fire station one in downtown san jose. a plan to renovate a center will go into discuss this week. the parcel of land is owned by safeway. it's right across the street from an existing safeway. the plan calls for a new 55,000 square foot safeway store, shops, restaurants and senior houses. the plan may face opposition from residents worried about increased traffic and the impact to neighboring businesses. the city council is expected to start hearings next week.
12:06 am
the google commemorates what would have been the labor leader's 86th birthday. but since today was easter some are questioning the lack of a holiday themed doodle. some are tweeting their disapproval. tomorrow is a state holiday honoring chavez. state offices such as the dmv are closed. in san mateo county the sales tax rate will go up to 9%. santa clara residents will have to pay 8.75%. marin county sales tax will bump up to 8.5%. 28 citys in california will also see increases including albany where people have to pay 8%. and the tax increase went into effect on march 21st. a ski resort facing a hefty
12:07 am
fine. the violations uncovered. there they go. big wheels big time fun. the easter celebration that's perfect for the
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heavily ski resort has been fined almost $100,000 for environmental violations. environmental officials fined the resort following investigations of the resort. heavily officials say there was never an oil spill and they say they are currently in compliance. back here in the bay area lots of people taking a look outside and seeing the rain
12:10 am
that's been falling throughout the day. let's check in with our mark tamayo i know it's been off and on throughout the bay area but what are we expecting for tomorrow. >> for tomorrow looks like we'll be backing off a bit. we have the sunshine, clouds, showers and thunderstorms, hail, strong winds. the activity hasn't been backing up a bit in the last two or three hours but still coverage. about 9:50 you will see more coverage in parts of marin county. still activity to report. we will go out toward the b rentwood area. nothing too major. we will track this to the north and the east right along the fremont area right about 25 miles per hour. we'll see the evidential track for the next 20 minutes to 45
12:11 am
minutes. 33 minutes away from livermore and this actively will begin to move from the north to northeast. still unsettled for tomorrow. and into your monday morning. so for tonight scattered showers the chance of a thunderstorms tomorrow clouds and sun a few spotty showers but lots of breaks in the action. more breaks than wet for your monday. then the extended cooler with thursday showers developing. first thing tomorrow morning for your monday. we're going to start the day with clouds and temperatures in the 40s to 50s and there is that chance of a shower. santa rosa 48. san jose 50 and concord 51 degrees. here's the over all weather, we will have showers likely in the forecast for tonight and thunderstorms chances have verified quite a bit. this system moves out toward nevada for tomorrow. the main active weather moves out to the east but close enough to warrant the cloud cover and chance of a spotty shower. primarily for tomorrow morning. here's our forecast model first thing 7:00 showing you the cloud cover.
12:12 am
not much in the way of coverage but a few spotty showers at 7:00. at 12:00 still a pop up shower possible. then a scale back of clouds and a possibility by 3:00 and 4:00 that's all reflected in the forecast for tomorrow. you can see the time line partly cloudy and temperatures in the upper 50s to upper 60s. forecast highs not a big change for today. san francisco 51, hayward 54 degrees. and san jose 57 and baseball season back in the bay area for tomorrow with the a's up for tomorrow evening first pitch partly cloudy sky. temperatures in the upper 50s. look ahead your five day forecast you will notice into tuesday looking pretty good. will thicken up the cloud cover on wednesday. the clouds produce rain showers by thursday morning. especially by thursday morning with your weekend always in view. rain chances especially by monday. we'll have an update on the radar first thing tomorrow morning at 11:00.
12:13 am
>> thank you mark. >> thanks. the easter bunny spent part of the holiday on the big wheel. there were several peeps today at the annual bring your own big wheel race on vermont street in order to accommodate everyone who wanted to participate. among them an easter bunny, a small bunch of bananas and several daredevilless. we spoke to one man who brushed off the possibility of injuries. there were no reports of any major injuries. >> kind of like the morning commute. coming up next hello?
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good evening everyone. welcome to this late night sunday's sports extra. the blue devils get the free there tyler thornton away from the ball. ware reaches up to try to block this ball. the reaction by his teammates tells you the injury is bad. ware had suffered a compound suffer and the arena went silent. he left on a stretcher the emotions of his teammates and coach consistent with those of the entire building. how either team would react is a big question. cardinals seemed to rally for their teammate. they kept the ball alive there
12:17 am
with montrel horel. mason plumley's jam tied the game at two. but they outscored the blue devils. smith drives in for two of his team. the cardinals get the hardware as they head to the final four. they also remembered their teammate who is in the hospital. >> i don't think we could have gone on if it wasn't for ware saying, go win the game. but we had to gather ourselves. we couldn't lose this game for him. we just couldn't. >> today's other regional final was in the south played in arlington. michigan came out firing against florida. better than nick stouskas. only went six for six from
12:18 am
beyond the arch. after the turnover. the wolverines take the floor. mitch mcgray with the hoop. then spike albright gets two of his own. hard to two score bucks any harder than that. michigan rolls to the win. and hardaway jr. reaches his -- in atlanta will be syracuse. things have been turned upside down this weekend in women's college basketball. last night cal made school history and tomorrow has a chance to go even deeper in the record books. gotle's team in the west regionals and trying to make it into the final eight. the game was tied at the half before the bears went on an 11- 3 run. cal started to separate from
12:19 am
the tigers. how about this play by clarendon. images to get it to britney lloyd and bury it is jumper. cal moves on with a 73-63 win. georgia which knocked off stanford is now standing between the bears and the first ever trip to the final four. not only are the bears winning they are having a lot of fun in the process. >> just be and embrace the moment. be happy that we're here but don't be satisfied one more tp- fp ear other. one more for this team. one more for our program, our school. do something that cal has never done before. i think you know that's just gives us -- make us think that we can go out and dunk or something. just be us and play cal basketball. >> britney greiner and baylor ended up in the final four. cardinal started the game with an attitude and kept us up the entire way. shimel with the ball behind the
12:20 am
ball to greiner. baylor rallied and sims hit that three. the teams then traded free throws. sims was baylor's last desperate chance. that's to be considered one of the biggest upsets in women's sports. top seeded bears knocked out by louisville. who will play quarterback for the raiders in 2013 continues to be one of the biggest topics. rumors that matt flynn is about to become a raider. the acquisition of flynn would obviously also mean the departure of carson palmer. >> reports tonight that two important role players in the 49ers should be ready for training camp. hunter was a solid back up to frank gore until he was injured on this play against the saints
12:21 am
in november. hunter suffered an achilles injury. williams was hurt when he planted his knee and suffered ligament damage. williams is also recovering in time to be there when the 49ers open training camp this summer. for those of you counting it down, this year's nfl draft just 25 days away. still to come on this great sunday night's sports wrap, we take mom, i invited justin over for lunch.
12:22 am
good. no, not good. he's a vegetarian and he's going to be here in 20 minutes! don't stress. we can figure this out. [ male announcer ] get the speed to make a great first impression. call today to get u-verse high speed internet for as little as $14.95 a month for 12 months with a one-year price guarantee. this is delicious. ♪ [ male announcer ] save the day in an instant. at&t. ♪
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it was well worth the wait
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today for the open. henrik keeping himself in the hunt with his long birdie. he was in contention for the final hole. he shot a 66. a guy named billy horshel had a lead for a point. d.a. points though with the guy in the drivers side. points with a chip on the parricide 15 and hits the flag stick sets him up for a birdie shot. had just one win to his credit. the pebble beach two years ago he now has two after a three hour rain delay he came back and parred his final four holes. that one at 18 to keep him one shot up on stinsel and horshel. and his putter loaned to him by his mother. who says he will keep that putter. and this time of the year there's always a surprise or two on the opening 25 man
12:26 am
rosters. fred inglis has the story of a member of the a's who's on the good side of the bubble. >> reporter: the bespeckeled era has 15 major league games. and he carries a career 190 batting average. >> sogard deep into right. he's on his way way back there and a long home run. >> there was some doubt whether there was room on the roster. after eric racked out 24 hits. that's a 4:44 batting average. >> thankfully i've been feeling very comfortable and i've been finding some holes obviously. got to love that. >> the more you're at the big league level the more confidence you get. he's just a good player. he's got a good swing. he knows his strength and weaknesses. and you know each and every year he's getting better and this year háe -- he's out with
12:27 am
something to prove. >> he does well with the glove. has a good approach at the plate and finds a lot of barrels, hits the ball hard a lot. i think he'll be valuable for this team. >> reporter: eric knows he won't bat 4.44 all season long and that there are no promises kept in baseball but it seems that eric has a chance to be a contributing member of something big. >> we believe in ourselves, and i i think it's exciting coming in this year knowing what we did last year knowing how much better we can get. >> i'm fred inglis for sports wrap. 2013 major league baseball season got under way in houston with a new look astros hosting the rangers. the astros are supposed to lose 425 games in the new al east location. they won't lose them all.
12:28 am
houston's 8-2 win, bo porter a winner in his managerial debut. and every win is crucial. the sharks next chance to enhance their status is tomorrow night when the vancouver canucks come to hp pavilion. the canucks four points in front of san jose in the west. the sharks currently in the number six spot. gordy house celebrating his 86th birthday. they committed a big gash, chicago's dave mullen fired a shot. kindel tries in vein to -- vain to get the hit. and seattle had just scored. brandon sal broke away and beat gustuvson. gustuvson had to come in relief but didn't do any better. that keeps detroit one point
12:29 am
behind san jose. if you needed any more evidence to know you had to be tough to play in the nhl look at what happened to crosby. the league's leading scorer suffered a broken jaw and lost several teeth. crosby underwent surgery last night. he's scheduled for more later this week. he had been making a successful come back from concussions he suffered two years ago that had kept him out of the game. that will do it for this sunday night edition of sports wrap. have a good week everybody. >> all you can say is ouch after saying that. >> ouch is right. those guys are tough. they do that 82 time as -- times a year. >> and the injury the louisville player went through. just a look at what these men and women go through to entertainment. >> there's always a risk when you're playing sports. remember we're always here for


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