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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  April 4, 2013 11:30pm-12:30am PDT

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an airport take down caught on camera. tonight we hear from the vacationing bay area police officer who leaped into action to help a tsa guard subdue a suspect. good evening everyone i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. that police officer was from pinol. he was heading home from hawaii when a woman started an altercation in honolulu.
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jana katsuyama is live at the oakland airport with why he stepped in to help. >> reporter: justin rogers told me when he left oakland airport he never thought it was going to ends up like this. but when he saw that tsa agent in need of help, he decided to step in. the tsa rarely releases video but this was a rare confrontation. you can see a woman struggling with a tsa agent. police officer justin rogers saw it all. >> i was standing in front of the body scan machine and security with my shoes off getting ready to go through. >> reporter: he then heard the woman assault the agent. >> i turned back around and sure enough she was punching her. i had backed the tsa agent up against the wall continued pushing her and flaling her arms. >> you can see rogers jump over
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a half way. he tackled a woman and you can see him putting up his hands saying he was a police officer. >> i was scared they would think i was assaulting anybody. >> reporter: video of him going beyond the call of duty doesn't surprise fellow officers and staff. >> he is typical justin. he is always on duty and couldn't be prouder of him. >> reporter: rogers says the woman had been kicked out of the airport earl littler for smoking and was arrested for assault. as for his heroic act. >> this case police officer or not the woman was being assaulted. she was defenseless and luckily i was close enough to be able to help. >> reporter: rogers is back in california tonight attending a wedding. he was nice enough to talk to us. he says he's looking forward to getting back on patrol in pinol on saturday. jana katsuyama, ktvu channel 2 news. president obama is creating a bit of a stir tonight after
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he made a complimentary comment earlier today about the physical attributes of california's attorney general camela harris. the president was speaking at a fund raising event today in aferton when he singed out harris who was in the audience. he called her brilliant, and tough. but then he commented on her by saying. we did reach out to harris for reaction. the white house also hasn' t
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responded. in his 20 hours here in the bay area he netted more than $3 million for democratic candidates in next year's midterm elections. the oakland police chief admits it's true one of the officers made an error when he shot at a teenager in a case of mistaken idea. we have an exclusive interview with the teen and his dad. >> it was a bullet. i guess it grazed me, it hit me right here. >> reporter: he and his friends had been talking to girls and taking pictures when all of a sudden police swarmed yelling at them to put their hands up. >> i was like this a story we think is positively carolina -- i was like this already. and the dude just shot me. >> reporter: the 16-year-old fell to the ground bleeding. >> the pain you don't ever want to feel that pain. >> reporter: all this happened around 10:00 last night.
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officers were investigating a robbery in the parking lot. a witness mistook the three teens for the suspects and confirmed the teens were not involved. >> the outcome was unfortunate for all involved and will receive the review it deserves. >> reporter: everyone though no weapons were found on the scene, the officer fired because he pursued a threat. he would not go into detail what that threat was. >> the officers have a duty to follow up on that. >> i could have been planning a funeral. >> reporter: his father wants answers. >> you just don't shoot somebody on a mistake and send them back home like pe or something. and no paper work and no explanation. >> reporter: francea says his wounds go about an inch. his emotional scars go deeper. >> it hurts that somebody could shoot my son in the face and
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nobody is saying, we're really sorry about it. >> reporter: police say as part of their investigation that'll look at any available surveillance video from any of these businesses. they also want to hear from any other witnesses who may have seen what happened. we have sad news to report tonight. south bay paramedic quinn boyer has died. the 34-year-old was married and worked at dublin. quinn boyer was shot in the head on tuesday while driving through a neighborhood. the gunman had gotten out of another car at a stoplight. they have not confirmed the reports that the shooting followed an armed robbery. the action by union workers at republic services allied waste affected trash service
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today in daly city, pacifica, half-moon bay, fremont and fairfield. ktvu reporter tara moriarty sent us these pictures of failed bins. the teamsters here are supporting a strike in youngstown ohio where workers claim unfair labor practices. the national weather service is confirming a tornado touched down today in northern california. here is a picture now of the tornado just south of red bluff. it was seen moving the northeast of i5. the weather service says it received reports of that tornado just before 7:00. there were no reports of any damage or injuries. in forestville just north of sabastapool, trees toppled blocking the road for a time. mark tamayo says scattered
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showers lingered throughout the day. he's in the weather center with the latest rainfall totals. >> the rain totals very impressive in the morning then scattering off. right now the main active weather is up to our north a few sprinkles up to the north bay county. santa rosa reporting light rain. as far as those rainfall totals pretty impressive in some parts. coming at you at .92 and san jose about .15 of an inch. san francisco nearly .5. some more impressive totals up in parts of sonoma. typical hot spot of extreme weather as far as the extreme rainfall. look at that over 2-inches of rain. the showers will continue to back off tonight but we'll still have clouds out there. coming up we'll take a closer look at your friday forecast. for decades, he's been the nation's best known film
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critic. roger ebert died today of oral cancer. ebert's reviews were known for his either thumbs up or thumbs down. two days ago ebert announced he was going to be treated for a recurrence of the cancer. he had already lost part of his job and the ability to eat, drink and speak following cancer surgeries back in 2006. deborah villalon has been talking to some of those who remember the last time ebert visited the city. >> reporter: go back three years and the san francisco international film festival. roger ebert here at the castro theater saluted by fans and film makers. >> he seems happy. delighted to be there. >> reporter: cancer took his speech but never his enthusiasm. roger ebert accepting an award from film directors he admired and basking in a three minute ovation from the crowd.
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>> the wall of clapping and love from the audience it was almost physical i could feel it coming up on the stage. - - even though he had lost his voice, his face and his eyes were so expressive. >> he did not just curl up and disappear. >> reporter: ebert's fans knew him first on paper then on television. >> we would talk about it as a family. if he didn't like something we were a little skeptical but we still would go see it ourselves. i think he stayed accessible to a variety of people and fluctuated with time. >> i started going to the movies when i was a little child. my aunt would take me to the adult movies. >> reporter: friends and fans
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seemed unprepared to lose the critic who was rarely costic and gave so much of himself to the movies. >> he was so warm and engaging and engaged and just the generosity of spirit. >> they said his vision of heaven is they showed citizen cane all the time and they had vanilla hagendoz ice cream for free. which is unbelievable. >> reporter: it was a gesture he even had trademarked. reporting live, deborah villalon, ktvu channel 2 news. and at we have posted a slide show of photos honoring roger ebert. look for the slide show tab right on our front page. in 90 seconds. >> we feel like we're on a bad movie in this corner. >> bold crimes caught on camera. how neighbors plan to put a stop to this. new threats from north
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korea. a look at a missell system as r[
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only on two, some residents in san francisco's outer sunset neighborhood tell us they're frustrated by the recent up tick in crime. amber lee is there and shows us
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video of crimes happening right out in the open. >> reporter: neighbors tell me this gas station is a hub where people gather and cause problems. neighbors tell me they plan to fight back. this apparent drug deal took place at 2:30 this afternoon on the 76th station on ocean beach. the video was shot by a homeowner who we're not identifying. another resident tell us at least one of these two men is a familiar face in the neighborhood. >> this isn't the tenderloin absolutely. but there's a fair amount of this happening out here. >> these guys have been hanging out and we're having problems again. >> reporter: john bolinski is the neighborhood watch captain. he said the up tick in crime started in mid-january. this is video of the same man breaking into a pump at a gas station. and this is photos of another drug deal that tooks like took place on the same day. >> we feel like we're in a bad
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movie on this corner. >> reporter: there's been a rash of daytime break-ins where a robber will walk up to a home, knock and if no one answers they will break-in. >> right now it feels a little more menacing than in the past. >> reporter: we found the homeless man identified as one of the two. i asked him if he and others who live out here on the street are responsible for the rash of crimes. >> i don't have much to comment about that. >> reporter: neighbors tell me they made sure they call police whenever they see criminal activity. they say they work to work on the plan. reporting live in san francisco, amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. san francisco police detained 10 demonstrators today outside at a protest -- outside
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the ucsf medical center. the word is the hospital is eliminating 400 jobs. the job cuts include getting rid of the hospital's lift team. something nurses say intensive care patients cannot do without. >> we utilize those teams to help us to move patients every two hours which keep them healthy. prevents pneumonia, prevents bed sores. that unit is completely slashed. >> the hospital released a comment that says we must make a coarse correction if we are to maintain our resources to care for our patients. a soldier has been captured and charged with a murder in fort knox kentucky. a civilian worker was shot 10
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times and died yesterday. witnesses said they said the civilian and soldier arguing at a parking lot. the district attorney and wife were put to rest today. a large crowd turned out to honor mike mcclellan and his wife. their deaths come two months after another prosecutor from the area was killed in a courthouse shoot out. stock markets rallied today despite some discouraging economic news. nasdaq was up six. the labor department recorded an increase and the monthly report is expected tomorrow. there's a shake up at hp.
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two board members are also leaving they are john hammergren and ralph c. kennedy thompson. new at 10:00, mike mibach report it is bay area is no stranger to missell defense. >> reporter: the alarm sounds, the bay doors open. >> we had no idea this was sitting right down below the ground. >> reporter: and suddenly a missell rises above the marin headlands. >> it's a single hydraulic lifter. it's very fast, very noisy. >> reporter: this is built to
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defend against enemy bombers during the cold war. and while this u.s. missell defense system is no longer active another right now is. the u.s. says it will deploy a missell defense system to the u.s. territory of guam. >> it's incumbent upon us to take prudent steps to defend the united states. to defend our allies. >> reporter: today's south korea defense minister said north korea moved a missell with considerable range to its east coast. if fired it could reach 20,000 troops in south korea. >> they must realize now they've gone beyond the bell by threatening the united states with a nuclear strike. >> reporter: general bunkey moon. >> i think they have gone too far in their rhetorics. >> reporter: back in the golden gate, national recreation area. >> north korea seems too crazy to me. i'm not deeply worried about
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it. >> reporter: white says he's confident there will be no full scale war and hopes that the doors continue to open on this bay area piece of history. coming up in nine minutes we're going to introduce you to a bay area student watching the developments in north korea very carefully. why he's putting college on hold to head back home to korea. well the heaviest rain have moved out of the bay area but still lingering clouds and a few light showers. in fact, santa rosa the airport reporting light rain at last check. we're going to hold on to that chance of sprinkles first thing tomorrow morning. we will have some drizzle coast side and right at the bay as well. all the cloud cover tomorrow morning, that 4:00. you will note a little bit of activity showing up. a little bit to possibly wet the roadways tomorrow at 4:00 and 8:00. into the afternoon still plenty
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of cloud cover. partly to mostly cloudy skies. by 4:00 coming up at 10:48. we'll break down shower chances and a timing and warming trend already showing up on the long range weather maps. two hikers who were lost in southern california are now accounted for. rescuers found 18-year-old kendell jack on the crest of a community on trabuco county. they say she was disoriented and dehydrated. her hiking partner was found yesterday in similar conditions. both are expected to survive. and the state is taking action against the
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> new video tonight of a natural gas explosion in oklahoma. the fire is burning in a natural compression plant. fire officials say they'll have to wait until the fire burns itself out until they can get into the plant. they're concerned about secondary explosions. three near by homes have been evacuated. david stevenson has details from an incident report released today and why investigators took action. >> reporter: state investigators said the pilot of the oil tanker committed misconduct in a collision with the bay tower in november. >> he ignored certain principals that we look for in
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piloting a vessel. >> reporter: investigators say bar pilot guy kleess set off in foggy conditions and failed to communicate with the traffic service. they warn the captain right before the crash. >> we just want to confirm -- >> reporter: moments later kleess reacts. >> the ship just hit the bridge. [ bleep ]. >> we will indeed look forward to presenting at trial the evidence of it'll we believe will establish that captain kleess acted appropriately. >> reporter: a judge will take up the case in about 40 days. in the meantime the board
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suspended kleess's license. >> he cannot pilot any more vessels so he has to look at another career. >> reporter: it cost $4.5 million in damage to the bridge. david stevenson. facebook today unveiled its new home software made exclusively for android smart phones. facebook founder mark zuckerberg made the announcement at the company headquarters in menlo park. he says you'll be able to find a cell phone with its software already installed. facebook software will enable friends to connect much faster without going to an app. >> today our phones are designed around apps and not people so we want to flip that around. >> you can preorder it today for $100. that same day all other android users will be able to download
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the facebook software. today's news sent facebook stock a little higher. $27 million in gold. in news of the world the big bust at a border crossing and what made agents suspicious. plus -- plus -- >> these crimes mom, i invited justin over for lunch. good. no, not good. he's a vegetarian and he's going to be here in 20 minutes! don't stress. we can figure this out. [ male announcer ] get the speed to make a great first impression. call today to get u-verse high speed internet for as little as $14.95 a month for 12 months with a one-year price guarantee. this is delicious. ♪ [ male announcer ] save the day in an instant. at&t.
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a police chase in san francisco tonight ended with a car crash and two suspects in custody. it all started about 6:20 this evening in the tenderloin. it all started when police recognized a vehicle suspected
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of being used in several robberies. the chase started and ended after the car slammed into a power pole. we have new details tonight about an officer involved shooting in the city of napa. it happened on tuesday night and now police have identified the officer involved as eric koffert. they said officer koffert had been with the napa police department for about seven years. the incident happened during an investigation with narcotics officers. the suspect pablo ramirez was shot in the chest and is hospitalized in critical condition. police say officer koffert had his gun drawn when ramirez charged at him and grabbed his arms. the north korean
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maneuvering has been changing people's plans here in california. >> reporter: this threat from north korea is not having an immediate impact on most folks here in pa lo palo alto. but it is causing some stanford students to make some decisions. in stanford, the college experience often means a lot of sunshine and time with friends. but the nuclear threat is changing the priority of some of their classmates like freshman nin. he's taking a leave of absence at the end of the semester to join his country's army. >> i think it's right for me to go to my country and fight for my country. >> reporter: a two year duty minn could have postponed to finish his degree. >> north korea has threatened us a lot but this time it's kind of serious because they're everyone threatening the u.s. >> reporter: paul lin says the
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threat has been blown out of proportion. and that recent military exercises by the u.s. may have forced north korea's new leader kim jung-un to place a threat. >> they don't have the capability to deliver at this point. >> reporter: but even if that's true, 20-year-old jesse minn doesn't want to take that chance. he starts basic training in the south korean army in october. >> i think in some way it'll help my life in the future. like making me more independent. >> jesse's parents and younger sister live near seoul and he worries about their safety. another freshman will be joining them at basic training and they have talked to other students who have recently returned for military service over the situation in their home country. patti lee. a group of flight
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attendants handed out leaflets today. they were urging passengers to write congress about the dangerous of allowing small knives on board planes. the transportation safety administration is set to lift a ban on knives with blades that are shorter than 2.6 inches as well as some sports equipment including hockey sticks. the tsa says ignoring small knives will allow screeners to focus on looking for explosivings. - - explosives. but the mother of one of the victims of the 9/11 attacks pointed out that hijackers used knives not weapons to take over the airplanes. >> as the mother of a man who lost his life i am here to say to the tsa, please please do not allow these weapons back on the aircrafts. >> reporter: the ban on knives is set to be lifted on april 25th. connecticut today became the third state to pass tougher gun laws following the killings
12:04 am
at sandy hook elementary. daniel malloy added more than 100 guns on the list. background checks will also be required for all gun purchases. we have new details tonight about a proposed immigration reform measure that could affect tens of thousands of california workers. >> do we want immigration equality? >> yes. >> advocates demonstrated in support of feinstein. feinstein is introducing a bill. it could create a blue card visa program. in news of the world tonight. in india 27 people were killed when a building under construction collapsed in a city northeast of mumbai. a search is on the way for victimless. another 40 people were injured. four of the first seven floors
12:05 am
were already occupied but officials say the rest of the construction was being done without permits. in cypress, hundreds of bank workers walked off their job today. they say they're worried the international bail out will cost their jobs. greece had to be bailed out three years ago. in italy, police released video of a fortune that was hidden in a car. look at that 12 bars of gold bullion worth 7-1/2 million dollars. police say a family was crossing the border from switzerland and they appeared kind of nervous. a search then turned up the bouillon stashed in secret floor compartments. the gold was con confiscated and the father was arrested for money laundering. the majority of americans
12:06 am
support legalizing marijuana. 52% said marijuana should be legal that's compared to 45% who said it shouldn't. the support is up 11 points. it appears apple's planned headquarters that resembles a space shift is now $2 billion over budget. bloomberg reported today the cuper to the best of -- the cupertino office will cost $3 billion. the report sites untold sources. apple would not comment on that report. the cans are marked for recycling. in nine minutes we ask why those separated cans and bottles are going straight to the landfill instead. meteorologist mark tamayo is working on his complete bay area forecast. at 10:45, our next chance for rain. but up first
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the man accused of deliberately driving a car into a san jose wal-mart placed a judge today. as john sasaki reports this isn't the first time zaid has been accused of crashing his car into a building. >> wednesday april 10 at 1:30. >> reporter: 33-year-old zaid appeared in court for his arraignment on 12 counts including two charges of attempted murder. last sunday investigators say zaid crashed his car into the wal-mart on story road then got out and attacked four people with a metal object. he is facing attempted murder charges because of how he drove into the store. >> he stopped, then go forward toward the door. >> reporter: zaid is also
12:10 am
charged in a remarkably similar case in which he plowed his car into a gas station in december. he barely missed two employees. >> we have sense relooked at that evidence. pulled some video in reference to that and have added two counts into this case that involved the chevron incident. >> reporter: police say they found meth on zaid in that case. i poured through court documents and found numerous other drug chases. >> i have to look at all the materials and maybe we'll have a statement later. >> reporter: outside court zaid's attorney said little but that he disagreed on the attempted murder charges. >> so that wasn't your client on the video. >> i didn't say that. but what was his intent? was it to intentionally kill people? i haven't seen the video. >> reporter: in san jose, i'm john sasaki, ktvu news. the tracy police department
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is asking for the public's help in identifying vandals responsible for destroying property at a cemetery. the vandals struck the tracy cemetery back in february. they knocked over a head stone. 23 families face repairs to the graves of their loved ones. tracy police are offering a $100 reward. they want anyone with information to contact them. remember those rolling blackouts back in 2000 and 2001. more than 10 years later california could get millions of the dollars back. the state was forced to buy billions of the dollars worth of electricity to keep the lights on during that crisis. a judge in washington, d.c. has now ruled that power companies in oregon and colorado sold california energy at inflated prices. the state puc today hailed the ruling. a trial is now set for june to determine how much money the state of california could get back. contra costa county officials say more than 4,070
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people have applied for just 180 jobs at a new call center in concord. that center is going to be located at the old comcast cal center on bates avenue. those hired will become agents. the county says it'll be accepting applications through tomorrow. in two minutes, the remark a referee made about this game and this coach that cost him his job. >> and san francisco's garbage. why the city doesn't
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ed rush the head of the pac12 conference referees resigned today. larry scott says the move came after rush made a quote
12:15 am
inappropriate quote at a meeting offering $50,000 for an official to call a technical foul on coach miller. someone did call a technical foul on miller in a game arizona lost to ucla last month. rush apparently resigned to avoid further questions of impropriety. sacramento met to try to keep the kings in sacramento. the seattle group has a tentative agreement with the king's owners but a sacramento group has a competing bid and a plan for a downtown arena. major kevin johnson says he was please with the city's presentation. >> we made good on our promise. you said that you wanted corporate participation. we delivered that. you wanted arena financing a year ago, we delivered that. you wanted arena financing this year, we did it. >> reporter: nba commissioner david stern say it is nba has never dealt with something so
12:16 am
complex. a final decision on the kings sale may not be made during the board of governor's meeting coming in two weeks. you may be surprised to learn that the plastic bottles and cans actually go to a landfill. why they're not recycled and why the trash cans are labeled that way in the first place. >> reporter: some 1,200-tons of san francisco garbage is drop into this pit every day. it all ends up in the landfill and that could include bottles, cans and cardboard. even though that say recycle that's because the city doesn't sort through the trash bills. >> i definitely thought there was a service that picked it up. >> reporter: recology is separating recyclables from these cans can be hazardous.
12:17 am
>> there could be hypodermic needles or dog droppings. >> reporter: but while neither the city nor recology will sort through the bins other people will. street scavangers. >> that's why we have those out there, so it'll make it easier. >> reporter: the city says the main purpose is to prevent littering. >> we pick up 10,000-tons of trash a year. the trash cans are a good place to put your garbage. >> reporter: recology tells us that they're looking for new technology that sorts out bottles and cans. rob roth, ktvu news.
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rich products is pulling all snacks from georgia. those include frozen pizza, chicken quesadilla and mozerella bites. the cdc says 24 people have gotten sick in 15 states and seven people have been hospitalized. the bulk of today's rainfall has moved out of the area. maybe a few left over showers or spotty drizzle. not a lot of cover here, but a little bit of activity up in parts of the north bay. at last check, and we're going to hold on to that possibility for the overnight hours. so here we go with our forecast headlines for tonight. partly to mostly cloudy skies. tomorrow definitely more cloud cover. and the weekend not completely clear but not completely stormy as well. this weekend high clouds and the chance of a few scattered
12:19 am
showers. all this activity will be favoring the north bay. still lots of cloud cover. the bulk of the rainfall to the north right around eureka. we had more development to our north and west. this area of low pressure will set up camp out here and this will generate this flow. but the bulk of this activity is basically to the north. into the weekend we're close enough to this with partly to mostly cloudy skies and the chance of a light shower for both saturday and into sunday. very light not a big deal. this system moves through into early next week and as a result we scale back on the clouds and temperatures respond by warming up. here's our forecast. friday morning at 7:00, and once again we have fog and some spotty drizzle to deal with. so drop out in visibility will start out tomorrow. by 4:00, still lots of cloud cover. we're going to take you into saturday. you will notice this weak system moving in favoring the north bay and a chance of a light shower or light sprinkle.
12:20 am
you will notice it does move out of town by saturday afternoon. sunday morning basically an identical performance here moving in to the second part of the weekend. by monday we scale back on all the cloud cover. for your friday, drizzle to start out the day. 50 to 55. and then more cloud cover by 12:00. temperatures on track to reach the upper 50s to upper 60s. really not a big change for today's readings. pacifica, 65 degrees. and baseball back at at&t park. the giant's home opener tomorrow afternoon. look for more cloud coverage. temperatures right around 60 degrees and winds at 15 miles per hour. we could have some drizzle tomorrow morning. possibly before the game right around the ballpark. here's a look ahead your five day forecast with your weekend in view. these are all baby rain clouds julie and frank. maybe some drizzle.
12:21 am
a few rain showers chance on sunday. if you want the warmer temperatures we have that too. by tuesday temperatures approaching the upper 70s. so a big range. >> yeah looking good next week. denny's is already famous for its grand slam breakfast and now denny's is doing weddings. they are taking place at the flagship restaurant in las vegas. a couple was the first to tie the knot because they say it's their favorite place. a museum is being reborn in san francisco. that story ahead. also today's
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if mind bending art is your cup of tea there's a new place to get your fill. san francisco's museum of craft and design reopens its doors on saturday. closed its doors at market square in 2010. the new space is on third street. >> wow, i want to check that
12:25 am
out. that's pretty cool stuff. mark is here now. i'm optimistic about the a's this year. >> you should be. why not. after a couple of losses they got it going. they show they have no intention of digging a big hole. oakland would like to get the jump on the west this time around. the fans setting the tone here. you see that face the guy made. didn't spill his beer at all. not a drop. as for the game, deep right center field. two-run shot. the first of the year the bearded one with four rbis of the day. and they live off the morris code as in morris. laser to left leaves the yard. two run shot his second and
12:26 am
there's the guy going. yeah no problem. i had it the whole time you see it. i'm on tv. show you what kind of juicy video we have lying around here. yankees and red sox, the ball gets away from seveli. sean victorino tried to score from second and seveli wakes up just in time to get him. and machado laying out with a beautiful catch to help baltimore and their victory tonight. annual collegiate slam dunk contest to get the final four weekend cranking. it's the university of detroit doug anderson. reverse 360 through the wickeds. slam dunk. need less to say he is your winner of this year's collegiate slam dunk contest. wearing the belt proudly. the full treatment send off for the cal women earlier today as they fly out for the final four in new orleans. first time ever students and various other well wishers
12:27 am
hoping the bear's plane will be packed with all the good mojo bringing the title back to berkeley. >> this kind of send off, the players can fly without a plane to new orleans right now. thank you. go bears. >> reporter: all right if you saw that sharks game last night. the victory, their sixth in a row feisty to say the least. mark edward blastick was fined for slashing heatly. that's the sporting life for a thursday night. all giant fans looking forward to tomorrow afternoon. weather is going to be all right. mark. >> a few clouds. >> barry zito your opening day pitcher. who would have thought. >> great season last year. thanks mark. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> ktvu news begins at 4:30
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