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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  April 5, 2013 11:30pm-12:30am PDT

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a side show similar to this one on a bay area freeway leads to a major traffic accident that has now left a 2-year-old boy looking like this. good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. that toddler is hospitalized tonight with a broken neck after his mother's car was hit from behind. it happened after she said she had to stop in the middle of the freeway because another car was doing donuts. we do now to jana katsuyama who is at the hospital where the
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little boy is being treated. >> reporter: the boy had surgery for a broken neck. i just got in touch with his mother who says he is right now in the intensive care unit. it was dark about 10:15 on wednesday night and jasmine glen was driving south on 880 with her mom and son when another car simply swerved across the road. >> we were driving on the highway and we had seen somebody doing donuts on the freeway. >> reporter: she and other cars stopped but a big rig car slammed into her chevy impala. this is a picture of the damage. her two-year-old son cory was in his car seat. >> he was bleeding out of his mouth. and he wasn't answering me. i thought he was dead. i thought he and my mother were dead. >> reporter: cory was rushed to
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the hospital and released. but later when she took him to another hospital doctors found a fracture in his neck. he had surgery o. >> he is up there suffering, in so much pain, can't move. he's suffering. >> reporter: the chp say it is big rig driver is at fault for not stopping but they also blame the person who stopped on 880 to do donuts. >> the highway patrol will investigate those incidents and we will attempt to identify the drivers. >> the fact that you would even do it on the freeway to me means you don't care. that's very dangerous. >> doing side shows on the freeway is not funny. the person who did that almost cost three lives to be gone. >> reporter: doctors say cory will probably have to wear a head brace for three months. his mother just hopes he will recover and that people will be more careful out on the
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highway. jana katsuyama, ktvu news. new video tonight from hayward where two girls are being treated for gunshot wounds at st. rose hospital. police say the teenagers injuries are not life threatening. the girls told investigators someone fired at them from an apartment at west tennison road. police searched the apartment and arrested two people but released them a short time later. police are still looking for the gunmen. a suspected car thief got away even after deputies used their tasers on them. the man stole a vehicle early this morning in windsor. deputies stopped the car in petaluma but he took off again. deputies fired tasers at the man hitting him twice that didn't stop him. they said he threatened to kill the deputies then took off heading to marin. deputies stopped at wood acre.
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the men fled on foot. the white house says president obama has now apologized to california attorney general camela harris for talking about her looks at a bay area fundraiser. this is video of the pair from last year during one of the president's campaign stops here in the bay area. yesterday when the president was back in the bay area he attended a fundraiser in atherton. that's where he called harris quote the best looking attorney general in the country. afterward, some people called his comments insulting and sexist. the white house press secretary addressed the controversy today saying the president called harris late last night to apologize. >> they are old friends and good friends. and he did want in any way to diminish the attorney general's accomplishments and her capabilities. >> harris' camp released a
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statement and said, they had a conversation yesterday and she greatly supports him. and in petaluma there's a controversy about a dress code. it all has to do with the type of pants girls wear. parents and students are upset. >> reporter: at kenel high in petaluma many girls say the dress code is going too far. >> it takes away half of my clothes because i have a lot of yoga pants and leggings. >> it is not these girls fault that these boys have raging hormones they can't control. >> reporter: all the female students were told to report to the multi youth room. when the students found out
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what it was about there was quite an uproar. >> we didn't feel it was fair how we have all these restrictions on our clothes while boys didn't have to sit through it at all. >> reporter: the school's administration declined to comment on camera but here's the recorded message sent to parents. >> the guiding principal in all dress codes that the manner in which students dress does not become a distraction in the learning environment. i sincerely apologize that my remarks went farther than the intended message we wanted to deliver. >> reporter: that's not the point says jerry who wore skinny jeans today in solidarity with her daughter and friends. >> boys need to be thought to respect women no matter what they wear. >> reporter: anyone wearing jeans too tight will be sent
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home. -- will step down in june. smith is recognized for balancing the oakland city school district's budget. >> he is a major league talent and he will be heard from again in my belief in much higher places. it's a huge blow to oakland. >> the oakland school board says it will begin discussions about an interim superintendent. it's friday night in oakland with last call still a few hours away. but a new ordnance that's already been approved will soon allow businesses along telegraph avenue to operate 24 hours a day. the needs and concerns of students, businesses and residents all come into play here, amber. >> reporter: we're at papi's as you can see this is a popular spot for uc berkeley students.
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the owner tells me he likes the new ordnance and plans to operate around the clock. papi's grill and sports bar has been here along telegraph avenue for 17 years. >> let me get you another one. >> reporter: starting may second, papa will be able to serve alcohol long after if last call. >> we were considering offering breakfast as early as 3:00 in the morning. we pay rent 24 hours a day so why not offer a service 24 hours a day. >> reporter: the new ordnance is participant of a larger plan to revitalize telegraph avenue. merchants students tell me unfavorable elements in the area have declined the foot traffic. >> we stay in the library until 2:00 or 3:00 sometimes, so telegraph being open will make us feel more comfortable.
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>> reporter: but others say leaving telegraph open until 3:00 in the morning will bring more problems. >> i have a 3-year-old so i'm concerned about the noise. >> reporter: the owner of the bar tell us he plans to stay opened later but he says the city needs to make improvements. >> it won't be a huge fix but some what. >> reporter: a list of additional changes that one city council member is proposing include improving lighting, holding live music events and bringing in workers to monitor public safety. >> we need activities, you know to sort of create positive ambience. >> reporter: businesses will be allowed to operate 24 hours starting in may. the city council plans to vote on the additional improvements for telegraph avenue at the end of this month. reporting live in berkeley, amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. the a student athlete from the bay area has been found
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dead at her off campus apartment near woothi er college. she was a member of the track and field and volleyball teams. she was from san jose and had transferred from dianza college to woothier. the college said she was a tremendous student athlete. at this point the cause of death is not yet known but authorities say there were no signs of trauma and foul play is not suspect. the federal aviation administration is delaying its plan to close the control towers at dozens of small airports. it will close towers at 149 airports across the country due to sequester cuts. those closures were set to begin this sunday. but now the faa says it needs more time to deal with the number of legal challenges. the new closure date is june 15th. the salina airport is among those on the list. new unemployment numbers out today show the pace of job growth across the nation slowed considerably last month.
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the labor department reported 88,000 new jobs in march. that's the smallest number in nine months. and half the average of 196,000 new jobs in the previous six months. still the national unemployment rate edged lower following .1 of 1%. the dow had been down as much as 171 points earlier in the day. nasdaq fell 41. lotto player in california will soon have a new opportunity to hit it rich. the first drawing is set for wednesday. back in november the california lottery commission voted to adopt the game which is already offered in 42 other states. as of today the estimated power ball jackpot is $50 million. in 90 seconds -- >> it will soon be easier for girls to get their hands on the morning after pill. what will change here in california and when it will
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take effect. >> a chance for weekend showers. i'm looking at when and where well, well, well. growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time. in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows. and if mom was recording her dumb show and dad was recording his dumb show then, by george, that's all we watched. and we liked it! today's kids got it so good.
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[ male announcer ] call to get u-verse tv starting at $19 a month for 2 years with qualifying bundles. rethink possible. a federal judge has ordered the fda to make the morning after birth control pill available to people of all ages without a prescription. ktvu's maureen naylor is live now in san jose to explain how
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that controversial ruling will change procedures at far pharmacies here in the bay area and california. >> reporter: here at planned parent parenthood girls over the age of 17 are already given the morning after pill because law allows it. a 27-year-old counseling major who didn't want to be identified told us she recently took the morning after pill. saying it was hard to ask for but easy to get. >> since i'm a full time college student i went to the health center and pretty much asked for it at the pharmacy without a prescription. >> reporter: it'll soon get easier for girls 16 and younger to do just that. now a pharmacist has to interview a young girl before they get the pill. but from now on girls can get if pill no questions asked. >> we want teens to have access because it's another tool for them to be able to protect
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themselves against unintended pregnancy. >> reporter: while parent parenthood is happy with the decision. the president wants more regulations. >> we want to make sure they understand the label and can use this appropriately. >> it's a very, very potent drug and it has life ending properties to it. so when we think about the fact that young women will be taking this in a completely unsupervised way it's really outrageous. >> reporter: the fda says the drug is safe. parents we talkedded to tonight are still concerned. >> i am a mom of a 12-year-old, 11-year-old and 4-year-old and boys but everyone then if it was girls i would not be okay that they could just walk in at 12 years old and pick that right up off the counter and me not knowing as a parent. >> reporter: the change is set to take effect in 10 days. it's unclear if the health department plans to appeal the
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ruling. live in san jose, maureen naylor. state regulators gave the go ahead -- at today's hearings. cal osha named -- they also pointed to a flawed regulatory process. >> the reactive system of regulation simply did not work to prevent what was ultimately a preventable accident. both announced bills back in february that would strengthen penalties for safety violations. the orange county district
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attorney has reached a $1,600 dispute. under the settlement toyota denies all the claims made in the suit. boeing made what it hopes is the final test flight of the 787 lithium ion battery fix. the flight out of the everett washington was uneventful. smoldering batteries led to the grounding of the 787 fleet. boeing and dream liners hope to get the liners flying soon with passengers. a group of workers are suing a number of large companies including apple and google. the company forms an agreement to hold down wages and reduce the chance of losing their best engineers. the judge denied the request to clarify the lawsuit as a class action seeking damages on
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behalf of thousands of employees. the judge ruled it was too difficult to lump into a single lawsuit. data analyst comscore reports from december of 2012 to february apple had 38.9% of the u.s. smart phone market and that is up from 35% in the three months prior. the percentage of android users fell to 51.7% from 53.7%. analysts say the change is due to apple's increased distribution and lower prices. oakland police are investigating another shooting involving one of their own tonight. it is the second police shooting in less than three days. and as ktvu's eric rasmussen found out one of those cases could soon become the target of a lawsuit. >> reporter: investigating a burglary in progress this afternoon oakland police say this is what a female officer saw when she shot and injured one of two suspects.
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>> if someone comes out they're holding a gun. >> reporter: the gun pictured here turned out to be only a replica. >> it looked exactly like my handgun. it looked exactly like a glock. >> reporter: hpd is having a tougher time explaining why an officer shot 16-year-old reiner. today his family hired john burress to sue the officer and the city. >> either that officer misconstrued the facts or he was trigger happy. in any event there was no basis to shoot the weapon. lynette mcelhaney is also concerned about the shooting. >> an officer taking aggressive actions that compromise their ability to continue to foster
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the request with the community that they're here to serve. >> reporter: both say this has been a difficult week all the way around. the chp officer was the one shot at while patrolling the city last night. eric rasmussen, ktvu news. in san leandro investigators are looking into what caused a fire in a garage on bristol avenue. smoke billowed from the building just after 4:00 this afternoon. it took crews just minutes to put out the fire. no one was hurt. >> the clouds have been move into the bay area over the past two to three hours. the bulk of the rainfall to the north. a little bit of some drizzle around parts of the north bay to right around the bay itself. but no significant rainfall in the forecast. tomorrow morning clouds and fog. there's a chance of a shower and temperatures will be in the upper 40s to the lower 50s. san jose forecast low of 51 degrees. here's our forecast model showing you off the cloud
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cover. this weak system basically falls apart over the bay area. strong enough to bring a few showers and sprinkles by early morning and into early portions of the afternoon. coming up we'll break down shower chances for the second part of the weekend and i will let you know when 80s resurface on our five day forecast. oakland's first friday event took place tonight under tighter security measures following a fatal shooting about two months ago. crowds came out tonight to enjoy food, music and shopping in the uptown neighborhood and along telegraph avenue. the city implemented changes after a teenager was killed after the friday night event on friday. the improvements include education -- extra security and the event now ends an hour earlier. as part of the celebration a former sears parking lot on telegraph was transformed into an outdoor sculpture park.
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the uptown art park features newly commissioned art projects and live music by local groups. tonight's exhibit featured nine sculptures in all. the park was paid for in part through a $230,000 matching grant through the endownment of the art. a mural tagged with graffiti over and over. why vallejo police are taking this vandalism case personally. baseball fans
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the orange and black they are back. the giants held their 2013 home opener this week. attracting a crowd that was not shy about showing their spirit. it was what happened before the
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game that made today even more memorable. our sports director mark ibanez is here with the flag raising celebrating the champs. and you were there. that must have been really fun. >> oh yeah it was fun. the opening day is san francisco happening any year. you throw a celebration for a world cup victory, and it turns phenomenal. and just continues to grow beauty of the ballpark and the success of the team making for a glorious baseball bay area blend. last year's postseason most valuable players, marco scutero and pablo sandoval sharing the honor of throwing the first pitch and the raising of the world series flag in center field by many members of the team. emotions as high as the championship banner waving in the breeze. >> i will say before the game, i mean we all had chills, goose
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bumps. i think some guys had tears. i mean that special day when you sit there and watch a flag raise. and the fans were involve to do because they play such a huge part of it. >> they allowed me to put it out the final foot or so and that was pretty sweet. go figure, you had an opportunity to close that out too, huh. >> reporter: so the giants win, a's win, warriors win, sharks victorious and santa clara broncos tell you all about it in sports later on. huge day for the bay area. >> great night all around. >> we'll be back. has a web page completely dedicated to the world champion san francisco giants. you will find their schedule, player stats and great video from last year's parade. it's not often that police take vandalism personally. but a case of graffiti in vallejo is hitting the police department there hard. this is a mural for officer jim
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capoot who was killed a year ago. the mural was in a quiet neighborhood. vandals defaced it this week for a fourth time. >> there's a lot of citizens that love jim capoot a lot as we do. >> reporter: a sign depicting capoot has also been vandalized. he coached basketball at vallejo high school. police are asking for the public's help in finding those responsible for the vandalism. an suv plunges into a cold river. a man happens to be at the right place at
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a fremont woman is under arrest tonight for beating her 73-year-old father to death. police say they were responding to reports of a disturbance last night when they discovered the victim. he died at the hospital. investigators say the victim got into a dispute with his 28-
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year-old daughter who was violating a restraining order. neither the victim or the suspect's names have been released. a san francisco family mourns their teenage son who is shot to death while home from college. ktvu's debra villalon is live now in the mission district where a march and rosary just concluded. >> reporter: two weeks ago, jacob landed on these steps to surprise his parents. he was
12:02 am
to find his dying son. football leading to a scholarship. one of his mentors from the mission say he was thriving. >> leaving on the scene and going to college. being one of the first in his family to graduate from college. >> reporter: tonight mission residents held a march carrying candles to his home. >> the neighborhood is evolving but yet we don't seem to, we have seem to forgotten that the violence is still there. and it can affect anybody. >> he's always good to everybody. even if they were mean to him
12:03 am
he would try to be the best person he could be. >> reporter: jacobs memorial page on facebook has more than 2,000 likes. and a message of condolence from san francisco 49er alden smith. a public memorial and burial are set for tomorrow. reporting live in san francisco, deborah villalon, ktvu channel 2 news. san francisco police say a taxi passenger faked being sick early this morning in order to steal a cab that he then led officers on a wild chase. this is video of the pursuit. it all started about 1:15 this morning at san francisco state university. police say they chased the cab to pacifica then back to the university where the suspect crashed the vehicle and took off running. investigators are now reviewing surveillance footage from inside that cab. also in san francisco, we're learning new details about a police chase in the tenderloin last night that ended in a crash. police today revealed that the suspects arrested were involved
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in two separate smart phone robberies. officers say the vehicle they were in matched the description of a vehicle linked to those robberies. investigators say 19-year-old edwin toby and evans both of san francisco are now facing several charges including robbery and conspiracy. new at 10:00, a kayaker is being hailed as a hero tonight after he helped save a family who's suv crashed into the el dorado river. inside was a family of five. it appears the suv hit a tree along highway 50 before going airborne and crashes into the river. the kayaker real estate agent divatorio spotted the suv in the water and raced to help. he was able to get three children to safety. devatorio returned to the water where the driver was pinned upside down with his wife trying to keep his head above water. >> i was afraid that if i cut the seat belt he would have died in front of me. in front of me and his wife and
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his three kids. >> firefighters were near by and were able to rescue the husband and wife. all five family members were taken to area hospitals. only the driver, the father, suffered major injuries. investigators are trying to figure out why the driver veered off the road. a santa clara county judge handed down the maximum sentence to a san jose man today for a deadly hit-and-run. it happened on a sunday morning in september of 2008. armando ochoa ran down three elderly men who were walking in hill view park two of them ended up dying. police say ochoa had three times the legal limit of alcohol in his blood after a weekend of bing drinking. the judge sentenced the now 50- year-old ochoa to 41 years in prison. in news of the world tonight in north korea the government told foreign embassies to consider evacwaiting their missions. they said jung may not be able to protect them after april
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10th. the announcement took russia and other countries by surprise. this may not be a prelude to war but more rattling by kim jung-un. the pope said the church's credibility is at stake. this was the first time pope francis hazarded the issue. some advocates for victims of clergy sex abuse dismiss this as more talk. in peru they came by the hundreds to help a plane to take a small child and teen to help. the plane could not take off. so they placed a call for drivers to show up. in half an hour 300 drivers showed up and that plane was able to take off. meeting one of the most
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famous spiritual leaders in the world. these are some of their images from their blog. they traveled to the himeleyas they met with the dali lama. one man's story of fighting bureaucracy for the treatment they need while fighting for their life. >> our mark tamayo isup dating the forecast with what's in store for the weekends and the big change beyond. >> a paramedic shot [ teen ] times are good, aren't they, kids?
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it's nice having u-verse, isn't it? see back in my day, we didn't have these newfangled wireless receivers.
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fangled? no, we watched march madness in the living room... that's where the tv outlet was. what is he talking about? and if mom was hosting her book club that day, guess missed it! we couldn't just move the tv all willy-nilly all over the house. ohh! ohh! kids today have it so good. ok. [ male announcer ] the wireless receiver. call to get u-verse tv starting at $19 a month for 2 years with qualifying bundles. rethink possible.
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we've been following his tragic story since tuesday. today ktvu news spoke with the father of a bay area paramedic who died following an encounter with a gunman at a stop sign in the east bay hills. only on 2, patti lee on the victim and his family's heartbreaking loss. >> 34-year-old quinn boyer was preparing for a new phase in his life. last year he married a fellow paramedic he met in school. last week he was accepted into stanford's program for physician assistants. but on tuesday, boyer was shot in the head here in the intersection of keller and hensom. a man got out of a brown car and opened fire causing boyer to crash his car down this enbankment. he died yesterday in the hospital. >> they took my son from me. and whoever it was, created a
12:11 am
devastating loss. >> reporter: heartbreak was evidence as boyer describedded his son as committed to helping others. a paramedic by trade who also volunteered at his local church. >> there's a $10,000 reward given out by crime stoppers, we're asking the public if they've seen anything or heard anything. >> reporter: the boyer family hopes that conscious will prompt someone with information about their son's killer to come forward. >> i've had two joys in my life. one was my daughter, one was my son. i've lost my job from my son. >> reporter: at santa clara association, they are not trying to make sense of this crime. >> the family released a statement thanking the doctors and staff at highland hospital. it goes on to say quote,
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quinn's passing leaves a gash in our hearts that will never heal. we ask for your support and prayers. big box retailer target is apologizing tonight for how it labeled one of its plus sized dresses. pictures comparing a regular size dress and the plus size dress made the rounds on the internet today. this is the ad for a regular size kimono. the color is listed as dark heather gray. now look at the same dress in plus size. its color is described as manatee gray. target took the ad down and apologized for any confusion. today's the event concession organizers -- the assumption is food trucks would be a popular alternative.
12:13 am
they're looking to fill booths and concession booths. when temperatures could bounce back into the 80s in your complete bay area forecast. >> but right after the break, a promising new treatment could slow the spread of cancer that is killing this young man. only on 2,
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a young bay area man with cancer is waging the fight of his life on two fronts. one in the hospital the other with his insurance company. only on 2 tonight, the insurance company is refusing to pay for treatment that would slow the disease. >> reporter: at children's
12:16 am
hospital oakland today, in a special fifth grade ward, 26- year-old alavia showed me some of the tumors that are killing him. it's rare, current medicines don't work well especially for his internal and external tumors. >> it didn't have a way to treat both at the same time. but there was a clinical trial over at ucsf. >> reporter: the doctors recommended luis take part of that trial. ucsf is holding a spot for him in the trial specifically for the cardoma. the third party administrator from umr said only emergencies are covered and nothing experimental. luis oncologist of five years carla golden says the latest drugs could slow luis' fatal cancer and ease his pain. >> and live a very good quality of life. and i think that's what we're
12:17 am
hoping insurancer will pick up on. >> luis' sister claudia said she made about 40 calls to the insurance company. >> i sat next to my brother when i was making these calls and it was just a disregard. >> whoever is making the decision, they're not everyone doctors so how do they know what's best for me. i think they're being selfish. >> reporter: at 4:00 this afternoon after our conversations with umr a representative confirmed to me that sutter health will pay for luis' two day evaluation at ucsf beginning tomorrow. no word yet on coverage for any treatment. john fowler, ktvu. the effects of the rutgers university basketball schedule are spreading. athletic director tim preneti resigned for not firing basketball coach mike rice
12:18 am
sooner. rice was released after videos became public. preneti was fired for not firing him when the videos became available four weeks ago. moving into parts of the northern california, a few showers moving into parts of the bay area as we head into saturday morning and once again on a sunday. the bulk of the activity. most of this not reaching the ground but a few showers moving into parts of mendecino. right now still lots of cloud cover favoring the northern half of the region. as far as temperatures, not too cold. san jose right now 55 degrees. reporting partly cloudy skies. some fog out toward santa rosa and the fog really regrouping coast side. and surging locally back into the bay. forecast headlines for tonight we'll go with the clouds and the fog.
12:19 am
tomorrow for the weekend in fact. mostly cloudy skies, the chance of a few light showers or a few sprinkles. the extent, a big change. we'll be talking about a few 80s next week. we have this area of low pressure. it's setting up a flow that will direct moisture into northern california. we're close enough to bring partly to cloudy skies. and that chance of a shower for tomorrow morning and into sunday morning as well. by sunday afternoon, we will skaáeul back -- scale back on some of the clouds. here's the model showing a few clouds. the system is falling apart over the bay area. we have a chance of clouds and light showers. into the afternoon showers probably a few partly cloudy observations. a few light showers and by the
12:20 am
afternoon showers on sunday, partly cloudy skies. those clouds will eventually clear out and that will set the stage for our warming trend into early next week. forecast for tomorrow, there's that chance of a shower by 7:00. mostly cloudy skies by 12:00. and partly cloudy by the latter portion of the afternoon. temperatures not a big change from today. upper 50s to the upper 60s for afternoon highs. and a giants game too with the cardinals. mostly cloudy skies. temperatures around 65 degrees for first pitch right after 5:00. your five day forecast with your vehicle end always in view. you see the tiny rain clouds for saturday and sunday to reflect the chance of a few sprinkles, a few light showers. then something completely different. we clear out the clouds and by wednesday warmest locations inland. approaching the low to mid-80s so a big change not a wash out this weekend but at least keep the umbrellas on stand by for both saturday and sunday. >> it's on stand by. >> thanks mark. >> thank you, mark. the u.s. department of interior has recommended
12:21 am
removing four dams on the clamath river. two of the dams are in california, two are in oregon. the government say it is move would make native salmon runs. it would be the largest dam removal process in history. get your tackle boxes ready. the salmon fishing season starts tomorrow. commercial salmon fishing is scheduled to start may 1st. more on opening day for the giants, barry zito what a great job today. >> looks like a completely different guy than a couple of years ago. just on top of his game completely. some day a giant starting pitcher will give up an earned run just not today or any day so far. an incredible 26 inning
12:22 am
scoreless streak carried on beautifully by barry zito on opening day by the bay. we'll be the first to tell you we have a little help. say what you will about pablo great. the big man can move. beautiful play at first base and he did it most of the afternoon. griego blanco in left field continuing where he left off with his defensive powers down the left field line with the catch to take nothing away from john jay. remember barry's big bunt in the play offs he duplicates molina a legendary defensive player out on the plate with the error that loaded the bases allowed this to happen. pagan forced in the only run of the game. the giants to turn it over to the bullpen that's a success story. sergio romo one, two, three again in the ninth. he hasn't allowed a base runner yet. 15 straight victories for san francisco when barry zito starts. >> i wish i could say i was
12:23 am
locked in for 15 games but baseball is really an unpredictable game. anything can happen. sometimes it's a grind and sometimes you feel pretty good. and the guy doesn't dictate the results. >> he was very close at the postgame today. he didn't let the hoopla get to him. he just did his job. and i think he was the perfect guy to start for us tonight. >> the houston astros are not a minor league team. but they just don't seem on they're first year in the american league. the a's just crack it open with a 7-run 6th inning. mowen gonzalez broke up the perfect game earlier this week with his bat. kind of messes that up with his
12:24 am
bat. they call it an error. 6-2/3 strong for the a's with a career left. and the sharks pull
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when you win two cares but you play as poorly as the warriors did tonight against an easy touch. you may be a play off team. good enough to be victorious everyone on an off night. curry grabs it. coming up with a lose ball, pops the three. he had 18 points tonight, 15 assists you're going to see one of his assists coming up here to the rookie. harrison barns as the warriors come from 18 down on a 25-4 run to take this ball game from the lowly suns out on the road. jared jack 14 points off the bench. none more important than those three to drain it there with 31.6. nine of 12. wouldn't call it march madness exactly but always cool to win a tournament. the cbi belongs to the broncos from santa clara. they were up one.
12:28 am
káefrp -- kevin foster he has three there. we must mention the sharks 2-1 winners tonight they won seven in
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