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tv   Ten O Clock News  KICU  April 7, 2013 11:30pm-12:30am PDT

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it's never okay, it's never okay. a year after a crash that killed a family the pain is as big as ever. good evening i'm maureen naylor. >> and i'm ken wayne. family and friends gathered to honor a family that was killed
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at a speeding accident. deborah villalon was there again at the memorial lit by a candles. >> reporter: once again, the family gathered where an suv careened into a father and daughter. so many prayers, so many tears. >> i don't think you're ever okay. how can you be okay. >> reporter: life changed in an instant when a teenager killed a 9-year-old and her father. >> it's hard to believe he was going at 90 miles per hour down this road. >> i don't think she's even road a bike or gone to a park or done anything.
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>> we feel the presence of solom every time we go to the field and play. >> reporter: tonight a loving father and husband was remembered as a go to soccer coach. >> i think that sulemon measured life by depth not by length. >> it's really sad whenever i pass by here. i really miss her. >> reporter: starnuri no longer works at john hopkins -- john murray hospital, too painful since that's where her family was taken. but she says concord is where she belongs. >> reporter: tomorrow morning, a bench will be dedicated in
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suri's honor at the school where she attended. reporting live, deborah villalon, ktvu news. more details now on the driver involved in that crash. david rosen now 18 years old was 17 at the time of the crash. he pleaded guilty to two counts of manslaughter among other charges. in october he was sentenced to more than seven years in a juvenile facility. but because he was convicted as a minor he will be released when he turns 21. one man is behind bars after a shooting at a concord party. two men got into a fight during a large family gathering around 8:30 last night at mi casa court. that fight escalated to a shooting. 25-year-old ismael garcia was killed. in san francisco, two men remain in critical an after they were shot by a san francisco police officer during
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an incident involving a replica gun. the incident unfolded at about two clock this morning at 17th and velencia street -- 2:00 this morning at 17th and valencia street. the police chief says one of the men pulled out something that looked like a gun and a witness ran to the police station to get help. when two officers arrived they saw what appeared to be a man pointing a gun at a group of people. so an officer opened fire. some residents are frustrated with the violence. >> it would be great if on the evening or weekends if police had some sort of presence. i think even the businesses would like to have a more personal relationship with police. >> the san francisco police chief say it is gun the man was holding turned out to be an air replica gun. the loophole for those carrying
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the look alike -- >> reporter: in the sporting goods section of this big box, we found a wall full of pellet guns that in many cases look pretty realistic. it's impossible for police officers to know the difference in the heat of the moment. i talked to him over the phone today. >> really until it's fired there's no way to tell at the distance of in the case of an altercation. it's a real problem for police officers. >> reporter: twice in the last three days police officers in the bay area have opened fire on someone holding a replica handgun. the latest was this morning. on friday a suspected burglar was carrying this replica gun when he was shot and wounded by police officer. many people buy bb guns like these and then paint them or modify them to look like an
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actual fire gun. it will still intimidate people or a police officer. but getting caught with a replica, it will not carry a charge. one that he says was prompted by someone holding one of these air pellet guns that we bought today for $40. the bay area has seen 20 officer involved shooting in recent weeks. as alex mentioned on friday officers opened fire on a burglary suspect who they say was firing a weapon that they thought was a glock handgun. the man was hospitalized with a
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gunshot wound to his shoulder. last week a teen was shot by an officer. an officer shot a man in the chest on april 2nd. the suspect was taken to the hospital in critical condition. the officer opened fire when the suspect lunged and attacked the officer. this was the second shooting in vallejo in the last month. in the last 40 days there's been five officer involved shootings in alameda county. four in san francisco, four in san jose. two in contra costa county, two in napa county and one in sonoma county. the body of a student near uc santa barbara this weekend. esme ayala was a graduate who was a first year student at san
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luis obispo. she went to the community for a large spring party. they last saw her around 11:00. her body was discovered by a jogger. an autopsy did not reveal a cause of death for a 21-year- old college athlete from the south bay. alisa sol era s is an outstanding athlete who grew up in san jose and she was ready to graduate from w hitier college. there were no signs of foul play. coroners officials say it could be up to eight weeks before toxicology and other tests are completed. if you went outside you noticed winds picked up throughout most of the bay area today. here's a live look at jack london square in oakland where in the darkness you can see that giant american flag is getting whipped by the breeze a little bit. >> here's the golden gate bridge where you might see a little rain in the roadways.
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looks a little damp out there: a wind advisory is going in effect for the coast tomorrow. now showers are expected to show up in parts of the bay area as well. mark tamayo is joining us now, he's been tracking all the wind and the weather. >> most of the weekend has been dry. radar this happens to be the loop over the last two hours. you can see one batch of moisture moving into parts of the region. the most recent will come into play. oakland, even the santa cruz mountains. here's a closer inspection of the radar. scanning some of the reports, more rainfall reports from santa rosa to petaluma to fairfax. on the light to moderate side. those darker greens are in the parts of marin county. you can see a little bit of
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activity right around san francisco, oakland and san leandro. san jose lots of cloud cover. a few light showers around in the santa cruz mountain -- mountains a few light showers. at sfo sustained 20 miles per hour. the oakland airport out of the southwest at 15 miles per hour. coming come-- coming up i'll let you know if the high winds continue in the area. >> and you can follow mark tamayo online at and on twitter. and the cal bears took the game to the wire. >> reporter: we're live on campus today. fans here supported the cal bears the only way they know
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how, fiercely. fans had a hard time sitting still. >> it's an incredible feeling to be able to rally behind one group of people and know we're all part of something bigger. if they win we all win. >> just having another athletic team make it to the final four is amazing. and we support them. they come to all our games. it's just like that family bond that we have. >> reporter: for the first time ever the cal women's basketball team enjoyed a solid run at the ncaa championship and only her second year as a head coach, lindsay rallied for her coach. >> i'm rooting for my girls to matter what. >> reporter: the girl's team made sure their sport was heard loud and clear. >> it meant everything. this is the first ever final four. the first time to go to a championship game. >> just the fact that they're there for the first time makes
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it exciting to all of us. >> there's been a few games it came down to the last minute. you can't give up. >> but in the end the cardinals went past the bears. >> it's fabulous they got this far this time in school history. it's amazing. nobody thought they could do it so it's been really rewarding to the end. >> reporter: and it said a lot about a team. just how close was today's game between cal and louisville? joe fonzi will have all the nail biting action coming up in sports wrap. at 10:30, how the san francisco giants sell braided their championship win with -- celebrated their championship win with 40,000 of their closest friends.
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tomorrow california
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officially joins 43 other states taking part in the lotto power ball game. >> reporter: his odds are low by charles feels good about dropping a few dollars on the lotto. >> this month i'm supposed to be lucky. >> reporter: why's that? >> that's what my astrology says. >> reporter: perhaps you should play tomorrow. >> everybody asks every day all week, when is the game going to start. >> reporter: with multiple million dollar tickets sold at this store it is a hot spot for lottery sales. they have a station where you can pick your tickets. they have a whole card table set aside for people to fill them out. they sell that many. >> give me 1 million. >> reporter: barry marshal says he's in on power ball. >> i believe enough what i hear this power ball starts off at 40 million right off the bat.
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that's a good little pop. >> reporter: the jackpot odds are only slightly better than mega millions. for power ball, jackpot odds are one in 75.2 million. for mega millions one in 75.7 million. over all odds power ball one in 32, mega millions, one in 430. they're hoping the larger jackpot will rejuvenate the excitement in lottery. >> this is done and i'm going to leave. >> reporter: ken pritchett, ktvu news. homeowner looking for a better deal on their mortgage got help today. hundreds attended the american dream event at the marriot marquee. some people were able to get lower rates on their mortgages
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right away. >> now the economy has hurt some people where, even if they had a good rate mortgage now they can't afford to pay that either. >> reporter: the event is sponsored by the neighborhood assistance corporation of america and lasts through tuesday. for more information you can go to and click on web links. new video tonight of a house fire in the east bay. oakland firefighters say quick work kept the fire at a home from spreading. it started shortly at 2:00 this afternoon. a fire department spokesperson said firefighters managed to keep the fire contained to one room and no one was injured. there's no word yet on what started the fire. an update to a story we first brought you last night on the 10:00 news. caltrain now says about 750- gallons of diesel fuel leaked on to its tracks last night when a piece of metal punctured a fuel tank. it was around 7:30 when the the tank was punctured on the tracks. service was disrupted for
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several hours as crews worked to clean up the spill but service was back on schedule this morning. almost a dozen people attending a rave at the oakland coliseum last night got an unpleasant surprise when the party was over. someone broke into at least 10 cars parked in an overflow parking lot for the oakland arena. as concertgoers were leaving the rave they returned to fine their cars with smashed windows. all of the vehicles were parked in the overflow parking lot at the b.a.r.t. station. the so called gang of eight senators are set to release their proposal immigration plan. the plan includes a path for citizenship. lindsay graham rejected the romney campaign idea of self- deportation calling it offensive. >> every corner of the republican party, house republicans and the rank in file are now understanding there has to be an earned path
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way to citizenship. that gives us leverage to immigration. >> democrats have agreed that past that path to citizen should be well earned. conservatives may reject the plan if the path is conceived as a path to amnesty. undocumented workers will be fined, have to pay back taxes and pass a background check. activists are planning a major rally on sunday. senator john mccain said today he is against a filibuster and doesn't understand why others will stop the debate. >> american people will profit by it. i do not understand why united states senators want to block debate when the leader has said that we can have amendments. >> meanwhile the governor of connecticut where the sandy
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hook shootings happened blasted the head of the nra for blasting that state's new gun laws. he called wayne la pierre a clown. >> this guy is so out of whack it's unbelievable. 92% of american people want background checks. i cannot get a plane as an american without having a background check, why should you be able to buy a law. >> reporter: the legislation would also require a modest boost in funds for school safety. beyonce and jay z often seek the limelight. but today they're getting unwanted attention from a senator in florida. they're asking the treasury department to investigate the pair's recent trip to havana. they contend that it breaks the ban of americans.
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however last year the obama administration lifted some of the restrictions on travel to cuba insisting people to people travel program that promotes educational exchange. a well known east bay film maker has died. we look back at the life and career of les blank. also-- >> today our hearts are broken. >> house secretary john kerry is remembering the young american diplomat killed in afghanistan. and it was up up and away in south africa. the reason why this daredevil traveled close to 4 miles with the help of 160 helium balloons. >> the rainfall has been [ male announcer ] the southwest airlines nationwide sale
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lets you go from working hard... to hardly working. ♪ big sales that help you get away. that's how we fly. act now to grab flights all over the country as low as $59 one-way. these fares won't last long so hurry and book now, only at we are southwest. welcome aboard. reports that ten children
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were killed in a nato strike is leading to investigations. an american advisor was killed. a governor for the region said seven taliban militants were killed in the strike but he also said that 10 children and one civilian woman were also killed. the air strike came on the same day that five other americans died in an attack on a military convoy in another part of afghanistan. today's secretary of state john kerry said today's attack is a reminder of pushing for change. kerry spoke fondly of the john hopkins graduate. >> we lost a very young and brave woman, a young diplomat. we lost her to a horrific attack in afghanistan.
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and today our hearts are broken. >> she was killed when her convoy was attacked. violence erupted outside of a cathedral where a funeral was held for four christians. police threw tear gas to try to break up the rally. yesterday the four christians and a muslim were killed after children drew a swastika on islamic property. the owner of the fukashima plant says that it appears that -- leaks into the water:
11:58 pm
levels have risen indicating that some water has made it into the ground. in south africa it was up up and away for a balloonist that used 160 balloons to take flight. the balloonist road for four hours. all did not go as planned though. a change in the wind forced the balloonist to land early and catch a ride from a coast guard boat. family and friends mourned the life of matthew warren. people gathered to express their grief and the pastor thanked everyone for their prayers. >> as i said a couple of times in that message your prayers
11:59 pm
for rick and kay and their families. you might think i'm just adding one prayer to many others, every single prayer makes a huge impact. thank you, thank you. you just keep on praying. >> reporter: matthew's death came after a lifelong battle with mental illness. fighting graffiti in the south bay. why the vandals are winning. plus a giant fan makes a trip from the hospital bed to the ballpark. and remembers a documentary
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it's not just perspective brags to wear a ring from a
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little blue box. that became a dream come true for a san francisco player. members of the 2012 team including matt cain, buster posej and barry zito received their rings. during the ceremony willie mays and four fellow hall of famers also received rings. fans reveled in reliving the victory. >> i thought it was fantastic. >> it was a lot of fun. it's good to see it two years and two times in three years. it's something i look forward to hopefully at the end of this season. >> it's just about being around the people that love the giants so much. and knowing that the team earned this the way they did. that's what makes it special for me at least. >> reporter: many arrived hours before first pitch to get a replica version. >> i feel really excited because i got it. >> you had to get here
12:03 am
definitely early. a lot of people here and a lot of excitement. and pretty cool day. >> i collect giant's memorabilia. it's going in my collection. i'm not going to wear it. >> reporter: about a thousand of these rings went to fans. we also got a look at the real thing. it's designed by tiffany and company and it has seven diamonds around it representing the organizations seven championships. a san francisco giant's fan facing some serious health challenges got to see his favorite team play today at at&t park. >> 23-year-old brandon dibdol is said to be one of the longest surviving heart transplant. he got his heart when he was just 3 years old. brandon entered kaiser about a week and a half ago with health issues but doctors okayed a trip today to see the game.
12:04 am
>> it might be the last thing i'll be able to do till i'm not here. which sounds sad but, you know, it's exciting for me. >> reporter: the chief of kaiser's transplant services went with him to the game. a hospital official says it took a lot of people to arrange today's trip including the giants who made special arrangements for brandon at the ballpark. a woman suffered a heart attack today during a transamerican rock & roll marathon in san francisco. 6,500 runners took part in that race. the athletes made their way across the golden gate bridge and back before heading back to the aquatic park area. runners from 45 states and 15 countries took part in the race. organizers of the race snapped these photos today of these runners carrying an inflatable guitar and microphone.
12:05 am
you see these runners taking off at van nuys. if you have photos of the marathon you would like to share, you can tweet them or postthem to our facebook page. a funeral is scheduled for tomorrow in chicago for roger ebert. ebert's family say it is service will be open to the public. he died last week after a 10 year battle with cancer. ebert worked for 25 years as a film critic and was the first person to win a pulitzer prize in that position. east bay film maker les blank died today in his home in berkeley. blank leaves behind a body of work that celebrated the lives of people, food, music and even gap toothed women. >> do you guys have gapped teeth. anybody. >> during his career he made 42
12:06 am
films. today outside of his home his family decorated his wooden casket with pieces of film. his son's remembered him as an an excentric man. >> everything his films were about was celebrating living. that's what he was. he lived it up. >> as blank received awards from the documentary association. les blank was 77 years old. for more on the interview with les blank's children, you can go to and click on web links. leaders of the south bay will take a fresh look at san jose's stubborn graffiti problem. graffiti is being removed from city property, taggers have
12:07 am
switched to defacing another high profile properties. especially railroad signs. they're working with caltrans and the union pacific but that clean up of those sites could take months. gaining fans worldwide. there he goes the touchdown kid who won cheers for his moves on the
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12:09 am
people in the sierra are getting what might be the last cold blast of winter. spring storm today, tonight and tomorrow could dust the peaks and even some of the lower elevations and that could extend the season for skiing and snow boarding. >> mark tamayo here now. if you look behind it.
12:10 am
storm tracker, you will probably not see a lot of activity in the month coming ahead. >> tonight we had the rain showers here in the bay area and the snowfall up in the sierra with light snow being reported up at south lake tahoe. of course we have the rain here in the bay area. as you can see a live storm tracker 2, the white does link up with the storm. the winter weather advisory in place right now until 6:00 tomorrow morning. here's a closer inspection of our radar. you will notice those yellow and greens showing up. the darker shades of green do link up with heavier downpours up in parts of sonoma county. vallejo heavier downpours this continues to be a factor with these rapidly moving rain showers across the bay area. we move the maps to if south and the central portions of the bay right around san francisco, oakland, hayward and san leandro, heavier activity around the alamo. also out toward davenport and
12:11 am
santa cruz as well. the rainfall factor for tonight over the last few hours. winds gusting to 28 miles per hour at sfo. that's a sustained wind speed at 18 miles per hour. at midnight tonight the rain showers focused in the south bay. look what happens these rain clouds quickly move out. tomorrow will be dry. but it will be blustery out there. overnight lows pretty chilly. coolest locations in the lower 40s in santa rosa. napa, san francisco 49 and san jose 47 degrees. we have been watching one more system. this will be the source of the rain showers for tonight. this is sliding out toward the sierra for tomorrow. and so as a result the showers out of here but the wind speeds do pick up easily a good 25 to 30 miles per hour. those winds out of the north. you want to be extra careful for the commute. winds strong enough to warrant this, the delta region, the north bay and east bay hills.
12:12 am
winds could be gusting 40 to 50 miles per hour education -- especially for the higher terrain. here's the wind gust forecast. winds easily from 30 to 40 miles per hour. 43 at sfo. pretty strong basically for tomorrow evening as well. after this we have a big change. a big warming trend. not much by tomorrow. by tuesday and wednesday look what happens. wednesday will be the warmest day of the week. you can see the warmest locations approaching the lower 80s. not for tomorrow. temperatures upper 50s to upper 60s for afternoon highs. san jose 67, san mateo 65 degrees. tuesday off to a cold start but look what happens to those warm numbers for wednesday. with the weekend always in view. no major changes, but it will be blustery for tomorrow.
12:13 am
as part of their spring scrimmage game, the corn huskers ran an emotional play that no one has ever seen before. there he goes, 7-year-old hoffman wore number 22 as he ran down the field. the youngster heads into more than a year of chemotherapy. it has generated more than half a million you tube hits. >> what a day. and we hear from the cal bears as their historic mom, i invited justin over for lunch. good.
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good evening everyone. welcome to this late sunday night edition of sports wrap. the utah jazz are fighting for the eighth and final play off spot in the west. warriors playing from behind much of the way in this one. they were down eight at the half. thompson shot here. gets him within one. thompson had 20 points. now we're at the 3-1/2 minute mark and the warriors are down eight. make it five as curry hits three of his 22 points. warriors trying to get closer, no inbound to david lee to make it a three point game. 33 points 13 rebounds for three. still utah by three and the warriors needed a stop with 14 seconds. mo williams puts in the final dagger. he led utah with 25.
12:17 am
warriors still number six. the cal women bears doing as they have all season under the glare of the bright lights. louisville went ahead. but then cal pulls back. base jumper here and then drains another shot from longer range. 17 for the game for harrington. cal gets on the board. caldwell with the put back. bears took a four point lead to the locker room. they had no answer for antonita slaughter from the half. and there's louisville for the three. britney boyd answers back with a three of her own.
12:18 am
cal back up with three. the cardinals had all the shots down the stretch. slaughter again with the three. she was six of 10 from three point range. and now it's 57-57 with a minute and a half left. sarah hammond gets the hoop. hammond made the free throw and louisville was in front. still a three point game, 20 second left but micaela's three is no good. cal's best run in school comes toen a end with a final record of 32-4. that's nothing to take lightly in reflective of the job lindsay gatley has done with the program. as expressed by the players. >> i told them not to hang their heads for one second. not one second because we've come too far. when i think about this team i can be the help but smile
12:19 am
because what we've done has been beyond amazing. we've affected so many people and to see all the good that's come out of it. all the positive, all the love and like she said the legacy we're going to leave. i think it's a positive note. we weren't a cinderella team that made it this year. this is what cal basketball is going to be. this one turn into the briana stewart show. stewart with a three and then driving to the hoop with a pair inside. stewart went for 29 as uconn rolled to the win with a team it had lost to three times this season. louisville and uconn meet on tuesday. they raised the banner on friday and got their championship rings today. st.louis cardinals did their best to remind them that none of that matters in 2013. a moving pregame ceremony did see the jazz get a chance to do this for the second time in three years. a win would have made the day
12:20 am
complete. giants jumped to a 2-0 lead until things went really bad in the fourth. they suddenly figured him out. then with the bases loaded matt adams won at the deepest part of the at&t park. the fact that was a ground rule double saved the giants temporarily. the bases loaded again. and matt carpenter drove in the single. that hasn't happened to a giant's pitcher since 1902. mahare replaced court instructs -- replaced cane. there was 9-2 st. louis makes it two out of three and the giants celebratory weekend winning 14-2 wasn't exactly the party cane and he has teammates had in mind. >> for myself and the rest of the guys i wish i had done better to keep the excitement going. but for some reason for the
12:21 am
first three innings, and it fell apart. >> we missed. we were missing on the play book more than usual. >> we will try to remember the day as getting our rings and be excited about that. and cane came to the pinch as a hitter. straight away center. that's the 2-run center. 8-7 aárz 8-7 arizona. josh redick's look is fresh all the way to houston. a's pick up where they left off last night. a's in the third then jet
12:22 am
laurie a 3-run homer. his third homer of the year. coco crisp not readily known as a power guy. his shot to right made it 5-0 game. then in the fifth. chris young came up with a pair of runners aboard and hit a no doubter. that was all for lucas herr era who gave up three runs. it wasn't all good for the a's. marwin gonzalez hit a fly ball down the right field line at the bottom of the fifth. redick tries to get there with a slide and injured himself when he hits the wall. redick was holding his right wrist when he left the game. the a's are calling it a strain and a listing redick's status as day-to-day. oakland will now get a chance to test their depth. they're off tomorrow before playing the first of three in anaheim on tuesday night. winners of seven straight games as the san jose sharks had been
12:23 am
steadily improving their standings. ralphie torre making his debut against dallas. his physical play down, look at the spin move by gallarti. that made it 3-2. after two but the stars came back and tied it with two third period goals. jimmy ben skates in for the stars. all attempts were turned back. including that final one. san jose does get one point. one point behind vancouver and los angeles for the sharks now. and still to come. as the emotion cooled down on the nascar circuit. we find out
12:24 am
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♪ the one and only, cheerios
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when we last checked in on the nascar circuit, tony stewart was trying to fight joey logano. today they all reconvened at the shortest track. logano putting on a good face before the race. and mark martin took over the ride. and a rough moment when his crew sent him out one tire short. this is tight racing only a mile long. kurt busch ended up 37 and did not have anybody stop and give
12:28 am
him a ride. johnson moved into the number one spot in over all points as well. the golf tour is prime this week for the first major of the year. the masters but before that, an event at the texas open in san antonio. you can finish out of contention and still make a career run. and he has the club just about right as the ball rolls in for a hole in one. chalmers finished one out. mcilroy's chip set up the birdie. but martin laird came out of nowhere and shot himself to the top of the leader board. laird made seven birdies and seven pars to tie the course record. that birdie at 15 this one at 18. laird closed with six straight birdies he won for the first time in more than seven years
12:29 am
and win s a spot. south korean envy park gets the day started to a good start. at that point she was six strokes in front. out of 69 they win by four. the second major win of her career then as tradition dictates. all the way back to the dates, you win here you take a swim. eight people in parks winning party. south koreans have won the last three majors on the all pga tour. serena williams flipped the switch on the finals in south carolina. williams in the near court dropped the first set to djonkovic. she wins this event for the second straight year and third time over all. that will do it for this late night edition of sports wrap. have a good week everybody. >> that is our report for tonight. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> be sure to join the mornin


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