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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  April 11, 2013 11:30pm-12:30am PDT

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authorities tell us three teens were playing chicken on the railroad tracks this evening when a train struck and killed one of the boys. good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm ken wayne. frank somerville is off tonight. an amtrak train struck and killed a teenage boy playing on the track with his friends. it happened around 6:45. cara liu is live near the high school where the fatality took place apparently during a game
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of chicken. >> reporter: we are here at lewellin boulevard. if you look to my right it's how close it is to san lorenzo high school. the accident happened near the bridge over there. three teenagers were walking south on the tracks playing chicken with the amtrak train. a teenage boy was struck and killed. his two friends, a 15-year-old boy and 15-year-old girl were shaken but not hurt. >> the people walking this neighborhood on a daily basis coming to and from practices and other community events, are so important that teenagers understand how dangerous the track is. parents need too reiterate to their children. especially not to play games or
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walk home. >> reporter: authorities tell us they are still working on notifying the victim's family about what happened and will not release any other details like the victim's name or age until they can do that. the welling boulevard between via granada and ashland was shut down for several hours while emergency crews and investigators worked but they have reopened it in the past hour. cara liu. the plane was a capital corridor heading from san jose. now to a story you will see only on 2. ktvu has obtained surveillance video of a man police want to talk to in connection with a child molestation that took place this week. the assault happened in a place where the girl should have felt
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safe, deborah. >> reporter: the 10-year-old girl was at a counseling appointment in this office building near serramonte mall. when her therapist let her go to the restroom alone. >> he glances at the grita. >> reporter: the young man opened this home may have just minutes before mosted a 10-year- old girl. >> we just want to get this person caught. >> reporter: the girl says she was at a counseling session when her therapist let her walk down this hall then several more steps alone to the common restroom. but as she unlocked and opened the door a man came up behind her. >> followed her in where he sexually assaulted her, then he exited and left. >> reporter: showing up on store surveillance. he was gone from the ross store when police arrived. the young victim had reported the assault immediately. >> very, very very strong i. d.
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i mean, she's handling this very well. >> reporter: able to describe her attacker. a slender chinese man between 18 and 25. with a mustache and many facial moles. he walks with a limp and may be developmentally disabled. he was seen before in the building and a woman reports her restroom door shaking. >> she's 10 years old, she's very young. >> reporter: the victim's family wasn't in the office to accompany her and questions why she was sent to the restroom by herself. >> having three daughters myself i would not let that happen. the suspect may have been a passenger in a tan car. possibly a honda or toyota with an elderly chinese woman driving.
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that's a car that police saw leaving the mall but lost in troll. deborah villalon, ktvu knew. now to the south bay where three 16-year-olds who sexually assaulted a teenage girl who later committed suicide. this is a photo of 15-year-old audrey pott. her parents gave permission to release her name. aubrey was a senior when she committed suicide just days after someone posted the photo of the alleged assault online. the sheriff says two of the boys were arrested this morning at saratoga high. a third was arrested at christopher high school in gilroy. pott was apparently drunk and unconscious when the rape took place. today we talked to the attorney about today's arrest. >> the family hopes these boys are brought to custody and face
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the toughest charges available, regardless the age. >> the three boys are facing felony charges. friends and family in san jose's family victims honored to remember him. viet tran was shot and killed outside a party last saturday. family and friends say tran was a peaceful man and the victim of a senseless crime. >> he's just a very gentle soul. big guy, tough looking guy, but we beneath that he was just a very gentle soul. >> he is san jose's 11th homicide victim this year. san jose police say they are still investigating. investigators have confirmed that members of several vietnamese street gangs attended that party. new at 10:00, the nationwide shortage of ammunition driving up demand and costs is starting to have
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an impact on police and civilian gun owners. amber lee is live, and tells there's been a rush on ammunition since president obama stepped up control on gun control legislation. >> reporter: we're at jackson arm, the owner tell us in all his years here he's never seen am in -- ammunition so low and demand so high. people are here for training for self-defense or target practice. and in one case, a day with coworkers. last month classes were cancelled for two weeks due to the ammunition shortage. bryan normandy says he stopped selling rounds to anyone who wasn't shooting in the range.
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>> there's panic buying going on due to legislation. >> reporter: the store has received only .25 of their orders. >> it makes it hard for us to even receive any trickle down retail. >> reporter: richmond police captain tells me the ammunition shortage has forced his department to train with soft air guns. deputies need training once a month to retain muscle memory. >> do you see it getting worse? >> i hope it's not. because we have a backlog on the time it takes to get
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ammunition and that makes it difficult. >> reporter: back here at jackson arms, workers tell me the demand for arms and classes are also up since the tragedy at sandy hook. live in south san francisco, deborah villalon, ktvu. in the nations capital, a bipartisan vote in the u.s. senate of 68-31 allows that debate to move forward. republican leaders had tried to block any debate on the bill. democratic majority leader harry reed thanked those who voted to break the gridlock. >> i'm thankful to all republicans who joined with us to allow this to go forward. now the hard work begins now. >> reporter: the bill would give background checks to anyone buying guns. the fate of the bill is
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unclear. mark zuckerberg and other silican valley leaders are starting a new group called forward us. zuckerberg says it's aiming at encouraging scientific research investments. zuckerberg says times have changed and while the 20th century economy depended on natural resources today'sy economy is based on idea. authorities are trying to determine who shot an arrow that seriously injured a horse. the owner of the the horse says the animal was in a pasture along the eel river between fortuna and rio dell. it's unclear if the horse will survive this injury. the case is being investigated as a felony. the dow gained 62 points to close at another record high. nasdaq managed a two point
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game. pleasanton's ross stores are among the stores reporting an increase in sales in march. one labor expert told us today there is still a big red flag for the economy and that is a lack of new jobbings. >> but we don't have a trend yet. i think we have more a question mark than an exclamation park. >> -- exclamation point. >> we're on a bit of a roller coaster ride when it comes to temperatures. the change you can expect friday. >> it's been decades in the making. the inconvenience people in the south bay will have to endure for b.a.r.t. >> plus staying calm un
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>> construction is starting in the south bay to bring b.a.r.t. to san jose. it is happening at hostiter road. that's where maureen naylor is live with a warning to drivers. >> reporter: you can see some of the equipment that has been brought in to turn this into a b.a.r.t. thoroughfare. but it will mean months of delays for drivers.
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this area gets busy during commute time and starting monday half of this thoroughfare will be shut down for the first stage of construction. signs are up to expect delays. >> thereby some delays during rush hour. but we're maintaining as much of the roadway as possible. >> reporter: crews will work 7:00 in the morning to 5:00 at night. >> you're looking at the corridor. you're standing where the future b.a.r.t. tracks will be. >> reporter: cars heading in both directions will be changed to the other. >> we have the cosco here too. once it turns down into a one road street it's going to be very hectic. >> reporter: jim hillman lives
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near the area and looking at it every time he walks by here. the new stations will be fremont, the great mall in milpitas and bariesta. >> it's everywhere. even by my work there's construction because soon they're going to build it by the great mall. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. expects 20,000 people to ride b.a.r.t. the first day. it could be another year before the b.a.r.t. trains are up and running. live in san jose, maureen naylor, ktvu channel 2 news. marine b.a.r.t. has talked for years about extending service all the way to downtown san jose. what is the status of that project. >> reporter: julie it all comes down to money. right now it could cost $4 billion to extend b.a.r.t. to downtown san jose. >> maureen, thank you. there's some discouraging news about a planned development at san francisco's hunter's point. the project would have transformed the old shipyard.
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but a chinese developer pulled out of the deal that included treasure island. hunter's point residents are disappointed. >> he was over there for a whole week. he was supposed to sign the deal when he was over there and he didn't. so what happened? how did he drop off? >> reporter: mayor lee says phase one of the project will still go forward. the construction of about 200 homes is to begin this summer with lenar corporation and a local partner. the search for a man who eluded a massive man hunt last week in marin county is now the focus of a search in san joaquin county. he was spotted by two residents in boulder creek last night. storm could be in one of two vehicles, a black audi quatro or green kia soul. both vehicles were stolen within the last day. last friday, storm allegedly stole a car in windsor and led
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police on a chase. he managed to escape after a long day search. the man accused of killing an oakland rapper on the vegas strip will be indicted next week. harrison is accused of shooting at least five shots into a masarotti. harris is expected to be extradited on july 10. two years after a giant brian stow was beaten, the two have not yet been indicted. an 8-year-old girl was honored for calling 911 to help
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her sick mother. ktvu's ken pritchett was at the capital and talked to all three about last month's life saving phone call. >> reporter: at the capital lewis did what most people do. she took a picture of her petting a dog. but she also took pictures with the assembly and walked on to the floor. >> it's kind of scary because i thought my mom was going to die. >> reporter: she was honored as a 911 hero after this call. >> she's like can't breathe right now. she's like throwing up really bad. >> okay, all right, i'll stay on the phone with you right now. >> and like sometimes she was like falling and fainting. >> reporter: helping alexa help
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save her mom was san ramon valley fire dispatcher robert vega also honored as a hero today. >> she sounded like a grown up. i mentioned that right in the call. >> reporter: for her poise on that 911 call alexa was awarded. >> well i got a medal. and i got this and a certificate. >> reporter: but even better she has her mom. >> the reason why i'm here is because of my daughter. >> reporter: shelley hialua was hospitalized she was here and happy to be at the capital with her daughter. in a sense, it was alexa's plan all along. >> i wanted her to be here for the rest of my life and stuff. >> reporter: in sacramento, ken pritchett. ktvu news. it was slightly cooler today but still quite nice. down 10 degrees in santa rosa from yesterday where we were 58 a record high.
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75 in santa rosa today. 74 in vallejo. highs tomorrow about the same and a little warmer. so we're going to see a little bit of patchy coastal fog it's out there now. we're going to see numbers, yellows are 70s, oranges are 80s. we're going to see numbers in the mid- to upper 70s tomorrow. perhaps a few low 80s. that's for your friday. some wind wants to come back in here and some clouds. i'll show you which days in the weekend will be the nicest. i'll see you back here at 10:45. two 49er heavy hitters known for bringing super bowl victory to san francisco were called on again today. steve young and george sefert were introduced as the newest members of the super bowl bid committee. the committee is expected to make their early proposal in may. if chosen, san francisco would
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host super bowl l. firefighters called to a marijuana growing operation. what police tell us tonight about its legality. and a reminder you can get ktvu news
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oakland firefighters extinguished a legal marijuana grow. the co-op operating on the top floor of the two story building. the city says as long as the co- op has a license, the plants growing inside were legal.
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two supervisors are out of a job and 15 other employees with the san francisco public utilities commission are being disciplined for sharing pornography and gambling on the clock. this afternoon the sfpuc told ktvu that the punishment includes termination and suspensions. they sent upon to each other. >> this is unfortunate this had to happen. but a strong message is sent to discourage this from happening again. >> reporter: the sfpuc say it is two supervisors out of a job are now banned from ever taking another job with the city or county. the world is watching and waiting to see if north korea goes ahead with its threats to
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launch a missell. it could happen at any time. ktvu's john sasaki talked to an expert today about the danger. >> reporter: north korea is once again rattling the sabers saying that they have missells ready to launch. >> it's rhetoric since the korean war. >> reporter: knox worked in korea under president obama. >> it's not implausible they would strike a target in north korea as they have. only this time it could trigger a major conflict. >> reporter: with it new leader, they've been talking tough talking about their capability. >> this guy is nuts. >> reporter: half of americans think the áf north korea is willing and able to launch an attack on the mainland. >> nuclear missell and it can hit us. >> reporter: the intelligence show it is country does not have the capability or the will. >> they would have to have a
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missile that goes more than 5,000-kilometers and i don't think they have that yet. >> reporter: in a market in the oakland hills, we found war in that region prompting u.s. involvement is the biggest concern. >> with the irrational behavior leading us into this could affect the whole world. it scares me. >> i'm not concerned about it as i go through my day. but i think it's a threat. >> reporter: as the u.s. continues its show of military force, john kerry is in that region tomorrow. but professor knox says that is more to reassure our allies south korea and japan. i'm john sasaki, ktvu news. san francisco's police chief is abandoning a controversial strategy he says was intended to save lives. >> plus -- >> i wouldn't be standing here. i shouldn't be breathing right now. >> a night to say thank you as first responders are honored for heroic
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an emergency landing at an arizona airport today was caught on camera. this small plane had to come in without it landing gear at the scottsdale municipal airport before that pilot touch down he was heard on the scanner saying if i don't make it, tell my wife i love her. the pilot did make it and managed to get out of that plane and walk away. new at 10:00, the san francisco fire department paid tribute tonight to firefighters who have gone above and beyond the call of duty. the department hosted a ceremony to hand out awards to several members of the fire department. some performed their heroic act during work hours while others risked their lives while they
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were off duty. one of the people that spoke out on these amazing heros was the mother of lopez. >> i just cannot thank gabe enough for my son's life. i couldn't imagine my life without him. and we are just so grateful for gabe and his wonderful family. thanks gabe. >> about 200 people gathered for the evening's ceremony. it was held at the embarcadero. the san francisco police department has abandoned its plan to issue stun guns to some of its officers. david stevenson tells us why the chief changed his mind and the other less lethal options he's looking into. >> reporter: san francisco police chief greg suhr says for now he's given up on a pilot program to arm about 100 officers with stun guns. >> we'll go another way. >> reporter: the goal was to
12:01 am
find a less lethal alternative to gunless. but research suggested by the public would keep stun guns holstered. >> if you have a tool and don't use it, why bother having it. >> reporter: civil right and some san francisco community groups say the weapons simply aren't safe enough. >> the idea tasers are harmless is false. the tasers carry the threat of death. >> reporter: there's also prices intervention training aimed at keeping officers from having to draw their guns. >> i think when you have folks in crisis that are only a danger to themselves that is prudent to stop, slow down, step back and create distance. >> reporter: a stun gun could
12:02 am
have prevented the death of a police officer. the police commission is to blame for the chief's decision. quote tasers do in fact, save lives it's inexcusable and indefensible that san francisco can't figure this out. san francisco is one of the last major cities that does not arm police officers with stun guns. although some sheriff deputies do carry the weapons. david stevenson. four japanese auto makers are recalling cars because of the air bags. this involves honda and mazda. more than a million were sold in the u.s. one japanese company made the air bags for all of them. the air bags on the passenger side may inflate and send bits of plastic flying. there's only been a handful of incidents reported. the citations are not just going to drivers using their
12:03 am
phones. >> combing your hair, shaving, putting on make up while driving. reading the newspaper. all these things will cause you and subject you to being stopped. >> according to the san francisco district attorney, 60% of crosswalk accidents in the city involve distracted drivers. the d.a. also warns that pedestrians need to pay attention too. police officers, firefighters and paramedics rushed to oakland high school today but luckily it was just a reenactment to teach students the dangers of distracted driving. some students played the victims while others played the distracted drivers. in news of the world tonight in china, california governor jerry brown and his wife boarded a high speed train in beijing for a trip to shanghai. brown is talking to china about possibly investing in
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california's high speed rail system. china's system is heavily subsidized by the government. brown is on a trade mission to the communist nation. in venezuela huge crowds turned out for the last day of campaigning. the winner will replace hugo chavez who died last month. chavez picked nicholas hugo as his predecessor. venezuela's next leader faces double digit inflations. in china they are pile stocking snow. this past winter was rather mild and there wasn't a lot of snow. russian officials don't want to have to cancel events like they did in january. the aclu says the fourth amendment protection against unreasonable search and seizure does not apply to some e-mail. and the irs may be taking
12:05 am
advantage of that. the american civil liberties union says it reviewed 237 pages of irs documents, and it appears the irs doesn't bother with warrants to read e-mail. the aclu says that could be due to an outdated privacy act. the act does not protect opened e-mails or unopened e-mails stored on servers for six months or more. uc berkeley is moving forward with the goal of completely banning tobacco products for all system wide products. the committee is made up of representatives. the tobacco mandate was issued by mark yudoff last year. no one won last night's power ball jackpot as california joined the multi state game for the first time. the jackpot was 60 million. it rolls over to an estimated 70 million for saturday's drawing. lottery officials say
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californians spent more than $8 million in the first three days of sales. that is a record. new problem for carnival cruises. the latest embarrassment for the company and how it's responding. >> chief meteorologist bill martin is tracking temperatures for his extended forecast. at 10:35, the warmest day this weekend. >> up first, a hot day and a mother accused of
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a 30-year-old oakland woman appeared in court to answer to charges of child neglect and abuse. police say she intentionally left her 4 -month-old baby in a car yesterday as temperatured hoovered around 70. john fowler was in court and spoke to a heat expert about the dangers of leaving a child in the car even if it's not
12:09 am
summer. >> reporter: it happened yesterday just after noon here at the marina shopping mall. police arrested a 30-year-old woman after witnesses called 911. they had discovered an unattended baby in distress inside a car. >> when they arrived, all they heard was a baby crying hysterically. they looked in the car and saw that her skin was kind of flush with tears coming from her eyes. >> reporter: the 4 -month-old was dehydrated profusely. they found the mother shopping. >> she admitted the daughter was there and she said well the windows are down, thinking it was okay and of course it's not. >> reporter: the windows were down four inches. the temperatures 77 degrees. i asked san francisco stress analyst for his opinion. >> it can get up to 105 degrees. in 10 minutes you can be in
12:10 am
temperatures that are unbearable. >> reporter: after court the family declined to speak to me on camera. the baby girl, who they say is still breast-feeding was turned over to her father. john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. the national hockey league announced a new partnership with an organization that supports gay and lesbians in sports. the goal is to provide education and training program to incoming players. the nhl is the first of the professional sports league to join forces with the organization. more bad news tonight for carnival. one of the company's cruise ships failed a federal health inspection in a report made public this week, the cdc viewed the 2,000 passenger carnival fascination a failing
12:11 am
grade. they sited dead flies and food not protected by a shield. the cruise line is now fixing the problem. the ceo of netflix has once again turned to facebook to make an announcement. last july when hastings used facebook federal regulators launched an investigation before they concluded it was okay to share the information through facebook. analysts can determine whether data is deleted after an inactive period of six, eight, nine or 12 months. in two minutes, thieves targeting an upscale neighborhood. >> makes you feel insecure. >> a gardeners quick move that
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thieving maybe targeting home in a quiet neighborhood. two homes have been burglarized in the last four days. >> they popped this open. >> reporter: pansy waller took us to her backyard and showed us how at least one burglar got in her home. >> went upstairs, started opening draws. >> reporter: those smudges are where police dusted for fingerprints. >> it's like an invasion of your property and then it's like makes you feel insecure. >> reporter: wallace says her
12:15 am
laptop is missing from her desk. her gardener says that he saw a bag with items. so he ran to the front of the home and snapped this picture of three women. >> officers will be passing calls in that area, that specific area looking for those three women. >> reporter: investigators say there's been at least five burglaries since late february. forest hill is a small neighborhood in the city's west side. we spoke with a resident around the corner from waller who says her home was burglarized tuesday and that thousands of dollars of computers and i pad and jewelry are missing. homeowners say it appears their neighborhood is a target. >> really late i will notice a car driving up and down and casing the area and stopping at different points. >> reporter: putting a cut off broom stick in the track of a
12:16 am
sliding glass door, dead bolt locks whatever it takes to harden the entry. >> rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. veterans looking for work may have gotten the helping hand they need in san jose today. more than 35 employers participated in a hiring our heros job fair on minnesota avenue. armory reserve veteran ron roberts returned last month and says he's very discouraged because there's so many veterans without jobs. >> i have a background in communications and aircraft maintenance. >> the thing is with his, his resume, it can probably overwell -- overwhelm someone in the civilian war. >> it will take a few months to figure out how many vets got
12:17 am
jobs from today's event. a fisherman in hawaii got a big scare after he had a close encounter with a shark. >> yeah, whoa. the shark encounter happened sunday as the fisherman was reeling in a tuna about 2 miles off the coast of oahu in his kayak. the 10-foot tiger shark nearly jumped inside the kayak. >> that is amazing. severe storms are sweeping through the south. take a look at this tornado. three deaths are being blamed on three storms in the area. this was if damage caused in hazelwood missouri just outside of st. louis. at least two dozen homes were damaged. officials say thousands of people still remain without power tonight. not as warm today.
12:18 am
take a look at the highs from yesterday. we start there and then i'm going to show you the drop we had today. numbers are down a good 10 degrees. today down to 75 degrees. so it was cooler today. temperatures tomorrow will slide or make their way back up a few degrees. and we kind of stay in that mid- 70, upper 70s range right through the bay area weekend. as we go into the next few hours we can look for patchy coastal fog to build right along the coast. current temperatures we got lots of upper 50s. it's 63 in antioch. 53 in redwood city. temperatures tomorrow like i said a little warmer but it starts out chilly. that frontal system came through and it's going to keep temperatures on the cool side. 43 in napa tomorrow morning. 43 in santa rosa, 44 in fairfield. overnight lows, so chilly as we get going tomorrow morning. but daytime highs are going to warm up, you might even see a low 80 some where.
12:19 am
that's your friday. then clouds start to fill in on saturday and sunday. by sunday night into monday morning. look at the winds kick up a little bit. and temperatures coming down on sunday. so right now saturday is your warmest day of the weekend. this high pressure center, that's where the clouds came in. a few more clouds tomorrow. high pressure is going to be the dominant weather feature. that's for tomorrow. saturday same thing. and then on sunday, it cools off with that wind. so fog along the coast tomorrow morning. this computer model does not show rain. and then it clears right back up. so we'll have a real nice weekend. i've been talking about the pollens. tre -- tree pollens have been going off. these numbers up from today but a couple of degrees. like i said, i think it wouldn't be hard to pick up an 80-degree reading in some of those inland bay valleys especially in the east bay. 77 in livermore. tomorrow 77 in gilroy.
12:20 am
the coastal fog is going to be a player in the next few days. then the wind. the thing you will notice most is that sunday night chance for stronger winds. kind of similar to what we experienced last sunday night if you can remember that. we had the severely strong winds on monday. it was howling, we had the trees down. we might see 25 to 30-mile an hour winds. but that's a ways out. friday looks great, saturday looks good. >> how about those a's. mark is here now with the hottest team in baseball. >> both the giants and a's rolling. you can't get hotter than the a's are right now as far as they're concerned. let the experts keep picking the big names and the fat contracts suits oakland just fine. they just thoroughly pummeled the much favored angels. one of the lopsided stats. everyone when they catch the ball they don't look going to
12:21 am
do it. eight straight games with 10 or more hits for oakland. chris young came in hitting 152. he's in with the swing of it. with the clutch two-run double. cespedes fat part of the bat on that thing. sends it toward disneyland up on the rock pile. a.j. griffin, gives up only one run his second victory. oakland just cruising right now. when you're world champs you can have a strut going. giants have it right now believing that they're going to win. they trailed 1-0 and looked bad enough to make a baby cry at wrigley field. a little cold out there. here's the turning point. the cubs castro boots it. hunter pence scores and that opens the gates. pablo just goes down, beats a good pitch.
12:22 am
that's going to be a 2-run double. in that inning the giants close the gap to 5-4. take the lead in the fifth. turn it over to the bullpen. the great catch to rob luis valvena. somebody wasn't all that impressed by pagan's catch. meantime sports part two coming right up. warriors and sharks trying to prove look at them kids. [ sigh ] they have no idea what it was like before u-verse high speed internet. yeah, you couldn't just stream movies to a device like that. one time, i had to wait half a day to watch a movie.
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always the masters brings with it abundant story angle. 14-year-old kid trying to make his park. big name who's never won a mayor and of course tiger always a curiosity piece. but let's start with the youngster. guan the youngest golfer at 14. look at him finishing. look at his gallery what pressure. tiger hasn't won this masters since 2005. at six he will lay up for the ensuing bird. played well.
12:26 am
2-under 70. looking for his first major since 2008. the coleader with mark leashman that would be sergio garcia. never won a major but looking sharp here. finishing a 6-under 66 he's a coleader heading to friday. everyone of course warm and fuzzy about the warriors going to the play offs but we get a snapshot of what the postseason may look like as in one and done. not quite ready to play with the big boys. curry stuffed from behind and the scoring machine that is kevin durant. kind of toys with everybody, he takes over. 31pounds, 10 rebounds, eight assists, curry and the warriors a long shot to beat okc on any night but curry doing his best as always. 22 points. however get this, andrew boget injured again. hurt his ankle. out the second half. martin all by himself
12:27 am
underneath. and great goal tending and there's a beautiful save by anti niemi. and then let patty marlow take over and he will deliver right here. some nice moves. the sharks move up two spots. they are number four right now in the western conference play off picture. that is the sporting life for a thursday night. just about everybody on the winning side of the docket tonight. and looking good. the baseball team is doing great -- is baseball is doing great right now in the bay area. >> keep it up, maybe the fans will keep going. >> and they're pounding the cubs right now. >> for ktvu morning news starts at 4:30 a.m.
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