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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  April 26, 2013 11:30pm-12:31am PDT

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0001 . we have a suspect description tonight in a kidnapping investigation. after a mother reports a stranger taking off with one of her children. good evening. >> a bay area neighborhood is on high alert tonight after a mother says she chased a man who grabbed one of her children and then took off. we've learned new information since our earlier newscast and ktvu's amber lee is live on rain drop circle in pittsburg where she has a description of a man who reportedly grabbed a 2-year-old who was out playing in her own front yard. amber. >> reporter: police tell us the kidnapping took place at 1:45
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this afternoon but there are still a lot of investigators here. now, they tell me the 2-year-old was snatched from her front yard over here but the suspect didn't get far. mom gave chase and the suspect dropped the child into those bushes. >> no suspicious people. >> we didn't see any. >> any white males, cars that didn't look like they were belonging here. >>, no we didn't. >> reporter: police have been canvassing the neighborhood tonight. investigators say a man walked up to a little girl while she was standing in her front yard. he snatched her and ran unaware that mom was close by, she started yelling. >> we believe the suspect was frightened, he dropped the toddler into the bushes and fled. >> reporter: the 2-year-old is traumatized but unharmed. this father of three arrived home from work to a frightened family. >> i couldn't believe it. oh, my god.
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scary for me, you know. especially for my girls. >> reporter: investigators tell us they're looking for a white man in his 30s with dirty blond collar length hair. he was wearing a green shirt and blue jeans. >> there's no words to describe how angry you feel and how much you want to catch the guy who dared to snatch a kid in the middle of the day. >> reporter: the three children often play outside under the watchful eye of a family member. >> it's disturbing. that's why we're still out there and we'll do everything we can to make sure the neighborhood is safe. >> reporter: police brought in search and rescue dogs to hunt for the suspects. so far no word of an arrest. . the highway patrol says a simple mistake triggered a crash in the east bay hills today. it happened around 3:45 this afternoon along highway 13 north of redwood road in oakland. officers say a toyota sequoia was headed south when it drifted
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into the center divide. the driver overcorrected, causing the suv to roll several times, ejecting passengers. a woman died at the scene. four other people were taken to the hospital. two in critical condition. officers shut down lanes causing a major traffic backup during the early evening commute. and new information tonight on a deadly crash along stone valley road in alamo. tonight we've learned the identity of the victim. police say he was 24-year-old william shram of alamo. he was traveling east when his car drifted and struck a utility pole. no one else was hurt. happening now, a sold out crowd in oakland trying to root the golden state warriors to victory in game three of their playoff series. we're at the arena and fans say they are psyched up for the first playoff game at home in six years. >> reporter: was it only six
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years ago? yeah, warriors and nuggets each had game a piece coming in to tonight game and we are now into the final minutes and the crowd here is determined to help golden state go one up. [ cheering ]. >> reporter: the tip and they were off. the crowd roaring and chanting for curry, nothing by air, and nothing but relief. a sprained ankle wasn't keeping their star shooter off the court. >> my first warriors game was way up there. i'm excited. >> reporter: they're focused on moving to the next round. >> these fans certainly i think are going to support us hopefully wherever we are. we're in oakland and it's going to be fun tonight. >> we got here really early to check everything out. >> we are warriors! >> reporter: playoff merchandise so in demand shoppers were being led into the store one by one. >> everybody is loving the warriors, ready to buy new gear,
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represent the bay area as a whole. it's our basketball team. >> reporter: fans arrived to find every seat draped with playoff t-shirt and they puld them on turning the arena into a sea of gold. >> we made it to the playoffs, our football team made it to the super bowl. our baseball team made it to the world series. >> it's so exciting. >> reporter: fans remember 2007 but this is a fresh take on "believe". >> they proved it already with david lee out that last game so it looks like they can sweep them. >> a lot of talk about curry's ankle. we don't know about that stuff. >> reporter: off the court, playoff memories are made. >> this is our first playoff game so we're really, really excited. >> reporter: without injured forward lee and with the questions around curry's ankle there was a lot of drama coming into tonight's game and that drama continued on the court. we're not going to give it away
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other than to say the fans who are leaving are smiling and that old slogan "believe" has been replaced by "battle"." . oakland police say they've doubled their presence for tonight's warriors game at the arena and the as game. fans were searched and passed through a metal detector before going inside and a bomb sniffing dog also made the rounds. people were trying to rally support for the warriors plan to build an arena on a water front. fans are divided on the issue. >> we need things in oakland. san fransisco has great things but they have enough. >> i kind of like the move. they are closer to my home. >> the warriors hope to break ground on a new home in two years and make the move in 2017.
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as for tonight's matchup with the nuggets, we have all the highlights and a lot more coming up a little later in sports. air travelers can breathe easier. a bill that would end furloughs of air traffic controllers is now awaiting president obama's signature. the faa says it will try to resume normal schedules for controllers as soon as possible. both houses of congress passed the bill and the white house says the president will sign it. the legislation allows the faa more flexibility to shift funds under sequestration. the japanese transportation minister presented a directive to top executives of japan air and all nippon airways so they take additional safety measures
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and install revamped lithion batteries. a first confirmed debris from the japan tsunami to reach the state. the japanese government says a boat belongs to a high school marine sciences program. the japanese consulate and noaa have confirmed the boat is tsunami debris. only 27 pieces of debris found along the u.s. coast have actually been confirmed as coming from japan. most of it in hawaii, washington state, and oregon. new video tonight of a protest in oakland. a few dozen people marched to police headquarters and back. the action was to show support. seattle grand jury resisters. they're four people taken into custody for resisting a federal investigation of an occupy
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protest in seattle last year. the four have since been released. it took months of haggling before today the city of san jose reached agreement with the police officers union on a new two-tier pension system. and we're live at police headquarters with what exactly will change and why some are calling this the worst such deal in california. >> reporter: police put up the signs that they are hiring, but today it became official that in-coming officers will have a reduced pension and they'll have to work longer to collect the money. in the shadow of city hall tonight we met 22-year-old daniel cocherga. he has one goal: to be a san jose police officer. >> i want to be out there helping people. i don't care about the money or the pension. >> reporter: that pension currently for officers allows them to retire between the age of 50 and 55 with 30 years of service and collect up to 90% of their salary. but under today's agreement, new
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hires will have to wait until the age of 60 and have 32.5 years of service to collect up to 65%. >> i'm very happy to have an agreement. >> reporter: the mayor led the pension reform with measure b which garnered overwhelming public support but after 150 officers have resigned in the last two years he's now proposing new incentives to keep others. >> pay increase is important but we can do specialty pays to reward people for performance. looking at bonuses with one-time funds. it depends on the fiscal viability of the city. >> it is the worst pension plan in the state of california and we don't expect these officers we hire in the next few years stay very long. they'll go to other agencies. >> reporter: and daniel and some of his colleagues want to do that. >> they want to get their foot in the door and then go on. i have lived here all my life.
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i want to stay here. it's where my roots here. >> reporter: san jose is breaking new ground and other cities may follow. the police union plan to file an appeal next week. new at 10, a surprise reversal coming from the pride organization. it was announced u.s. army private bradley manning would be an honorary grand marshal of the gay pride parade in june. tonight the pride board says the nomination was mistake and the person who has announced it was disciplined. in 90 seconds: >> more than eight months after the devastating fire the refinery has been restarted. tucked away for 13 years. th
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. chevron's vice-president announced the company has restarted the part of the richmond refinery shut down eight months ago by a massive fire. we're live now in richmond and we have been talking with residents and experts about why they're concerned. >> reporter: well first of all, residents i talked to said they had no notice that the chevron plant was going to be
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restarting. i listened in to a recording of a financial conference call that happened today. it was an hour in until they disclosed all of that information. one official said today they're in the process of feeding oil into the crude unit and bringing plants in the refinery back on line. they reported first quarter earnings of $16.2 billion. >> richmond crude unit is just now taking feed and we, we will continue to line that out over the next several days. you should expect that to be full operation. >> reporter: the massive fire at the refinery august 6th, 2012, sent thousands of people to the hospital. now residents are worried. >> i had no idea. this is horrible. i mean all the smell, you can smell it. >> i am nervous because the refinery, it could happen again,
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the sail thing. >> reporter: greg harris says there's good reason for concern. >> this refinery is not safe. >> reporter: he says while chevron repaired the pipes there are other pipes elsewhere that are faulty. >> even cal osha says there are 2,000 places where corrosion is clamped, like patching a bicycle tire except this is a lot more dangerous. >> reporter: the chemical safety board has recommended that chevron repair other pipes that show corrosion but there are no strong laws that the company do so. i did receive an e-mail late this evening from a chevron spokesperson with new information and i want to share this with you. it says there are six new steps that the company is taking, including inspecting the entire refinery and replacing pipes as necessary, and implementing a
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new protocol for evaluating leaks. we have the entire list for you on our website, . a few dozen people stood underneath a bridge protesting the death of bert. protesters claimed that the nets caltrans put under the bridge killed swallows. the nets were put up to prevent the swallows from nesting during the highway 101 widening project. advocates say caltrans should be using teflon sheeting not nets to keep the birds away. >> the department of transportation has two published studies of alternative materials which are nonlethal, they are humane, and they're very effective. >> caltrans says it is examining all options and the contractors have been trying to close gaps in the netting to prevent further problems.
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federal authorities have disciplined a nevada hospital accused of dumping its patients in california. the centers for medicare and medicaid services gave nevada ten days to correct problems. this comes after a sacramento beeital improperly discharged patients and put them on the buses to various california cities. policen santa cruz are hoping a sketchllow them to track down a man who sexuall assaulted a wan earlier this month. they say the man attacked the woman in the downtown area of santa cruz in the early morning hours of april 6th. he's described as 5' 8" tall, 150 to 175ounds with long dark hair and prounced eyebrows. the victim says it appears her attacker wasf middle eastern descent. san jose police are trying to prevent afterschool racing after a car crashed in a home.
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neighbors say racinhas been going on there for years wednesday police say two teenagers were speeding when they collided a one car crashed into a home. a woman inside suffered severe injuries and the teen drivers were arrested. tonight at 10:45 police where teens are encourage to drive fast. 'll take you on a course designedo test and teach. it seems truly remarkable but after 11 years, a piece of one of thelanes that crashed into the world trade cente on september 11th has been found and we rort on where it was and why it went undiscovered for so hong. >> reporter: an aircraft part apparently from one of the planes that hit th world trade center in lower manhattan. >>t doesn't surprise me. >> reporter: the pie believed to be part of theanding gear two buildings, about threeeen
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blocks from grou zero. the twisted metal part has cables and levers as well as boeing identification number. >> it's placed between t two buildings, it's 18 inches much the part has been measured to be 5 feet by 4 feet by 17 inches. so it's aig part, and obviously a very, very narrow confined area. >> reporter: o of the buildings, the ground zero mosque, the wreckage was discovered by an inspector who was on the roof of that building. >> somehow the part gets down there. could it have been lowered at some time? there's a rope that's on it. it would have had to fall down exactly, and, you know, hit at a certai angle to make it go rit down. >> reporter: city officials will conduct a health and safety
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evaluation to determine when to sift the soil around the buildings for possible human remas. . beautiful friy around the bay area. temperatures warm inlan wasn't hot. got up to 81 in antioch. upper 70s today. temperatures warm from yesterday's lows. yesterday'terms were as low as we've seenll week. warmer today, warmer tomorrow. here is how it goes. tomorrow morning when we get going we're looking at fog out there and that fog is going to be going here at 7 a.m. it's all the way up into the delta, all the way up towards the davis area. it's going to be in your neighborhood most likely like it was this morning but it burns back rapidly and temperatures will warm. warmer tomorrow by 5 or 8 degrees in the inland valley. so lots of 80s tomorw as opposed to 70s like we saw today. when i get back we'll have the forecast for saturday for your neighborhood or youcity, and forecast and then the five-day. see you back here at 10:45.
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. the country music world is remembering one of its legends tonight, singer george jones. [ singing ]. . >> the 81-year-old singer died today at a nhville hospital. jones was hospitazed on april 18th with a fever and irregular blood pressure. he is considered one of the most influential singers in american music history. he was a hall of famer, a grand ole opryember. two schools shudder. >> you have to go to their school. >> the reason behind the move
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. customers of the living
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social daily deals website are being urged to reset their pass words following a cyber attack. they e-mled 50 million users sang that nam, e-mail addresse dates of birth and enypted pass words were all accessed i the attack. th company says credit card cover all areas of the home, front, back, side, everything, and record 24 hours day. >> police say it appears fr men are tied to at least three of the burglaries that happed last monday. a neighbor spotted the burglars and called police but the suspects escaped aer leading ofcers on a high-speed chase. in fairfield trash collectors are being trained tspot crime. what the garbage company is asking them to d >> reporter: most people probably won't associate trash collecting with crime fighting but they do here in fairfield. >> i think it's ni thing to do. >> reporter: joe muzio and the
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other 34 drivers for solano garbage agreed to keep an eye out and if they see anything out of therdinary they call police. it's called "we if you saw something that didn't like ordinary you would know it and you'd stop and take a look around. >> reporter: the police held training sessions on what to look for. >> a lot of times in a stressful situation, people don't notice everything, so the big, you know, the big takeaway from the training is noticing what's going on and how to be a good witness. >> reporter: because trash collectors are typically on the same streets every week they can tell if something doesn't seem quite right. maybe someone is acting suspiciously or something is out of place. neighbors couldn't praise the practice enough. >> probably about the best idea of i have heard in a hong time. we've -- long time. we've tried other things, neighborhood watch and so on and so forth. that worked okay for a while but people have a tendency to move out and lose interest.
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>> the police department isn't at full force they need as much help as they can get. >> reporter: the drivers are participating voluntarily. there's no extra money involved. they say they're doing it to help out the community where many of them live. . investigators are trying to determine if a fire that destroyed six portable units on school district property was arson. the fire started after midnight. the portable buildings were delivered yesterday to provide space for staffers during a renovation of the district offices. the extensive damage has made it unsafe for investigators to examine those buildings. as a result it's still not clear if the fire was arson or accidental. no one was hurt. arson investigators spent all day today on the scene after three alarm fire that badly damage add piece of san jose -- damaged a piece of san jose history. the upper floor of faber's cyclery was badly damage.
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the bike shop was in business for 90 years but closed a couple of years ago. the building dates back to the early 1880s. president obama today became the first sitting president to address planned parenthood annual meeting. >> one core principle has guided everything you do, that women should be allowed to make their own decisions about their own health. >> the president praised the organize's nearly 100 years of providing cancer screening, contraceptives and other health services to women. he said he would block efforts but congressional republicans to stop funding planned parenthood. disney fans are getting ready to pull an all-nighter. disney land as well as the major kingdom park will be open 24 hours may 24th. it's the first all night opening for all three parks. organizers say there will be live bands and clubs as well as special parades and shows.
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the summer tourism season is weeks away but hotel roomrates have hit all-time highs. if it continues, san fransisco will be the strongest market for the third straight year. the average hotel guest spends 3.5 days and spends $950. hotels say they've been busy over this past month. >> each week for the month of march and april there are families coming from all over and it's a good sight to see. >> overall visitors spending in san fransisco is expected to top $9 billion this year. take a look at this video. bob weir collapsed on stage last night in new york. [ singing ]. . >> stage hands helped him to his feet and then took him off stage. he said he was suffering from a
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strained shoulder. weir returned later and played while sitting on a chair but then had to heave again. it's -- leave again. it's not clear if the musician will play tomorrow night in atlantic city. a classic car made famous in a movie and then stolen. a trail that led police to oakland 17 years later. >> we have the update the forecast and the warmest day this week and when we'll see a return of 90 degree temperatures. and we're following developing news right now.
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. we have developing news rielt now out of oakland where police are investigating a triple shooting that left one person dead. it happened about 9:30 at a
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house in the 700 block of 53rd street. three people were shot and driven to the emergency room right next door. miss have confirmed that one person -- police have confirmed that one person died at the hospital. we're working to find out more. again, a triple shooting in oakland in just the past hour with one person confirmed dead. another interesting fact this shooting was just a block and a half from where a 21-year-old woman was shot and killed in front of her son on wednesday night. a red chevy malibu featured in the movie "pulp fiction" was found here in the bay area. police were led to the bay area after arresting a man in southern california in an
12:03 am
unrelated auto theft. in the movie, john travolta crashes the car into his drug dealer's house. in news of 9 world, in russia 38 people died at a small hospital. 36 of the victims were patients and two were doctors. one nurse and two patients were able to escape. most of the patients were sedated when the fire broke out in the middle of the night. it took fire trucks an hour to drive 30 miles over bad roads to get there. in bangladesh workers fear they's running out of time to find victims of a building chaps. rescue teams managed to get those trapped water. hundreds of garment workers protested against poor safety rules. a dark secret. when she was in her 20s she was a food taster for adolf hitler.
12:04 am
she says she was one of 15 young women who sampled the nazi leader's food to make sure it wasn't poisoned. the others were killed by the russians, she is the only one who survived. a possible bid for the 2024 summer games, and that includes a joint proposal from san diego and tijuana, mexico. the u.s. hasn't hosted a summer owe lympics since the games in atlanta. sharks fans got their chance to buy tickets for the team's upcoming nhl playoffs. they lined up at the box office to buy tickets for three home games of the western conference quarter finals. who the sharks play and when is yet to be determined. a check of the website say prices range from $76 to $420.
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san fransisco mayor ed lease spent the day in baltimore taking care of unfinished super bowl finished. he lost his wager when the 49ers lost to the ravens back in february. so this morning mayor lee helped make maryland blue crab cakes at s from a painfulngrea girl. treatment. they come here and they come over here [ bleep ] [ male announcer ] fact: the 100% electric nissan leaf...
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. bay area teens have a chance this weekend to try that different kind of driver's ed behind the wheel after bmw. the teenagers will get more out of it than just a thrill ride. . >> reporter: squealing tires, even spinouts, this is the cow palace parking lot. crews setting up the bridgestone tires teen smart treatment plan.t to have
12:09 am
coffee with apple ceo tim cook. he has agreed to plunk down $580,000 for the 30 minute coffee meeting on apple's campus. kumar's company is called dr. blue tooth. the power meeting is part of a campaign to raise money for the robert f. kennedy center for justice and human rights. a rare century old nickel sold at auction today for much more than 5 cents. a pair of bitters bought this 1913 liberty head nickel for $3.1 million. it's one of five minted a century ago. it fake and forgotten in a closet for decades. >> fog working its way back into your neiborhood tonight. cleared for a time today even at coast for a while. we're seeing it up here in morin county, shooting across the bay. by tomorrow morng i suspect
12:10 am
bay into the inland bay valleys. it's going to burn off quicker and warmer tomorrow. day temperatures tomorrow had be 5 t 8 degrees warmer than today. sunday warmest day on the weekend. the air is going to compress. we have the big cool off yesterday, the air went like that,he air expanded or the fog got fatt. the fog is going to get thinner. pressed down by the high. that caps it behind the coastal hills, sticks it back there. little cooling is coming from the ocean to the inhabd valleys and -- inland valleys and that makes significantly warmer. forecast tomorrow morning, good coverage of fog in concord and santa rosa. it burns off quickly and temperatures warm quickly. 80s in the inlan vallies and temperatures in the 50s right along the coast so a nice
12:11 am
looking forecast into saturday. warmer on suny still. nice looking weekend with this hi pressure doinghatt does. fog tomorrow, warmer on sunday. maybe even hot inland with some low 90s certainly possible. so forecast highs, 85 in st. helena. good looking day tomorrow. 81 in fairfield. 82 in concord. 83 in the livermore area. in santa clara valley, air quality is nice, a lot of fog in the morning but rapid clearing. 77 in min low park. warms up next week, should be nice. t the picture here, no rain in the forecast. good looking weekend as we head towards the saturday and sunday. sunday is the nest day but saturday will be nice as well. no rain, wm next week. may be hot towards wednesday and thursday. what a game wite >> forecast is good for them, too, as they go up in the
12:12 am
series. the fans unbelievable. as adversed. but have you been checking out the nba playoff games so far this isn't just a hometown statement. pure entertainment. warriors and nuggets this is the playoff series to check out. the story ankle was stef curry. i loosened i up. looked healthy early, popped the 29 points, 11 assists. they were down 12 at half. and then tensions begin to rise. bogut. mcgee,hey're fired up and the warriors go on an 11-2 run to jack was a huge presence underneath for the warriors down the stretch. 23oints off the bench. he goes the distance here on the base line, he does a nice job there of getting the warriors
12:13 am
into the lead 82-81. look at iguodala, almost sent warriors hopes heart broken, misses from half court and they didn't have a time out left. you'll see it again. watch how close this shot ces to going in. it would haveon it for denver. instead the warriors take a 2-1 lead in the series. the coa mark jackson talng up the win. >> the crowd was off the crt. nothing like something being as advertised, and they were loud, they were consistent, and weed off of them. the great thing about it i when you are part of an environment like this, you want more. >> all right. couple our encourters. lakers on the brink, san antonio up 3-0. second day of the draft,
12:14 am
raiders and 9s trying to stockpil
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12:16 am
you know about the giants. they do not make a habit out of
12:17 am
many losing streaks they haven't allowed three in a row since last july. here we go again. three straight setbacks. lincecum was pitching well. not to say heidn't have some support. exhibit one a, pagan with two on, sensational catch than kept the giants in a 1-0 lead. one bad innings, breaking a 1-1 tie. alonso with a single to right fetches what turns out to be the game deciding r. san diego retired 19 straight giants at one point. as electric as itas over at oracle, iwas library quiet right next door athe coliseum. hato feel you were missing out on a party as the as playing a worrisome brand of baseball. rbi single scoring hardy, make a loser out of milone. and then faulty d eliminates the
12:18 am
one run deficit turns it into two. call itn error, score a run add another, 3-0. three hits all night for oakland. th've lost 7 out of eight. d two of the draft, 9ers take a gambl of karridin. he's recovering from reconstructive knee surgery. finally, cory lenonier. watson out of florida state and moore libacker out of uconn. you have to wait and see how the names turn out on the football field. a lot of talent, sometimes it doesn't translate to nfl football. >> thanks, mark. look at 'em.
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