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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  June 4, 2013 11:30pm-12:31am PDT

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he was suspended for doping while with the giants. tonight he's back at at&t park for the first time as word spreads of a huge new baseball scandal. good evening, i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. a new report out tonight says major league baseball is targeting some of the biggest names in the game in a new and widespread doping scandal. we have team coverage, our sports director mark ibanez is going to name names in a
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moment. we begin with christien kafton. >> reporter: the game ended about 25 minutes ago. take a look, fans still streaming out of at&t park. one of the players that fans came out to see was melky cabrera. last season he was a giant. tonight he is one of 20 or so athletes targeted by mlb for 100 game suspensions. before tonight's game, melky cabrera took batting practice while word spread that his name was at the center of the latest scandal. jack brought his son and his son's friends to tonight's game. >> melky. >> reporter: this is just the late nest a string of major league disappointments. >> they pretty much followed it on their own now. they're old enough to read about it and stuff.
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they can make a decision whether to not like him or not. >> reporter: espn is reporting cabrera is one of 20 or so ballplayers major league baseball is investe caigine new reporting tony bosch reached an agreement to cooperate. mlb is reportedly seeking 100 game suspensions for the players involved. fans tonight were divided. chris flew in from canada to watch tonight's game and says performance enhancing drugs can't help if the player doesn't have talent. >> hand eye coordination has got to be there. steroids help to a certain extent. but the rest -- >> reporter: others say cheaters deserve punishment. >> it's sad, but if you're using a sports performance drug you should be suspended. >> reporter: the founder could
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begin pleating with investigators this week. announcement of suspensions could come before the end of the month. the mlb players would have a right to contest the charges. we're live at at&t park in san francisco, christien kafton, ktvu channel 2 news. now to mark ibanez on some of the other big names targeted in this probe. >> first blush baseball fans have to be wondering why can't this sport just get its act together. as the story unfolds we could really be seeing evidence that major league baseball is finally really truly cracking down on cheaters. the suspects are many and big names. bartolo sal colon tops the list. espn reporting some 20 players face disciplinary action. including ryan braun of the
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brewers who got out of a suspension because of a technicality after the 2011 season. also mentioned on the list, the yankees alex rodriguez who has admitted using steroids in the past. others, rangers outfield nelson cruz and former a's lefty gio gonzalez. all have ties to that miami- area clinic that allegedly supplied the feds to cooperate. they've spent millions of dollars and taken a great deal of time. more questions than answers. we know when and if those suspensions are leveed, all the players have the right to appeal. sot full impact of this latest episode are still a long way off. indicating it could be months till the suspensions are actually put into place, if at all. >> this would be 100 games
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without pay; correct? >> that's still another question that we don't know for sure if it's going to be 100 game suspension for sure for all of them. but if they are, yes, it's always without pay. with the money these guys are making those are huge amounts of cash. >> potentially the baseball season could end before any suspensions take place. >> it could come toward the end of the year and then it would go to next year. i really think it's going to be a couple months before we really see how it all transpires. >> more sports later on. the giants did win their ball game. we'll have good news. >> thank you. new at 10, votes are being counted on a measure that would raise the utility tax in hercules for five years. city leaders say they need the hike to keep the city's police department in operation. measure a would raise the tax to 6% to 8%. here are the early results with just two of five precincts reporting. the vast majority of those are
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in favor of the measure. all it needs is a simple majority to pass. the city estimates the tax hike would raise about $1 million a year. if the measure doesn't pass, the city would have to consider dissolving the police department and contracting out public safety services to the county. voters in santa clara county went to the polls to pick a new supervisor to replace george shirakawa. the latest numbers show cindy chavez in the lead. teresa alvarado is second most volts and scott pham is third. we were at chavez' campaign headquarters tonight. if she falls short of the required 50% it looks like she will face alvarado in a runoff. tonight she talked about some priorities. >> we talked about winning by
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stopping the killing that's happening in our streets in san jose. >> the runoff is scheduled for july 30th. it is expected to cost about $1 million. the same as today's election. a family outing turned deadly when their 3-year-old child was killed. new information from amber lee. she is at the scene of the crash in fremont where we spoke with neighbors, witnesses and police to find out more about what happened. >> reporter: we're at paseo padre parkway. you can see the skid marks left by the car and where it sheered off the bark of that tree. tonight people have left can les here. witnesses describe a scene that's horrific. we have learned the registered owners of this maroon honda accord are joey and gilbert gil. police tell us relatives say the couple were headed to a water park with their son.
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the driver was conscious after the accident but didn't say much. >> he wasn't interested in giving an interview at that time and par medics were on scene. >> reporter: police say the driver of the car lost control, hit a curb, struck a tree and sheered the honda in half. the back portion of the car skidded on to the front yard of a home. the driver was sitting on the ground asking if his wife was okay. >> i went inside the car and saw the wife was bleeding heavily. and then maybe after 20 seconds probably said where is my son. >> reporter: the witness says when he couldn't find the child in the car he looked around and discovered the toddler nearby. >> strapped in, but not alive. >> reporter: witnesses say the driver appears to have been speeding upwards of 100 miles per hour in the 35 miles per hour zone. a neighbor of the couple says he often saw them out with
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their children and spoke with them just yesterday. >> my heart goes out to them and their family. i really hope that they get through this. >> reporter: police tell us the woman has undergone surgery for life threatening injuries and is in critical condition. the driver also had surgery for injuries to the hip and leg. he's expected to survive. the little boy would have turned 4 years old in less than two weeks. live in fremont, amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. fbi agents searched the sacramento offices of a state senator late today and the offices of a latino office. the state senator is ron calderon. he's a democrat. reporters were turned away from his offices inside the state capitol today. the los angeles times is reporting this raid stems from a wider public corruption investigation in los angeles
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county. the sergeant at arms told us he doesn't know the focus of the search warrant. >> i have no idea what's in the warrant. it's a sealed warrant by the court. i'm just cooperating. >> other agents went to the latino caucus in sacramento. an fbi spokeswoman said it's the same investigation. calderon's office referred questions to his attorney. a man who attacked a female jogger over the weekend. here's a look at the sketch. the man is described as latino or biracial, about 20 years old. 5'8", 160 pounds, studded earrings, buzzed hair and clean shaven. the man assaulted a woman on sunday as she jogged on a trail in the bay lands preserve. the woman told police the man jumped on her back and groped her. he reportedly ran off as two bicyclists approached and stopped to see if the woman was
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okay. police would like to interview the cyclists. they say they are increasing patrols in the area. it is like a cancer, that's how military leaders described sexual assaults in the ranks. they pushed back against legislation proposed by a bay area congresswoman to remove such cases from the military's chain of command. heather holmes is here to tell us about the drastic changes that lawmakers are calling for. >> reporter: john mccain said today that he could no longer recommend that women join the military because the sexual assault problem is simply out of control. the nation's top military commanders testified before the senate armed services committee. >> not all commanders are objective. >> reporter: new york senator wants to take sexual assault cases away from the military chain of command. >> not every commander can distinguish between a slap on
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the and a rape because they merge all of these crimes together. >> reporter: today's hearing comes after a scathing report that estimate 26,000 service members were sexual away salted last wear. military leaders say they are addressing the problem. >> it will undermine the readiness of the force. it will inhibit our commanders ability to shape the climate and discipline of our units. >> i don't buy that argument. >> reporter: jackie spear says this is another example of military brass refusing to take action. she alerted leaders to these pictures. general james amos responded with this letter saying they are aware of the misuse of social media and currently have 14 open cases. >> they are not of the mind to really fix the system.
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>> reporter: now congresswoman spear has also authored a bill allowing victims to bypass the chain of command. she will try to drum up more support tomorrow. in 90 seconds, a one man rampage. >> two shootings, two carjackings. who police are looking for tonight. then 10,000 people taking a
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two shootings, three carjackings all in just over an hour today. they were committed by the same man. kevin wayne is live in oakland where police released a photo of the man they're looking for tonight. ken. >> reporter: the man is described as armed and dangerous and within the last few minutes the police have put out a public safety alert for this man. we'll show you his picture. he is 36-year-old jamar cleveland. he is responsible for two shootings, three carjackings and two possible kidnappings. all of this occurring within about a span of an hour. this is a photo of the suspect as he enters a repair shop. he walks to the front of the sheet street and tries to carjack a vehicle. he walks into the middle of the
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street and seizes a vehicle. >> any time somebody engages in that kind of activity it's reasonable to believe he would be a threat. >> reporter: it started this morning on 39th avenue. police say the man shot and wounded his girlfriend. from there he went to international boulevard and carjacked one vehicle. after that he went to 105th avenue and shot and wounded his own father. he was last seen in the 2700 block of 76th avenue. >> we don't know his location at this time. we're continuing our search for him. >> reporter: after the carjacking on international boulevard the man returned to the garage. he calmly took off his coat, leaving behind a bag of bullets. he then drove away. police are working with the man's friends and family to try to track him down. >> we believe this person to be armed and dangerous. there's always significant risk to officers. >> reporter: another look at jamar cleveland.
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36 years old. he's 5'9" and weighs about 200 pounds. they consider him armed and dangerous. anyone who sees him or knows where he is is asked to call 911. live in oakland, ken wayne, ktvu channel 2 news. a third case of hepatitis a in the area. apparently stemming from tainted frozen berries. the company that produced the berries issued a recall. the town send farms organic blend were sold at costco. 49 people have come down with hepatitis a. that includes a woman from santa clara. health officials had previously identified a case in alameda. another slap at pg&e's management said. the utility failed to use $50 million earmarked for its gas pipeline network. the auditors say it is not
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clear how pg&e spent the money, but they say it's the result of ineffective executive management. they did not comply with its own standards when its profits exceeded levels authorized. they are recommending they pay $2.25 billion fine for decades of negligence. the latest skirmish in the patent battle between apple and am samsung goes to samsung. some older apple devices infringe on samsung's patents and it bans apple from importing them. president obama can veto the ruling within 60 days. last year apple won a related case. a new study suggests apple will outgrow its proposed campus before it's even built. the company hopes to open its
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new campus in 2016 with room for 14,200 people. by then it's estimated the company will have more than 23,000 employees. up to 10,000 people rallied at the state capitol demanding that about a billion dollars in medi-cal cuts be reversed. why the chances those demands will be met are slim. >> reporter: it took a massive effort, 100 buses bringing thousands of people to the capitol's west steps. with signs in hand and this demand. >> we're here to say no more cuts to medi-cal. >> reporter: cuts affect recipients. she fears more cuts. >> would drastically affect my medical bills, especially far into the future. and they could be skyrocket high. >> reporter: medi-cal was slashed by about $1 billion in
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2011. those cuts were tied up in courts until recently. the cuts could kick in in a matter of months. >> that would be devastating and would put the survival of the jewish home at risk. >> reporter: the ceo of jewish home, a nursing facility that is facing $20 million in back cuts. they have issued hundreds of pink slips. what they want to see is lawmakers and the governor offset these cuts. >> we don't want to see that movie again. >> reporter: department of finance spokesperson says california at long last has avoided a huge budget gap in part because of cuts to programs like medi-cal. >> we're at a place we haven't been in a long, long time. what we can't do is commit the state to an on going higher level of spending than the budget can sustain. >> reporter: we saw this big rally today and we'll see more later this week. democrats are meeting and
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drawing up their budget plan for the year. ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. we want to clarify a story we brought you last night. in reporting the sudden death of an elite long distance runner on sunday we inadvertently showed video of a different race in april. brazen racing, shown in the video clip says it has no connection to this past sunday's 50k race. we apologize for the mistake. cool one out there today. mild to cool. antioch in the low 80s. heading for a warming trend. up in fairfield they've died down. wind advisory was in effect just until 10:00. out in the delta area because of strong winds. winds are out of the west. still pretty breezy. as you head out that way
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tonight there'll still be a breeze. forecast highs tomorrow. there may come. oranges, 80s and reds are 90s. when i come back at 10:45 we'll get specific with your forecast. high for tomorrow and a heat wave coming our way. it's going to get hot. we'll see you back here. officials at oakland animal services have inkreised a reward to $18,000 in a case involving a badly abused german shepherd. the animal was dying when she arrived at the shelter. they had no choice but to put her down. surveillance video shows a man right here dropping her off at the shelter in the middle of the night in a crate without food or water. police hope someone knows who owned the dog. $10,000 of the reward is coming from peta. another $8000 is promised by pet food express and community groups. three robbers, three banks.
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the clues federal agents want you to look at tonight to help catch the men. a shooting on a bart platform c
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members of a security guard union rallied today saying they have the support of other unions if they go out on strike. 7000 security guards at office buildings in northern and southern california have voted to authorize a strike. they say the security companies are stone walling negotiations. at issue are wages and benefits, including health care. so far union officials haven't picked a date for potential walkout. at the port of oakland a labor dispute appears to be over. the at issue, who will unload containers from barges. about 100 long shoremen
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gathered last night to prevent a barge from tying up. they were protesting a decision. it had announced that barges are not vessels that require union workers for loading and unloading. today both sides agreed that members of local 10 would continue to do that work, the search is on for a missing alameda county woman who we're told has early on set alzheimer's. teofila herrera was last seen leaving her home yesterday morning. deputies say she was driving a white 2003 four-door toyota cam rita camry. her family says she is on medication and is considered to be at risk. it is one of the most anticipated independent films of the summer. fruitvale station comes out next month. only on 2, rob roth talked with
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grant's family, including his young daughter, about the movie's upcoming release. >> reporter: it isn't christmas but it felt like it today for tatiana grant. the posters for the movie fruitvale station had just arrived and she couldn't wait to see them. >> it makes me happy. >> reporter: why? >> because i never had so much posters about my dad. >> reporter: the movie is about the events leading up to the death of her father oscar grant. the film is expected to open next month. >> shots fired. >> reporter: tatiana's family doesn't want her to see the film until she's older. >> it's up to her when she becomes a teenager. >> reporter: oscar grant's death was captured on cell phone video. grant was on the ground of the
11:58 pm
fruitvale bart station when he was shot and killed by an officer. the officer said he thought he of using a taser. the incident sparked outrage in the community. tatiana was just 4 years old. >> we're fortunate our story is being told. i think it happens to a lot of people nationwide. >> reporter: the attorney said today quote, i just hope the anger that characterized this case is gone. tatiana's aunt says the family still wants her to experience the excitement surrounding the movie opening. >> i just want her to be as part of all of this as she can without seeing the movie. >> when my family goes to watch it, we all remember from back of the years when we were little. >> reporter: the film has already won the grand jury prize at the sundance film festival. in oakland, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. here's a closer look at the
11:59 pm
movie poster. it depicts oscar grant hand in hand with his daughter. the film opens july 12th. it won rave reviews at sundance and the cannes film festival. a bay area football coach facing charges. news of the world, the news of the world, the charge that gas has been used look at them kids. [ sigh ] they have no idea what it was like before u-verse high speed internet. yeah, you couldn't just stream movies to a device like that. one time, i had to wait half a day to watch a movie. you watched movies?! i was lucky if i could watch a show. show?! man, i was happy to see a sneezing panda clip! trevor, have you eaten today? you sound a little grumpy. [ laughter ] [ male announcer ] connect all your wi-fi-enabled devices with u-verse high speed internet.
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rethink possible.
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fbi is looking for three bank robbers. they are dangerous and have been busy. the trio is suspected of robbing a bank in san francisco on april 19th. they hit two more banks yesterday within two hours.
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the fbi says these bank surveillance pictures show the robbers in action. agents say the suspects are described as african-american, about 20 to 35 years old. they used guns to intimidate people in the bank and jumped over the counter to grab cash. >> the public should know these individuals are very well armed and very dangerous. they should not approach these individuals by themselves. they should contact law enforcement. >> after the robbery the china town bank banned anyone with hats, hoodies or sunglasses. a former bay area football coach remains in jail after a judge refused to lower his bail. baron edwards is facing more than a dozen child sex charges. his attorney wanted bail reduced from $2.5 million down to $100,000. but a contra costa county judge said no because of the number
12:03 am
of alleged victims and the fact that the accusations stretched over a period of several years. only on 2 tonight, we're hearing from one of edwards' alleged victims. she says she went to the police more than 10 years ago but nothing came of it. portia says edwards started molesting her when she was 9 and she was too scared to come forward until 3 years later. >> he said if i told my family i'd never see them again. >> ktvu has learned the police report filed in 2001 was in the hands of two different departments. where it was filed and where edwards lives. police told her there wasn't enough evidence to file charges. now to the south bay. we have newly released surveillance video. it captures an act of sabotage
12:04 am
at a p g&e power station. why authorities say this is not work of an ordinary criminal. >> reporter: a number of security cameras are situated around the pg&e substation. some of the video from april 16th around 2:00 a.m. when someone shot up the system with a high powered rie. you can see sparks fly as the bullets hit. but sheriff laurie smith say what's this and other video reveals, the shooter is able to stay object fringe of the camera shots. >> we're releasing the video tape today because it reinforces -- we want the public to keep giving us information. it also reinforces the fact that we don't see the perpetrator. the person knew what they were doing. >> reporter: investigators have said the person has unusual knowledge of the substation layout and nearby at&t lines. smith reminds the public of the expert sabotage that took place minutes before that set up the gunfire. >> we have the suspect or
12:05 am
suspects opening two separate manholes to go down to hit the at&t power lines that knocked out police communications. that was just a few minutes before the shots were fired. >> reporter: investigators are still examining other video picture. >> we have shadowy figures. at least one. we're trying to work on getting identifying information on that. >> reporter: investigators say at this point they aren't sure when they can go public with that information. at&t has offered a $250,000 reward. robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. in news of the world tonight, in syria france says it has now confirmed the deadly nerve gas has been used several times in the civil war there. at least once by the regime of president assad. britain has positive tests for sarin. president obama said confirmed use of such weapons would be
12:06 am
crossing the line. in china, crowds surrounded the cars of government officials sent to investigate that fire at a poultry plant where 119 people died. relatives of the dead are furious that they have not been allowed access to the bodies of their loved ones. they're also outraged over reports that a locked door trapped many workers inside that burning factory. and in myanmar, coca-cola opened a bottling company as the start of a five year, $200 million investment. coca-cola hasn't produced its soft drink there for more than 60 years. in the past few years, myanmar has made democratic reforms. on wall street stocks fell today, ending a streak of gains. the dough industrial dropped 76 points today. nasdaq lost 20. uncertainty about the feds stimulus programs is unsettling
12:07 am
for investors. amazon's grocery business is reportedly coming to the bay area. customers buy online and then groceries are delivered right to their home. the company plans to offer the service in los angeles soon and later this year here in the bay area. an organization that helps young people in oakland got a big boost from a hometown company. chlorox present add check. their mission is varied but with a simple goal. making better people through scholarships, mentoring and tutoring. does the morning commute ever feel like it's ending? find out how much time bay area commuters are spending sitting in traffic. bill martin fine tuning his complete bay area forecast. when temperatures are going to hit the 90s again. these city workers
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testimony began today in a notorious richmond gang rape case. the father of the victim took the witness stand. his testimony was gut wrenching. two men are on trial for the gang rape of a teenage girl known only as jane doe outside a high school dance back in october of 2009. they are 20-year-old marcelas peter and 22-year-old jose montano. the victim's father described finding his daughter right afterward. she had vomit in her hair and the father said she had a footprint on the side of her face. she is expected to take the witness stand later on this week. it's something that hasn't happened in more than 60 years. some city workers in oakland
12:11 am
say they are ready to vote on a strike. jana katsuyama tells us the city has a surplus and union workers say they want their share. >> reporter: dwight rated his voice today in -- an oakland city worker for 26 years. he says union workers deserve some money after no cost of living raises. >> in 2008 when the city found itself in dire straits they came to the flows for concessions. >> reporter: the seiu remits about 2500 city employees in park maintenance, public works, street, libraries and police civilian staff. the 21 union includes engineers and other professionals. oakland has a projected budget surplus. the battle is over where to put the money. council president would add
12:12 am
police civilian staff. >> people that work in the crime lab to help solve crimes. civilian people to take burglary reports. >> reporter: council member gio says the city should spread the wealth and better control police costs. >> they can retire 50 with full coverage. the guy down the street is trying to keep the park clean can't do that. >> reporter: the union says the city is asking for new concessions. union officials say they have not held a strike vote since 1946. the next budget meeting for the city council is next week. they must make a decision by the end of the month. jana katsuyama, ktvu channel 2 news. the american indian public charter school in oakland went to court to try to keep the doors to its three schools open. school leaders point to the excellent academic scores and say they have taken action. they say the founder ben davis
12:13 am
personally profited from $3.8 million in public funding that was funneled to his private business interests. the judge is expected to rule on thursday. a huge catch off the california coast. the two hour battle to reel in this 1300-pound shark. bay area scientists discover the sounds of the sea look at 'em. living on cloud nine with that u-verse wireless receiver. you see in my day, when my mom was repainting the house, you couldn't just set up a tv in the basement. i mean, come on! nope. we could only watch tv in the rooms that had a tv outlet. yeah if we wanted to watch tv someplace else, we'd have to go to my aunt sally's. have you ever sat on a plastic covered couch? [ kids cheering ] you're missing a good game over here. those kids wouldn't have lasted one day in our shoes. [ male announcer ] add a wireless receiver. call to get u-verse tv for just $19 a month with qualifying bundles. rethink possible.
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a moderate earthquake shook parts of hawaii this afternoon. the quake was centered in the ocean about 34 miles southeast of the big island. it was felt hundreds of miles away. the u.s. geological survey puts
12:16 am
the magnitude at 5.3. there are no reports of damage. today bay area scientists revealed what they call the surprising new way to detect tsunamis that could save lives following a powerful earthquake. john fowler reports from pacifica on the warning sounds. >> reporter: this is one of two pacifica low areas designated as tsunami zones where people are supposed to listen up. beach areas all have signs. >> try to get in your car and get out as fast as possible. go up the hills. >> reporter: depending on where the quake hits, the siren could give just 3 or 4 minutes warning. that was the warning time in
12:17 am
japan. 15,000 people died. stanford scientists studied that earthquake and tsunami, today reporting they discovered a previously unknown natural warning signal. underwater sound. >> rapid uplift excites sound waves. our simulation is camturing those sandwiches. >> reporter: sea floor microphones could give perhaps a 15 to 20 minute warning. with thousands of lives at stake, people say it's worth more study. >> it's good to have more warning. >> reporter: it could be expensive to put a network of microphones on the sea floor. he says the next step is to identify which sounds signal tsunamis and to filter out any false alarms. in pacifica, john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. as bad as traffic is in the bay area, it's actually getting worse in some parts. a new study shows congestion
12:18 am
increased 25% in the san jose area last year with the average driver spending 31 hours sitting in traffic. congestion in san francisco increased 22%. making it the third most congested city in the united states. the average san francisco driver wasted 49 hours in traffic last year. however, that's actually down 7% compared to 2011. the study says the most congested local community is in the east bay. eastbound highway 4. then it's eastbound 80 from highway 101 in san francisco to treasure island. until the south bay it's southbound 101 from fair oaks avenue to de la cruz boulevard. cooler around here today. plenty of fog this morning. the fog has kind of cleared from the coast. here's how it looked today. gets a little darker sot satellite doesn't do as good. right now along ocean beach i
12:19 am
have mostly clear skies. the fog is coming back tonight. it'll be around tomorrow morning. tomorrow is a warmer day. fog burns off more rapidly. less wind. we had big winds tonight. up to 40 miles an hour. they were gusting beyond that in the richmond area. so the winds are dying down. less wind tomorrow. warmer day. we get into the extended forecast. it's just general warmup. high pressure stepping in. when it does we're looking at air is sinking and high pressure builds in and the air begins to warm. a little warmer, maybe 4 and 5 degrees. next day, add another 8 degrees. it'll be stair stepping of heat. you'll notice it tomorrow. ewe notice it each day. right now saturday looks like it's going to be the warmest day. next 24 hours, sort of transitioning to a warmer
12:20 am
pattern. you'll see the trend. fire danger goes up as well. air quality suspect as good. especially on friday and saturday. i think air quality and fire danger will be the things we're talking about. forecast highs tomorrow, 80 in fairfield. 83 in antioch. you'll notice it, warmer than today. 77 in san jose. winds won't be as strong. just a really nice day for your thursday. along the coast, the fog keeps things cool there. five day forecast. wednesday up to 84. thursday it's up a few more. friday temperatures get back into the upper 90s. sunday starts to cool down. here, this period in here is where i'm worried about the high fire danger. there it is, five day forecast. looks good.
12:21 am
but you know how it is, so far this year every time the temperature gets above 88 degrees we have this rash of small fires. brush fires. this year has been no exception. as we get toward the weekend those are the things we'll start to see. >> thanks. the tornado that hit el reno, oklahoma last friday was the widest tornado in american history. the national weather service upgraded that tornado today. they say the ef5 tornado was 2.6 miles wide and damaged an area 16.2 miles long. meteorologists say the huge funnel was actually made up of smaller tornadoes rotating kind like horses on a merry go round and winds registered up to 295 miles an hour. the death toll has gone up to 18. ten more bay area volunteers are heading to oklahoma. that's in addition to the 12
12:22 am
other local red cross works on the ground. the red cross says they have served more than -- check out these pictures of a huge shark. it could be one for the record books. a group of fishermen caught the 12-foot shark yesterday. it weighs in at 1300 pounds. the shark was caught about 15 miles off the coast of huntington beach. the fishermen say it took the entire crew more than two hours to pull that shark in. >> i hope they had a really big boat. giants did well and a good night for tim lincecum. >> yeah, everybody allegation got something to say. before you ship him out of town or relegate him to the bullpen, thinking there's a little talent lingering. got a little something left, it
12:23 am
seems like. man on for andres torres. is this guy strong or what? he's 5-8. then that, 2-1 san francisco. rest of the night, lincecum. over to scutaro.e ump says he h the ground can't cause a fumble. we'll take the double play. 7 innings for lincecum. retired 14 straight at one point. 2-1 giants your final. a's get a lead of late. they put the clamps on and stick that bullpen on the opposition. not tonight. brewers flip the script in milwaukee. 1st inning. charge in one, deep left center. that's the solo shot. he wasn't done. he is starting to do what he did last year with regularity. in the 6th, his 11th.
12:24 am
bullpen blows up. that's a rarity. brewers send it to extra innings. betancourt into the gap. gomez scores from 1st. 4-3 a milwaukee walkoff in 10. a normer raider
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progressive, innovative, never boring. 49ers showing off their latest acquisition. eric mangini joins the coaching staff. known by some as man genius because of his defensive acumen, his role not clearly defined yet. he's happy to be back in football. >> i missed it. i missed the strategy. i missed the guys. all those elements. one thing that was real important to come back were the people. >> apparently there's someone else who has discovered he misses football. jamarcus russell reportedly has shed 50 pounds. the bears think he's serious
12:28 am
and have invited the former raider washout to dryout with chicago this coming friday. the l.a. kings beat chicago's black hawks 2-1. >> thank you. and thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the ♪ [ roars ] ♪ [ roars ] ♪ [ roars ] ♪ [ roars ] ♪ [ male announcer ] universal studios summer of survival. ♪
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