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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  June 6, 2013 11:30pm-12:31am PDT

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complete bay area coverage starts right now. this is the 10:00 news on ktvu channel 2 news. president obama's motorcade on the move tonight in the bay area. it's a quick visit here but he is packing a lot into it. good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. he's already attended two fundraisers tonight and president obama has already been in town for about four hours now. air force one arrived at moffet field this morning. the president came down the step, said a few hellos and was
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on to fundraisers in palo alto and portola. ktvu's maureen naylor live in portola with this whirlwind tour. >> reporter: we watched the motorcade drive by on his way to the fundraiser. the motorcade of limos arrived while down the road a small crowd looked on. >> i thought it was really cool to see it. i think it would have been a once in a lifetime experiences. >> reporter: secret service checked workers and guests for a who's who dinner involving prominent democrats. >> i'm really looking for it. >> reporter: while some told us no bama, a few dozen guests spent big bucks to attend the
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dinner at&t 14,000 square foot home belonging to venture capitalist vinod khosla and wife. some said the $32,000 price tag was too steep. >> disappointing especially when you're one of the people that lifted him up from the beginning. >> reporter: air force once lifted at 3:00. mr.obama arrived to friendly territory. after arriving the president attended another fundraiser in palo alto. >> this is an incredible honor to be able to have the president come to our house. >> reporter: about 1,200 people paid $2,000 to hear the president talk. while outside more than 100 people protested the proposed keystone pipeline project. and here's a look at the
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presidential motorcade leaving portola around 9:00 tonight. the president did not mention -- during his speech tonight. reporting live tonight in portola valley, maureen naylor. more details now the president's speech tomorrow morning is going to be a policy statement on the affordable health care act. it's scheduled for 8:50 at the fairmont hotel in san jose then it's back to moffet field with air force one set to leave from california at 9:30. special greeters were on hand to meet the president when he landed at moffet field. it included a colonel with national guard and from the nasa research center. >> he recognized we have a lot of great things going on here. we pride ourselves.
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stay with ktvu for continuing coverage. coming up in 12 minutes more on the health care reform speech and why santa clara county says it is well poised to benefit. and tomorrow morning, the ktvu morning news and mornings on 2 will be following the president. our coverage begins at 4:30 a.m. the rally's supermarket chain is reaching out to customers. the company is advising people that their credit card and bank information may be in the hands of criminals. amber lee is at the ralley's where she spoke to managers and customers. >> reporter: i'm at the ralley's where they said they spoke to customers and informed them online. he told me he already knows what it's like to be victimized
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by cyber thieves. >> i've been hacked into with my debit card three times. >> reporter: a security expert tells me cyber attacks against businesses are common. that it happens several times a week. ralley's calls this attack as criminal. it was discovered when a major credit card company notify ied them on suspicious activity. >> cyber security is really something that's a never ending battle. we're looking at strengthening our systems to stay ahead. >> reporter: there is no indication that the cyber thieves have used customer credit and debit card information. but as a precaution raley's is asking customers to monitor their bank information. and contact your credit card or bank company if there are
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suspicious charges. >> that's very scary. >> reporter: this customer says she pays with credit or atm card. >> i check my bank statements two to three times a week so i watch it very carefully. >> that's the way the world is right now. people steal, they want an easy way out. >> reporter: raley's tells me it is working with the fbi to investigation this cyber attack. live in fremont, amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. the suspect in an alleged credit card fraud operation in san francisco is out on bail tonight. the suspect is 28-year-old richard brown he was releaseed from the county jail today. a bounty hunter said he found brown with a machine that can make credit cards. we reached out to an expert and learned that other countries are now using smart cards with an embedded microchip. that chip makes it more difficult for those cards to be cloned. san francisco police are asking for the public's help tonight in finding the people responsible for a shooting that
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left a nummi customer injured. three men boarded a nummi bus about 3:15 in the potrero neighborhood. the three got off the bus a few blocks later then one of them reportedly fired shots at the bus injuring a male passenger. >> the bus driver was smart enough to leave the scene immediately. noticed that an injured victim in the back drove the bus straight to general hospital so that way they can work on the victim. >> investigators are checking cameras on board the 48 bus to see if they can help identify those shooters. across town, three men robbed a bank of america bank in the city's sunset district. the fbi calls it a take over style robbery and says the same bandits are also responsible for three other hold upless. today's robbery happened this morning at the b of a near 20th avenue. the fbi provided surveillance photos late today and you can see here that the men wore black hood sweatshirts and
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masks. the investigators say two of the robbers jumped over the counter, grabbed money. the same mo were used in two separate banks. as temperatures are expected to climb, there could be unhealthy levels of pollution in all nine bay area counties. doctors advise people with respiratory and heart conditions to limit their time outdoors. everyone is also being encouraged to take public transportation instead of driving to keep pollution levels from going any higher. temperatures have been trending up especially for the inland neighborhoods. remember just yesterday we had upper 70s to 83 degrees. look at what's in track for tomorrow. warmest locations in the mid- to upper 90s. we do have the fog, a big factor coast side right around the bay. could be locally dense.
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look what happens by 3:00 tomorrow afternoon a very big temperature range from the upper 50s. the orange contour the 80s and with all the 90s up in parts of the north bay up toward concord. look at this forecast high in sacramento 104 degrees. coming up we'll break down the temperatures in your neighborhood coming up in 10 minutes also we'll highlight fire danger we'll be on th -- the increase for the next few days. and there's a warning for anyone going out to the beach. at ocean beach in san francisco swells could reach up to 10 feet high. south facing beaches in santa cruz and monterey are set to be among the most dangerous. now life guards say if you do get caught in a rip current or being pulled out, don't fight it. rather swim parallel to the beach until you are away from that rip current. then either try to swim to shore or signal for help.
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only on 2, ktvu has learned that oakland police has begun a massive reorganizization this weekend but we've also learned tonight that won't change one startling fact. the small number of officers who are actually out on the streets patrolling. ktvu's jana katsuyama here to show us exactly how short staffed the oakland police department really is. >> reporter: this might surprise a lot of people. the chief tells me there's just about 35 officers at any given time of day patrolling the entire city of oakland. and its population of roughly 400,000 people. layten violence is urging -- >> that's the action we're getting today. >> reporter: among those fed up is council member noel gallo who heads the committee.
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he says all the county has is bureaucratic approach. >> i have the group that seeded today they're going to talk about their robbery report. then i have the monitor report. >> reporter: what he and many residents say they want to know is exactly how many police officers oakland has on the payroll. >> how many officers do i have today. >> reporter: so we found out. >> i have to look long term. >> reporter: we dug into the numbers with oakland's interim police chief doug wen. >> i'm looking in the long term perspective. we're moving forward. >> reporter: from a high of 130 officers, the number has dwindled to 634. he says there was a void of no police academies from 2008 to 2012. he says that reality has innocent the elimination of traffic patrols and every day only one officer is assigned
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per shift to each of oakland's 35 beats. >> we're starting a major reorganization at the police department. i made a lot of command movement to make that plan work. >> reporter: he says that plan from the consultant group will provide six district captains with their own teams to better serve their area's problems so that could go a long way. >> reporter: did the chief give any other indication of what might work here. >> reporter: i did ask him what his wish list would be. he did tell me he would like to have more civilian staff to free up more officers. but that does take money and the budget battle starts at city hall next week. >> okay, thanks jana. before we go on here. i just want to mention julie had something in her eye and she's in the bathroom right now trying to get it out. she basically can't read at the moment. we hope she'll be back in a couple of moments but in the meantime we're going to continue on here. oakland police headquarters
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remains closed tonight but we're told it should reopen to the public on monday. it's been closed for three days now after a third floor toilet caused a water line to break and there was extensive flooding. clean up continues along with restoration efforts. and even though the building is closed, people can ring for an escort. shark warning in santa cruz. sounds scary? but that flier is fake, why some say surfers are behind it. >> and the government is accused of collecting millions of people's phone records [ male announcer ] citibank's app for ipad
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helps him deposit his checks. jay also like it when mother nature helps him wash his car. mother nature's cool like that. citibank mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank. vallejo city crews dealt with an unusual situation today. water crews chased behind a main break. the city is also looking into breaks on web street and meadows drive. the vallejo water department believes the spike in water pressure from a treatment plant caused those breaks. a small number of households was affected in each of those locations. water mains also broke where the pipe takes takes
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water up the hill. about 30,000-gallons burst through the pipe and down the hill. all repairs were done by about 5:00 this evening. damaged parts of the street will be repaved on monday. more than 100 people gathered for a vigil in san jose tonight. that city is struggling with a recent spike in killings. new at 10:00, deborah villalon live from city hall where the statistics don't even begin to reflect the numbers. >> reporter: people streamed into the streets looking for answers. >> it's scary to raise my son. i've lived here all my life and it's never been that crazy. >> reporter: her son says is the spitting image of his
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father. the fifth homicide victim of the year. >> don't be afraid be alive. >> reporter: as more than 100 people talked about san jose's surging violence the number now stands at 22 homicides. many victims teenagers like the two friends gunned down over memorial day weekend. the suspects now in custody, teenagers too. >> when you find out who the perpetrators are and you see that they are 15 or 16 years old themselves, it's devastating. and you look at that person and you know that person's life is over. >> reporter: even the fire paramedics are finding the stress of so many violent calls taking a toll. >> it really does because you know they're first there, it's in the streets, they see just they're honest. >> reporter: those the crowds talked about prayer and policing but the message kept coming down to parenting. making sure kids feel valued.
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>> it comes to them not being loved, not feeling supported, you know what i'm saying. we need to tell our children, we love them. >> reporter: whoever stabbed anthony santa cruz as he walked to the store has not been caught and so the mother of his son carries on. >> this is my life now revolves around our kids, our facebook page, putting up fliers every day, talking to people. it's sad but this is what we have to do to get justice for my son. >> reporter: the deputy d.a. was here tonight tells me he thinks about 1/3 of this year's killings are gang related. reporting live in san jose, deborah villalon, ktvu channel 2 news. president obama is scheduled to deliver a speech in the south bay tomorrow. he is expected to outline what he sees as the successes of his health care reform measure. ktvu's robert handa tells us now it comes at a time when santa clara county is looking at a report of how many people
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are still uninsured. >> reporter: many people at santa clara medical center will listen carefully to president obama's speech tomorrow in san jose. for many people boils down to affordable health coverage. >> it's expensive. i know. it's very expensive and it's hard when a person doesn't have the you know the right income so if they don't have that income they can't get taken care of. >> reporter: the report today shows 35% of people under 35 years old lack health insurance. >> we see 20 to 30% people uninsured. we're really excited because this means they'll be able to see a doctor. get preventative health department care services and maybe use our emergency room left. >> reporter: the number of unemploymented has gone from three to 13 with more
11:50 pm
specialized plans that can reduce premiums to $330. santa clara county plans to be one of those insurancers. >> i think there's going to be a lot of options out there for insurance at low cost and when aca was passed the president didn't know how that was all going to work. but we're finding here in the bay area and particular santa clara county, there's going to be a lot of options for people to have health care. >> reporter: but yager also hopes the president will lay down more details. since the health care act is supposed to be in place by the start of next year. robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. more details now from that report robert mentioned, the percentage of santa clara residents without health insurance increased 10% between 2000 and 2009. also 55% of adults in the county are considered obese along with 25% of middle school students. wall street had it best day
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in three weeks. the dow increased 80 points in an afternoon rally. the markets had been down in the last two days. the news from san francisco based gap is getting better. the gunman reported numbers -- the gap reported numbers were up 30%. gap shares have increased almost 32% since the beginning of the year. apple is starting a trade in program in an effort to get smart phone users to transfer to the new iphone 5. apple is not publicly announced the program, the move is said to be an effort to boost sales growth and fight declining shares. we have been talking about warming temperatures for parts of the bay area we have the
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other extreme, the fog. the fog is showing up first thing friday morning. look at the average highs, everybody coming up five to 10 degrees. san francisco right about 70, santa rosa 90 degrees. look at these upper 90s up in livermore, san jose in the upper 80s and low 70s. we are tracking a change in the weather pattern knowing our five day forecast coming up we'll break down the hottest day of the weekend and the timing of another major cooling trend. you've obviously noticed that julie is back from the bathroom so what was it? >> i don't know, i had something in my eye. my eye started fluttering. but i got it out now, thanks for covering. warning signs at a
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firefighters in ventura county say they're making good progress against a wildfire and so far they've been able to keep it away from homes. the fire has been burning northwest of los angeles. it was first reported at 3:45 this afternoon and for a time it affected metro link train service. a number of aircraft were called in to make water drops and firefighters say that really helped and so did the weather because the winds were light and it hasn't been very hot. in philadelphia, the search for survivors of a deadly building collapse ended today. now the focus is shifting to what caused that vacant building to come down in the first place. six people died, 13 others were injured after the four story building collapsed right on to a salvation army thrift store
11:56 pm
that was right next door. now a lot of people are raising questions about whether the contractor had the experience necessary to demolish a building adjacent to another building that was still in use. there is new fall out tonight following revelations of a widespread government surveillance program of americans. it now appears it wasn't limited to just phone calls but also includes some online activities. as ktvu's john sasaki reports, the controversy began with a leak to a newspaper that said the government was tracking calls of verizon cell phone users. >> this is a 4g phone. >> reporter: customers are concerned about privacy but the government now acknowledges it's been acquiring verizon
11:57 pm
users phone call records. >> it's about who was being called, how long they were talking for. >> reporter: a breech on privacy law. the government says it's trying to root out terrorism by collecting phone records regardless if any of them are suspected of any wrong doing. privacy experts say the threat for terrorism may not be an issue but what the government could find in your records. >> it is just incredibly revealing it can give us information about people's political and religious orientation, about their sexual activity. >> it was a case of government overreach. and we see that happening today. >> reporter: another customer said she's okay with it if the government is trying to find terrorists. >> as long as they are not violating me by listening to my phone calls. >> reporter: privacy experts
11:58 pm
add it's unlikely this is happening to just verizon customers. i'm john sasaki, ktvu news. senator feinstein is one of several senators that is defending the move. >> terrorists will come after us if they can. and the only thing that we have to deter this is good intelligence. >> additional information gathering by the fbi has come to light. the washington postsays the nsa has been mining data from nine leading internet companies including google, yahoo and apple. the posts reports, audio, video and more is being collected to track a person's movement and contact. locked out union members are back at work. what ride mechanics at six flags are telling us about their first union contract. >> i thought it was real until
11:59 pm
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santa cruz county surfers and swimming got a frightening start to what promises to be a beautiful weekend at the beach but ktvu's ken pritchett tells us why shark warning signs are no cause for alarm. >> reporter: when the surf is good the water off pleasure point is thick with surfers and that may explain the motive behind this phony sign. >> state parks didn't make these signs up, we didn't
12:02 am
postthem, nobody heard about a shark attack. >> reporter: some surfers were surprised when we told them it was safe. >> are you kidding me. >> reporter: it is when you read the flier that things get fishy. >> i thought it was real until i saw the last line saying go surf cowels. >> reporter: it ends with surf cowels instead. >> that's pretty much the punch line. >> reporter: the flier theme suggests surfers go to another beach and if not at least stay out of the water for 48 hours. >> apparently the surf for the next 48 hours -- >> reporter: is good. >> it's good. >> reporter: oh wow. >> reporter: many people believe the people behind those fliers wanted the surf all to themselves. >> it's a pretty big ocean. there's plenty of room for
12:03 am
everyone. with that i'm going to go put on my wet suit. >> reporter: and officials say, posting a sign like this is as bad as making a false report. ken pritchett, ktvu news. authorities are treating it as a homicide. they say the woman looked to be in her 20s, late 20s or early 30s and that her injuries appeared suspicious. the coroner still has not identified the victim. the state high speed rail authority has chosen a contractor to begin construction on the first phase of the bullet trains in the central valleys. tutor parrini won the contract with a low bid of $20 million. the company also had the lowest technical score. their job does not include laying any track. the entire rail system has a price tag of $68 billion. new developments tonight in
12:04 am
the labor dispute involving six flags discovery kingdom in vallejo. an agreement has now been reached. mechanics who work on the rides had been locked out for about six weeks. today they agreed on a new contract after meeting with a federal mediator. the mechanics say they didn't get everything they wanted but there was a provision for overtime. this is their first union contract. >> chrysler today issued a recall for newer modeled jeeps just two days after the company refused to recall almost 3 million older modeled jeeps. the new recall is to fix compass and to fix fluid leaks on the transmission on jeep wranglers from 2012 to 2013. now there's an online petition being circulated to try to force chrysler to recall older jeep grand cherokees. because there's the possibility they could burst into flames
12:05 am
during a rear end collision. in germany, flood waters crested in the city of dresden. it is the oldest european city to be inundated in the past week. a massive sandbagging effort has been going on. officials warn dams are threatened downstream. in turkey, prime minister returned to istanbul and told thousands of his supporters that the protest against him are illegal and must stop. he's been out of the country for several days while huge protests have erupted across turkey. many turks say he's acting as a dictator. and in russia, putin made an appearance at the ballet with his wife and then broke the news, they are getting divorced.
12:06 am
the putin's announcement could have a political impact. he is a steadfast supporter of traditional issues. rogers elementary the oldest school in san jose is scheduled to close at the end of the school year. this evening a party was held so graduates young and old could take in the sights and sounds of the school grounds one last time. >> this is very devastating to us but at the same time this is going to be a very bittersweet celebration because we'll be reunited with staff and students who came here to rogers. >> rogers elementary is just the latest casualty in a district that is struggling with budget cuts. the number of passengers using maneta san jose is up. the airport has seen a 3.3% increase since the beginning of the year. airport officials say that's because of expanded air service among several airlines, among them more flights to los
12:07 am
angeles on delta and service to tokyo on the new boeing dream liners. and illegal dump is not just an eyesore. what nasty creatures may be hiding there. meteorologist mark tamayo takes us right on through the warm weekend and beyond. >> but up
12:08 am
12:09 am
isn't it -- new at 10:00, outrage from teachers that upset about their retirement. members of the castro valley teachers association gathered this evening outside district offices. they are upset about a decision
12:10 am
by the district to cut medicare payment to about 100 teachers most of whom are retired. those teachers received letters from the district stating that they were mistakingly paid a monthly medicare supplement and that each of them now owe the district more than $8,000. >> not very many retired school teachers have 8,000 bucks sitting around waiting to pay back the district. i don't think anybody intends to do that. >> reporter: in a letter a district official apologized for the inconvenience and said the district is willing to set up payment plans. an oakland school that was scheduled for opening will remain closed for at least a week. american indian model schools were given a temporary order. the school plans to press ahead with an appeal before the alameda county office of
12:11 am
education which has the authority to reinstate the school's charter. there are new questions tonight about the fine pg & e will pay for the deadly san bruno pipeline explosion. and weather the santa clara utilities commission is impartial. as mike mibach reports, the mayor of san bruno reports that the plan is in disarray. >> reporter: san bruno's crest view neighborhood is rebuilding and the explosion that brought it down is resurfacing. >> we're outraged. >> reporter: connie jackson. >> what we know is that there's massive turmoil inside of the puc. >> reporter: four california public utility commission attorneys speculate that attorneys have asked to be reassigned. state senator jerry hill. >> they saw the ethical part of their job as attorneys they
12:12 am
have a professional obligation to abide by certain ethical standards and they held to that. >> reporter: at issue the $2.25 million proposed penalty against the cpuc. >> so there's no real fine attached to this then they get the tax benefit. >> reporter: one of the four attorneys who asked to be reassigned explained why he did so in an e-mail. saying recommendations that were to be made were unlawful and contrary to what our team had hoped to accomplish. >> for the eight people who lost their lives in san bruno right here there's no justice in this. >> reporter: a spokesperson in cpuc only told me in a statement that the attorneys had not been fired that they had indeed being asked to be reassigned. a judge will rule on a penalty. this isn't a dump, but people are treating it like it
12:13 am
is. >> i just think it's disgusting. >> reporter: why police say it's difficult to stop and the danger it's causing. a major triumph for a team of high school students
12:14 am
12:15 am
like graffiti illegal dumping is a big problem in many bay area cities. but one bay area lot has become a breeding ground. there are some serious health and safety concerns there. >> reporter: this is not the concord city dump, it only looked that way. >> i think it's disgusting. >> reporter: here on this vacant lot there are stacks of mattresses and couched. but this is just part of what had been here.
12:16 am
>> drug paraphernalia, underwear, bras, food. feces. >> reporter: we caught up with the property owner who had already hauled away two trucks. he says he plans to build townhouses on the lot but is awaiting approval. he says his lot becomes a dumping lot that he has to keep cleaning up several times a year. residents say they've seen the dumping firsthand. >> they'll dump it right there and they'll just drive off. >> reporter: police say it's rare for them to catch someone in the act but they rely on residents. >> we hope that residents will see the dumping and call 911 when it's happening. >> i don't say nothing, i don't want to get involved in it. >> the spiders that are most poisonous they're going to live in trash like this. kids can can go over there and
12:17 am
play in it and get bitten by the spiders or rodent. >> reporter: the owner says he's tired of dealing with this so he's going to build a tall fence and hope to be done with it by the end of the month. teenagers showed off their science projects. the students took part of the science competition. they attend cupertino and vellerman college prep. the team developed a dna treatment for damaged heart tissue. one student said this was a personal challenge. >> it was a very emotional thing for me. because my immediate problem has lots of heart attack and heart related diseases so i wanted to see if i could do something about it. >> reporter: each student won a savings bond and an all expense
12:18 am
paid trip to washington. a severe storm tonight is getting weaker as it moves through florida. hurricane andrea brought storms. the storm could bring rain as far north as new england this weekend. and we have been watching that tropical storm move into florida earlier today. here's a radar loop over the past 12 hours you can see the progression and eventual track. dense fog showed up coast side hugging the bay line out toward the golden gate bridge. the fog not out of our weather picture yet. it's going to be a factor for tomorrow and saturday.
12:19 am
temperatures right now are cooling off, 50s and 60s. downtown san francisco 53, san jose 60. and concord right now 60 degrees. we also have a bit of a breeze out there. look at this sustained still. santa rosa winds at eight and oakland a wind 12 miles per hour. as far as temperatures from today, as advertised we warmed up primarily inland. you can see the 80s out here in concord, livermore, san francisco lower 60s and san jose maxed out 76 degrees. we have this layer of warm air up above us right now it is compressing the marine layer and it squishes that fog. dragging highway 1 near the shoreline first thing tomorrow morning. a big drop off visibility with that dense fog out there will be factor early tomorrow morning. today we warm things up a good three to 6 degrees from yesterday's highs. but the real warming kicks in tomorrow and saturday. as this area of low pressure
12:20 am
moves in. hot numbers inland back up into the mid- to upper 90s approaching triple digit territory. as far as sun -- watching this forecast model we're watching sunday. this could generate thunderstorms in the sierra. for us not a chance just yet but something we could be watching forward to sunday with the clouds and a slight chance of a shower moving into the bay area especially for the higher terrain. that will be in the second half of the weekend. tomorrow some very hot numbers especially out toward livermore. santa rosa 90 degrees. fairfield 96. hottest locations inland mid- to upper 90s. san jose 87, fremont 84 degrees in san francisco 70 degrees. here's a look ahead at your five day forecast. two hottest day friday and saturday. upper 90s to near 100 inland but a major drop off in temperatures by sunday with a few extra clouds. coolest day on monday with partly cloudy skies on tuesday.
12:21 am
some relief in sight and a big temperature range to work with tomorrow. >> and it started at the coast. >> pick your temperature. in an e-mail to his senior editor, parker said i inquired about the needs for permits and was told due to the temporary structure no permits were required. he is facing charges. kite boarders took part in a competition today. competitors take off from chrissy fields as sky boarders
12:22 am
take off from the coast. nba finals game one the spurs are in it to play. >> a lot of people have had the feeling maybe san antonio is ready to dethrone the heat. game one does nothing to dispel that. the heat does have lebron and that's a lot. but if you're talking about the big three that would be san antonio. parker, duncan, manu. it's just one game but that cost the spurs their home court. there's plenty of -- danny green. king james you've seen this before. a time or two flows by everybody. the left hand 18 points, 18 rebounds. 10 assists they're within five. play of the night hangs on to the ball. wild shot will go. 5.2 second left and the spurs if you watched just how close
12:23 am
it was before the shot clock expired it did leave his hand. san antonio wins the game and game two sunday again in miami. and it does look like we might have a new stanley cup look at them kids. [ sigh ]
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i tell you what if anything the a's do surprise you to these days you might want to start paying closer attention. they certainly aren't catching themselves off guard. every pass is clicked in and they can handle anything thrown their way. the exterminator chicago has. but the a's well they've got josh redick doing some exterminating. and the a's stay in it. leave it up to cespedes. already deep once in the game. how about another? his second homer of the game. reddick tied it with a homer 4- 4. and another fly ball ticket to ride. solo shot, a's have won 17 of their last 20.
12:27 am
name the sport stanford university continues to crank out top of the line talent? cardinal right hander mike copel headed to the astros. throws mid-90s astros get a major sign with him. and the blackhawks look intent on taking it away. 2-2, third period, hosa slapper past jonathan quick no easy task in that. 3-2 final. 3-1 lead for the blackhawks. game one saturday in chicago. playing like she had some where else to be. serena williams, 46 minutes to be exact. 6-6-6-1. the formittable maria
12:28 am
sharapova standing in the way of another french open. >> thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we will see
12:29 am
12:30 am
sam, uh, moe change, please lilith's really burning up the phone. what the matter? oh, you don't want to hear about our@troubles. then ain, since i've suffered througso many of yours... we're having trouble finding a baby-sitter for littl fredeck. there aren't any rlatvs o riendk you can as i'd gladly ask my parents. of course, they're dead. as for friends, i... sorry. stupid queston. frasier, good news. theegs a woman who'll take ou baby for one night.


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