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tv   Ten O Clock News  KICU  June 30, 2013 11:30pm-12:31am PDT

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breaking news on the b.a.r.t. strike. last minute talks to avoid a walk out fell apart tonight. >> apologize for the actions we've been forced to take. >> reporter: and now the nation's fifth largest rail system and it's 400,000 riders brace for the first sometime in 15 year. >> it makes life complicate. >> good evening everyone i'm healther holmes. >> and i'm ken wayne. we begin with that breaking
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news. b.a.r.t. workers have walked away from the bargaining table. he's a look at our count down clock showing we're less than two hours away from what appears to be a b.a.r.t. strike. >> employers b.a.r.t. strike expires at midnight. meantime b.a.r.t. says no new proposal will be offered to -- offered tonight. >> deborah villalon has been following the negotiations since they started and joins us tonight. >> reporter: tonight at 8:30 it all collapsed. union leaders for both train operators, station agents, mechanics, janitor from both those unions they all trooped out of the state building here in downtown oakland to say for the second time in two days that b.a.r.t. management has nothing to offer them and that they're done. pay continues to be the big gap. workers want a 4-1/2% raise per year for four years the
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district won't budge from 2% per year. there are thorny issues of health and safety. it's a bridge that the two groups cannot stitch. >> we came here to try to sit down with their lawyer to see if they could present a proposal we could live with. >> the fact that they changed their mind, we will be waiting until midnight. >> with that, the rest of the 2,500 workers left for their union halls they say they are caucusing and preparing for a strike at midnight. they say the only thing that will bring them back is a new
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deal which b.a.r.t. says they don't have. >> we doubled our wage proposal and they came down half a percent: we're clearly on different planets. >> reporter: this is what's happening instead. talks at this crucial time. picket signs being made for picket lines that could go up in just two hours. this is a high stakes game of chicken with 500,000 riders waiting to see if their commutes will be normal or they'll have to go to those back up plans. >> is there any indication of how long a strike tonight might last? >> reporter: you know ken, you and i covered the strike in
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1997 so we know the kind of the protocall for b.a.r.t., during their labor negotiations and labor disputes is they do go right to the midnight hour. sometimes they go beyond midnight and they keep talking and they come up with a deal in the wee hours. this negotiation has been kind of different. i think it will break the mold. i think we will be able to know when they go on strike how long it will last. the more further apart they seem more imbitter and they seem like they've made small steps on big issues. not on the small issue but the big issues that they've taken to get here. if that's a measure, then this strike can be a long and devie
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sieve -- devisive one. >> we hope not. thank you very much deborah. ed lee is urging both sides to continue negotiate. if not, the city would offer increased service including munni. more details now on what b.a.r.t. says its union workers earn. the looming strike though comes as b.a.r.t. tries to set a sunday ridership record. it was set on that day of last year's pride parade when 259,000 trips were reported. b.a.r.t. officials tell us though at last count there have been 30,000 more trips today. stay with us for continuing coverage on this breaking news
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story at 10:30, we will check back in with debra on the looming b.a.r.t. strike. we will also look at the alternatives commuters will be forced to take. another major transit agency could be shut down tomorrow morning. the good news is, negotiations are continuing between union workers and management with ac transit. jade hernandez has the latest from oakland. >> reporter: today ktvu cameras were the only ones allowed into a last minute energy meeting. the locals say they're not taking the deadline for granted and rushed back to the negotiating table before 5:00. for those drivers on the line today, the reason for their solidarity is clear. >> for me it's just recession was a couple of years ago. so everyone took a hit. all us employees are just
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asking what we can had. >> reporter: he still thinks a deal can be done. >> it's not about the leverage, it's about what's fair. you know it's about what's fair. >> i would like to see a pay raise because we haven't seen a pay raise in 11 years. it's been a long time for us. >> reporter: local 56 thinks that they contend to injuries. the district argues that claims and osha logs show there's no significant increase in injuries over last year so the debate continues. >> i hope we can settle something out because you know it's still better for the riding public. i still care about the people that are out there on the streets. >> that was jade hernandez reporting. stay with ktvu tomorrow morning for more on the b.a.r.t. and ac transit strikes and how they could affect your morning
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us on the ktvu facebook page and we will bring you a special edition of ktvu channel 2 news beginning at 4:00 a.m. the city of oakland is also bracing for a possible shut down of city services tomorrow. if thousands of workers walk off the job. this afternoon union members gathered to make signs for a one day strike in front of city hall. labor groups say they are fighting for a cost of living increase to offset pay cuts during negotiations. >> we any that the city is hiding money in the budget, that there's been a great revenue improvement with the housing boom. i think there's enough money to pay for it of it but the city is not coming clean with all of it. >> reporter: if it fails, 6,000 city workers and six unions say they will hit the picket lines.
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there's also a strike looming at east bay parks during a busy 4th of july holiday. rangers, state park workers and naturalists are threatening to walk off the job thursday morning. it could shut down operations such as swimming pools. in developing news out of arizona, local fire officials confirms that 19 firefighters were killed by a huge wildfire today. the fire is northwest of phoenix outside the small town of yarnel near prescott. the officers that lost their lives were part of an elite group in prescott. they had deployed fire shelters when something drastic happened although it's not clear exactly what happened. the fire has grown to 2,000 acres. two women drowned today off
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the coast of santa cruz county after they were swept out to see. the coast guard says the women were walking along with two men on bonny doon beach when all four of them were caught by a wave. the men were able to swim to a rock. the women were pulled out the water by the coast guard. they were taken to the hospital where they were pronounced dead. now to the hot weather gripping much of the area. as we continue to sweat over the sweltering temperatures the agency that operating california's power grid is calling on consumers to conserve energy. california isoish -- issued a flex alert. people are being urged to restrict their consuming. let's go to our chief meteorologist bill martin who's watching temperatures go up, up, up. mark how is it looking out
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there. >> we cooled down at the coastline, ewe -- you can see the numbers from this afternoon. you can see pacifica only in the 60s in san francisco. 102 in fairfield. 104 antioch. livermore 101 degrees. the record to report is in the south bay in gilroy. they had reached 100 degrees today. the old record was 98 set back in 1999. here is the broader perspective. a good portion of the west under excessive heat warning including parts of the bay area once again. this does continue for the northwest valleys and out toward the santa cruz mountains this will continue to be a big factor over the next few days. coming up at 10:37, we'll take a look at the hottest days of the week when that heat warning could expire and an early look at your fourth of july forecast. we have new information tonight on the proposition eight case. the supreme court today
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rejected a request from prop eight supporters from issuing same-sex marriage licenses here in california. the backers of the voter approved ban. justice anthony kennedy who has jurisdiction denied that request. >> i now pronounce you spouses for life. together for 33 years, you are looking at the faces of a newlywed couple in san francisco. since friday, city officials say they have issued more than 500 marriage licenses to same- sex couples. a sign on the wall of the clerk's office sums it up. license $99, ceremony $75, equality priceless. san francisco city hall stayed open all weekend for couples who wanted to tie the knot. it was closed just over two hours ago. other bay area courthouses will reopen tomorrow morning to what is expected to be large numbers
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of same-sex couples wanting to be married. santa clara county will open its doors at 8:00 in the morning. you definitely know how to throw a parade in this city. >> joining pride in san francisco. we go to the event that had extra special meaning. >> the president's challenge to studen you kids should count yourselves lucky. we didn't have u-verse back in my day. you couldn't just... guys... there you are.
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couldn'ting coverage now of today's san francisco pride parade. and on the third day that same- sex marriage licenses were issued here at san francisco city hall. thousands gathered to celebrate the legal victory. >> the recent supreme court rulings brought new energy to today's celebration. >> ktvu's katie was along the sidelines. >> reporter: only san francisco can host a parade this fierce, this proud. >> only san francisco can throw a party like this. >> it's great to see the support and lover and to be here as a family together celebrating. i mean i'm just beyond. >> reporter: the excitement
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leading up to today's pride parade started with this group of people the supreme court. on wednesday the supreme court shut down d.o.m.a. >> the ability to say those two magical words i do is an extraordinary thing and yet was denied millions of the people in the state and now it's been lifted. >> reporter: within two days, same-sex marriages resumed in san francisco. starting with plaintiffs perry and spear. >> this is our honey moon. san francisco for pride, what a bet -- better way to celebrate, right. >> today was a very glorious one. >> reporter: former mayor willy brown to major lee. for those who fought for so
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long. >> as you can see i cry, because it's -- >> it's really an affirmation. >> for liberty and justice for all is what we said every day at school. and the triangle is held in place with 5,000 steel spikes. it was used by the nazi's to identify and shame gays and lesbian. the people behind the triangle say it should now be seen as a symbol of hope. it happen at a 700 block of kirkwood avenue around 3:00 p.m. police are looking for witnesses as they search for the gunmen. firefighters in san jose say it's not clear what start add fire that closed traffic for a while this evening.
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here's video of the fire burning around 5:00 this evening. southbound 87 was closed for a few minutes to allow firefighters to work on putting out that fire. crews were able to put it out within 40 minutes. two charter boats are safely back on land after their vesseled started taking on water. people on board the boat were able to stop the leak and the vessel made it to land safely. investigators have identified a man who jumped off the train yesterday. divers recovered his body at around 2:30 yesterday afternoon. an autopsy is scheduled for tomorrow. a disciplinary order against the pilot of that oil tanker that hit the bay bridge in january is expected to be announced tomorrow. a state agency that licenses
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and regulates the pilots is expected to vote on a stipulated settlement and disciplinary order against captain guy clese. clese became a bar pilot in 2005 and was at the helm of the overseas raymar when it struck the bumper of the bay bridge span. mandela appears to be gaining strength although he remains hospital iced at a south african hospital. the salvation army choir and orchestra played outside a hospital in petoria where mandela is staying. he's been there for now three weeks with a lung infection. people across africa say they are playing for the former apartide leader. family members say the 98-year- old is opening his eyes and reacting to their touch. president obama challenged students to build on mr.
11:52 pm
mandela's vision for equality and opportunity. he also committed 7 billion u.s. dollars to the building of power grids in six african countries and he reaffirmed efforts to help fight hiv in africa. >> if there's any country in the world that shows the power of human being to affect change this is the one. you showed us how a prisoner can become a president. you've shown us how bitter adversaries can reconcile. >> although president obama was unable to visit mandela. he honored him in the island where mandela was inprisoned. and temperatures cooled off a bit today. but a different story for tomorrow. coming up the one day this week
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drama on the hudson river. just after take off, a pilot had to make an emergency landing. he and his passengers from sweden were not hurt. deeply worried and shocked and that is how members of the european unions are responding to the allegations that the u.s. has been spying on its european allies. documents leaked by edward snowden had information about the surveillance program. the guardian claimed it had a document that listed 38
11:56 pm
embassies and diplomatic in washington and new york that were described as targets. the reports come as the u.s. and european union are scheduled to begin talks on a transalantic trade agreement. in news of the world tonight -- on the streets of egypt, protests are calling for the step down of their president. today marks one year since mr. morsi took office. in pakistan, 49 people were killed today in a series of attacks. the bombings came as david cameron were in the capital of islamabad. the deadliest of the attacks
11:57 pm
happened near a shiite mosque. security forces prevented the bomber from entering the mosque or the death toll would have been higher. in all 29 people were killed in that attack including nine women and several children. not one but two apartment towers came down in scotland today. the towers were demolished as part of a revitalization project. between the two towers sits a 110-year-old church. a piece of demolition debris crashed through the roof but the parishners say it could be fixed. prayers were said for the church to stay in one piece. it was passed in 2011 but the sale that were already in the state is still allowed until tomorrow. officials say the ban will health slow the defamation of
11:58 pm
the shark. part of the san francisco chinese community has sued to overturn the ban. more on our breaking news tonight as b.a.r.t. moves closer to the strike. we will check back in with deborah villalon who has the very latestest. here's
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12:00 am
back now to our breaking news. the looming b.a.r.t. strike as you see there on your screen it is now just one hour and 31 minutes away. >> it appears that the b.a.r.t.
12:01 am
strike is imminent. >> earlier tonight, union representatives walked away from the table and said they would not come back until b.a.r.t. budges on pay. deborah villalon has been following the story. >> reporter: i'll tell you what they're doing right now is they're at their caucus hall at the union halls and they're preparing for a strike. making picket signs, the last train tonight would come in at about 1:30 a.m. and the workers say they will put those last trains to bed and then they would go on strike and the picket lines would go up thereafter. only thing that could get them back here to do some more talking with b.a.r.t. management would be a new pay proposal for some 2,000 train operators, station agents, mechanics and staff. and b.a.r.t. says the 2% pay hikes per year
12:02 am
that they've come up with is the best they can do. the union wants double that. so right now, it is a stalemate, this is an unusual occurrence for b.a.r.t. labor negotiations because in past deadlines they tend to go right up until midnight. the last strike as you know was 1997. but there have been many contracts since then until they go up to midnight and even past midnight but continue talking and ultimately they will cut to the brink and come up with a deal. so for the union to leave like this is unusual and it caps a day yesterday. a very unproductive day full of animosity between the two sides in which the union left the talks yesterday at 4:00. it was only at the urging of governor brown and the labor department today that they got them back into this building. and ironically they moved the talks to this neutral ground out of b.a.r.t. headquarters and here to caltrans headquarters i think hoping that the change in location might change some of
12:03 am
the mojo around these talks which has been so negative. but clearly that didn't work. they spent less than five hours together. they said it was unproductive. the union says b.a.r.t. is not talking to them about anything substantial. only doing surface negotiations. so again they are back at their union halls. they say the next move is b.a.r.t.s there's no sign that that's coming. reporting live now in oakland, deborah villalon, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, deborah. doesn't feel very optimistic. if you ride b.a.r.t. and you haven't made plans, you may want to start looking at your options. >> it makes life complicated. >> reporter: she's among many hoping to take advantage of expanding ac transit service but with bus drivers also demanding a new contract by midnight even that's not a sure thing. >> what if ac transit goes on strike?
12:04 am
>> then i don't know what i'll do. i may have a day off. >> reporter: if there is a strike b.a.r.t. station parking lots will likely be empty so people are being encouraged to park here for free and arrange their own car pools. >> reporter: even better, pick up the phone -- >> get on the computer and telecomute to work if possible. >> reporter: ferries will offer direct trips to san francisco from oakland and alameda. buses at the amtrak stations in emeryville and martinez will also offer rides to the city. b.a.r.t. will offer free charter buses at its stations in el cerrito, walnut creek, dublin and fremont but they can only accommodate two to 3,000 passengers a day in each direction. this cab driver says he will be busy too but even he hopes a strike can be averted. >> the previous is busy, takes time. so it's not so good.
12:05 am
>> reporter: eric rasmussen, ktvu news. taking another look at our ktvu count down clock at you can see just an hour and 27 minutes until midnight. and we run into that probable strike from b.a.r.t. stay with ktvu for the very latest on this breaking news story. we will have the very latest at 11:00, 11:30 and midnight where we might have a news conference. we'll bring that to you live. we'll also be here for you tomorrow morning. we will send out tweets. starting early sat 4:00 a.m. for all of you b.a.r.t. riders who plan to drive together, prices at the gas pump are about to get higher tomorrow. bringing the sales tax to the
12:06 am
highest in the nation. taxes go to highways and mass transit updates. gas prices have dropped slightly across the bay area despite that looming gas hike. in oakland it will cost you $3.96 to fuel up. that's about a six to 7-cent drop compared to last week. san francisco is one of the hottest destination for the 4th of july holiday according to price the travel website looked at travel spots. union square ranked 25th. new orleans french quarter came in at number one followed by chicago and new york city. the searing heat created a whole new challenge for some athletes today. find out what event organizers did to cool things down. >> meteorologist mark tamayo ♪
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the hot weather proved to be an obstacle the special olympics. there were buckets of ice and first responders in case anybody needed help. how about it mark? any better. >> more extreme heat to talk about. really not until the next few
12:10 am
days. we're talking about temperatures warming back up as we head into your monday. as a result we're going to start off with this. that excessive heat warning in place until tuesday. i think this will be extended to wednesday as well. the inland valley, south bay and the santa cruz mountains. temperatures could easily or will be topping 100 degrees especially out toward the inland valleys. right now i'm tracking some moisture to our south down toward southern california. we could have a few high clouds approaching the area by this time tomorrow. so it could feel a bit muggy out there. right now the only moisture we have is in the way of fog. patchy dense fog will be in our forecast first thing tomorrow morning right near the immediate coastline. as far as current numbers they're in the mid-70s inland. still pretty warm here. livermore 74. san francisco downtown checking in 61 degrees. the sunset mostly clear sky over the bay. as i mentioned fog developing right now near parts of the
12:11 am
immediate shoreline. that fog can be locally dense. temperatures to start out the day on the mild side. mid-50s to the mid-60s. today we cool things off a bit with that stronger offshore breeze. as a result everybody warms up a good three to 6 degrees from today's high. high pressure still the main weather story. high strong pressure will continue to move in and dominate our weather for most of the week. for monday, tuesday and wednesday dangerous heat inland. temperatures from 100 to 110 degrees. we should be tracking the 110 readings. we will still have that on shore breeze. the beaches in the 70s right along the bay in the 80s. but still warming right along the bay. forecast for tomorrow morning, show you some patchy dense fog moving back. the triple digits approaching santa rosa, fairfield.
12:12 am
we will have triple digits there. half-moon bay in the upper 60s to right around 70 degrees. everybody warmer for tomorrow. more triple digits out toward clear lake. antioch and brentwood. around the bay not that extreme heat but still warming back up into the mid- to upper 80s. could be approaching 90 degrees. fremont 92 and san francisco in the 70s. 76 and right near the immediate coastline upper 60s to 70 degrees. patchy fog tomorrow morning. here is a look ahead. your five day forecast. heather and ken you can see temperatures extreme heat on thursday. approaching 110 degrees. we do begin to cool things off but still topping 100 degrees inland. it's going to take its time. already it's hot. but it's going to go up another level and that's cause for
12:13 am
concern. >> thank you, mark. >> thanks mark. more breaking news into the ktvu newsroom. a shooting on one side of the bay triggered a police chase that ended with a car crashing into a church on the other side of the bay. someone fired several shots on mcallister street. one witness told ktvu news it all started with a rivalry crowd. as the argument appeared to be over, one man turned around with a gun. >> the other guy pulled out a gun. i actually saw the gun. and he shot the guy. i don't know if the guy was hurt because the guy ran the other direction. >> reporter: police say they chased the suspect's vehicle over the bay bridge. but then pulled back. several minutes later that vehicle plowed through the wall of a church in oakland. and you can see the car there just visible inside the church. police arrested four people. the a's go for the series
12:14 am
win against the cardinals. >> and the giants bats finally wake up
12:15 am
12:16 am
good evening everyone, welcome to this sunday night edition of sports wrap. the a's swept the wo out of thr the cardinals. things didn't start off so well today for a starter tommy malone. carlos beltran takes malone deep despite the efforts of coco crisp down the line. three batters into the game st.
12:17 am
louis had a 2-0 lead. it got worse before it got better. the next batter up was allen craig and no outfielder is going to get close to that ball. 3-0 lead. the a's have a productive first- inning of their own off the cardinals jay westbrook. one run had already scored. cespedes takes the gap. that made it 3-2. they were still just in the first-inning. by the time the a's batted into third they were down 5-2 brandon moss then responded with this drive that goes high off the wall. cespedes stopped to third until matt carpenter had trouble at the air. we all know about the open spaces in foul territory at the coliseum. take a look at josh donaldson's effort to track down the ball into fourth. that ends the inning. more to come for donaldson.
12:18 am
lawrie faced westbrook. this one makes it over the fence as well for the first time all afternoon. the a's had the lead 6-5. that lead was in jeopardy in the seventh. but with the runner in scoring position. donald son again turns in a defensive gem. sean doolittle keeps the a's in check. that's homer number 13 on the- year-old for donaldson who's making his all star case. two more relievers come back to nail the a's in the fourth. the a's 7-5 win next up for oakland is three at home against the cubs beginning on tuesday night. in texas, runners at second and third with one out. here comes the bunt. angel beltre is safe. then when the throw gets away. leones martin comes all the way
12:19 am
back to score from second. take a look on the replay. lecos hits beltre in the leg. half game in front of oakland in the al west. the giants were in a mode today in colorado where they would simply take a win, ugly or other wise to take a loss. still a scoreless game in the third inning when buster pose -- posey came to the plate. posey with a towering ball to left. madison baumgartner still holding on to the lead. carlos gonzalez sends one up the middle. nice pivot to complete the double play. runners at seconds and third he grounds out but then jordan pacheco throws the ball away trying to get abreo off the
12:20 am
ball at second. that allows torrez to score and it's 2-0 giants. the next batter up was hunter pence. pence finds the forest beyond the fence at right center. his 13th home run of the year makes it 4-0. the giants added some insurance in the seventh. gillermo sends a pop up that lands in no man's land. perez speeding from first. the giants win 5-2. now head to cincinnati for the first of four tomorrow night. baumgartner improved to 8-5. allowing one run in seven for hit innings. and freddy freeman got hold of a trevor cayhill hit. well it was one of those will you please, yes i will moments in the stands to cap that one
12:21 am
off. history was made today on the women's golf tour. not until the women's went to three major tournaments had any player won the first three of the season. that is no longer true thanks to mb park. parks parents traveled from south korea to see their daughters in new york. park began the day with a 4-3 lead and did nothing to jeopardize it here. that's a birdie that makes her parents glad they came. 17-year-old casey of livermore was the lone amateur. the tournament was all about park. she was coasting by the time she got to 18. still leading by that four stroke margin. park made par to finish a round of 74. she takes the first three majors of the year. the women actually played five mayors on the calendar year with the british open up next. tiger woods is spectating
12:22 am
at congressional. 19-year-old jordan spade is in his first year on the tour. he made his shot to remember. made from the fairway bunker this can't go can it? it can. finished six strokes back. it was a four man strike. busting out of the tie that was his fourth straight birdie there. he's on his fourth par 16. he comes this close to an eagle. he simply took control by shooting a 500-par 66. ends up three strokes better than roberto castro who was all alone. one tournament in each of the last four years -- becomes the first player to win one tournament in each of the last four years. couples managed a 68. that approach at 16 leads to a birdie. the 52-year-old perry wins by two strokes over couples and
12:23 am
waldorf for his first major of his career. still to come on this late sunday night edition of sports wrap. the sharks acquire an inexperienced player. we'll tell you
12:24 am
12:25 am
12:26 am
the san jose sharks made a deal to acquire depths among their warriors. they're hoping kennedy gives them a spark up front. he's about to become a restricted free agent so they'll either have to agree to a new contract or match another offer kennedy might receive. kennedy had six goals and five assists adding two goals in nine play off games this year. this is the third year they've been running a nascar race in kentucky.
12:27 am
but the first time they did so in the sunshine. the race was postponed last night by rain. it was run again today. we're going with curt busch and see him get in the back of keselowski. keselowski slides down low that's not too bad but when he comes back up he makes contact with biffle. keselowski took the worse of it. jimmy johnson and restarts haven't been a good match this season. johnson comes in ninth. the winner today was the only driver to take the checkered flag for the fourth time this season. matt kenseth moves up to fifth place in points but the over all sprint cup leader is johnson. tour de france was shorter an more mountainous stage. today's stage 97 miles.
12:28 am
stage one winner marcell kittle did not stay up front long. a little dog gets lose, heads out on to the course. that's not a good place to be as a bystander tries to go to the rescue. that's not a good place to be. where did all these guys come from? manages to hold on to win over peter segan who was involved in a crash yesterday. soccer's world cup comes to brazil next year today that soccer crazy nation got something to boost its spirits before the cup starts. spain in the finals of the confederations cup. this was a humbling loss for spain to the guys who go by one name. just the second minute, fred takes advantage of chaos in front of the spanish. forty-fourthminute, nemar doubles this score when he goes
12:29 am
top shelf. nemar tournament's top player. it's fred with his second score of the game. spain had gone 29 games and three years without losing. now the bottom line is getting set in brazil the final. not a lot of drama in what chris paul is announcing. eastern time paul will aa decision with the clippers worth $7 million. the clippers making a commitment to winning rarely previously seen by that franchise. that will do it for this late sunday night sports wrap. have a good evening everybody. >> we're counting down now to what looks to be a strike by b.a.r.t. workers. >> we will be back in just three minutes with an update for you from ktvu's deborah villalon where earlier tonight union leaders stormed out of negotiations. we'll be right back with just
12:30 am
the latest on the looming b.a.r.t. strike. mom, dad, doug and i wrote a song for you. ok. and it's a good one. ok, well, we love your songs, honey. yes, we do. come on, let's hear it. 5, 6, 7, 8 ♪ we'll never have a swimming pool ♪ ♪ we'll never have a car that's cool ♪ ♪ we'll never have a private jet ♪ ♪ we'll never have a tv set ♪ ♪ i'll never do the business thing ♪ ♪ i'll never have a diamond ring ♪ ♪ we'll never have a horse to mount ♪ ♪ we'll never have a bank account ♪ ♪ but we do have each other ♪


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